Days Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/26/02  USA

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Mimi: What, no Jan? Where is the little mother, anyway?

Shawn: Belle told you?

Mimi: How could you do this to her, Shawn? She's devastated. She loved you, trusted you.

Shawn: And you know what? I love her, Mimi.

Mimi: Nice way of proving it -- having sex with another girl and getting her knocked up!

Shawn: I didnít. Okay? I didnít.

Jan: "And they lived happily ever after. The end." Well, that's it for the storybook. Now, what do you want to do? Okay. Oh! You want to play ball? Okay, but don't throw it on the floor. I won't go run around and get it everywhere, okay? Catch! Yay! Not on the floor. One more time. Don't throw it on the floor this time, though, okay?

J.T.: Okay.

Jan: Okay. You ready? Catch. J.T. Guess you don't want to play ball then, huh?

Bo: You think J.T.'s okay alone in there with Jan?

Hope: If he's not, he'll holler.

Bo: Yeah. He is good at getting what he wants.

Hope: Oh, he most certainly is... especially when it comes to his big brother. I mean, all J.T. has to do is just frown a tiny little bit and Shawn is right there beside him -- "What do you want, J.T.? What can I get you? Milk, cookies, juice?"

Bo: The thing is, Shawn doesn't seem to be concerned at all about Jan and this baby she's carrying.

Hope: Because it's not real to him yet, and J.T. is. You know, I can only imagine what this is going to do to him, Bo, if the courts decide against us.

Bo: All we talk about is J.T., which is understandable. We've raised him. We love him. We always will. But we do have to discuss Isaac.

Hope: Oh, I want my son -- my biological son -- as much as Glen wants his. I know exactly what this is doing to Abe and Lexie -- the thought of losing Isaac.

Bo: What do you mean?

Hope: Abe and Lexie, Bo -- he's their son. They waited so long for him. They love him as much as we love J.T. So how do I ask them to give up that little boy when I know it's going to tear them apart?

Lexie: Whoo! Oh, Isaac, there goes a daddy car. See the police shield on the door? Hmm? Uh-oh! Daddy's car is running out of gas. Better get it to the station. [Imitates car engine] Hey, buddy, fill 'er up! Fill 'er up, Isaac. Oh, sweetheart, Mommy and Daddy will always be here for you. You know that, don't you? Hmm? And no one will ever take you away from me, no matter what I have to do to stop them. I promise you that.

Abe: I hope you don't really mean that.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: Hello!

John: Hey.

Marlena: Did you think I'd gotten lost?

John: No, no. So, how is the bride-to-be?

Marlena: Oh, my goodness, she's a nervous wreck. Down at the beauty parlor, getting her hair done. I stopped, got the airline tickets. Not long now. And, to quote Sami, "she's the happiest girl in the world, she's marrying the man she's always loved, and going off to a dream honeymoon in Hawaii!"

John: Hawaii?

Marlena: Yeah. Didn't you know?

John: No, no. No. No.

Marlena: What's the matter?

John: Sweetheart, when am I ever going to feel right about us? When am I ever going to stop feeling like I don't deserve you?

Marlena: John, please, no more guilt. Haven't you suffered enough?

John: Me? No, let's not talk about me. Let's talk about what this has done to you, okay?

Marlena: Do you know how blessed I feel to have you in my life? Why would I dwell on something you had done, over which you had no control?

John: You're right. You wouldnít. I guess what I need to know is that --

Marlena: Do I harbor any resentment? Yes, I do. But not towards you and Hope. You were both victims.

John: Victims? What I need to know is, in time, do you think you can just forget?

Marlena: No. I can't forget it. I never will forget it.

Mimi: I knew it couldn't be true! I told Belle there was no way you'd go anywhere near Jan, let alone -- aah! I don't even want to say it. What? What are you looking at? Shawn, you just said you did not get Jan pregnant, right?

Shawn: Okay, could you just keep your voice down?

Mimi: Isn't that what you said?

Shawn: Th-that's not what I meant.

Mimi: It's not what you --

Shawn: What I meant was that I wish it never happened, okay? 'Cause I love Belle. I really do.

Mimi: Okay. So, how did it happen? Were you drunk? Did you take a few shots of that rum Jason was carrying around on the island?

Shawn: No. No, I didnít.

Mimi: Come on, Shawn, you can tell me. I know how Jan operates.

Shawn: This isn't Jan's fault, I swear.

Mimi: Why are you defending her? You're going to lose Belle, screw up your senior year -- not to mention your future!

Shawn: Knock it off, okay?

Mimi: Whatever.

Shawn: Whoa, hold on. Hold on. Don't go. I'm sorry.

Mimi: I know you, Shawn, but you and Jan? It doesn't compute.

Shawn: Like I said, I wish it never happened, but it did, and I have to take responsibility 'cause we're talking about a baby here who's just asking for a chance, who deserves a shot at life.

Mimi: Same as J.T. did?

Shawn: Right. Why are you looking at me like that?

Mimi: Belle told me about J.T.'s biological father showing up and trying to get custody of him, which made me feel really sad for you.

Shawn: Don't be 'cause I'm not going to let that happen.

Mimi: But if the court says you have to --

Shawn: Family comes first. I don't give a damn what the courts say.

Mimi: Mm-hmm. And if I know Jan, she's using your feelings for J.T. to get what she wants.

Shawn: What are you talking about?

Mimi: One thing I'm an expert on is Jan Spears, and I'm sure she's telling you not to worry because if you lose J.T., pretty soon you'll have another baby around to take his place.

Hope: I want both my sons, Brady. I want the one that I gave birth to and the one that I raised. My god... to tear Isaac away from Abe and Lexie? You know, it's just -- the hypocrisy of hating what Glen and Barb are doing to us, and then what -- we turn around and do exactly the same thing to Abe and Lexie?

J.T.: [Crying]

Bo: Uh-oh.

Jan: Mrs. Brady? I need you!

Hope: Coming!

Jan: What's the matter, J.T.?

Bo: What happened?

Jan: I don't know. He just started crying and fussing. I didn't mean to upset him!

Hope: Well, he's probably just hungry. Hey, big guy, let's get you some cereal, huh?

Jan: Uh, do you think he'd mind if I feed him? I mean, I've seen Shawn do it, so I know how much to give him and all, and I could cut up a banana, just like Shawn does. Oh, don't worry. I'll make sure to buckle him into his highchair, too.

Hope: Uh...okay. Um, fine. You know what? Thanks.

Jan: Let's go eat.

Hope: She's awfully solicitous of J.T., isnít she?

Bo: Yeah. I think she's trying to win us over, make a good impression. She wants us to like her.

Hope: Yeah, well, you know what? I donít. I know. I'm sorry. That's not very big-hearted of me, but all I can think of is Belle... and how much in love she and Shawn were -- seemed to be.

Bo: Even if Belle weren't in the picture, it doesn't seem like Jan's the type of girl that Shawn would want to be with.

Hope: Why would he say he's the father of her baby if it weren't true?

Bo: I don't know. Problem is, all the guessing and wondering is -- it's not doing us any good, is it?

Hope: No. No, it's not. He's our son and we're going to stand by him, no matter what.

Bo: matter what.

Lexie: Funny -- you look so comfortable sitting there with your son on your lap. It's so paternal.

Abe: And why is that funny?

Lexie: Ah, yes. Deceiving -- that's the word I should have used.

Abe: Don't do this, Lexie.

Lexie: What am I doing? You're the one who wants to just hand our son over to Bo and Hope.

Abe: I didn't say that I want to. I just think there are limits to what we can do to keep him.

Lexie: Well, not for me. There are no limits where my son is concerned.

[Doorbell rings]

Lexie: Oh, finally. Now we're going to find out just how willing you are to protect your son.

Shawn: You don't know what you're talking about. Jan's baby could never take the place of J.T., okay? 'Cause nothing could just make up for losing my brother.

Mimi: I'm just saying --

Shawn: Well, don't! Okay? 'Cause it's wrong.

Mimi: So is the thought of you being with Jan. None of this makes any sense.

Shawn: I know I hurt Belle, okay? But I have to do the right thing. I got to make sure Jan's baby has a shot at life 'cause something good has got to come out of all this mess. I've got to go. I got stuff to do.

Jason: Hey, what's up, Shawn? Run me over, why don't ya? Hey, what's up with Shawn? He doesn't say, "Hi," anymore?

Mimi: I figured you were going to flatten him.

Jason: Why would I flatten him?

Mimi: You don't care that he got your girlfriend pregnant?

Jason: Wh-what do you mean? What are you talking about?

Mimi: Oh, my God, you didn't know?

Jason: This isn't funny, Mimi.

Mimi: Sorry, Jason, it's for real. Jan and Shawn did it on the island, and now she's going to have his baby. Well, for once you're speechless.

Jason: All these months she's been avoiding me. She wouldn't let me touch her. She wouldn't return my calls.

Mimi: How could she have not told you?

Jason: I don't know, Mimi. I know one thing -- I'm going to kill that bastard, Shawn.

Mimi: Jason, no! No!

Hope: Yes, we have to stand by him and the girl, but thing is, Brady, is when does it end? Hmm? I mean, it would be one thing if we thought that Shawn was in love with this girl, if they had been involved for a long time. But, I mean... what if it was Belle? No, no. Even then, a baby at their age... it's almost impossible to feel anything but sad, and I don't want to feel that because I know the two of them are going through a tough enough time as it is, Brady.

Bo: Hope, you're putting too much pressure on yourself. Supporting our son -- that's one thing. Doesn't mean we have to like it. How can we?

Hope: You know, I think about the irony of it -- I mean, here are two kids who didn't want any of this, so instead of a pregnancy bringing them joy, it's just this terrible burden -- something they have to deal with, get through. And then on the other hand, we have Abe and Lexie, who have tried for so long and so hard to have a child, and now they have that child, and... Bo, they have that little boy that they waited so long for... and he's mine. He's my little boy.

Rolf: Cameron Reese.

Abe: What the hell?

Lexie: Cameron.

Cameron: Good to see you, too, Abe.

Lexie: Uh, thanks for coming over so soon. Um, Rolf, would you take Isaac upstairs, have Eliana put him down for his nap?

Rolf: I will read the little gentleman a story myself.

Abe: All right. Here you go, big guy. See you later, huh? Okay. Okay. Got the cookies? Ha ha ha.

Abe: All right... one of you start talking.

Lexie: Abe, we talked about this before -- having Cameron handle our case. I asked her to come over and discuss what her strategy would be, should we decide to hire her.

Abe: So, let's hear it.

Cameron: Well, I don't have to tell you how complicated this case is, Abe. I'm going to have to bring in all kinds of experts to testify, and it's going to cost.

Lexie: Money's no problem. My father will pay for everything.

Cameron: Yes, so you've said. And his unlimited resources will allow my office the freedom to investigate, and to really dig deep for the kind of information we need.

Abe: And exactly what kind of digging are you talking about?

Cameron: To get whatever it takes to totally discredit Bo and Hope Brady in court.

John: If you can't forget what -- what happened between Hope and me... oh...Doc, come on.

Marlena: John, of course I can't forget, but that's okay.

John: I-I don't understand. How can it be okay?

Marlena: Look, in time, the pain will subside, and hopefully, eventually, one day there will be no pain at all.

John: "Hopefully"? "Eventually?" Sweetheart, that isn't good enough.

Marlena: You listen to me. We've got too much to be grateful for. To immerse ourselves in problems that are behind us, especially since there is -- there's no baby, there's no reminder. I-I worked very hard every single day to get past this, and every single day, I get closer and closer, but you punish yourself with the same intensity, the same level of guilt. I mean, why is that? Why do you do that?

John: I guess I hold on to it in part because of our daughter, Belle. That's why. That's why I hold on to this guilt here. I don't know. I think it's my infidelity that has caused her not to trust me anymore. I-I know it is. I don't have any idea how to reach out to her, Doc. I mean, especially now, when she herself is dealing with a betrayal. I mean, how do I comfort her? How do I -- wh-what can I possibly say to her without sounding like a hypocrite?

Marlena: All right. Then for Belle's sake, there's only one thing we can do.

Abe: If you're planning to build a case by trashing our closest friends, you can leave now.

Cameron: Wait a minute. The facts speak for themselves. Even my preliminary research shows that Hope Brady suffers from an addiction which is just as serious as drug or alcohol addiction.

Abe: What the hell are you talking about?

Cameron: Promiscuity.

Abe: What?

Cameron: First, she slept with the husband of one of her best friends. Now, John Black didn't turn out to be the father of her baby, but she certainly thought he was. And this is information that she kept secret from her husband for over a year. Now it turns out that she slept with some other man, a man she doesn't even remember, a man who is the actual father of her child, and my guess is, there was probably more than just one --

Abe: Oh, you know, that's enough, that's enough!

Lexie: Abe, it's a possibility. We have to face it.

Cameron: J.T.'s biological mother, Marlo, had her problems with addiction. Well, Hope Brady has hers -- sexual addiction. It's all documented in all the psychological literature, and I am sure that we will have no problem finding expert witnesses. Now, I've also gone ahead and hired a private detective to do a little investigating.

Abe: What?

Lexie: Abe, please. What did he turn up?

Cameron: Well, for one thing, Shawn Brady has impregnated an underage girl out of wedlock; a girl who is already on probation with the juvenile court.

Abe: How do you know about her probation? Juvenile court records are sealed.

Cameron: I represented Miss Spears in that case.

Abe: Well, so much for client confidentiality.

Cameron: In just a few months, Jan will give birth to Hope and Bo's bastard grandchild. Now, Abe, even you must admit that is not a healthy atmosphere for little Isaac to be raised in.

Lexie: Are you absolutely certain this information is accurate?

Cameron: I'll send you the investigator's report.

Lexie: Oh, no, that won't be necessary.

Abe: It certainly won't be.

Cameron: Well, perhaps I shall leave the two of you alone to discuss this. But, uh, you know where to reach me when you decide. Let me assure you, though, you have an excellent case. [Laughs] You just say the word, and I'll slam the Bradyís custody suit right out of the ballpark!

Abe: We won't be needing your services after today.

Lexie: No, no, wait a minute.

Abe: No! Goodbye, Cameron.

Hope: Remember when J.T... got this? Gram went all over town looking for one exactly like the one I had when I was little.

Bo: Yeah, I remember.

Hope: I feel so guilty.

Bo: Why?

Hope: Because the way I was talking before about Jan and this baby. Shawn's baby, too, presumably. I was so cold about it.

Bo: Like I said before, you can't pressure yourself too much. Hey, look at me. We're both having a hard time accepting this, much less feeling all warm and cozy about it. So cut yourself a break, okay?

Jan: No, no, J.T. Don't!

Bo: Now what?

Jason: Damn you, you filthy son of a --

Shawn: Jason, no!

Jason: I know what you did! Pretending to be Jan's friend -- you're getting it on with her the whole time!

Shawn: No! Jason, stop it!

Jason: Get off! You ruined Jan's life!

Shawn: No, I didn't!

Jason: Now you're going to pay.

Shawn: God, Jason! I don't want to hurt you!

Jason: Why'd you do it, Shawn?

Shawn: It's not like you think!

Jason: Well, she's pregnant, right? With your kid!

Jan: There is banana and cereal everywhere.

Hope: It's all right.

Jan: It is gross.

Bo: Come here, Big Guy. Yeah.

Jan: I just set down the bowl in front of him and turned around for a second.

Hope: Oh, dear.

Jan: He was throwing food everywhere.

Hope: Well, I-I... he starts to play with his food when he's done with it, aren't you, sweetheart?

Bo: Yeah. You know what? I'm going to go get him cleaned up.

Jan: Oh, I could do that.

Bo: No.

Hope: No, that's --

Bo: I got it handled.

Jan: You're angry with me, aren't you?

Hope: No. Of course not. Here. Give this to me. Look, if I had given you better instruction, or any instructions at all, you would've had a much easier time of it. Oh, dear. Uh, believe me, I've definitely worn my share of bananas.

Jan: This is about the only shirt that still fits me.

Hope: I'll wash it for you, okay?

Jan: Ech! My hair! Yuck!

Hope: You know what? I think you'll feel a lot better once you've changed.

Jan: Changed into what?

Hope: Let me know if I can help, okay? Well, that went really well.

Lexie: What, what, this is how you're going to protect our son, by throwing out our attorney?

Abe: She's not our attorney. I'm putting a stop to this right now. You know, I always knew you were greedy. But somewhere along the line, you just started to play fast and loose with the law.

Cameron: Careful, Abe. Accusations like that can cost you.

Abe: What are you up to? You want to stick it to the Brays because you still have it in for Roman?

Cameron: I'm interested in taking a case and winning. That's my job. I owe it to my clients. And I don't need to take any abuse from you, commander carver!

Lexie: Wait, wait, wait. Don't go.

Cameron: No, no, listen, I came here to help. But if that's not wanted --

Abe: It's not. What the hell happened to you, Cameron? You know, there was a time when you really did care. You were a damn good attorney. But now you just give your profession a bad name. So you just get out of here! Or I'll run you in for betraying Jan Spears' client confidentiality.

Cameron: Call me when he's calmed down.

Abe: Get out now!

Lexie: How dare you do that.

Abe: How dare you. You're not the woman I married. The woman you are now, disgusts me...

Marlena: We've got to prove to Belle that love works, that you can depend on it, even when things seem to go so terribly wrong.

John: You know that our family is strong because of you, don't you? I know I am strong because of you, and right now I don't feel as though I have ever needed you more.

Marlena: Look, we need each other.

John: To make something positive out of everything that has happened to us, I know.

Marlena: I think I know a perfect way to start.

Bo: Yeah, bye-bye.

Hope: Okay. J.T.'s sleeping off the food fight, and Jan's in the shower washing the banana out of her hair.

Bo: She's pretty upset, huh?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, we're so spoiled because Shawn's so great with his little brother -- was that him on the phone just now?

Bo: No, it was Mickey.

Hope: Mickey. Has something happened?

Bo: Glen's lawyer, Cameron Reese, called Mickeyís office to arrange for the next visit with J.T. This time it's for an overnight.

Hope: Have they scheduled it yet?

Bo: They want it to be tonight.

Hope: Tonight? No, no, no, no. Bo, we need more time.

Bo: Hope, the longer we wait, the worse it's going to be for J.T.

Hope: Will the same social worker be with him -- Ms. Burns? I mean, at least she's also a pediatric nurse.

Bo: Mickey said she'll be there all night.

Hope: Did you tell Mickey we'd do it?

Bo: No, I wanted to talk to you first. Hope, if the courts decide in Glen's favor, grant him some kind of joint custody, J.T.'s going to be spending a lot more than one night with Glen.

Hope: No, no, no. That is never going to happen.

Bo: We're going to fight to retain custody, but we got to -- we got to face the facts. The laws in this state favor the biological parents. It works against us with J.T., But in our favor when it comes to Isaac.

Hope: Mickey's pressuring you about this, isn't he?

Bo: Yeah, he'd like to get the paperwork started.

Hope: God, Bo, we haven't even talked to Abe and Lexie about this.

Bo: And I don't think that's going to happen. Abe's been avoiding me; Lexie's not returning your calls.

Hope: Taking Isaac -- it's going to kill them.

Bo: He is your son.

Hope: I look at him now, all I want to do is hold him. I just want to hold him in my arms, learn what makes him laugh... oh, God, and make up for all the time that I've lost with him. My little boy. You know what, Brady? No matter what happens, there won't be a happy ending to any of this.

Bo: I'll support you in whatever you want to do.

Hope: Call Uncle Mickey. Tell him to start the paperwork. I wish there was some way we could do this without so much pain and loss involved for everyone.

Bo: Yeah, we don't have any control over that. All we can do is what we believe is right.

Jan: Oh, no.

Hope: What is it? What's wrong, Jan?

Jan: It's just you both seem so sad, and I'm making it worse, aren't I?

Bo: No. No, you're not.

Jan: You know it's true. You want me to leave, don't you?

Shawn: There is nothing between me and Jan, okay? What happened in Puerto Rico -- neither one of us wanted?

Jason: Don't tell me that was an accident! That's lame, even for you!

Shawn: Look, she's scared, Jason, okay? That's why she pushed you away, not because she doesn't care.

Jason: I don't give a damn about Jan. She's going to pay for what she did, and you're going to pay, too. I swear you're not getting away with this.

Hope: No, of course we don't want you to leave.

Jan: Well, I know Shawn and I took you by surprise, and you have enough to worry about fighting to keep J.T.

Hope: We want you to stay here as long as you need a place.

Bo: Until you and your mom work things out.

Hope: Yeah.

Jan: That'll be never.

Hope: Hey, there's something I want to show you.

Jan: What?

Hope: What do you think? Hmm? Maternity clothes. A little something to help you get started. I'm sure there's something in here that will fit you.

Jan: Thanks. That was really nice of you.

Bo: Have you and Shawn talked about what you're going to do once the baby's born?

Jan: Um, not really.

Hope: Well, it's obvious he's very protective of you.

Jan: I don't know what I'd do without him.

Hope: You know, we really haven't had the opportunity to talk to Shawn about his feelings for you, beyond protectiveness and concern that his --

Jan: Well, we're pretty close, you know. Well, I'm hoping after the baby's born will bring us even closer.

Hope: So you think there's a future for you and Shawn?

Abe: Cameron Reese is planning to destroy people we care about, and you're willing to go along with it no matter how cruel and underhanded it is.

Lexie: I am a mother. My first job is to protect my child, and unlike you, I won't be able to sleep at night if I just stand by, do nothing, and let the courts just hand my son over to Bo and Hope. I don't give a damn about what's good and what's right.

Abe: And you never have, have you? You knew right from the first that we had Hope's baby.

Lexie: What?

Abe: All the scheming, and the lies, and God knows what else, so the truth wouldn't come out.

Lexie: That's insane.

Abe: Everything we're going through is because of you. You're the one who's destroyed us...

Lexie: No, no.

Abe: Who doesn't know how to love? All the lying and the cheating and the breaking the law -- you know, you're willing to tear down our friends, distort everything about them, take one of the worst things that's ever happened to Hope and use it against her so you can get what you want. I don't call that a mother's love. I call that downright evil.

Lexie: Be careful, Abe.

Abe: Oh, I've been careful way too long. I let my love for you, for Isaac, blind me to what was really going on. No more. It stops now.

Lexie: No, no, it doesn't, because Isaac is mine. He will always be mine, and if the only way I get to keep him is to destroy the Bradyís' credibility, then that's what I'll do.

Abe: Well, if you really mean that, you don't deserve to keep Isaac. You don't deserve to be anybody's mother.

Lexie: That's cruel, Abe.

Abe: No, that's the truth. If Isaac should grow up to be anything like you, I couldn't live with myself.

Lexie: I don't have to listen to this.

Abe: Yes, yes, you do. You've become something that I don't recognize. If you keep on this way, we won't have a family. We won't have a marriage. Do you hear me? We'll have nothing.

Marlena: The first thing we need to do is to use this happy occasion, this wedding of Sami's, to bring ourselves together as a family, and to -- to reaffirm our love for each other, and... make it even stronger.

John: Uh-huh. How much time before the ceremony?

Marlena: Why? What did you have in mind?

John: I don't think we have enough time for that.

Marlena: Oh. All right.

John: I love you. And I'll be right back.

Marlena: Where are you going?

John: There's something I've got to take care of.

Marlena: But, uh...

John: Don't worry. Don't worry, I'll be back. This can't wait.

Mimi: Shawn! I was trying to call you and warn you that -- oh, my gosh -- Jason.

Shawn: Yeah, he found me.

Mimi: What happened?

Shawn: We worked it out. It's over.

Mimi: Over? You're sure?

Shawn: Yeah, yeah. Look, actually, I've come here -- I left something, so...

Mimi: A .com bag?

Shawn: Yeah. Why, you found it?

Mimi: Oh, yeah, I didn't know it was yours, but I gave it to the clerk at the checkout.

Shawn: Oh, thanks.

Mimi: Hey, Shawn... good luck with everything.

Shawn: Thanks.

Tim: Shawn Brady and Jan?

Jason: He got her pregnant. Now he acts like he doesn't even care.

Hawk: This must be some kind of joke, right?

Jason: He admitted it. I'm not letting him get away with it.

Tim: I don't blame you, man.

Jason: So here it is, guys -- I need your help.

Tim: You got it.

Hawk: Anything.

Jason: I want to find him, and I want to take him down.

Mimi: Shawn.

Jan: I don't think Shawn would really want a future with me.

Hope: How do you feel about it?

Jan: Well, I -- I just want this baby to be happy and healthy. That comes first.

Bo: Shawn mentioned you might put the baby up for adoption.

Jan: I was thinking about it, but seeing how great Shawn is with J.T., I know he'll be a great dad. He's going to love this baby so much.

Hope: Well, you have time to make those decisions. Do you want to look through these maternity clothes, pick the ones you want?

Jan: Um... do you mind if we do that later? I was just on my way out. There's some things I need to take care of.

Hope: Uh, sure, whenever.

Jan: Thanks. I'll see you later.

Bo: That went nowhere, fast.

Hope: She's in overload, Bo.

Bo: Well, aren't we all?

Hope: Now, things seem to get more complicated by the day.

Bo: Well, all we can do is what is best for our family. We can't control the outcome.

Hope: I wish we could look into the future. What's going to happen to our family?

Lexie: If you won't move heaven and earth to protect our family, then maybe you're right. We don't have a marriage.

Bart: Man. Man, the boss is not going to be too thrilled about this.

Rolf: On the contrary, Bartley. Stefano loathes commander carver. If Alexandra is about to dump the revered police commander in order to hold onto her child, she's going to make her daddy a very happy man.

Bart: And if daddy's happy, we stay on the payroll.

Rolf: Exactly.

Abe: Damn it!

Abe: You know, I remember how much we wanted a baby. And that first time that we held our son and named him... I've never been so happy, like it just couldn't get any better -- our life together, our love for each other.

Lexie: Abe, then -- then how can you destroy it all, Abe?

Abe: I'm not the one who destroyed it. It was false from the beginning. Everything I thought we had was a lie.

Lexie: No.

Abe: Your lie.

Lexie: No.

Abe: And now it has to be made right.

Lexie: Oh, yes, yes, Abraham Carver... will always do the right thing, even if that leaves him with nothing but his sacred principles. Well, I am not like that, and since I can't live up to your impossible standards, then maybe it's wrong for me to call myself a Carver. Maybe I am better off actually being what you keep accusing me of becoming -- a DiMera.

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