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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/23/02

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Chloe: Brady! Oh, thank you for getting here so quickly.

Brady: Oh! You sounded really upset on the phone. What's going on?

Chloe: Why is Nancy doing this to me, Brady? I mean, has she completely lost her mind? Not that she ever had it to begin with. Ohh! She's the worst, most annoying buttinsky! As if things weren't bad enough, she's got to go and make 'em worse!

Brady: You have to calm down right now. All this excitement is certainly not going to help your throat.

Chloe: What difference does it make? Even if I do get my voice back in good enough condition to be able to audition for that master class one day, Nancy's fixing it so that it will never happen. Brady, she's ruining everything!

Nancy: Craig, are you sure that this --

Craig: Shh! Nancy, please, keep your voice down.

Nancy: [Whispering] Craig, are you sure that this is Cecelia Marin's suite?

Craig: Of course I'm sure. Why would the hotel give us the wrong room number?

Nancy: Okay, then. Well, we've got to pull this off. Craig, she has just got to hold a spot for Chloe in her master class.

Craig: She will.

Nancy: She's got to give her a chance to audition --

Craig: Nancy, Nancy, positive and upbeat, okay? Relax. I'm sure Ms. Marin is a reasonable person. [Glass shatters]

Cecelia: No! No, no, no! This is completely unacceptable!

Craig: Or not.

Jennifer: "Former Salem Police Officer and esteemed physician at University Hospital Alexandra Carver pleads guilty."

Jack: What a story. But there's an even better story out there -- how this baby switch got pulled off in the first place.

Jennifer: Yes, but you are not on that story, and you have another assignment and a deadline, Jack Deveraux.

Jack: Yes, I know -- interviewing Salem Place shopkeepers about their policies on shoplifting and how the losses are passed on in markups to the buying public. Yes. Riveting stuff. Gripping. I'm sure that NBC "Dateline" will be doing a whole hour on it tonight, but --

Jennifer: Yes, well, get on it -- now.

Jack: Actually, I was planning on having a little lunch. Care to stay here and join me?

Jennifer: No. I, uh, I have a lunch appointment.

Jack: Business or pleasure?

Jennifer: Goodbye, Jack. Work very hard.

Jack: Aye, aye, Cap'n.

Jack: The real story is what's going on with you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey there.

Brandon: Hey.

Jennifer: Hi. I am so sorry that I'm late.

Brandon: Oh, no problem. I picked up some takeout, thought we could have a picnic.

Jennifer: Look at this! This is great! I cannot believe that you went to all this trouble for me.

Brandon: Hey, for you, we pull out all the stops. Anything to see that killer smile.

John: Honey, I'm here. I got word that you needed me. Some kind of a problem?

John: Doc?

Marlena: I'm glad you got my message.

Marlena: Actually... I'm the one with the problem... and you're the only man that knows how to fix it.

Jennifer: Oh, boy. Mmm! This smells so good.

Brandon: Takeout from Lady Vi's.

Jennifer: I never heard of that restaurant.

Brandon: It's on the other side of town. Best barbecue and slaw this side of Chicago. Messy, but definitely worth it.

Jack: Well! If it isn't Dr. Colin Murphy.

Colin: What the hell are you doing?

Jack: I'd just like to ask you a few questions, first and foremost being, why are you spying on my wife and that womanizing, no-neck muscle head?

Jennifer: Mmm. This is so good, and so messy. Mmm!

Brandon: Mm, you're gonna --

Jennifer: You came so prepared with all these napkins.

Brandon: Mm-hmm, . There.

Jennifer: So, is Lady Vi's near your loft??

Brandon: Yeah, it's not too far. It's one of the things I like about living in my neighborhood. It's not uptown, it's not downtown. We got a little bit of everything.

Jennifer: Well, I have a feeling that you could live anywhere and fit in. You get along with everybody.

Brandon: Mm. Thanks, but that wasn't always the case. Um, actually, there was a time when I didn't get along with just about anybody.

Jennifer: Yeah, I know you had a really rough childhood.

Brandon: Well, my Father was always in and out of jail and, uh, well, let's just say I learned to take a punch at an early age. My Mom, too.

Jennifer: I'm really sorry.

Brandon: Don't be. We both survived.

Jennifer: You did more than survive. Any other kid that grew up in that kind of atmosphere would get involved in drugs and gangs, and you didn't do that. I mean, here you are, giving children all of this love and understanding that you never even had when you were growing up.

Brandon: Well, my Mom was very good to me. And even though it's a nice thought, my motivation to become a counselor was much more practical than noble. I was just looking for a good steady job.

Jennifer: Well, I think there was more to it than that, and I am very impressed with the wonderfully caring man that you have become.

Brandon: Ahem. So, uh, tell me about your idyllic upbringing.

Jennifer: Actually -- and let me tell you, the Horton's are the most wonderful, loving, caring family -- but I had some serious issues growing up. My, um, my Mom battled depression and mental illness, so of course I took it all upon myself and I thought it made me very unhappy, and I don't think I was very well-adjusted.

Brandon: Hard to picture.

Jennifer: Well, I think I still have my moments of seeing the dark side of the moon. But, you know, I'm just better at hiding it now. I just save all my sadness for when I'm lying alone in bed at night which is so dumb, you know, because here you're going along, you're having this perfectly lovely day, and then you get into bed and you just worry about everything.

Brandon: Mm, I know how that works.

Jennifer: You know, I think that one of the reasons I'm so attracted to you is because you understand people. And I think that all of your training has made you very tolerant, and I feel like if I were to tell you about my Mom that you wouldn't judge her, that you would somehow see why she's like that.

Brandon: I don't know if I would, but I'd certainly be happy to talk to you about her any time... or anything else, for that matter.

Jennifer: That's good to know.

Jack: Are you going to answer my question and tell my why you're staring at my wife?

Colin: Ex-wife.

Jack: Could it be because you don't approve of her dating Brandon Walker?

Colin: Excuse me, I must go to work.

Jack: Wait a minute. It seems that you and I have something in common, after all, don't we, doctor?

Colin: It's not all we have in common, Jack.

John: So... are you going to tell me what this problem is?

Marlena: I am. I realized I didn't have any patients scheduled for this afternoon.

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Brady's moved into the loft, Belle and Caprice are...somewhere... and I was alone in this big, empty apartment. And you're so resourceful, I thought maybe you would have an idea or two.

John: Hmm. Well, give me a second. Maybe I can... come up with something. Oh, that was bad.

John: Oh, it has been a long time since we have been able to be together like this, with relatively no worries.

Marlena: It's wonderful, isn't it?

John: You know, sweetheart, as painful and confusing as this last stretch has been for us, I just want you to know that never once did I ever doubt my feelings for you. In fact, I am positive I have never loved you more.

Marlena: I love you, too.

John: And when I wanted to renew those vows in Las Vegas, it wasn't just to put the past behind us and move on, it was -- it was to celebrate our love and to keep the greatest thing in my life going...forever.

Brady: All right, Chloe, run this by me one more time. Are you saying that Nancy doesn't want you to audition for the master class at Julliard?

Chloe: No, she wants me to -- very much. That's the problem.

Brady: Okay, you've lost me.

Chloe: I got a phone call from a limo service in New York about an airport pickup. When I hung up the phone, I saw on the note pad next to the phone Cecelia Marin's phone number in New York.

Brady: Okay, so that means that Nancy a Craig went to New York to try to talk to the diva Cecelia Marin to reschedule your audition for when you're feeling better.

Chloe: Yes!

Brady: So I don't understand what the problem with that is. I mean, they're doing it because they love you and they care about you and they want your dream as an opera singer to come true.

Chloe: The problem is, it's Nancy. Okay, I know that if she screws up she won't be doing it on purpose, but there's just, like, this pattern with her and me. She's done such a brilliant job of messing up the rest of my life. How is this going to be any different?

Brady: Okay, I think you may be over-reacting just a little bit. It's not going to be as bad as you might think.

Chloe: You're right, Brady. Whatever I'm imagining, what Nancy's doing is 10 times worse!

Brady: All right, I know you're upset, Chloe, but try to look at the bright side. Think -- think positive.

Chloe: Easy for you to say. Ever heard of Murphy's Law?

Brady: Yes, I have, but I've also heard of happy endings, and I think this story's going to have one.

Chloe: Why? Nothing else in my life has ever turned out the way I wanted it to, so like I said before, how is this going to change? How is this going to be different?

Brady: Chloe, this isn't the only master class that Julliard has to offer. Now, I know you're bummed about missing this audition, but there are going to be others, so your dream as an opera singer isn't over. It's just postponed.

Chloe: I can't stand this! I can't stand not knowing what's going on.

Brady: Fine, then. You know what? Call.

Cecelia: I am not happy! Do you hear me? Do you understand that?

Man: Madame Marin, please understand, I'm doing everything I can.

Cecelia: It's not enough!

Man: The hotel masseur had an accident. The poor man was hit by a taxi and, unfortunately, broke his hand. I have calls out to find a replacement for you, but --

Cecelia: Oh, but nothing! I have stayed at this hotel for 20 years, and if you do not have a masseur up here in 20 minutes, I am moving out and never staying here again!

Craig: What? Oh, no. I know that look, Nancy Wesley. I know that look.

Nancy: Come on, Craig. This has just got to work.

Craig: Wait a minute, Nancy.

Nancy: Come on!

Chloe: I've tried. I've called both Nancy and Craig, but neither one of them will answer their cell phones. I left them messages on their voicemail, but I'm sure that they're just going to ignore them.

Brady: Now why would they do that? Craig and Nancy are responsible parents. I'm sure they'll let you know where they are at some point.

Chloe: Yeah, after the damage has already been done!

Brady: All right. How about we get out of here, try to take your mind off this?

Chloe: There's no way that I'm going to stop worrying about what's going on in New York.

Brady: Oh, yes, you will. You know how I love a challenge. Now grab your purse, and let's get out of here.

Man: I'm going to have to call you the Lone Rangers, the way you came to the rescue.

Craig: Yeah, well, you know, it was one of those things. We were in the right place at the right time, heard that the hotel needed a masseur.

Man: Well, this guest is a bit temperamental, to say the least. Has to have her massage therapy every day right on time.

Nancy: [Swedish accent] Well, don't you worry. We'll take real good care of her. We'll see that your stock goes up.

Man: Oh, you already have. And I'll make sure you get plenty of business from now on.

Craig: Thanks.

Man: Mm-hmm. Well, the equipment's already in the room. Just ring the desk if you need anything.

Craig: Will do.

Nancy: Why do you look so grumpy all of a sudden?

Craig: Oh, I don't know, maybe because I think this whole thing is going to be a huge disaster!

Nan: Craig, don't be such a gloomy Gus. This will be a piece of cake. Besides, I know from firsthand experience what magic fingers you have.

Craig: Yeah, that's because I happen to love the person to whom I'm applying the magic fingers!

Nancy: Well, then just close your eyes and pretend it's me instead of that snooty Cecelia Marin.

Craig: I don't want to do --

[Nancy knocks on door]

Craig: Hello.

Cecelia: It's about time. What did you do, climb the stairs?

Craig: No, no, 20 floors. We took the elevator.

Cecelia: Who are you?

Nancy: I'm his assistant.

Cecelia: His? Who his? Doesn't he have a name?

Craig: Yes, I'm Craig. I'm Craig, and this is, um...

Nancy: I'm Nancy.

Craig: Nancy.

Cecelia: Fine. Let's get to it.

Craig: Ooh! Um, I love your work. I'm a big fan. I have all your CD's, and it's going to be my pleasure to give you a massage.

Cecelia: Never mind your pleasure. Concentrate on mine.

Craig: Right.

Cecelia: Well? Don't just stand there. I'm paying for this by the hour! I'll change into a robe. Meanwhile, you, uh, uh, assistant person, set up the music and warm the oils.

Nancy: I hate that woman like poison.

Craig: What are you doing?

Nancy: I am warming up the oils.

Craig: I'm going to remind you of one thing. This is for our daughter Chloe.

Jennifer: Mmm.

Brandon: Here, have some more.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh, no. No, I just put so much of this away. Are you kidding? I'm stuffed.

Brandon: You have a good appetite. I like that.

Jennifer: You like that?

Brandon: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: I'm glad you do, 'cause I can't even breathe. Ahh. That's better. Whew!

Brandon: You are so funny.

Jennifer: Why, because I eat so much?

Brandon: No, because you have a good sense of humor. Just this...charming, funny way about you.

Jennifer: Thank you. That makes me feel really good.

Brandon: You know, that's the thing that attracts me most to someone. Sense of humor -- what's more important, right?

Jennifer: You know, I always try to teach that to Abby, and she really is just this funny little girl. I mean, except when it comes to me and Jack. She is very serious about that. But that is understandable, right? I mean, what little girl wouldn't want her parents together? You know, for someone who is so very funny, I brought up a very not-funny topic. I'm sorry.

Brandon: I'll let it go this time.

Jennifer: That's so big of you.

Brandon: Now on to a romantic topic.

Jennifer: And that would be?

Brandon: Well, I want to make sure that we're still on for our weekend getaway.

Jennifer: Yes, definitely we are. And for two reasons -- one, so I can spend some time alone with you, and two, so I can spend some time away from Jack Deveraux.

Jack: What we have in common, according to you, is that we're both trying to get Jennifer away from washboard abs Walker.

Colin: I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.

Jack: I'm just standing here watching you staring at Jennifer. And the other night, you're wandering around after her -- the night that Lexie tried to kidnap Hope's baby.

Colin: The Horton's and the Brady's go back many years. I mean, it's only natural that a family crisis would bring us all closer.

Jack: Especially you and Jennifer. I mean, that's what you would have liked, wouldn't you?

Colin: Jennifer and I became friends because she was lonely. All right, and you had apparently gone off to God-knows-where doing God-knows-what.

Jack: Trying to provide for my family while you took advantage of my absence by putting the moves on my wife!

Colin: I never put the moves on her. I respected her, comforted her. And as I said and you apparently did not register, we were friends, she and I, and we remain just that -- friends. Now why should that bother you, Jack?

Jack: I'll tell you exactly why. Because "A," no man can be friends with a beautiful woman without wanting more than just friendship, and, "B," I don't trust you. And as far as I can tell, neither does Jennifer.

Colin: Well, as far as I can tell, you have no idea what Jennifer feels or wants. And as far as you can see, she's having lunch with Brandon Walker, not me, and certainly not with you. And as far as trust is concerned, I happen to know it's you that Jennifer doesn't trust.

Jack: You know nothing, Colin Murphy. You're an outsider. Do you understand that? Inconsequential. A minor blip, a blot in her life. So, you say that you and Jennifer were friends, that you took care of her, you kept her company, you respected her, whatever the hell else you did. Well, I loved her. You got that? And she loved me -- enough for us to want to commit our lives to each other, to marry, and conceive a child who we both cherish and adore. And I will not stand by here and let you dismiss what she and I had, to diminish or trivialize what was and is the most important thing in my life, and that is my relationship with Jennifer Horton.

Chloe: Mmm. This is so good.

Brady: It makes your throat feel a little bit better, right?

Chloe: Yeah, a little.

Brady: A little?

Chloe: Well, it's definitely still sore, but I do have to admit that I've been so crazed and upset today that I didn't even notice.

Brady: See? Being distracted is a good thing.

Chloe: Yeah, I'll never sing again, but at least I don't have to feel guilty about pigging out on ice cream.

Brady: Whoa, never sing again -- now, why would you say that?

Chloe: Well, I know that I'm not getting into that master class because I missed the audition. So it doesn't even make sense to go to Julliard, which means it's all downhill from here.

Brady: All right, would you just stop?

Chloe: I know, I know. "Don't lose a dream, Chloe. One way or another, you're going to sing. The world will your gift. It will happen."

Brady: All right, you can make fun, but it's going to happen. I know it, because you're incredibly talented. You're smart. You're beautiful. You're going to be a big star one day.

Chloe: Since when did you become my cheerleader, Brady? I mean, I remember distinctly your telling me that I was no good at all, that I sang mechanically, with no emotion, with no heart. Why the sudden change?

Brady: All right, you know what? I still feel that way. I have no faith in you whatsoever. You're never going to get to Carnegie Hall.

Cecelia: Ahh... ahh... oh.. yes... yes...that's the spot. Oh... a little lower now, dear. Oh, oh, oh! Ahh...perfect! Now harder. Oh... lower. Oh, oh, oh! Oh, yes, that's it! , Yes, yes! Oh, oh, oh!

Nancy: No! No!

Cecelia: Wha--

Nancy: Nothing. I was, uh, just, uh, looking at my watch and said, "No, it's not too late. We still have plenty of time."

Cecelia: What is she babbling about?

Craig: Nothing. Uh, Nancy, could you please try to be a little less talkative? There you go.

Cecelia: Oh... you know, Craig, I've been looking for an experienced masseur to add to my touring staff.

Craig: Touring staff?

Cecelia: I need to be worked on twice a day, you see, and if you're interested in coming on tour with me...

Craig: Nancy. Please turn on the music so madam can relax.

[Opera playing]

Craig: How is that for you, madam?

Cecelia: Oh, that's nice. I know that aria, of course, but I don't recognize the singer.

Craig: Well, it's, uh, it's a magnificent voice, wouldn't you say?

Cecelia: Lovely, but appallingly naive.

Nancy: Naive? Are you saying that she doesn't know what she's doing?

Cecelia: Oh, she hasn't a clue! That much is obvious, not to mention that the connection is lost between the diaphragm and the heart.

Nancy: Oh, yeah? Well, connect this! That happens to be my daughter, and she sings like an angel!

Craig: Nancy, Nancy, just relax now.

Cecelia: Good heavens.

Nancy: Her name is Chloe Lane! And I'll have you know we came here to try to get you to reschedule her for your master class, but as far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't have her go to your master class and being taught by some snooty bitch!

Craig: Nancy, stop it!

Cecelia: How dare you insult me?

Nancy: Oh, yeah? Well, you insulted my daughter!

Craig: Hey, hey, ladies! Cut it out!

Cecelia and Nancy: Shut up!

Cecelia: Oh, my God, this was all a setup, wasn't it? You're not a masseur! You're here under false pretenses!

Nancy: You're damn right! And you're lucky that I didn't brain you, lady, laying on that table, moaning like some lovesick seal, hitting on my husband!

Cecelia: Husband?

Nancy: Yeah! And I know what you want twice a day, and it is not a massage. I'm gonna get you --

Cecelia: Help! Help! Police! Someone help me! Get out of here! Get out of here right now, both of you! Police! Help! Help! Hel-- [Voice cracks]

Jennifer: [Giggles] Oh, my gosh, that is positively sinful. Mmm.

Brandon: The 11th Commandment -- thou shalt eat sinful dessert.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha ha. You're pretty funny yourself, Brandon Walker. Mmm, it's so good.

Brandon: Speaking of funny -- or maybe not so funny, actually -- that was something last night when Samantha and Jack showed up together at Tuscany. I think they are definitely sharing an agenda.

Brandon: Making us jealous. Samantha pretty much admitted that when I talked to her.

Jennifer: You know, Brandon, I don't think that she's going to give up on you, especially with Austin out of the picture.

Brandon: I'm not her consolation prize. She made her bed, and she can sleep in it. Alone.

Jennifer: Well, like I said, I don't think that she's going to give up.

Brandon: That's the second time you said that.

Jennifer: Is it? Perhaps that's because I really believe it.

Brandon: I believe it, too, you know, about Jack and you.

Jennifer: You know what? I think that we should make a vow -- that no matter what Jack and Sami have up their sleeves, we are going to ignore them and enjoy our time together.

Brandon: Fine with me.

Colin: I'm getting tired of this conversation. So if you'll excuse me --

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, not so fast. I'd like to ask you, what steps are being taken at University Hospital to ensure that another tragic baby switch doesn't happen at the hospital nursery?

Colin: "A," I know nothing nor am I expected to know anything about neonatal procedures and pediatrics. And "B," Dr. Wesley has directed all personnel not to answer questions from reporters, but instead refer them to hospital P.R.

Jack: It sounds like a cover-up to me, but not to worry. I'll get to the bottom of it. And who knows? Maybe even the unflappable Dr. Murphy will be implicated.

Colin: That would be most bizarre, considering I wasn't even here when this so-called baby switch occurred. Ah. I was in North Africa with Jennifer. Cool night, sitting around a hot glowing campfire, wind blowing through her beautiful blond hair.

Jack: You bastard.

Colin: Here's a scoop for you, ace reporter.

John: To question is to doubt. To doubt is to be disloyal. Death before disloyalty. Death... before disloyalty. Death before disloyalty. Death before disloyalty. Death... before disloyalty.

Chloe: Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Go ahead. I deserve it.

Brady: You know what? I'm not going to waste perfectly good ice cream on you.

Chloe: I'm sorry, Brady.

Brady: Why'd you do that?

Chloe: I don't know. I guess I'm just edgy, and when you said that --

Brady: I was kidding. It was going to be a joke. If you'd just let me finish, I was going to say you're never going to get to Carnegie Hall... without practice, practice, practice.

Chloe: Well, the joke is a question. Someone's asking for directions to Carnegie Hall, and then -- forget it. It's just too lame. Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so mean when you've been so supportive. Forgive me?

Brady: I'll think about it.

Chloe: Here.

Brady: You know, maybe I could give you a master class.

Chloe: Yeah, right.

Brady: No, seriously, I mean, who needs Cecelia Marin when you have Professore Bravissimo Brady Black who will teach you to sing molto bene?

Chloe: Yeah, right. Thanks for trying to cheer me up, Brady. But let's face it -- when Nancy's finished ruining any chance I had of a career, the only way I'll be singing at Carnegie Hall is for spare change out on the sidewalk.

Cecelia: [Coughing]

Craig: The crazy things we do for our kids, huh?

Cecelia: So you really are a doctor?

Nancy: Oh, yes, Craig is more than a doctor, though. He is the chief of staff of University Hospital in Salem.

Craig: Yes, well, uh, this warm compress will help relax the muscles. I want you to gargle with -- with a lot of saltwater and drink plenty of hot tea with lots of honey, and your throat should be better in no time.

Cecelia: Oh, thank you.

Craig: You're welcome.

Cecelia: I'm terribly grateful. You know, when I said that your daughter's voice was naive, I meant that it was untrained; a pure instrument, yet inexperienced.

Nancy: Oh, well, my fault -- I misunderstood.

Cecelia: You obviously love your daughter very much to have gone through all this trouble..

Nancy: There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. I mean, she's always wanted to be an opera singer. Please, Madam Marin, if you could just reschedule her audition for your master class, it would be wonderful.

Cecelia: You know, you could've saved yourselves so much trouble if you'd written to me, enclosed that tape, and explained that your daughter was ill and forced to miss the original audition.

Nancy: Just tell us where and when and we'll be there.

Brady: Listen to me. Chloe, I know you and Nancy have some issues, that she's hurt you in the past --

Chloe: She's going to find a way to blow this for me, Brady, if she already hasn't done it.

Brady: Okay, let's -- let's try to look on the bright side here. Your folks have gone to New York to plead your case, and it's possible they may pull it off. So this might not end as badly as you think.

Chloe: Sure it will. It always does. I mean, I know for sure that even if I did have a second chance of auditioning at a later date, Nancy is sure to have ruined it.

Nancy: Madam Marin, I can't thank you enough. This is so kind of you. Craig, wait till we tell Chloe that she can have her audition at a later date!

Cecelia: Excuse me, but I never said that would happen. What I said was that if you had written me and explained, I would've been happy to consider it, but this -- showing up here under false pretense, lying to me, insulting me, then nearly destroying my voice, it's inexcusable. You are lucky I don't call the police and have you arrested.

Craig: Okay, just take it easy for once.

Cecelia: Oh, get out! Chief of Staff of a hospital? What reasonable person would resort to such a thing? I have a good mind to phone your board of directors. What would they think of you masquerading as a masseur? Now, get out of here, both of you! And don't ever duck in my door again!

Craig: Nan--

Brandon: I don't want this to end.

Jack: If you have any sense at all, you'll realize that you are out of the running.

Colin: And you aren't?

Jennifer: You know, Brandon, I have this craving.

Brandon: Oh, yeah?

Jennifer: Yeah. Can you take me somewhere to satisfy it?

Brandon: Well, yeah. I have plenty of time before I have to go back to work. Let's go.

Jennifer: Okay. Come on.

Brandon: Okay.

Jack: My advice to you is to butt out now and save yourself a black eye and a broken heart.

Colin: Thanks for the warning. Meanwhile, some of us have real jobs. You'll excuse me if I return to the hospital.

Jack: Oh, I might be seeing you over there, doc. You know, I'm going to investigate that story.

Colin: Don't bother. You'll come up empty-handed.

Jack: What are y-- oh, my God, where did they go?

Colin: Gee, a good investigative reporter would know that. But let me help you out. They went off together. That way.

Colin: Hello? It's Colin. I need to see you right away. Can you meet me? All I can say is you won't be disappointed.

John: Oh, the b-baby... stop Lexie... stop Lexie. Stop DiMera.

Marlena: John --

John: Stop DiMera.

Marlena: John, wake up.

John: Stop DiMera.

Marlena: John -- aah!

John: Stop, damn it, stop!

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