Days Transcript Wednesday 2/27/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/27/02

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Belle: Shawn, please call me.

Shawn: I wish I can be home right now. I really do. But I donít have a choice right now.

Belle: What? Why not? What are you talking about? Please, what is going on?

Shawn: Jan...

Belle: Jan what?

Shawn: I canít share this with you right now, Belle, okay? I'm sorry.

Belle: Canít or wonít?

Shawn: What is that supposed to mean?

Belle: Shawn, you've been asking me to trust you and to understand and, really, I've been trying. But when I walk in here and you're hugging her, and you canít even tell me why, what am I supposed to think?

Shawn: I told you, okay? She has a problem, a really bad one, and she canít deal with it alone.

Belle: Then she should go see a professional, someone like my mom.

Shawn: I know itís really hard for you to understand, okay, but she doesnít have anybody else she can go to. Sheís counting on me. I'm not going to let her down. I'm not going to desert her now.

Belle: I donít want you to do that. But you have been asking me for months to trust you. Now I want you to trust me. I would never betray your confidence. Share this with me so I can understand. I might even be able to help, but I canít do anything when I am left in the dark. Please, Shawn, please, I am asking you to tell me what is going on with Jan. Jan seems upset, as usual.

Shawn: Yeah, well, you know, sheís always got something going on.

Belle: Heard that a lot lately.

Shawn: Belle.

Belle: I just donít understand why you canít be more specific. I mean, why donít I get to know her problem?

Shawn: I canít tell you. Not yet.

Belle: But you will tell me, wonít you, Shawn?

Shawn: Yes.

Belle: When?

Shawn: I donít know. Soon, I swear. Belle, look at me. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Shawn: Just never forget that I love you.

[Cellular phone rings]

Philip: Hello.

Belle: Philip, hi.

Philip: Oh, hey, Belle.

Belle: Um, where are you?

Philip: Driving. Whatís up?

Belle: Nothing much. I was just wondering, do you have any idea where Shawn is?

Philip: No, I havenít seen him. Did you try his house?

Belle: No, but I know heís not home.

Philip: Jan again. Damn, that girl lives to make trouble, doesnít she?

Belle: Itís driving me crazy, Philip. If I only knew why they were spending so much time together.

Philip: Belle, you've got to stop worrying. Look, itís like I said, Jan probably needed a favor or something.

Belle: Right, but what kind of favor? And why canít Shawn tell me about it?

Hope: Heís still in high school. Our son -- our Shawn -- I mean, Bo, how could he let something like this happen?

Bo: Heís taking responsibility for it.

Hope: I thought they were serious about each other. I thought Shawn loved Belle.

Bo: Sure he does.

Hope: Then why? Why would he sleep with this other girl? Oh, my god, not just sleep with her, but conceive a child!

Bo: It doesnít make any sense to me, either.

Hope: No, it doesnít. Jan Spears -- you know what? I donít think I've ever heard anything about her thatís positive. There was that incident at the high school, then thereís Puerto Rico, and then ther-- no. Okay, I am not going to judge her, not when we donít know her, or her parents.

Bo: Well, itís a very bad family situation. That much I know.

Hope: Did Shawn tell you that?

Bo: Yeah, he said some things. And last summer, she had a court hearing. Her parents didnít even show up for the sentencing.

Hope: You know, I think, you were right before. We should've gone with him to meet her parents. Maybe I can find out the address. We can go over now. What do you think?

Mrs. Spears: So, pretty boy, whatís the plan? Are you, uh, going to have wedding bells in your future, or are you going to make  my daughter bring a bastard child into the world? You donít know, do you? You donít know what the hell you're doing.

Shawn: We know we're doing the right thing.

Mrs. Spears: Right for who? That is not just an accident growing in there, that is a disaster for you and your parents.

Jan: You, mom! Poor you!

Mrs. Spears: That is enough out of you, Jan.

Jan: I know what you're thinking, what you're always thinking. Why donít you just say it?

Mrs. Spears: You are impossible.

Jan: Thatís right. I'm impossible, I'm a terrible daughter, I ruined your life! Why donít I just die and leave you alone?

Mrs. Spears: You are the most ungrateful -- I have given you everything that a child could want, and this is how you repay me!

Shawn: Please, can we just take a time-out? There is a baby that we need to think about here.

Mrs. Spears: There is not going to be any baby.

Shawn: Jan has made her decision, Mrs. Spears.

Mrs. Spears: Get out of my house!

Shawn: I'm not going to just leave.

Mrs. Spears: Get out!

Jan: Shawn, Shawn, itís fine. Just, yeah, go.

Shawn: I'm not going to just leave you here with her.

Jan: No. Itís okay. I'll call you later, okay? Promise. Go.

Shawn: What are you doing here?

Abe: I was on my way home, had my radio tuned to dispatch. I heard a 911 call from this address.

Shawn: Well, itís, um, itís nothing, Commander Carver. Just, um, everythingís fine.

Abe: How'd you get that cut on your forehead?

Shawn: Uh, it was an accident.

Abe: Whatís going on, Shawn?

Mrs. Spears: Who the hell are you?

Abe: I'm Abe Carver, Commander of the Salem police department. So, whatís the problem?

Mrs. Spears: This little bastard took advantage of my daughter.

Abe: In what way?

Mrs. Spears: He got her pregnant.

Abe: Is this true?

Mrs. Spears: My daughter is only 17.

Abe: Well, this is a family matter. Why did you call the police?

Mrs. Spears: My daughter is still a minor. I want him arrested for statutory rape.

Roman: Sami, we got to work this thing out right now, so Will can be with Lucas.

Sami: Over my dead body.

Roman: Itís not only your decision, Sami. There are other people involved.

Sami: No, no, donít tell me. You're in on it, too.

Roman: There is nothing to be in on.

Roman: I ran into Kate as I was leaving earlier.

Kate: Just by chance.

Sami: Oh, nothing you do is by chance, Kate.

Roman: Are you going to let us in or not?

Austin: Hey, hey, hey, look who it is!

Roman: Hey, hey, hey, big guy!

Will: Grandpa and Grandma!

Kate: Hello, my sweet little angel.

Will: Whereís daddy?

Kate: Daddy -- Daddyís closer than you think.

Belle: Philip, if you knew what was going on between Jan and Shawn, you would tell me, wouldnít you?

Philip: You know I would. Hey, look, I'm heading over to .Com. If Shawnís with Jan, itís probably where they are. You want to come along and check it out?

Belle: Definitely.

Philip: All right, hey, I'm right by your house, so I'll be right there.

Belle: No, wait. I donít want my parents asking why you're picking me up instead of Shawn, so I'll meet you outside.

Philip: Okay... hey. And donít worry.

Belle: I'm beyond worried. Imagining what Jan could be planning has me totally freaked out.

Bo: I donít think we should follow Shawn over to the Spears'.

Hope: Well, sitting around here isnít doing us any good, Bo. I'm sorry, but I'm going to call over there and see if heís still there.

Bo: You have the phone number?

Hope: No, I'll get it from Belle.

Bo: Whoa, no, no, that is not a good idea.

Hope: Why not?

Bo: What if she doesnít know that Shawn and Jan are involved, much less that he got her pregnant?

Abe: Mrs. Spears, you've made a very serious accusation.

Mrs. Spears: I know the law.

Abe: Well, I know this young man.

Mrs. Spears: Oh, is that how it is in this town? If you're friends with a cop, you're innocent?

Abe: You know, I'm not taking any legal actions until I get sworn testimonies from all of you.

Mrs. Spears: I will hire a team of attorneys that will make sure that he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Jan: No, mom, please... donít do this. Donít take Shawn away from me. I canít go through this without him.

Mrs. Spears: Then promise me that you'll have an abortion.

Jan: What?

Mrs. Spears: Itís your choice, Jan. Terminate the pregnancy, or lover boy goes to jail.

Sami: Hey, Will, honey, how about you and I finish that story you started earlier? How does that sound?

Will: Okay.

Sami: All right, letís go.

Kate: You know, itís sad, really. Sami doesnít seem to understand what it could mean to Will to have his father in his life.

Roman: She'll come around.

Kate: Yeah, well, I would like to think so, but frankly, I think you're giving her far too much credit.

Austin: No, heís not. Itís been a very difficult transition for Sami -- you know, having Lucas back in Willís life. But because of her love for her son and for me, I have faith that sheís going to put Willís needs first. Sheís going to do whatís right for him.

Sami: Okay, sweet dreams, Pumpkin. And I'm going to go talk to your grandma about whatís happening with your daddy, and then, in the morning, I'll tell you what I've learned, okay?

Will: Okay.

Sami: I love you.

Will: I love you, too, Mommy.

Sami: Okay. Close your eyes. Time to go to sleep. Close 'em. Okay.

Will: Where are you, daddy?

Hope: I'll call her cell phone.

[Cellular phone rings]


Belle: Shawn.

Hope: No, sorry, Sweetie, itís Hope. Um, actually, I was wondering if you had heard from Shawn.

Belle: No, why, whatís going on?

Hope: She doesnít know.

Belle: Mrs. Brady?

Hope: Uh, Sweetie, before Shawn left, I didnít get a chance to ask him, but by any chance do you happen to have the phone number for Jan Spears?

Belle: This is the second time you've asked me for that.

Hope: I know, Sweetie. I'm sorry to bother you.

Belle: Why do you want to talk to her? Does this have anything to do with Shawn?

Hope: Yes, uh, so if you have the number, I'd really appreciate it.

Belle: Oh, okay, um, no problem. Okay... um... Jan spears. 555-0199.

Hope: 0199. Thanks, Sweetie. Take care.

Belle: Can you tell me what --

[Phone hangs up]

Bo: Hold on. What are you going to say?

Hope: We ask if Shawn is there, we speak to him if he is, and we ask if he wants us to come over there.

Bo: He wanted to talk to Jan and her parents alone. If we pressure him, we could make a bad situation worse.

Hope: The situation couldnít possibly be any worse, Bo. Now, please hand me the phone.

Jan: I'm having this baby -- our baby -- and if you even think about pressing charges, I'll walk out of here and you'll never see me again.

Mrs. Spears: Fine by me.

Abe: Look, enough, enough. Now, either we're taking you down to the station for a sworn affidavit, or I'm taking Shawn home. Itís your call.

Sami: You had no right to drive Lucas back here without my permission.

Kate: Heís my son, Sami.

Sami: Well, the game you're playing has affected my son, and I wonít stand for it.

Will: Daddyís here.

Roman: Sami, come on. Kate has a right to help her child.

Sami: Not when it means dumping him down the hall in Austinís apartment.

Austin: Itís a temporary arrangement.

Sami: I want Lucas out of the building tonight.

Austin: He canít be moved tonight, Sami.

Sami: Why not? Kate just dragged his lifeless body halfway across the country.

Kate: His body isnít so lifeless anymore, Sami.

Roman: Heís regained consciousness.

Austin: Heís making real progress.

Sami: Oh, great, well, then why donít you just move him into a hotel room with an open bar and then he can drink himself back into a coma.

Austin: Lucas isnít going anywhere, okay? Not tonight.

Sami: Donít think you're going to get away with this.

Roman: Sami, we got to work this thing out.

Kate: Maybe I should just go check on Lucas.

Austin: Mom, we need to discuss this sometime.

Sami: No, thereís nothing to say.

Abe: So I need an answer, Mrs. Spears.

Mrs. Spears: Just get this rapist out of here. Get him off my property.

Abe: So you're not going to file criminal charges?

Mrs. Spears: I will consult with my attorney, and he'll be contacting you.

Abe: All right. Very well. Letís go, Shawn. I'm sure your parents are anxious to know you're okay.

Shawn: But she needs me here.

Jan: Oh, itís -- itís okay, Shawn. Just knowing you're helping me through this gives me all the strength I need.

Shawn: Are you sure?

Jan: Yeah.

Abe: Letís go, Shawn. Come on.

Jan: Oh, I'll call you, okay?

Shawn: Okay.

Abe: Hey, uh, look, I'll follow you home. Come on, come on.

Shawn: I-I... I just donít want to leave her alone with her mother.

Abe: Why not?

Shawn: Sheís abusive. She slaps her around. I mean, Abe, she really hits her.

Abe: You've seen this?

Shawn: Yes.

Abe: Well, thatís a very serious charge.

Shawn: Itís true. I donít know what to do. How can I help her?

Abe: Advise her to have the courage to call me. Child abuse is a crime. I'll do everything I can to help her.

Shawn: Yeah. Thanks. I just hope sheís going to be okay tonight.

Abe: Well, she said she'd call you, so make sure she does. But right now you've got to deal with your own family.

Shawn: They already know about the baby.

Abe: You've got a lot more explaining to do. There was a 911 call. Mrs. Spears is charging you with statutory rape, and she might come up with more, so your dad needs to know how to handle whatever charges she might come up with. Thereís nothing more you can do for Jan right now. Hmm? Come on; letís go home.

Philip: That is weird. Why wouldnít Shawnís mother tell you why she wanted Janís number?

Belle: Maybe she thinks Shawnís with Jan.

Philip: What could be so important that Shawn would choose being with Jan over being with you?

Belle: Or his family, especially, now.

Philip: Letís find out.

Belle: Philip, .Com is the other way.

Philip: I know. We're going to Janís.

Belle: Are you crazy? We canít just show up at her house.

Philip: Why not?

Belle: Well, because if Shawn is there, heís going to be furious with me.

Philip: Well, then you can wait in the car. I'll do it myself.

Belle: He asked me to be patient. He said he needed time.

Philip: Timeís up.

Belle: Philip, he said eventually he'd tell me what this is all about.

Philip: When -- next week, next month, next year? No.

Belle: I trust him, Philip.

Philip: Yeah, but do you trust Jan? You're dying to know what the big secret is, Belle. Admit it.

Belle: You're right. I am.

Philip: So why should we live on Janís timetable? Sheís already messed up most of our senior year. I'm putting an end to her sick games, once and for all.

Sami: Cut the apron strings, Austin, and get your brother out of the building!

Austin: Whether in my apartment or somewhere else, Lucas is in town. You need to accept that.

Sami: No, he can live anywhere in the world that he wants to, except Salem!

Kate: This is his home, Sami.

Sami: Go to hell.

Roman: Calm down, Sami.

Sami: Dad, I canít believe you're taking her side.

Roman: I've seen Lucas. Heís making remarkable progress.

Austin: And Willís father needs to be a part of his life.

Sami: He has you, Austin.

Austin: Look, I love Will as if he was my own son, but Lucas is his father, and he has a right to be with him.

Sami: No, he doesnít, not after what he and Kate did to me. I'll get a court order if I have to.

Roman: Sami, listen to Austin. I talked to Dr. Adams. He gives Will full credit for Lucas coming out of the coma.

Sami: I canít believe you and Austin are betraying me like this.

Roman: We're not. We love you.

Sami: Then how come you canít see whatís really going on here? This is not about Will getting to visit his father. This is about Kate getting what she wants, which is to take everything away from me that I cherish. And that means you, Will, and Austin. She wants to take you both away from me, forever!

Austin: Thatís not going to happen, Sami.

Sami: Itís already happening, Austin. Itís what she wants. Itís what sheís always wanted. How come I am the only one who sees that?

Will: Daddy!

Kate: I'm not out to destroy you, Sami. Why canít we just put the past behind us?

Sami: Never.

Kate: Not even for the sake of those you love?

Sami: Oh, you donít love anybody except yourself. You're only out for whatís best for you, and to hell with everyone else.

Austin: This is no good, Sami. This is no good.

Sami: Austin, do you love me? Really?

Austin: You know I do.

Sami: Then letís get married right away.

Kate: No, you canít do that!

Sami: You see, I was right. She'll do anything to stop us from getting married.

Kate: That is, absolutely, not true.

Sami: Then go ahead. Tell him to marry me.

Roman: Kate, they're adults. We have to respect their decision.

Kate: I know that. Itís just because of Lucas. Itís because of his condition. Donít you think it would be better if you waited until your brother was recovered?

Sami: Really, Kate, what does Lucas's condition have anything to do with the date of our wedding?

Kate: Because a boy Willís age -- itís difficult enough for him to understand his fatherís condition, but your marriage?

Sami: I completely agree with you. Thatís why we should keep Will away from Lucas!

Kate: That is not the answer, Sami. Austin, please, please, I am begging you to carefully consider this.

Austin: No, I donít need any time to consider. I'll marry you any time you want. The sooner the better. You know, you pick the place, you pick the time, I'll be there.

Sami: You know it. Will.

Austin: What? What is it?

Sami: I closed that door.

Sami: Will? Honey, Will, where are you? William? Oh, my god. Will! Will! Answer me, Honey! Will! William!

Austin: Where is he?

Sami: I donít know!

Kate: Then whatís the window doing open?

Roman: Will, answer me!

Sami: I always keep that window locked, and I've told him never to go on the fire escape.

Roman: Heís gone.

Sami: Oh, God, oh, God, he ran away. And this is all your fault!

Philip: Well, the lights are on in the living room.

Belle: Shawn canít be here. I donít see Boís truck.

Philip: That doesnít mean heís not inside.

Belle: If Shawn sees us and thinks I'm spying on him...

Philip: We got to check it out, Belle.

Belle: No, wait. Letís just wait and see if he comes outside.

Philip: Inside, outside -- whatís the difference?

Belle: Shawn is the one I came to see, Philip. I would like to avoid Jan and her psycho mom.

Philip: Okay, but five minutes -- thatís it. Then I'm knocking on that door. If somethingís going on between Shawn and Jan, you've got a right to know.

Mrs. Spears: So, tell me, Jan, were there others? How many? Are you even sure that that boy is the father of your baby?

Jan: I'm sure what we're doing is right.

Mrs. Spears: I will not have you entertaining any schoolgirl fantasies about love and marriage. I did not raise you to hook up with a family full of bartenders and cops. You are not -- I repeat -- not going to keep that baby or have anything to do with Shawn Brady ever again.

Hope: I-I-I'm sorry. I-I canít stand it anymore. I have to call over there and find out if Shawn is still there.

Abe: That wonít be necessary.

Hope: Oh, my god, honey, I'm so ha--

Bo: Abe.

Hope: Oh, my God, what happened to you? Look at your forehead! What --

Shawn: I fell.

Bo: On what, a razor?

Shawn: No, a corner of a table.

Bo: What, you run into Shawn outside?

Abe: Uh, not exactly.

Shawn: Abe followed me back from Janís.

Hope: What were you doing there?

Abe: I was responding to a 911 call.

Bo: Who called it in?

Abe: Mrs. Spears.

Hope: What happened?

Abe: That woman -- Janís mother -- she wanted Shawn arrested for statutory rape.

Philip: All right, your five minutes are up.

Belle: No sign of Shawn.

Philip: I'm tired of playing by Janís rules. Itís time to find out whatís going on in there.

Belle: I can wait for Shawn to tell me. I donít have to find out this way.

Philip: Well, I do. So stay in the car, okay? I'm going for it.

Shawn: I really donít want to be in school right now.

Jan: Shawn, Shawn, I really need your help, and itís got to be right now.

Shawn: Look, Jan, Belle and I are in the middle of something. Could it wait just a few minutes?

Jan: Yeah, okay, fine, j-just wait here, okay? Donít go anywhere. I'll be right back, okay?

Belle: She looked awful. Is she sick or something?

Shawn: Um, I-I... I wouldnít know.

Belle: Then whatís wrong with her? Why does she need your help?

Shawn: Belle, okay, I have told you before --

Belle: No, Shawn, you -- you havenít told me everything.

Shawn: Belle, please --

Belle: The way sheís always looking for you, dying to talk to you, needing your help. Thereís something you're keeping from me... Jan, excuse me, but in case you hadnít noticed, we were in the middle of a conversation, so if you donít mind --

Jan: I am sorry, but itís really important. Please?

Shawn: It wonít take long, will it?

Jan: Five minutes -- tops.

Shawn: Okay. Five minutes?

Belle: Yeah, thatís fine.

Shawn: All right, I'll be right back... sheís kind of in a mess. She needs my help.

Belle: I got that. But why, Shawn? I mean, why you?

Shawn: She doesnít have any friends.

Belle: Okay, big surprise. Thatís because she treats everyone like dirt.

Shawn: Well, she was never like that with me.

Belle: Yeah, I noticed.

Shawn: Donít be jealous, Belle, all right? And stop asking me questions about whatís going on with her, because you know I canít talk about it, okay? I'm sorry. I just canít tell you. Please try to be understanding for a little while longer. It'll be over soon.

Belle: I'm really worried about you, Shawn. You have enough to deal with, everything thatís going on with J.T. And I donít think itís fair for Jan to dump whatever this is on you. You are such a good person, and I donít think Jan is. And I think sheís going to try and take advantage of you, of your goodness.

Shawn: You're wrong, Belle. Janís not a bad person. She just had some really tough breaks. I know that this hasnít been easy, but I just want to tell you that I love you being so understanding.

Belle: Oh, I canít just sit here like a coward in the dark. Whateverís going on between Jan and Shawn, I have to know. I have to hear it for myself.

Philip: [Shivers]

Belle: [Whispers] Philip. Philip, wait.

Philip: I thought I told you to stay in the car.

Belle: Forget it. Jan may scare the hell out of me, but I'm no wimp, especially when it comes to people that I love.

Philip: Thatís the spirit. Hey, but let me face off with Jan, just in case Shawnís not there.

Belle: Yeah, good idea. Good luck.

Philip: All right.

Philip: Mrs. Spears?

Mrs. Spears: Who the hell are you?

Philip: A classmate of Janís.

Mrs. Spears: Great. Another sex-crazed hood has come to sniff around my daughter.

Philip: I beg your pardon?

Mrs. Spears: Get lost.

Bo: Consensual sex between minors is not a crime. In this state, the accused has to be at least 18.

Hope: Did you tell that to Mrs. Spears?

Abe: I didnít want to enrage her any more than she already was.

Shawn: Yeah, she was pretty fired up.

Abe: Thatís an understatement.

Bo: Does she think she has a case?

Abe: Well, she refused to come down to the station and file a complaint. She threatened to consult her lawyer. So when she does, she'll find out there was no crime. My main concern was Shawn, getting him out of that house.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: Yeah. We're glad you're the one who responded to the call.

Hope: Abe, thank you for everything.

Shawn: You know, when I said you're like a second father to me, I really meant it.

Abe: I feel the same, buddy. I feel the same.

Shawn: Thanks.

Abe: Yeah.

Bo: Abe, this is, um, probably the worst time to bring this up...

Abe: Uh, look, look, um... I know what John did to Isaac and Lexie.

Hope: You know about the DNA test?

Abe: I know what John did was unacceptable, and it was criminal. But nobody got hurt, and Lexie doesnít want to bring any charges.

Bo: Do you know the results of the test?

Abe: No, not yet.

Bo: It proves that Hope is Isaacís biological mother.

Hope: I'm sorry, Abe. I'm sorry.

Abe: Well, uh, nobody is -- nobodyís to blame. I donít know what else to say, except I... I love my son. I donít want to lose him.

Bo: Thereís something else you should know.

Abe: About Isaac.

Bo: John is not his biological father.

Austin: Will! Will, can you hear me?

Sami: Do you see him?

Austin: No. Nothing.

Roman: All right, letís get down there.

Kate: I checked the hallway. Heís not there.

Dr. Adams: Kate! Austin!

Kate: In here! What is it?

Dr. Adams: I heard you yelling Willís name.

Sami: My little boy -- heís gone.

Dr. Adams: Heís all right.

Roman: Where is he?

Dr. Adams: Come with me. All of you.

Abe: So if John isnít Isaacís biological father, who is?

Bo: Itís not DiMera.

Abe: How do you know?

Hope: Are you okay hearing all this?

Shawn: You and Gina are different people. I understand that. I want to know as much as I can about what happened to you when we were separated.

Hope: So do I -- to finally put it behind me.

Abe: Look, how do you know that Stefano is not Isaacís biological father?

Bo: John and Marlena compared blood types. DiMeraís does not match Isaacís. We donít know who Isaacís father is. All we know is, that itís not DiMera, John...

Shawn: Mom. Are you okay?

Hope: Yes, I'm fine.

Abe: You know, I need to get home to my family.

Bo: All right. Thanks for looking after Shawn.

Abe: Sure.

Hope: Honey, it looks like that cutís going to need some stitches.

Shawn: No, mom, itís not bleeding. I'm fine. It looks a lot worse than it is.

Bo: Hey, what happened at Janís that brought on a 911 call?

Shawn: I told you, Mrs. Spears is an intense lady.

Bo: Yeah, thatís a pretty intense cut, too. Did she cause it?

Shawn: Yeah, well, okay, she was hitting me with a magazine, I was backing up, I just -- I tripped over the carpet -- "boom" -- I smacked my head on the corner of the table.

Bo: Where was Mr. Spears during all this?

Shawn: He doesnít live there anymore.

Hope: He told us they were divorced, remember?

Bo: So her momís the only one who knows this.

Shawn: She will eventually accept whatís going on. She has to.

Hope: Honey, she tried to have you arrested. Sheís nowhere near acceptance.

Shawn: I-I didnít commit a crime. Everythingís fine.

Bo: There is nothing fine about any of this. You got a girl pregnant. That changes everything -- your life now, your future -- nothingís going to be the same.

Belle: Letís just get out of here, Philip.

Philip: Hey, not until we know the truth. Go back.

Mrs. Spears: I thought I told you to get lost.

Philip: Hey, I'm not here to make trouble, okay? My nameís Philip, Philip Kiriakis.

Mrs. Spears: Victorís son.

Philip: Oh, you know my father?

Mrs. Spears: I know of him. What are you doing here?

Philip: Well, I'm looking for someone, and, I think, Jan might know where he is.

Mrs. Spears: Who?

Philip: Shawn Brady. Is he here?

Mrs. Spears: What kind of game are you playing?

Philip: I was just wondering --

Mrs. Spears: You tell that blue collar piece of trash to stay away from my daughter. The dirty deed has already been done, and I will do whatever it is I have to to protect her.

Jan: Mom, come on! Nobody else knows about this.

Philip: Knows about what?

Jan: What are you doing here?

Philip: Knows about what?

Jan: Nothing.

Philip: It involves Shawn. Where is he?

Jan: I donít know.

Philip: Tell me, Jan.

Mrs. Spears: That is enough, Philip. Jan, go back inside.

Jan: Tell Belle, "I am sorry."

Philip: Sorry about what, Jan? Jan!

Mrs. Spears: I said thatís enough. Good night, Mr.. Kiriakis.

Belle: How weird was that?

Philip: You're right. This is serious.

Belle: What did Mrs. Spears mean by "the dirty deedís been done"?

Philip: I donít know, but I've never seen Jan so scared. She said, "Tell Belle I'm sorry."

Belle: I heard. But sorry about what?

Philip: Thatís what we have to find out.

Belle: Philip, I had a bad feeling about this before, but...itís worse now, much worse.

Sami: Where is he? Where is Will?

Jane: Shh. Over there.

Sami: Oh, Sweetie.

Dr. Adams: See? Heís fine.

Austin: Ha. Thank God.

Sami: How did he get in here?

Dr. Adams: From the fire escape, through the window.

Sami: Oh, my God, itís so icy out there. He could've fallen.

Kate: Yes, yes, he could've. Why werenít there safety bars on his windows?

Sami: I told the landlord to install them, and he just hasnít done it yet.

Kate: Oh, you are an unfit mother.

Sami: You listen to me --

Austin: You're upset. We all are, but will is okay. So letís calm down.

Roman: I'll make sure those bars are in by Monday morning, or we'll haul the landlord in court.

Sami: You see what bringing Lucas here has done? Will could've been killed.

Kate: Do you know something? He had to have heard you before, and he found out his father was here and that you werenít going to let them be together. So, you see, itís not me thatís at fault. Itís you and your petty jealousies that put Willís life in danger. Well, you know something, I am not going to let you stand between him and his father, ever again.

Mrs. Spears: Why is your father never here when I need him?

Jan: Maybe because you threw him out.

Mrs. Spears: I ought to do the same to you.

Janís voice: Shawn, please donít desert me. You promised you'd see me through this. I need you.

Philip: Do you want to go over to Shawnís and see if heís there?

Belle: No. He promised he would call. I'd rather wait than drive around looking for him.

Philip: Okay. Now we know heís in some kind of big trouble. I'm worried about him and you.

Belle: Donít be. I trust Shawn. I want to protect him, but I donít know how.

Philip: He should be protecting you, not running after Jan. Hey, any guy at school would walk through fire for you.

Belle: Philip, I donít want just any guy. I want Shawn.

Philip: Well, just make sure you donít get hurt.

Belle: Shawn would never hurt me. He loves me. He said that, and I believe him.

Philip: Well, come on. I'll take you home.

Shawn: Dad, between the custody battle for J.T. and Janís pregnancy, I have a little too much on my mind to be worried about my future.

Bo: Then let us help you. I will protect you in any way that I can. Donít you know that? When we decided to have a child, to bring you into this world, we made a lifelong commitment to your health and happiness. We'll never abandon you.

Shawn: I know.

Bo: Good. Because I love you.

Shawn: I love you, too, Dad. And you, Mom. Yep, I do. Ha ha. Itís the truth.

Hope: I love you, too, Honey. I always will.

Shawn: I'm sorry for all this. I really am. But I know I'm doing the right thing. I've got to go call Belle. I told her I would when I got home.

Hope: When are you going to tell her?

Shawn: Tomorrow. It canít wait any longer. Too many people already know.

Hope: If thereís any way we can help...

Bo: We're here.

Shawn: Thanks. All right.

Bo: Good luck.

Hope: Why are we being hit with all of this at once?

Bo: To prove how strong our love is?

Hope: Oh, is that the reason?

Bo: I will protect you, Shawn, and J.T., with every ounce of strength I have.

Hope: And Isaac. We need to protect Isaac now, too.

Bo: Isaac, too.

Hope: Oh, I know how hard this is for you. Thank you for never giving up on me, Brady.

Bo: I never stopped loving you, even when we thought you were lost to us forever.

Hope: Our love was written in the stars a long time ago. I'm grateful for that every morning I wake up with you next to me.

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