Days Transcript Friday 3/8/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/8/02 Canada; Monday 3/11/02 USA

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Brandon: Let's do some push-ups first, using the bench.

Jennifer: Okay.

Brandon: Just kind of get in position like this.

Jennifer: Okay.

Brandon: Feet back.

Jennifer: All right.

Brandon: All right, this is, uh... this works the shoulders and the back, and it is especially good for the chest... muscles, yeah. Chest muscles.

Jennifer: Okay.

Brandon: Okay.

Jennifer: Gotcha.

Brandon: Okay, just kind of lower yourself.

Jennifer: Okay.

Brandon: Now let's push up, and then back up.

Jennifer: Wow.

Brandon: Yeah. There you -- ha ha ha. Perfect.

Jennifer: Okay.

Brandon: You are a natural. Just remember to keep your back straight there.

Jennifer: Okay.

Brandon: Your stomach tight, and, uh...

Jennifer: And your rear end. I know. Keep it in, keep it in.

Brandon: Ha ha. Good. Perfect.

Jennifer: Okay. My muscles are shaking.

Brandon: You're tired already?

Jennifer: No, no. That felt good. It was good.

Colin: Hello.

Brandon: Hey. How did Sarah do in surgery?

Colin: Oh, the OíBrien girl. Yeah. Very well. Her blood pressure dropped a good 30 points after you spoke with her. I gather you have quite a way with the young women.

Jennifer: Jack told Greta that he was gay, and that's why he hasnít made a move on her -- because he is not interested in women. Can you believe that?

Brandon: How do you know it's not true?

Jennifer: No. Jack is not gay, and I am going to prove it tonight.

Greta: So, uh... what do you want to confess to me now, Jack?

Jack: In the life of a marriage, sex is only a part of the equation. Granted, it's a very exciting part, especially in the beginning. It definitely was for Jennifer and me. We -- we fell in love, the magical honeymoon --

Greta: Jack, you're gay. How --

Jack: Attraction crosses all boundaries. Jennifer and I are born soul mates, fated to meet and fall in love, and the sex was va-va-va-voom, but it wasnít the sex that was the most amazing part. It was the quality of each day transformed by... being with Jennifer, waking, sleeping, eating. I was doing it for the first time because... I was doing it with her.

Greta: Jack's the guy I have always been looking for. If only he wasnít gay.

Jack: But it wasnít exactly a lie, Greta. I am gay -- gay as in happy. Gay as in happy to be getting a job. Happy to be with Jennifer. And it's all thanks to you, my dear, dear friend. Oh, she is going to hate me.

Cynthia: I think a better title would probably be "Cynthia and Philip doing the nasty." Maybe not the nastiest, but, you know, it might as well have been, as you will see for yourself.

Philip: Oh, hi, Mrs. Wesley.

Nancy: Hello.

Philip: Ha ha. Um, I-I came to see Chloe.

Nancy: Did you?

Nicole: Marie, I will be at the blue note with Austin. Please tell Victor I canít have dinner with him.

Victor: You canít tell me yourself?

Nicole: Let's go into your office, shall we?

Kate: Interesting.

Lucas: Iím so s-sorry, Sami. I-I mean it. I did horrible things to you and Will. He -- he trusted me. I-I let him down. P-please -- please give me a chance to make it up to both of you.

Sami: Are you insane, Lucas? Why am I surprised? Obviously, you've been in a coma for so long that it has affected your brain.

Lucas: Donít feel the way I did. I donít. Please, you have to believe me.

Sami: There is no way in hell, Lucas. Oh, my -- you will do anything and say anything to get what you want. Well, you know what? I am never going to fall for it again. You hear me, Lucas Roberts? Never.

Lucas: No, please. You have to believe me.

Jane: What do you think you're doing?

Philip: I guess Chloe didnít tell you. We made up. All very friendly.

Nancy: Well, thank you, Philip, for pointing out my daughter's failure to share this earth-shattering event with her mother. Chloe! You have a visitor!

Chloe: Philip. Nancy, arenít you going to let him in? Hey.

Philip: Hi.

Chloe: Why donít you come up to my room?

Nancy: Why doesnít he? I can think of a few good reasons.

Chloe: Nancy, we need to talk. We really need to talk.

Philip: Okay.

Nicole: Austin and I need to plan for Vegas.

Nicole: What was that for? I know you're angry.

Victor: I'd punish me, too, if I were you.

Nicole: Oh, you think Iím using Austin to get back at you for throwing me out of the house? Come on, Victor, Iím not that cruel. He's too nice.

Victor: Too nice for you.

Nicole: How kind of you to say.

Victor: Oh, I didnít mean it unkindly. We know who we are, and I love who you are.

Nicole: Oh, gosh, look at the time. Iíll see you tomorrow.

Austin: Uh, when she gets here, Iím sure she'll have a vodka martini up, and Iíll have a beer.

Man: All right. Iíll be right back with your drinks.

Austin: All right, man, thanks.

Kate: [Thinking] I wouldnít do this, sweetheart, if it werenít for your own good. Nicole is the lesser of two evils. Iíll deal with the consequences later.

Sami: Lucas, wake up. Come on. See, um... I thought that maybe if I slapped him lightly, I could get him to wake up again. He was --

Jane: You what?

Sami: Well, just lightly.

Jane: Am I to understand you work in a hospital? Iím appalled.

Sami: Look, Iím just a receptionist. What do I know?

Jane: I shouldnít have left you alone with him. How has he been otherwise?

Sami: Well, actually, he's been, um, talking a lot. Do you have to keep track of what he does, what he says?

Jane: Iím not taking notes on every word, if that's what you mean.

Sami: Look, I realize that you donít like me, okay? And I know that you donít want anything bad to happen to Lucas, and all I can tell you is bad things happen to him when he starts this.

Jane: Starts what?

Sami: He and his mother are plotting against me, arenít they?

Jane: You want to know what he's been saying? "Will, Will, mom." Lately he's been fixated on telling us he's seen the light.

Sami: Do you mean like the light at the end of the tunnel? Could he still be dying?

Jane: Well, Iím sorry to disappoint you, but Lucas has a normal life expectancy at this point.

Sami: Well, I guess if he'd had a real near-death experience, it wouldnít be the pearly gates that he'd be seeing, now, would it?

Jane: Well, Iíve had several patients with remarkably similar stories, though, usually, the light doesnít speak to them.

Sami: Oh, the light spoke to him? What did the little light say?

Jane: Whatever it said, it was obviously comforting to him.

Sami: All right. So how much is Kate paying you to make me believe all this? 'Cause obviously, she's wasting her money. Lucas, wake up. Stop faking! Iíve had enough! You're going to lie in this bed for the rest of your miserable life!

Jane: This is a healing place, and you are no longer welcome here.

Sami: Hey, this is my fiancť's apartment, okay? And if I wanted to stay here and torture myself listening to you people, I would, but you know what? I donít.

Sami: A healing place, my... man, they've been spreading peace and sunshine all around Salem since they got here. Yeah, well, Iíll make Lucas see the light.

Brandon: A way with the young ladies? What'd you mean by that?

Colin: Well, I intended it as a compliment, the general idea being you're quite skilled at your job.

Brandon: Ah. Well, then, thanks.

Colin: Not that there's anything wrong with sharing a rapport with the opposite sex.

Brandon: If you have a problem with me dating Jennifer, I wish you'd just say it.

Jennifer: Greta?

Jack: Well. Synchronicity.

Jennifer: You could call it that, although I think we've been stepping on each other's toes for many a year now. Even Greta's gotten into the spirit.

Jack: Greta is my closest confidante -- that is, since you ceased to be. That is, since we ceased to work together. Now Greta and I are poised for the big time with Oliver Wentworth.

Jennifer: And I wish good luck to both of you with the utmost sincerity. You're going to need it.

Jack: If you'll excuse me, I have hard work to do so that Oliver may see that he's hiring a man of taste, talent, and integrity. Vegas or no, lady luck has nothing to do with it.

Jennifer: You know what? He would have a lot more luck with the ladies if he just told us the truth, donít you think? And he is certainly making a lot more work for us, Greta.

Greta: Look, Jennifer, short of sleeping with Jack, which somehow, I gather you're not prepared to do, I donít know how you're going to satisfy yourself that he's not gay.

Jennifer: No, Greta, I have been an investigative reporter for a very long time. I know exactly what Iím doing.

Greta: Yeah. Jack has seen me in some skimpy outfits, too, and yeah, I got a reaction myself -- profuse sweating and intense discomfort.

Jennifer: Okay, look, Greta, I donít want you to take this the wrong way, and Iím not trying to say that -- that I think Iíll be more attractive to Jack than you are, but I was married to him. I know that man so well.

Greta: Okay. You need to be sure of the truth. I-I understand that.

Jennifer: No, I think that we both deserve the truth. Otherwise, I would not even pursue this.

Greta: Okay, so what do you want me to do?

Jennifer: Well, I think that it's better if, um, you just be surprised.

Greta: Fun, fun.

Philip: Hey, look at that. It's still alive.

Chloe: You just gave it to me today, Philip.

Philip: Yeah, but it got through a whole day of school -- no water, dark locker. You must have been very careful with it.

Chloe: I think it must be hardy.

Philip: So what's up? You told your mom you needed to talk to me.

Chloe: Yeah, um... Philip, did you come over because... well, is there something that you need to tell me?

Philip: That I love you?

Chloe: Ha ha.

Philip: And... that Iím really glad that we can talk again? What? Wow, you say a lot without words, you know that? Must be 'cause you're an artist. God, why am I talking? I donít feel like talking. I feel like...

Philip: God, I need you.

Chloe: Hey.

Philip: What? Iím sorry.

Chloe: Being in my bedroom is not an invitation to --

Philip: I didnít mean it to be. I thought that we'd be more comfortable if we sat down on the bed.

Chloe: You have control issues.

Philip: I would never push you, Chloe. I thought you knew that.

Chloe: You know what? You are just ready, willing, and able. No need for feelings, no need for commitment. Is that how it happened with her?

Philip: Wh-what?

Chloe: You obviously donít know, do you? Cynthia -- she gave me a video, a surveillance video from her house. She says it shows the two of you almost making love. Oh, pardon me -- having sex.

Jack: I just called Abigail. She's having a gay old time. Uh, uh, that is... she did remember to brush and floss after dinner.

Jennifer: Well, you know, seeing as Briannaís mom has eight little girls spending the night, let's refrain from calling until the morning, shall we?

Jack: If you're implying that Iím uptight, Greta is the one looking a little tense.

Greta: Who, me?

Jennifer: Uh, she -- she does look a little tense, doesnít she? But Iím sure she's nervous about your job interview. So maybe we should relax, Greta, and, uh... we'll have a little wine. Oh, you know what? There's some in the kitchen on the tray with glasses ready to go. Brandon brought it over for me.

Greta: Uh, I donít want to drink your wine.

Jennifer: I insist.

Greta: Okay.

Jack: What are you up to, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Gee. Me? What are you up to? All this talk about maybe marrying Greta in Las Vegas? That's not what you want. You donít want that for you, and you donít want that for Greta.

Jack: You donít want it, either. If you'd just admit that to me.

Greta: Ahem. I can never do this right, and, uh, you're such a klutz, so...

Jack: Well, luckily for all of us, Jennifer is an expert cork unscrewer.

Jennifer: Oh, okay. You know, I guess since Jack likes to keep everything bottled up all the time. I, on the other hand, like to let everything out. Toast. Shall we? Greta?

Greta: Okay, uh...

Jennifer: Jack Deveraux?

Jack: Certainly.

Jennifer: For you.

Greta: To... friendship.

Jack: To honesty.

Jennifer: To synchronicity.

Sami: Well, you know what, Austin? If you donít want any input, then you are going to get a Vegas wedding. I think it's a lucky place for both of us, and Iím being really considerate about your work schedule, right? Couldnít be any more convenient for you. Yes, hi. I'd like to schedule the wedding chapel, please.

Austin: Thank you.

Kate: Oh. Thank you.

Nicole: Hi.

Austin: Mm. Hey. Oh, Iím glad you could... meet me. Thank you very much.

Nicole: I want you to know, Austin; you are still coming to Vegas with me.

Austin: Yeah. So you heard?

Nicole: Yes. Victor told me he wants to transfer you to Hawaii.

Austin: Yeah, yeah. Sami's really stuck on moving.

Nicole: And you actually want to do this?

Austin: Well, mean, you know, I mean, there are... pros and cons.

Nicole: Austin, come on. This is me you're talking to. If you'd rather not finish the project, that's fine.

Austin: Nicole, you could do it without me.

Nicole: Yeah, I know I could do it without you. I'd rather not.

Austin: I like things the way they are. I mean, this is the happiest Iíve ever been -- career-wise.

Nicole: Well, since your beloved Sami doesnít seem to get that, or if she does, she certainly doesnít care, because she went right over your head to Victor, and now you donít get a choice.

Austin: Do you know something about this, you know? I mean, because... I got to say, lately, Victor's be very cool with me, and, I mean, is there a reason why he wants me on some remote pacific island?

Nicole: Come on. I-I tell him 10 times a day that you're the most valuable employee he has, and I mean that.

Austin: Yeah. I would really miss working with you, Nicole, you know, but we would -- we would stay in touch, all right?

[Telephone rings]

Sami: Austin?

Kate: No, this is his mother.

Sami: What?

Kate: Oh, are you worried about my son? Well, donít be. He's just fine.

Sami: What did you do, Kate?

Kate: To get Austin seated in a bar holding Nicole's hand?

Kate: Oh, that didnít require any intervention on my part.

Colin: Jennifer and I worked together in North Africa. We were friends. Iím now engaged to another woman, and Jennifer's living with another man who happens not to be you, which, in fact, is none of my business any more than my love life is your business.

Brandon: So that's a no?

Colin: Iím sorry. Did I not make myself clear?

Brandon: Abundantly. Iíll, uh... check on Sarah when she gets out of recovery. Thanks for all the info.

Elizabeth: Colin.

Colin: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: What's the matter?

Colin: Oh, blood, guts, and gore -- the usual hospital good cheer. Are you okay?

Elizabeth: Aside from being a lonely bride in a foreign city with a groom who's too busy to care when he gets married or where, and perhaps to whom, Iím great.

Colin: Where is this coming from?

Elizabeth: Besides your lovely Brady family, you know no one in this Godforsaken place but Jennifer Horton, all the way from Africa, and you both turn up here. Perhaps I can interest you in our guest list long enough to ask, will she be coming to our wedding?

Jennifer: Mmm. Monte Carlo. Wow.

Greta: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack, you need some more wine.

Greta: But I-I was -- I was too young to gamble, of course.

Jack: Iím still working on this one, thank you. [Thinking] I do believe she's trying to intoxicate me, as if alcohol were needed.

Jennifer: I guess all the fun kind of goes out of gambling when you start with enough money to buy anything in the world, huh?

Greta: Not quite. So, um, what's your game? Do you have any pointers?

Jennifer: Yeah, you know, I-I really like poker.

Greta: Are you kidding? You donít have a poker face, and neither do I.

Jennifer: Well, I just may surprise you and Jack tonight.

Jack: Oh, donít listen to her, Greta. We have enough high stakes action in Vegas without me trying to gamble away my hard-earned money, which I havenít even earned yet, especially not with my luck.

Jennifer: I think you're a very lucky man, living in a house with two beautiful, honest women.

Greta: Yeah.

Jennifer: You know what they say, Jack, about all work and no play.

Philip: So did you watch this video?

Chloe: If you donít know, if you think I could still be standing here talking to you after watching it, then that makes me feel a lot better, Philip. You donít know how much I want to believe that nothing happened. [Cellular phone rings]

Chloe: Better get that. [Ring] [Ring]

Philip: It's my dad. Hello?

Victor: I need to see you.

Philip: Iíll be home for dinner.

Victor: Now.

Philip: Iím in the middle of something important.

Victor: It concerns your mother.

Philip: What's wrong?

Victor: You'll find out when you get here.

Chloe: What did he want?

Philip: He seemed really upset. Something about my mother. I donít know. Chloe, you believe me, donít you? I mean, you donít want to watch this video.

Chloe: Well, if nothing happened, then what does it matter?

Philip: Well, it's not nothing nothing. It's almost nothing, which might as well be nothing, and it's just going to make you feel bad, so why do you want to go and do that? How about I remove the temptation?

Chloe: How about you go see what's wrong with your father?

Philip: Oh, yeah, okay. Iíll be back.

Sami: For such creative people, I'd think you and Lucas would be much more successful in life.

Kate: You donít believe me? Call honest Austin. He'll tell you.

Sami: Look, he's on his way home to me, okay? And if Nicole just happens to be holding his hand, believe me, that's all she's going to get out of him. Now goodbye.

Nicole: Of course we'd stay in touch. We have to. We work for the same company.

Austin: Iím sorry. You know, I didnít mean anything by that.

Nicole: Austin, you're my employee, okay, which gives you all kinds of reasons to suck up to me, to lie to me, to schmooze me, and it gets so complicated being the boss. But I know I donít have to worry about that with you. You're the only person at Titan I really trust. I mean, hell, you're the only person in my life that I trust besides Brandon, and that includes my own mother. Austin, you are a really trusting person. How did that happen when your mother is Kate?

Austin: Ha ha ha. Well, I didnít grow up with her, you know, but I have to remind myself my mom has lost so much -- you know, Billie leaving, and now Lucas. And now if Sami and I were to take Will and, you know, move all the way to Hawaii, well, I mean, I think it's -- I donít know, it's starting to sink in how hard that would be for her -- and Will, too.

Nicole: And you?

Austin: I donít want to go. I donít want to leave. I-I -- my job, my stuff. I-I like it here.

Austin: [Cellular phone rings] [Ring] [Ring] [Ring]

Austin: Hello, Sami.

Sami: Austin, where are you?

Jennifer: So, now fun allowed in Vegas? You're not even going to see a show? All the pretty, pretty girls all lined up in a row?

Greta: Oh, Jack doesnít care about...

Jack: Hey, hey, hey!

Greta: Any pretty girls but you, Jennifer.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: You know what, Greta? I have already been in the greatest show on earth. It's called the circus, and Jack will tell you that I am very, very flexible.

Greta: You were in the circus? Oh, my God! That makes perfect sense. You were a clown.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

Greta: Iím sorry. Iím sorry. I like clowns. I do. I like clowns. You know, the two of you have had some really interesting jobs. So tell me, did you like the entertainment better, or the news?

Jack: News.

Jennifer: Definitely the news. I mean, it was pretty grim sometimes, you know, with the depressing state of the world, but that's why our weekly poker game was such a wonderful stress release -- I mean, for the men. Do you know that I was the first female ever allowed into the sanctum sanctorum? And I will tell you, the rules changed immediately once that happened.

Jack: Donít look at me. You can thank Vern for that.

Jennifer: Yes, I already did. But I have to tell you, Jack looked darling in his boxers.

Jack: Jennifer!

Jennifer: What? That was a compliment. I do believe you lost on purpose.

Jack: I did not, miss "let me stuff my bosoms full of tissues that I may have infinite items to discard so that I will never lose."

Jennifer: Okay, all right, we both had tricks up our sleeve, okay? I have an idea. I have an idea. Let's take out the cards right now, and we'll get ready for Vegas. We'll play a little five card stud, Jack.

Colin: Why would Jennifer Horton be at our wedding?

Elizabeth: So you donít want her there? One of your only friends in Salem, and you donít want her to see you marry me.

Colin: Obviously I canít win. If you want to drag every old girlfriend out of the proverbial closet --

Elizabeth: Oh, so now she's an old girlfriend?

Colin: Did I say that?

Elizabeth: You didnít have to. I think we're in Salem for a very particular reason, and I suspect she is, too.

[Telephone rings]

Greta: Mm! Iíll get it. [Ring]

Jennifer: Thanks, Greta.

Greta: Deveraux residence and hotel casino.

Brandon: Greta?

Greta: Is this Brandon? Hey!

Brandon: Hi. What's going on?

Greta: Jennifer -- she's right here. We're, um, we're here just playing a little five card stud. It promises to be quite interesting. You know what? I gather it would be a lot more fun if we made it a foursome. Are you interested?

Brandon: Iím not really into games.

Greta: Oh, come on, Brandon. We really want you to come over.

Philip: Okay, Iím here. What is it?

Victor: Philip, sit down.

Philip: Dad, I kind of got to get back to --

Victor: Sit down.

Philip: It's serious. What's the matter with mom?

Victor: Same old character flaw, only Iím not going to put up with it any longer, and neither are you.

Philip: Dad, it's not like you spend any time with her these days, and if you're telling me I shouldnít, then --

Victor: No, of course not.

Philip: Then what is it? We've talked about you and mom like a million times. You know how I feel. I canít believe you pulled me away from Chloe to tell me the same old --

Victor: This is new, only overdue, and you're going to hear it. I donít care if Chloe has to wait forever.

[Knock on door]

Chloe: Come in.

Nancy: Are you okay, sweetheart?

Chloe: Yeah.

Nancy: I was a little worried. Philip left in such a hurry.

Chloe: His dad wanted to see him, but he's coming back, so consider yourself warned.

Nancy: Chloe, Iím not going to tell you what to do, but you donít seem happy.

Chloe: Because you donít want me to be. No, I didnít mean it that way, Nancy. I know you want me to be happy, but you're so sure that that's not with Philip.

Nancy: Werenít you, too?

Chloe: I tried. I tried to forget him.

Nancy: Sweetheart, you know you canít forget.

Chloe: It's just -- it's not what happened. It's what we used to be. I see him every day at school. I see him, and I think about him, and I dream about him. I just hope that those dreams donít turn into nightmares.

Austin: Iíll be home soon. What's, uh, the problem?

Sami: Will's parent/teacher conference.

Austin: Oh. Iím so sorry.

Sami: Well, where are you? I tried you at work.

Austin: Blue note. Um, I mean, Iíve hardly even touched my beer, but I had some food, so donít worry.

Sami: Well, I, um, I hope you're not drinking alone or anything.

Austin: No, Iím with Nicole. Titan business.

Sami: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Austin: So, um, look, donít leave without me, okay? Iíll be right there.

Sami: Bye.

Austin: I better get going. Thanks for listening.

Nicole: Hey, what are friends for, huh?

Austin: Yeah. Well, uh, Iíll see you tomorrow. Okay.

Colin: Iím sure I donít know what you mean.

Elizabeth: Stefano DiMera. The factory in Dublin. Your cousin Bo keeps asking me questions that I donít know the answer to.

Colin: Is he badgering you again?

Elizabeth: That's all that matters to you, isnít it? Your concerns. So much more important, I know, than the breakfast china you never want to look at. You know, I thought you and I cared about the same things -- at least the important ones.

Colin: Breakfast china?

Elizabeth: Are you mocking me?

Colin: No. Now, look, Elizabeth, I --

Elizabeth: No, you're right. You're right. This is a very cheerless place. Let me brighten your day by leaving.

Brandon: Sorry, Greta, Iím working tonight.

Greta: That's too bad. Okay. Oh!

Jennifer: Hello?

Greta: Oops. Excuse me.

Jennifer: Hello?

Brandon: Hey. She's slurring a little. Is she okay?

Jennifer: Uh, yeah, it's the wine. Uh, you know, you know, she's a princess -- uh...very sensitive system.

Brandon: So, poker, huh?

Jennifer: Yes. Yes. Iím a shark.

Brandon: Yeah, right. Donít lose your shirt.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, uh, we'll see.

Brandon: Well, I just wanted to call and say hi. I should get back to my office.

Jennifer: Okay, yeah. Well, uh, thanks for calling, and have a good night, and Iíll talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: All right. Who gave me all these jokers? This isnít funny.

Jennifer: Jokers are wild. That's a great hand -- not that you're supposed to show me. Okay, Jacks or better to open.

Greta: Jacks are better why?

Jennifer: No, no, Greta, Jacks or better. That means if you have a pair of Jacks or higher, you can make a bid.

Greta: Ha ha! A pair of Jacks -- can you imagine? Hee hee hee!

Jennifer: No.

Greta: Hey, Jennifer, is this going to work so that -- so that -- so that he gets to keep all of his clothes on and we get cold and naked?

Jack: Okay! All right. All right, all right, all right.

Greta: What?

Jack: You know, I donít think I want to play anymore, so Iíll just leave these here, and Iíll take these with me. Ahem.

Greta: See, Jennifer? He must hate the thought of us naked. I mean, you were going to let him win, and Jack Deveraux never lets -- never passes up a chance to win.

Jennifer: Yeah, believe me, Jack does hate to lose. But he knows, after all the games that he has played on us, unfortunately he's going to have to lose.

Nancy: Chloe, Iím glad your eyes are open.

Chloe: Oh. You're glad all I can think of is that Philip might hurt me again.

Nancy: Sweetheart, if that's true, then you need --

Chloe: Nancy, stop. You canít tell me anything I havenít already thought of. You donít know what Iím feeling, so stop trying, okay?

Nancy: Okay. Iíll leave you alone. You know where to find me if you change your mind.

[Door closes]

Chloe: Iím sorry, Nancy. It's not your fault that this is making me crazy. Just watch it, Chloe. Then you'll know. But do I really want to?

Victor: We're not going to have many more conversations like this. I mean, a few more months, and you're going to be out on your own for the rest of your life.

Philip: That doesnít mean we're not going to talk.

Victor: But not in the same way. I mean, you're 18 years old. You're not quite an adult, but then you're not a child, either. But Iím afraid Iíve been guilty of treating you like one.

Philip: What, like ordering me to drop everything I was doing and come right over?

Victor: Sorry, but I wanted you to hear this first, son. Iím in love with Nicole, and Iím going to ask her to marry me.

Philip: What?

Kate: Wait a second.

Nicole: No.

Kate: So, I guess you donít care that I have a deal for you.

Austin: I am so sorry. Completely blanked my --

Sami: Look, I called will's teacher, and we rescheduled the conference.

Austin: Why? Why wouldnít you just go by yourself?

Sami: Oh, so you only care about being Will's father when it's convenient for you, when you're not busy holding hands with your boss at the Blue Note?

Austin: Whoa, whoa, wait. Where did you hear that?

Sami: My last fiancť cheated on me, and it made for a lovely wedding day. Is that going to be a pattern for the rest of my life?

Austin: Sami, Sami, Sami, calm down, okay?

Sami: No, Austin, you made it very clear that you donít want to go to Hawaii, so you know what? That's fine! Will and I will go by ourselves!

Austin: Sami.

Sami: Look, Austin, that's not going to help.

Austin: I love you. I love you.

Sami: Austin, I need you so much.

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