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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/14/02

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Jack: [Snoring]

Jennifer: Jack! Jack! Oh, there you are! Stop the presses! Stop everything. Oh, gosh. Hope got her baby back, and I have the exclusive story.

Nancy: I just hate to wake her, Craig.

Craig: Well, then let's go upstairs. Come on.

Nancy: No, no. If she sleeps like that, she's going to get a kink in her neck.

Craig: Let her be, sweetheart.

Chloe: I'm awake.

Nancy: Well, how are you feeling, sweetheart?

Chloe: How do you think I feel?

Nancy: Well, look, I want you to forget all about Cecilia Maran, Juilliard, and this master class. I'm going to handle all of that.

Chloe: How?

Nancy: Well, your sore throat can only last a few days, and you know me. Nancy Wesley can talk anybody into anything. I'll get them to reschedule. You'll knock their socks off and, well, this day will be -- it will just be something like a nasty little memory.

Chloe: It doesn't work that way, Nancy. You either get there or you don't. You know, I used to be so scared of failing, but now I don't even have a chance. A lifetime of dreaming, and now it's over.

Sami: What is this, some sort of twisted version of "Charlie's Angels"? I'm out of here.

Lucas's voice: It never happened, Sami. I never hit my son.

Sami's voice: What, are you trying to absolve yourself with me? I already know that it didn't happen, Lucas, and you know what? I don't give a rat's behind. It all came down to the fact it was your word against mine, and Austin believed me! He believed me then, and he'll believe me now.

Victor: I believe the expression is, "gotcha." You know, there are few sounds as pleasant as an enemy destroying herself willfully, stupidly, and, if at all possible, publicly.

Sami: Will recorded over that with his music. I heard him.

Victor: Did you really think you could break into my office if I didn't want you to? I switched the tape, Sami. I set you up. I've had this one all along.

Sami: Oh...

Victor: Do you mind? This is my moment. Think of this as a courtroom, Sami. One judge, one jury -- me. I've heard the evidence, and now I'm about to pass sentence. It's judgment day.

Brady: Yeah, it is kind of late. Chloe's probably sleeping. Chloe's gonna be just fine.

Chloe: This is the one hope that I've clung to to get me through every bad thing in my life, and now it's gone.

Nancy: I know it's not fair, and I don't know why you had to get sick now, but --

Chloe: Because I've been cursed. I have been since the day I was born.

Nancy: That's not true, Chloe. Please don't say that.

Craig: Chloe...

Nancy: Where are you going?

Craig: Come here. Sweetie.

Chloe: I am going to bed. What else am I supposed to do?

Nancy: This is all my fault, Craig. It's all my fault.

Craig: It's all right.

Sami: Ahem. Look, Victor, I know we're never going to be friends, and I know that I haven't always treated you the way you would have liked, but if you're trying to use that tape against me --

Victor: I'm not ting. I'm doing it. And it would be most unwise of you to try and negotiate, Samantha. You don't want me to lengthen your sentence, trust me.

Sami: Aren't you getting a bit carried away?

Victor: Just when I think you might succeed in stirring a glimmer of compassion, just like that, you make it vanish. Yours is a unique talent, Sami. You have my bemused admiration. And my thanks. I don't want to feel guilty about what I'm going to do.

Kate: Victor, stop toying with her and tell us what you're going to do.

Victor: Greedy Kate. Always about you, isn't it? And, Nicole, you really don't know why you're here, do you?

Nicole: Well, I do have a birthday coming up.

Lucas: I certainly hope we're all here because you're going to make sure Sami loses custody of Will.

Sami: Look, Lucas, I have had just --

Victor: Unh, unh, unh!

Lucas: You know what, Sami? It's not my fault. You brought this all on yourself.

Kate: And more. You, my dear, are going to be sentenced to a lifetime of misery.

Victor: Excuse me. I have the floor. You're here to watch and listen. First of all, I'm not going to make the tape public. And this is what you're going to do in return. When school is out, Will goes to his father... for the summer. For the whole summer. Now, that won't begin to make up for the time you stole from Will and his father, but it's a beginning.

Lucas: Thank you, Victor. Thank you very much.

Victor: The other tape in Mickey's safe will be turned over, along with all copies, to be destroyed. The agreement that Lucas signed under duress is hereby null and void, now and for all time. Papers will be drawn up to reflect the changes. That's the deal, Sami. Take it or leave it.

Victor: You have 30 seconds to make up your mind.

Sami: I don't need 10 seconds. The answer is no, Victor, so you can take your terms and shove them, because there is no way that I will agree.

Jack: "Stop the presses." I always wanted to say "stop the presses."

Jack: That's fine. I mean, I know you're networked. Station 27. It's -- there's your copy right there. Mom versus Mom, false passports, helicopters -- what, no kitchen sink?

Jennifer: I am so happy for Hope. I told you this story was monumental.

Harold: It's going to be a late night. I've got the coffee.

Jennifer: Great.

Jack: That's all right, Harold. I don't need any. The adrenaline of writing the story is all we need.

Jennifer: "All we need"?

Jack: You're going to want side bars, interviews with the Salem P.D. "Cop versus Cop." "Bo Brady versus Abe Carver."

Jennifer: Oh, Jack, I want senior staff on this.

Jack: No, no, no. You're not going to jeopardize your own scoop just to keep me in line, are you? Every one of those cops out there knows what went down tonight. How long is it going to take them to go to their pals at the "Chronicle" or the "Intruder" or even the wire services? I'm here right now, ready, willing, and able.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, you're right. You're right! Let's go! Start typing!

Jack: Got it, got it! We're gonna do -- aah!

Jennifer: Aah! Aah!

Harold: Aah!

Jennifer: Ow! Ow. Ahh...

Jack: Ahh.

Jennifer: Ow.

Jack: Oh, no. Jennifer? Are you all right?

Jennifer: No, I'm not all right. Ow.

Jack: Oh, no. Now neither one of us can type.

Kate: You're an ignorant fool, Sami.

Sami: Oh, what, like Victor never did this to you? Please. What was working at the diner, Kate? You still have bacon grease underneath your fingernails -- though it goes great with your personality.

Nicole: Hustling tips from beefy truckers -- yeah, you did seem right at home.

Kate: You know, your mother offered to save me a job at the diner, but I said no, you'd be needing it someday.

Nicole: Oh, that's --

Sami: All right, shut up, shut up, shut up. The point is, I have a tape, and you have a tape. I don't see why you get two and I end up with none, especially since yours is nothing compared to mine. Let's have the D.A. hear about how Kate and Lucas framed me for a murder that I didn't commit. Let's see what he thinks about the two of them walking around free afterwards.

Victor: Do you think I care? Don't make threats you can't back up, Sami. When will you ever learn?

Sami: I can back it up. Watch me. Plus, I have --

Lucas: What do you have? You don't got nothing.

Sami: Oh, yes, I do. I think you won't believe it when you see it. I mean, some of them are really quite exquisite. I think --

Victor: Marie, get me Roman Brady. I'll be glad to play my tape for your father -- for the whole police department. D.A., the newspapers. You'll be charged with contempt of court, lying under oath, blackmail, who knows what else? But first and foremost, I'm going to take away from you the one thing you have left -- your family's love, your father's trust. Once he hears the tape, once he knows everything, that's gone for good, and you know it.

Craig: What?

Nancy: You know, I don't know why we think Juilliard won't bend on this, because we haven't even tried.

Craig: Sweetheart, you read for yourself right here in the literature that the master class is a one-shot deal. If you don't show up, you don't get in, period.

Nancy: Period? Period? Ha. I'm not even going to listen to a man who makes punctuation marks into sentences.

Craig: Sweetie, relax.

Nancy: Relax? I'm not about to let this ruin my daughter's dream. I'm not about to let it, and I'm out of here.

Craig: Where are you going?

Nancy: The less you know...

Craig: Unh, unh, unh!

Nancy: The better.

Craig: Nancy Wesley, hold it right there. Come here.

Brady: Now we're both home. [Whistling] [Shower running] [Telephone rings] [Ring] [Ring]

Brady: Hello? [Dial tone]

Brady: Belle and Mimi. [Knock on door] [Knock on door]

Brady: Great new prank phone call tactics. Use a cell phone, bother me in person. I'm not laughing.

Chloe: Me neither.

[Phone buzzes]

Victor: Thank you, Marie. I have Captain Brady now.

Sami: Don't do it.

Victor: Marie, would you tell Captain Brady that I answered my own question? Thank you. Well, now we know, don't we? Deep in your flinty, selfish, shallow heart, you still cherish your family's good opinion. Well, I'm sorry, but it's time for the three of you to go. Now that Sami's agreed to my terms, we have to conduct the rest of our business in private.

Sami: What do you mean, the rest of our business? You've already blackmailed me into backing down. What more do you have to threaten me with?

Victor: Well, as I said, Sami, it's judgment day. You've been found guilty. Now it's time for phase two -- sentencing. And I might as well warn you, in my court, there are only two potential outcomes -- life without the possibility of parole, or death.

Brady: Chloe, I thought you were supposed to be sleeping.

Chloe: Yeah, and I thought you were supposed to tell me about your life-changing decision when it all worked out. Nice place.

Brady: Thank you. My Mom and Dad lived here when I was born.

Chloe: Yeah, so Belle told me -- when I called the penthouse to talk to you. This is for you. Housewarming.

Brady: When did you have time to get this?

Chloe: Oh, well, don't get too excited. I just wanted to get you something to remind you of Italy -- you know, good music, the place where your mom was born. What? I wanted to get Venice, Italy. I even pointed to the one with the gondola. How could they get it so wrong? Not Hollywood! Can't anyone get anything right?

Brady: Chloe, it's okay. You couldn't sleep because you were upset. You came over here because you were upset.

Chloe: Yeah, well, this isn't exactly a welcome to your new place.

Brady: You're going to get one of these someday -- a place of your own, a fresh start. In a good year, I promise.

Chloe: You know, Craig and Nancy think that they understand how much this audition meant to me, and that they're going to try to fix things. You know, they want to help out, but, Brady...

Brady: Chloe, you don't need to hear that. It's hard for you to understand, but I believe it. I really do.

Jennifer: The morning sun parted the sky.

Jack: How about "pierced the sky"?

Jennifer: Pierced the sky! Pierced! Ow.

Harold: Got it. P-I-e-r-c-e-D. Okay, yeah, got it.

Jennifer: The... the child's cry...

[Computer beeps]

Harold: What's this little underline thingy?

Jack: You typed "The" twice.

Harold: Oh. Well, you said "The" twice. Sorry, guys. I'm trying!

Jack: Oh, no, no, Harold, it is not your fault. I mean, you're not used to taking dictation, and we're not used to giving it. Look, we -- aah! We are writers. We're both used to getting in there and using our hands!

Jennifer: When I think of all the times I said I could do this story with one hand tied behind my back...

Jack: Wait a minute. That's it! Perfect! Harold, if you please... all right, Jennifer, assume the position.

Jennifer: Huh? Jack! What --

Jack: Okay, one right hand, one left hand. All we need now is to make two brains beat as one.

Jennifer: You're crazy.

Jack: You got a better idea?

Jennifer: I can come up with one.

Jack: Let's see it. See? You always were my better half.

Jennifer: All right, let's go. Let's go, we're in a hurry. Come on, go!

Harold: Someone should write a story about this.

Jack: We are good together, Miss Horton. We are very good.

Jennifer: Okay.

Kate: Whatever you do, remember Philip. She'll hurt him just to get back at you if you leave her any opportunity.

Victor: I understand. Please.

Kate: Thank you for calling us. Come on, let's go.

Victor: Nicole... don't wander too far.

Nicole: Okay.

Victor: Now, then...

Lucas: Yes! I get will all summer and a brand-new custody agreement? Sami's got nothing on us, Mom. Nothing! What? What's the matter with you? This is like our super bowl, and we're in the end zone. Come on! It's finished. It's over. Sami's done.

Kate: No. No, it's not over. Not yet.

Sami: If you hurt me in any way, my Father will kill you.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Sami: What is the matter with you? What the hell is so funny?

Victor: You just don't get it, do you, Sami? You have no idea who you're dealing with... or what. Well, you're about to find out. You are about to be very sorry you ever threatened my son, Sami Brady. In case you're too dim to have figured it out, that's what this is all really about. I know exactly what you intended to do with those incriminating pictures of Kate as a hooker. Well, they'll never see the light of day. In fact, I'll see to it you never use those pictures against anyone. And now what you need to do is thank me for not exposing you to your family and denying you their ill-placed affection.

Sami: Thank you?

Victor: You really don't learn very quickly, do you?

Sami: Well, I know you're not going to tell anyone, but how am I supposed to trust Lucas, Kate, and Nicole?

Victor: They'll never breathe a word -- not as long as you're under my protection.

Sami: Protection? What are you talking about?

Victor: In the village where my Father was born, everyone knew where they needed to go if they needed help. But there was always a price. How high that price went depended on their negotiating position. Hint -- yours is nonexistent.

Sami: What do you want from me?

Victor: Your soul.

Jennifer: Ah!

Jack: Ahh...

Harold: Jack! Jennifer! Ooh!

Jennifer: Oh! Harold!

Harold: I just hung up with a source at the Chronicle.

Jack: Have they got it?

Harold: Hank Green is pounding out the lead right now!

Jennifer: Oh, I knew it! I knew it!

Jack: Hey, wait a minute. So what? We're finished. We can roll with ours right now!

Jennifer: We can't. We haven't even proofed it. We have to call legal --

Jack: Not if we trust what we just did. I do, but... you're the boss, boss.

Jennifer: Harold, you give everybody the word -- roll those presses now!

Harold: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Jack: Ha ha ha ha!

Jennifer: You know, there is an advantage to being related to half the people in this story, but the disadvantage is, the other half could sue us if we overlooked anything, Jack.

Jack: If we have, you can blame me.

Jennifer: I know, and I will. Excuse me. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cut off your circulation.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no. It was nothing -- not at all.

Jennifer: Gosh, an hour ago, I was so tired, and now I just feel so wired. I'm not even going to be able to sleep till those newspapers make it to the news stands.

Jack: Oh, I know exactly what you mean. It's the rush of seeing those headlines -- a testament to how great we are together.

Nancy: Let go of me!

Craig: Nancy -- get -- I put you inside. Go! I can't believe you. You're not going anywhere. You don't even have a plan.

Nancy: Damn it, Craig! I have got to do something useful for once in my life!

Craig: Nancy, I know.

Nancy: Sweetheart, I can't let Chloe being sick ruin her life's dream.

Craig: Sweetheart, I'm not saying we should give up. I just -- there's got to be a way to change the odds.

Nancy: Well, what are you thinking?

Craig: I'm thinking that maybe we should try things the old-fashioned way -- with pure charm.

Nancy: The old-fashioned way.

Craig: Yeah. Let's see...

Nancy: You're calling Juilliard at this hour?

Craig: Well, that's what they got voicemail for, right?

Nancy: Oh, I love you, Craig Wesley.

Craig: Well, you know...

Nancy: 212...

Craig: There we go.

Chloe: I'm really okay, Brady.

Brady: Yeah, right.

Chloe: No, I mean it. Thank you.

Brady: Chloe, I know this may be hard for you to see this day as a lucky day, but health wise, you're going to be okay. That's -- Chloe --

Chloe: I know.

Brady: Hey... Belle thinks this place needs a feminine touch, so, uh, where do you think we should put this baby, hmm? I don't think so. No, no, no.

Chloe: Brady, it's hideous. I mean, I know I didn't have a lot of gift options at this time of night, but I wanted to give you something really special.

Brady: Chloe, it is special. I like it. I mean, yeah, it's... ugly. and hideous. It's awful! And it may not be what you wanted to give me, but... it's from you.

Brady: So, uh, do you always do spontaneous things like this?

Chloe: Occasionally... though see where it gets me. I'm a careful person, and I like to plan things ahead. That way, I don't have accidents like this.

Brady: I don't believe in accidents.

Chloe: So are you saying that my whole life was ruined tonight because of fate? Okay, not completely ruined. You're right. But do you know what I think is fate? My coming here tonight... Because I knew that if any person in the world could help me get through all of this, it would be you.

Chloe: You do know why music means so much to me, right? I mean, my whole life has been about the future, thinking it'll get better if only... and the only thing that could take me out of the miserable present was music -- my safe place.

Brady: Chloe, nobody can take away your music, okay? You're always going to have that. Look, I-I know that you've been planning to go to this master class at Juilliard since you were, like, 4 years old, but you're going to get another shot. You're going to get many shots. A big talent like yours -- it can't be denied.

Chloe: I think that's the nicest thing you've ever said about my singing... or are you just saying that because I'm crushed?

Brady: I thought you were feeling better. Come on, you know me better than that. I mean it.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: Just don't let it go to your head, okay?

Chloe: With you around, not possible.

Brady: What? What is it? Talk to me.

Chloe: Brady, I'm scared. I mean, I know you say that I'll always have my music, but I don't know what to do about my dream.

Brady: Well, it hasn't always been your dream, and it can't be your dream forever. What happens when that dream comes true? Then what? And that dream isn't your only safe place. You have another place to go. Okay? Any time you need it. Any time at all.

Chloe: Well, I should probably go. If Nancy sees I'm not in my room, she's going to send out a search party.

Brady: Ha ha. Okay, let's go.

Brady: Come on, you.

Sami: You want my soul? I-I don't understand.

Victor: I own you now, Sami. At a time that you won't know, in a place and a situation you couldn't possibly anticipate, I'm going to come to you and ask you to do something, and you're going to do it.

Sami: Do what?

Victor: I don't know. We'll have to wait and see, but whatever it is, you'll do it. Is that clear? All right. Let's seal the agreement.

Victor: Say after me -- "I belong to you."

Sami: I belong to you.

Victor: "I will do anything you ask -- any time, anywhere, so help me God."

Sami: I will do anything you ask -- any time, anywhere, so help me God.

Jennifer: [Whistles]

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Jack: Remembering.

Jennifer: Remembering what?

Jack: Another night like this one... a long time ago. Waiting over a similar story, for which you won a Ferraro award in the end.

Jennifer: I think that is the last time I felt this pumped up with adrenaline in a happy, nervous, anxious sort of way. I mean, outside of childbirth.

Jack: Well, I was equally pumped up both times, even though they were both your moments.

Jennifer: Well, I think that you had a lot to do with both of them.

Jack: It wasn't so much the article, of course. It was you. The air was rife --

Jennifer: Don't start, Jack Deveraux.

Jack: That was the night I first decided I was going to kiss you. I didn't know when, but I knew it was going to be soon. [Elevator dings]

Harold: It's done! We beat the Chronicle!

Jennifer: Oh, oh! Let me see, let me see! Oh, oh, wait. Hold it. Okay. [Gasps] Look at that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Jack: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Harold: Yes! Oh, yay!

Jennifer: Well... I think that we're finished here. Thanks to both of you for all of your hard work. Good night.

Jack: Good morning.

Harold: You know, Jack, before tonight I thought you were, you know, a little nuts to keep trying with her. I don't think that anymore.

Jack: Really? You mean it? Someday, Harold... Someday she'll be my wife again.

Nancy: I could have sworn that I locked the back door.

Craig: Yeah, well, it's locked now, sweetie. Hey, listen, about that Juilliard business -- don't say anything to Chloe until we hear for sure, okay?

Nancy: Absolutely not.

Craig: Okay.

Nancy: Look... I'll be in in just a minute. I want to check on her.

Craig: Okay.

Nancy: Chloe?

Nancy: That's right, little one. You sleep tight. [Sighs] your mama's here for you.

Victor: Now... pick yourself up, brush yourself off. It's time to go. Now, remember, whenever, whatever I ask, you'll do. You've given me your solemn word, and I intend to hold you to it. Understand? Now, make no mistake -- this wasn't just an idle gesture. I wasn't being overly dramatic. I meant every word. I own Sami Brady, and believe me, I intend to make my investment pay off... handsomely.

Lucas: So, how'd it go, Sami? You two kiss and make up in there or what?

Kate: Not talking so tough anymore, are you? That's so unlike you. I mean, you never admit defeat even when it's staring you in the face.

Nicole: You're right. It's not like her at all.

Sami: Just shut up. I'm going to take the stairs.

Kate: Well, well, well. What did you do to that girl?

Victor: Just be grateful you no longer have anything to fear from Sami.

Kate: But what should I fear from you?

Victor: Good night, Kate.

[Elevator chimes]

Nicole: So... are you ever going to get around to telling me why you wanted me there? I mean, aside from the sheer fun of seeing Sami squirm?

Victor: There was another reason. I wanted you to see what happens to a woman who's unwise enough to cross Victor Kiriakis. Think about that when you're drifting off to sleep tonight, my love, and then ask yourself this question -- if he can do that to someone he cares less than nothing about, what might he do to a woman who has stirred his deepest passions and then betrayed him? **********************************************************************

Sami: [Sobbing] Oh, God.

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