Days Transcript Monday 6/3/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/3/02


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Mimi: Attention! If anyone cares, I just cleaned my last toilet on the last day of my last year at Salem High. But, please, hold your applause till I'm done.

Mimi: Whew! So, how was your final?

Chloe: Uh, it was okay. I just shouldn't have stayed up so late studying. I swear, I'm going to get, like, 12 hours of sleep tonight. No more school!

Mimi: Lucky Belle and Shawn. They were done yesterday.

Chloe: Yeah, but I guess that's the only lucky thing that's happened to them all senior year.

Mimi: Well, there's still one more day before graduation, and we're going to fix that because as soon as Belle and Shawn find out what Jan's been up to -- whatever it is -- I just know the truth is going to get them back together.

Chloe: I just hope that Philip finds out the truth.

Mimi: If Philip was looking deep into my eyes, I would tell him anything. I'm sure he'll get Cynthia to tell the truth. I know he will.

Philip: Here you go.

Cynthia: Yes! Bye-bye, high school. I mean, of course it's not over over until the last blast, which is going to be one of the best parts of my whole high school career.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, I'm psyched.

Cynthia: Prove it.

Philip: What?

Father Jansen: Dear parents and godparents, you have come here to present this child for baptism.

Lexie: The water... Did you poison it?

Father Jansen: By water and the Holy Spirit, he is to receive the gift of new life from God, who is love. If your faith makes you ready to accept this responsibility, renew now the vows of your own baptism. Reject sin. Profess your faith in Christ Jesus. This is the faith of the church. This is the faith in which this child is about to be baptized.

Zack: [Babbling]

Father Jansen: Do you reject Satan?

All: I do.

Lexie: Listen.

Father Jansen: And all his empty promises?

All: I do.

Father Jansen: Do you believe in God the father, almighty creator of heaven and earth?

All: I do.

Father Jansen: Do you believe in the holy Catholic Church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, and life everlasting?

All: I do.

Rolf: I did not poison the baptismal waters, Alexandra, but you can have him. Let me do this for you, and you can have Isaac forever.

Lexie: Father, please help me.

Father Jansen: This is the faith of the church. We are proud to profess it in Christ Jesus our lord.

All: Amen.

Father Jansen: Is it your will that Beauregard Isaac Theo shall be baptized in the faith of the church which we have all proclaimed with you?

Bo and hope: It is.

Hope: Here you go. Yes, baby.

Rolf's voice: [Echoing] You can have Isaac forever... You can have Isaac forever...

Father Jansen: I baptize you in the name of the fath--

Rolf: Don't drop it.

Lexie: Oh, my God. You lied to me. That water is poisoned.

Father Jansen: Sorry. Let's try that again.

Hope: Okay.

Father Jansen: I baptize you in the name of the father...

Lexie: No.

Philip: Wait.

Philip: Now we're alone.

Cynthia: What, you don't want to be seen kissing me in public?

Philip: No, no, not at all. There are just certain things we don't want to do in public. Here, sit down.

Cynthia: Okay.

Philip: Dang, you're tense. From the exam?

Cynthia: Must be.

Philip: Everybody finished that final so fast. I mean, Jan -- Jan was done in, like, 20 minutes.

Cynthia: Yeah, well, she probably just filled in the dots. She has other priorities.

Philip: Like?

Cynthia: You know, important stuff, like after high school. You know, her future.

Philip: With Shawn, you mean.

Cynthia: Look, let's talk about our future, Philip. In fact, you know what? Let's not talk at all. I want to feel your hands on me. I want to feel your lips, too.

Lexie: No! Aah!

Philip: Cynthia... I want this, I do, but, uh... But not -- not here.

Cynthia: You're right. After the dance will be much more romantic.

Philip: Yeah. Uh, I need to know what you're wearing.

Cynthia: Well, you'll find out soon enough.

Philip: I do hope we get to have the whole dance this year.

Cynthia: Don't worry. This year will be much better for you -- in every way.

Philip: Yeah, yeah. You know, that last dance -- Jan sure managed to ruin it for everybody, didn't she?

Cynthia: She's good at that -- ruining things.

Philip: I always wondered what she'd do for an encore.

Cynthia: Well, she's already done it. And believe me, it blows out of the water.

Philip: What do you mean?

Cynthia: Nothing.

Philip: Oh, come on.

Philip: Tell me.

Cynthia: Well, I don't know how she got Shawn to have sex with her, but... I do know how she worked it to keep Shawn and Belle apart, and -- ha ha -- trust me, it was brilliant.

Philip: Well, you can't stop there. What did she do?

Cynthia: Never mind.

Philip: Oh, come on.

Philip: Now you've got me curious.

Cynthia: It had more to do with belle being dumb than anything else. I mean, it was one thing for Jan to blame her, but... For Belle to actually believe that she was to blame was...

Philip: To blame for what?

Cynthia: Ha ha. Look, I-I talk too much when Im feeling really good, so... So just forget it, okay? What's funny?

Philip: You. Trust me, Cynthia, when I'm with a girl -- when I'm with you -- all I can think about is this.

Philip: Oh, shoot. I forgot. I-I got to meet my dad for lunch. He's gonna kill me.

Cynthia: You're not going anywhere.

Philip: Cynthia, I --

Cynthia: Until you give me a proper goodbye.

Philip: See ya.

Philip: Chloe... I hope that was enough.

Roman: Lexie! Lexie!

Lexie: What? No! No! Don't -- no! My precious baby. Please be all right!

Roman: Your baby's fine. You just got him scared half to death. What the hell is this?

John: It wasn't the ceremony, was it? I saw your eyes when you ran down the aisle, and you were terrified. What did you think was going to happen?

Lexie: My baby was in danger. I had to make sure he's okay!

John: Slow it down.

Brandon: All right, it's okay, Lexie. Come on.

Abe: What the hell are you talking about?

John: What do you mean, Zack was in danger?

Lexie: No, I had to make sure that he didn't hurt my baby!

Abe: Who? Who? Who didn't hurt him? Who?

Lexie: The priest! He tried to kill Isaac!

Kimberly: What should we do?

Marlena: I'll get my bag.

Colin: Marlena, I've got it.

Marlena: Thank you.

Abe: Father Jansen wouldn't hurt anyone. Don't you think I would do everything not to let that happen?

Lexie: No! No, I don't! I have to make sure he's okay.

Abe: No, no, no, no, no.

Lexie: No, you let me go!

Abe: No.

Lexie: You don't understand! My baby could have died! I saved him! I had to stop him!

John: Stop who?

John: Stop who? Stop who?

Lexie: Father.

Abe: Lexie, sweetheart, it's going to be all right. It's going to be all right.

Lexie: Isaac...

Roman: I'll call an ambulance.

Marlena: Thank you, Roman.

Father Jansen: Is there anything I can do?

John: Yeah, say a prayer.

Hope: Poor baby. He's so scared.

Bo: Yeah. How are you doing? You okay? It won't always be like this. It'll get better. It will.

Hope: Bo, how is this ever going to end?

Bo: I'm going to reschedule the christening.

Abe: No. No, Bo, no. You go ahead.

Bo: Abe, I wouldn't feel right.

Abe: And I wouldn't feel right if you didn't. Look, you and Hope have waited a long time, so you take care of your child. I'll take care of my wife.

Bo: You sure?

Abe: Yeah. T-tell everyone that -- that I insisted.

Colin: Excuse me. Commander Carver, are you ready to sign the papers?

Abe: Papers?

Shawn: Hey, here he comes.

Julie: There he is.

Hope: Bo, I'll feel a lot better when Zack's been christened.

Bo: Yeah. Um, listen up, everybody. We are going to go ahead with the christening.

Maggie: Oh, good.

Mickey: Hey, okay. Let's do that.

Shawn: Hello.

Jennifer: Oh, you know what? I better go find Abby.

Brandon: She's right there.

Jennifer: Oh! There.

Jack: Oh. Yeah. She's right...There. Sa, Sami!

Sami: What?

Jack: Tell me, what's going on with Lexie?

Sami: Dude, she is all strapped to that gurney, totally whacked out, but they are going to go on with the christening.

Jack: Oh.

Sami: On a good note, Colin might have to go with her to the hospital.

Jack: Yeah!

Father Jansen: Third time's a charm, little guy.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha. Oh, do you want to hold that?

Bo: Not yet.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

Colin: I was unable to obtain Lexie's consent to be hospitalized. You're her next of kin.

Abe: You're talking about commitment papers.

Brandon: That's outrageous! Lexie's not crazy. That's not what's going on here.

Abe: What the hell do you know about this?

Brandon: I'm just saying you're overreacting. This isn't what Lexie needs.

Colin: Thank you for your professional opinion, but I'm sure the commander would prefer to have a medical doctor's input.

Abe: Yeah. Marlena, what should I do?

Marlena: I think we get Lexie to the hospital, do a complete evaluation. We'll go from there.

Abe: Thank you.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Lexie: Abe! Abe, Abe...

Abe: Lex, I'm right here. Everything's going to be all right. We're going to take you to the hospital and we're going to take care of you, huh?

Lexie: No, no. You -- let me go! No, let me go! Let me -- no, no!

Abe: Listen, Lex --

Lexie: Let me go! No!

Abe: Lexie

Bo: Come here, boy.

Hope: Yeah, go to Daddy.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: There you go.

Father Jansen: Beauregard Isaac Theo, I baptize you in the name of the father... And the son... And the Holy Spirit.

Hope: Yeah, good boy.

Lexie: Isaac! Abe, make them stop! Make them stop! Give me my baby! No, I want my baby!

Abe: Lexie, please --

Lexie: My baby! My baby!

Abe: Lexie --

Lexie: [Sobbing] Oh, God, my Isaac...Isaac...

[Shrieking] Isaac! My baby! Isaac... Isaac! My baby!

Zack: [Crying]

Lexie: My baby! Give me my baby! You give me my baby! Give him to me! Go to hell, Abe! Get him! Abe! Abe, please! Please! Please!

Zack: [Crying]

Lexie: Isaac!

Hope: It's okay. It's okay.

Lexie: My baby! Isaac!

Sami: Great punch, Grandma.

Caroline: Good, good, good.

Bo: Hey. Zack went right to sleep.

Hope: Mm, I bet. He tired himself out crying.

Roman: Things are looking kind of grim around here, pop.

Shawn: Time for some drastic measures. Ahem. Attention, everyone, attention! Listen, I'd like to make a toast. Everyone grab your glass, eh?

Mickey: All right, all right!

Shawn: All right? Now, folks, I know we don't feel much like, uh, celebratin' right now. You know, of course we're upset about -- you know, about Abe and Lexie, but they're family, after all, you know. Marlena's on top of it, so, you know, we'll just -- we'll just keep them in our thoughts and in our prayers, eh?

Roman: Yeah. Absolutely.

Shawn: All right. And we'll be grateful 'cause remember that we started out fearin' far worse things might happen today, all right?

Roman: All right.

Shawn: Hear, hear! All right!

Roman: Bo, Hope, Shawn, Isaac! All right!

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: Pop's right. We've got plenty to celebrate. Hope and I are grateful to all our friends and family for all your support during this challenging time, and we're especially grateful to our two sons -- Shawn, and the latest addition to our family, Zack.

Doug: Oh, hear, hear. Yes!

Alice: Hope, it's going to be all right.

Hope: Yeah, that's what Bo said.

Alice: And he's right. Darling, you had a miracle today.

Hope: Bo is Zack's father.

Caroline: How is Lexie?

Colin: Too soon to tell. Marlena's discussing a treatment course with some of her colleagues. I'm sure she'll phone as soon as she knows anything.

Caroline: Okay. Thanks.

Colin: Thanks. Sorry to run out on everyone that way.

Jennifer: Oh, that's okay. I mean, you were doing something very important.

Melissa: Yes, you were.

Jennifer: Oh! Dr. Colin Murphy, this is my cousin Melissa.

Melissa: Hello.

Colin: Hi. I'm sure she's told you all about me.

Melissa: Uh...

Colin: That's okay. I didn't expect she would. I missed the toast, did I?

Jennifer: How did you know that Shawn Brady would make a toast before you even got here?

Colin: I'm a Brady, too. Well, I'll just have to make my own toast.

[Speaking Celtic]

Melissa: Ha ha. What does that mean?

Colin: Ask your cousin. Excuse me.

Kimberly: Hey.

John: Kimberly.

Kimberly: Hey. Worried about Lexie?

John: Only because I can't figure out what she's up to.

Kimberly: John, she didn't know what she was saying.

John: I think she did. You know, everybody has been trying to reassure themselves since they left the church that it's over. It's not over. I know it's not over.

Shawn: Hi. Uh...

Shawn: So, you two having fun, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha. I don't see you eatin' nothin' now.

Shawn-d: No, everything's great, Grandpa. Thank you.

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn: Ha ha ha ha ha.

Philip: Hey. Hey, you okay? We were worried. Where have you been?

Chloe: I was looking for you.

Philip: Well, I got something from Cynthia. Information, that is, Chloe. She basically admitted that Jan had some sort of plot to keep Belle and Shawn apart.

Chloe: Well, what was it?

Philip: I don't know. She told me that Jan was making Belle feel guilty, but then she realized she shouldn't have said that, and that was all I could get out of her.

Mimi: Well, guilty about the miscarriage, of course.

Philip: Yeah.

Chloe: But Cynthia didn't actually say that.

Philip: Well, no. Hey, I'm sorry. I had to back off. She was getting suspicious. I went as far as I could, Chloe.

Chloe: Look, there is other evidence. I mean, Shawn's father did say that Jan was wearing a red shirt, black pants, and her hair was wet when he found her. Those things weren't true when Belle left Jan.

Philip: Well, I think it's enough to take to Shawn, okay? When he hears it, he has to believe Jan's been lying, and he's going to hate himself for ever letting belle go. But at least it's not too late for them.

Lexie: Abe, please, get me out of here. Take me to my baby.

Abe: Sweetheart, you need to stay here now.

Lexie: No, no, I don't. Look, you don't understand. I-I had to stop the baptism. I had to save Isaac. To keep him alive, I had to. You do believe me, don't you?

Abe: You need to rest.

Lexie: No, Abe, please, please tell me you believe me. Please.

Abe: It's all right, it's all right, it's all right. You know, you need some sleep now.

Lexie: No, no. No.


Abe: It's, um, it's worse than I thought.

Man: Commander, are you prepared to commit your wife to our care?

Abe: What else can I do?

Sami: So, Colin, I hear you have a vacation coming up this weekend. I've been to most of the places around here. If you need any tips... What are you looking for in a holiday?

Colin: Privacy.

Nicole: Sorry, am I interrupting?

Colin: No. We're done here, aren't we, Sami, luv?


Melissa: So, the toast?

Jennifer: Uh, the toast -- well, whenever we would sit by the fire together, that's what he would say.

Melissa: Well, what does it mean?

Jennifer: I don't know.

Melissa: You don't know?

Jennifer: I mean, I pretended I did. I didn't realize he was going to keep saying it, and I was too embarrassed to admit it then.

Melissa: Well, if you're not going to ask him, I will.

Jennifer: No! Don't you dare. He thinks I know what it means.

Brandon: What's the matter?

Jennifer: Uh...

Melissa: [Giggles]

Sami: So, apparently, Colin's weekend getaway is some state secret. You don't know anyone in the INS, do you? We could get him deported.

Jack: Mm. Stand back, Sami. Let a man handle this.

Nicole: Why does Sami care where we're going?

Colin: I don't know, and I don't want to know.

Nicole: Well, congratulations on making her feel small again. Though, we don't care that people know we're going away together, do we?

Colin: Yes, we do.

Nicole: Why? Pray tell.

Colin: Well, what I plan to do when I finally get you all to myself... Is no one's damn business.

[Cellular phone rings]

Colin: Sorry.


Colin: Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Bo: Hey. You eat anything?

Hope: What do you think? Did you?

Bo: Not yet.

Hope: Did you hear anything?

Bo: I was just going to call the hospital.

Hope: You know what? Maybe you should just give 'em a little while longer. Poor Abe. As though he's not going through enough, I can't imagine what he must be feeling.

Marlena: I thought this might be easier with me than with a stranger. I know it seems drastic. It's the best hope Lexie has of realizing what's happened to her and surviving.

Abe: She's in there, waiting on me. She's trusting me to take her home, wherever home is. I don't know that would, uh, that would be the worst thing for her, but I also know that you'll do the best for her

Marlena: I promise I will do just that.

Man: All right, Shannon, prepare Dr. Carver for involuntary commitment.

Melissa: Well, we were just indulging in a little girl talk about someone who I think is awfully attractive.

Brandon: Talking about me again, huh?

Caroline: Okay, everybody, gift time!

Julie: Oh, yes, yes, yes! Hope will preside, and all the gift gals gather around!

Caroline: Oh, there he is.

Bo: Present time!

Hope: How you doing, sweetheart?

Bo: How about this present? You want to open that one first?

Colin: Trust me, you will regret botching this job.

Jack: It doesn't pay to get on your bad side, does it, doctor?

Bo: What's that?

Hope: Kimberly. It's beautiful! Thank you so much. Look, everybody!

Kimberly: You're welcome.

Hope: Did you see the diamond?

Julie: It's beautiful. Now, Hope, darling, I don't know who this one is from, because there is no tag on it.

Shawn: It's from me. It's, uh, yeah, yeah, so it'll be one of his favorite sports when he grows up.

Zack: Ball!

Bo: Ball!

Hope: Ball, sweet pea! Look what daddy has!

Julie: What is that?

Hope: It's a puck. It's a hockey puck.

Colin: Have you never heard the old saying about eavesdroppers?

Jack: I'm a reporter. I don't expect people to say good things about me.

Colin: You won't be disappointed then.

Jack: You know, the last time I remember seeing somebody that mad at a botched job, it was a TV show about the mafia.

Colin: Are you implying something, Jack?

Jack: Are you hiding something, Colin?

Colin: I have to apologize. My gift is delayed. This was supposed to be for Zack, until the jeweler botched the job and misspelled his name.

Shawn: Is that the Brady family crest?

Bo: Hey, look at that. Yeah, that's right. Thanks, Colin.

Colin: Don't thank me yet. But I did raise Cain about it, and it should be replaced within the week.

Hope: Colin, thank you.

Julie: Oh, okay, that was next in line. Okay, next in line. This is next in line.

Colin: I suppose you're curious about what's going on between me and Jack.

Jennifer: No, not really. Because if it were that interesting, you wouldn't tell me about it. But there is one thing I wanted to ask you. You know what? Never mind.

Colin: Ah.

[Speaking Celtic]

Jennifer: How did you know that I was going to --

Colin: When I realized you didn't know what it meant. I didn't want to embarrass you. Not that you should be. But we're past that, aren't we?

Jennifer: Yes. We are.

Sami: Ahem. Hey, Brandon. Are you okay?

Brandon: Why wouldn't I be?

Sami: Well, because Lexie is your friend. And I know you, and I know how much it must've hurt you to see her like that. I'm really sorry.

Brandon: I'm sure you are.

Sami: Brandon...

Brandon: So, what are you and Jack up to, Samantha?

Sami: Hey, what do you care? It's none of your business.

Melissa: Well, I hate to cut out early, but I have to catch a plane.

Hope: Well, we thought we'd be done a lot sooner than we are.

Bo: Yes, we did.

Hope: Thank you so much for coming.

Melissa: Oh, I wouldn't have missed it.

Mickey: We got to give her more excuses to come and visit now. Actually, your grandmother and your mother are both waiting in the car, so...

Melissa: I'm going to say goodbye to Jen.

Hope: Love you. Have a safe trip. Bye, sweetie!

Zack: Ball, ball, ball!

Hope: Where's the ball?

Kimberly: Aw, we got to stop doing this, missing one another.

Bo: Oh, don't tell me you're leaving, too.

Kimberly: Yeah, I couldn't get anybody to cover for me on such short notice.

Bo: Okay.

Kimberly: You know, little brother, I am so proud of you. Look at you, your beautiful wife, your beautiful baby. I'm so proud to be your sister. Hey, you, don't grow up too fast, okay? That's my guy. Hey. You really took a big step today. You want to make it two?

Shawn: Hmm? What?

Kimberly: You know, if I had it to do all over again -- which is really stupid to say, but it's not what I meant -- sometimes, in relationships, things can seem really horrible, I know, I know. But the times I regret the most are the times when I stopped trying.

Shawn: I know what you're saying, Aunt Kim. Thanks.

Kimberly: I know you do. Hey, you know, you keep threatening to come see me, and Pepperdine is only a few minutes away.

Shawn: All right, all right, I will let you know as soon as I decide. But either way, I'll definitely see you soon.

Kimberly: I'm going to hold you to that. Take care.

Jennifer: Bye-bye.

Belle and Shawn: I...

Belle: No, it's okay --

Shawn: No, okay, you --

Belle: Okay, I just wanted to say that I thought the gift you got Zack -- it was -- it was really cool. I remember when we went birthday shopping for J.T. I've never seen a kid so small catch a baseball so well. So, Zack can play hockey or basketball or football, but... Baseball will always be for J.T.

Shawn: I knew you'd understand. Thanks again for coming today. I know it wasn't easy.

Belle: I think it's really great about your parents -- your dad turning out to be Zack's real father.

Shawn: Yeah.

Belle: It almost makes me think that love really can...

Shawn: What, conquer all? I guess it can. It just did.

Belle: I should go.

Shawn: No. If you believe it can be enough for my parents, why can't you believe it's enough for us? Why can't love be enough for us, Belle?

Bart: Well, according to hospital sources, Lexie's this close to the rubber room. The boss man's going to go ballistic.

Rolf: But if we accomplish this, he will kiss our feet.

Bart: Yuck. And how is that going to destroy the Bradys?

Rolf: The same way the Greeks destroyed Troy.

Bart: What?

Rolf: Just sit back and watch. Our enemy is going to show us exactly where and how to attack, but this time, we won't miss.

Shawn: Why can't love be enough for us, Belle? Okay, all right, maybe I'm not asking the right question. Maybe what I should be asking is, are we still in love? I know I am. Are you?

Jennifer: Before you go, I want to come see you. You know, Abby is dying to meet Lean Rimes.

Melissa: Oh. Ha ha ha! Well, I'll see what I can do. Yeah. You know, the country music fan fair is coming up in just a couple weeks. If you want to bring her, I'm sure she'll love it.

Jennifer: You know what? I would love to, and she would love it, but she has drama camp for a month, so we won't make it. But we will come see you, I promise, very soon. I promise. We miss you, too.

Brandon: It was very nice to meet you, Melissa.

Melissa: Nice meeting you, too.

Brandon: Take care. You ready?

Jennifer: Oh. Yeah... yeah, more than ready.

Jack: This has got to work. I can't be denied the thrill of seeing Mr. Muscles ensnared in your evil web.

Sami: My evil web? Look, Jack, Brandon and I are meant to be together. I have got to get him back in my life.

Jack: I feel the same way about Jennifer, so what are we going to do? What's the next move?

Sami: Let's go.

Jack: Let's follow 'em. Good.

[Cellular phone rings]

Belle: You should probably get that.

Shawn: Belle, I know, I don't --



Shawn: Okay. Hello. Yeah. Hi. It was fine. Pretty soon. No, no. Don't... Cook dinner. Oh... We'll have plenty of leftovers. All right. I'll see you soon. Bye. Sorry about that.

Belle: No, don't worry. She's waiting for you, so I'll let you go.

Shawn: Hey.

Chloe: We need to talk about you and Jan.

Zack: [Babbling]

Bo: Yeah. You see, he's doing fine.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Zack: All gone.

Bo: All gone. You're thinking about Abe, aren't you?

Hope: Yeah.

Zack: All gone.

Hope: If I thought today was hard for us, then what's he going through? And it's still not over, not yet.

Lexie: Could I have my clothes, please? Abe. Good. Now we can go.

Abe: Look, I need to say something.

Lexie: No, tell me at home, ok?

Abe: No, no, no. It has to be now, it has to be now. I know we've had our problems lately.

Lexie: Honey, that doesn't matter. Even with everything we've been through, I know that you love me. I know that you'll always protect me. Just take me home, okay? Okay?

Man: Why isn't she in her room?

Shannon: Commander Carver is still explaining.

Lexie: Explaining what?

Abe: Look, uh, sorry. I'm sorry, Lex. Sorry.

Lexie: No. No! No, Abe! No!

[Sobbing] No, don't do this!

Abe: Sweetheart.

Lexie: No! No! No!

Marlena: Abe, Abe, I know you want to be there for her. I know you want to, but it's too painful for both of you right now.

Abe: Well, I-I-I...

Marlena: No. Come back tomorrow. You can see her then. Trust me when I say this is what's best for her right now.

Lexie: No! No, Abe, no!

Marlena: Go.

Lexie: No!

Lexie: Abe! Come back!

Hope: When I look at him, all the pain, the fear, and the anger -- it just -- it all goes away.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: It's like Gran said -- we got a miracle today. We can't ask for anything more.

Bo: You're right. We can't.

Hope: You know what I think, Brady? I think that we have the luckiest family in the whole world. That's what I think.

Bo: Well, and you would be thinking right, because we are. What's up, boy?

Hope: Hey, look at this, huh? Look it. See, look...

Bo: Just give him the box.

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