Days Transcript Monday 5/27/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/27/02


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Shawn-D: Gran, hey, I didn't even hear you come in.

Alice: Hello, darling. I was hoping to see, well, the family -- some of them. Where is everybody?

Shawn-D: Well, uh, Dad took Zach to feed the ducks, and Mom -- I'm not sure where she went. Said she had some kind of appointment.

Alice: Well, I'm glad you're here.

Shawn-D: Oh, well, I would love to visit, but I have some homework I have to do, so I better get to it.

Alice: No, no, no, no. No, you don�t. You can sit here and tell me what is bothering you, Shawn-Douglas.

Shawn-D: How do you know there is something bothering me? Okay, all right, don't answer that. 'Cause you always seem to know when I'm upset about something. And, as usual, you're right.

Alice: What is it, dear? Tell me.

Shawn-D: I messed up. Big-time.

Belle: Stop torturing me.

Mimi: It's calling out to you. Can't you hear it? "Take me home, Belle. Take me home." Come on, let's at least see if they have your size.

Belle: Mimi, this is not helping.

Mimi: You would look killer in that dress, and it's Shawn's favorite color, too. If you show up wearing that to the Last Blast --

Belle: I told you, I'm not going.

Mimi: Well, you might change your mind once the offers start pouring in.

Belle: Mimi, please.

Mimi: I'm serious, Belle. Loser Jason's going to ask you. That's a given. And Hawk's had a thing for you since the ninth grade. You know he's going to ask.

Belle: I'm not going with some random guy to the senior prom who doesn't mean anything to me. I would rather stay at home and watch movies -- pig out, you know?

Mimi: We sure did screw this up, huh? I mean, this is it -- the last dance we'll ever have at Salem High. I always thought we'd be going together. If only I didn't get mixed up with Jan! Can you believe the luck? The first year I actually have a real boyfriend, and I can't even go. Well, not officially, anyway. It's all because of Jan Spears. Oh, my gosh. Here I am feeling sorry for myself because of what Jan did to me, when what she did to you is 10 times worse -- a hundred! I'm sorry.

Belle: Don't you mean what Jan and Shawn did to me? It takes two to do what they did, Mimi. Now, let's say goodbye to the dress and go somewhere that makes me feel a little less sad.

Mimi: Okay, but... in a just world, you would be going to that dance with Shawn.

Cynthia: It was a great movie, huh?

Philip: [Scoffs] Yeah, if you like road trip chick flicks.

Cynthia: Okay, so maybe it wasn't so much the movie. Maybe it was more the company.

Cynthia: What's wrong? You didn't hate the movie that much, did you? At least the soundtrack was cool, right?

Philip: Yeah, yeah. It was cool.

Cynthia: You know, those songs would be great to dance to at the Last Blast, don't you think?

[Telephone rings]

Chloe: Hello.

Brady: Hey, how you doing?

Chloe: Lots better, Brady. Thanks.

Brady: It was the ice cream, wasn't it?

Chloe: Well, yeah. I've heard that chocolate has medicinal powers.

Brady: Ha ha ha ha. Any word from Nancy and Craig?

Chloe: No. I've left them tons of messages on both their cell phones, but do they call me back? No! Oh, my gosh, they're here. I'll call you later.

Craig: Hey, sweetie.

Nancy: Hi.

Chloe: Hi. So, how was that beautiful little country inn you were telling me about? What, no leftovers?

Craig: Uh, Chloe --

Chloe: Oh, let me guess -- they canceled your reservation, so you decided, "what the hell, let's hop on a plane and fly to New York."

Nancy: Sweetheart, please --

Chloe: Just tell me that you didn't find her. Please tell me that you didn't talk to Cecelia Marin.

Nancy: Well, actually, we did.

Chloe: No! How could you do this to me? Didn't you get my messages?

Craig: Chloe, let us explain.

Chloe: Oh, my God, I didn't even have a chance to audition for that master program, and now look! You've ruined it for me, just like you've ruined the rest of my life!

Craig: Young lady, hold it right there! You come back here. You listen to what your mother has to tell you.

Caroline: You sneaked in. Hope, I'm so glad you're back.

Hope: Hi. I was only gone for a few days.

Caroline: Well, I'm just so eager to hear about the trip. How did it go?

Hope: Uh, I'd rather wait till Bo and I can tell you together, if that's okay.

Caroline: Oh, sure.

Hope: But will you fill me in? Tell me about the news. What's happening around here?

Caroline: Well, there was some exciting news for the Brady's last night.

Hope: What? Tell me.

Caroline: Kimberly called.

Hope: And what did she say?

Caroline: She said she can make it, and she wouldn't miss her nephew's christening for the world.

Hope: That is terrific!

Caroline: Yeah.

Hope: Bo is going to be so thrilled.

Caroline: And Melissa --

Hope: Melissa?

Caroline: Yes, she's flying in from Nashville tomorrow.

Hope: Oh, it is going to be so good to see her, to see both of them. Caroline, thank you so much for pulling this together. I really appreciate it.

Caroline: Listen, Kim and Melissa are crazy to see Zach. Zach Brady. Sounds pretty strong and reliable. Yeah, like all our Brady men.

Hope: Yeah. I just can't wait until he's an official Brady.

Caroline: Yeah. Oh, excuse me, what can I get for you? You want a burger, chowder?

Hope: Iced tea.

Caroline: I assumed you'd come for lunch. Is Bo going to join you?

Hope: No, no, actually, I'm -- I'm meeting someone here in a few minutes.

Caroline: Really?

Hope: Yeah.

Caroline: Sounds serious.

Hope: It is. Very.

Cynthia: So, what do you say we swing by .Com on the way back to my place and pick up that soundtrack?

Philip: Your place. Now.

Cynthia: Well, yeah. If we're going to win that dance competition at the Last Blast, we're going to have to practice, and I'd be more than willing to give you a private lesson.

Philip: I sort of have something to do, and I don't think I can get out of it. But, hey, if you really want the CD, here. Here, hold that. My treat. You can listen to it with a friend, like, uh, I don't know -- Jan?

Cynthia: Where did that come from? Since when do you care about Jan?

Philip: She just seems to have it rough lately, you know? Losing the baby and everything.

Cynthia: Come on, don't tell me that you actually feel sorry for Jan. I mean, nobody has to get pregnant if they don't want to. In fact, you'd have to be pretty stupid not to use protection, right?

Philip: Why are you, uh, trashing her? I always thought you guys were friends.

Cynthia: Well, that all depends on your definition of the word "friends."

Philip: Well, uh, a friend is someone that you can hang out with, someone that you tell your deepest secrets to. I mean, that is you and Jan, right? You guys do talk, don't you?

Cynthia: You're acting really weird.

Philip: I'm sorry. I was just thinking about, uh, this article that I read last week, about men and women and the different ways we communicate. It said that men tend to usually keep their feelings inside and women don�t. It's really interesting stuff.

Cynthia: Well, I can communicate any way you want me to, as long as it's one on one. So, how about it? When are we going to get together again -- just the two of us?

Belle: Please, can we talk about something other than Shawn Brady for, like, two seconds?

Mimi: Okay, fine. We'll talk about the Last Blast. So, if you could go with anyone, if you had your pick of the entire school, who would it be?

Belle: Miriam Lockhart...

Mimi: It'd be Shawn, wouldn't it? I can see you guys walking through those gym doors right now, hand in hand, lost in each other's eyes... he's dying to ask you, Belle. I know he is. My radar's picking up on all the signals, and the Mimi radar is always on target.

Belle: Are you trying to make me feel worse?

Mimi: Well, no.

Belle: Then drop it, okay? It's not like I'm going to be the only no-show at the dance. Chloe won't be going, either.

Mimi: Chloe's not going?

Belle: I doubt it, not after that videotape of Philip and Cynthia.

Mimi: Still, you don't think she'll go with Brady?

Belle: No way. Brady is way too cool for a high school dance.

Mimi: He went last year.

Belle: As a chaperone, not with a 17-year-old.

Mimi: You don't think he'd take Chloe? I mean, that would really suck for her to miss the Last Blast, especially after what happened last year. I mean, who knows? Maybe the third time is a charm.

Belle: What's with the 180?

Mimi: I mean it, Belle. Brady and Chloe -- hey, stranger things have happened. You've noticed all the time they've spending together. Haven't you ever thought --

Belle: A gazillion times, but every time I ask Brady about it -- deny, deny, deny.

Mimi: Aha! Denial is almost always a smokescreen. That's what my Mom says, anyway. And where there's smoke, there's fire.

Brady: Hi.

Woman: Hi. For a young lady?

Brady: No, it's for a friend, actually.

Woman: She'll love that.

Brady: You know what? On second thought, this is a little bit too corny for my taste. This is it. This is her exactly.

Chloe: What more is there to say? You've embarrassed me, you lied to me, and now you've totally destroyed my reputation!

Craig: Sounds like someone's about to burst into the mad scene from "Lucia di Lammermoor."

Chloe: Don't you dare make fun of me!

Craig: Sweetheart, I'm not making fun of you, but you don't even have a reputation to ruin yet. But your mother and I have worked very hard to help you get one. Go on, Nance. Tell her.

Chloe: Tell me what?

Nancy: That Cecelia Marin has agreed to hold the last spot in her master class until she hears you sing.

Chloe: Did you just say --

Nancy: That's it. Yes, I did. She is going to be in New York beginning of July for some benefit at Carnegie Hall, and she has agreed to hear your audition then!

Chloe: Oh, my -- N-Nancy, how did you manage that?

Caroline: May I help you?

Mrs. Spears: Yes, I'm looking for someone -- Hope Brady?

Caroline: Oh, yes, yes. Uh, she's right over there. You're welcome.

Hope: Oh, mm, Mrs. Spears, please sit down.

Mrs. Spears: I've --

Hope: Thank you so much for meeting me.

Mrs. Spears: I've never been to this restaurant before.

Hope: It's been here for a while. My in-laws own it.

Mrs. Spears: Do they? So, I haven't heard from my daughter for a while. How is she?

Hope: Actually, that's why I needed to speak with you. Your daughter had a miscarriage.

Mrs. Spears: Oh, I see. Well, I've been in Europe for a few weeks, so I suppose I've been a bit out of the loop.

Hope: I'm so sorry that you had to find out this way. She's all right. She was up and about very quickly.

Mrs. Spears: Well, I'm sure she's relieved. Aren't we all?

Shawn-D: It's Belle -- the way I have treated her. She's the person I care about the most in this entire world outside of my family, and I have hurt her so badly... I was mad about J.T., about a lot of things -- not that that is any excuse.

Alice: Just tell me what happened, dear.

Shawn-D: Well, it all started the day Belle came over to talk to me. Jan was still pregnant. See, I hadn't told her that Jan was living with us. You know, I planned to. I just kept putting it off. Anyways, that day when Belle came by, Jan answered the door. Obviously, she was upset. And maybe Belle and Jan did have an argument, but Jan's, you know, when she lost the baby, it wasn't anybody's fault. It was an accident, but I blamed Belle. It was like I was blaming her for everything that had gone wrong in my life up to that point, and I have no idea -- I mean, why would I hurt her like that?

Alice: Shawn, dear, instead of beating up on yourself, why don't you just go to her and tell her how you feel?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Yeah, I... that's what I have to do. I miss her so much. I just want to make things right.

Jan: [Thinking] No way, Shawn. No way I'll ever let that happen.

Mimi: Let's say Brady did start dating one of your friends. Would you be cool with that?

Belle: Yeah, if she made him happy -- of course.

Mimi: Well, I think Brady needs a girl who's feisty, someone with a sharp tongue, just like his, you know, someone to keep him grounded so he doesn't get too cocky.

Belle: Yeah, someone with a brain, not just a pretty face and a great body.

Mimi: Well, I guess that means Cynthia's out of the running.

Belle: Can you even imagine my brother and Cynthia?

Belle and Mimi: Eww!

Belle: Ha ha!

Mimi: But still, I can't believe our boy Philip went for her. I mean...ugh.

Belle: He didn't actually go for her. He just went out on a date with her and totally regretted it afterwards. Although, I did see him hanging out with her earlier. I'm hoping he was just telling her off. Or maybe not.

Mimi: Huh?

Belle: He's still with her. Look!

Mimi: Oh, yeah.

Belle: What is his problem?

Philip: I, uh, kind of have to bail, Cynthia.

Cynthia: Come on, just -- just 10 more minutes.

Philip: I'm sorry. I can�t.

Cynthia: All right, how about this? I'm going to go and buy that CD and burn you a copy. That way, we'll both have a reminder of our second date. And maybe -- maybe a promise of things to come?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, that would be great.

Cynthia: Okay. I'll see you.

Belle: So what's going on, Phil -- you and Cynthia are back together now?

Philip: No, no, we were --

Belle: Well, she kissed you. What's up with that?

Mimi: Whoo! I sure am feeling dehydrated. If I don't get my 64 ounces a day, my skin looks like leather. Come on, Phil, you're going to buy me some H2O, okay?

Brady: Hey, Tink. What's up?

Belle: That's what I'd like to know.

Chloe: I still can't believe this. I mean, we are talking about the same Cecelia Marin, right?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Everyone's terrified of her.

Nancy: Well, not us.

Chloe: But she never hands out second chances.

Craig: Well, not to everyone, but... your mother and I persuaded her that you deserved one.

Chloe: How? What on earth did you do to change her mind?

Nancy: Well, let's just say that Craig has the, um, magic touch. Cecelia Marin was puddy in his hands.

Craig: There we were, in the hotel lobby... we overheard that the hotel needed a masseur.

[Chloe singing on tape]

Craig: It's a magnificent voice, wouldn't you say?

Cecelia: Lovely, but appallingly naive.

Nancy: Naive? Are you saying that she doesn't know what she's doing?

Cecelia: She hasn't a clue! That much is obvious! Not to mention that the connection is lost between the diaphragm and the heart.

Nancy: Oh, yeah? Well, connect this! That happens to be my daughter, and she sings like an angel!

Craig: Nancy, Nancy, just relax now.

Cecelia: Good heavens!

Nancy: Her name is Chloe Lane!


Chloe: You guys are so bad!

Craig: Yeah, well, we had no choice.

Chloe: What did Ms. Marin say when she found out the tape was of me, your daughter?

Craig: Well, she blew her lid.

Nancy: Let's just say you have never heard such sturm and drang in your life!

Craig: The woman screamed so loud she literally lost her voice.

Chloe: She what?

Nancy: Yes, and once again, it was Craig to the rescue.

Craig: The crazy things we do for our kids, huh?

Cecelia: So you really are a doctor?

Nancy: Oh, yes, Craig is more than a doctor, though. He is the chief of staff of University Hospital in Salem.

Craig: Yes, well, uh, this warm compress will help relax the muscles. I want you to gargle with -- with a lot of saltwater and drink plenty of hot tea with lots of honey, and your throat should be better in no time.

Cecelia: Oh, thanks. 

Craig: You're welcome.

Cecelia: I'm terribly grateful. You obviously love your daughter very much to have gone through all this trouble.

Nancy: Please, Madam Marin, if you could just reschedule her audition for your master class, it would be wonderful. We wanted her to know that you would be available any time she could see you.

Chloe: So she's giving me another audition out of gratitude?

Nancy: Gratitude? The minute the witch got her voice back, she tried to have us thrown out. [Giggles]

Brady: So, what are you so curious about? What's Mimi up to?

Belle: It's not Mimi. It's Philip. And it's not worth talking about. What did you buy?

Brady: Uh, nothing.

Belle: It's my graduation present, isn't it?

Brady: You wish.

Belle: Well, then, if it's not for me, why can't I take a peek?

Brady: [Scoffs]

Belle: Oh. I get it. It's for a girl.

Brady: Sorry to disappoint you, Belle, but this happens to be guy stuff -- you know, like after-shave, a couple of geeky ties Dad makes me wear to work what makes you think I'd be shopping for a girl, anyway?

Belle: Well, it is possible, isn't it? I mean, we do make up over half the population.

Brady: Which is true. But since I'm not going out with anybody, the only girl I'd be shopping for would be you.

Belle: And why aren't you, Brady?

Brady: Why aren't I what?

Belle: Going out with anyone.

Brady: All right, slow your roll. What are you trying to do, set me up with someone?

Mimi: That lipstick color is so last season.

Philip: I can't believe I just spent two freakin' hours in the movie theater, fighting Cynthia off in the dark!

Mimi: Poor you.

Philip: Meems, I don't know if I can keep this up.

Mimi: Oh, no, you don�t. We shook on it, Phil. You can't turn back now.

Philip: There's got to be another way.

Mimi: Look, here's your problem. When you take Cynthia somewhere like the movies, you guys can't really talk. Translation -- you're not making any progress. My suggestion -- go somewhere where you can sit down, have coffee, dinner, whatever -- just the two of you.

Philip: You make it sound so easy. Have you ever had a conversation with the girl? All she talks about is herself. I've tried to bring up Jan lots of times, but we always seem to end up back on the subject of Cynthia.

Mimi: You're doing fine, Phil. Just hang in there, okay? The fight for truth, justice, and true love. We have to get Belle and Shawn back together. We just have to.

Hope: I know Jan and Shawn were too young to bring a baby into this world. But still, this miscarriage was very difficult for both of them.

Mrs. Spears: Well, excuse me if I don't feel sorry for them. If either one of them had behaved responsibly, there never would've been a pregnancy in the first place.

Hope: People make mistakes.

Mrs. Spears: Now I understand why your son does. It's because his parents are oh-so-forgiving. "Gee, honey, you knocked up a teenage girl. Hey, it was a mistake. We all make mistakes."

Hope: Mrs. Spears, children need love and guidance unconditionally. And when I look at Jan, it's so obvious she never had that.

Mrs. Spears: Oh. And you have so much insight into my daughter and my husband and me. Tell me, Mrs. Brady, do you always pass judgment on people that you don't know?

Hope: Mrs. Spears, this is not about you or me. It's Jan that I'm concerned about. She's lost... troubled. And if one of her parents does not come through for her now... she needs you. She needs you very badly.

Jan: Oh, hey, Shawn. Um, I thought I heard voices. Were you talking to someone?

Shawn-D: Yeah -- Gran. You just missed her.

Jan: Oh... I wish I would've known. She's such a neat lady.

Shawn-D: She brought by some cookies, so help yourself.

Jan: Excellent. If they're anything like her pancakes... you'd think she'd ever share her secret recipe?

Shawn-D: You want to sit down for a minute? There's something I want to ask you.

Jan: Um, sure. Anything.

Shawn-D: Now, I know this is hard to talk about, but I need to know about the day you had the miscarriage. Tell me again exactly what happened.

Jan: I've been trying really hard to block that memory out of my mind, Shawn. Please don't make me think about it again.

Shawn-D: I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. See, I've been thinking about it, and I believe that we were wrong to blame Belle. I've known her my whole life, and she wouldn't lie. I know she wouldn't, so if she's telling me that she didn't mean to hurt you, then I believe her. Now, I don't think that she is going to forgive me, but I gave her a really hard time, and I have to at least try to make things right.

Jan: No. Shawn, you can�t.

Shawn-D: What are you talking about? Why not?

Jan: There's something I didn't tell you. I was just trying to protect you, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Tell me what?

Jan: There is more to this story. There's a lot you don't know.

Chloe: Thrown out of a hotel room by Cecelia Marin? Great! The odds are sure to be in my favor now.

Craig: Sweetie, you weren't listening. She tried to throw us out. She was going to call hotel security, but, well, that didn't happen.

Nancy: No, Craig!

Craig: Nancy!

Cecelia: Hello, security?

Craig: Ooh! Ow!

Nancy: Nice try, CeCe. I ought to take this cord and wrap it around your --

Craig: Okay, okay! Put it down, Nancy! Drop it, drop it! Nancy, drop it! Just --

Nancy: But, Craig --

Craig: Nancy! Please, Madame, excuse us, and accept our apologies. It's evident that my wife didn't take her medication this morning.

Nancy: My what?

Craig: Nancy, sweetheart, look, I want you to go downstairs, and I want you to get a drink in that nice little cafe in the lobby, okay? And I'll take care of everything else, okay?

Nancy: Craig, I am not leaving you with that woman!

Craig: Nancy! I will handle it from here on out. Now I want you to go downstairs, and I'll talk to you later. Bye, sweetheart. Take your pill.

Cecelia: That woman is pushy and rude. Look at me. I am a mess, all because of you and that awful, classless --

Craig: Now, now, now, now. Madame Marin, we wouldn't want to strain those internationally acclaimed vocal cords again, now, would we? Come. Sit down. Let me massage your neck so you can relax. Please. There you go. Take a breath. [Breathes deeply] How's that? Yeah. Tell me, Madame -- certainly you must remember what it was like to be a young girl with a dream, to want something so bad, to have such a need, such a passion, such a profound desire, hmm?

Cecelia: Oh, yes. I remember. I remember.

Craig: And then she... leaned in to kiss me.

Chloe: She didn't. You didn't!

Nancy: You didn't tell me this. Craig, how could you?

Craig: Nancy, I thought it was you who said do anything we can to make sure she gets an audition.

Nancy: I did not tell you to go that far.

Craig: Sweetheart, you have no idea how far it went.

Shawn-D: More to the story. Okay, tell me what you mean.

Jan: No, I -- I shouldn't have said anything. Just -- just forget it, okay?

Shawn-D: No, it's okay. You can tell me.

Jan: It's only going to make things worse, Shawn, and you've been so good to me. I don't want to see you get hurt.

Shawn-D: Please, just tell me.

Jan: That day, right before I fell, Belle -- she said something, something really horrible, and...

Shawn-D: What? What? What did she say?

Jan: She said that she hated me and my baby, and she wished we were both dead.

Shawn-D: No. No. You misunderstood, because Belle would never say something like that.

Jan: Why not, if that's how she felt? She seriously wanted me dead, Shawn, but instead she ended up killing our baby.

Shawn-D: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, hold on. Hold on. First of all, it wasn't our baby, and second-- no, no. Second--

Jan: Belle thought it was our baby, Shawn. That's why she did what she did.

Shawn-D: I have to go.

Nancy: That's it, Craig. You are on the sofa tonight.

Craig: Wait, wait, wait. Sweetheart, don't you want to hear the rest of the story?

Nancy: Not particularly.

Craig: Oh, come on, not even the part where I prove my love for my wife and my family?

Nancy: This had better be real good.

Craig: Oh, honey, it's good. Trust me, it's really good. Excusez-moi, Madame Marin. [Southern accent] Or should I say CeCe Mae Plunkett?

Cecelia: Oh!

Craig: Uh-huh. I did a little digging in your past. Imagine how surprised I was to find out that you didn't grow up in Europe, and that you didn't attend all those prestigious private schools, but that you grew up on a farm in Arkansas. Tell me, CeCe Mae, do you remember your first brush with fame, hmm?

Cecelia: Uh, uh, um...

Craig: My sources tell me that it was a county fair where you took home the blue ribbon for a hog-calling contest! Oh, to be in the presence of such royalty!

Cecelia: What is this all about? What do you want?

Craig: You know what I want. You better give our daughter a chance to audition for your master class, or so help me, I will scream like a pig about your muddy past.

Cecelia: You wouldn't dare.

Craig: Wouldn't I? [Squeals] [Squeals] [Squeals] Come on, CeCe Mae, I know it's in there [Squealing] Come on, CeCe Mae, let me hear it. [Squealing]

Cecelia: You asked for it.

Craig: [Squealing]

Cecelia: Here, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig! Pig, pig, pig, pig, pig! Suey, suey, suey, suey! [Sustains high note] [Sighs]

Craig and Nancy: [Laughing]

Craig: Suey, suey, suey! Suey, suey, suey, suey! [Laughing] Suey! Join in, please. Suey!

Belle: I'm just saying, when you do find that special someone, she'll have to pass the test.

Brady: The test? What exactly are you looking for?

Belle: Well, she has to be smart and witty, just like you. Someone who will keep you on your toes so you don't get bored.

Brady: I like it. Keep going. What about looks?

Belle: That's easy. Definitely in the bulldog category. That way she'll always be loyal.

Brady: You think you're funny, don't you? You see what I'm gonna do?

Belle: Brady, no.

Brady: It's noogie time. I'm going to take this finger, and I'm gonna --

Belle: Brady, I was kidding! Okay, she's got to be drop-dead gorgeous, with legs up to here.

Brady: All right, I can live with that.

Belle: Okay. But I was serious about the loyalty part. I would never let you fall for someone that would break your heart.

Brady: I love you, Belle.

Belle: And don't you dare feel sorry for me. My heart's just fine. Better all the time.

Mimi: I can't stand to see the way Jan's wormed her way into the Brady house. I'll bet you anything she's making herself feel right at home, putting her feet up on the coffee table, eating straight from the cereal box. Yuck!

Philip: Yeah, talk about a house guest from hell.

Mimi: Yeah, as if they don't have enough going on right now. She's got the whole family fussing over her. I mean, Shawn's dad was the one who rushed Jan to the hospital when she had the miscarriage.

Philip: Did you ever get a chance to talk to him about what happened that day?

Mimi: You keep working on Cynthia. I've got a little detective work of my own to do.

Philip: [Sighs] I'm only doing this because you asked me to, Chloe. I hope you know that.

Brady: Well, I'll tell you, Belle, the next guy who even looks at you is going to have to pass through Brady Black Boot Camp.

Belle: What are you going to make him do, push-ups?

Brady: No. I'm going to rip his still-beating heart out of his chest. Very gently, in a nice way, of course.

Belle: And once you do that?

Brady: I'm going to put his heart underneath a microscope and examine it -- you know, for infidelity, dishonesty. And if that checks out, the only thing left to do is try and genetically test the heart for the liar chromosome. And if he proves that he's strong and trustworthy, then maybe, just maybe, you can have a trial date with him.

Belle: Under the watchful eye of Sergeant Black.

Brady: What are big brothers for?

Belle: Yeah. Wow, I guess we have pretty high standards for each other, huh?

Brady: Yeah. Belle, it looks like we're going to be spending the golden years of our lives together.

Chloe: How am I supposed to be able to audition for Cecelia Marin with a straight face? One look at her, and all I'll be able to think of is "suey"!

Craig: Suey!

Nancy: Well, um, at least you won't feel intimidated.

Craig: Yeah, really. In fact --

Chloe: I still can't believe that I have a second chance. Thank you both.

Nancy: Anything for our little girl.

Craig: Yeah. Now, listen, you. July is going to be here before you know it, so you better take care of yourself. How's your throat doing?

Chloe: Much better. The scratchiness is practically gone.

Craig: Good, good. Can I -- can I check it real quick? Let me just see. Come here. Open up. Look up. Huh. Gee, that's funny. I thought it would be cleared up by now.

Chloe: What are you thinking, Craig? Tell me. Why do you look so worried?

Mrs. Spears: Ahh. I love it. A woman who doesn't even know who the father of her own baby is, is telling me my daughter is troubled, giving me advice on raising my child.

Hope: I was just trying to help.

Mrs. Spears: Who the hell asked for your help? And who do you think you are?

Hope: Mrs. Spears, if you would just listen to me --

Mrs. Spears: I never should have agreed to this little meeting in the first place.

Hope: Wait. Hold on one second. Before you walk through that door, just one question. Why did you turn your back on your daughter? Why do you resent her so much? Is it because the same thing happened to you when you were her age?

Mrs. Spears: My relationship with my daughter is none of your damn business.

Hope: Your daughter is living under my roof right now, which makes it my business. Come on. Wasn't there ever a time you felt helpless or scared? Jan needs guidance and love and support, but what she needs most of all right now is a mother, and I can't give that to her. For one thing, I am not her mother. I hardly even know her. And for another, I just got my son back, and my husband and I need some time alone with both of our sons.

Mrs. Spears: Oh. Well, you're kicking Jan out. Is that the whole point of this conversation?

Hope: Yes. Actually, it is. Jan can't stay with us very much longer. She's got to find another place to stay.

Mrs. Spears: Well, she can go straight to hell for all I care, and so can you.

Craig: You're over-reacting, Chloe. I said I was surprised that it hasn't cleared up yet. I'm not worried. Are you still feeling tired a lot?

Chloe: No, not a lot. I don't feel like I could run a marathon or anything, but I feel like I'm getting better, little by little.

Craig: Okay.

Nancy: Well, um, then let's be optimistic. You are going to be fine.

Craig: Absolutely. You better be fine, because I plan on hearing you sing at the met one day, young lady. Beautiful.

Chloe: Thank you. I still can't believe what you guys did for me.

Craig: We did it because we love you, sweetheart, because you're our daughter. Ahh.

Craig: Ahh.

Brady: Thank you.

Belle's voice: She has to be smart and witty, just like you. Someone who keeps you on your toes so you don't get bored.

Brady: Is she smart and witty? What do you think?

Man: Is that kid on something?

Woman: It's just love, honey. The boy's in love.

Shawn-D: Belle. Belle, wait. Look, I've been looking all over for you. We need to talk.

Belle: Actually, Shawn, I'm on my way home.

Shawn-D: No, please, we have to get something straight. I need to know the truth.

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