Days Transcript Tuesday 6/4/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/4/02


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Colin: Eugenia, what's up? I got a page to come down here.

Eugenia: Yeah, that was me. Um, Dr. Wesley is in surgery, and since you're Chloe Lane's physician of record...

Colin: You got her blood work, then.

[Doorbell rings]

Nancy: Yes?

Man: I have a letter for you.

Nancy: Hmm. Must be hospital business.

Man: I wouldn't know, ma'am. Sign here, please.

Nancy: Fine. Ooh. It's for Chloe. And it says "open immediately." Hmm.

Shawn: Hello? Yeah. Yeah, it was fine. Pretty soon. No, no, don't make dinner. We -- we'll have a ton of leftovers. All right, okay. All right, bye.

[Sighs] Sorry about that.

Belle: No, it's fine. Jan's waiting for you. I'll let you go.

Mimi: Shawn.

Philip: Hey.

Shawn: Hey.

Philip: We know the pub's closed, but, uh...

Chloe: We need to talk about you and Jan.

Belle: Hey, guys. Shawn, I thought you had to go home.

Philip: Yeah, but, uh, we need to talk to him, so we'll catch up with you later, huh, Belle?

Belle: Sure. Fine.

Mimi: Real tactful, Philip.

Shawn-D: Yeah, okay, so whatever it is, can you make it fast?

Philip: Okay, I'll start.

Bo: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Roman: Well, it was great to see Melissa and Kimberly, huh?

Bo: Yeah, it sure was.

Caroline: It was really a blessing to have the whole family together, huh?

Shawn: Right, and you know, the greatest blessing was learning that Bo was this little boy's father in every way possible.

Bo: Hey, look. Look who's here.

Zack: Da-da.

Abe: I'm sorry I'm late. Sorry.

Bo: Hey.

Abe: Hey, hey.

Zack: Dad.

Abe: Sweetie, how are you? This is for you.

Shawn: Listen, old friend, I'm going to go get you a drink.

Abe: Oh, thank you.

Shawn: Oh, you're welcome.

Hope: Thank you.

Abe: Here you go, sweetheart.

Bo: Mom's hanging onto those.

Abe: All right. Hey, cutie.

Bo: Want to say hi?

Abe: Yes. You know what? You are the luckiest boy in the world. Yes, you are. 'Cause you know, you have two great parents, and they're going to give you a wonderful life, and they're going to keep you so safe.

[Knuckles crack]


Craig: I just got the message to come on down.

Colin: Chloe's blood work.

Colin: I'm sorry.

Craig: No, this is a mistake, right?

Jan: [Groans] Shawn. Where are you?

[Doorbell rings]

Jan: He forgot his keys.

Jan: You.

Shawn: I know how you guys feel about Jan and me, so there's nothing more to say.

Chloe: Yes, there is.

Mimi: Come on. Let's sit down.

Shawn: I really have to leave.

Mimi: Sit.

Philip: All right, listen. Jan has been playing you for a fool, man.

Mimi: And you're too blind to see it.

Shawn: Lighten up, okay? She just lost her baby and she has no one else to turn to.

Philip: You have been defending her since the island, and she has been totally using you.

Shawn: Okay, so let's kick her while she's down, all right? Look, I'm out of here.

Philip: Hey, hold on.

Mimi: Please listen to us, Shawn, please.

Philip: All right, look. We know for a fact that Jan has been scamming you. She has been flat-out lying about how she lost your baby.

Chloe: Yeah, tell us again what Jan told you about how she had the miscarriage.

Mimi: Did she or did she not say that she fought with Belle and then Belle pushed her? Answer, Shawn.

Shawn: Yes, yes, she did.

Mimi: Okay, well, we've been doing some investigating...

Chloe: And we found out some things -- differences in Belle and Jan's stories.

Shawn: Okay, what?

Philip: Belle told Chloe that when she saw Jan, Jan was wearing a light-colored sweat-suit.

Chloe: But we asked your dad, and he said that when he found Jan at the bottom of the stairs, she was wearing black pants and a red shirt.

Mimi: And her hair was wet.

Philip: Which means she probably showered and changed clothes before your dad found her.

Shawn: All right, all right, so you're saying that in between the time Belle left and dad found Jan, Jan was feeling well enough to take a shower and change.

Philip: Belle did not cause the miscarriage, Shawn. Jan lied to you. Okay, with the baby gone, she lost her hold on you. She knew you would go back to Belle. She wanted to stop that from happening.

Chloe: So she turned Belle into the villain.

Caroline: I-I've just made a fresh pot of tea. Can I give you a cup? Huh?

Belle: Yeah, sure.

Caroline: Come on.

Roman: Show him how.

Bo: And he goes up for a lay-up.

Hope: He goes up for a lay-up! Yay!

Caroline: Why were you standing there all alone and not with your friends, huh?

Belle: I just felt like being by myself, I guess.

Caroline: It's hard to be around Shawn, isn't it? I mean, after everything that's happened.

Belle: Yeah, it is. Whenever I see him, it's just...

Caroline: Probably gets even harder, huh? Sweetheart, if you still have feelings for Shawn, you need to listen to them. You just listen to your heart, huh?

Hope: One more time! Come on, one more time, one more time! Come on, let's...

Bo: Here, I'll get that...

Hope: I think he likes just bouncing the ball.

Abe: Boom! Swish! Swish!

Roman: Come on, Abe. There you go.

Abe: You made it! Whoo! Swish!

Roman: Come on, put her in there, buddy.

Abe: Whoa, there you go.

Hope: There you go. 1, 2 -- yay!

All: [Laughing]

Hope: I think he likes that.

Abe: Yeah, he does. He does.

Hope: But right now, he's had a big day, and I think he needs a nap. What do you think about it, Zack? You've been rubbing your eyes, huh, sweetheart? Say yes.

Shawn: Well, listen, I can put him down upstairs, if you'd like. You know, I mean, then you can all stay right here and party.

Roman: I think that's a good idea, pop.

Shawn: How about it? You want to come with me, little fella, huh?

Abe: Okay, up you go. There you go.

Shawn: There we go.

Hope: If he starts to cry, please, just come and get me right away.

Shawn: Oh, yeah, but I think he'll be fine, won't you, huh? Big guy, huh? What do you think? Okay.

Hope: Mommy loves you.

Bo: Nighty-night.

Shawn: All right.

Hope: Thanks. I love you, sweetheart. Thanks.

Bo: Thanks for coming by, Abe.

Abe: Hey, come on. Why wouldn't I? I love that little guy. Anytime I get a chance to see him.

Roman: What happened at the hospital? How's Lexie?

Abe: She had to be sedated, and they, uh... They took her to the psych room for observation. She's still convinced that her baby was in danger at the church. That's why she pushed over that baptismal font.

Hope: Oh, Abe. I pray she gets the help she needs.

Abe: Now, look, I'm very sorry that the -- the baptism was interrupted. There weren't any other problems, I hope.

Bo: No. No. Um, looks like our fears were unfounded.

Rolf: A work of genius.

Bart: Hey, Rolf, the messenger's here. Got those packages ready?

Rolf: Yeah. All that's needed now is a card, which you will write.

Bart: Me? Why me?

Rolf: Because you write the same way you throw -- like a girl.

Bart: Probably because of all the times you've made me dress up like one.

Rolf: Oh, shut up and write, you fool. "To Bo and Hope for your new baby -- all my love, Greta."

Bart: "Greta," smiley face. Voilą.

Rolf: [Chuckles] This will be perfect. Our own Trojan horse.

Jan: What do you want?

Mrs. Spears: Jan, I didn't come here to fight. May I come in?

Mrs. Spears: Hope Brady told me about your miscarriage.

Jan: Yeah. I bet it made your day, huh?

Mrs. Spears: No. Jan, I came here to tell you how sorry I am, both for the way that I've acted and for the miscarriage.

Jan: Yeah, right. Like hell you are.

Philip: All right, so Belle did not cause Jan's miscarriage. You got to believe it, Shawn.

Shawn: I appreciate you trying to help. I've got to go.

Mimi: Shawn --

Philip: What -- what is up with him?

Mimi: Jan's obviously got her hooks in deeper than we thought.

Chloe: Well, we obviously just have to get more evidence.

Mimi: Which means you have to keep making Cynthia believe that you're interested in her.

Philip: All right, but I'm not taking her to the dance. I decided I'm not going -- no, I'm not.

Mimi: Yes, you are. It's the only way.

[Cellular phone rings]

Chloe: Oh, sorry.



Chloe: Hello?

Nancy: Hi, sweetheart, it's me. I need you to come home right away.

Chloe: Nancy, come on. I'm right in the middle of something.

Nancy: Chloe, it's important. Come home now.

Mimi: Nancy wants you home?

Chloe: Yeah, I don't know why, but it sounded pretty urgent. I guess I-I'd better go.

Philip: I'll call you later.

Chloe: Goodbye, guys.

Mimi: Bye.

Philip: Nothing's working out the way we wanted it to.

Mimi: We can't give up.

Philip: Hey, shh. Here comes Belle.

Belle: Okay, so now that Shawn's gone, the two of you can tell me why you totally blew me off.

Man: Hi. I've got a delivery here for a Hope and Bo Brady.

Caroline: Oh, yeah, right here, right here. My goodness. More presents. Do you want me to sign?

Man: If I could just get you to sign right there.

Caroline: Okay, you got it. There you go.

Man: All right.

Caroline: All right. Hang on, hang on. That's for you.

Man: Ah, thank you. There you go.

Caroline: Thank you.

Man: Have a good day.

Caroline: Okay, you too. More presents. Oh, my goodness.

Abe: Oh, look at that, will you?

Hope: Oh, my gosh. Wow.

Roman: You know what? Stefano is a lot like the fox hitting the chicken coop. You know he's coming, but when?

Hope: I can't imagine he won't be heard from pretty soon, what with everything that's been happening with Lexie.

Abe: As far as I know, she hasn't been in touch with him recently.

Bo: You think he doesn't know what's going on, especially now that Hope and I have Zack? I'll bet you anything he knows every little detail.

Roman: It's only a matter of time till the phoenix rises again.

Craig: This is -- this is too much of a change since the last test. I want to see the slide myself.

Eugenia: It's all set up for you.

Craig: [Sighs]

Colin: Dr. Wesley, there's still a possibility that further tests will give us a different result.

Craig: No, Colin. From what I just saw, I don't think there's much of a chance for that.

[Door slams]

Nancy: Chloe.

Chloe: All right, Nancy, I'm home. What's the big emergency?

Nancy: A messenger delivered this, and it says "open immediately."

Chloe: Oh, my God.

Jan: This is too weird.

Mrs. Spears: That I would come here to apologize.

Jan: Did you, like, see a shrink or something?

Mrs. Spears: Actually, I have decided to get back into therapy. After I spoke with Mrs. Brady, I started to think about my anger towards you, how I was using you as a scapegoat, making you the problem in my life when... The problem is me. After your father and I split up, I -- I felt like a failure. I looked for reasons other than my own inadequacies. I started to think that it was you, that somehow you had failed me. But it was never you, Jan. Never.

Jan: I have been a disappointment. I mean, my grades, getting pregnant, I just --

Mrs. Spears: But you're my daughter, my baby girl. I should have helped. I -- I should have made it all right.

Mrs. Spears: I know that coming here and apologizing and asking to start over may seem lame, but... I really am so sorry, and if I could just have another chance...

Shawn-D: This wasn't anybody's fault.

Jan: Yes, it was.

Shawn: What?

Jan: This miscarriage wasn't an accident, Shawn. It was belle's fault. She's the one that made me lose my baby.

Philip: Belle told Chloe that when she saw Jan, Jan was wearing a light-colored sweat-suit.

Chloe: But we asked your dad, and he said that when he found Jan at the bottom of the stairs, she was wearing black pants and a red shirt.

Mimi: And her hair was wet.

Philip: Which means she probably showered and changed clothes before your dad found her!

Shawn: Okay, all right, all right. So you're saying that in between the time Belle left and dad found Jan, Jan was feeling well enough to take a shower and change?

Philip: Belle did not cause the miscarriage, Shawn. Jan lied to you. Okay, with the baby gone, she lost her hold on you.

Philip: Belle, come on. We weren't blowing you off.

Belle: Oh, no? Then what do you call it?

Mimi: Look, Shawn was standing there, and we know how uncomfortable you are around him, so --

Belle: So you were doing me a favor?

Mimi: Yes, trying to.

Belle: Something isn't right.

Mimi: What's not right is you and Shawn aren't together, and I was thinking maybe if you had a nice talk with him --

Belle: Hold it. About 10 seconds ago, you were protecting me from being around Shawn, and now you want me to talk to him? What is going on with the two of you?

Hope: Hey. Hey, Shawn.

Shawn: You should have seen that little tyke. He put his head down on the pillow, right? And poof -- out he went like a bedtime candle.


Bo: He had a long day.

Caroline: Guess what. More presents.

Hope: Wow. Uh, Bo, maybe we should put these all in the car and open them at home. What do you think?

Bo: Yeah, since he's --

Caroline: Oh, you're not going to open them here? I'm so -- well --

Hope: Okay, fine. Why not?

Caroline: This looks very interesting.

Hope: Okay, let me see. Uh, there doesn't seem to be a card.

Bo: Maybe it fell off.

Hope: I don't know. Did it fall off?

Bo: Here, uh, let me have a look at that.

Roman: You know what? Let me take that back to the station and have it checked out.

Hope: Oh, come on, you don't really think that --

Bo: It should be okay. I'll just check it out over here.

[Jingling sound]

Bo: Here. This is what it is.

Hope: Wow.

Caroline: Oh, it's beautiful.

Hope: Yeah, it is beautiful.

Caroline: Ooh.

Hope: I think, you know, Zack's probably a little too old for this, but...

Caroline: My goodness, that's very expensive. I think that's solid silver.

Shawn: I wonder where it's from.

Caroline: I don't know. It's sure expensive.

Hope: Oh, my God. My God, no. You are amazing.

Nancy: Chloe, who's it from?

Chloe: The high school.

Nancy: The high school? Why would they be writing --

Chloe: I was named valedictorian of the senior class!

Nancy: Valedictorian? Oh, sweetheart, this is wonderful! Oh, I'm so proud of you, so happy.

Chloe: I mean, I knew I was in the running, but I didn't expect it.

Nancy: This is exciting. Oh, I can't wait to brag to everyone! My daughter is valedictorian.

Chloe: You know, two years ago when I first came here, almost everyone treated me like I was a total freak.

Nancy: Oh, no, sweetheart, that is not true.

Chloe: No, it's true, Nancy. Except for Belle and Shawn, no one wanted anything to do with me. But now I have great friends, a pretty nice family, and I was chosen as valedictorian of the senior class! Could things get better? Yes, they can. You and Craig helped me get another audition for the master class at Juilliard in July. This is the best time in my life.

Nancy: Oh, sweetheart. Oh.

Craig: I'm going to go and get Chloe, bring her back. I should be about a half-hour.

Colin: I'll see you then.

Craig: Yeah.

Mimi: Okay, so, no more talking about Shawn. So, tomorrow's graduation. Can you believe it? And tomorrow night's the last blast.

Belle: Like, I want to talk about that.

Mimi: I was hoping you would go.

Belle: Why? You can't, so what's the difference?

Philip: She just wants a vicarious thrill, right, Meems?

Belle: Forget it. I am not going to my senior prom alone.

Mimi: Remember last year? We were in all such different places, huh?

Philip: Yeah, well, don't act like it was just time that changed everything. It was you and Jan, too. Nothing was ever the same for me and Chloe after that stupid internet prank.

Mimi: Okay, okay, I've apologized, like, a million times. What do you want from me? And just remember me scrubbing toilets all year long, and that should make you feel better. And unlike Jan, I have paid my debt to society and hopefully, reformed -- also unlike Jan.

Belle: Okay, can we talk about the weather or something else other than Shawn, Jan, or that stupid dance?

Hope: Stefano is sending us a message. He's nearby. I know it. He's going to try and take our baby away from us.

Bo: That's not going to happen, I promise you.

Roman: Look, if this thing were dangerous, it would've done what it was going to do as soon as it was handled.

Abe: Then this is another one of his mind games -- it's vintage DiMera.

Roman: I'm going to have this checked at the lab.

Hope: And here we were, having a wonderful day. We christened our son, found that Bo was his biological father, and now this? I mean, this rattle? You know, it's almost like Stefano is telling --

Bo: Don't say it, Hope. Zack is with us, he's safe, and no one -- not DiMera, not anybody -- is going to take him away from us. Understand?

Caroline: This is just what Stefano wants.

Shawn: You're damn right. That bastard set out to rain on our parade, and we're lettin' him do it. I say we just pretend like nothing happened. We just carry on.

Roman: I'll go for that, Pop. Let's do it.

Caroline: How about you, hope, darling? You want to open another gift?

Hope: I don't know.

Caroline: Well, come on now. This one is from Roman.

Roman: Yeah, you may not like it, but at least you know it's safe.

Hope: All right. As long as it's from family.

Bo: Whoa.

Hope: Oh. Roman, that is so generous of you.

Roman: Well, it's to help you get started on Zack's college fund.

Bo: Well, thanks, big brother.

Roman: You're more than welcome, but you're not done yet. Got another little gift right here. Right there.

Hope: I've always been good at unwrapping gifts.

Roman: I like it that way.

Shawn: Ha ha ha ha.

Hope: Oh! It's adorable! Look at this!

Bo: Who bought it for you?

Roman: All right, you busted me. Mom bought it for me.

Hope: Look at this! Oh, Caroline, it's ador-- it's so cute. Thank you. I'm going to put it on him tomorrow.

Caroline: Well, maybe it's a little big. I got a 3t so he can grow into it.

Hope: I'll bet you it'll fit him right now.

Caroline: Good, good. Well, come on now, you want to open another gift, huh?

Roman: Come on.

Bo: You're on a roll.

Caroline: Here.

Hope: See? I'm getting a little braver.

Hope: What could this possibly be?

[Music plays]

Hope: Oh, isn't this great?

Bo: Hey, pop, don't, don't.

Roman: Yeah, wait a minute. Not until we know who it's from.

Hope: Oh, wait a minute. Here's a card.

Hope: "To Bo and hope for your new baby -- all my love, Greta."

[Knuckles crack]

Bart: So, what was in the other package you sent, the one that was supposed to be from Greta Von posy-what's-its.

Rolf: Well, it's very clever, if I do say so myself. You see, in time it will take care of the Bradys for good.

Philip: Belle, you got to be positive about this, okay? There's still a chance that you can work it out with Shawn.

Belle: Here we go again.

Mimi: Listen to him, Belle.

Philip: Yeah, look at me and Chloe. Some people might say we're history, but not me. No way am I giving up.

Mimi: Philip's right. And look at me. I couldn't even get a date for my first three years of high school, and now I've got this awesome guy who I can't go to the dance with, unfortunately, but at least I'll be there to serve cookies and punch to the rest of the class. I mean, talk about humiliation. Of course, Jan got out of it, just like she got out of scrubbing toilets. She has to stay home and recuperate from losing her baby. Poor thing. Oh, my God, I am so sorry. Open mouth, insert foot!

Belle: Is there any way -- any possible way -- that you could not mention Jan Spears, or do you do it on purpose?

Mimi: Belle --

Belle: I mean it, Meems. Sometimes I think you're trying to hurt me.

Mrs. Spears: So you had no symptoms that morning -- no cramping, no bleeding?

Jan: No. Nothing. I -- I felt fine.

Mrs. Spears: Until you tripped and fell down the stairs.

Jan: Right.

Shawn: Until you... you never told me that before. You never told me that you fell down the stairs.

Jan: Shawn, I-I --

Shawn: No, no, no, no, no. Then it was an accident, wasn't it? And Belle had nothing to do with it.

Nancy: Let's see. You know what? I am going to fix risotto and vegetables for dinner -- your favorite -- and then we can also -- oh. Unless you'd rather go out to dinner to celebrate.

Chloe: No. Let's stay home.

Nancy: It'll be such fun. I have some sparkling cider. I'll chill it, and when Craig gets home, we will toast to you.

Nancy: I can see your grandfather's face when I tell him.


Chloe: I wasn't expecting this at all.

Nancy: Craig! Oh, honey, wait till you hear. We have the most wonderful news.

Mimi: Belle, of course I'm not trying to hurt you. I just -- I just blurt stuff, and, you know, stuff just comes out. I'm so sorry.

Belle: It's okay. Sorry I made you feel guilty about it. I should be able to talk about things, even if I feel bad about them or whatever. So here I go. Philip, are you taking Chloe to the dance? Oh, no, now I made you feel bad.

Philip: No, no, no. Don't worry about it. I already sort of asked somebody, and I don't think I can get out of it.

Belle: You asked somebody? Who?

Philip: Believe me, Belle, you don't want to know.

Mimi: He doesn't want to say, in case he can get out of the date, because he wants to be with Chloe.

Belle: Well, that makes no sense. What's the difference if we know?

[Cellular phone rings]



Belle: Hello? Oh, hi, Mom. Yeah, sure, hold on one second. My mom needs me to pick up some things from the store. One sec. Okay, what's the list?

Mimi: Philip, you almost blew it.

Philip: What was I supposed to do -- lie?

Mimi: Just don't spill anything, okay? You have to make sure you keep quiet about asking Cynthia to the dance until we get the goods on Jan. Otherwise, we won't get belle and Shawn back together.

Philip: I've got a great idea. How about we all wear a mask? Yeah, and then we won't have to be reminded that we're not with the dates we want to be with. What a lousy way to end a senior year.

Mimi: No, but we just have to keep at it. We have to make things right.

Belle: Make what right?

Shawn: Who's coming out?

Hope: Oh, honey!

Bo: Come here, buddy!

Hope: Who only had a 10-minute nap?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Did you know all this excitement was going on down here, huh, sweetheart, and you just had to be a part of it? Is that it? Anyway, thank you all so much for being so wonderful and so incredibly generous -- and for being you. Anyway, we really should be going now.

Bo: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Hope: This guy needs a real nap. He's had an awfully big day, haven't you, angel?

Caroline: I'll get your gifts together and I'll bring them over to you later, okay?

Bo: Oh, ma, that's great. Thanks so much.

Abe: Hey, sweetheart, yeah. Ooh, I love you. You know, you take care of yourself. And I'll come by and I'll see you real soon. Real soon.

Hope: Anytime, Abe. You know that. He loves you so much.

Abe: Yeah, I love him, too.

Bo: Better get going.

Abe: See you, big guy, okay?

Bo: Oh, thanks, Ma.

Roman: See you, brother. See you, Hope.

Hope: Bye! Thanks, everybody!

Caroline: Good night.

Bo: Hey, goodbye.

Bo: Bye-bye to everybody.

Abe: Roman, look, as soon as you get that lab report on the rattle --

Roman: I'll let you know.

Caroline: That was so thoughtful of Greta to, you know, send a present. I wonder if this is an antique. Yeah, but if it is, it's just too perfect-looking.

[Music playing]

Shawn: You lied to me.

Jan: Shawn, you don't -- you don't understand. You misunderstood.

Shawn: Belle had nothing to do with you losing your baby. She had nothing to do with any of it.

Mrs. Spears: Shawn, why not give Jan a chance to explain?

Shawn: No, no, no, no, no. You mean give her another chance to lie to me. Your daughter told me that my girlfriend started a fight with her and then pushed her. You know what? That wasn't true. I have proof, more proof than overhearing you just now!

Jan: Proof? Shawn, what are you talking about? Proof --

Shawn: Oh, listen to me! Listen to me! When you were with Belle, you were wearing sweats. She left, you went upstairs, you took a shower and changed. That his how my dad found you. I should've known all along! You've been doing everything you can to keep belle and me apart -- even after you lost your baby! I mean, how -- how low can you go?! I thought -- I really, really thought that this whole thing had changed you, and maybe -- maybe you learned something! But, no, you are exactly as you always have been. You haven't changed. You don't give a damn about who you hurt!

Mrs. Spears: Jan, is this all true?

Shawn: Oh, come on! Would you just once -- for once in your life just tell the truth?

Jan: All right, all right, I lied, okay?

Jan: I'm sorry. Belle really upset me. That could've been what caused me to fall and --

Shawn: No, don't you dare. Don't you dare blame Belle for any of this! She had nothing to do with you losing your baby, Jan! Nothing to do with any of it! And you know what? The person I'm more mad at... Is me. How could I believe you over Belle? How could I have been so stupid?

[Telephone rings]

Eugenia: Lab. Eugenia speaking. Yeah, hold on. He's right here. For you, doctor.

Colin: Thanks. Murphy. Hey there. What's up? Right now? I'm a bit tied up. Ha ha. I'll bet you would. The idea sounds very appealing. And, yes, I'm definitely up for it. The thing is, I -- all right. You've convinced me. I'll be there as soon as I can. I've got to run. I'll take another look at those slides later.

Nancy: Craig, you're not going to believe what just happened.

Chloe: I was chosen valedictorian of the senior class. Am I brilliant or what?

Craig: That's wonderful, sweetheart.

Chloe: Oh, my gosh. I have to write a speech. I should do it now while the adrenaline's still flowing.

Craig: Chloe, wait, I need to talk to you for a second.

Chloe: I just had a flash of inspiration of what to write.

Craig: It can't wait.

Nancy: Craig? What is it?

Craig: Chloe, the, um, the results of your latest blood test came back, and... It's not good news.

Caroline: That's cute.

Roman: Mom, stop.

Shawn: Ha ha ha.

Roman: Well, you had me a little worried me there, but, uh, fortunately, it's harmless.

Caroline: Of course it is.

Bart: So you put a bug in the clown. Very swift, Rolfsky.

Rolf: Yes. And that's just the beginning of the services our little friend is going to perform for us. Now it's time to uplink bozo.

Bart: And then what happens?

Rolf: Well, let's just say he's the sort of gift that, um, keeps on giving.

Caroline: Zack is going to love this.

Abe: Yeah, he sure will. He will.

Shawn: You know, this reminds me of a jack-in-the-box that I had when I was a little boy.

Caroline: Really?

Shawn: Yeah. I wonder if it's from the old sod.

Belle: Why don't you guys just be real with me?

Philip: I was just saying that I wish I could snap my fingers and make all this craziness with Shawn go away. Don't you wish that could happen, too, Belle?

Belle: Yeah, but you're not my fairy godmother and you don't have a magic wand. So things aren't just going to magically be wonderful again.

Philip: Well, magical things can happen in real life. You just have to believe it's possible. With a little faith, we can work this out and get our happy ending.

Belle: Well, graduation is tomorrow, and it's supposed to be the beginning of our futures, but from where I'm sitting, this future doesn't look so rosy.

Philip: Trust me, it will. Your problems with Shawn, mine with Chloe -- I truly believe that by the last blast dance, everything's going to be perfect.

Jan: Shawn, I-I'm sorry. You don't understand --

Shawn: I don't want to hear it, okay? I can't believe you did this to me after everything I did for you. I lied for you, Jan! I told everyone that I was the father of your baby!

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