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Jennifer: You meet some of the strangest people in this place. Would you like to go get some coffee, Greta?

Greta: Can we make it tea?

Jennifer: Yes, come on.

Greta: All right.

Jack: Okay, Jennifer, what's with the silent treatment? Hello? What am I -- the invisible man? Of all the nerve.

Greta: He's still following us.

Jennifer: Oh, Greta, you know what? He is so predictable. I wonder how we can totally freak him out and lure him into the next step of this game all at the same time.

Jack: [Thinking] Greta canít tell Jennifer I'm gay. What if she already has? Uh-oh. I know that look. Jennifer's up to something.

Jennifer: I know it. I know, I've got it.

Greta: You know what? What do you have?

Jennifer: How to answer the burning question once and for all. Is he or isnít he?

Sami: Austin, please, you have to tell me what's going on. You look like you've seen a ghost.

Austin: Uh, yeah, that's exactly what I saw -- a ghost that came back to life.

Roman: Kate, got no time.

Kate: I was surprised when --

Roman: Not right now.

Kate: What, are you grumpy again?

Roman: Busy, that's all.

Kate: No need to explain. Sami has that effect on everyone, but you are in luck because I have something that's going to pick up your spirits.

Roman: What are you on, Kate?

Kate: Love. Nothing but love. Come on, I'll show you.

Roman: Show me what?

Kate: You have to trust me, because it's really wonderful, and I want the whole world to know.

Roman: My God.

Kate: He's finally back. My boy's back.

Belle: Shawn said something today about how he feels -- things he's never said before -- and he made me feel so loved.

Marlena: Oh, then what's bothering you?

Belle: Well, it's what he's not telling me, about Jan. He started to tell me about it, but he was so worried about J.T., he never got back around to it.

Marlena: Well, whatever it is, it's got nothing to do with the way he feels about you.

Belle: I keep telling myself that.

Brady: Hey, Belle. Ready to go to the gym?

Belle: You know what? Not right now, Brady.

Brady: No? What's up?

Belle: I'm just trying to figure some stuff out about Shawn and Jan. He still hasnít told me what's going on between the two of them, and I'm getting a really bad feeling about it.

Mrs. Spears: Jan, where are you?

Mrs. Spears: Didnít you hear me calling for you?

Jan: Oh, what's up?

Mrs. Spears: Well, you havenít eaten much today. Mercedes thought you might like some ice cream, but I thought a bowl of fruit might be a better idea.

Jan: No thanks.

Mrs. Spears: We have to get you off the junk food. You're beginning to pooch out a little bit. You donít want to be a chubette when the new summer fashions come out, do you?

Jan: You're right. I'll make sure to work it off before summer.

Mrs. Spears: You're agreeing with me?

Jan: Yeah.

Mrs. Spears: What happened to "shut up, mother, mind your own business"? What's really going on with you?

Jan: Nothing. When you're right, you're right.

Mrs. Spears: You're keeping something from me, young lady, and you have been for some time, and I want to know exactly what it is.

Shawn D.: Jan's had a rough time lately, and I have just been trying to help her get through it. I know in the long run she'll be happier if she has this baby, so... that's why I talked her out of having the abortion. With everything going on with J.T. Ė I donít know, it just -- it meant a lot to me for her to save the baby.

Hope: I'm so proud of this kid over here. Oh, sweetie, you are one incredible young man, and I am so proud of you for being so sensitive to this girl's situation. Gosh, I really hope it works out for her.

Shawn D.: It will, because she and the baby both deserve a chance.

Hope: You know what? I think you're going to be a terrific dad one day.

Shawn D.: Well, about being a dad --

Hope: Well, honey, trust me, I'm not rushing it. No time soon, okay?

Shawn D.: Well, it's going to be a lot sooner than you think. Mom, Jan's baby... it's going to be my son or daughter. That's why I'm going to make sure she brings her baby into the world.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: You're this baby's father?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I am.

Hope: Are you sure? Do you know what you're saying, honey?

Shawn D.: I'm sorry. Mom, there's no easy way to tell you, but I am this baby's father. That's the way it is.

Bo: Hey, look, last night, when we talked about Jan being pregnant, you didnít say anything about being the father.

Shawn D.: I-I couldnít then.

Hope: What, and then today -- today you can? You're not making any sense here, honey.

Bo: Unless he's protecting someone -- like the real father. Are you sure that you're the one who got Jan pregnant? Well, are you?

Belle: Brady, you talked to Jan at .Com the other day. Did she give you any idea as to what's going on with her?

Brady: No, but whatever the problem is, she needs some serious help, not from Shawn.

Marlena: Do you think she's ever been for counseling?

Belle: Shawn is her Dr. Freud.

Brady: Yeah, and you're jealous.

Belle: No, I'm worried. I really think Shawn's getting in over his head.

Marlena: You think that Jan is on drugs or something like that?

Belle: I'm imagining all kinds of things.

Brady: Well, look, Belle, Shawn can take care of himself. Besides, I donít like seeing you getting so overly concerned about him.

Belle: There's no such thing as being overly concerned when you're in love. And I am, Brady. Shawn is my whole life.

Marlena: What we think you mean to say is Shawn's a really important part of your life.

Belle: No, Mom. Shawn means everything to me. And something really bad is happening to him. I can feel it. It scares me.

Hope: I donít understand. When you came back from Puerto Rico, all you could do was talk about Belle and how much she meant to you.

Shawn D.: Keep your eyes closed.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn D.: Watch out. Big step.

Belle: Okay.

Belle: Ready?

Shawn D.: Ready.

Shawn D.: He's telling you the truth, Belle. I do love you.

Belle: Shawn, I love you, too.

Shawn D.: She still does.

Hope: Well, then how did you and Jan --

Shawn D.: It happened, okay? Things in Puerto Rico went on -- it just seems unreal now, but I promised Jan I'd be there for her.

Hope: Do her parents know?

Shawn D.: Not yet. I told her I'd be there when she told them, which is today -- now. She's waiting for me.

Bo: Your mother and I need to meet with Jan's parents.

Shawn D.: No.

Hope: No?

Shawn D.: No.

Hope: You two canít go through this alone, honey. There are -- you donít realize how many decisions have to be made.

Bo: We're going to go over there with you.

Shawn D.: No. God, no, that's only going to make things worse, okay? I need to do this alone and help out Jan the way I promised.

Jan: I'm not keeping anything from you.

Mrs. Spears: Are you overeating because you're depressed? Is it because your father was angry about your grades?

Jan: No, you're way off. [Telephone rings]

Mrs. Spears: Mercedes will --

Jan: Hello? Hello?

Shawn D.: It's me. Hi. I'm on my way. Are you ready to tell your mom?

Jan: I'll never be ready for that.

Shawn D.: Well, you canít keep putting it off.

Jan: I know. Just hurry, okay? Bye.

Mrs. Spears: Who was that?

Jan: A friend.

Mrs. Spears: What friend? Was it Cynthia?

Jan: A boy. Shawn Brady. You donít know him, but he wants to come over and talk to you and dad, but since dad's away, it'll have to be just you.

Mrs. Spears: What does he want to talk to us about?

Jan: Can you please just wait till he gets here?

Mrs. Spears: What could a person I've never even heard of possibly have to say to me?

Jan: Oh... you know what? I donít feel so good. I'm going to go lie down until he gets here.

Mrs. Spears: You donít feel good? Well, first, your father takes off, and now you're acting out. You are going to tell me what is going on, and you are going to tell me right now.

Bo: You're not leaving this house till we know exactly what's going on.

Shawn D.: Jan canít handle her mother alone.

Bo: What about your mother?

Shawn D.: I'm sorry. Look, I realize that we have to talk about this a little more, but I canít now, all right? I just canít.

Bo: Shawn! Shawn Brady!

Hope: It was so hard for him to tell us, Bo.

Bo: Are you all right?

Hope: Why is this happening? First, we find out that we might lose J.T., then we find out that Isaac is my son, and now this? Why?

Bo: I donít know, Fancy Face. I donít know.

Sami: A ghost? You mean you after a hard day's work? Honey, you're, like, half dead.

Austin: No, no.

Sami: No, you know what you need? Austin, you need a drink, and then you need a bath, and then maybe a massage.

Austin: No, no. Stop, stop, okay? What I need right now is to tell you what's going on.

Sami: Okay, now you're scaring me.

Austin: When I went over to my place right now, um, it seems like everything was turned upside-down.

Sami: Oh, my God, you mean, like, a -- like, a break-in?

Austin: No, no, no, not a break-in, but there was someone there.

Sami: Who?

Austin: My mother.

Sami: Okay. What is your mother up to now?

Austin: Well, she took Lucas out of rehab and brought him here to my place.

[Glass shatters]

Austin: It looks like he's here to stay.

Roman: Kate, what the hell are you thinking? Lucas belongs in a medical center, not here in his brother's apartment.

Kate: Dr. Adams feels that Lucas is ready to be home.

Roman: Oh, and did you twist the good doctor's arm to get him to agree to that?

Kate: You know, I would never do anything to endanger my son. I want him here, so I can take care of him.

Lucas: [Moans]

Kate: Sweetie? I'm here, honey. I'm here. And you have a visitor. Roman Brady's here to visit you.

Roman: Lucas, glad to see you doing so well, man.

Dr. Adams: Keep talking to him. See if you can get him to respond.

Roman: You take over.

Kate: Sweetie, Austin went down to see Will to tell him that you're living right down the hall. Honey, you know that Will loves you. He's going to come see you real soon.

Jane: He's slipping away again.

Kate: Doctor?

Dr. Adams: We need to make him comfortable.

Kate: Yes, of course.

Roman: Man, Sami told me what happened with will at the rehab, but she didnít say Lucas made this kind of progress.

Kate: Well, if Sami had her way, we'd all be standing over Lucas' gravesite right now.

Roman: Come on, Kate, that's not so.

Kate: She was ready to smother him with a pillow. Do you know what I had to do to restrain her?

Roman: Sami have any idea that you were going to bring Lucas back here?

Kate: I wouldnít give her advance warning. Austin is over there now giving her the news.

Roman: Well, I can just imagine what her reaction's going to be.

Kate: Yes. So can I.

Greta: You love torturing Jack.

Jennifer: Greta, he lied to you. He has it coming.

Greta: Maybe he came out of the closet with me because he was afraid that you might judge him, or maybe he was worried that you would start, you know, doubting your own sexuality -- you know, feeling unattractive.

Jennifer: Did he tell you that? I will wring his little scrawny neck.

Greta: No. No, no, no, no. Donít take it personally. I mean, Jennifer, I think that you are -- you're beautiful. You are. You're beautiful, and you're sexy, and you're funny... I mean, you've got Brandon beating down your door. Tell me what that wouldnít do for my ego.

Jack: [Thinking] Time to break up this little hen party.

Jennifer: Look, Greta, hanging out with my ex-husband has done nothing for your ego. That's why I need to prove to you that I am right and that you are so misguided.

Greta: How?

Jennifer: The goddess of love and seduction is about to strike Jack Deveraux where it hurts. But first, we need to get him to stop spying on us.

Jack: Spying? What -- who is spying?

Man: Excuse me. Is he bothering you ladies?

Jennifer: Officer, yes, he is.

Belle: How would you handle this problem with Shawn if you were me?

Marlena: Well, I-I canít say what you should do. I can say that I'm not comfortable with the way Shawn's handling it. He says that he will tell you, and then he doesnít.

Brady: Well, hey, I know what I would do. Ha ha. Yes, I know, this is Belle's decision. But, you see, Belle, all you're doing is waiting for Shawn, and that's not good. You're giving him total control.

Belle: That's because I care about him.

Brady: More than you care about yourself?

Belle: That's what love is, Brady. If I didnít have Shawn in my life, I wouldnít be happy. He means everything to me right now. Everything.

Hope: None of this feels real.

Bo: None of this makes any damn sense. He's never talked about Jan before. Till a couple of days ago, he's acted like Belle is the only girl in his life.

Hope: She is. He's crazy about her. I know that.

Bo: You know, it wasnít till after they came back from Puerto Rico he realized he was in love with Belle. So how does it make sense that he had sex with Jan on the island?

Hope: It doesnít. It doesnít. All Shawn could talk about when he came back was how wonderful Belle was, how brave she had been when their lives were in jeopardy. No, no, no, I'm sorry. You donít go through something like that caring so intensely about someone, then turn around and sleep with someone else. You just donít do that.

Bo: No, you donít.

Hope: And remember all the time he spent planning their second date so it'd be perfect?

Bo: I also remember a conversation I had with him while working on the truck. He said something about sex getting him into trouble, and he wasnít talking about Belle.

Hope: I'm sorry, but that doesnít prove that he slept with Jan.

Bo: Makes me wonder.

Hope: Oh, come on, Bo. Shawn hasnít exactly been walking around this house acting like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. And you know what? He would have been if he thought he had gotten a girl pregnant.

Bo: I donít think he knew till recently. If he slept with this girl, it was a one-time thing.

Hope: I'm sorry, I just donít buy it. Donít get me wrong, I feel sorry for her. The poor girl, she must be going through hell, but I am not going to be so quick to accept that Shawn is the father of her child, Bo. She could have slept with some other boy as well as Shawn. We donít know.

Bo: Shawn does. He wouldnít be claiming that he's the father of this child if he didnít know for sure. Why would he?

Hope: I donít know. Something's missing here, something that we need to find out, Bo.

Jan: Canít you just wait till Shawn gets here? I mean, he's on his way right now.

Mrs. Spears: I'm doing my best to be patient.

Jan: You're pressuring me, like always.

Mrs. Spears: Donít walk away from me.

Jan: I'm sorry. I didnít mean to.

Mrs. Spears: What is that? What, are you hiding something? Give me that. Give me that!

Jan: Give me it! Mom, give me it!

Mrs. Spears: Give me that!

[Doorbell rings]

Mrs. Spears: Stay right here.

Shawn D.: Mrs. Spears.

Mrs. Spears: You're Shawn, I take it.

Shawn D.: Yes.

Mrs. Spears: You couldnít have come at a worse time. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

Jan: No, Mom, donít.

Shawn D.: Jan, you told her already?

Mrs. Spears: Told me what?

Jan: No, Shawn, I couldnít. I was waiting for you.

Mrs. Spears: What's going on here? Look, just say whatever it is you have to say, and then get out.

Shawn D.: Is there any chance that we could get Mr. Spears here? Because this really concerns the whole family.

Mrs. Spears: Where do you get off telling me what concerns my family?

Jan: Mom, he's right.

Shawn D.: Jan really needs both of her parents right now.

Jan: No, donít, donít! Mom -- donít go crazy.

Mrs. Spears: Oh, my God.

Jan: It's not Shawn's fault. He's a good guy. It --

Mrs. Spears: You couldnít be. You're pregnant? You little whore!

Shawn D.: Mrs. Spears, no!

Mrs. Spears: You! You bastard! How could you do that to my daughter?!

Jan: Mom! Shawn? Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Shawn, are you okay? Shawn? Shawn? Shawn? Are you okay, Shawn?

Kate: Doctor, you donít have to keep reminding me. I know how important it is for my son to be with will. I mean, that's the whole reason I brought him here.

Dr. Adams: Well, if the boy canít be here in person, perhaps some of his drawings would be helpful.

Kate: That is a good idea. I'll have will bring his coloring things with him every time he comes over. Thank you.

Roman: Donít make promises you may not be able to keep.

Kate: Oh, well, but I'm depending on you, Roman, to help me with Sami.

Roman: Kate, I canít force Sami to do anything. She's Will's mom. She has the last word on what he does or doesnít do. You know what? If I were you, I would work very, very hard to improve my relationship with her.

Kate: Oh, gee, thank you for the understanding, Roman.

Roman: You need to face the facts.

Kate: The fact is we're not leaving here until Lucas is fully recovered. He's Will's father. He has rights. Sami has nothing to say about this. And Austin will see to that.

Austin: Sami, are you okay?

Sami: Forget about the glass how could you let this happen?

Austin: I didnít know, Sami.

Sami: Oh, so your mom forced her way into your apartment?

Austin: No, I gave her a key a couple months ago when she was down and out.

Sami: Perfect.

Austin: Sami, it's temporary.

Sami: The thought of that deadly duo down the hall just turns my stomach.

Austin: Sami, Lucas is my brother, okay? If he can get his life back, I want to help, okay? Canít you understand that?

Sami: As far as I'm concerned, the world's a better place with Lucas in la-la land. That goes for your mother, too.

Austin: This isnít about your battles with my mother, damn it, okay? This is about getting a man's life back.

Sami: I want them out of here, Austin, today.

Austin: Well, I'm sorry. I canít do that. I wonít.

Sami: You're taking their side in this?

Austin: In this, yes, I am. I am not going to turn my back on my brother when he's lying there helpless.

Sami: Well, then you go crawling back to them, Austin. Go on, get out!

Jack: She's kidding, officer. Tell him, Jennifer -- not guilty as charged.

Jennifer: He has been following us since we got to the mall.

Man: Oh, that's it. I'm taking you in.

Jack: No, no, do I look like the stalker type? I mean, this is a public place. What happened to the right of free assembly?

Jennifer: You're being a public nuisance, not to mention creating a disturbance. Now take him away.

Man: Yes, ma'am.

Jack: No, I --

Greta: Wait, wait, wait. There's been a misunderstanding. Yeah, this man has been following us, but not in a lewd or loitering way. We know the man -- rather well, as a matter of fact.

Jennifer: Oh, you spoilsport.

Jack: You see, officer? No harm done.

Jennifer: But you know what? I think that you should detain him so we can make a clean getaway. And if I were you, I would check his rap sheet.

Jack: Wait. No, I --

Greta: Maybe we should call a lawyer. That officer looked rather serious.

Jennifer: Oh, Greta, come on. Jack has friends on the force since when he owned the newspaper. He'll skate his way through this like he does everything else. Come on, we're going to hit the sales at Baron's.

Greta: Shopping right now?

Jennifer: Well, there's only one way that I'm going to get you to believe that Jack is not gay. I have to prove to you that he wants to make love to me.

Greta: How?

Jennifer: I'm going to have to seduce him.

Greta: At Baron's?

Jennifer: You didnít know I had a kinky side, did you? I didnít, either.

Jan: Shawn, are you okay? Shawn? [Gasps] Oh, my God. Shawn.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I'm fine.

Mrs. Spears: Oh, get away from him!

Jan: Stop!

Shawn D.: Mrs. Spears, please.

Jan: Leave him alone!

Mrs. Spears: Everyone in this town is going to know what you did.

Jan: What is wrong with you?

Mrs. Spears: Get your hands off me! How could you do this to me? An illegitimate child? It's over for me in this town. My life is over.

Bo: If Shawn takes Jan's parents by surprise like he did us, there's no telling how they'll react. I'm going to find out where they live and head on over there.

Hope: No, Bo, wait a minute. I think we should let Shawn handle this on his own right now -- just for now. You know, this is just like him. Here he is in trouble himself, and all he can think of is protecting the girl.

Bo: Well, he should have thought about protection when he was on the island with that girl.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: I've talked to him about condoms. He's had all that safe sex education in school. What's up with this?

Hope: I donít know. I canít help wanting to believe that he's lying for some reason.

Bo: Shawn? He canít even lie about drinking milk out of the carton and putting the empty back in the fridge. Why would he lie about this?

Hope: Do you think he's told Belle yet?

Bo: She's not acting like she knows.

Hope: She is so much in love with him. How on earth is she going to handle Shawn having a baby with another girl?

Brady: Belle, you canít make anyone your entire life. I mean, Philip and Chloe made that mistake, and look what happened. I donít want you setting yourself up for a nosedive here.

Belle: That is not going to happen to Shawn and me.

Brady: Oh, yeah, right.

Belle: Look, Brady, Shawn has been in my life ever since I can remember, and he's always going to be. He feels the same way. He told me.

Marlena: He did? When?

Belle: Today.

Brady: Listen, Belle, Shawn is a great guy, but he's not the end-all, be-all. You're going to date plenty of guys before you're ready to settle down with any of them.

Belle: Would you please stop treating me like I'm this little kid who has this crush that is doomed for failure? I know what love is, and I love Shawn. I'm going to love him forever.

Brady: Forever? Then how come you just said that Shawn is everything to you right now? Could it be that you know that things between you and Shawn might change in the future?

Belle: No! And if you had ever loved someone the way I love Shawn, then you would understand.

Brady: Wait a second. Where is that coming from?

Belle: Brady, you are so afraid to give yourself to someone totally and completely. You want to, but you're scared. You hold back.

Brady: Belle, what are you talking about?

Belle: Chloe. I've seen the two of you together. And you can deny it all you want, but I know you're crazy about her.

Jennifer: Okay, Greta, I think this is the one that's going to work.

Greta: Whoo-hoo-hoo, look at that little bra action.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, Jack will love it. Oh, my gosh, donít look around and donít move, but he's here.

Greta: He's a free man?

Jennifer: I told you.

Woman: Ahem. Nice boys donít undress mannequins in public.

Jack: Shh! I'm here on a secret mission.

Jennifer: All right, Greta, here, why donít you take this one? That would look great on you.

Greta: You think?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Greta: It's worth a try.

Jennifer: Okay. I'll take this. Okay, here we go. You ready?

Greta: I guess so. Let's try it.

Jennifer: Pretend.

Greta: No one's here. [Both giggling]

Jennifer: Bye.

Jack: Here. Try these. Oh, oh, oh. Sorry. Oh. Oh, no. Oh, no. Okay, sorry.

Woman: Okay, hand it over.

Jack: "Hand it over" -- that's a good one. Very good. Ha ha ha! Oh, ow, that hurt. I mean, you're lucky I'm not suing.

Woman: Look, we get them all here at Baron's. The last guy had a foot fetish. And you're into arms.

Jack: No, no, no, no. You got it all wrong. Really. I'm just -- I'm -- I -- there, there, she'll tell you. She'll -- hey, uh... Greta, please, help me. Please.

Greta: Jack! What a surprise.

Jack: This woman has accused me of being an arm fetishist.

Greta: A what?

Jack: A person who goes around stealing mannequin body parts like some weirdo. Tell her. Give it to her straight. Tell her I'm not even into women. Tell that I'

Greta: Why donít you tell her yourself, Jack?

Woman: He's gay? Not a chance.

Jack: Tell her! Please!

Woman: I'm in retail, honey, and any self-respecting gay man would not be caught dead in that coat.

Greta: She's got a point, Jack.

Jack: Look, not every gay man feels the need to be a walking fashion statement. I assure you that there's no one more gay than this -- boy.

Jack: Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh.

Jennifer: Hello, Jack.

Mrs. Spears: You knew the dangers of unprotected sex. I made sure you knew how not to get pregnant or catch some filthy disease. I protected you. How could you be so stupid?

Jan: You protected me? Like you care about me. You only care about what the snooty people at the country club will think. Maybe they'll even throw you out for having a slut for a daughter.

Shawn D.: Okay, Jan, stop.

Mrs. Spears: No, Jan, it'll be you that's thrown out of your school, of your community -- everyone is going to be sneering at you behind your back.

Jan: And you'll be right there with them, wonít you, Mom? Why donít you just run an ad in the newspaper and disown me? You never loved me anyway. You never even gave a damn about me.

Mrs. Spears: How could you say that I donít love my own flesh and blood? Of course I loved you, but you are just like your father. I could never reach you.

Jan: And I'm a loser like him, too, right? Isnít that what you're always calling me, Mom -- a loser?

Mrs. Spears: You said it, not me.

Jan: No, you said it every time you looked at me. "Oh, Jan, not that outfit," or "should you really be eating that? You're packing on those pounds again." Fruit instead of ice cream? It makes me sick.

Mrs. Spears: All I've ever wanted for you is to make the most of yourself, but you kept running around in those cheap little outfits, and your grades stunk. You have absolutely no ambition. You donít even know how to choose the right sort of friends.

Jan: Well, I hate your sort of friends, and I hate the country club and everything it stands for.

Mrs. Spears: Oh, I guess this dropout is your idea of the right sort. The two of you are going to end up in the gutter.

Jan: At least I wonít have to worry about you coming to visit.

Mrs. Spears: And donít think for one minute that I am going to support you and that little bastard child you're carrying. Let this good-for-nothing take care of you. You're no daughter of mine.

Shawn D.: All right, look, you could not possibly mean that.

Jan: She does. She hates me. She's always hated me. I'm glad I'm pregnant. I'm going to leave here and never come back. You will never see me or my baby again. I'll never forgive you for what you've done to me. I will hate you until the day I die. Get me out of here, Shawn. I donít ever want to see her again.

Jennifer: All right. Just put your eyeballs back in your head or the police will take you to jail.

Jack: Boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.

Jennifer: Look at that, Greta. I told you.

Jack: Huh?

Kate: I can handle that.

Dr. Adams: You will need to do these exercises we've shown you several times a day.

Jane: Yeah, to stimulate the nerve-muscle response.

Kate: You hear that, Lucas? Soon we're going to be having a big steak dinner together -- you, me, Will, and Austin.

Dr. Adams: Now, you must realize there are no guarantees.

Kate: Doctor, you donít know my son. He's a fighter, and now that he knows what he has to fight for -- that little boy down the hall... will certainly is worth fighting for, isnít he, sweetie?

Lucas: Will. Will.

Kate: I promise you he's going to be here. Soon he's going to be here every day visiting with you.

Roman: Careful. You may be doing more harm than good.

Kate: And I told you if Sami tries to fight me, she'll lose, and if you try to help her, you'll lose, too.

Sami: I thought you'd gone.

Austin: I'm not going to leave things like this.

Sami: Well, I have to get Will's dinner ready.

Austin: I got a great idea, okay? Why donít I take us all out to dinner?

Sami: Why donít you give me a call after you've gotten rid of your family?

Austin: You're my family.

Sami: You could have fooled me.

Austin: Look, I donít like the way my mother's trying to force my hand in this either, Sami.

Sami: But you're going to make nice and let her get away with it.

Austin: Damn it, can you let me come up with another alternative?

Sami: Austin, you donít want an alternative. You want to let Lucas have your house and your bed while you sleep on the floor like a watchdog, if that's what Kate wants. Well, I'm not going to let you sacrifice my son because you wonít stand up to her. Granny Kate is not going to steamroll will the way she has you. I have never been more disappointed or disgusted with anyone in my entire life.

Brady: How did this get to be about me and Chloe?

Belle: Maybe if you had ever really cared about someone, you would understand, so until you do, mind your own business.

Brady: Hey, hey. Belle, I'm on your side here.

Belle: Not if you're making cracks about Shawn.

Marlena: Hey, Belle... nobody is questioning your feelings for Shawn. We know how much you care about him. You've had challenging times. You've had wonderful times. You'll have lots more of both of those, and we want that for you. But if things donít work out with Shawn the way you want them to, it doesnít mean the end of everything for you.

Belle: Yes, it would be for me, Mom. I wouldnít want to go on without him.

Marlena: No, donít even say that. If Shawn walked out of your life tomorrow, you would go on. Look, you wouldnít be happy about it, and you'd -- you'd have a lot of pain about it, but you would go on.

Belle: I donít want to think about it.

Marlena: Well, nobody wants to think about loss, but it happens. We have that, so we find a way to deal with it. I know what works for me. I have the two of you... and I love sharing your lives.

Brady: We love sharing our lives with you, Mom.

Belle: You just -- you called her Mom.

Marlena: Yes, he did.

Brady: See, I know a little something about love, too. So have we talked you out of making one guy your whole life?

Belle: Loving Shawn could never take away what I feel for the two of you. I love you both so much. Mm.

Marlena: Honey, honey.

Brady: Hey, whoa. What about me?

Belle: Get over here.

Brady: Ha ha.

Marlena: [Laughs]

Brady: That's what I thought.

Belle: [Giggles]

Marlena: Mm.

Mrs. Spears: You're not going anywhere till I say you can.

Jan: Get away from me. Shawn, please, let's just go.

Shawn D.: Go where?

Mrs. Spears: There's your hero for you. You ready to dump her already?

Shawn D.: Look, there has to be some way we can work this out.

Jan: You have to care first.

Mrs. Spears: I have cared for you since the day you were born. I've given you everything -- a lovely home, security, anything you wanted.

Jan: Except love.

Mrs. Spears: That's not true. I reached out to you, but all I got back in return was attitude.

Jan: I hate her, Shawn. I never want to be like her.

Shawn D.: Jan, it's okay. It's okay.

Mrs. Spears: The hell it is. Nobody uses my daughter and gets away with it.

Jan: Stop it. Shawn is the only person that has ever been good to me.

Mrs. Spears: He knocked you up. You want to score with every girl in town? Well, I got news for you, stud. You picked one that's too young this time. I'm going to press charges and have you arrested for statutory rape.

Bo: J.T.'s still asleep. Hey.

Hope: Hmm? What?

Bo: You okay?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I just, um... I was just remembering all the nights we'd curl up here on the sofa with J.T. and Shawn, watching videos and eating popcorn. It's all falling apart, Bo -- our family, all our dreams.

Bo: Hey, no. No, it isnít.

Hope: Yes, it is, Bo, it is. My God, we might lose J.T. Shawn's future is at risk.

Bo: Well, let's just concentrate on helping our sons.

Hope: How do we get through it? How do we get through this?

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