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Jack: Okay. Donít look at me like that.

Jennifer: Jack. Jack, donít stop, please.

Jack: [Thinking] Oh, my God, she wants me.

Jennifer: Jack. Come on.

Jack: Yes, it was a perfect opportunity. I couldnít take advantage of her. She'd been drinking. How could I settle for Jennifer's body when what I want is her heart and soul?

Jennifer: What was I thinking?

Jack: Oh, no, I-I canít. I canít.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: I --

Jennifer: Why? Jack.

Jack: I-I canít. It's -- it's wrong. It's -- it's all wrong.

Jennifer: What do you mean? What?

Jack: I mean, I canít. It's all wrong.

Jennifer: Making a play for Jack to try to prove to Greta that he is not gay. Shame on you, Jennifer Rose.

[Knock on door]

Jennifer: Jack.

Jennifer: Hi.

Greta: Look, I know what happened. Or, rather, didnít happen. Are you okay?

Nicole: So... is this really an original?

Victor: It symbolizes a new beginning, which is what I'm hoping tonight can be for us.

Nicole: You are so good. No wonder Titan is what it is today. You are one smooth operator.

Victor: This isnít about business. This is a gift from the heart.

Nicole: Very nice. But I canít keep it.

Sami and Austin: [Laughing]

Sami: Wait -- wait. There's something we have to do first. Come here.

Austin: Canít it wait till we get inside?

Sami: No, right now.

Austin: Do what?

Sami: This.

Austin: Ah, that.

Sami: Mm-hmm. Ha ha ha.

Austin: Ha ha.

Maggie: Excuse me, Dr. Murphy. Uh, we're a little busy this evening, so it'll just be a few more minutes before your table is ready.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Maggie: Okay, sure. Thank you.

Elizabeth: You havenít said one word about my parents tonight.

Colin: Sorry?

Elizabeth: You've been completely out of it since we arrived. Is something on your mind?

Marlena: Well, I donít see your father. I donít know if he was able to reschedule his last appointment.

Belle: You didnít have to take me out to dinner, you know. I'm feeling much better, especially after that talk that you, and Brady, and I had. Shawn was the one who messed up, and I'm going to hold my head high.

Marlena: I know. I'm very proud of you. But we do have to tell your father, and I think I'd like us to be in a public place when he hears the news about Shawn.

John: What's that about Shawn?

Philip: You're like one of those old-time movie Goddesses.

Chloe: Really? And when have you ever seen a film that didnít have car chases and deafening explosions?

Philip: When I was little, my dad and I used to watch them -- sometimes late at night. There was this one about the Goddess of love. She came to earth and fell in love with a mortal man. She was the most amazing creature I've ever seen. You're like that.

Chloe: Let's go. I'm starving.

Victor: You donít want it?

Nicole: This is a priceless work of art. I'm guessing there arenít many of them.

Victor: Well, there were 56 made. Forty-four of them located.

Nicole: Victor, this belongs in a museum.

Victor: Where do you think I got it? It's yours. No strings attached. It was made to fit in an empress' palm.

Nicole: Why are you doing this?

Victor: To show you how much you mean to me. If I were to present it properly, it would be with three kisses.

Nicole: What are you up to?

Victor: I may have been a fool in the past, but from now on, I'm going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated... with love and respect.

Colin: Sorry if I seem distracted. There was an incident at the hospital. A couple of nurses were gossiping about Dr. Evans.

Elizabeth: That hospital is nothing but a rumor mill lately. What's with this tacky business about a baby switch? People are saying that it's Stefano DiMera's fault.

Colin: So is everything else, if it goes wrong, according to what I hear. I say, it's high time that people in Salem took responsibility for their own bloody problems.

Elizabeth: What's this? Donít tell me you're defending Stefano DiMera.

Sami: Ha ha ha ha! All right.

Austin: All right. If we donít get inside soon, Maggie's going to give away our reservation.

Sami: I just wanted to say, "Thank you."

Austin: For what?

Sami: Well, for not being your usual workaholic self, and for taking me out on the town, and for...

Austin: What?

Sami: Well, there's something I want to ask you, and I hope you wonít say, "No."

Austin: Ha ha ha ha. All right, what is it?

Sami: Maybe we should go inside first. You know, order a bottle of wine, make sure you get comfortable, and then I'll spring it on you.

Austin: Uh, okay...

Sami: Ha ha ha! You'll like it! Come on!

Austin: You're going to get me drunk! You know what happens. Oh, no!

Jack: Jennifer still loves you. You saw the way she looked at you in the shower, the way she responded. We're going to be a family again. All you have to do is follow through with the plan -- get the job. Do it right now.

[Telephone rings]

Oliver: Wentworth.

Jack: Oliver, it's me -- Deveraux.

Oliver: Jack, I was just about to call you.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I have been reading about you in the financial pages -- Mr. Mergers and Acquisitions -- and I know you are a very busy man. But now it is my turn! If I canít get some kind of deal with you, I am moving on.

Oliver: That's the spirit. I wasnít sure you had it in you.

Jack: Oh, it's in me, Sir. It's in me, around me, and under me! Like a crouching tiger.

Oliver: My stockholders will be meeting in Vegas for the next several days. Can you hop a flight first thing in the morning?

Jack: Count on it.

Oliver: Excellent. And, by the way, I'll be looking forward to meeting that new girlfriend of yours. What's her name again?

Jack: Greta.

Oliver: Right. Greta. See you tomorrow.

Jack: Yes. Oh, Jennifer, my love, it wonít be long now. Hah! Ha ha ha ha!

Jennifer: And how would you know nothing happened?

Greta: Jack told me.

Jennifer: Well, news travels fast, doesnít it?

Greta: Oh, I ran into him in the hallway. Jennifer, are you okay?

Jennifer: Yes, I'm -- I'm fine. I am just a little confused, that's all.

Greta: Yeah, it's, uh, it's a sad loss to the female species.

Jennifer: Greta, Greta, Jack held me in his arms, and he said the sweetest things to me and the most touching things. And he was looking at me the way he used to look at me when... telling me how much he loved me.

Greta: But that's all he did, right? Just hug?

Jennifer: Yeah, pretty much.

Greta: There's your proof.

Jennifer: Greta, I donít get it.

Greta: Because you donít want to get it. But you -- you need to. It's better for you, and it's better for Jack. I mean, if you canít accept that he's gay --

Jennifer: Greta, you were not there. You do not know the way that he looked at me in that shower.

Greta: I never said he didnít love you. I mean, I'm sure he does. I'm sure he loves you. Just -- just not in that way. I mean, it has taken Jack a long time to come to terms with who he really is, and obviously, he just can't live that lie anymore. That's the reason he canít make love to you or any other woman.

Jennifer: My head is spinning right now, Greta.

Greta: Jennifer, if this is wrenching for you, just imagine how painful it is for Jack.

Jennifer: You know what? I donít know what to believe anymore.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Greta's here, too? Good. Good. Because there's an important matter I need to clear up with you both. Right now.

Jennifer: Well, what is it you have to tell us, Jack?

Jack: I... well, that is, we've all had some errors in judgment here tonight.

Greta: [Hiccups]

Jack: Some of them having to do with the opening of a bottle of wine.

Greta: [Hiccups] Pardon?

Jack: You have absolutely no head for spirits, Princess. You should know that by now. And drinking never solves anything. It only makes things worse.

Greta: [Hiccups] Excuse --

Jack: And as for you, Jennifer, are you okay?

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Jack: Good. Good. I, however, am not.

Greta: Well, we're here for you, Jack. We're ready for whatever it is you have to say.

Jennifer: The truth, please.

Jack: Well, yes, uh, the truth is... well, I... I have been known at times to, uh, prevaricate, obfuscate, otherwise deviate from the facts...

Jennifer: In other words, lie.

Jack: On the rarest occasion, I do embellish the truth, but only for the noblest of reasons. I'm trying to do what's best for my family.

Jennifer: Go on.

Jack: But I'd never -- I'd never represent myself with the intention of hurting someone else. I -- I try not to toy with other people's feelings. You're not playing games with me, are you?

Jennifer: I didnít mean to hurt you, and I will try to be more careful.

Jack: Good. Does that mean you'll no longer be seeing Brandon Walker?

Maggie: Victor, right this way.

John: Well, the competition has arrived, and I will bet you a big gooey dessert that Nicole and Kiriakis are here to map out strategy in closing the Permalash account.

Marlena: No shoptalk tonight. We're here as a family.

John: Good point. So, darling daughter, what is up with you? How in the hell did we manage to drag you away from Shawn Brady tonight?

Philip: Didnít expect to see you here tonight.

Victor: Ah, Philip.

Philip: Hi, Nicole. You both know Chloe.

Nicole: Hello.

Philip: You, uh, mind if we join you?

Victor: Oh, well, I know I promised you an evening alone, but, uh...

Nicole: It's all right, Victor.

Victor: Dave, couple more chairs.

Chloe: Philip, please, I'd rather not.

Belle: Well, as I was saying, I wanted to spend tonight with you and mom. Besides, if I had wanted to see Shawn, it wouldnít have happened.

John: Ahh... so something is going on. I kind of felt that when I caught up with you.

Belle: Yeah. There's actually something I need to tell you about Shawn.

John: Anything. As long as you're not engaged to him.

Belle: Oh, donít say that.

John: Not that I know him all that well, but he sure is unpredictable, isnít he? And not very reliable.

Belle: Why do you say that? When did you find out?

John: I've known for quite some time.

Sami: Mahi-mahi with pineapple salsa. Very Pacific Rim.

Austin: I know where mahi-mahi's from.

Sami: Hawaii. Paradise.

Austin: I think I'm going to get the free-range chicken.

Sami: But you're not going to even acknowledge that I said that?

Austin: Said what?

Sami: Hawaii? The 50th state?

Austin: Do you really want to get into this?

Sami: What, so I'm not even allowed to dream now? Jeez.

Austin: No, I didnít say that. You can dream all you want, Sami, but we're not moving to Hawaii, at least any time soon. So do you want to share a Caesar salad with me?

Sami: Okay. All right, I'm not going to talk about Hawaii anymore or anything else that makes you uncomfortable. But since I'm going to be such a good girl and stay off topic...

Austin: Hallelujah.

Sami: Then you have to do something for me.

Austin: And that would be?

Philip: Thank you.

Victor: Chloe, I can understand why you're reluctant. If you donít want to join us, that's fine. But I know that you're very important to my son. And since tonight is a night of new beginnings; canít we start over again? I really would like to get to know you better.

Chloe: You really mean that?

Victor: Sincerely.

Philip: Good job, Dad.

Victor: I'm actually glad you're here. I was just thinking that it was about time that we all started to be more open and honest with each other. In fact, I was just saying to Nicole, that I shouldnít have asked her to move out of the house just because you didnít want her living with us.

Philip: I'm sorry, Nicole. I know now what it's like to want a special person in your life. More than anything.

John: Look, sweetheart, donít get me wrong. I like Shawn. I just think he's a kid.

Marlena: You said that he was unreliable.

John: What I meant was he doesnít know what the hell he wants to do with his life -- doesnít know if he's going to go to college or just bang around here in Salem. Hey, sweetheart, call me old-fashioned, but I just donít want you to get too serious too soon, understand? I donít mind if you date the guy, but he is going to have to agree to let me cuff his hands behind his back before he takes you out.


John: Hey, lighten up. It was just a joke. Yeah, well, a pretty bad one, too. Anyways, you were going to say something before I got on my roll. What was it?

Belle: Maybe now is not a good time.

Marlena: It's all right. Go ahead.

Belle: Dad, what happened is...

Chloe: Maybe we should give her some privacy.

Philip: She's our friend. We should at least say hi. Besides, you look so beautiful tonight. I want to show you off. Come on. Hello.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, well, look who's here.

Philip: We want to say, hello. Are we interrupting something?

Greta: Just hold on a minute. What does my dating Brandon have to do with anything? Donít chicken out, Jack. You just say it.

Jack: Your flaunting of that Herculean boy toy is designed to wound me to the quick!

Jennifer: Has it ever occurred to you that I am just seeing him because I happen to like him? That it has absolutely nothing to do with you?

Jack: Impossible. It's a ploy, and you know it.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, well, for your information, I wasnít dating anyone until you proclaimed your love for Greta. You said that you were going to marry her, Jack, so if we're talking about ploys here, you, my friend, are the prince of ploys, the guru of gimmicks, the sultan of schemes.

Greta: Ploy? I am not a ploy, nor am I one of the hoi polloi. I am a princess. You know what, Jennifer? Maybe you're right. Jack, you -- you did. You called Oliver Wentworth, and you told him I was your red-hot mama.

Jack: You are the answer to all my future dreams.

Greta: I am?

Jack: I just spoke with Wentworth. The interview's on. We leave for Vegas tomorrow morning. You and me, kid. We're hot stuff!

Philip: Are you okay, Belle? Something wrong?

Belle: No. I mean, yes. I was just really upset about something earlier, but my mom and Brady helped me through it.

Marlena: You two look mighty snazzy tonight. Since when do high school seniors go to Tuscany on a date?

Philip: Uh, nothing's too good for Chloe. Well, enjoy your evening, everyone. See you later, Belle.

Chloe: Would you like to dance?

Philip: I'd love to.

John: All right, now, where were we? Something is going on with Shawn. You're feeling a little bit down. Obviously, Philip doesnít know what it's about; so you want to tell me?

Victor: Have you decided yet?

Nicole: Hey. Indian giver -- taking back your gift?

Victor: Well, actually, I was just adding to it. You see, every Faberge egg was designed to hold a little surprise -- something to delight the empress. One had a tiny little golden coach in it, one had a miniature eagle encrusted with jewels.

Nicole: And this one?

Victor: Well, actually, the surprise in this one was lost, so, uh, I have replaced it. Would you like to see?

Colin: Dance?

Elizabeth: This is what I've been needing -- to be in your arms.

Colin: You seem a little distracted yourself tonight. Anything wrong?

Elizabeth: I've had an e-mail from my grandfather's nurse. It seems he's taken a bad turn.

Colin: I'm sorry. I know the two of you were never particularly close, but...

Elizabeth: The last time I spoke with him, he sounded so disappointed that you and I hadnít gotten married yet.

Austin: I'm waiting. So what can I do for you, since you're behaving so well tonight?

Sami: See this ring? Know what it means?

Austin: Um... let me think.

Sami: Donít be cute.

Austin: Okay. Ahem. I'll be very un-cute. I'll be very serious. The ring on your finger signifies that I have pledged my troth to Samantha Brady, the love of my life.

Sami: I want to get married tomorrow.

Austin: What?

Sami: Married tomorrow. Casado? MaŮana?

Austin: Comprendť.

Sami: You know, within the next 24 hours.

Austin: Whoa, whoa, we donít even have a license.

Sami: Oh, details -- details.

Austin: Okay, okay, if we do, you know that I have to fly to Vegas tomorrow morning for the Permalash meeting, right?

Sami: I'll go with you...

Austin: Wait a minute --

Sami: And we'll do what couples in love do in Vegas when they're engaged and anxious to get married.

Austin: You want a quickie wedding in Vegas?

Sami: Bingo.

Elizabeth: So, those two are getting married in Vegas.

Colin: So it would seem.

Elizabeth: I canít decide whether that's totally dťclassť or incredibly romantic.

John: Thank you. All right, no more interruptions. I'm all yours, so what's this news about Shawn?

Marlena: It's okay. It's all right. Unfortunately, it's rather --

Belle: No. No, I'll tell him. Dad, Shawn got Jan spears pregnant, and they're going to have a baby together.

Austin: A wedding in Vegas?

Sami: Yeah, you know, no big drafty churches, no froufrou, no wedding planner.

Austin: I like the idea of that.

Sami: Just you and me, baby, in the "chapel of love."

Austin: Are you sure this is going to make you happy?

Sami: Deliriously.

Austin: Let's do it. Okay, yeah.

Sami: You mean it?

Austin: Yeah. I mean, it sounds sensible and, uh, easy, and, to be honest with you, you had me sold on no wedding planners.

Sami: Austin, you are the best, most fun, and practical! I love you!

Austin: Sami Brady, I would love to marry you tomorrow.

Sami: I'm so excited! I can barely breathe!

Austin: Neither can I, Sami. You're cutting off my air. Oh!

Sami: I'm sorry.

Austin: Ha ha! Whoo! Well, you know, you better get on the phone and make reservations, because Reverend Elvis might not be, you know, available.

Sami: I already did.

Austin: What?

Sami: Oh. Well, I was pretty sure I could talk you into it, so I went ahead and made all the arrangements.

Austin: Wow. Sami, there is no one quite like you.

Sami: Well, we should get home and get packed, so hurry up and eat, huh?

Austin: Yeah.

Elizabeth: You know, the more I think about it -- eloping to Vegas -- well, it's an attractively mad idea.

Colin: I thought you wanted an extravaganza, followed by a fabulous fete at some country manor.

Elizabeth: I did, when I thought we were going to be married back in England.

Colin: And now?

Elizabeth: Well, none of our friends or family are here.

Colin: I have family in Salem.

Elizabeth: Yes, but you barely know the Bradyís. Do you really care whether or not they attend?

Colin: I'll let you in on a little secret. Men donít care much about the ceremony, whether it's big or small, traditional or not.

Elizabeth: I've noticed that.

Colin: Shall we run off then, be impulsive, fly to Vegas and make it legal?

John: Wait a minute. Let's back up here a second. Shawn Brady and -- and...Jan. Jan Spears from the Puerto Rico class trip?

Belle: That's the one.

John: Let me get this straight here. Shawn Brady dates my daughter, he tells her that he loves her, he gains her trust and her love, and then the whole time --

Marlena: Honey, she knows her romantic history.

John: The whole time he is going behind her back -- I will wring his neck.

Belle: Dad, if it helps, nothing ever really happened between Shawn and me. I mean, we never -- I donít have to spell it out, do I?

John: No. And I'm very relieved, Sweetheart. You must be heartbroken.

Belle: I was.

John: I'm sorry.

Belle: I felt totally betrayed.

John: When did all this happen?

Belle: This past summer on the island.

John: I donít understand. Why?

Belle: You know what? At this point, I donít care. I'm going to stop torturing myself. I had this really nice talk with Mom and Brady. They helped me get my head on straight. Now I just have to concentrate on getting my life back to how it was before I started dating Shawn.

John: Yeah. Well, let's just make sure that he steers clear of me, okay?

Belle: Dad, you're not going to say anything to him, okay? Shawn and I may be history, but I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I have you and Mom and Brady... my friends at school. Who knows? This could be a blessing. I can finish up my senior year and focus on getting into a good college. I donít have to worry about whether or not Shawn wants to go, too. I'll graduate, and I'll be off to start the next chapter of my life. And I will never have anything to do with Shawn Brady ever again.

John: Have you talked to Bo and Hope about this?

Marlena: No. Nor do I intend to.

John: I could think of a thing or two I'm going to say to them.

Marlena: I think this is between Shawn and Belle, Shawn and his parents. And I think Belle is handling this amazingly well, donít you?

Belle: So, Dad, how was your day?

Philip: I donít care what Belle says. She looked really down. Did you notice?

Chloe: Yeah.

Philip: I wonder if it had anything to do with Shawn and Jan.

Chloe: I guess I might as well tell you, since it's only a matter of time before everyone finds out.

Philip: What?

Chloe: This is why I didnít want to bother Belle earlier. I figured she needed some space, and I donít think I'm betraying a confidence -- I mean, it's better that you know the truth, rather than hearing some terminally warped version circulating around school.

Philip: All right, now you're spooking me.

Chloe: Shawn got Jan pregnant, and Belle's through with him for good.

Philip: You're kidding!

Chloe: I wish I were. Belle is devastated.

Philip: I've got to talk to her.

Chloe: No, Philip, wait. No.

Philip: Chloe told me about Shawn and Jan. I'm going to tear his head off. How could he do this to you, Belle?

Victor: And now it's time to open it.

Nicole: Is something going to jump out at me?

Victor: Nothing like that.

Nicole: The outside is so beautiful. I never dreamed there'd be more to it.

Victor: It's something I should've given you a long time ago.

Victor: Nicole Walker, will you marry me?

Jack: That's all for now, Princess. Get packed, get a good night's sleep, and we're off to Vegas! Tomorrow's the first day of the rest of our lives together.

Jack: You came very close to losing it tonight, Jack -- losing it all. But you turned it around. You're a winner! And nothing can stop you now -- not Wentworth, the job, Jennifer, Abigail. They're all yours.

Greta: Did you see the way he kissed me?

Jennifer: Yes. How could I not, Greta?

Greta: That man is so conflicted. Poor Jack.

Jennifer: What, not a good kiss?

Greta: No. His heart wasnít in it.

Jennifer: [Thinking] And my brains are scrambled. Is he or isnít he?

Austin: You know, everybody's expecting a big bash in Salem when we get hitched, Sami, so, I mean, donít you think your family will be disappointed?

Sami: No, it'll save them a bundle. What do they have to complain about, right? Besides, it's what I want.

Austin: Shall we tell them?

Belle: This is my problem, and no one is going to confront Shawn.

Philip: Yeah, but if it's true --

Belle: It is true, but I'm going to deal with it my own way.

Philip: That creep. He has got a lot of explaining to do.

Marlena: Please listen to Belle about this.

Belle: Look, I really appreciate that you care about me, but I just want to have dinner with my parents right now.

Philip: I love you, Belle. You're the best. Shawn Brady is a fool.

Chloe: Let us know if we can do anything.

Belle: I will.

Philip: We'll talk soon.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Good night.

Marlena: Good night.

Sami: Okay, so, we have good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

Belle: By all means, let's hear the bad news first. This day has been way too pleasant.

Sami: Okay, well, we're not going to be having a big wedding here in Salem, after all.

Marlena: Oh. What's the good news?

Sami: We're getting married in Vegas tomorrow! Is that too cool, or what?

Marlena: Uh, are you -- are you sure?

Sami: Can Sarah Hughes skate?

Marlena: It just -- it just seems sudden somehow. Uh, maybe you would want to put it off for a bit?

Sami: Why would I want to? Austin's agreed, and my mind is made up. You know better than to try to change it, right?

Marlena: Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

John: Well, in that case, I guess there's only one thing I can do, and that's gas up the jet and get us all to Vegas first thing in the morning.

Sami: Ha ha ha! That would be great!

Austin: Really? Wow, that is very generous of you. Thank you.

John: The least I can do. I know that your mother and your father and the rest of the family wouldnít want to miss this for the world.

Sami: Thank you, John. I love you. I love all of you!

Victor: What are you staring at?

Nicole: Nothing.

Victor: You havenít given me your answer.

Philip: Dad, you are not going to believe what has happened.

Victor: Not the best timing, son.

Philip: What? What did we interrupt?

Chloe: Wow, what an exquisite reproduction.

Victor: It's not a reproduction. I was just giving this to Nicole.

Chloe: Oh, my God. That is the most amazing engagement ring I've ever seen.

John: How you doing, sweetheart?

Belle: I'm happy for Sami.

Marlena: Well, I think the timing on the announcement could have been better, but going to Vegas and helping your sister might be a very good distraction.

John: I'm sorry, Isabella. I wish I could make the hurt go away.

Belle: I wish you could, too, but none of us can change what happened. Jan is still pregnant, and Shawn is still the father of her baby. That's reality. I just have to deal with it the best way I can. When did you get to be so grown-up and so smart and so brave?

Belle: I'm not. I'm just lucky. I have the best parents in the whole world and really great friends. And I know that you want to be happy for Sami, Mom, so donít worry about me, at least not for tonight. I mean, Sami has waited a long time to marry Austin, and it's amazing that it's finally happening, right?

Marlena: Never thought I'd live to see the day, and here it is.

Sami: I feel like climbing up on this table and shouting to everybody that I am the happiest woman in the world.

Austin: Whoa! Down, Sami, down!

Sami: Well, we are getting married tomorrow, and nothing is going to stand in our way.

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