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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/10/02


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Jack: Hey, babe, ready for our hot weekend?

Sami: Jack, get your hands off of me.

Jack: Full Moon B&B, here we come.

Sami: That's it? That's your luggage?

Jack: Toothbrush, change of underwear -- what more do I need?

Sami: Well, since you decided to pack light, it's a good thing that I planned ahead and got us some sexy props to bait the hook.

Jack: Great. What about me?

Sami: I got you something, too.

Jack: Ahem. Does it come with a pipe and slippers?

Sami: I think it's hot.

Jack: In a retirement village, maybe. I wouldn't be caught dead in that rag.

Kate: Hang out with that little tramp and you will catch your death. You know, playing with Sami is like playing with toxic waste -- long-term exposure is lethal.

Sami: Get lost, Kate.

Kate: Take my advice, Jack -- dump her before she buries you.

Jennifer: Hi.

Woman: Hi.

Jennifer: Do you remember me -- Jennifer?

Woman: Oh, sure. Brandon's friend. How are you?

Jennifer: I'm good, thanks. I was wondering if he was in here. Is he on a break? Do you know?

Woman: I don't know. Have him paged. The house phones are over there.

Jennifer: Uh, thanks. I will.

Colin: Green Mountain Lodge? Dr. Murphy. Yes, I'm calling to confirm my reservation for tonight. And my room is next to my friend's -- Brandon Walker. Great. I'll see you later.

Jennifer: Hi, Colin.

Colin: Jennifer.

Nicole: Surprised?

Colin: I was about to head over to Titan to pick you up.

Nicole: Well, the way Victor carried on when you were over there, I figured maybe you'd gotten scared off.

Colin: Nothing could keep me away from this weekend with you.

Nicole: I hope I live up to your expectations.

Colin: One way to find out.

Brandon: What's with the armed guard outside?

Woman: Commander Carver's orders. His wife's still up on criminal charges.

Brandon: Typical. Thanks for getting me in to see her. I know I took you away from pediatrics.

Woman: Look, I just found out -- Commander Carver won't allow visitors.

Celeste: That's my girl, yes. Just keep walking. It'll make you feel so good.

Brandon: I won't stay long.

Celeste: Here you go. Good.

Brandon: Hey.

Celeste: How did you get in?

Brandon: I work here. Remember?

Celeste: Oh, darling.

Lexie: Oh, Brandon, Brandon, thank God. Thank God.

Brandon: It's okay.

Lexie: You know I'm not crazy, right? You know I don't belong here.

Brandon: Lexie --

Lexie: I didn't try to hurt my baby at the christening. I saved him. You do believe me, don't you? Please. Please tell me you believe me. Please. You believe me, right?

Abe: You get your hands off my wife.

Jack: I'll, uh... I'll let you two lovely ladies talk amongst yourselves. In the meantime I'll trade in this paisley for something sexier... in a shroud.

Sami: Hey, don't take too long, Jack.

Jack: Right.

Kate: You know, you and Jack are really perfect for each other. You're both liars and con artists. That's a real match made in hell.

Sami: You know, you're just jealous because I've managed to do what you've failed to do -- I'm moving on, starting over, seeing new people, while you just wallow in your rut all alone. You know, you're going to have to face it -- you just can't reel them in like you used to, Kate.

Kate: Not everyone's hitting the streets like you are, Sami. I mean, how many guys are you sleeping with now? Let's see, there's Brandon and Jack. There's probably a couple of guys at the hospital. Are you hitting on anyone at the truck stop as well?

Sami: Shut up.

Kate: The truth hurts, doesn't it? I can't wait to tell Austin. Wait till he hears that you're reverting to type. I mean, not that it's going to bother him, because he's moving on as well to younger, prettier... he's just dying for me to come to New York and visit him. Lucas and will are going to be there. It's going to be a real family reunion. Have a great weekend.

Kate: I am not going to end up in a rut. I am not going to end up alone.

Victor: Talking to yourself in public -- that's not a good sign, Kate.

Jack: All right.

Sami: That was quick.

Jack: Well, there were no lines. I exchanged the paisley for a hot black. Care to see it?

Sami: No, I don't care what color it is. I just want to get out of here and get to that inn and stop Jennifer before she jumps Brandon.

Jack: Jennifer's not going to jump anyone. Brandon's the one who we have to deactivate here. If he'd stop breathing down her neck, give her a little space, maybe she'd realize he's totally wrong for her, that he's the last person --

Sami: Do you ever stop snapping?

Jack: Do you ever stop being ill-mannered?

Sami: Ha. And to think Kate thinks we're all hot and heavy lovers.

Jack: Not a chance in hell for that, huh?

Sami: Ain't that true? Now let's get out of here. I want to get this over with so that I never have to see you again.

Abe: You let go of her.

Lexie: No. No, you -- you let him stay. I need him. You won't help me, but Brandon will, won't you, Brandon?

Brandon: Hey, don't touch me.

Lexie: Get out! I don't want you here. I want Brandon.

Man: What's going on?

Abe: Officer Myers! Officer Myers! Please show this man out.

Lexie: No, no, no. Brandon, please don't leave me. Please don't leave me.

Brandon: I won't -- ever. Take good care of her.

Lexie: Oh, Brandon, please, please, help me. Don't let them do this to me! Brandon, please help me!

Abe: Walker, I told you before to stay away from my wife, but you just don't listen.

Brandon: It's always someone else's fault with you, isn't it, Abe? Someone else is to blame. You never take responsibility for anything that's gone wrong.

Abe: You can think what you want to think, but if I catch you here again, I'll arrest you and put you behind bars where you belong.

Nicole: Wow. I didn't see that coming -- not here, anyway.

Colin: There's always a question of the first kiss -- I mean, when is the right time to go for it? I decided to get that question out of the way.

Nicole: Really? So Jennifer's presence, by chance, didn't factor into your decision to go for that first kiss?

Colin: No. You and you alone are responsible for the big decision. You're one irresistible lady -- as if you didn't know.

Nicole: So do I have your undivided attention, doctor?

Colin: For as long as you want it.

Nicole: I'll keep you posted.

Colin: Come on. Let's not keep Green Mountain Lodge waiting.

Nicole: Ha ha.

Brandon: Hey. I was just about to call you.

Jennifer: Hi.

Brandon: Everything okay?

Jennifer: Uh... I was going to ask you the same thing. When you called earlier, you said you had a problem.

Brandon: Yeah, I had to see a patient of mine who's in trouble.

Jennifer: Brandon, if you need to stay in Salem for the weekend, we can postpone our trip. I mean, really, if your patient needs you, you should stay.

Lexie: I-I need Brandon. Get him back.

Celeste: Darling, Brandon will be back, Alexandra.

Lexie: No. No, he wonít.

Celeste: Yes.

Lexie: No, Abe won't let him anywhere near me.

Celeste: Oh, darling.

Lexie: He's doing everything he can to hurt me.

Celeste: No.

Abe: That's not true. I care about you, Lexie. I want to help you.

Lexie: It's too late. You can't help me. No one can help me because I have changed, and I am afraid the change is irreversible. I've become your worst nightmare, Abe.

Kate: I'm in no mood to swap insults with you today. Why are you looking at me like that?

Victor: Well, none of your sons need you anymore. Philip will be off to college in a few months, Austin is long gone, Lucas is all tied up with Will.

Kate: Mm-hmm. And your point is?

Victor: That you're all alone.

Kate: Not at the moment, unfortunately.

Victor: How are you going to rectify that situation, Kate? What's your agenda?

Kate: My agenda -- what a tiresome word. Aren't you sick of that word?

Victor: You're always looking to lure someone into your web.

Kate: Oh. Now it's my web. That's very dramatic.

Victor: So who's the lucky man?

Kate: Why do you care?

Victor: Well, I want to warn the poor, unsuspecting victim.

Kate: Hmm. Gee, speaking of unsuspecting victims, don't turn around.

Colin: I thought we'd stop here so you could buy something to wear on our weekend.

Nicole: I did.

Colin: A string bikini?

Nicole: Ha ha. Perfume. I don't want to be too overdressed.

Both: [Laugh]

Kate: So... now that Nicole's dumped you and you're all alone, what's your agenda, Victor?

Brandon: No, no, no way. No one is going to keep me from spending this weekend alone with you.

Jennifer: I hope that we will be. Alone, I mean.

Brandon: Oh, I promise you, Jack is not going to be at Green Mountain Lodge, and where he and Samantha are headed, they're going to be far too busy to give us a second thought.

Jennifer: Where, exactly, are they headed?

Brandon: What do you say you and I agree not to think about anyone else but us for the next couple of days?

Jennifer: I can if you can.

Brandon: Yeah. Let's get out of here.

Jennifer: Okay.

Lexie: You want crazy? You got it!

Man: Mrs. Carver?

Lexie: Oh, no, no. I am not who I was. I have risen from the ashes. Sound familiar? I'm not fighting it anymore. I'm not fighting my heritage. Never again. I am Daddy's little girl, through and through.

Celeste: Oh, God.

Lexie: That's what you think, isn't it, Abe? Why you've decided I'm better off under lock and key?

Abe: No. No.

Lexie: I am the second-generation phoenix, and I will survive this. I will survive everything and come back to control you. Everyone in Salem -- you'll all regret the day you turned on me, tried to break me, and you will pay for it. All of you will pay. Uh-huh.

[Laughing maniacally]

Abe: Doctor... she's getting worse, isn't she?

Man: I'm increasing her medication so she'll feel calmer. Then we'll begin therapy. She's, uh, still grieving the loss of her child. She's hurt, angry. I'm hoping that will dissipate over time.

Abe: What if it doesn't? What is the worst possible scenario?

Man: We're talking a diagnosis of a major mental disorder requiring long-term medication, possibly years spent in an institution.

Brandon: So what do you think?

Jennifer: It's perfect.

Man: There's a private hot tub on the terrace.

Jennifer: Oh, this I have to see.

Man: Will there be anything else?

Brandon: No, that's everything. Thanks. Here you go. Thank you.

[Birds chirping]

Jennifer: Okay. Well, uh, looks like we did it. No Jack, no Sami anywhere.

Brandon: And no Colin. Just the two of us... alone.

Nicole: Ooh.

Colin: Ooh, not so shabby.

Nicole: Oh, check out the hot tub!

Man: If there's anything else I can do...

Colin: Do you know if the couple next door has checked in yet?

Man: Yes, sir. They arrived a few minutes ago. Thank you.

Colin: Thanks.

Nicole: What do you say we get out of these clothes and try everything?

Colin: Ho ho ho. Where shall we start?

Nicole: Surprise me.

Colin: You're going to have a night of surprises. I promise.

Jack: [Coughs] Smell that air. The country -- what a setting for romance.

Sami: Only Hansel and Gretel could be turned on by a place like this.

Jack: It's, uh... it's cute.

Sami: Too cute.

Jack: Well, mother, may I?

Sami: Oh, yeah, be my guest.

Jack: All right. Ahem.

Sami: They've probably shut down. Let's just get out of here, huh?

Jack: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. Just give it a chance. I-I'll do it one more time, all right? Here it goes. Aah!

Woman: Welcome! Welcome to the Full Moon, your homey home away from home.

Jack: Ha ha. Well, homey is the word, all right.

Woman: Father, we've got company.

Man: Yeah? Oh.

Jack: Hello. I-I'm Jack Deveraux. This is Ms. Brady. We're here to meet Mr. Brandon Walker and his, uh... his friend. They have a reservation, I assume.

Woman: Oh, indeed they do. I'm Iris, and this is my husband Harry. Uh, come on in. Make yourselves comfortable. Father, get the bags.

Harry: Uh, all right.

Sami: Oh, oh, no!

Jack: Oof!

Sami: Jack can handle it, right, Jack?

Jack: Right. Right.

Sami: Here you go.

Jack: Why not? Let me --

Sami: Yeah, he's managed to be so helpful on this trip.

Jack: Allow me to, uh...

Harry: Thank you, thank you. Come on in.

Jack: Yeah. All right.

Iris: Easy pickings.

Harry: They'll be dead by midnight.

Iris: Oh, you kids are in real luck. I have got the perfect, perfect room for you two lovebirds.

Jack: Oh, good.

Iris: That'll be credit card and auto information, please.

Jack: Uh, yes.

Sami: Who reads all of these murder mysteries?

Harry: Me.

Sami: Really?

Iris: Oh, murder is Harryís passion.

Jack: Ha ha. Nothing like a good whodunit.

Harry: Stephen King's my hero.

Iris: Now here's your room key, and you got a comfortable bed and your own bath. However, we are having some trouble with the electricity. It goes off for several hours at a time.

Harry: Oh, two young folks like these -- they won't be needing any lights, will you? Ha ha ha.

Jack: [Nervous laughter] Uh, yes, well, I-I suppose --

Sami: Okay, Deveraux, hands in the air.

Harry and Iris: [Screaming]

Sami: What, there's really bullets in that thing?

Iris: No, no, of course not.

Harry: No, no, it's just for show.

Iris: Just to scare burglars.

Harry: Not that we ever get any here.

Iris: Nobody'd bother with an old place like this.

[Telephone rings]

Sami: Ha ha.


Iris: Full Moon. Oh, Mr. Walker. Hello. Mm? Oh, don't you worry. We'll have everything ready for you and that special lady of yours when you get here.

Brandon: What about Samantha Brady and Jack Deveraux? Have they shown up yet?

Iris: That is absolutely correct.

Brandon: Then the plan's a go. No matter what it takes, you keep them there overnight. Promise them Jennifer and I are due any second.

Iris: Understood, understood. Oh, and of course we will. We'll keep your room for you. No matter how late you arrive, there'll be a light on in the window.

Brandon: Now, you and Harry might have to keep them occupied in case they try to cut and run.

Iris: Oh, don't you worry, Mr. Walker. We always entertain our guests.

Brandon: Excellent.

Jack: So, uh, what kind of entertainment have you got planned for us?

Iris: Trust me, it's to die for.

Harry: [Chuckles]

Brandon: You are to die for.

Jennifer: Well, I, uh, I thought that, you know, maybe we'd try out the hot tub on the terrace. Would you like to join me?

Brandon: What do you say that we start in here first?

Brandon: Too soon?

Jennifer: No, no.

Brandon: We don't have to rush this.

Brandon: We have all the time in the world.

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Brandon: Getting you your own room.

Nicole and Colin: [Giggle]

Colin: You don't believe in taking it slow.

Nicole: Oh. You mean I get points for delayed satisfaction?

Colin: I was thinking of champagne for first course.

Nicole: I could be talked into that. For starters.

[Clicking phone]

Jennifer: What's wrong?

Brandon: Funny. They're not picking up.

Colin: That's funny. I can't reach room service.

Nicole: Well, we can always skip the first course.

Colin: Try not to miss me.

Nicole: You're leaving?

Colin: I'm going down to the restaurant. I'll be back with the champagne.

Brandon: They are not answering. I give up.

Jennifer: Where are you going?

Brandon: To the front desk. I'll, uh, see if they have an adjoining room.

Jennifer: Oh, Brandon, wait.

Man: I think it would be best for Mrs. Carver if you would leave, come back tomorrow. I'm going to give your daughter some medication that will put her to sleep. When she wakes up, I believe she'll be calmer.

Abe: Doctor, would you call me if there's any change?

Man: Absolutely.

Abe: Celeste.

Woman: How you doing?

Woman #2: You'll feel better in a minute.

[Cellular phone rings]

Woman #2: Go ahead. I'm fine.

Kate: So, what's it going to be? Are you going to fire Nicole from Titan, frame her for some delicious crime and then watch her squirm right before the iron bars slam shut on her, hmm?

Victor: None of the above.

Kate: Ah... well, listen. Do me one little favor. When you do stick it to her, twist the knife a few times for me, okay? Thanks for the coffee.

Nico: Right here, boss.

Victor: Ah, Nico.

Nico: I thought you'd never get rid of her.

Victor: So, what did you dig up on Colin Murphy?

Jennifer: Brandon, please don't go.

Jennifer: I-I don't want separate rooms. I...I want us to be here alone together. I-I do want that. It's just that --

Brandon: You don't have to explain.

Jennifer: No, I want us to be together, just like we planned -- in this room.

Brandon: Well, in that case, shall we try the hot tub?

Jennifer: Yeah, for starters. But before the day is out...

Jennifer: I really want to end up in that bed with you.

Nicole: Ooh. Hey. What about room service?

Iris: Ah, here we are -- the honeymoon suite.

Sami: "Suite" is the operative word.

Jack: Oh, I can't --

Sami: Jack, keep going. Down in the corner.

Jack: Oh, right, right. You'll tell us as soon as our friends arrive.

Iris: Oh, the second they get here.

Jack: And -- and the entertainment -- when does that start?

Iris: Oh, ha ha. You'll know, trust me.

Jack: [Weakly] Ha ha.

Sami: Alone at last.

Jack: You know, I can't decide if this place is cozy or creepy.

Sami: Aah!

Jack: What, what? What -- Sami... relax.

Sami: Oh.

Jack: It's just a book.

Sami: Jack, how does something as heavy as that just fall off?

Jack: I don't know, but my reporter's instinct tells me that there's a lot more to the Full Moon than meets the eye. I'm going to check this place out. And, uh, don't forget to lock the door.

Sami: Wait a second. There is no lock. Okay, Sami, just...get a grip.

Sami: "Wise fellas," huh? Someone's reading it. Aah!


Colin: Nicole, there's been a change of plan.

Nicole: Hey, not so fast. You had me sold on the idea of really fine French champagne.

Colin: Well, you'll forget all about it when I get you into that hot tub.

Nicole: Hmm. Race you getting out of these clothes.

Jack: Jennifer, I want tonight to be everything you'd ever hoped for.

Jennifer: It is, Jack.

Jack: Happy first anniversary, Mrs. Deveraux.

Jennifer: You know what? I want us to come here, to this very same place every year on our anniversary.

Jack: Till we're old and gray... and just as much in love as we are right now.

Brandon: Jennifer?

Jennifer: Hmm?

Brandon: Where'd you go?

Jennifer: Oh, nowhere. I'm, uh... are you ready -- ready to get in the hot tub?

Brandon: Yeah, I'll, uh, I'll change. I'll meet you there.

Jennifer: Okay. I'll -- I'll turn the jets on.

Brandon: Good.

Jennifer: Oh, Jennifer, get over it. You are with a wonderful, desirable man. Oh, don't do it. Don't let Jack ruin this weekend for you.

Nicole: Did I mention I forgot to bring my swimsuit?

Colin: I'm crazy about the outfit you're wearing.

Nicole: Hmm. Yours isn't bad, either.

Colin: Let's do it.


Nicole: Ooh, the water's hot!

Colin: Ooh...


Nicole: Here you go.

Colin: Ahh... ahh... mm.

Jack: Nobody in their right mind would ever think this place is romantic, not even Jennifer. Okay, where the hell is that guest book? It's got to be down here somewhere. Is that it?

[Sharp noise]

Jack: Wait a minute. Oh, my gosh. This thing is loaded. Right. The guest book. Wait a minute. Brandon and Jennifer are not registered for tonight or any other night.

Sami: Jack, get up here!

Jack: Wha-- Sami! Just a minute!

Harry: Yeah, it's loaded, Mr. Deveraox. Before the night's out, you're going to find out why.

Jack: What? What is it? What happened, Sami? What?

Sami: That book -- it's disgusting!

Jack: The book? Itís...blood.

Sami: I know. Look. Wait a second. This passage is marked, like someone wanted us to read it.

Jack: "Gillis pressed the cold steel barrel of the .45 into the back of Jackie's neck. Jackie's entire life passed in front of his eyes as he realized with a chilling sinking dread that the next words he heard would be his last. Finally, Gillis rasped, 'say a prayer...'"

Voice: "'Wise guy.'"

Jack and voice: "'You don't cross Tommy the hook and live to tell the tale.'"

Sami: Did you hear that?

Jack: I hoped you hadnít.

Sami: Maybe we should just make a run for it.

Jack: Wait, well, let's just see how this ends. "Then, without warning, two shots rang out, disturbing the lovely quiet of the quaint old room."


Sami and Jack: Aah!


Jack: Oh, no. That came from next door.

Sami: Maybe we should just get out of here before we're next on the hit list.

Abe: There you go.

Celeste: Thank you, darling. You know, Abraham, you're doing the right thing. Thank you.

Abe: I certainly hope so.

Celeste: We have to listen to Dr. Dellman. He's certain she's going to recover, you know?

Abe: Celeste? What's wrong?

Celeste: Something's happening. I have a... a bad feeling. It's about Alexandra.

Woman: Have a good evening.

Lexie: I've had it with this hellhole. No one's keeping me locked up for the rest of my life.

Victor: You couldn't get more than that?

Nico: He's like the invisible man. The guy has holes in his life you could drive a truck through.

Victor: All those holes are filled with secrets -- secrets that Dr. Murphy has gone to a great deal of trouble to cover up.

Nico: My sources are coming up empty, boss.

Victor: I'll take it from here.

Brandon: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. Come on in. Ooh. I think our neighbors started up their jets.

Brandon: Started up their jets?

Jennifer: Oh, you know, the hot tub.

Brandon: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's say we start up our jets.

Jennifer: Aah! Ha ha ha ha!

Nicole: Hey. Who needs champagne?

Colin: Hmm. This is just the beginning. The best is yet to come!

Colin and Nicole: [Laugh]

Brandon: That's my sister.

Jennifer: Colin.

Brandon: Whose jets does he think he's turning on, anyways?

Jennifer: I know. Gosh, this can't be happening. Not now.

Brandon: It's happening, all right.

Colin: Ooh. Small world.

Jack: Those gunshots were real, and that antique gun had real bullets in it.

Sami: What?

Jack: Sweet old Iris is loaded for bear, and that's not all. Brandon and Jennifer are not on the guest list.

Sami: Wait a second. Brandon called here.

Jack: We have been set up. This is Brandon's idea of a practical joke!

Sami: Well, that book and those gunshots are not funny.

Jack: You get your stuff. We're getting out of here right now.

Sami: Oh, man, we should have known any place called the Full Moon had to be a practical joke.

Jack: Where are my keys? Come on. Let's go, let's go. Let's get out of here. [Mumbling] Come on, let's get out of here. Sami, let's get a move on! Let's -- Sami. Sami? 

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