Days Transcript Thursday 4/18/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/18/02

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Bo: J.T.'s okay. You know that, right? Doug and Julie seem pretty excited about having some time alone with him.

Hope: Don't say it.

Bo: What? I wasn't going to say anything.

Hope: But you were thinking Dad and Julie want to spend as much time as they possibly can with J.T. bef--

Bo: Before glen gets custody of him. Yeah, I was thinking that. We both have to think about that, Hope. It's just a matter of time.

Roman: Hey. Bad time? Or...

Bo: Hey. No, no, no. Sit down. Join us.

Roman: Listen, uh, Mom and Pop told me about J.T. and the court's decision. I'm just really, really sorry about that.

Hope: Thanks. I know you're having family problems of your own right now -- Sami's wedding being called off.

Roman: Yeah, it's been difficult, but it sure doesn't compare to what you guys are going through, and now with that girl Jan miscarrying Shawn's baby...

Bo: Shawn's having a pretty rough time. You know, he's very upset about his little brother. Now losing his own baby on top of it -- hope it's not more than he can handle.

Shawn-D: Hi. Um... I-I was looking for Jan Spears' room. She was admitted last night.

Nurse: Through these double doors, last room at the end of the hall.

Shawn-D: Thank you.

Nurse: You're welcome.

Jan: Where am I?

Nurse: Dr. Bader had you moved here last night.

Jan: My baby... oh, God. It's gone, isn't it? I lost it.

Nurse: Yes. I'm so sorry.

Mimi: Lucky us -- the dawn patrol. Last day of spring break, and what are we doing? Pushing a book cart, when we should be home getting 10 hours' sleep.

Belle: Who can sleep?

Mimi: Still that bad, huh?

Belle: The nights are. I'm okay during the day, but as soon as the sun goes down, I just -- I can't --

Shawn-D: Belle?

Lucas: Mom, what are you doing here at this hour?

Kate: Oh, honey, I couldn't sleep all night. I was on pins and needles. Any word about that delivery from Vegas?

Lucas: Don't worry about it. The tape will be here.

Kate: Oh, I'll tell you, I was standing at that takeout counter, and I-I just felt sick. I mean, it's Austin's name that's on the package. Do you really think they're going to deliver it to you?

Lucas: Don't worry about it. I'll just forge his name. We're brothers. It's all in the family.

Kate: Oh, I am not going to breathe easy until we have that tape right here in our hands and we're listening to Sami confessing to every dirty deed she's ever done.

Lucas: Yeah? I don't care. All I need on that tape is Sami admitting that she lied about me hitting my son. If I get that, I get custody of him again.

Kate: That's all I dreamed about the whole time you were in the coma.

Lucas: Trust me, when we get through with Sami, it's going to make Austin leaving her at the altar seem like the best day of her life.

Kate: Yeah, well, honey, listen, don't roast that chicken before it's plucked because this is Sami that we're dealing with, and if she pulls a fast one at the last minute, we'll be starting all over again at square one.

Sami: Where is that overnight delivery guy? If I don't get my hands on that tape and destroy it, I'm going to lose my family, Will -- everything! Well, I am not going to let them take my son from me. I will see Kate and Lucas in hell first! All I have to do is stay calm and figure out how to get that tape.

Victor: Everything's set. None of the other employees will be here for at least an hour. I sent Marie out to do some research.

Man: Are you sure you want me to do it here?

Victor: Do you have a problem with that?

Man: Ha ha. No. I've handled situations like this for you before. You disappear. I'll take care of Miss Walker. She'll never know what hit her.

Victor: Well, there's been a slight change of plans. I want the pleasure of dealing with Miss Walker myself. When I'm done, you can clean up the mess.

Victor: I won't be anyone's second choice, Nicole. My proposal of marriage is hereby rescinded. Our relationship is over. [Door opens]

Nicole: Victor.

Victor: You've disappointed me, Nicole, and there's only one solution. I've decided to terminate our relationship permanently.

Bo: I found Shawn at the church last night... angry. He's not able to make sense of anything that's happened to him.

Hope: He believes that he's done everything right. It's so hard for him to understand that there are no guarantees.

Roman: Is there anything I can do to help?

Hope: Pray for a miracle -- that the court will reverse its decision and J.T. gets to stay with us. Now, that would give Shawn something to believe in again, wouldn't it?

Roman: Well, we're all praying for that. You know that.

Hope: Thanks.

Roman: Well, listen, I'll check with you later.

Bo: Okay. Later, Roman.

Hope: You know, I really wish we had gone to the hospital with Shawn. I'm worried about him, Bo.

Bo: He wanted to see Jan alone. We got to respect that.

Hope: Poor baby never even had a chance.

Bo: Well, as Mrs. H. would say, he's safe in God's arms now.

Sami: Look, I'm just wondering if Brandon's around. He's still in Vegas? With Jennifer the ice princess, I'm sure. No. No, never mind. Bye. Well, thanks for being there when I need you, Brandon. Man, Will is about to wake up at any moment, and I still have no idea how I'm going to get my hands on that tape. What am I going to do? That's it! I've got it.

Lucas: Won't be long now. Soon, we'll have that tape, it'll be ours, and will will be sitting here with us eating breakfast every morning.

Kate: And Philip will, too, when he's home from college. I am delighted to say that he and his father are more at odds every day.

Lucas: I take it Philip's going away for school?

Kate: Mm-hmm. Columbia. He just got the letter.

Lucas: Wow, Columbia! Victor must be crowing. [Makes crowing noise]

Kate: Ha ha! Actually, he is dead-set against it.

Lucas: Why? Columbia's outstanding.

Kate: Well, you know that Philip is hung up on Chloe, the would-be opera girl. She's going to New York. She's going to Juilliard. And Victor has never felt that Chloe was good enough for Philip, so last night he started in again against Chloe, and Philip stormed right out of the house.

Lucas: No wonder you have that Cheshire-cat grin.

Kate: Well, I learned something else as well. Victor had proposed to Nicole, but the engagement's off -- if she even said yes in the first place.

Lucas: If I know Nicole, she did. I wonder why it's not a go.

Kate: Your brother.

Lucas: Get out of here -- Austin and Nicole? No way.

Kate: Mm-hmm. Holding hands under the conference table -- I mean, if it really went that far -- but there was an attraction. I saw it, and Victor saw it. And believe me, I know from experience that Victor would never tolerate Nicole even looking sideways at Austin. Oh, her days are numbered... believe me.

Nicole: You're actually giving me my notice?

Victor: In a manner of speaking.

Nicole: Well, you're usually more clever when it comes to protecting Titan's interests.

Victor: Well, it's all for the best. I can see that now.

Nicole: Victor, we still make a great team. You know what I've done for Titan.

Victor: Spare me the sales pitch.

Nicole: You're willing to risk the success of this company because of a broken engagement -- an engagement that never really happened?

Victor: It's all a matter of trust, isn't it, Nicole? Once trust is gone, everything is dead... as dead as you are to me.

Nicole: Victor.. Victor, don't!

Jan: I'm think I'm going to puke. Oh, no. I-it's okay.

Nurse: Hey, would you like to talk to a counselor, a minister?

Jan: About what? The baby's dead. It's over. I don't need any sermons about how everything happens for a reason, I can have other children. I'm never going through that hell again.

Nurse: Dr. Bader says you can go home today.

Jan: Home? [Thinking] I don't have a home. My Mom probably changed all the locks so I can't get back in the house... Not that I'd want to go back there, anyway. I have to find a way to be with Shawn. How can I get him to take me back now that I don't have the baby?

Shawn-D: I was hoping I'd see you.

Mimi: Later, okay? Belle and I are working right now.

Belle: It's okay, Mimi. I'll catch up with you in a little bit.

Mimi: Okay.

Shawn-D: Something's changed, and you need to know.

Jan: Shawn didn't tell you? I live here now.

Belle: Why?

Jan: Why? I am practically family. I am having Shawn's baby -- Mr. and Mrs. Brady's grandchild. So until we can find a place of our own to raise our little son or daughter, this is home sweet home.

Belle: Whatever it is that you have to say, I don't care.

Shawn-D: Wait, stop. It's important. You have to listen.

Hope: No answer.

Bo: He must still be at the hospital with Jan.

Hope: You know, I've been so worried about Shawn -- his reaction to Jan's miscarriage, J.T.'s custody hearing -- that I haven't even given any thought to what Abe and Lexie must be going through.

Bo: They were probably served with the court papers by now.

Hope: So much suffering.

Hope: You know, at least with us, as painful as it is, we have Shawn... and soon we'll have Isaac.

Hope: What will Abe and Lexie have after their son is taken from them?

Bo: Each other.

Hope: Oh, my God, Bo, still, come on. To lose a child this way... Abe and Lexie are going to be going through exactly what we're being put through right now. We know what kind of agony that is.

Bo: We don't have a choice. Isaac is your son. He's been kept from you for too long. He belongs with his mother.

Jan: Shawn?

Belle: Stop following me. You made your choice. Live with it.

Shawn-D: Please listen.

Belle: Shawn, don't.

Jan: Oh, no. They're already getting back together. I've got to figure out a way to stop it.

Belle: Please, leave me alone.

Shawn-D: Everything has changed.

Belle: You're right, it has. From now on, when you see me at school or at .Com or anywhere else, you walk away from me. Pretend that we don't know each other because I don't know you. I never did.

Shawn-D: That's not true.

Belle: If you ever cared for me, Shawn, you will stay away from me... because I want to enjoy the rest of my senior year and the summer and going to college, because I'm going to... without you. And I don't care if I ever see you again.

Hope: No, thanks. Bo, you know, after the DNA test had proven that Isaac was my son and I'd held him for the first time knowing he was mine, there was this -- this closeness, like something inside of me had always known that he was part of me. You know, I can only pray that the Reibers have as much love for J.T. as I know that we have for Isaac.

Bo: We have to trust that they do.

Hope: I just want J.T.

Hope: I'll always love him, Bo. I'll never stop loving him, no matter where he is. I'll always be his mother.

Bo: You gave him life, as much as if you had given birth to him. Because of you, he had a chance to grow strong, feel loved.

Hope: We did that together, Brady. We did it as a family.

Bo: And we'll do the same for Isaac. No matter who his biological father is, I'll be there for him. He's your son, part of you.

Hope: Just to change the subject for a moment, but, Brady, there's something I have to tell you. Now, I don't know if I'm going out of my mind or if it's just all the tension we've been under, but... I've been having more of those memory flashes -- you know, when everything goes white? What? Why aren't you saying anything? Come on, don't tell me you're mad at me because I didn't tell you before.

Bo: No. No, I'm not.

Hope: Then what? What is it? What's wrong?

Bo: If you're going out of your mind, so am I, 'cause I've had those white flashes. It's happening to me, too.

Lucas: So, if the green-eyed monster is running Victor ragged, she could end up in the unemployment line real soon.

Kate: Mm, if she's lucky.

Lucas: Come again?

Kate: Victor doesn't tolerate infidelity in word, deed, or thought. The moment Nicole and Austin lingered too long at that water cooler and Victor saw them, Nicole was as good as dead in his eyes. Nicole better watch her back because there's no telling how far Victor will go to make sure she gets what's coming to her.

Nicole: [Gasps] No! Victor, please!

Victor: Nicole? What the hell is wrong with you? Didn't you hear me?

Nicole: No. Um, I'm sorry. Aren't you here kind of early?

Victor: I want this finished and done with before the rest of the staff gets in.

Nicole: What's the problem?

Victor: You. And there's only one solution.

Nicole: Victor!

Victor: You're fired, Nicole. Nico is waiting outside to escort you from the building. Make him a list of any personal items you want. He'll gather them up later and send them to your apartment.

Nicole: Is that it?

Victor: One more thing. Don't ever show your face around here again.

Nicole: Hey, not so fast, Victor!

Victor: What's your problem? I thought you'd jump at the chance to get out of here and chase after Austin.

Caroline: Whatever Sami did to cause this breakup, my heart goes out to her. Austin was the love of her life.

Roman: Oh, Mom, what I wouldn't give to know what went on in that bride's room while we were waiting for the ceremony to start.

Caroline: How will we ever know if Austin and Sami won't say?

Roman: Well, still, you know, still, there's got to be some way to find out.

Sami: Come here. Yeah, perfect. Now all I have to do is switch this with the number on Austin's door and the delivery guy will bring me the tape instead of Lucas. All clear. Well, I guess Lucas hasn't seen the light of day yet. Lucas.

Lucas: Ah, caught you.

Caroline: If Sami won't tell you anything, how about trying to reach Austin in New York?

Roman: Well, I was going to call him anyway, just to see how he's doing, but I doubt very much that he's going to be anxious to tell us any more than he already has.

Caroline: Well, as hurt as he seemed to be, he's obviously protecting Sami.

Roman: That's my impression, Mom, and that's what worries me.

Caroline: You mean even though Sami's always saying she's changed, that she's mature now and trustworthy, responsible... you think it's really not so?

Roman: That's my fear, yeah. That's my fear, that she's been putting on this great act for Austin's benefit, that she's been playing this role to the hilt of the girl who's turned over a new leaf, whose days of lying and causing trouble for people are far behind her.

Caroline: You think that's all that there is, then -- a performance?

Roman: Exactly, and I'm afraid that this performance -- well, I'm afraid it could be covering up a Sami who's even more screwed up than she was before, even more destructive.

Sami: Lucas, what the hell are you doing scaring me like that?

Lucas: What the hell are you doing, trying to steal my newspaper, huh?

Sami: Oh, that "Spectator's" yours? I didn't know you knew how to read.

Lucas: Oh, nice.

Sami: Okay, well, I'll, um, be going now.

Lucas: Hey, why are you holding that knife in your hand, huh?

Sami: Relax, Lucas. If I was bringing this here to kill you, I'd choose a knife that was a little more lethal.

Lucas: Well, then why are you here?

Sami: Will thinks that he left his video game here -- the one my Mom gave him.

Lucas: Come on.

Sami: Well, I was setting the table, and he was bugging me about it, so here I am. Do you have it?

Lucas: I don't know. I'll look. You don't mind if I don't invite you in? I know will took that video game with him.

Kate: Get rid of her now.

Lucas: I'll handle it.

Sami: Any luck?

Lucas: Nope, sorry. Can't help you. See ya.

Kate: Mnh-mnh. She suspects something. I know she does.

Lucas: What's wrong with you this morning? It's like you're suffering from Sami-itis or something. Here, sit, please. Enjoy your breakfast, okay? There you go.

Sami: I have to get my hands on that tape without making Lucas suspicious.

Lucas: Ah. Poor, unsuspecting Sami. You know, that tape's going to seal her doom. No husband, no child, and when she really starts to unspool, they're going to send her a one-way ticket to the loony bin. Doesn't get any better than this, does it?

Kate: [Thinking] Once we get that tape, I'm going to do a little blackmail of my own. Sami gives me back those photos she has of me or else.

Lucas: Yo, Mom, where'd you go?

Kate: I'm just planning our future. You know, once Sami's out of the way, I'm going to devote myself to getting rid of Nicole once and for all.

Nicole: You're right. I could have gone to New York with Austin. Sami's out of the running. He's a free man now. But I didn't, did I? No, I stayed here with you and Titan. In fact, I've been at my desk since dawn getting this ready to present to you. Silly me.

Victor: I'm not impressed.

Nicole: Fine. Read it when I leave, and kiss Permalash goodbye, because as soon as I walk out that door, I am taking Carl Liszt and his multi-million-dollar account with me.

Victor: Like hell you are.

Nicole: All right. All right. Read it and weep. Carl doesn't want Titan without me here and Austin in New York. It's in his contract. Or maybe we should take our talents across the street to Basic Black. John and I get along great. And then you can have Kate back here at Titan. Wouldn't that be fun? And as far as I'm concerned, you two deserve each other. In fact, you can kill each other, for all I care. Oh these cramps...

Hope: What did you see when you had a white flash?

Bo: It wasn't much, really. It happened at .Com when I took Isaac out of your arms to give him to Lexie. I was holding him, and I-I looked down at him, and just suddenly, everything went white. It only lasted for a second or so.

Hope: This is unbelievable. I-I just assumed that these memories, white flashes, had something to do with my trying to remember who Isaac's biological father was, because it happened every time I was thinking of Isaac, but if you had one, too, Bo...

Bo: Maybe it just means that our connection is getting deeper and stronger.

Hope: I think so. You know, I keep trying to imagine Shawn with Isaac, playing with him the way he plays with J.T., loving him -- not the same way he loves his little brother, of course, because that could never, ever be the same -- but if Shawn was just willing to open up his heart to Isaac, I mean, maybe -- maybe it would help take away some of the pain of losing our sweet J.T. will it do that for us, Brady? Will it make it hurt any less?

[Door opens]

Mimi: I wondered where you'd disappeared to.

Belle: I just need a second, okay, Mimi?

Mimi: I'll kill Shawn for doing this to you.

Belle: I can't go around crying every time I run into him.

Mimi: I should have never left you alone with him. What did he say to you?

Belle: Nothing.

Mimi: Nothing?

Belle: Look, I told him whatever he had to say, I didn't want to hear it.

Mimi: It's about time.

Belle: Look, Mimi, whatever he says to me, it doesn't matter anymore. Let's make a pact, okay?

Mimi: Sure.

Belle: I don't want to talk about Shawn anymore, and I never want to hear her name again.

Mimi: Her as in Jan "the meanest, dumbest, most hateful and disgusting human being Salem has ever known" Spears?

Belle: Never, Mimi. I mean it.

Jan: How can I make Shawn keep caring about me without the baby? [Knock on door]

Jan: Come in.

Shawn-D: Hi.

Jan: Shawn. Thanks for coming.

Shawn-D: I wish I could have been here last night.

Jan: There was nothing you could do... nothing anybody could do.

Shawn-D: I spoke with Dr. Bader. He said you're going to be all right.

Jan: But the baby... I've never felt so alone, Shawn.

Shawn-D: You're not alone. I'm here.

Jan: I couldn't ask anything more from you. I mean, your life's so screwed up already because of me. I'm sorry, Shawn. I am so sorry.

Victor: You don't really think I give a damn about Permalash. Titan is a multinational company. Losing an account like that means nothing to me financially.

Nicole: No, but losing it to John and Basic Black means everything, and you can't let Kate get the upper hand.

Victor: Now, the real question is, how badly do I want to get rid of you?

Nicole: Oh, I think you've made yourself clear on that account.

Victor: [Chuckles] You know, you're at your best when you come out fighting.

Nicole: Because I'm good at what I do, and you know it. We make a great team together. Professionally, anyway. So what's it going to be, huh? Stay or go?

Victor: If I reconsider and keep you on, we're going to be playing under a whole new set of rules, one of which you may not like very much. So unless you're prepared to make some major changes, you might as well just walk out that door and keep on walking.

Roman: Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me, huh?

Bo: No, I kind of figured we'd see you again. Hey, Mom.

Caroline: Ah, Roman told me you were here, and I just wanted to give each of you a hug... to let you know we are thinking of you, praying for you.

Hope: Thank you, Caroline.

Caroline: Ah. If there's anything I can do...

Bo: You'll be seeing a lot of us in the next few weeks.

Caroline: Well, you know, your father and I are here for you anytime.

Bo: Sit down. Join us.

Caroline: Oh, we were on our way out. Roman's giving me a ride to the pub.

Roman: I'll see you at headquarters.

Bo: Yes, you will.

Roman: Okay, let's go, Mom.

Caroline: Okay.

Hope: I'm so grateful for our family. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without them.

Bo: That's where we get our strength -- from the family.

Lucas: If only Sami had money. Then we could use what's on the tape to get custody of Will and sue her for a fortune.

Kate: On what grounds?

Lucas: Grounds? How about fraud?

Kate: Ah. Oh, now that's a lovely thought. You know, sometimes the expectation of something is actually better than getting it, but not this time.

[Telephone rings] [Ring] [Ring] [Ring]

Lucas: Hello?

Sami: [Disguising voice] This is overnight courier. We have a delivery for you. Will there be someone there to sign for it?

Lucas: Oh, yeah, yeah, I'll be here. Any idea when I can expect it?

Sami: It's en route now.

Lucas: Oh, uh, well, thanks. Thanks a lot. Yes! Yes. The tape. The tape is on its way.

Kate: Ha ha ha ha!

Lucas: Give me some skin!

Sami: Yes. That tape is mine. Lucas and Kate will never know what hit them. Then I will be able to get them out of my life for good. Okay. Okay. And the next step will be to take care of that man-stealing slut Nicole.

Nicole: What kind of changes are we talking about?

Victor: First of all, we're not partners. I'm the boss, and you're an employee. When I say jump, you jump. Secondly, all dealings between you and Austin will be strictly professional. All communications will be by phone, fax, or e-mail. There will be no business trips to New York. I won't have you two trashing titan with "Sex and The City." Is that clear?

Nicole: I'll take it into consideration.

Victor: It's now or never.

Nicole: I don't need this job. The $5 million I have will carry me for a long time.

Victor: I know you, Nicole. No matter how much money you have, it's never going to be enough. And you love power almost as much as I do.

Nicole: Ha. Scares you, doesn't it?

Victor: "Excites" would be a more appropriate word.

Nicole: Well... since I know I haven't lost all my charm, we've got a deal, boss man.

Victor: Fine. Get back to work.

Nicole: I don't suppose you'd consider a raise.

Victor: Don't press your luck.

Nicole: Victor, just one more thing. Since this is strictly business, I think you should take this back.

Bo: What are you looking for?

Hope: My cell phone. I want to try Shawn again.

Bo: If he needs us, he'll call us. He and Jan probably have an awful lot to work out. You know what? I got some time before I have to be at work. Why don't you and I go grab J.T., and we'll do something special?

Hope: You know what? I think that's a great idea.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: What do you think about the zoo?

Bo: Perfect.

Hope: Perfect, because I need to see that expression on his little face when he watches the monkeys. The last time that we were there -- it was a couple of weeks ago. You were working, so it was just J.T. and I, and... even then, Bo, I just assumed we'd have so many chances to go to the zoo together, go to so many different places together. And now...

Bo: Now we'll have to make the most of the time we have together. That's all we can do.

Victor: Keep it. Consider it that raise you wanted.

Nicole: Ooh. That's quite a bump in salary.

Victor: Let it be a reminder of everything you're going to be missing out on.

Victor: Now get back to work.

Nico: Is she still standing?

Victor: I certainly hope not.

Nico: Don't worry, boss. I'll drag her out of there before anybody shows up.

Victor: Well, that plan has been put on hold for the moment, Nico. Ms. Walker's going to be staying on with us after all.

Nico: You're kidding.

Victor: Nico, my friend, I haven't had so much fun since I watched Kate slinging hash at the Hudson Street Diner. Ha ha ha ha.

Lucas: Yes, yes! The tape is here!

Kate: At last.

Lucas: Yes! Success is only a few minutes away, and Sami will be out of our lives forever.

Sami: It's here, and it's mine. It's all mine. Come to mama, baby. Sami Brady wins again.

Man: Whoa! Hold the elevator. Hold the elevator.

Roman: Oh. Got it.

Man: Oh, thanks. Man, what a morning.

Roman: What floor?

Man: Uh, 3.

Roman: Same as me.

Man: Huh. You wouldn't by any chance be Austin Reed?

Roman: No, but, uh, I know him real well. I'll sign for that if you want me to.

Belle: Okay. I'm ready to go. Guess I need a little repair work.

Mimi: I didn't tell you I got my college acceptance to my first choice.

Belle: Oh, Mimi. That's great.

Mimi: Salem U. I heard yesterday.

Sami: Congratulations.

Mimi: Actually, it's the only school I applied for. We couldn't afford anything out of state, and Salem U. gave me all the financial aid I applied for.

Belle: I'm really happy for you.

Mimi: What about you?

Belle: Um, actually, I heard yesterday, too. I got into Columbia.

Mimi: Wow. But I guess you got accepted to everywhere you applied.

Belle: I got into a few schools.

Mimi: Salem U.?

Belle: Yeah.

Mimi: Well, that's terrific. But going to New York -- that's so exciting. There's no contest, right?

Belle: I just feel like Columbia could be a new start for me in a new place.

Mimi: You deserve that. I'm really glad for you.

Belle: I just wish things were different. I wish we were all walking into class together next fall like we've always done.

Mimi: Only since kindergarten, but who's counting?

Belle: We'll always be close.

Mimi: Sure. There's e-mail.

Belle: And vacations.

Mimi: And Salem will always be your home.

Belle: I just feel like I need to get away, you know? To forget, or at least try to.

Shawn-D: My parents keep saying that we have to try and accept that we did our best, and that what happened wasn't our fault, okay? This wasn't anybody's fault.

Jan: Yes, it was.

Shawn-D: What?

Jan: This miscarriage wasn't an accident, Shawn. It was Belle's fault. She's the one that made me lose my baby.

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