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Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/6/02 (Canada) 3/7/02 (USA)

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Sami: Austin, do you love me?

Austin: Oh. Is it that bad, whatever you've done, I mean, that you're afraid to tell me?

Sami: Just answer the question. Do you love me or not?

Austin: Yeah, of course I do, but what does that have to do with you being here?

Sami: Everything. I came here to ask Victor to transfer you to Hawaii.

Austin: Ha ha. What? Have you lost your mind? No, thereís no way I'm leaving Salem now.

Victor: That despicable little tramp. Nobody threatens me and gets away with it.

Sami: If you donít transfer Austin to Titan Hawaii, you can bet that Philip is going to feel the heat from these x-rated photos, and you wouldnít want to hurt him like that, would you?

Victor: I'm not the one doing the blackmailing.

Sami: Bull, Victor. Heís your son, and if you donít want to see him get hurt, then you only have one option. You either do what I want or you ruin Philipís entire life. Your choice.

Victor: So there has been something going on between you and Austin.

Nicole: I know, I know. Austin is engaged, and he is an honorable guy, but since his fiancť is such a witch, itís only a matter of time before he comes to me for comfort, and I'll be ready. Ooh, Will I ever.

Victor: Thatís enough.

Nicole: Ha ha ha ha.

Victor: So itís not true.

Nicole: Serves you right if it was. You know, you donít own me, Victor. You never did. However, you had access to me. I'm sure you miss that.

Victor: I miss you very much, Nicole.

Nicole: Yeah, well, you threw me out of your bed. Now live with it.

Victor: I'm not going to lose you, Nicole.

Nicole: What, Marie? Spit it out.

Marie: Oh, itís just getting a bit chilly around here.

Nicole: So put a sweater on.

Marie: I meant that you --

Nicole: Yeah, I know what you meant, and you can take your complaints to Mr. Kiriakis if it bothers you. If he didnít let Kate Roberts manipulate him, I would still be living in the mansion, and all the world would be right, wouldnít it?

Marie: So you and Mr. Kiriakis arenít getting along then, I take it.

Nicole: Oh, and thatís really your business?

Marie: Sorry.

Nicole: Though you are quite the nosy one, from what I gather, sitting out there at your desk in reception eavesdropping on conversations.

Marie: Itís never deliberate, Ms. Walker.

Nicole: But you do hear things.

Marie: Certain things, yes.

Nicole: Huh. So... whatís the buzz about me?

Marie: Uh, people just wonder why you're not living with Mr. Kiriakis anymore, why you two arenít getting along.

Nicole: What? Victor and I are getting along swimmingly.

Victor: Nicole, I want to see you in my office now.

Nicole: Say it nicely!

Victor: Get in here!

Nicole: You know what? I donít take orders from you!

Victor: I'm your boss.

Nicole: Yeah, well, that doesnít mean you canít say please.

Victor: Now!

Nicole: When I'm good and ready! [Groans] See? Itís all very friendly.

Kate: Oh, Lucas, he was such a gullible fool. All I had to do was bat my big brown eyes at Roman Brady, and he was putty in my hands. Itís those high-testosterone types. They're always the most pathetic. [Knock on door]

Roman: You know, your voice carries all the way down the hall, Kate.

Kate: Does it?

Roman: If you got something to say to me, why not say it to my face?

Hope: Another visitation? So soon?

Mickey: I'm sorry.

Hope: Oh, donít be. You warned us, Uncle Mickey. I just have to pray that you're right -- that the more time glen spends with J.T., the sooner he'll see that the right thing to do for everyone is to leave our son with us.

Mickey: Yes, I'm praying for that, too, Hope, but we've got to be prepared.

Bo: For a custody battle.

Mickey: Yeah. What we need to talk about is what happens if Glen doesnít see, if it turns out that he still wants to take J.T. away from you.

Hope: Mickey. Are you saying we might lose J.T.?

Shawn D.: Jan Spears is -- is pregnant. I'm the father of this baby. You donít understand. Itís so much more complicated than you think.

Belle: No, no, you know what? I think that I understand perfectly. And you know what? I hate you.

Shawn D.: Belle?

Belle: What do you want?

Shawn D.: I have something really important I need to say to you.

Hope: I donít understand. Earlier, you led me to believe there was hope.

Mickey: There is. There always is, but... you're going to think I havenít been straightforward with you, but God knows, I have tried to be.

Bo: Wait a minute, Mickey. Are you saying that this situation with Shawn is going to work against our case? Is that why you're not being so optimistic anymore?

Mickey: As you know, ms. Burns is going through a very thorough evaluation of J.T.ís home environment, so of course sheís going to learn about Shawn and the pregnancy.

Hope: But that doesnít mean she'll hold it against us, does it? I mean, Shawn may have made a mistake, but heís always been a wonderful brother to J.T. and that has not changed.

Bo: He cares a lot about kids. Heís a loving person. Heís taking responsibility for what heís done, for fathering a child.

Mickey: I understand, but we canít be sure that the courtís going to see it that way. They donít know Shawn. So obviously, they're going to view the situation very differently.

Hope: View what situation? My God, whatís happening with Shawn has absolutely nothing to do with J.T. It doesnít affect our love for him. I'll tell you something -- no one knows how to take care of J.T. better than we do. No one could ever love him more than we do. We're the only family heís ever known.

Mickey: But Glen Reiber is his biological father. Unfortunately for us, that weighs very heavily in his favor. Besides which, Hope, the fact that your biological child is still out there being raised by somebody else and that Bo is not the father of that child and you donít know who is -- none of thatís going to play well in court. Coupled with the pregnancy of this young girl that Shawnís involved with, that does not paint a very positive picture.

Shawn D.: What I want to say --

Belle: Wait. I have something to say to you first. I'm sorry that I said I hate you, because I donít. I'm not proud of myself for talking to you like that because thatís not who I am.

Shawn D.: I know that. I know. I just want you to know that I love you so much, and I'm going to go on loving you no matter what, okay?

Belle: Why do I want to know?

Shawn D.: Know what?

Belle: For some reason, I'm curious about when you and Jan... tell me. Tell me when.

Shawn D.: It was -- it was when we were on the island.

Belle: On the island?! So the entire time that you and I were getting closer, you were with her, too, only you didnít push her away...

Shawn D.: I didnít push you away.

Belle: Like you did me. No, donít explain. Donít try and talk to me about how things were between us on the island or anywhere else. Not now, not ever. I donít want to hear your version, because everything you say is a lie. Everything you have ever said or everything you've ever done.

Shawn D.: Okay, look, I-I know it seems that way --

Belle: No, it is that way, Shawn. Look at you -- standing here pretending to be all sad, like you feel sorry for me. It makes me feel even more stupid than I already do.

Shawn D.: No.

Belle: And pathetic, which I guess I am if you think about it, for thinking that we had this -- this deep connection, for wanting to be with you again like that night on the island when I was so desperate to prove my love for you. But you wanted to wait so that it would be more special or important or something like that. I canít think about this anymore.

Shawn D.: Look, Belle, Belle --

Belle: No, not one more word from you! Stop it! And donít look so upset, because I donít care, and I donít believe you.

Shawn D.: I canít stop thinking about that night. I never will, and I never want to.

Belle: That night. I am always going to remember that night as the night that you didnít want me, the night you pretended to be in love with me when you really wanted to be with Jan, because she could make you... lose yourself. That would be the polite way to put it, right? But it was different when you were with me because you were sane and rational, but when you were with Jan, you just lost control. You didnít even use protection. You didnít care.

Shawn D.: Please, Belle --

Belle: No, one more word, I swear to God, I will scream.

Belle: Thank God that it didnít happen with us. At least I have that to be thankful for. You didnít make an even bigger fool of me.

Shawn D.: I have to say something, and... itís not going to make any sense, I know, but, hey, look at me, please. I want you to know that I just wouldnít do anything to hurt you, and just know that I didnít betray you.

Belle: No? Then tell me you're lying, Shawn. Tell me that you did not get Jan pregnant.

Craig: I donít know about this, Nancy Wesley -- stealing me away for lunch on this beautiful late winter day. The sun is shining. All that fresh air.

Nancy: Ah, such cruel and unusual punishment.

Craig: I mean, the truth is, I could actually be back at the hospital cafeteria with a cracked tray in hand waiting in the long, long, long line.

Nancy: With all the nurses just dying to carry your tray.

Craig: Nurses?

Nancy: The gals in white with the perky little... hats. You know, the ones that are always batting their baby blues at you?

Craig: Oh, right. I always wondered what they were.

Nancy: Mm-hmm.

Craig: Why donít you ever carry my tray?

Nancy: We'll discuss that later tonight.

Craig: In the hot tub?

Nancy: Ooh, maybe. But you better eat first. You're going to need your strength.

Craig: Yeah? What'd you get me? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Donít tell me, donít tell me. I'm going to pick up the vibes.

Nancy: I donít think sandwiches give off vibes.

Craig: Shh. Itís coming to me. Itís -- itís -- itís -- itís, um... a sandwich.

Nancy: Craig, that is uncanny.

Craig: Yeah. Wait, thereís more. Itís a, um... ham and Swiss.

Nancy: Oh, so close. Tuna.

Craig: Thatís what I was thinking, actually.

Nancy: You know, you have this psychic stuff down.

Craig: Yeah, well, at least I always know what you're thinking.

Nancy: Oh, okay. What am I thinking?

Craig: This. Mm.

Nancy: Mm.

Craig: I love you, Nancy Wesley with the laughing eyes.

Nancy: I wish my eyes were laughing, Craig.

Craig: Oh, Nancy, why arenít they laughing today, hmm?

Nancy: You know why.

Craig: Let me think. Um, itís coming to me. Could it possibly be Chloe?

Nancy: Thatís not funny, Craig. I am so worried about her.

Nicole: You wanted to see me, Victor?

Victor: Donít ever yell at me like that again.

Nicole: What? When did I yell?

Victor: Just now. When I tell you to come into my office, you come into my office.

Nicole: Yes, boss. Sorry, boss.

Victor: I wanted to tell you that I'm transferring Austin Reed to the Hawaiian division.

Nicole: What the hell are you talking about? Austinís not going anywhere. I need him.

Austin: No, no, we're not moving to Hawaii.

Sami: You didnít even think about it, Austin.

Austin: But itís out of the question, no.

Sami: Come on. Donít act like we havenít discussed this before. We have discussed many times moving away after we get married. You know, starting a new life together.

Austin: Yeah, we've discussed it. Thatís what we've done. We've discussed it. We've talked. Itís talk. Itís pie in the sky.

Sami: So you're just jerking me around?

Austin: Sami, my job is here in Salem. I'm not just going to pull up stakes and move now.

Sami: Even if it'll be a really good change for all of us?

Austin: Us? Whoís us? Certainly not me. Certainly not Will.

Sami: It would be great for both you and Will.

Austin: Forget about it. No.

Sami: Canít you just try to see this from my perspective?

Austin: Yeah, actually, I have. This is about my mom moving Lucas in with me, okay? And you going off the deep end.

Sami: That is not fair. I have thought about moving for a long time, and you know it. Yes, Kate moving Lucas into your apartment to continue her war against me is a factor.

Austin: No, itís not just a factor. Your whole plan has to do with my mother, and you trying to get back at her.

Kate: Well, you know what I was saying -- I was talking to Lucas because they moved him into the other -- the room, and I was just rambling on. You know how important it is for him to be stimulated, and --

Roman: Relax, Kate, relax. I couldnít make out what you were saying. I just heard your voice. But I did hear you mention my name.

Kate: Oh, yes. Well, what would -- what was I saying to him? It was... I was telling him to keep rolling 'cause he is doing such a beautiful job, and you know something? "Rolling" and "Roman" -- that really does sound similar, doesnít it?

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, it does. All right, listen. I, uh... I need to talk to you. Can I, uh... can I come in?

Kate: Sure, okay. I didnít mean to be rude.

Roman: I was thinking about what you and I talked about earlier, out in the hall, about what you said as far as you and Sami, you know, burying the hatchet, so to speak.

Kate: I canít tell you how important that is to me. Itís truly what I want to happen, for the sake of my family, for Austin, for Will, for Lucas, but I wish Sami felt the same way, and I donít think so. I think she is bound and determined to continue this bitter little war between us.

Roman: Well, I absolutely agree with you, Kate. Thatís why I came back to talk to you. Obviously, Samiís not going to come around on her own, so that means we need to work on her. You and me. So letís do it, huh? Letís come up with a game plan.

Victor: This isnít about what you need, Nicole. Itís about whatís best for Titan.

Nicole: I am talking about titan, damn it. Do you know how many projects Austin and I are putting together? If he is not around to do the research, to set up --

Victor: You are not listening to me, Nicole. I said I am transferring Austin to the Honolulu office. This is not a joint decision we're making.

Nicole: Fine. Fine. Throw your company away. You know, itís just your money and reputation at stake. Itís no big deal.

Victor: That will be all, Nicole.

Nicole: If we lose Austin, we could lose everything!

Victor: You keep saying "we," but you're not talking for me, and you're not talking for Titan. You want to keep Austin around here because he feeds your ego. He flirts with you, he flatters you. Itís what you thrive on, what you live for.

Nicole: You have no idea what I live for, Victor, nor do you have the right to tell me what I need, except as it relates to my position in this company.

Victor: You're free to go, Nicole. Thatís all I have to say to you.

Nicole: Wait a minute. I know what this is about. Sami Brady is making you do this, isnít she?

Sami: Austin, this is about our whole future.

Austin: Sami, we can have a future here in Salem.

Sami: Havenít you ever heard of a fresh start?

Austin: We have discussed this so many times. Okay, letís say that I'd be into going to Hawaii, which I'm not. This isnít just about you and me. Thereís Will to consider here. He just got back with his father. What are we going to do, just going to tear him away from him now? You know, and thatís not going to be fair to him. It would not be good for Will.

Sami: Well, do you think that Kate and Lucas considered what was good for Will when they took him away from me?

Austin: No, no, they didnít consider it at all. Okay, but that doesnít mean you have to stoop to their level. I mean, canít you just take the high road? Do you always have to get back at people? Lucas is the father of your son, a father that Will loves and needs. I mean, you just canít even see that, can you?

Sami: What I see is that Lucas is attached to Kate by the hip. I mean, they're like a package deal, and I canít stomach that. Donít you underst--

Austin: You see, this moving, itís all about my mother. I told you.

Sami: Fine. Yes. You know what? It is all about your horrible, hateful, evil mother. And let me tell you something, Austin. If you continue to take her side, we're not going to have a marriage.

Austin: Are you threatening me?

Sami: I'm giving you an ultimatum, thatís all.

Austin: Okay, hereís an ultimatum for you. If you donít stop insulting my mother and my brother and telling me how to live my life, I'm out the door. I'm history.

Belle: You canít tell me that, can you? You canít take it all back because... it is true. You and Jan made -- you're going to be parents. Itís a miracle, isnít it? That two people can be together and create a whole 'nother life. You must be so excited. You're going to be the first of our friends to become a father. Itís quite an accomplishment.

Shawn D.: I never wanted --

Belle: Shut up. Donít say things like that to me. Donít you understand that that makes it worse, when you tell me how much you love me or you want me or you need me? It just makes it worse.

Shawn D.: I donít know what to say.

Belle: Then donít say anything at all unless you're going to tell me that this is some huge, sick joke. Maybe it is. Because I am looking at you, I am looking in your eyes, and something is telling me -- am I right, Shawn? You and -- you and Jan, you were never together. You're not the father of her baby, are you? Tell me, Shawn. Please tell me you are not the father.

Craig: What is Chloe doing?

Nancy: Oh, Craig, itís not what sheís doing.

Craig: What, then?

Nancy: You know how tired sheís been lately.

Craig: Nancy, sheís working hard at school.

Nancy: No more than usual. I could hardly get her out of bed this morning.

Craig: Oh, Nancy, itís because sheís a teenager. Teenagers need at least 9 1/2 hours of sleep. You're just going to have to face it. You're part of a club with 50 million other mothers who have the same problem. Look, their kids go to bed late and their bodies refuse to listen to alarm clocks or moms.

Nancy: Okay, what about the nosebleed?

Craig: I canít believe this. I canít believe you're still fixating on that. I told you, Nancy, a nosebleed is nothing out of the ordinary. Besides, she had the one that one day -- thatís it.

Nancy: I know, and... outside of wanting to sleep in all the time, she has been better lately, I suppose. I just -- ever since you had her tested for strep, put her on the antibiotics, she has been better, but -- oh, I donít know. I guess I'm just a worrier.

Craig: Yeah, probably. Well, you worry, and I'm going to eat. What is this?

Nancy: You're the psychic. You tell me.

Craig: It looks like the mother of all cookies.

Nancy: Mm-hmm. Baked in our own oven by yours truly.

Craig: Get out.

Nancy: Mm-hmm. Try it.

Craig: Donít mind if I do. Mmm. Mmm. [Coughing and gagging]

Nancy: Craig? Oh, my God. Craig? Craig?!

Roman: Well, obviously, we're on the same page here, Kate.

Kate: There you go.

Roman: Thank you. Look... I'm a father, and I understand that Lucas needs to be involved in his sonís life, and there is absolutely no question that Will should be close to Lucas, to help him get better.

Kate: No, not just help. Without Will, Lucasís condition wouldnít improve. In fact, I think it would deteriorate.

Roman: And I am sure that Sami understands that.

Kate: But does she care?

Roman: Look, Kate, I want the best for my daughter as well as for Will, and since I happen to believe that if Sami does right by her little boy, it will serve her as well, I want to help make this work.

Kate: Okay. You think it can work? What are we supposed to do?

Roman: For starters, we have to stop Austin and Sami from relocating.

Kate: Relocating?

Roman: You got to know this, Kate. Thatís Samiís plan -- to move Austin and Will to Hawaii.

Sami: I'm sorry, Austin. Look, I know I'm emotional about this. I know that I can be bossy and stubborn, and I know this is your decision, too, so, please, canít we just --

Austin: We're not moving. End of discussion, Sami. Wouldnít be good for Will, and it doesnít work for me, either.

Sami: How could it be bad for Will?

Austin: How can you ask me that?

Sami: Austin, canít you just try to picture how wonderful life would be there?

Austin: No, I donít want to try to picture it.

Sami: Come on. The warm sun, the white, sandy beaches, the palm trees swaying in the breeze...

Austin: You're not going to talk me into it.

Sami: Come on. You and Will running down the beach with a surfboard under your arm.

Austin: I got work to do, Sami.

Sami: And then you come back home for breakfast to have fresh pineapple and papaya and some granola that I've just made for you.

Austin: Work, Sami, work.

Sami: And then you go to work at your beautiful new offices.

Austin: Got to make a living.

Sami: Then you come home at night, and I have this light silk dress on, and I'm doing the hula.

Austin: No doubt.

Sami: Or any dance you want, Austin. I have fresh flowers in my hair that smell like paradise, and I serve you a tall, cool drink so you can relax on the hammock while I massage island oils all over you. Are you starting to get the idea?

Austin: No, no, no, no.

Sami: Austin, then the sun sets, and the moon is reflecting on the water, and you and I make slow, sensuous love on the beach. And then, with the surf lapping at our feet, we fall asleep in each otherís arms. And then we wake up and we do it all over again. Austin, come on. Donít you think it would just be perfect?

Austin: Itís A... terrible idea -- the worst.

Nicole: I knew it. I knew it. I saw Sami sneaking in here earlier.

Victor: That will be all, Nicole.

Nicole: How could you allow yourself to be manipulated by her, by that stupid -- I thought you hated her. You blamed her for your stroke. What does she have on you? Sheís blackmailing you somehow. I mean, why else would you make a dumb, wrongheaded decision like this? You tell me right now. You tell me right now, Victor. What has Sami got on you?

Victor: Before I answer that, Nicole, I want you to answer something for me. Are you worried about losing Austin as your best researcher and a hard-working, loyal executive, or is it because you want to get him into bed?

Shawn D.: Someday you're going to look back on this, and we're going to realize that it was all just a bad dream, but you know what? None of thatís going to matter because we're going to be spending the rest of our lives together, and we are going to be so happy.

Belle: You say that like I'm going to wait for you or something, like I canít live without you. You are so deluded. I do not need you, Shawn. My life doesnít revolve around you. And right -- right now, I canít even look at you.

Shawn D.: Belle.

Belle: I never saw you as a coward, but I do now. A coward and a liar. No, never mind, I'm not going to stoop to name-calling. I'm just going to say goodbye. Itís over.

Bo: Mickey, before you said Glen could change his mind. Now you're changing yours, making it sound like this whole thingís a lost cause. Why?

Mickey: According to the law and biology, J.T.ís not your son. Heís Glenís son, and the truth is...

Hope: We're going to lose him.

Hope: We're going to lose J.T.

Kate: Now what do you mean? What are you talking about, Hawaii?

Roman: Kate, listen, I probably shouldnít have even said anything. I'm sure itís just a pipe dream.

Kate: A pipe dream? Oh, no, no, no, no. No, I know exactly what this is. This is Sami trying to destroy my family. Well, you know something? That is not going to happen.

Roman: Calm down, Will you? Itís just talk right now. I know Sami came up with this idea before Lucas came back and before Will found out his dad was living right down the hall, so I'm sure when Sami thinks about it and realizes what itís going to do to Will --

Kate: Oh, come on! How naive do you think I am, Roman? If Sami was planning this Hawaii thing before Lucas came home, she'll be more determined to do it now. Titan -- Titan has a division in Hawaii. Samiís probably already manipulating to get Austin transferred there as we speak.

Sami: You're not getting it, Austin. Lucas and Will are going to have plenty of time together. Lucas will love visiting us in Hawaii. Who wouldnít?

Austin: Oh, oh. Sorry. Thatís a great idea. Once or twice a year, come visit. He'll be able to build a real solid foundational relationship with his son. I'm sure he'll be satisfied with that. I think thatís really a good idea.

Sami: Okay, Mr. Sarcastic, then Lucas can move to Hawaii, too, you know? If he really wants to be with his kid, then he'll relocate with us. In fact, I'll even talk to Victor about it. Heís already agreed to transfer you, and I'm sure Victor can find room in the offices --

Austin: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You already talked to Victor about it?

Sami: Yeah, well, he was all for it.

Austin: You discussed this with Victor before talking to me?

Sami: Well, I just wanted to sound him out, and heís fine with it.

Austin: Heís fine with it? How can that be? You're not exactly Victorís favorite person, Sami. Why the hell would he agree to do you a favor?

Nicole: Austin Reed. You mean... boy, have you got the wrong number. Look, you know, not that itís any of your business, but heís so not my type. Heís boring, preachy --

Victor: Not all that boring, from what I've observed. You two are becoming friends. I can tell. You're getting closer all the time.

Nicole: We are not close.

Victor: You're the same age, you've got the same background. Whether you want to admit it or not, Nicole, you two are becoming simpatico.

Nicole: Well, you are jealous. Thatís what this is all about. You know, first you throw me out of the mansion, and now you suspect me of having an affair with a coworker? Not even a coworker -- someone who works beneath me. Do you really think I would lower myself?

Victor: Why not? I did when I was with you.

Nancy: Craig, Craig, what can I do?

Craig: [Coughs] You could run home and whip up another batch of these bad boys. This is a good cookie.

Nancy: What is wrong with you, teasing me like that? You scared me half to death.

Craig: Nancy, itís -- itís a good cookie. The taste had me all choked up. I-I'm serious, Nancy. I havenít tasted a cookie like this in I donít know how long. I mean, you know, with this cookie, you could enter a contest and win, like -- like a million dollars. Itís so good.

Nancy: It is my own secret recipe, and I'm not sharing it with anyone. None of the riffraff, no one, not no how.

Craig: Not even me?

Nancy: Ha ha ha. I have other things to share with you.

Craig: Yeah, well, I want a cookie. How about we discuss it in the hot tub tonight, hmm?

Nancy: I'm way ahead of you.

Craig: Yeah, I know. This chocolate chip is good, but I like oatmeal raisin.

Nancy: Mm.

Nicole: How dare you say you lowered yourself to be with me? You never had it so good as when we were together. You never felt younger and more alive, and what did you do? You threw our relationship away.

Victor: Get out of my office. Get out.

Nicole: You know what? I donít need you, Victor. I have over $5 million in the bank. I could walk away right now and have a very nice life.

Victor: Nicole, wait.

Sami: Just relax, Austin. I'll tell you how I got Victor to go along with it. Would you believe that heís crazy about your future bride?

Austin: No, no, I donít believe it at all.

Sami: Why do you have to be so cynical? He wants to put the bad blood behind us. You know, we're moving on.

Austin: Just like that.

Sami: Well, no, not just like that. I'm a nice person, he really cares about you, and heís related to Will, sort of, and he wants to set the animosity aside, so I think that heís going to make the transfer to Hawaii happen.

Austin: Without consulting me. Now tell me -- does Victor know that I wasnít told and itís the last thing that I want to do right now?

Sami: No. I'm sure that he assumes you're all for it. Who wouldnít be? Come on, we'll find out for sure tomorrow, but I think itís a go.

Austin: Sami.

Sami: Austin, Hawaii. Here we come. Isnít it exciting?

Austin: Will you stop?

Sami: I canít stop. I wonít stop.

Bo: You still havenít explained, Mickey. Why are you doing a 180?

Mickey: The situation has changed, Bo. Thatís not to say that -- that if glen is granted custody, I canít fight it. I can. I can use petitions and stalling tactics to delay the inevitable. I got to ask you -- do you really want to put J.T. through that if you're going to lose him anyway?

Hope: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Mickey: The younger he is when heís handed over, the less painful itís going to be for him down the road. I mean, I'll fight if you want me to, to try to make a miracle happen, but I -- I love both of you too much to -- to lie to you. You've got to face reality here. You got to make some very difficult decisions.

Belle: One more thing -- I hope your parents get to keep J.T. I hope they donít take your brother away from you. I remember what you said about that, and you were right. Children shouldnít suffer for the mistakes of their parents. Good luck, Shawn, with Jan and the baby.

Shawn D.: Someday I'll make you trust me again, and you'll know the truth very soon. Please, God... help me do the right thing so that Belle and I can be together again.

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