Days Transcript Thursday 4/25/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/25/02

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Sami: Oh, Austin... stop it. Come on, Sami, stay positive. You just have to think positive. My little shiny ring. You are no longer going to depress and sadden me. You are going to save my life.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Brandon, I am so glad you're here. I missed you so much.

Kate: A plan. What we need is a plan.

Lucas: Please stop saying that. You've been saying that since Vegas. I know we need a plan.

Kate: Lucas, we're in a lose-lose situation here. If Austin gets that tape, your brother, being an upstanding guy, is sure to destroy it. Oh, God, and to make matters worse, Roman's involved. I don't know how we can be less lucky.

Lucas: I know, I know. We finally get the goods on Sami, and what happens? That tape ends up in the hands of the one person who probably doesn't wish that Sami the psycho had never been born -- her very own father.

Kate: Hmm, and he doesn't even know what the hell he has in that package.

Roman: I'm not sure that this is the best way to ship a diamond ring all the way to New York. You know, maybe I, uh, I should, uh...

Jack: Okay, I screwed up. I know that. So how do I fix it? How do I make things right between Jennifer and me? I need help here. I need direction. I need a sign. [Footsteps]

Jennifer: Okay, bye, Gram! I'll call you tomorrow!

Abby: Bye! I love you.

Jennifer: All right, let's go inside, baby.

Jennifer: So... what do you think we should do? I think that we should watch a video and make some popcorn. Okay. I think we should go for a drive, and we'll get some ice cream, and we'll go to that place that you love where they have all the great toppings.

Abby: No thanks.

Jennifer: Look, baby, I know -- I know that you're sad about daddy, all right, and so am I. And it breaks my heart that it hurts you. But you know, we're going to be okay, I promise you. And like daddy told you, even though he's not going to be living here anymore, that doesn't mean that you won't still see him all the time.

Abby: It's not the same.

Jennifer: No, I know that.

Abby: Can you make up with him, Mommy? Then he'll come back, and we'll be all together again. Please?

Hope: Tell me who you are.

Hope: The DNA test proved that you can't be Isaac's father. No, please don't go. Don't go. Please don't go.

Hope: Who are you? Oh, please stay. Tell me who you are. Tell me, who are you? Please. I have to know. Are you the father of my baby? Please!

Hope: You.

Bo: Yeah, Hope. It's me.

Hope: Bo.

Sami: Oh, Brandon, I feel like my life is over. I can't eat, I can't sleep... I've felt so alone. But seeing you makes me feel better. It's comforting. What took you so long?

Brandon: Look, my white horse is double-parked, so could you speed this up and get to the point? I mean, it's obvious you want to ask me something, so what is it?

Sami: Well, ahem, I'm about to lose everything, including Will. And you're the only person who has ever been on my side who I can turn to. At least you used to be, so -- I really need your help, Brandon. Would you please --

Brandon: You don't really think I'm going to fall for this, do you?

Roman: Maybe I should just take this back to the jeweler and let him send it, but I still don't have an address for Austin. But... I know who does.

Lucas: If Roman opens that package and he finds the tape and he listens to it --

Kate: Oh, listen, she's still his kid. He's going to want to protect her. He's sure to destroy it.

Lucas: Yeah, I know it, we can't let that happen.

Kate: We can't let that happen, we won't let that happen.

Lucas: Well, how can't we? How won't we, huh? What are we going to do, Mom? You're the one who's supposed to come up with these great ideas, so let's hear it. Now would be a really good time. What are we going to do?

Kate: We're going to do the one thing we have to do -- the one thing, the only thing we can do to handle it.

Lucas: I'm waiting.

Kate: We're going to get you arrested.


Bo: What's wrong?

Hope: Oh, I just had a dream.

Bo: You said, "It's you."

Hope: Oh, yeah, I did, didn't I, but I don't think I was actually talking about you. In fact, I'm sure I wasn't.

Bo: Who were you talking about?

Hope: I have no idea.

Bo: Tell me about the

Hope: I want to remember, but you know how it is. It just goes away. I mean, I try hanging on to the memory of it, but I can't. Why do I feel like it's so important -- something that I have to remember, but I just can't?

Bo: It's okay. You know what? Don't worry about it. It'll probably come back to you.

Hope: Between those flashes of white and now this dream, you think I'm cracking up?

Bo: No. I know you're under a lot of stress. We all are.

Hope: Did Shawn see that newspaper?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: How'd he react?

Bo: Like you'd expect.

Hope: Right. Everybody got all that... garbage about myself and my family was bad enough, but...the idea that Lexie could be behind it is just -- how could it be? I mean, how could a friend be so vicious and cruel?

Bo: How can you call her a friend after everything she's done? Even if she isn't the one who leaked all that information to the "Intruder."

Hope: You know, I think I, uh, I now know how famous people must feel when they see their pictures on the cover of those stupid tabloids with all sorts of lies printed above them. But you know what, Brady? It's even worse when it's the truth -- when something painful and difficult and personal -- makes you feel so ashamed. It's right out there for public consumption.

Bo: Hope, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Hope: Noth-- what? No? You mean to tell me it doesn't bother you at all that everyone in Salem is going to know about me and John, that I slept with him? But he's not the father of my baby, and not only that, but the pathetic tramp that I am doesn't even know who the father is, Bo.

Bo: Hey, stop that. What bothers me is that you're in pain. And that this basic understandable need you have to know who Isaac's father is -- well, the answer's out of your reach. And you're tortured by it. That is what bothers me. That people have read about this, they're going to think things about you... I could care less, Hope. What about I care about is you and that you have closure and that, well, you get the peace of mind you deserve.

Hope: "Deserve." People suffer, Brady. It's not what they deserve. It's the way it goes. It's the luck the draw.

Bo: Well, I feel pretty lucky to have you. Whether I deserve you or not, that's, you know, another matter.

Hope: It's all become so consuming. I'm sorry. The need to know Isaac's paternity -- painful... consuming. Mostly because I know it's not you. Oh, God, Bo, why can't it be you?


Jack: Harold.

Harold: You.

Jack: Harold. Out jogging, I see. Working up a healthy sweat -- that's good -- very, very good. So, how many miles do you jog?

Harold: Why do you care?

Jack: I don't. I mean, I was wondering.

Harold: Well, I'm wondering why I'm standing here talking to you.

Jack: No, no, Harold, wait, please! Just wait.

Harold: What?

Jack: Look, I want to say something that I've been having to say a lot lately, and I'm not very good at it, but, uh, here goes. I'm sorry. I am very, very sorry. What I did was wrong. It was terrible. Now, I know that you'll -- you'll probably never forgive me for lying to you -- for allowing you to think that I was gay. I would just -- I would just hope that you believe me when I say that I never intended to offend you or hurt you in any way. I just -- I just -- everything just spun out of control.

Harold: What possessed you, Jack?

Jack: That's it. That -- I was possessed.

Harold: Ah, of course. The devil made you do it.

Jack: No, no, no, I wasn't possessed like that -- not like Marlena. It was -- it was -- look, Harold, listen to me. Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything to have them in your life? Because he or she is so much a part of you -- part of your heart and your soul -- that -- that without her or him, your life would be incomplete, and that missing part of you was... was really your best part.

Jennifer: Hi. May I help you?

Man: Jennifer Horton?

Jennifer: Yes.

Man: Delivery. Sign here, please.

Jennifer: Oh. Delivery from who?

Man: Bring 'em in!

Man #2: Yo!

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

Man2: Where do you want them, ma'am?

Jennifer: Well, what is all that?

Man: Beef. Got half a cow for you.

Jennifer: What?

Sami: Brandon, why are you acting this way? You've always been so supportive and understanding, and now when I need you the most, you're all distant.

Brandon: Well, maybe I feel used. Ever think of that?

Sami: Used? You're my closest friend.

Brandon: Yeah, right.

Sami: Brandon, I trust you more than anyone in the world. You have to help me.

Brandon: I don't have to do anything, okay? And how about dropping this "woe is Sami" number and give it to me straight? I have to get back to work.

Sami: Here's the story. There is a tape recording of everything that went on in the bride's room before Austin called off the wedding. All right? Kate and Lucas hid a tape recorder there, and they tricked me into saying things that, on the surface, don't paint me in the best possible light.

Brandon: On the surface?

Sami: Look, they're going to use that tape to get my son away from me.

Brandon: A tape recording? Well, I-I guess turnaround is fair play.

Sami: What?

Brandon: Well, I seem to remember you using the same strategy against Lucas and Kate with that tape of Kate and Roberto.

Sami: That's because I had to get Will back.

Brandon: Yeah, exactly what Lucas is doing.

Sami: Brandon, I have got to get that tape.

Brandon: What you have to do is end this feud. If not for your own sake, then for Will's. I mean, it's not healthy to have his parents at war like this.

Sami: How about it being healthy for him to be raised by a degenerate like Lucas? How do you think that would affect him?

Brandon: Will needs both his parents.

Sami: No, Brandon, he needs two good parents. That's one of the reasons that I loved Austin so much, because I knew he'd be the best father in the world to Will.

Brandon: Look, that's all very touching, Samantha, but in case you haven't noticed, Austin is gone -- history -- and so am I.

Sami: Brandon, wait a second!

Brandon: Look, Samantha, you made your choice. I'm moving on. You're on your own.

Bo: If you're meant to know, you will.

Hope: Meant to know? The father of my baby? How could I not be meant to know? And, Brady, when we do find out, if we find out, then what? What will it do to us?

Bo: Like I said, it will give us peace of mind.

Hope: Do you really believe that?

Bo: Hope, I am not going to let anything or anyone come between us. We are going to remain strong -- for us, for Shawn -- because there's a little boy out there who is your son. And that little boy is going to become a part of our family. That's what this is all about.

Bo: Reuniting you with Isaac -- that's the most important thing.

[Telephone rings]

Roman: Yeah? Brady here.

Lucas: [Disguising voice] You've been wanting to catch the guy who's been ripping off the convenience stores in Salem, right?

Roman: Yeah, why?

Lucas: Read all about it in the paper, and the reward being offered. Well, I know who this guy is, and I want the dough. You want to talk, or do I walk?

Roman: No, go ahead, talk.

Lucas: Meet under the Fifth Street Bridge down by the river in 10 minutes. I'll tell you everything you need to know. [Normal voice] Ahh!

Kate: Talk or walk? What kind of line is that?

Lucas: [With accent] You don't like it, you provide your own distractions, eh?

Kate: Okay, okay. Listen, I think I'm happy with my assignment. As soon as Roman leaves that station, I'm going to zip in, I'm going to get that tape, and I'm going to zip out.

Lucas: Okay.

Kate: Good luck, sweetie.

Lucas: You too. "I'm just going to zip into the police station, steal something, and zip out." Hmm.

Jack: Look, Harold, please. Sit, please. Give me a minute. Thanks. Look, I just want to tell you that, um... if you're ever lucky enough to find your other half in this wide universe, hold on and never let go. You think you're lonely now, it is nothing compared to having felt that wholeness and losing it. That -- that feeling of emptiness, it can make a man do crazy things.

Harold: Let me see if I'm getting this straight. You used Greta to make Jennifer jealous?

Jack: Right, yes, I did. I -- but I realized very soon that even though Greta said she just wanted to be friends, she wanted more. And I care about Greta. That's why I wanted to protect her. That's how this whole pretending-to-be-gay thing started. Now, I thought it was noble at the time, but now I know it is wrong. Wrong. Not just because I lied, but because it ended up hurting you and Greta. I am just sorry that I got you involved at all. That was never my intention.

Harold: I'm sure it wasn't. And I appreciate your honesty now.

Jack: Look, Harold, you're a terrific person, and I hope that you find someone special in your life, and I just hope that they're worthy of you.

Harold: I'm glad we had this talk, Jack. I don't agree with what you did, obviously, but at least I understand it now.

Jack: I just wish Jennifer understood.

Man: Man, this is a lot of beef.

Jennifer: Yes, well, can't you at least take some of it back with you?

Man: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You signed for it, lady. It's yours.

Jennifer: Yeah, but who would send me such a strange gift?

Man #2: A guy named Wentworth.

Jennifer: Oliver?

Man #2: So you got a whole army living here or something?

Jennifer: No, it's just my daughter and me. Abby, where are you?

Abby: Right here, Mommy.

Man: Well, I hope you're both hungry, because you have got a lot of food to cook up tonight.

Jennifer: I'm not cooking all this food. My aunt owns a restaurant, so she's going to take some of it for me, and the --

Man #2: Yeah, well, good luck, lady.

Jennifer: Okay. Take care. [Telephone rings]

Jennifer: Oh, the phone. Baby, close the door. [Ring]

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Hello? Who? Surprise? I don't think I can handle another surprise today. I don't have to cook it, do I? Oh! Yes, yes. Give me the address. I'll be right there.

Hope: Does my boy want that?

Bo: Hey, I called Mickey's office. He wasn't in. I left word with his assistant to get a hold of us as soon as possible.

Hope: Bo, when the judge sees this -- if we ever thought we had a chance, it's over.

Bo: It's a tabloid. Yes, we're upset by it, but a judge should not be swayed.

[Doorbell rings]

Bo: Hey, Mickey, I just called you.

Mickey: Hey. Glad you're here.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Hi, Mickey.

Mickey: Hi.

Bo: There's been a leak to the press.

Mickey: Yeah. I've seen it. That's really the least of our problems.

Hope: What do you mean?

Mickey: I have some news, and it's not good.

[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: Brandon.

Brandon: Hi.

Jennifer: Hi.

Brandon: Bad time?

Jennifer: Uh, you know, I was just changing. I have to be somewhere in a little while, but come on in. Come on in. Let's sit down for a minute. Come on. Have a seat.

Brandon: All right. So... how'd it go with Jack?

Jennifer: Well, he's gone. He's gone, and, uh, Abby's broken-hearted.

Brandon: It will be best for her in the long run. You'll see.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm hoping.

Brandon: Meanwhile, I'm glad you can get on with the next phase of your life.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm not really sure what that is, but I do know it means it's going to be Jack-free.

Kate: [Clears throat] Excuse me, have you seen Captain Brady?

Man: Uh, maybe I could help you.

Kate: Oh, well, I really need Roman. It's personal.

Man: Well, he's a lucky man, but he's not here.

Kate: Oh. Well, maybe I'll just leave a little note on his desk, if you don't mind.

Man: Mnh-mnh. He was just using Commander Carver's office. Be my guest.

Kate: Thank you.

Kate: It's not here. Where did he put that damn tape?

Sami: It's okay. I'll just wait for him in here.

Kate: Oh, damn.

Bo: You were right. John Thomas was tired. So what's this about, Mickey?

Mickey: Well, I... guess there's no easy way to say this. Judge Ross has signed the final order giving full custody of J.T. to Glen.

Hope: Oh, dear God, no.

Mickey: Children's Services will be here tomorrow.

Bo: Tomorrow?

Hope: I can't do it. I can't do it. I won't do it. I won't do it.

Bo: Hope, what are you doing?

Hope: I'm getting J.T.'s things together. Bo, we've got to get him out of here. We've got to take him somewhere where Glen will never find us. We've got to go. It's lunchtime.

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. I think Sami was a fool to let you go. Brandon, you are a great guy. And you have been so supportive of me through this whole thing with Jack.

Brandon: Yeah, well, you've been dealing with a lot, I know.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh. You know, I really do have to run. I'm going to be late for this meeting.

Brandon: Anything to do with your Jack-free life?

Jennifer: Maybe. You know what? Just hang out. I'm going to change, and you can walk me out.

Brandon: Okay.

Jennifer: All right.

Jack: My God, what is it they say? "You can't go home again."

Jack: Well, I'm just about to disprove that. Yes, indeed.

Man: Jack!

Jack: Hello, Vern. She here?

Vern: Um... yeah, somewhere.

Jack: Mom.

Woman: Oh, Jack. What have you done?

Roman: Oh...waste of time.

Woman: Ah, tip didn't pan out.

Roman: Unh-unh. Guy didn't show up. And I got a stack of papers in there a mile high sitting on Abe's desk I got to take care of.

Roman: Sami, what are you doing?

Sami: Hi, Dad. [Clears throat] I know it sounds pathetic, but I just want to see the ring one more time, okay? Maybe it's my way of saying goodbye to Austin forever. [Thinking] If I can just get a minute alone with that package, I can take the tape out of the recorder. So, how about it, Dad? Can I see the package?

Bo: Hope, stop. We can't go on the run. That's insane, and you know it.

Hope: I'm not handing my baby over to Glen. I'm not going to do it!

Bo: I know that this is the most difficult thing you've ever had to do in your life, but it's got to be done... tomorrow.

Mickey: Children's Services will come to get J.T. Glen will be with them.

Bo: Let's sit down.

Mickey: This is God awful for you. I wish there was something -- something I could have done.

Bo: It's okay, Mickey. We...just need some time.

Mickey: Sure. I'll be at my office.

Mickey: Darling, I'm so sorry.

Hope: My baby. J.T. [Sobbing]

Jack: So, the weather has been lovely this time of the year, hasn't it? You know, there's something about the month of April -- it's warm, but not too warm, with that sweet anticipation of summer.

Vern: Why don't we save the little weather conversation until after you tell us what you're doing here with all these suitcases?

Jack: Well, I'm here for a visit, obviously. And the proverbial guest room is free, I hope.

Woman: Jack --

Jack: You know, I have to tell you, I am so glad that my old editor-in-chief is now my... stepfather. You know, Vern, do you remember the good old days at the "Spectator" when I was your boss? Those were good times. You know, I remember there was this one --

Vern: Oh, cut to the chase, Jack. What are you doing here?

Woman: You made trouble, didn't you?

Jack: All right, I'm a screw-up. But I tell you, it's all about love. Mom, Vern, you as, well, almost newlyweds surely must empathize. Just trying to get Jennifer back. In fact, you know, that's how it all began. I was just telling this little white lie that turned into this great big mistake, I must admit, and then yada, yada, yada, next thing you know, Oliver Wentworth is offering me your old job as editor-in-chief of the "Spectator," only to withdraw it.

Woman: We know.

Jack: You know?

Vern: I pushed for you to get that job. I thought you had it in the bag. And the next thing I know, Oliver calls me and tells me he has to give the position to somebody else. I wondered what happened.

Jack: Well, what happened is I blew it. That's what happened, and not just with Oliver Wentworth. Jennifer will not talk to me. She's kicked me out of the house, and that is why -- that is why I am here without a job, without money, without a wife, without a home. Man, Vern, I need a place to stay. What do you say? Should I move in now? Hmm?

Woman: Not until you tell us the truth, and nothing but. Start lying, and you can hit the road, Jack.

Jack: Well, I think maybe we should just sit down. Really, right this way. Just make yourselves at home. Well, it is your home, after all. Just sit right down there. Right there. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And, uh...[Clears throat] Well, you see, it all began with this... magazine article.

Sami: So, Dad, how about it? Can I see my ring, please? One last time?

Roman: I don't have it.

Sami: What?

Roman: I gave it to Nicole.

Sami: Nicole? Why would you do that, Dad?

Roman: Look, Nicole and Austin are still doing business long distance. As a matter of fact, Nicole was putting together a pouch to send to him when I called her to ask for Austin's address. She offered to put the ring in the pouch. I accepted. Sami, I didn't dream for a million years you'd want to see that thing again.

Sami: Yeah, well, you know, I guess you're right. I don't need to see it again. Maybe a quick break is the best. Okay, well, I'll see you later, Dad.

Bo: Hope, we're all the victims of a tragedy, and it has to be made right.

Hope: Is it right to take a baby from his mother? Is it? Is it right?

Bo: Know what? I want you to do me a favor. Close your eyes. Go ahead, close them. Please. Remember the day in London when we were married? Hmm? Go ahead. Close your eyes, picture that time. How about... first smile? Yeah. You can see that, can't you? I mean, we have moments like that, and we want to freeze them in time, but we can't, except in our memory. So, you see, J.T., he's always gonna be with us.

Bo: You know... maybe this happened for a reason.

Hope: Oh, God.

Bo: When J.T. was first born, he was very sick, right? And Glen and Barb, they did not have the resources to take care of him, so God gave him to the one person who had the capacity to love J.T. without limits. Hope, you saved his life. That's your gift. That's the gift you gave him. That will bond the two of you forever. And now you -- you just have to continue to be... part of him. You have to take the next step in his life and let him go. And I know it will be agony, but you won't have to do it alone, Hope. Look at me.

Hope: [Sniffling]

Bo: We'll get through this. We'll get through this as a family -- you, me, Shawn... and J.T.

Lucas: Hello?

Roman: Lucas.

Lucas: Roman, can I see you out here for a second? Please?

Roman: Why out here?

Lucas: Well, I kind of want the other officers to hear this, too, so can everyone gather around just for a second? I know you're busy. It will just take a minute. Um... you know, I was, uh, I was in a coma for a very long time, and I, uh, never got the chance to thank one of Salem's finest, you know, for doing a very brave, courageous, dangerous thing. Ha. This man -- he ran into a burning house, and he pulled me from a fire. He -- he saved my life, and I want to publicly say thank you. Thank you, Roman Brady, for saving my life. I really appreciate it. Well, that's -- that's pretty much all I wanted to say. Gotta go. Excuse me.

Lucas: Did you get it?

Kate: No. No, but if we don't get over to Titan fast, Sami will.

Lucas: All right.

Brandon: Wow, you look great. Very professional. You want to give me a hint where you're going?

Jennifer: Well, I'm running late, so I will tell you on the way out.

Brandon: Okay.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. When I walk back in this door in an hour or so, my life could be changed forever.

Brandon: Wow, it sounds like a big deal. For the good, I hope.

Jennifer: Yes, definitely.

Brandon: I can't wait to hear all about it.

Jennifer: Let's go. Thank you.

Brandon: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Come on.

Hope: [Sobbing] Oh, God.

Hope: You know, I remember Gran telling me about my Mom, and how she gave up her life to save mine. Oh, Bo, when I have --

Bo: Hope.

Hope: Bo, when the moment comes --

Bo: As long as we're together, we'll make it through this. Together we have the strength.

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