Days Transcript Monday 4/8/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/8/02 

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[Cellular phone rings]

Shawn-D: [Groans] [Ring] [Ring]

Shawn-D: Hello? [Ring] [Ring]

Shawn-D: Hello?

Belle: Hey, sleepyhead. You're taking me to school, remember?

Shawn-D: Uh, be right there.

Belle: On your feet, Shawn Brady.

Shawn-D: Hey. Come here.

Belle: We don't have time to do this. You're going to be late for school.

Shawn-D: Okay. Okay. But I have an idea. How about after school, we go down to the lake, just the two of us?

Belle: Mm, you better check with Jan first.

Shawn-D: Jan?

Belle: She needs you to take care of her.

Shawn-D: Wait. You're the only one I want to be with.

Belle: It's too late. Jan is having your baby. She needs you. I'm moving on.

Shawn-D: Belle. No Belle. Don't go. Belle. Belle.

Shawn-D: I wish I could make you understand, Belle. All I want is to be with you. Wait for me. Please.

[Knock on door]

Belle: Mom?

Philip: Room service.

Belle: You're up early.

Philip: Well, I figured you probably couldn't sleep after last night's wedding fiasco, so I brought you bagels and coffee.

Belle: Aw, you're the best.

[Birds chirping]

[Doorbell rings]

Brady: Good morning.

Craig: Hey, good morning. Got yourself a new job?

Brady: Oh, yeah, Brady Black Delivery. We do it all.

Craig: Come on in.

Brady: Thank you. How's Chloe feeling today?

Craig: She's doing all right. You can go check on her yourself. She's awake. I got to get the phone.

Brady: It's not ringing.

Craig: Trust me, it will. Every two seconds. I've got a board meeting this morning, and everybody's calling with their two cents, you know, do this, do that, before we get to the table. It's crazy. [Telephone rings]

Craig: See what I mean? [Ring]

Craig: Hello?

Woman: Dr. Wesley, it's Eugenia at the hospital lab.

Craig: Oh, uh... thank you very much for getting back to me so soon. Are the test results back?

Eugenia: Actually, I'm calling about something else. The bombshell in this morning's paper -- things are really crazy here.

Craig: What bombshell? Wait a minute. Wait, wait. What are you talking about?

Chloe: Don't you have to be at work soon?

Nancy: Oh, sweetheart, I am going to stay home and fix you breakfast, and then we can play a game or two of Monopoly, just us girls.

Chloe: Great. [Knock on door]

Nancy: It's Craig. Come on in, sweetheart.

Chloe: Brady.

Nancy: What are you doing here?

Brady: Doughnut delivery.

Chloe: Doughnuts? Perfect.

Nancy: You said you weren't hungry.

Chloe: Well, doughnuts don't count. They're not an actual meal.

Brady: You know what I could do? I could run down to the kitchen and whip up a batch of that herbal tea you like so much.

Nancy: Oh, no, you won't. Not in my kitchen. I'll do it. And Chloe needs her bed rest. It's the doctor's orders.

Brady: Okay, you got it. Wait. Your papers.

Nancy: I'll be right back.

Chloe: Nancy? Thanks for everything.

Nancy: Oh, no. Poor Craig. It is really going to hit the fan today.

Bo: I don't subscribe to this rag. What the hell?

Man: Thanks, detective.

Abe: Damn it. Who the hell could have leaked this?

Celeste: Talking to yourself? Not a good sign, Abraham.

Abe: Take a look.

Celeste: Oh, good heavens. How did the press get ahold of this?

Abe: Well, somebody talked, and whoever it was is going to answer to me.

Lexie: Cameron, this is Lexie Carver. When you get this message, call me. Hope Brady tried to take my baby away from me yesterday, and I need your help. You have to get me a restraining order. If Hope comes anywhere near my baby again, I want her arrested.

Man: Hey, wait a minute.

Bo: Back off.

Man: Come on. Knock it off. You can't do that.

Man #2: What's going on?

Bo: Get this gentleman off of my property.

Man: I'm just trying to do my job.

Bo: He's trespassing. This residence is off-limits to the press.

Man: I'm not the only one after this story.

Bo: Get the hell out of here.

Man: No, you're going to hear from my lawyer!

Bo: Hope?

Bo: Hope.

Bo: Didn't you hear me? Hope. Will you stop what you're doing here for a second? There's something I got to show you. What is going on with you? Why aren't you talking to me?

Hope: Because you know what? I don't trust myself right now.

Bo: This is about yesterday, isn't it?

Hope: You betrayed me, Brady. I never believed that you could hurt me the way that you did, but you -- I don't know that I can get past it.

Shawn-D: Okay, buddy, up and at 'em. It's time to play some ball. Oh. That's right. You're at a sleep-over. I'm sorry, bud. I should have been here yesterday to say goodbye.

Celeste: We can't let Alexandra see this. She's upset enough as it is.

Abe: Yeah. You get rid of all the morning papers. I'm going to track down how the "Intruder" got this story.

Lexie: And, Cameron, do whatever it takes. Just get that restraining order against Hope --

Abe: What the hell are you doing?

Lexie: What?

Abe: Cameron, just forget it. You're going to answer to me.

Lexie: Stop! What, are you determined to see us lose our son?

Abe: You're the one causing the damage here, not me.

Celeste: What is going on?

Lexie: Mom, you saw what Hope did to me yesterday. She was ready to walk off with my son. All I'm doing is trying to find a legal way to stop her.

Abe: By getting a restraining order against your best friend.

Lexie: It's the only way.

Abe: It's not only cruel, it's stupid.

Lexie: I don't even know who you are anymore.

Abe: Because I won't destroy my friends to get what I want?

Lexie: Mom, you were there, okay? You saw how Abe reacted. He was ready to send Isaac home with Hope.

Celeste: Darling, yes, I saw, and I understand your fear --

Lexie: There, there. You see, I'm not the only one with questions about -- what?!

Celeste: Put a sock in it.

Bo: I understand what you're feeling.

Hope: Oh, no, you don't. You don't have a clue, Brady.

Bo: Fancy Face, listen to me.

Hope: No, you don't, Bo. Glen walks out of here with J.T. in his arms, and I'm supposed to accept that because the court says that I have to. You say that I have to. And the son that I gave birth to who's been kept away from me since the day that he was born, he only lives a few minutes from here, and what? I'm not supposed to go and pick him up and hold him close to me and make sure that we're never separated again. Now, why is that? Because the court says that I can't. Well, you know what? To hell with the court. There are two little boys who are getting lost in a bunch of do's and dont's, Bo, that they'll never understand. I don't understand it. My God, I'm -- I'm dying inside. This house was... So empty and painfully silent after J.T. left yesterday. I couldn't stay here. I -- so I left, and when I walked into .Com, there was Isaac -- my son, Bo. My son. If there was any justice at all, my biological son would be here right now with me. I'd be making him cereal, and I'd be planning our day together.

Shawn-D: Mom? What about J.T.?

Hope: Shawn.

Shawn-D: My brother spends one night away from home, and all of a sudden, it's like he's not even your child anymore? You may be ready to let him go, but I am not, okay? I will never let him go.

Belle: Mmm. Bagels and cream cheese. This is the best way to start a day.

Philip: I tell you what -- I bought breakfast. How about you do me a favor?

Belle: Okay. Depends on what it is.

Philip: Belle Black, have I ever told you you're the most beautiful, smart, funny --

Belle: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's the favor?

Philip: You promise me you'll do it?

Belle: Only if it's not one of those "Fear Factor" things like eating bugs or scaling tall buildings.

Philip: No, much less painful. So what do you say? You in?

Brady: Chocolate? I thought a food purist such as yourself would prefer granola or something.

Chloe: No such thing as a granola doughnut.

Brady: How about some music?

Chloe: Opera?

Brady: "La Bohème."

Chloe: Perfect.

Brady: Good. Wait a second. Stealing the last chocolate doughnut behind my back.

Chloe: How was I supposed to know you wanted it?

Brady: How could I not want the last chocolate doughnut? Give that to me.

Chloe: Oh, no.

Brady: Yes.

Chloe: No.

Brady: Yes!

Chloe: No!

Both: [Laughing] [Telephone rings]

Brady: I'll get it.

Chloe: Answer it before they hang up.

Brady: All right, I'll get it, sure, sure, sure. Hello, Chloe's phone.

Belle: Brady? It's 8:00 in the morning. What are you doing in Chloe's bedroom?

Craig: Look, I don't care about their other appointments. You call the hospital attorneys, and you make sure that they are at that board meeting today. Damn.

Nancy: Sweetheart, remember your blood pressure.

Craig: I know, I know. [Telephone rings]

Craig: See? They just keep --

Nancy: Don't answer the phone. Let them yell at voice mail.

Craig: You know what? No coffee. Just a hug, please.

Nancy: Oh, baby. Come on. How bad is this hospital scandal? I mean, do you think the Horton's will use it against you and try to bring you down?

Craig: Why, are you planning on leaving me if I ever become unemployed and penniless?

Nancy: Don't test me.

Craig: Yeah? [Pager beeps]

Craig: Uh-huh. I'm going to get this one. Damn.

Nancy: I am going to go fix breakfast for Chloe, and then I'm going to throw Brady Black out.

Craig: Hey, wait a minute. He may be the best medicine for her right now. Don't forget that.

Nancy: Not in my book.

Craig: Nancy --

Nancy: Love you.

[Telephone rings]

Eugenia: Lab. Good morning.

Craig: It's Dr. Wesley. Are those results back?

Eugenia: You left instructions that are going to take time for me --

Craig: Look, these tests are a priority. Her treatment depends on them.

Eugenia: I understand, but --

Craig: No, just get it done. Call me as soon as they're in. Thank you.

Bo: You think it's rough on you not having J.T. around? It doesn't compare to what your mother's going through. It's breaking her heart not having her little boy here.

Shawn-D: I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry. I was out of line. Just seeing his crib up there all empty... Mom, Mom.

Hope: Seeing Glen walk out of this house with J.T. in his arms, and then to have Isaac taken out of my arms yesterday --

Shawn-D: What? What is she talking about?

Bo: There was an incident at .Com yesterday. Your mother was holding Isaac, Lexie demanded him back, the police were called, Abe and I showed up --

Shawn-D: You're kidding me.

Bo: And now our private hell has turned into a public circus.

Shawn-D: What?

Bo: Complete with headlines.

Hope: What headlines? What are you talking about?

Bo: Someone's talked to the tabloids.

Hope: What? Let me see that. Oh, my God. Oh... this filthy rag! [Crash]

Hope: Great. Great, now I just have a mess and nothing to give to J.T.

Shawn-D: No, no, no, no, I got it, okay?

[Knock on door]

Bo: If that's another reporter --

Shawn-D: No, Dad. Dad, I'll get it.

Bo: You stay put.

Shawn-D: Okay.

Bo: What's going on? Why are you coming in the back way?

Woman: The media's all over the place out front.

Man: We wanted to avoid any more trouble.

Barb: Yeah, what's with the barricades around the house?

Bo: To protect my family. You two, follow me.

Hope: Why is he all covered up?

Glen: It's okay. They didn't want any of those leeches out there getting a picture of him.

Hope: I'll take him. Please.

Shawn-D: You heard her. Give him back.

Glen: Back off, kid.

Shawn-D: J.T. is her son, not yours, so give him back to us or I will give those tabloids out there something else to write about.

Philip: What the hell is Brady up to now?

Brady: Do I hear a guy in your room?

Belle: I asked you first. Why are you in Chloe's bedroom?

Chloe: Who is it?

Brady: It's Belle.

Chloe: Ooh, ask her how the wedding went.

Brady: Who cares?

Belle: I heard that. Brady, just answer my question.

Brady: All right. Chloe wasn't feeling well this morning, so I came over with a doughnut cure.

Belle: Chloe's sick. Brady's visiting.

Philip: And you believe that?

Belle: Shh. God.

Chloe: Ask her about the wedding.

Brady: Okay. The wedding first. Tell me about the wedding.

Belle: Uh, there was no wedding.

Brady: What? You mean Austin finally wised up?

Belle: That's not funny, Brady. I will give you all the details when I get home. Let me talk to Chloe.

Brady: Okay. Take care of yourself.

Philip: Is Chloe okay?

Belle: She's eating doughnuts. How bad can she be?

Chloe: Hi, Belle. Sorry about the wedding.

Philip: Is she asking about me?

Chloe: Belle?

Belle: Oh, hi, sorry. I'm here. How are you? What's wrong?

Chloe: Oh, I'm okay. I just got dizzy. It's no big deal, but Nancy went into a panic. You know how she is.

Philip: Hey, what's going on?

Belle: Shh. Do you want me to go see if I can find Philip? You guys could talk for a while.

Chloe: No, it's okay. I'll just talk to him when he gets back.

Belle: You're sure you don't want to talk to him?

Chloe: Yeah, positive. It's sweet that you called. All right, take care, Belle. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Brady: Nice going.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Brady: Philip obviously set up that phone call, and you didn't fall for it. I'm proud of you.

Lexie: Has Abe turned you against me, too?

Abe: Nobody's against you, Lexie.

Celeste: Of course not. Darling, Isaac's a part of you as if you had given birth to him. No one blames you for wanting to hold onto him, Alexandra. But Abraham is right. The courts are going to see all this differently.

Lexie: Isaac is my son. No court is going to tell me he's not.

Abe: He's our son.

Lexie: Then help me, Abe. Fight with me, not against me.

Abe: Well, then, there are certain things you have to trust me to handle.

Lexie: What kinds of things?

Abe: That, for starters.

Lexie: Oh, my God.

Celeste: We weren't going to show it to you, darling.

Lexie: Why not? It's the truth.

Abe: Lexie, that kind of press can only hurt us.

Lexie: No, it'll hurt the hospital, not us.

Celeste: Abraham, do you think that's where it came from, from some spiteful hospital employee?

Abe: No. There's too much detail in the reporting. I mean, only somebody close to us would know facts like those.

Celeste: I'm getting a bad feeling about this... a real bad feeling.

Shawn-D: Give J.T. back to my Mother.

Glen: Are you threatening me?

Hope: Come on. Please don't upset the baby.

Bo: I'll handle this.

Glen: Yeah, you can start by putting a leash on that kid of yours.

Bo: Look... we know you're upset. So's my family. J.T.'s home now, so we'll take it from here.

Glen: Let's just get one thing straight. J.T. is not Hope's son. He's mine.

Hope: This is his home.

Barb: For now.

Hope: Please give him to me.

Glen: Just a minute.

Hope: Wait a minute. Where's Ms. Burns, the social worker? Why isn't she here with you?

Barb: She had an appointment, and she trusted Glen to bring J.T. back on his own.

Bo: Okay, sure. Of course she did. Thanks for taking such good care of him. Hey, buddy. How are you, huh? We sure did miss you.

Hope: Yes, we did. Here, come to mama. Oh, baby. Hey, baby.

Bo: Hey, you can leave now.

Glen: Look, I just think you should know that I spoke with my lawyer this morning. I mean, I love J.T. a lot. This visitation stuff is not just cutting it. I need full custody, and I'm not going to stop until I get it.

Philip: I should have called her myself instead of getting you to do it.

Belle: You know Chloe cares about you, Philip. If she didn't, she wouldn't have had anything to do with you after she found out about you and Cynthia.

Philip: I'm just glad she didn't see that video. I owe you big time for destroying it. But, oh, wait, you didn't destroy it, did you?

Belle: Look, I already told you that I didn't destroy it, and I also said that I'm sorry.

Philip: Just tell me you know where it is.

Belle: Philip, calm down, okay? It's safe. Chloe's not going to see it.

Philip: But it's in your house, Belle!

Belle: What is the difference?

Philip: The difference is that your brother lives there, too, and he could have found it. He could be showing it to Chloe right this minute.

Chloe: Brady, why can't you give Philip a break?

Brady: Not when he keeps trying to pull a fast one on you.

Chloe: He and I are still working things out, but we're going to get past that in time.

Brady: Chloe, that is such a load of bull, and you know it.

Chloe: Brady --

Brady: You haven't forgiven Philip, and you never will.

Craig: No. No press releases to anyone. Just call security and get the media thrown out. We are running a hospital, not an information center.

Nancy: Craig!

Craig: What?

Nancy: Sweetheart, there was a newspaper reporter looking through the kitchen window.

Craig: A-are you all right? Are you serious?

Nancy: I chased him off with a rolling pin.

Craig: Why do I not doubt that? You are a nut. Oh, God. Let me make sure he didn't backtrack, okay? [Telephone rings]

Nancy: It's okay. I just winged him a little bit. I'll get it.

Craig: Hey, no.

Nancy: Why can't I get it?

Craig: I-I don't know. Just let it go. I mean, we're so crazy here with everything going on. Let the service pick it up, okay?

Nancy: It's about Chloe, isn't it? You have been hiding something from me all morning. Now, I want to know what it is.

Celeste: You know, I wonder what motivated the person who leaked this out to the press.

Lexie: Money, probably. Don't those scandal sheets pay big bucks?

Celeste: Possibly. Or it could be revenge, someone out to get Bo and Hope, huh?

Abe: All right. Thank you. Yeah. [Hangs up phone]

Abe: Well, the "Intruder" refuses to name their source. But I've assigned an officer to keep investigating. We're going to find this person, and I'm going to throw the book at him -- or her.

Lexie: Well, you two can stand around here playing mind games all you want, but I am going to fight for Isaac, even if you won't. And don't tell me I can't, Abe. I am so sick of hearing that. I'm going to do this my way before I lose my son forever.

Abe: Lexie! Lex!

Celeste: Abraham, let her go. Let her go.

Hope: Wh-- thank you. Going for custody?

Glen: Look, I wanted to tell you myself before you heard it from the court.

Shawn-D: We're J.T.'s family, and we always will be.

Glen: Look, I want to do this in the way that's best for J.T. You got to face the fact that he's my son, and he's going to be with me full time.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Okay. You've made your point. You can go now.

Barb: Come on, Glennie, let's get out of here.

Glen: All right. Hey, little guy, just remember -- your daddy always loves you, huh?

Hope: Please don't do this to him, Glen.

Glen: Look, I'm sorry, but you should just make the most of the time you have left with him.

Philip: Maybe that's why Brady's at Chloe's. He's taking her the video, Belle!

Belle: No way. Even if Brady had the video in his hands, which I'm sure he doesn't, he would come to me before doing anything.

Philip: Not if he has the hots for Chloe.

Belle: Oh, right, he's going to try and win her over by showing her a video that's going to hurt her. That's crazy.

Philip: Damn, I wish I weren't so far away. Brady may have already turned Chloe against me for good.

Chloe: Look, I'd rather not talk about Philip.

Brady: Fine. Let's talk about you.

Chloe: Mr. Scintillating.

Brady: I'm always in the mood for a little scintillation. [Both laugh]

Chloe: I don't even know why you hang out with me. I mean, I already ruined your evening by ending up in the E.R.

Brady: Yeah, that was a real drag, wasn't it? It's a real mood-killer, Chloe. And look at you playing it for everything that it's worth, still laying here in bed.

Chloe: I hate being treated like an invalid. And Nancy is the worst.

Brady: She's your mother. What do you expect? Chloe, are you sure you're okay?

Chloe: Positive. If you need any proof, just look at Craig. He's not worried. He's being totally cool about this, and he's a doctor. So you and Nancy can just relax. I'm fine.

Craig: Well, you did your job. You chased him away. No reporter.

Nancy: Craig, I need to know the truth about Chloe. She's going to be all right, isn't she?

Craig: Oh, Nancy, of course she is. She's on antibiotics, she's getting a lot of bed rest, and that, along with a heavy dose of TLC -- she's going to be just fine, sweetie.

Nancy: You would tell me if it was something serious, wouldn't you?

Craig: Of course I would. [Telephone rings] [Ring]

Nancy: Then it's okay if I get that? [Ring]

Craig: Knock yourself out. Go ahead. Be my guest. Just, you know, be prepared that every department head's calling today, and they are up in arms. [Ring]

Nancy: That I can handle. Hello? Good morning. [Man yelling]

Nancy: Why, yes, Dr. Cooper. Yes, yes, Craig is here. You can speak with him. I think he's read the headlines.

Craig: Mm-hmm. I'm sure he has. Thank you. Hi, Donald.

Bo: Yeah, that's what he said.

Shawn-D: So, when you get up from your nap, buddy, these jiggly things will be waiting for you.

Hope: Thanks, honey.

Bo: Okay. Bye.

Shawn-D: No problem.

Hope: What did Mickey say?

Bo: He'll return our call as soon as Cameron Reese gets ahold of him.

Hope: We can't let Glen do this to us, Bo.

Bo: Why don't we just enjoy being a family right now, okay?

Hope: I'm going to take J.T. upstairs, read him a story.

Bo: All right.

Shawn-D: Hey, Dad, you think if we offered Glen money --

Bo: I did not hear that.

Shawn-D: There has to be some way to stop him.

Bo: If there is, we'll do it legally. Like it or not, Glen's a decent guy. He obviously loves J.T. He wants to do what's best for him.

Shawn-D: You're caving.

Bo: No, I'm not. I'm facing the facts, and tough as it is, you got to do the same thing. You're not a kid anymore. You're an adult, and you got to start acting like one. I mean, blowing up at him, threatening him -- that's not helping us. It's hurting us.

Shawn-D: I couldn't help it, all right? I hate what this is doing to Mom.

Bo: Well, you got to remember, she's not only terrified about losing J.T., she's worried as hell about Isaac and you and your baby. Come on, man, we got to be strong for her.

Shawn-D: I hear you. I'll try to control my anger when I'm around Glen. Just all I care about is keeping J.T. here with us, so I need to hear from you that you're gonna make that happen.

Bo: I'm sorry, son. I can't guarantee that. The courts are in control. At this point, it's pretty much out of our hands.

Hope: Well, honey, there you go. You've got all your toys back home again. Yeah. You have your bunny here, and your Dookie bear that you love. You know, mommy loved this, too, when she was little. What's this? A giraffe. Where did you get this, J.T.? Oh. Glen. Well, there's an awful lot of new things in your life, isn't there, sweetheart? Yeah. Well, you know what? We're your family, your only family -- daddy, Shawn, and I -- and we love you, J.T., and we need you. And you know what else? Huh? So does your brother. [Drops picture]

Hope: What's happening to me?

Brady: How about something a little bit lighter than "La Bohème," huh? Chloe, what are you doing?

Chloe: I need a change of scenery. Could you take me for a drive like we did last summer?

Brady: There is no way your mother's letting you walk out that door, especially not with me.

Chloe: Well, we had fun last summer, didn't we?

Brady: Chloe, we always have fun... When you're not annoying.

Chloe: Okay, get out of here. I need to get dressed.

Brady: Oh, that was real graceful, Chloe.

Chloe: Must be all the sugar or something.

Brady: You know what? I can't take this. I got to get Nancy.

Chloe: No, no, no. If you do, I will never speak to you again. I just -- I need a glass of water or something.

Brady: Don't do anything while I'm gone.

Chloe: Okay, I'll be good.

Chloe: Oh, my God, how did I get that? Must have been when I fell off the swing. I don't remember it before. That's funny.

Brady: Chloe, you know, Craig should really know about this.

Chloe: Brady, no, it's nothing. You're not going to say anything to anybody. Promise?

Nancy: Craig.

Craig: Hmm? Hey, honey.

Nancy: I know you have a lot on your mind. I -- I'm really sorry that I sounded off earlier. I know you wouldn't keep anything from me, especially about my little girl.

Craig: Of course I wouldn't, sweetie. Taking the tea to Chloe?

Nancy: I'm on my way up. But you need to eat some of those strawberries or a croissant.

Craig: I will. I promise you.

Nancy: Okay. I love you.

Craig: I love you, too.

Craig: Hi. It's Dr. Wesley again. Are those test results back? They are? Wh-what are the counts? Oh, my God. How can that be? Th-th-- those are too low. All right, um... All right, just do me a favor. Run the test again so we can make sure we have the correct readout and call me as soon as you get those test results back, okay? And... whatever you do, please do not call me on this phone. Use my pager. Thank you. [Sighs] It's got to be the antibiotics that are affecting her test results. It's got to be Chloe's antibiotics.

Philip: Don't you understand? Until that video is destroyed, there is no future for me and Chloe -- none. It's like a bomb waiting to go off.

Belle: At least you can have a future with Chloe... If you don't do something stupid to blow it. Shawn and I don't have that chance. His future is with Jan... and their baby.

Lexie: Give him to me, Bo. Give me my baby.

Abe: Lexie, Lexie, he will, he will. Don't worry. Bo will give him to you.

Hope: Bo... My baby. My baby, please, Bo.

Bo: What the hell was that about? First Hope, now me.

[Telephone rings] [Ring]

Bo: Brady. Yeah, hey, Mickey. Thanks for calling back so soon. Damn! Yeah, that's what we were afraid of. What the hell do we do now?

Shawn-D: Hey. I thought he might want this.

Hope: Oh, thank you, honey. I see you left your baseball and mitt here, huh?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Hope: Take this, sweetie.

Shawn-D: Yeah. I thought he might want to get the feel of having it around. 'Cause you know he's got baseball in his blood, right, Mom? I can just tell. I can't wait till we get out there and start practicing, though.

Hope: Yeah.

Shawn-D: We got the makings of a first-rate shortstop, don't we? Don't we? Come here. Give me a kiss.

Hope: Next summer, maybe.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Hope: Don't you worry, honey. We're all going to be together, always. I know that. Come here.

Shawn-D: Hey.

Hope: What's wrong?

Bo: Mickey called. Glen meant what he said. We have to meet at the judge's chambers.

Hope: When?

Bo: This afternoon. Hey, little man. What you got? Whoa-ho.

Abe: Bo and Hope are in the same kind of emotional turmoil that we are. They're fighting to keep Glen from getting custody of J.T. He's the little boy that they've loved as their own child.

Celeste: Abraham, do they stand a chance of winning?

Abe: Look, every legal precedent in this state says no. They're going to lose J.T. to his biological father.

Celeste: The same legal precedents that work in favor for J.T.'s father is going to work in Hope's as Isaac's biological parent.

Abe: Yeah. Lexie doesn't want to believe that. She thinks there's something she can do to stop Hope from taking Isaac.

Celeste: But there isn't.

Abe: I'm going to do everything legally and ethically I can to hold on to that little boy. Facts are facts. You know, the time is coming when Lexie is just going to have to accept that.

Lexie: [Gasps]

Lexie: I have to be sure I can trust you.

Man: The stakes are pretty high for me, too. I can get sued big time if what you're handing me turns out to be a line of bull.

Lexie: Oh, it's the truth. Every word.

Lexie: Hope Brady's personal history -- her affairs, amnesia, the whole sad truth about her dysfunctional family, including her teenage son who just got an underage girl knocked up.

Man: The public loves this stuff.

Lexie: Well, it's time everyone found out what kind of low-life family the Brady's really are. No judge will take my baby away from me, not after they read this.

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