Days Transcript Thursday 3/7/02


Days Transcript Thursday 3/7/02--Canada; Friday 3/8/02--USA

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Nicole: How dare you say you lowered yourself to be with me? You never had it so good as when we were together. You never felt younger and more alive, and what did you do? You threw our relationship away.

Victor: Get out of my office. Get out!

Nicole: You know what? I don't need you, Victor Kiriakis. I have over $5 million in the bank. I could walk out of here right now and have a very nice life.

Victor: Nicole, wait. I apologize for what I said.

Nicole: It's too late. I don't trust you anymore.

[Door slams]

Kate: Ooh. Someone's unhappy. Perfect timing.

Marie: Oh, you can't go in there. You don't have an appointment.

Kate: Oh, Marie, you are just so funny, you know that?

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Kate: Well, I'm not here for a quickie. That's Nicoleís specialty. Although from the looks of the way she stormed out of this office, you're not going to be getting much off her today. What's the matter, Victor -- trouble in paradise already?

[Knock on door]

Nicole: Come in.

Marie: Austin left this for you. It's the Glenview Research.

Nicole: Thanks. Ha ha.

Marie: What's so funny?

Nicole: Nothing. It's just a little note from Austin. You know, for such a serious guy, he can be pretty funny sometimes.

Marie: I'm glad to see you're laughing. You looked pretty upset just now.

Nicole: Yeah, well...

Marie: Mr. Kiriakis is a great boss, but he can be tough sometimes.

Nicole: And he can be an idiot, too.

Marie: Ooh, did something bad happen? Titan's not going bankrupt or anything, is it?

Nicole: No, but the Salem office is going to be screwed if Victor sends Austin to Hawaii.

Marie: Hawaii? Why would Mr. Kiriakis do that? It was Sami Brady -- that meeting she had with Mr. Kiriakis earlier. Am I right?

Nicole: Yes. Damn her. She talked Victor into sending Austin away.

Sami: Oh, man, Kate, I wish this was your face. Why did you have to bring Lucas here? No, she just won't stop until she's ruined my life. God, I hate her. Man. Well, I'm not going to let her win. I'm going to get this marriage on the fast track, and I am going to get Austin and will to Hawaii as soon as I can. No matter what you try, Kate, I'm going to live happily ever after with Austin and Will.

Roman: All right. Take care of this, will you? Thanks.

Austin: Roman.

Roman: Austin. What are you doing here? Is something wrong?

Austin: May I have a minute of your time?

Roman: Sure. Let's go use Abeís office.

Austin: Okay.

Roman: Well, if I'm going to be your father-in-law, I guess we can't pussyfoot around, can we?

Austin: Ha ha. No, we sure didn't last time.

Roman: And this isn't the last time. You're marrying Sami, not Carrie.

Austin: Yeah, I know that. Yeah. The thing is, um... wow, there is no easy way for me to say this, but... I don't think it's the right time for me to marry your daughter.

Jane: What is the problem, Miss Brady?

Sami: Oh. Oh, there's no problem. I'm just here to check on Lucas. How's he doing?

Jane: He's sleeping. Mr. Roberts just finished a strenuous physical therapy session.

Sami: Well, there is such a thing as too much sleep, right? Maybe he just needs company, someone to chat with him, and -- and maybe I could catch him up about what's going on with will. You see, my fiancť and I are planning to move. As soon as we get married, we're going to take Lucasís son Will, and we're relocating to Hawaii to start a new life together, and I'd like to bring Lucas up to speed on it.

Jane: What? Taking his son away would jeopardize Lucasís recovery. He could have a setback.

Sami: No. That -- that would be tragic. See, maybe I just need to talk to him and explain to Lucas how important this is for Will. I just need some time alone with him, Jane, and I'm sure you could use a break, right? The deli around the corner has great coffee.

Jane: I don't drink coffee. But I do have to pick up Lucasís medication.

Sami: Oh, well, see, there you go. As it happens, I'm free right now. What are neighbors for, after all? You just go to the pharmacy, and, uh... and I'll look after Lucas.

Jane: Well... I suppose it'll be all right.

Sami: Don't worry. I know just how to take care of him. You go on.

Jane: I won't be gone long.

Sami: Oh, relax, Jane. Take your time. Have a soda, do some window shopping. I've got Lucas covered.

Sami: Wake up, you idiot. I've got a news flash for you, Lucas.

Roman: What the hell are you telling me here, Austin? You ditching my daughter?

Austin: No, no, no. No, no. Nothing like that. It's just I just feel like we're rushing things a little bit, you know?

Roman: Well, you came to this party a little bit late. I've been trying to tell Sami that for a while, but she's so hot to get started on being happy ever after, what about you? What got you to wanting to put the brakes on here?

Austin: There's just -- there is a lot going on right now.

Roman: Cut the bull, Austin. Something went down. What was it?

Austin: You know how upset Sami is that my mom moved Lucas back to Salem.

Roman: Well, first of all, she didn't just move him back to Salem. She popped him right in the middle of your living room, which happens to be right down the hall from where you are basically cohabitating with my daughter.

Austin: Yeah. Okay, well, the whole point was to have Lucas close enough so he can see Will every day, but, you know, look... it was a surprise to me, Roman. My mom didn't ask me if it was okay. She just did it. Now, she and Sami are both very impulsive. You know that.

Roman: Wait a minute. Is -- is this one of Samiís payback stunts? Is that what this is about?

Austin: You know Sami wants to move to Hawaii?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, she showed me the brochures, the, uh... you know, the palm trees, the little grass huts. I told her it was unrealistic and to forget about it.

Austin: Yeah, well, she didn't take your advice, okay? She's arranging for me to be transferred to Titan's Hawaiian division. She wants to move the wedding up so we can live there as soon as possible.

Roman: Time out here, Austin. Time out. You know, last I knew, Sami didn't run titan enterprises. How in the hell can she arrange for you to be transferred? What's that about?

Austin: She wouldn't give me the details. All she said, she discussed it with victor and he's considering it, and he's going to let us know tomorrow. Sami's very confident that he's going to say yes.

Roman: That doesn't make any sense at all. Victor hates Sami. Why in the hell would he do her a favor?

Victor: You have no business at titan anymore, Kate. Now get out of my office.

Kate: Next you'll be telling me I need to make an appointment.

Victor: That's a good idea. How's a week from Thursday?

Kate: No, not good for me.

Victor: How about never? How does never work for you, Kate?

Kate: Listen, Victor, a problem has come up, and you should know by now when I have a problem, you have a problem.

Victor: Get to the point and get out.

Kate: I heard that Samiís planning to move to Hawaii with Austin and Will, and as Austinís boss, I was wondering what you know about that, Victor.

Nicole: It would be a disaster for titan to have Austin 4,000 miles away.

Marie: I guess it wouldn't be too good for you, either.

Nicole: Yeah, well, tell me about it. I rely on Austin so much. He is a great researcher; he's so good with the clients...

Marie: Well, there's Charlie Myers. He hasn't been doing research that long, but you could train him.

Nicole: I don't want to work with Charlie or anyone else. I want Austin. You know, it is hard enough doing this job without having to train some new kid on the block. You know, I need a colleague that I feel comfortable with. Austin is the only person I have that comfort factor with.

Marie: Comfort factor, sure. It makes sense.

Nicole: There is a level of trust with Austin. That is why we work so well together. We don't waste a lot of time pulling knives out of our backs.

Marie: Austin's a decent guy. He's always so respectful.

Nicole: And how many men can you say that about?

Marie: He's not a typical man.

Nicole: Right. You are right. You know, he doesn't have a huge ego like most men. He doesn't care that his boss is a woman. I mean, how rare is that? I don't have to worry about him looking down my dress when we're in a meeting, either. Austin is so easy to work with. He is so creative. I have done the best work in my career with him.

Marie: Well, it's so unusual to be able to work with such a good friend.

Nicole: Oh, we didn't used to be friends, but Austin was so understanding after my so-called father died. He said all the right things. He helped me get through all the anger I felt. Austin's become very special to me. I don't -- I don't know what I would do if Victor sends him to Hawaii.

Marie: Can I say something kind of personal?

Nicole: About what?

Marie: Austin and you. It just kind of sounds like you're falling for the guy.

Austin: I have been trying to rack my brain, trying to figure out how Sami could get Victor to buy her a cup of coffee, let alone transfer her fiancť off the mainland U.S.

Roman: Sami loves to get her way. She'll go pretty far to make sure she does. But what about you, Austin? I mean, come on. You're not just a supporting actor here in Samiís little movie. You got a life of your own.

Austin: Yeah, well, thank you for seeing that, but Sami doesn't realize.

Roman: So you don't want to go to Hawaii.

Austin: Why would I? I mean, I got -- I got all my family here, I got my friends, I got a great job.

Roman: The soft island breezes are not calling you, huh?

Austin: Oh, no, I mean, hey, it'd be great for a vacation, but it's -- I mean, it's an island, okay? And, you know, it'd be -- spend a summer there, maybe, at the Titan office, see how we like it. But Sami wants to move now. I mean, right now, so I-I just want to get your insight on this. Maybe if you have some idea as to why this is so important to her all of a sudden.

Roman: Well, you know, it just sounds to me like, uh, she wants you and Will all to herself. She doesn't want to share you with anybody.

Austin: Especially, you know, with Lucas and my mother. Man, I tell you, being with Sami is like riding a roller coaster, you know? I mean, that's what attracted me, you know? Life never gets boring but lately, you know, I've been putting down some -- some roots in Salem. I mean, not just with my family so much, but, man, I -- I really love my job.

Roman: Wow. You know, I just never figured you for a businessman type.

Austin: No, me either, Roman. I mean, look, I fought it for a long time. I mean, literally, in the boxing ring, you know? And the fact that I got my -- my job at Titan from my mother -- I never really felt like, you know, I could own it, like it was really mine, you know? But, yeah, I'll tell you, my job is really starting to take off -- my career, and I got this thing going with Nicole.

Victor: Technically, he works for Nicole. She's his immediate superior.

Kate: You pay his salary, and if he were transferred to another division -- say, Hawaii -- it would need your approval. Now, damn it, I know you know something. Tell me.

Victor: Well, why don't you ask Austin? No, on second thought, maybe you better not. He's more in the dark than you are. But he is leaving Salem. I was torn, but your visit here helped me make up my mind. I'm transferring Austin to Hawaii as soon as possible.

Kate: You can't do that. Sami will take will away from Lucas.

Victor: It's out of my hands.

Kate: That could mean a complete setback for Lucas. His miraculous recovery will -- will come to a complete halt, and it will all be your fault.

Victor: Far be it from me to stand in the way of an employee's happiness.

Kate: Austin does not want to go to Hawaii. You just about said it yourself. It's Samiís idea. The question is, why are you doing her a favor?

Victor: Why? Why am I willing to do Samiís bidding? Because of you, damn you, so that our son won't find out that his mother was a common prostitute.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Victor: Sami came to me, and I had to endure that -- that smug little tramp as she lorded it over me with an envelope full of pictures of you in all your glory -- same pictures that gave me a stroke the first time I saw them, only this time, it was our son whose life was being threatened. And you want to hear what Samiís ultimatum was? If I don't send Austin to Hawaii, she's going to see to it that Philip gets copies of those filthy pictures. Your past as a prostitute is going to explode in our son's face.

Kate: [Groans] I should have let the little witch die when I had the chance.

Victor: Well, unfortunately, Sami survived the lethal injection, and now she's gunning for all of us.

Kate: Well, you know something? She might as well put a knife in his heart because Lucas will not want to live if he loses Will.

Victor: Philip may very well want to end it all, too, once he's confronted with the evidence of your sordid past. And we've got nobody to thank for that but you.

Kate: Damn you. You know that I was broke. I had nothing I had nothing. I couldn't even feed my child, but you know what I had? I had my body, and I had my dignity, and I sold them both to take care of him. And I would do it again. I would do anything to take care of my children. Victor, don't send Austin to Hawaii, please. Don't let Sami win.

Victor: It's too late. I'd do anything for my child, too -- our son. And I've decided to send Austin to Hawaii. Now get out of my sight.

Kate: Oh.

Kate: [Sighs]

Nicole: I am not interested in Austin as anything but a very talented colleague. I'm not mooning over him. I've never fallen for a guy like that, and I never will.

Marie: I guess I just misread the signs.

Nicole: What signs?

Marie: Well, you and Austin do spend a lot of time alone together in your office with the door closed.

Nicole: Titan has competitors who would love to get hold of our secrets, so when I close the door for our meetings, it's because I'm protecting the company, not jumping Austinís bones. Besides, he's engaged, remember?

Marie: No comment.

Nicole: So you think Samiís wrong for Austin?

Marie: She's wrong for any man with half a brain. Ooh, did I say that?

Nicole: Whatever. Don't you have something to do?

Marie: I'll get out of your way. [Door opens] [Door slams]

Kate: Marie, do you have a tissue?

Marie: Help yourself.

Kate: Thank you. I'm just so upset.

Nicole: Here's my ultimatum. If Austin leaves, I'm out of here.

Austin: Nicole's a good boss. I like working with her.

Roman: Uh-huh.

Austin: You know, I mean, she's great at what she does, you know? And it hasn't been easy for her. I mean, she's had a really rough time with her father.

Roman: Yeah, sounds like he was a real piece of work. So, uh, Nicoleís the big attraction, huh? I thought it was the paycheck.

Austin: No, it's a good gig, and I'm really lucky that Victor decided to keep me on after he and my mother split.

Roman: Well, let me ask you something. Will, uh... would Hawaii be a promotion?

Austin: Technically, yeah. I mean, I'd be the head honcho there. But, you know, it's a smaller division, mainly manufacturing, and... I'm going to be honest with you. You know, I think I'm going to be bored out of my skull after all the high-level stuff that I've been doing with Nicole here, you know? It's been a real rush.

Roman: Have you told Sami all this?

Austin: Oh, yeah. I've told her everything. I told her I don't want to go. I told her I think it's a bad idea. I mean, not just for me, but for -- for Will, and she won't accept it. Keeps telling me, you know... [Imitating Sami] "You know, it's really important to me, it's really important to me."

Roman: What about Nicole? How does she feel about you leaving?

Austin: She doesn't know. I mean, it's -- I haven't told her yet, you know. But, I mean, so that's why I wanted to come talk to you, see if you can get Sami to... slow this train down.

Roman: Oh-ho-ho. God help anybody who tries to change my daughter's mind, but, uh... okay, Austin. I'll see what I can do.

Austin: Okay, but, you know, if you could do it soon, because Sami told me that, you know, Victor's going to be making up his mind in the next 24 hours, and, you know, said she already talked to him about it. You know, I'm just afraid that even if he knows that I don't want to go, well, the idea, you know, is still in his head.

Roman: Yeah.

Austin: It's just really hard for me to imagine my life could be inside-out by this time tomorrow.

Sami: Wake up, you jerk. What, did poor little Lucas get all tired out from his physical therapy? You always were a lazy bum. Maybe you aren't tired or lazy. Maybe you've been hitting the bottle again. Huh, Lucas? Wake up. You been nipping the gin? Is that the medicine that nurse Janey-Waney went to go get for you? Another bottle of scotch to pour down your throat? You dirty slime ball.

Lucas: S-Sami... S-Sami.

Sami: Yep, that's right, it's me -- Sami. Not a big, bad nightmare. I'm here, and I'm real, and I hate you more than ever, you bastard. In fact, that's why I came -- to see the look on your face when I tell you that I'm taking will out of Salem forever.

Lucas: W-W-Will?

Sami: That's right. W-W-Will is going b-b-bye-bye. Little Lucas won't ever see W-W-Will again.

Lucas: N-n-no.

Sami: Yes.

Lucas: No.

Sami: Yes, it's too bad your charming mother's plan didn't work. She thought she could bring you back here and park you down the hall and ruin my life. Well, Austin and I are leaving, and we're taking will with us. Did you hear what I said, you moron, you half-baked rutabaga? Yeah, that's right. Austin and I are going to Hawaii with Will as soon as we've tied the knot, which is going to happen very soon. I've moved up the wedding, and I'm moving Will to Hawaii. That's right, we're going to be relaxing in paradise on the beach while you're stuck here in this bed having a relapse, hopefully, crying, "W-W-Will, c-c-come back." That's if you can talk at all. Forget walking or having a normal life. Once I take Will away, your life will be over.

Nicole: If you transfer Austin, if I don't get to work with him, then I am leaving Titan, and I will have a new job tomorrow, and you know it.

Victor: I've had my suspicions, but now I know for sure. You're in love with him.

Nicole: Oh, for God's sake. Love? Is that all anyone can think about? I have never been in love, and I am not about to start with Sami Bradyís fiancť. If I leave, it's because you're stupid enough to sacrifice this company just because you want to get me away from a young, handsome man. If you want to get rid of the most talented man we have on staff, then I might as well go work for John Black.

Victor: John's happily married. You might have a hard time getting him into bed.

Nicole: What the hell are you implying?

Victor: Well, that's how you got this job -- by seducing me.

Nicole: Oh, you are a fool. You didn't make my career. I have $5 million, remember? I can start my own company if I feel like it. I field 10 calls a week from headhunters wondering if I'm ready to make a move.

Victor: Well, clearly, you're ready to make a move on Austin Reed.

Nicole: You moved me out of the house, and now you have the nerve to say that you don't trust me? I don't need that kind of treatment, Victor. Kate -- Kate and Sami, between the two of them, tried to kill you how many times? I am not the enemy. I am the one who helped get you through this. I am the loyal one, in spite of getting kicked out. And do I get any consideration? Do you stick up for me? No. Philip snaps his fingers and wants me gone, you cave. Sami wants Austin gone and you cave again. I say don't send our best employee away, and you start throwing accusations around, practically calling me a hooker? Well... now that I know how little you think of me, you can expect my resignation.

Victor: Nicole, wait.

Nicole: What for?

Victor: You're right. I jumped to conclusions.

Nicole: You do that a lot.

Victor: I'm sorry. I treated you miserably. I probably should have told Philip to mind his own business. It's just that I feel like I've let him down in life, and it's very important to me to protect him if I can. I don't want to lose you, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, I am sure you will find someone else. Titan is a great company.

Victor: I don't want to lose you in my life. This has been coming on for some time now, but I'm a stubborn man and I've been fighting it off.

Nicole: Take two aspirin and go to bed.

Victor: I'm not sick. I've fallen in love with you.

Roman: Austin, if you have no desire to relocate -- I mean, hell, come on, it is your decision, too, you know.

Austin: I know that, Roman, and, yes, I do want to stay in Salem. I want to continue to wear my suits and go to the Titan offices every day and provide for my family, and I think that's really funny, considering where I come from.

Roman: Yeah, well, give people enough time, anybody'll change. Not always for the better, but in your case, yes. For the better. You've even become a productive member of society. You don't even sound like you mind the, uh, suit and tie routine.

Austin: Well, maybe if I worked someplace else, I would, but, you know, I don't hate it at Titan, and when Sami and I started to get serious, I started putting my all in my work, you know? I don't even mind working late because I know I'm making my mark in the company, and I know there is no limit to where I could go at Titan. You know, and out of the blue, Sami says, "whoa, I want to move to Hawaii," and I'm thinking my life could make a major nosedive, and when I tell her how much I don't want to go, she flips out, she turns it around and says I'm taking my mother's side over her.

Roman: Are you?

Austin: I want Lucas to get better, Roman. I can't help that. I mean, not just for my mother's sake, but for Will. I mean, I put myself in that man's shoes. You know, to love a son more than your own life... I mean, that's how Lucas feels about Will. And it's easy for me to imagine him shutting down, you know, relapsing back into a coma, if Will is taken away from him. And I don't want to be responsible for handing my brother a death sentence, but Sami, well... I don't have to tell you that.

Roman: No. No, you donít. Unfortunately, Sami has no room in her heart for any sympathy for Lucas or Kate. I tell you what, Austin -- I will talk to her, see what I can do.

Austin: I mean, Roman, I don't want Sami to be unhappy, okay? But I can't close my eyes on what she's trying to do to Lucas. I mean, I can't condone it, and I certainly won't be a part of it.

Roman: All right, well, here's what you got to do, okay? Now, you said you were a little open. You told her that it was a bad idea. Well, what I want you to do -- I want you to be as clear and strong with her as you were with me just now, okay? I mean, it seems a little funny that a marriage is coming about and you would rather talk to Samiís cranky dad than to Sami herself.

Austin: Yeah, yeah. I guess I needed to hear that.

Roman: Marriage is not for the weak, Austin. Got to have some guts. Got to face it head-on. I mean, you've got to take some blame here for this situation, so I am going to repeat myself. I want you to be as clear and strong with Sami as you were with me right now.

Austin: Yeah. Thanks for shooting it straight with me.

Lucas: [Breathing quickly]

Sami: What, are you having trouble catching your breath, Lucas? I wish you'd just choke and save me the trouble. All this time, you and Kate thought you were in control. That custody deal you had me sign where I got full rights to my son and you lost all your rights to him forever as long as I kept my mouth shut about how you and your witch of a mother set me up to be executed. Man, if there was any justice, you and Kate would be rotting in jail right now, but I will admit this is a pretty good second best. You know, you are all alone with me, Lucas. Your mommy's not here to protect you. Do you need another pillow?

Sami: God, this would be so easy. Too easy. You know what, Lucas? You deserve to die a painful death, and you will. I'll see to that. But you're never going to know when it'll happen. So you go ahead, you recover; you learn to walk and talk again. Run for mayor, for all I care. You're never going to see your son again. You got that? Drunk, sober, or comatose, you are not going to get within 100 miles of my little boy, and you know why? Because Will's not even going to be in Salem. Austin and I are going to take him far away from here, and even in a year from now, he won't even remember that he once had a drunk, rotten father. Austin will be Will's dad.

Lucas: [Snorts]

Sami: Aw, gee, Lucas, is that making you sad? I can't see why. I'm showing you the same mercy you and Kate showed me. No, when the time comes, I'm going to come up with something you've never thought of, but it'll kill you just the same. So in the meantime, while you're waiting to die, you just remember that you are never going to see your son again.

Lucas: [Breathing quickly]

Sami: What are you doing, you drunken loser? Are you -- are you trying to talk?

Lucas: S-- S-Sami -- please... listen to me. It's important.

Victor: It's not easy for me to say, Nicole -- to admit that I love you. It's been so long since I've been able to trust a woman. I was hoping, after all that we've shared, that you might feel the same way.

Nicole: What kind of game are you playing, Victor? First you kick me out of your house, and now you're telling me you love me? My father told me he loved me, too, and then he used my innocence and my trust to put money in his pocket.

Victor: Your father treated you despicably. Surely you're not comparing what we have to that monster.

Nicole: What we have? Yeah, I know what that's code for -- the best sex you've ever had. Don't put a spin on it, Victor. Don't bring love into this. Don't pretty it up. No man has ever loved me in a romantic way, not like they do in books and movies, and I know you sure as hell donít.

Victor: Because that's not what you want, Nicole. That's not the kind of love you were born for. You're too smart for the fairy tales, and you're too much your own woman to fall for the hype. You and I don't have stars in our eyes. We look reality in the face. That's what drew us together. If a man came to you with flowers and his heart on his sleeve, you'd laugh in his face. Your dreams are bigger than that. You want a man that's worthy of you, somebody that can take you to the heights, to the top of the world. Let me be that man.

Nicole: Just what are you trying to do here, Victor?

Victor: I'm trying to make my case that I'm the man for you -- the only man who knows you for what you really are and loves you for it. Let me take you to dinner. We'll go to Tuscany. We'll call ahead, have the chef prepare the escargot the way you like them. We'll drink champagne and toast our good fortune at finding each other. Please, Nicole, let me give you what you want -- what you really want.

Kate: So, when you say that Austin and Nicole are involved, do you mean professionally?

Marie: Well, there's the comfort factor, of course.

Kate: Ah, yes, the comfort factor.

Marie: They finish each other's thoughts -- that kind of thing.

Kate: Hmm. Well, that can be invaluable in a business situation. I suppose it's not surprising, knowing my utter hatred for Sami, that I'm not thrilled with the prospect of her being my daughter-in-law.

Marie: I don't blame you.

Kate: Not that I would want to replace her with Nicole in Austinís affections. For obvious reasons, Nicoleís not one of my favorite people -- nor yours, I assume. Although didn't you say that she's become nicer since she's been working more closely with Austin?

Marie: Between us, I think he's rocked her world.

Kate: Really?

Marie: Now, don't get me wrong. They're just friends.

Kate: Oh, yeah, of course.

Marie: But if Austin came on to Nicole, I don't think she'd put up much of a fight. Ooh, you're his mother. I shouldn't be telling you this.

Kate: No, no, no, no. Nothing interests me more than the welfare of my children. Besides, this is a really delicious piece of gossip.

Marie: You know, you really should have been a prosecutor. You can get people to say things they shouldnít.

Kate: Oh, nonsense. We are colleagues of old. There are no secrets between us, Marie.

Marie: I know.

Kate: No, this just all fascinating to me, though, given what Nicole did to me -- taking my place.

Marie: Oh, Nicoleís no match for you. I've always said that.

Kate: You're damn straight about that. You take care. Don't let them work you too hard.

Kate: [Thinking] Ah, Nicole. You're going to do me another favor, and this time I won't have to pay you $5 million. This time I'll get what I want for free.

Victor: Let me take you to dinner, Nicole. We need to be alone. It will give us a chance to get more deeply into this.

Nicole: I'll let you know.

Nicole: Marie! [Clears throat] I have a rule -- not to talk to my employees about any personal matters. I broke that rule in my office a little while ago, something that will never happen again.

Marie: Okay.

Nicole: And one more thing. If I hear any gossip about me in this office, I will know where it came from, and your job will be in jeopardy. Got it?

Marie: No problem, Nicole.

Nicole: And that's another thing. Call me Miss Walker!

[Cellular phone rings] [Ring]

Nicole: Who would be calling my cell phone? [Ring]

Nicole: Austin? [Ring]

Nicole: Nicole Walker.

Austin: Nicole Walker, Austin Reed.

Nicole: Yes, I know. What do you want, Austin?

Austin: I need some face time -- just you and me. There's something I need to tell you. Can you have dinner with me tonight?

Roman: You got it, commissioner. Take care. [Sighs] What the hell are you doing, Sami? Trying to rush Austin into this marriage is a big mistake. You're going to blow it, kid. You're going to get your heart broken big time.

Sami: What are you trying to say, Lucas? You know, I don't have all day to sit around while you put two pathetic syllables together, so spit it out, coma boy!

Lucas: I-I'm -- I'm s-sorry, Sami.

Sami: Oh, you're sorry? Right, I believe that. Don't lie to me, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm not. I'm not. Just let me --

Sami: Let you what? Let you win? No way you are never going to get the best of me again, Lucas. I'm going to see to it that you stay a loser for the rest of your stupid loser life. As long as you insist on breathing, you are going to live in fear of me and what I'm going to do to you.

Lucas: I've had... a lot of time to think. Everything you've said is true. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for everything I did to you.

Sami: You know what? Shut the hell up! What makes you think I'm going to take crap like that from you, you bastard?

Lucas: No. No.

Sami: That's right. No more tricks, veggie boy. No tricks, no lies.

Lucas: No tricks. Please.

Sami: God, why am I even listening to you? All you do is lie, Lucas. It's in your blood. You got it from your trampy mother.

Lucas: I'm sorry. Please, I-I know that I did terrible things to you and Will. He...trusted me, and I let him down. Please, please let me make it up to both of you, please.

Sami: Are you insane? Why am I surprised? Obviously you've been in a coma so long that it's affected your brain.

Lucas: Yeah. I-I don't feel that way anymore. I donít...think that way. Please, you got to -- got to believe me. Sami, please.

Sami: There is no way in hell, you lying boozer. I can't believe you. You would do anything or say anything to get what you want. Well, I am never going to fall for it again. You hear me, Lucas Roberts? Never!

Lucas: Please, Sami. I am r-really... really, really so, so sorry. I'm so sorry. So sorry.

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