Days Transcript Tuesday 5/7/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/7/02 

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Caprice: I'm getting a sense of something strange happening in this place. And you know exactly what it is, Brady. But for some reason, you're not telling.

Brandon: Jennifer, hey, it's Brandon. Look, I-m free earlier than I thought, so come by anytime. Lots to celebrate tonight, Jennifer.

Nicole: Well, this trip was a complete waste.

Brandon: Well, hello to you, too, Nicky.

Nicole: Mm, so much for a nice brother-sister dinner tonight. From what I heard, I assume you're tête-à-têteing with Jennifer.

Brandon: Mm-hmm, you assume right.

Nicole: Great, looks like I'll be all by my lonesome.

[Telephone rings]

Roman: Yeah. Brady here. Yeah, Bo, any luck? No, no, we got nothing here, either. Hey, hey, listen, we are going to find Hope, and we're going to find that baby. Nothing is going to stop us. All right, brother, talk to you later.

Smith: Sir? The suspect is outside. Where do you want this guy?

Roman: Tell you what, take him in Abe's office. Be as discreet as possible, all right? The press is buzzing out there. The last thing we want is some punk reporter getting in our way.

Smith: Got it.

Harold: Don't you dare look disgruntled, Jack Deveraux.

Jack: She gave me the pooper-scooper assignment -- me, a man of my talent!

Harold: A man who was just kicked out on the curb. Sounds like poetic justice to me.

Jack: Yeah, well, it stinks!

Harold: You know, you're lucky Jennifer hired you in the first place. How did you manage that, anyway?

Jack: Jennifer recognizes that I have invaluable gifts.

Harold: Yeah, at flimflamming innocent people.

Jack: What?

Jennifer: Yes, Harold is right, Mr. Flimflam. I just got off the phone with Oliver.

Jack: Really? And how is the very forgiving --

Jennifer: Stop it, Jack. You told me that Oliver had already hired you and that I had no choice? It turns out I do. So guess what. You're fired!

Mimi: Hey, Chloe. Hey, how'd it go?

Chloe: One thing about blood tests, you don't have to study for them. Anyway, it's over. No big deal.

Mimi: Good thing Shawn Brady doesn't need a blood test, because all they'd find in his veins is ice water.

Chloe: To see Belle trying not to cry today...

Mimi: Those jerks at school rubbing in that awful tabloid article about her dad and Shawn's mom, and not to mention Jan and the pregnancy...

Chloe: Well, at least Shawn wasn't in school today.

Mimi: Oh, yeah, I think Belle would lose it if she saw him right now.

Shawn-D: Belle.

Belle: Shawn. What's wrong?

Shawn-D: I-I know I shouldn't be here, but I couldn't stay away.

Roman: Yeah, Pop, Hope took off, and Lexie and Isaac got away. Yeah, I know. All right. You'll let me know if you hear from her. All right, thanks a lot, Pop. What the hell is this?

Bart: I'll tell you what this is! This is profiling! Sartorial profiling! I'm calling the ACLU.

Roman: Where's Lexie?

Bart: Who?

Roman: Lexie Carver -- the woman you're impersonating.

Bart: Darling, when I do impersonations, I'm much more the Madonna/Cher type. Chicks with two names just ain't my style.

Roman: Cut the bull, all right? Just cut the bull. Lexie hired you as a decoy so she could get away.

Bart: Who are you calling coy? All I did was go for a ride and let my hair down a bit! There's no law against that.

Roman: There is if you're aiding and abetting a kidnaping.

Bart: My only "crime" is that I am different, and you know it!

Roman: All right, sweetheart, explain this to me. Why is your wig the exact length and color of Lexie's hair?

Bart: We read the same fashion magazines?

Roman: And it's just a coincidence that you were driving identical cars?

Bart: I-I... I do so love it when a tough man breathes down my neck.

Smith: Cap'n, the suspect had a baby seat in the back with a doll strapped in. Same size as the boy.

Roman: Is that a fact?

Smith: Mm-hmm.

Bart: All right. It's true. I play with dolls! But a girl my age has pangs, you know? The clock is ticking.

Roman: I got no time for this.

Bart: That's just what I'm saying. I knew you had a sensitive side!

Roman: Shut up. Just shut the hell up. And you tell me where they are.

Bart: What's the matter, copper, feeling a little Venus envy? Uh... need a hug?

[Knock on door]

Woman: Sir, the suspect's I.D., plates, registration all checked out.

Roman: Bartholomew B. Bartholomew. What's the "B" stand for?

Bart: Bart! Bartholomew Bart Bartholomew, buddy! I'm proud of my name and who I am!

Roman: I'm sure you are. Look, Bartholomew, we can't hold you. You are free to go.

Bart: My hero --

Roman: Don't you even think about it.

Roman: Follow him. I want to know every move that wacko makes. He helped Lexie and Isaac get away. With a little luck, he'll lead us right back to her.

Smith: You got it.

Belle: Shawn, I'm working. Everything was said the last time we saw each other.

Shawn-D: Please. You're the only one who can understand.

Belle: Understand what? You come to my house one day, and you're furious at me, accusing me of being the reason your baby -- and now what do you have to say to me?

Shawn-D: I have lost everything.

Belle: You know what I do understand? None of this is my fault. You were the one who slept with Jan on the island. She tried to grab me. I didn't make her fall.

Shawn-D: J.T. is gone, too.

Belle: What?

Shawn-D: Glen took him. And, uh, he's -- he's gone for good.

Belle: Oh, my God, Shawn. No.

Brandon: Well, Nicky, you must be desperate for some male attention if you're asking out your little brother.

Nicole: Desperate? That is not in my vocabulary. In fact, ever since victor and I split, men are not in my vocabulary, either.

Brandon: Really. Does that include Austin Reed?

Nicole: Austin and I worked together, that's all.

Brandon: Because of your deal with Victor.

Nicole: No! Because business and pleasure don't mix. I've learned that the hard way.

Colin: Deserting us early, Walker?

Brandon: Dr. Murphy. Well, I don't believe you've met my sister Nicole.

Nicole: How do you do?

Colin: Colin Murphy. I'm surprised we haven't met before now.

Nicole: I'm not a big fan of hospitals.

Colin: Oh, well, you should stop by more often. Perhaps we could ratchet up your opinion of this one, anyway, hmm?

Brandon: Easy now, Murphy. The last time I checked, you were in Vegas getting married.

Nicole: Married, huh? So where's your ring, doctor?

Jack: Wait a second, Jennifer, wait a second. Before you go off on some kind of a power trip --

Jennifer: Power trip? I am your boss. Or I should say, I was your boss.

Jack: Let me just show how I can help. First of all, the term "flimflam" is dated and down market. I am just saying, if I was in your shoes, as the editor-in-chief, I would ban the word "flimflam" from the pages of the "Spectator."

Jennifer: How about if I ban you?

Jack: I'm just saying I would be behind you if you tried to raise the vocabulary around here a bit because that's the kind of guy I am -- a team player. Go team!

Jennifer: You know what? Then turn in your little pom-poms, hotshot, because you have been cut from the squad.

Jack: You can't fire me. A deal is a deal!

Jennifer: Not when you make it under false pretenses, Jack.

Jack: I defy you to prove the alleged falseness of said pretenses.

Jennifer: Oliver told me himself.

Jack: Well, Oliver's a very busy man with a lot on his mind. A little short-term memory loss is to be expected.

Jennifer: Harold, did your father agree to hire Jack, or did he leave that decision up to his new editor-in-chief, namely me?

Harold: I'm not exactly privy to the ins and outs of the personnel decisions...

Jack: You see?

Harold: But in Jack's case --

Jack: Oh, Jennifer, do you really want to put poor Harold in the middle of a high-level management workplace dispute? Ow!

Harold: Yes, yes, why, indeed? I mean, I-I'm just a copy boy, and, actually, I've got copy to go copy right now. So if you'll excuse me... good luck, Jack.

Jack: Thanks. You see? Harold hears duty's urgent call. Granted, within that call there barks the undertone of, uh... well, why even try to find a word to describe a story that's even comparable to the great -- great pooper-scooper story? You see? See right here. I am on the case. Hold page one.

Jennifer: You know what, Jack? I should've known that you were conning me, because you're Jack, and that is what Jack does. But your little scam has gone bad on you. And because I am the boss now --

Jack: Yes, you are! And I'm the new hire. And the fact of the matter is, we both need to prove ourselves. Do you have the right stuff to be a top gun? Do I still have what it takes to get the story? From every professional standpoint, you and I need each other, so the fact is, you should keep me on.

Jennifer: You're fired again. But if you would like to make another speech, go on, because I would love to fire you a third time. No? Fine. I have work to do.

Jack: Abigail! What about Abigail?

Jennifer: Excuse me?

Jack: Look, I... I know that you're ashamed of me, but shouldn't my own daughter have a reason to be proud of me? How is it going to affect Abigail if you don't give me another chance?

Jennifer: How dare you drag Abigail into all of this?

Jack: Why don't we go into my office -- I mean, in your office -- so we can speak in private?

Jennifer: Why, you don't want everyone to see that you use emotional blackmail to keep your job, Jack?

Jack: All I'm asking, Jennifer, is have you thought how Abigail would feel if you get your way, if she sees her daddy kicked to the curb, in the street, using old "Spectators" to keep warm?

Harold: I've got an old blanket you could borrow.

Jack: Hush!

Jennifer: If you're so concerned about your daughter's feelings, Jack, you would be a different man. And no matter how hard I try to keep your con jobs and your scams a secret, she is a smart kid. She knows you screwed up.

Jack: You're right, you're right. I need to change.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I will believe that --

Jack: And I will change, Jennifer, I will change! I am ready to accept the lowest assignment. I'm accepting the humiliation.

Jennifer: Clearly.

Jack: But the one thing I will not accept is the thought that Abigail will lose respect for me if I can't even do this right.

Jennifer: Oh! All right. All right, I�ll honor our deal.

Jack: Yes! Yes, oh, thank you, Jennifer, thank you.

Jennifer: This is a 6-month trial basis. If you do not prove yourself --

Jack: Oh, but I will. I will dazzle you, Jennifer.

Jennifer: You are going to get all the crud stories that nobody else wants.

Jack: And I will accept them. The lowest of the low, low man on the totem pole. You will not regret this.

Jennifer: I already do.

Jack: But in the end, you won't. You've done the right thing, Jennifer, the sweet thing.

Jennifer: No! I am your boss. And if you are going to be working here, our business is going to be strictly professional. Am I clear?

Jack: Crystal.

Jennifer: Good. 'Cause I need to run. I have a little date with Brandon.

Jack: Really? How is Mr. No-neck?

Jennifer: I will have you know that Brandon has a lovely neck, and in his case, it is attached to a backbone.

Jack: I'm going to make you so proud, you're going to think I have 20 backbones!

Jennifer: Really? Well, that is great, especially since your pooper-scooper investigation is going to involve a lot of bending over.

Jack: I have got to get my mitts on a real story, and fast! Double "A," double "S," double "A," double "P"!

Brady: So, Caprice, you're saying something -- something strange happened here?

Caprice: Something that surprised you.

Brady: Well, the only thing I can think of -- I was walking around, seeing what I needed from home...

Caprice: Go on.

Brady: You know what? I was upstairs, and I found a glass figurine and I accidentally dropped it, and the damned thing should have shattered all over the place, but it didn't.

John: Go get it. Show me.

Brady: You got it.

Marlena: John, what is it?

John: I don't know. I won't be able to tell until I see it.

Marlena: But you seem a bit upset to me.

John: [Sighs] Let's just wait.

Brady: Here you go, Dad.

John: Oh, my God. How --

Brady: Is that yours?

John: Isabella�s. Venetian glass.

Marlena: Oh, you said she was a collector.

John: Yeah, there's -- there's boxes stored around somewhere. I remember the day she got this one, too. It was given to her by a famous glassblower -- Morono. "Farfalla para farfalla," he said.

Marlena: "A butterfly for a butterfly."

John: Izzy-B said most people would say this symbolizes freedom, but for her it meant love because even -- even if it flies away, the beauty lasts forever.

Marlena: I can see why it meant so much to her.

Caprice: It seems so fragile, as if it would break easily.

John: W-wait a second. Wait a minute. I remember -- this did break.

Brady: What the hell are you talking about?

John: Well, she was very careful with her collection, she always was, but this one time -- I'm telling you, she really messed up.

Marlena: Well, maybe it was a different piece she broke.

John: No, sweetheart, this was her favorite piece. That's why I remember it so well. She was just heartbroken when it shattered.

Caprice: Yet... here it is now, in one piece. You're a smooth operator

Belle: So J.T.'s on his way to Iowa. I know how much you love him.

Shawn-D: How do I... just stop, and let him go?

Belle: You don't.

Shawn-D: I'm sorry. You know, I shouldn't have even come here, after everything I said to you the other day.

Belle: No, no, it's -- it's okay. The fact that you came... you know, to see me...

Shawn-D: I had to.

Belle: I'm sorry.

Belle: I-I can't -- I can't do this.

Shawn-D: What? What? Why?

Jan: Shawn, are you okay?

Shawn-D: Wh-what are you doing here?

Jan: I have an appointment to follow up on the...

Shawn-D: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I mean... it's just that, uh...

Jan: Just...what?

Shawn-D: Nothing.

Belle: Mimi, cover for me. I got to get out of here.

Mimi: Oh -- well, come on. Let's find out what happened.

Chloe: Uh, that is what happened... and it's time that we do something about it.

Jack: Uh, so, how would you characterize the impact of the new pooper-scooper law? Would you say it's improving civic life from the ground up?

Woman: You're free to go.

Jack: Ahem. Hey, gorgeous. New in town?

Bart: If you're into Brunhildas, you can skip it. I'm a guy.

Jack: I know that. Not that you asked, but I don't happen to think there's anything strange at all about dressing up from time to time. I mean, who's to say what's normal and what's not? Love the hair, by the way. Reminds me of someone else.

Bart: Who the hell are you?

Jack: Just a man with a very sensitive pen. Whoa! Wait a minute! What -- what did I say?

Smith: Captain Brady wants to tail the guy in drag. Might lead us back to Mrs. Carver. Let's go.

Jack: Tail... aha, aha. All right.

Jack: All right, there's no point in stone-walling. I know all about Lexie Carver, and how the Salem P.D. has blown it big time!

Colin: Let's just say things in Vegas didn't go quite as planned for Elizabeth and me.

Nicole: Hmm. Does that mean Dr. Colin is a single man?

Colin: Indeed. A very single man.

Roman: Jack, what the hell are you doing here, and how'd you find out Lexie was missing?

Jack: I'm back at the "Spectator," captain, mowing my old turf, you might say.

Roman: Oh, that's perfect.

Jack: When I accidentally ran over a little mole, if you get my drift.

Roman: A mole in my department.

Jack: Ahem. My paper's conducting a private investigation, and I came up with a couple of leads.

Roman: Hold it right there, Jack. If you know anything that'll help us find Hope and that baby, you tell me right now. Well?

Jack: Right, right. Wh-what I know. Um, uh, yeah. Well, Lexie ran off with Isaac because Isaac is Hope's baby and Hope wants custody.

Roman: Keep going, Jack.

Jack: So the police tried to stop her, but that -- that hairy drag queen got involved.

Roman: The decoy.

Jack: Th-the decoy. Exactly, the decoy. And the decoy decoyed you and Lexie got away. So Hope flipped out and went off to search for her baby on her own, and she is now -- she's now exactly at this moment, um...

Roman: Yeah, Jack? Exactly at this moment?

Jack: Well, that's where I get a little fuzzy. I was hoping you would fill me in.

Roman: I thought so. You didn't have squat when you came in here. You're trying to flimflam me, you lying son-of-a --

Jack: What is this flimflam? Wait a minute. I mean, is this some hot new word? I hate being behind.

Roman: Well, you're going to be way behind after you spend a couple years in prison.

Jack: Excuse me?

Roman: Oh, you heard me, Jack. I'm arresting you for obstructing a police investigation.

Brady: Dad, can I see that for a second, please?

John: Oh, yeah.

Brady: I can see why my Mom liked this so much. The more you look at it, the more you see.

John: Your mother used to say the exact same thing.

Brady: But you know what? I don't understand how you say this broke years ago, and now -- one piece.

Marlena: Is it possible somebody else was here?

Brady: Well, who else would have access to this place?

John: Yeah, just the, uh... just the cleaning crew, but I give them strict orders to lock the place back up. [Wind blowing]

Brady: You know what? That's -- that's my fault. I opened the window to air this place out. I guess I didn't shut it.

Caprice: Do you mind if I do a little exploring?

Brady: Sure. Yeah, help yourself.

Marlena: I know you said you were sure, but that can't be the same piece that was broken.

John: Yeah. You're probably right.

Belle: Ahem. Hey, all. Sorry I'm late. Reporting for moving duty, sir. What do you want me to do? Um, organize, unpack, mop?

Brady: For starters, you can tell us why you're so upset. Is it Shawn?

Jan: Will you wait for me, take me home after my appointment?

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, okay.

Jan: Thanks, Shawn.

Shawn-D: I have to find Belle.

Mimi: She left.

Chloe: Shawn, we need to talk.

Shawn-D: Another time, okay?

Chloe: Not okay. Mimi, don't you have some work?

Mimi: Work?

Chloe: Yeah, you need to cover for Belle. Keep an eye on that package that she needs you to keep an eye on.

Mimi: Right. Yeah. Work. Sorry, Shawn.

Shawn-D: So you two are friends now?

Chloe: Strange alliances everywhere, I guess. Is Jan still living in your house?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Chloe: So you guys are seeing each other.

Shawn-D: She's a friend, Chloe.

Chloe: A friend you got pregnant.

Shawn-D: A friend I helped. That's all.

Chloe: So you helped Jan get pregnant. Is that the terminology now?

Shawn-D: Leave me alone, okay? I have a lot on my mind.

Chloe: Yeah, I can tell. Why are you being so protective of Jan if you guys are just friends?

Shawn-D: I already told you.

Chloe: Yeah, well, try again, but this time, don't lie to me.

Belle: Actually, Shawn came to see me at work today to tell me about J.T. How come nobody told me this was happening today?

Marlena: Honey, you were dealing with so much already.

Belle: Right, but I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to him. You should have seen Shawn's face. I mean, for someone to just take his little brother away from him like that... it's got to be hard on you, too, right, Dad?

John: Yeah, sweetheart. It is sad, but doesn't compare to how hard it is on Bo and Hope. But you know what the good news is? Glen said that they can visit J.T. anytime they want.

Belle: Well, that is good news.

John: That's good news.

Belle: Anyway, enough about this sad stuff. We have to think about positive things, right?

John: Yeah.

Belle: Like that we have each other.

John: Mm-hmm.

Belle: I'm very lucky.

Brady: You know why you're also lucky?

Belle: Why's that?

Brady: Because I'm moving in here.

Belle: Yeah.

Brady: And out of your place.

Belle: Ha ha.

Brady: Oh, you're going to have a party tonight, huh?

All: [Laugh]

Marlena: You know what? If we order Chinese, we'll have a chance of getting some spare ribs.

John: For a change.

Belle: Oh, wow, and I am moving all of my extra clothes into your closet.

John: She already started.

Belle: Dad!

Brady: What is this? I'm barely out the door, and the vultures are circling already?

Belle: No, seriously, Brady, I'm psyched for you. I mean, look at -- you got your own place. This is so cool.

John: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Yeah, it is cool. I mean, it's not New York or anything, but --

Belle: Brady!

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What -- what was that? What about New York?

Belle: Well, Mom, Dad, I was going to tell you over dinner, but, um, I have made my decision. I'm definitely going to Columbia University. Whoa, now, don't everyone jump for joy at once.

Marlena: Well, we knew you were leaning that way...

John: We just couldn't believe it would happen.

Belle: Hey, you know, I'm going to be fine. New York is an exciting city. It's big and complicated, and after spending a lot of time in a small town where everyone knows your business, it's definitely something I'm ready for.

Marlena: You bet. You bet. New York. Ha ha ha. New York.

Caprice: Belle-Chéri.

Belle: Hey.

Caprice: I know your heart is heavy now, but you must look beyond today to tomorrow.

Belle: You know, I usually don't believe people when they say that, but with you, it's different.

Brady: Because she's right, Belle. It's time you got a new start, move on. Like I'm doing.

Belle: Yeah.

Brady: Come on, let's get back to work, everyone.

John: Yeah, I hear that.

Belle: Yeah, Brady, you are the role model I should definitely look up to -- not.

Brady: I am a role model. You should worship me.

Belle: Oh, really? Why is that? Because you're a total wussy? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Brady: All right, that's it. You're the wussy. I'm going to show you right now.

John: Hey, watch it! There are sharp corners here! Be careful!

Brady: Whoa!

Colin: Elizabeth has returned to England. She's out of my life for good. Left me at liberty, as they say back home.

Nicole: Fascinating.

Colin: So if you're at liberty, Nicole, perhaps I could take you out to dinner, say, tonight.

Nicole: Why not?

Jennifer: Brandon, hey. I am so ready to go out on our date.

Brandon: Oh, you did get here early. Great.

Colin: Oh, here's an idea. Since you two are obviously going out, and so are Nicole and I, what do you say? Shall we make it a double date?

Shawn-D: Jan has been through a lot, and I have to be there for her.

Chloe: And who's there for Belle when she's crying her heart out every night because of what you did?

Shawn-D: Look, I'm sorry, okay? I wish none of this had happened. I wish I could fix everything.

Chloe: Do you really?

Shawn-D: What do you want from me?

Chloe: I want you to tell me why you're doing this. Maybe I can help you figure a way out of this mess so that you and Belle can be together. Talk to me.

Belle: Brady...

Brady: It's my fault. I'll get a broom.

Belle: I am so sorry. I'm such a klutz. Was it valuable?

Marlena: In its own way.

Brady: Dad, I am so sorry about this.

John: I'm not even sure it was your mom's, son. It was kind of nice to see it again just to... remember.

Caprice: Everything on earth has a meaning, Brady. Perhaps this is a sign that you are destined to put something fragile and broken back together again, even if you don't think you can. I have an appointment. Think about it.

[Cellular phone rings] [Ring]

John: Yeah. John Black.

Roman: Yeah, John, this is Roman. Has Hope tried to contact you?

John: No. Why? Is there something wrong with Hope?

Roman: Lexie took off with Isaac, tried to leave town.

John: You got to be kidding me.

Roman: Hope chased after her, and now we have no idea where they are.

John: All right. What can I do to help?

Jack: Ahem. Ever read the "Spectator"?

Woman: Mnh-mnh.

Jack: Well, you should. Maybe get a subscription, because next year, a certain reporter's going to be collecting a Pulitzer, but you didn't hear it from me. It's all very hush-hush, on the Q.T.

Roman: Jack, over here.

Jack: Look, Roman, maybe you should change out the coffee service. Maybe that's why everybody's looking so rattled out there. Ha ha ha.

Roman: We're rattled because something big is going down, and we are wasting time with nosy reporters getting in our way.

Jack: That's why you're arresting me? For being nosy and wasting time? Come on. Roman, you need me. Let me help you. I mean, after all, Hope is family.

Roman: Ex-family, Jack.

Jack: Ask Hope if that's how she felt about me when J.T. was missing last year.

Roman: All right. You want to help?

Jack: Yeah.

Roman: Keep your mouth shut. Keep this out of the "Spectator."

Jack: Fine, on one condition. When this is over, I get the exclusive.

Roman: You go de everybody searching for Hope, Lexie, and that baby reports to me. You got that?

Jack: Yeah. Yes! Not only do I get a major exclusive, but if I can help find Hope's baby, Jennifer's going to love, love, love me. Oh, oh.

Jennifer: No, thank you, Colin. Brandon and I would like to spend the evening alone.

Brandon: Yes, we are celebrating Jennifer being hired as the new editor-in-chief of the "Spectator."

Nicole: Really? How impressive.

Colin: Congratulations. May you have much success.

Jennifer: Thank you. And I was going to congratulate you on your recent marriage, but I gather that would be inappropriate.

Brandon: Excuse us. Nicky, we need to talk.

Nicole: What? Why what? What now? What?

Jennifer: So is this a pattern with you? You get close to a woman, and suddenly, you just call it quits?

Colin: I keep trying to tell you what happened in Ireland -- it wasn't what you think.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm sure you're right, because with you, nothing is what I think it is.

Colin: You have to let me explain.

Jennifer: What, and miss out on my time with Brandon? No, thank you.

Colin: [Sighs]

John: I'm sorry I got to run, son.

Brady: You know what? I understand. Just go ahead.

Belle: Dad, wait. Does -- does Shawn know?

John: I don't think so, sweetheart.

Brady: Belle, why don't you stay here with me, okay?

Marlena: Yeah, so we'll call you. Bye.

Brady: See ya. [Sighs]

Belle: I'm sorry, Brady. Maybe we can find a replacement.

Brady: Not everything can be replaced, Belle. Don't you think?

Belle: You're talking about Shawn and me, aren't you?

Brady: You want to run out of here and go find him, don't you?

Belle: Brady, he is going to freak. He's already a mess after losing J.T. and the baby.

Brady: Belle, it's time to think about you. Start worrying about you.

Belle: I am trying, okay? But I am so confused. He came to me today, Brady. He needed to talk to me after losing J.T., and when I looked into his eyes, all of my hurt and anger just...

Brady: Just disappeared. Yeah, I know.

Belle: I could feel my heart loving him again, and then Jan showed up, and all of the memories of everything he did to me just came rushing back.

Brady: I don't blame you, Belle.

Belle: You know what's crazy? Every time I see Jan, all I think of is that stupid video of Philip and Cynthia. I mean, I know that it's my fault for watching it, but in my mind, all I see is Shawn with Jan, naked like that, kissing.

Brady: Yeah, that was a pretty hurtful video, especially for Chloe.

Belle: It totally destroyed her. It confirmed all of her reasons for never trusting people. Wow, I am unloading on you. I am so sorry. I should just start unloading your stuff.

Brady: Caprice said it was my destiny to put something fragile and broken back together again.

Chloe: Shawn, you have to talk to someone. I know how much you Miss Belle and how much you want to make everything right.

Shawn-D: I appreciate what you're trying to do, but you have no idea how screwed up all this is.

Chloe: So explain it to me.

Jan: Oh, Shawn, there you are.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Um, so what'd the doctor say?

Jan: Well, I'll be okay eventually. I really need to rest and take it easy, though. Um... can we go home now?

Shawn-D: Sure. See you later, Chloe, Mimi.

Nicole: Sorry about that.

Colin: I'm off in an hour. Is that all right?

Nicole: Perfect. I'll change into something... stunning.

Colin: Something more stunning, you mean.

Nicole: I'll see you soon.

Brandon: Are you okay? It seems like you two need to talk.

Jennifer: No, I'm fine. I mean, I'm not exactly fine, but I will be, and I am really looking forward to having a great evening with you.

Brandon: Look, if you need to talk about Colin --

Jennifer: No, I don�t. I really don�t. And besides, it's not -- it's not just Colin. It's Jack. You know, no matter what I do, he keeps turning up like a bad penny.

Brandon: Hold that thought.

Jennifer: Hold what thought?

Brandon: Well, I have got a surprise for you that'll make you forget all about your ex.

Jennifer: A surprise? What is it?

Jack: Where would I go if I was Lexie or Hope or Isaac?

Roman: Jack, you're making my brain hurt.

Jack: You put a tail on hairy drag guy, right?

Roman: Yeah, we're keeping tabs on him. It appears that Bartholomew B. Bartholomew is currently enjoying himself at a club called the high heel, a private club for men of distinction.

Jack: Well, if it's any consolation, I'm sure he won't get any takers, not with those calves, right?

Man: Sir, you have a call on the other line. You're going to want to take this one in the office.

Roman: Thanks. Excuse me.

Jack: Certainly.

Roman: Brady here. Bo, have you found Hope? What? You sit tight. I'll be right there.

Jack: This is the story of the century, and I'm about to get it.

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