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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/15/02

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Hope: Tell me! Who are you? Please, I have to know. Are you the father of my baby? No! You. [Gasps]

Bo: It's okay. It's okay. You all right?

Hope: Yeah, I'm fine. And, Bo, I know what we have to do.

Isaac: [Babbles]

Hope: Oh.

Bo: You said you know what we have to do. About what?

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Hope: Come in.

Shawn-D: Hey. I have to go to school, but I just thought I'd let you know that kid -- he's awake.

Hope: Isaac. I'll go.

Bo: No, no, no. I'll bring him in.

Lexie: Where the hell have you been?!

Cameron: I brought you some fresh clothes for the arraignment.

Lexie: Never mind. Now just get me my son back!

Abe: Sorry, Lexie that's not going to happen.

( Horn honking )

Philip: Are you sure you're okay? You looked really dizzy.

Chloe: I'm fine, Philip.

Philip: Hey, wait. You're supposed to be in New York for that audition. What happened?

Chloe: Why should I tell you?

Philip: Well, is it because you're not feeling well or what?

Chloe: Look, I have to get to school.

Marlena: Why would you shut me out?

John: Sweetheart, it was an extraordinary situation that called for extraordinary measures. I just wasn't going to let Lexie get away with it. If she had gotten to DiMera with that baby, Hope would have never seen her son again.

Marlena: So you did what you had to do. I-I get that. I don't understand how you did it.

John: Look, that's all I'm going to say about it. As for the rest of it... it's better that you didn't know.

Cameron: No, wait. I don't want my client questioned. Now, she needs to change before we leave for the courthouse.

Roman: Officer, stay with the prisoner until she changes in the restroom.

Woman: Yes, sir.

Cameron: But first, I would like a private conference with my client, Abe, if that's okay with you.

Abe: Fine. Officer?

Roman: How are you holding up, partner?

Abe: My wife's turned into someone I don't know.

Roman: She became obsessed with keeping her baby. She hadn't been herself since this thing started.

Abe: You know, ever since I found out about the baby switch, I knew that Isaac would end up with Hope. How could he not? He's her biological son. It's right. How could something so right hurt so much?

Hope: Mm, that dream. If I could just... remember.

Bo: You look cool, Isaac.

Hope: There he is. There you are, and you're not crying anymore. Hi, big guy. Hey.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, good morning, Isaac. I know, sweet pea. Everything's a little strange right now, but you know what? Very soon --

Isaac: I got stocks.

Bo: Your stocks are on, yes.

Hope: Very soon you're going to get used to us, and you know what?

Isaac: What?

Hope: You know what? Maybe even like us.

Isaac: Like us.

Bo: Yes, you will. Hey, how about when I come home from work, we go to the playground?

Isaac: These are dots.

Bo: Yeah. What do you say, Mommy?

Isaac: Mom?

Hope: Yeah.

Isaac: Mom. Mom.

Bo: What are you thinking?

Isaac: Mommy. Mommy, Mommy.

Hope: I just keep picturing J.T. crying for us the same way Isaac's been crying for Lexie.

Isaac: [Babbles]

Hope: Bo, he must be wondering what happened to us, why we're not there anymore.

Bo: Hey, hey. While you were getting him settled in last night, I called Glen. He said J.T.'s doing fine. He did. And he repeated his offer. We can go visit him anytime.

Hope: I want to go as soon as we can. What do you think? Can you get some time off?

Bo: Yeah, I got a couple days of my vacation. I'd love to see him. You know what? You sit right here. I got something for you.

Hope: Hey. Hey. Where's he going, huh? Where's he going?

Colin: Good morning. Nice to see you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: You too.

Colin: Listen, I just want to congratulate you on that front page story. Very well written. You didn't sensationalize the subject or exploit the families involved, for which you're to be commended.

Jack: Indeed we are. We worked very hard to make the story fair, objective, and accurate, right, Jennifer?

Colin: I see you already have a cup of coffee. How about a Danish to go with it?

Jack: Oh, no time to socialize. Can't be resting on our laurels, right, Jennifer?

Jennifer: You know what? I am the boss, and I can do whatever I want to do on our laurels. Excuse me. Sure.

Mimi: Whoa, that is so hot. Last blast material?

Belle: Yeah, but since I'm not going, I don't have to worry about it.

Mimi: Hey, the dance isn't for a while yet. Maybe you and Shawn will work things out.

Belle: Mimi, Shawn and I are not getting back together.

Mimi: For now, but you never know what can happen.

Belle: Look, I know that you're trying to cheer me up, but the last thing I want to do is get my hopes up for no reason, so could you please stop saying things like that?

Mimi: Look, um... your parents are over at the Java Cafe. Want to go say hello?

Belle: Yeah, let's go.

Mimi: Oh, shoot, I just remembered I have something to do. Um, go on, and I will catch up with you in a few minutes, okay?

Belle: Why? What do you have to do?

Mimi: I have to check some trig homework.

Belle: You? Check homework? Right, Mimi.

Mimi: But it's senior year. I've got to get myself geared up for college, you know, so go ahead, and I will hook up with you in a little bit, okay?

Belle: Okay.

Mimi: Okay. Whew. Okay, Meems, don't blow it. Operation help best buddy Belle is under way. "Best buddy Belle" -- cute.

Philip: All right, let's -- let's get you a glass of water, okay?

Cynthia: Jan, it's me -- Cyn. Where are you? At school this early -- you? Okay, so you have a lot of work to make up, but this is important. Guess who I'm watching walk through Salem Place all cozy together. Philip and Chloe. Get this -- he's got his arms wrapped around her. I can't believe that -- I can't believe that she still wants him after seeing that video. What's it to you? Well, hello? If Chloe takes Philip back, then Belle's going to get the same idea about Shawn, so whatever you've got planned, you better kick it up a notch. See you at school.

Belle: That's such great news about Hope and her baby. I mean, not that I don't feel really bad for Abe and Lexie.

Marlena: I know. We all do. It's going to be very difficult for them and for Bo and Hope. Having Isaac in their lives doesn't take away the pain of losing J.T., does it?

John: Mnh-mnh. Got time for a cup of coffee?

Belle: No. I just wanted to say hi. I have to go to school. But it's a half day, so I'll see you guys later.

John: All right, honey. You be careful.

Marlena: I'm more proud of her every single day -- our little girl.

John: Not so little anymore, Doc. [Cellular phone rings]

Marlena: Yeah. [Ring]

John: Sorry. [Ring]

John: John Black. Mm-hmm. Yes, I do see. Yeah, hang on a second. I got to take this. I'm sorry.

Marlena: No, no, no. You know, stay where you are. You want some privacy, I'll get a refill.

John: [Chuckles] You listen up. Next time you call me, make sure it's on a secure line.

Bo: Okay. I got two presents. This one's for you...

Hope: Oh, say, "thank you, Saddy."

Bo: All right. Last Sunday was Mother's Day, but I didn't feel like giving this to you until he was part of our family, and now that he is, here you go.

Hope: My locket?

Bo: Yeah.

Isaac: A ball.

Hope: Bo, you already gave this to me.

Bo: Don't give me a hard time. Just open it up. Come here, you. Come here. Show me a picture.

Isaac: [Babbles]

Hope: Brady, this is the perfect gift.

Hope: Hey, look. There you are right there. Who's that?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Isaac. And that's J.T. Yeah. And your mommy's going to wear this very close to her heart.

Bo: Hope, what did you mean before when you said you know what we have to do.

Hope: I had that dream again.

Bo: Really? Do you remember more of it?

Jack: What the heck is going on between those two?

Abe: You'll be, um... taken to court in a squad car. Lexie, I have some advice. If you want the judge to show you leniency, you have to take responsibility for what you've done, show that you're truly sorry.

Lexie: But I'm not. If I had to do it all over again, I'd do exactly the same thing. The only thing I'm sorry about is that I didn't get away with Isaac where you and no one else would ever be able to find us.

John: Look, I appreciate all the help last night. It was a high-priority situation. I am extremely grateful. Right. Just remember, no more calls on this line. Out.

Marlena: Is it safe to come back?

John: Ha ha ha ha ha. Get over here, will you?

Marlena: Everything all right?

John: Yeah. Everything's just fine.

Mimi: So the bad news is I can't go to the Last Blast because it's part of my punishment for what Jan and I did to Chloe. But the good news is I won't get bummed because I don't have money for a fabulous new dress anyway.

Belle: Well, you know, we can hang out together that night because I don't have a date, and I most likely won't get one.

Philip: Aah, would you stop? You could get a date if you wanted one. I'm sure there's 100 guys who want to take you to that dance.

Belle: Yeah, right. That's why my phone just won't stop ringing. Anyway, can we stop talking about the dance? Because I really don't want to think about it. Chloe, how are you feeling?

Chloe: I'm okay, thanks.

Belle: I'm really sorry you had to miss your audition.

Chloe: Yeah, me too. It was just all really bad timing, and this sore throat really wrecked my voice. Anyway, I'd rather not talk about it right now.

Philip: Hey, there's Shawn.

Mimi: So, uh, we need to discuss our little project, yes?

Shawn-D: I have finals, and I have to study. Yeah. Okay, all right. Bye.

Shawn-D: Hey.

Philip: Hey, Shawn.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn-D: Hi.

Chloe: Hey, Shawn. I'm so sorry about what happened with your little brother. It's just all so sad.

Philip: Yeah, but now you have another little brother -- that boy Isaac. Your other brother. I mean... at least you have a little brother around, you know? I'm just -- I'm just going to shut up.

Shawn-D: No, no. Philip, don't worry about it. I'd just rather not talk about it.

Philip: Yeah, I don't blame you. Hey, if there's anything we can do, we're here for you.

Shawn-D: Actually, there is. What are you guys doing after school?

Mimi: Anything you need us to, right, guys?

Philip: Yeah.

Chloe: Yeah.

Belle: Just name it. We can do it.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I'll tell you on the way to school.

Bo: Did you remember any more of your dream?

Hope: Not really. Well, actually...

Bo: What? What is it?

Hope: There was something about the pier.

Bo: Well, that led you to find Lexie and Isaac.

Hope: But the pier that was in my dream seemed to be in Paris.

Bo: Well, that would make sense. That's where Princess Gina spent most of her time.

Hope: And where Isaac was conceived. If I was there again...

Bo: It might jog your memory.

Hope: Can we go? Bo, can you go to Paris?

Bo: That'd be really tough right now.

Hope: I-I understand that, but you know what? I can't stand not knowing. What if Isaac's father suddenly shows up one day and wants to take him away from us? Then what? Please, I can't go through that again.

Bo: Okay, all right, all right, we'll -- we'll figure out some way to do it. We'll go. [Telephone rings]

Hope: Thank you.


Bo: Brady.

Caroline: Hi, honey.

Bo: Hey, Ma. What's up?

Hope: I'm going to go change Isaac.

Caroline: Well, how did it go last night? Did the baby sleep well?

Bo: Yeah. He was up a few times crying, but we got through it. Ma. Ma, no, I don't think that's such a good idea. I-I know what you're trying to do, but -- okay, okay. All right, all right. All right, um... I'll figure out a way to handle this. Okay, bye. This is not going to be easy.

Mimi: I thought that bell would never ring today.

Philip: Yeah, I know. It seems like the last part of our senior year is taking forever, huh?

Mimi: Oh, gee, not for me. Cleaning toilets on my hands and knees every day makes the time just fly by.

Belle: Well, in a few weeks, Mimi, you can retire your rubber gloves and scrub brush forever.

Mimi: That will probably be more exciting than graduating.

Philip: You guys hungry? Let's eat.

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, I'm starving.

Belle: Okay, this is really weird for me -- hanging out with Shawn like nothing happened.

Mimi: Well, look, it's not like you're here as his girlfriend. We're all just kind of hanging out with him, just doing him a favor, right?

Belle: You know what? You're right. Let's go in.

Bo: Just relax, will you? We have legal custody of this little guy. That means he's ours now and for always.

Isaac: Yes.

Bo: Come on, let's go in.

Hope: Yeah. I do want to thank your parents for everything they did. I mean, poor Dad, he spent all night out on the river.

Bo: Yeah. He was glad to do it, wasn't he?

Hope: Isaac!

Bo: Everybody was great last night.

Isaac: [Babbles]

Bo: Uh-oh.

Hope: You want to go in?

Bo: Yeah, looks like he wants to go in.

Hope: What do you see?

Bo: Let's see what he sees.

All: Surprise! [Cheering]

Cameron: Mrs. Carver has been released on bail.

Man: You know the drill. Just sign the forms and we'll get her stuff.

Man #2: This has got to be tough on Commander Carver. I mean, first he loses his son. Now his wife's looking at doing some hard time.

Man #3: Yeah. Detective Brady's family has to be real happy with him getting his wife's kid back.

Man #2: I bet there'll be one hell of a celebration at the Brady Pub today.

Cameron: Abe, I think you should know that your wife has entered a not guilty plea, and we're bailing out.

Abe: Financed by Stefano DiMera, no doubt.

Cameron: Someone had to step up to the plate for her. Now, I don't suppose that you'd be willing to testify in your wife's defense, since, as her husband, you will not be subpoenaed to testify against her.

Lexie: I don't want or need his help. He turned his back on me last night.

Abe: That isn't true.

Lexie: The hell it isn't. You gave up on us, on our family. I don't need you anymore. All I need is Isaac.

Abe: Isaac's with Bo and Hope now. You have to face that, Lexie.

Lexie: No, I can't. I won't. 

Abe: If you've, uh, if you've posted bail, you're free to go. You want me to drive you home?

Lexie: Don't bother. Get away from me!

Abe: What? What?

All: [Cheering]

Shawn: All right, now, everyone listen up. Listen up, everyone. Let's all gather around this lovely mom up here. Come on. Come on.

Jennifer: Jack, come on. This is a family thing. You weren't even invited. Please go.

Jack: I very fond of the Brady's. I should think that would make me very welcome here.

Shawn: This family has been through a lot over the years, but as I see it, we've all become stronger and more committed to each other with every struggle that we've gone through.

Caroline: And everyone here did their part to bring this precious little boy Isaac back to his family. God bless you for that.

Shawn: We welcome another Brady into the family!

All: [Cheering]

Shawn: Will you look who graced us with his presence? Ha ha ha ha. You all may not know it, but Victor was the man who got the tip about the secret airfield, and he passed it along to Bo, so I say that we owe him a great debt of Brady gratitude, eh? A toast to Victor Kiriakis!

All: [Cheer]

Doug: Wow. Victor did that? I didn't know that.

Bo: Thank you very much, Victor, and thanks to everybody else who helped us find this little guy. Uh, John and Marlena, my brother Roman, Ma and Pop, Mickey and Maggie, Doug and Julie, thank you. Oh, John, um, where -- there you are.

Hope: And Jack.

Bo: Oh, yeah, right, Jack.

Jack: Thank you. Thank you.

Bo: Somebody else we want to thank -- our eldest son Shawn. You're going to be a wonderful big brother to this little guy, to Isaac, as he's been and will always be to J.T.

Shawn: Hear, hear.

Bo: All right, enough with the speeches. Let's party.

All: [Cheering]

Julie: Hope, darling, could I borrow him just for a minute to show him off?

Hope: Absolutely. How about you going with grandma, huh, Isaac?

Julie: Oh, sweetie.

Hope: Just for a little while, okay, sweetheart?

Julie: Come along and meet the rest of the family.

Shawn-D: Thanks for coming.

Belle: Oh, you know, your family's really cool, and I just wanted to support them.

Shawn-D: Yeah. It's, uh... It's kind of weird that senior year is almost over and we're going to be graduating in a couple of weeks. We're going to be scattered all over the country, going to different colleges.

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn-D: Do -- do you know where you're going yet?

Belle: Columbia. What about you? Pepperdine?

Shawn-D: Don't know yet.

Belle: Oh. You probably can't make that kind of decision without discussing it with Jan first.

Mimi: I can't believe what I overheard Cynthia telling Jan on the phone earlier. She said, even after everything Jan's done to get Shawn, she better kick it up a notch.

Chloe: Well, that means that Cynthia knows what Jan's up to.

Mimi: Yeah. So how do we get her to spill?

Chloe: I think I have a way. Come with me.

Victor: I'm so thankful you got your son back. He's a sweet little boy.

Bo: Yes, he is.

Victor: Do you, uh... well, never mind.

Hope: Well, let me guess. You want to know if we have any leads to who Isaac's biological father is. No. The answer is no, not yet. But we... Do think we know a way to find out.

Hope: Bo and I think we may find the answer to who Isaac's biological father is in Paris. You see, I keep having the same dream over and over, and it takes place there.

Bo: So we're going to go there as soon as we can make arrangements.

Victor: Well, use the Titan jet. You can leave tonight if you want to.

Bo: Ha ha. Uh, thanks, but... we just got Isaac into the family. There's no way we're going to leave him just now.

Julie: But... you could take him with you.

Isaac: Food. Food. Food.

Hope: Julie, I-I can't go around investigating with a 2-year-old. Huh? You want me to hold that, sweetheart?

Doug: Well, you can if we go along and babysit.

Julie: What an idea!

Doug: Why not?

Bo: Huh?

Julie: Good heavens. While you're turning this over in your mind, I'm going to take Mr. Stinky-Poo pants and change his diaper.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Never thought I'd see the day, Julie.

Julie: Oh, really?

Hope: Yeah.

Julie: [Laughs]

Doug: So? Huh? Are we on?

Bo: Uh, no, no. Um, we can't cut out on Shawn right now, not with the way things are.

Alice: Take me home, Mickey.

Mickey: Mom, you're not feeling well?

Alice: No -- oh, I'm fine, but I am going to pack my things.

Mickey: Why?

Alice: Because I'm moving into Bo's and Hope's house.

Hope: Gran.

Alice: Don't worry. Shawn and I are going to have an awesome time, aren't we, dear?

Shawn-D: Oh, totally. Totally.

John: Kind of sounds like you've got the bases covered.

Marlena: Yeah, so get on that plane and get to Paris and solve your mystery.

Roman: Go for it, little brother.

Doug: Nothing's stopping you now.

Maggie: Oh, dear.

Roman: Lexie, Lexie, this is not a good idea.

Lexie: Let go of me. I want to see my son. Where is he? Where's my baby? Somebody answer me, damn it!

Lexie: Hope! My great friend. Now you can't even look me in the eye, can you? Because you know what you've done to me!

Roman: Lexie, let this go. Let it go.

Lexie: I want to know where my son is.

Roman: He's upstairs now.

Lexie: Let me see him, Roman. Let me at least see him. Let me hold him in my arms and tell him how much -- oh, God.

Roman: Lexie, Lexie, come on, come on. All right, this is no good. This is no good for you or for anybody else, all right? It's not good for you.

Lexie: Don't you dare patronize me! Isaac!

Roman: Lexie, stop this! Stop this! Let's go!

Lexie: Look at this...

Roman: No!

Lexie: Champagne and your balloons! My life is over and you're all having a damn party!

Roman: Don't make this any worse.

Lexie: I want Isaac! I want my baby!


Roman: Come on.

Lexie: Isaac! I want my baby! [Screaming and crying]

Hope: Thank God Isaac was upstairs. Oh, my God. He didn't see her.

Julie: My goodness. Was somebody yelling? I heard such a commotion and --

Shawn: We should -- Bo, when you and Hope get back, we'll have a christening here for this little boy, eh? You know, and baptize him a Brady. We'll send out the word far and wide, make it a real event.

Caroline: Yes.

Shawn: A Brady family reunion.

Bo: That is one great idea, Pop. Thanks.

Julie: So what's the verdict? Do we go home? Do we pack for Paris?

Hope: What's the matter?

Doug: Folks?

Bo: What do you say, huh?

Isaac: Gray.

Julie: Ha ha ha.

Hope: Let's go. Let's do it.

Julie: Oh, darling!

Bo: Victor, we accept your generous offer. Fire up the jet.

Julie: Fantastic. Wonderful.

[Dialing cellular phone]

Julie: You're going to have such a good time.

Shawn-D: Don't worry about me or anything else. Obviously, this is something you have to do, so I can handle things here.

Hope: We'll be back as soon as we can, all right?

Shawn-D: Yeah. I'll see you at home.

Hope: You bet, honey.

Mimi: I can't believe you're actually doing this.

Chloe: It's the only way, Mimi.

Philip: I wish there was some way we could get Belle and Shawn back together.

Chloe: Actually, Philip, there is something you can do.

Philip: Really? What?

Chloe: Start dating Cynthia.

Mickey: Okay, we want to see this boy real soon now.

Maggie: Au revoir!

Hope: Bye!

Shawn: Have a great time.

All: [Cheering]

Maggie: Bye! Au revoir!

Mickey: Be safe!

Shawn: Have a great time.

Bo: Okay, bye-bye.

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