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[Telephone rings]

Philip: Could be Chloe. [Ring]

Philip: Hello?

Kate: Oh, good. You havenít left yet.

Philip: Oh, Mom, hey. Whatís up?

Kate: Well, sweetie, Iím still here at rehab with Lucas, and Willís here. He got through to Lucas.

Philip: He got through? You mean Lucas is out of the coma?

Kate: No, no, no, no. Not yet, but he spoke Willís name. Honey, your brotherís coming back to us. He really is.

Philip: Thatís amazing. Itís like everythingís finally going our way.

Kate: Yeah, well, not everything.

Philip: Hold on. I got news, too. Nicole moved out.

Kate: What?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, dad told her to leave.

Kate: Ah, well, thatís fantastic.

Philip: We're going to be together again -- you, me, and dad. A real family.

Kate: Oh, honey, we will be. I promise. Iím going to be moving back into that mansion before you know it.

Nicole: Cream, two sugars, remember?

Victor: How'd you get in here?

Nicole: You forgot to ask for these back.

Victor: You can leave them on your way out.

Nicole: Come on, admit it. You miss me.

Will: Daddy, itís me. Can you say my name again?

Sami: Austin, we canít keep putting him through this.

Austin: Sami, he wants to be here.

Will: I love you, Daddy.

Sami: Okay, will, say goodbye to daddy.

Will: No, not yet.

Sami: Will, we're going to leave now.

Will: Iím not going.

Shawn D.: Hi.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn D.: Thanks for getting here so fast.

Belle: Yeah. Whatís up? You sounded kind of freaked out on the phone.

Shawn D.: Well, thereís something I got to tell you.

Belle: Itís about Jan, isnít it?

Shawn D.: You know how I feel about you. I love you, and I never want you to forget it or doubt it, in spite of what I have to tell you.

Belle: Just tell me, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Janís pregnant.

Belle: What?

Shawn D.: And Iím the father.

Shawn D.: I donít want to hurt you, Belle. Thereís no way out. I have to tell you.

Belle: Shawn, you've been asking me to trust you and to understand, and, really, I've been ting. But when I walk in here, and you're hugging her and you canít even tell me why, what am I supposed to think?

Shawn-d: I told you, okay? She has a problem -- a really bad one -- and she canít deal with it alone.

Belle: What are you hiding from me, Shawn? And why canít you tell me?

[Door opens]

Marlena: John --

John: This is all you'll need. Let me see that brush. And this is all you'll do. I put a set of these in your purse downstairs.

John: You having second thoughts?

Marlena: Well, Iím not really comfortable with the undercover work.

John: If there were any other way...

Marlena: I know. Itís got to be done.

John: We need that DNA sample from hope. Itís the only way to determine if she is Isaacís birth mother.

Marlena: When do you think you want to do this?

John: Today. Right now.

Hope: Ahh! Good morning, sleepyhead.

Bo: Hey. Did I sleep in or something?

Hope: Oh, yes, you did. How does it feel? You know, actually J.T. hasnít woken up, either. Shawn seems to be the only one who got an early start.

Bo: Heís not in his room?

Hope: No. I hope he didnít disappear on us again, even if it is to help a friend. We all really need to be together today.

Bo: He knows that Glen is visiting with J.T. today. Iím sure he'll want to stick around.

Hope: Mm. I was looking down at J.T. sleeping. He looked so safe and trusting. I just canít imagine him not being here, not growing up with us.

Bo: Well, glenís a decent guy. Iím sure he'll want to do whatís best for J.T.

[Telephone rings]

Bo: Brady.

John: Hey, Bo, itís John.

Bo: Whatís up?

John: Marlena and I need to see you right away. Itís important.

Bo: John, this is not a good time. I'll call you later.

John: Sorry, it canít wait.

Bo: Well, itís going to have to wait. We've got all we can handle with Glen Reiber coming over today --

John: Listen, listen, Bo. Marlena and I, we're already on our way. We'll see you when we get there, all right? Bye.

Bo: What is up with that guy?

Hope: What is it? Whatís going on?

Bo: I donít know. He didnít say anything. He and Marlena are on the way over here.

Hope: Bo, maybe they found out something that could help.

Bo: They could have told me.

Hope: Iím going to put the coffee on, okay?

Bo: Whoa, hold on, hold on.

Hope: What?

Bo: Something I got to tell u about Shawn. I spoke with him last night when he came in.

Hope: Did he tell you what he was doing with Jan, what kind of trouble she was in?

Bo: Yeah. Sheís pregnant.

Hope: I knew it. I had a feeling that might be it.

Bo: Yeah. And apparently her family situation is pretty rough. Heís helping her out. You're right. Heís rescuing somebody.

Hope: Mm. Just like someone else I know. Whenever thereís a wrong, you two are always the first to try to make it right.

Bo: Yeah. The problem with that -- you help one person and you hurt another. I hope that doesnít happen to Shawn.

Belle: Itís a little early to be leaving for work, isnít it?

John: Well, we've got to make a stop first.

Belle: Where are you headed?

Marlena: Over to Bo and Hopeís.

Belle: Oh, really? Can I drive over with you? I want to see Shawn and see if everythingís okay.

Marlena: You two havenít talked?

Belle: No, and Iím a little worried.

John: Sure. You can come along. But we're gonna leave right now.

Belle: Iím ready. I'll just grab my coat.

Marlena: John.

John: Itís all right. Having her come along could create a distraction; make our job a little bit easier.

Belle: Okay, Iím all set. Letís go.

John: All right, letís go.

Marlena: Yeah.

Jan: You said before you're going to tell everyone you're this babyís father, right? Shawn, you werenít lying, were you, Shawn?

Shawn D.: Of course I wasnít lying. Iím going to keep my promise.

Shawn D.: But howís it going to work out? Oh, Belle, how am I going to keep my promise to Jan without losing you?

Hope: Oh, Shawn, you're still here. Good.

Shawn D.: Mom, Dad, we need to talk.

Hope: Sweetie, itís about J.T., isnít it? Whatís going to happen today. You're afraid for him, arenít you?

Shawn D.: Yeah, thatís... why I need to talk to you. Itís about the baby.

Kate: Now, you're sure Nicole is history? Not even a bottle of bleach left behind?

Philip: Gone for good. And now, well, you know itís only a matter of time before dad realizes how much he misses you and asks you back. This is where you belong, Mom, and he knows that.

Kate: Oh, honey, what did I ever do to deserve a son like you?

Philip: Yeah, well, sometimes you just hit the jackpot, you know? So, when are you coming back to Salem?

Kate: Well, I mean, I want to stay here a little bit longer, especially since Lucas is making progress. But, honey, now, you make sure that you tell your father that Lucas actually spoke, okay, that heís coming back to us.

Philip: Well, why donít you tell him yourself? Thereís nothing like good news to bring two people closer together.

Kate: Well, you better watch it. You're beginning to sound more and more like your mother every day.

Sami: Will, I know you want to help your daddy, but you already have, and now itís time for us to go.

Will: You canít make me.

Sami: Austin, you see what Iím talking about? Now, your mother has turned him against me --

Austin: Yeah. Yeah. Shh! He can hear you. Shh.

Sami: William, we can come back and visit your daddy another time, okay? But right now we are going to leave, so come on.

Will: I wonít go!

Philip: Hey, Dad! Dad! Dad! What is she doing here?

Victor: Donít be rude, Philip.

Nicole: Come join us.

Philip: You have a phone call.

Victor: Iím in the middle of a business discussion. Tell whoever it is I'll get back to them.

Philip: Well, it canít wait. Itís on the phone in the living room.

Victor: Who is it?

Philip: I donít know. See for yourself.

Victor: I wonít be long.

Nicole: I'll be right here.

Philip: Ha ha ha. Is that whatís new in office attire, Nicole?

Nicole: I was on my way to the titan gym, now that I donít have the use of the workout room here.

Philip: Isnít that on the other side of town?

Nicole: Not that itís any of your business, but your father and I were discussing the overnight developments of our Tokyo branch.

Philip: You're not moving back in here. I donít care what you try to pull.

Kate: Even the doctor says itís a good sign. My boyís coming back to me. We're sure of it.

Victor: Well, thatís wonderful news, Kate. Thank you for telling me.

Kate: Well, thereís, um, more news, too, but Iím afraid itís not so good.

Nicole: So, what do you think of this outfit? Itís the newest thing in breathable fabric.

Philip: Is this another one of your games? 'Cause itís not going to work.

Nicole: Sorry, it was just a simple question.

Philip: You're a damn liar.

Nicole: And you're forgetting who you're talking to.

Victor: So, whatís the bad news, Kate? Lost your job at Basic Black already?

Kate: Ah ha. No. No, John and I are still going to beat you and Nicole at your own game, Victor.

Victor: Well, I knew it. You're up to something. Out with it. What is it this time?

Kate: Itís Austin. I need you to something for him.

Victor: Whatís that?

Kate: Save him from a fate worse than death.

Shawn D.: Itís not right letting the courts decide what to do with J.T.ís life, treating a child like an object.

Hope: You're not just, uh, thinking about J.T. here, are you?

Shawn D.: No.

Bo: Your mom knows about Jan.

Shawn D.: Iím sorry. Itís the last thing that I want to lay on you, especially today, but you need to know whatís going on.

[Doorbell rings]

Bo: John and Marlena.

Shawn-D: Why are they here?

Bo: We're about to find out.

Marlena: Oh, hello, Bo.

Bo and Hope: Hi.

Marlena: Hi.

Bo: Come on in.

Hope: Hi.

Bo: Hi.

Hope: Hey, sweetie. Hey, John. So...

Shawn D.: Good to see you.

Belle: Itís good to see you, too. Are you okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: Whatís up? Whatís so important?

John: Well, we just wanted you to know that we realize what you're going through today, and we want you to know that we're giving you our support.

Bo: Oh. You couldnít have said that over the phone?

John: Well, also we're here to see J.T. I mean, after all, I am still his Godfather, and I feel very protective towards him.

Marlena: And we brought you some, um, some food.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: I know you probably donít feel much like cooking.

Hope: Oh, thatís very kind of you. Thank you.

[J.T. Crying]

Hope: Oh, I'll take care of that. Be right back.

Marlena: Let me help.

Hope: No need. Thatís okay.

Marlena: No, no, let me help.

Hope: Okay. Sure, why not? Could you put that in the kitchen?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Be right back. Thanks.

Belle: Shawn, is everything okay? Did I do something?

Shawn D.: No, no, of course you didnít. Donít think that.

Bo: Why donít you tell me why you're really here?

Kate: Austin is a different person already. Heís cold. Heís taking sides with her against the family. And if he marries her, heís going to be lost to us forever, Victor.

Victor: What do you expect me to do about it?

Kate: I need you to advise me on the best way to get that wretch out of his life before she drags him to the altar.

Victor: Look, whatever you're plotting, I donít want to have anything to do with it. You're on your own battling this one.

Kate: Ah. So you wonít help me, even if it means Philipís happiness as well?

Philip: You want to know who my dadís talking to right now? My mom. And obviously, heís in no rush to get back to you, so why donít you just run along?

Nicole: Iím sticking around. Whenever Kate gets finished with him, Victorís going to need to let off some steam.

Philip: Not this time.

Nicole: Oh, really?

Philip: Lucas is coming out of the coma.

Nicole: Holy...

Philip: Yeah. In spite of the way you feel about my brother, his recovery is great news to the rest of us, including my dad. He loves him like a son.

Nicole: If you're suggesting that I want Lucas to stay in a vegetative state, you are out of your mind.

Philip: Oh, donít pretend you care, Nicole.

Nicole: Kate really has succeeded, hasnít she? Turned you right against me.

Philip: No. You did that all on your own.

Nicole: Philip, I remember when we used to get along.

Philip: Yeah, until you started chasing after my dad and acting like your family.

Nicole: Do I strike you as a woman who has to chase after any man?

Philip: My father is not just any man, so you can forget about the spandex and the perfume, 'cause itís not going to work. My parents are meant to be together, and thatís how itís going to be.

Victor: Donít be ridiculous, Philip. Kate is not moving back into this house or into my life. Not going to happen, Philip.

Sami: Let go of that bed!

Austin: Sami, take it easy!

Will: I wonít leave, Daddy! I wonít!

Sami: Yes, you will! Come with me, will you?

Kate: Attaboy, Will.

Sami: We're leaving!

Hope: [Gasps] Hey, big guy!

Marlena: Oh, whoís here? Itís your mom! Hooray!

Hope: Thank you for changing him. Hey, honey.

Marlena: He was a dream boy to change, werenít you?

Hope: I bet.

Marlena: Thanks so much. I got some lotion on my t-shirt. I need to get it off.

Hope: Oh, Iím sorry. You know, I have some stain remover under the sink. I'll get it.

Marlena: Oh, no, no. I'll get it. Oof, oof, oof. Thanks.

Hope: Okay. Whoís my big guy? Look what mommy got for you. [Lock clicks]

Hope: Do-do-do-do-do-do-do.

Hope: Come here. Will you help mommy? Will you help mommy? Look.

Hope: Oh, okay. Come here. Oh, you're all tangled. Come here. Come here, big guy.

Hope: Marlena? Are you finding everything okay?

Will: No! No!

Sami: William, stop kicking!

Will: Let me go!

Austin: All right, all right, come on, buddy boy. Give your mom a break, all right?

Will: I want daddy.

Austin: I know you do, okay? We're going to come back and you'll see him soon, all right? But we got to go home. We have some business to take care of.

Will: We'll come back?

Sami: Sometime. Letís just, uh, go now, okay?

Will: Promise?

Austin: I promise. Better now? Want to give your daddy a kiss goodbye? Okay.

Austin: Iím going to take him to the cafeteria, let him pick out some snacks for the trip.

Sami: I just want to go and get as far away from this hellhole as absolutely possible.

Austin: You need to calm down first.

Sami: This is not my fault, Austin.

Austin: All right, buddy boy. Come on. Oh, you got so big. All right, bro. Remember, we're here for you.

Sami: I'll meet you in there.

Sami: Donít kid yourself, Lucas. You are never going to see your son again -- never.

Kate: Oh, but you promised. I heard you.

Sami: You're never going to see your grandson again, either, Kate.

Kate: Havenít you done enough damage to that little boy already? All he wants, Sami, is to be close to his daddy.

Sami: As far as Iím concerned, his daddy is dead.

Kate: Coming back from the dead is more like it. Thanks to Will, Lucas is coming out of his coma, and when he does, heís going to be reunited with his brothers and his son. We're going to be a family again. You are going to be history. No Will, no Austin.

Sami: You're pathetic and deluded.

Kate: Willís already seeing you for what you really are. Heís already turning against you. So will Austin.

Sami: Shut the hell up.

Kate: You donít stand a chance against me, and you know it. I could wipe you out of Austinís life anytime I want to, and you know something? The time is right.

John: We told you why we're here.

Bo: Right -- 'cause you care so much. Well, you and Hope did create a child together, so we're kind of like family, arenít we?

John: I donít want to fight with you, Bo. Iím here to help. I mean that.

Bo: Excuse me.

Shawn D.: Iím sorry I didnít call you back last night. I know you must have been worried.

Belle: So was your family.

Shawn D.: Is that why you're all here? 'Cause you didnít know what happened to me?

Belle: No.

Shawn D.: Then whatís going on?

Belle: You tell me. What is going on?

Hope: Oh, um, Iím sorry. I didnít realize you had locked the door.

Marlena: Be right out.

Hope: Okay. [Water running]

Marlena: All righty. Good as new.

Hope: Oh. You really were very kind to come over and be with us today. I appreciate it.

Marlena: We would do anything for you. You know that?

Hope: Can you help me keep my baby... my sweet J.T.? And my biological child... whoever he may be?

Marlena: Do you think that Isaac is your child?

Hope: Oh, God, yes. Yes. He could be. I know that Abe and Lexie must be going through agony over this, but you know what? I canít even think about that right now, because itís all I can do just -- just to hold onto J.T. and love him and fight for whatís best for him.

Marlena: Oh. Whatever the truth, we'll have the answer soon.

Hope: What do you mean? What answers?

Philip: What is with you? What, you're not even happy about Lucas?

Victor: Of course I am, but that doesnít change anything between your mother and me. Kate is not moving back into this house. Is that understood?

Philip: God!

Nicole: Hmm. You left yourself open for this one.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Nicole: You never should have asked me to move out. Thatís what got Philipís hopes up.

Victor: I donít want to talk about this.

Nicole: Fine. Bury your head in the sand. But I am warning you, this is not over. Philip wants his mother under this roof, and Kate probably has her suitcases packed and ready to go. I mean, between the two of them, they're going to wear you down.

Victor: Can we just drop this?

Nicole: Kate is using Philip, and she wonít rest until she has taken up residence, married you, and started the countdown.

Victor: What countdown?

Kate: The "how much longer will Victor last?" Countdown.

Victor: Oh, for heavenís sakes.

Nicole: "How much longer will it take for him to have a stroke or a heart attack?" And you know what? With Kate around, it'll be no time. You know, she will have you buying the farm before the year is out, and donít you forget you heard it here first.

Victor: All right, thatís enough.

Nicole: You know the truth hurts, doesnít it?

Victor: The truth is that you're turning into her. You're turning into Kate.

Hope: I donít understand. We'll have the answer soon? Marlena, if thereís something that you know that you're not telling me, please tell me.

Marlena: No, I-I just meant that as painful as it might be, at least you're getting a lot closer to the truth.

Hope: Is that a good thing? 'Cause I'll tell you what -- I wish that everything could go back to the way it was, because the truth has brought us absolutely nothing but pain. But you know what? What are you doing, big guy? I donít want to spend this morning thinking about what may or may not happen. I just -- I just want to be with my family and hang onto J.T. just as long as I possibly can.

Sami: You'll never destroy me, Kate. You tried once and failed, and now I have Austin to protect me.

Kate: Oh, not for much longer. Heís already starting to see your shrewish temper, the way you bully your son.

Sami: You know what heís really seeing? How you tried to poison my son against me and how you tried to use him to bring your pathetic son back to life.

Kate: What, are you on something? Or are these hallucinations just part of your rampant paranoia, Sami?

Sami: Havenít you heard, Kate? Just because you're paranoid doesnít mean they arenít out to get you.

Kate: Oh, what a wit.

Sami: Hey. You know, I could take care of this right here and now, couldnít I? If I just use this pillow to smother him while no oneís looking --

Kate: Stop that, you bitch!

Sami: Oh, you want to keep your baby boy breathing? Then you stay away from me and my family.

Kate: You really would do that, wouldnít you? You would kill him if you had the chance.

Sami: Oh, please. Are you worried about it? Then you can just move in here with him, stay with him 24/7. It could be your wacko version of "mommy and me."

Kate: Believe me, Sami, you're going to pay for this.

Sami: Oh, you're about as dangerous as a declawed cat.

Kate: Oh, well, let me tell you, a cat always lands on their feet. You'd do well to remember that. Sweetie, I am here for you. Donít worry. Donít worry.

Sami: Heís the only child you ever were there for.

Kate: Shut up.

Sami: You left them to fend for themselves with their lowlife father.

Kate: You know something, Sami? You know nothing about my life, nothing about what I suffered.

Sami: Oh, you know what? I donít want to hear your sob story, because I already know it. Itís the one about the poor, lonely woman climbing the corporate ladder and -- and saving every nickel and dime so that she could find her kids. When the truth is, you were nothing but a call girl selling herself to all the married men in town. That is how you met Lucasís father, right? Selling yourself as a high-priced piece of arm candy.

Kate: Oh, if Austin could just hear you now, see you for what you really are.

Sami: He knows who I really am. I would fight to the death to keep anyone from hurting him or will. I would never abandon my family the way you abandoned yours.

Kate: Sami, what is this? What -- do you think I've never suffered any abuse?

Sami: Oh, so thatís your excuse for abandoning your children, running out on them? No, you were a coward then, and you're a coward now. Your days of running are over, Kate, because itís payback time for you and your pathetic son. I am going to bring you both down, and I am going to enjoy every second of it.

Belle: I know that you were with Jan last night. I just wish that you would tell me what is going on. All you have said so far is that she has this problem, and you're the only person that can help her.

Shawn D.: I-I know this hasnít been easy for you, and I do want to tell you. I can now. But now isnít exactly a good time.

Belle: Itís never a good time, is it?

Hope: Well, I donít know about everybody else, but J.T. is definitely ready for a big, big breakfast, arenít you, sweetie?

Bo: Me too.

Hope: Ooh, thereís your daddy.

John: Maybe we should give them some time alone.

Marlena: Yeah, we -- we donít want to intrude.

John: No.

Hope: No, not at all. Thank you so much for everything. Are you kidding?

John: Come on. Sweetheart, ready to go?

Belle: Actually, is it okay if I stay for a little while?

Marlena: Well, if -- if Bo and Hope donít mind.

Bo: No, no, thatís fine.

Marlena: Okay.

John: We'll see you later.

Hope: Bye.

Marlena: Bye.

Hope: Thank you so much.

Bo: Bye-bye.

Marlena: Bye.

John: Look, I know it might not feel like it right now, but everythingís going to work out. Who knows? Before long, we may put all this behind us.

Bo: You figure out what that was all about?

Hope: No, not at all. Marlena was acting so strangely upstairs.

Bo: Hmm.

John: Got the DNA sample?

Marlena: I did. It didnít go as smoothly as I would have liked.

John: Well, you got it. Thatís all that counts.

Marlena: I wish we could tell them that you're not the father of Hopeís baby.

John: Not until we know the whole truth. I could still have a child out there somewhere.

Marlena: Not if Hopeís DNA matches Isaacís.

John: Well, thatís what we got to find out. Letís go see how fast we can get these test results.

Marlena: Okay.

Hope: Hey, big guy, what is it, sweetheart?

Bo: Whatís the matter, huh?

Hope: Oh, gosh. Heís been kind of cranky ever since he woke up this morning. Bo, I hope heís not picking up on my fears.

Bo: Hey, you're doing just fine.

Hope: Sweetie, you okay?

Bo: Listen to me. No one is going to break up this family -- no one.

Shawn D.: I couldnít tell you this before, but you have a right to know everything. Do you want to go outside? It'll be easier to talk out there.

Belle: Yeah, yeah, we should probably be alone.

Shawn D.: Okay.

Kate: How Marlena and Roman ever produced a nasty little slut like you is beyond me.

Sami: Oh, yeah? Well, at least no one has to ask how Lucas turned into a drunk and vicious abuser. Itís in his gene pool.

Kate: You know that he hears you.

Sami: Like I care.

Kate: You really should. Heís taking in every threat you make, every insult. When Will says, "Daddy, I love you," he hears that. He hears it when you drag him out of the room, and all of that is making him better.

Sami: You need a reality check. He hasnít so much as twitched an eyelid since last night.

Kate: Lucas will wake up, and when he does, we're going to take Will away from you. Heís going to be back with his daddy where he belongs.

Sami: Oh, donít you threaten me with my son. If you so much as make a move towards Will, I will come back here and end Lucas Robertsís life so fast, it'll make your head spin. Iím going to turn your vegetable son into a corpse. Do you hear me? Do you?

Kate: Loud and clear, Sami.

Sami: Because unlike you, I fight for my child.

Kate: Oh. Well, go. Go fight all you want to, but when Lucas wakes up, we will go after Will, and we will get him, and then we're going to take him so far away from you, he wonít even remember your name.

Sami: Austinís never going to let that happen.

Kate: When I get through with you, Austinís going to run, not walk, for the nearest exit, because Iím going to make sure that your life goes nowhere but down into the gutter where a little tramp like you belongs.

Nicole: All I was trying to do was look out for you, and this is the thanks I get? You know, how dare you compare me to that witch?

Victor: I donít know why I didnít see it before. Everything you do and say is calculated to get what you want -- money and power. Cozying up to me is just the price you had to pay.

Nicole: Iím not even going to dignify that with a response. You know what? Give these keys to Kate, because Iím not going to need them again.

Philip: Oh, leaving so soon?

Nicole: Yes, for good this time.

Philip: What?

Nicole: If you let Kate do anything to that man -- I mean anything at all -- you'll have me to answer to.

Sami: You listen to me, Kate, and you listen good. Austin and will and I are going to walk out that door, and that is the last that you are ever going to see of us, so you better be sure to kiss your son and your grandson goodbye forever.

Kate: Sami, why are you doing this to me? Why? I just donít understand it.

Sami: What?

Kate: Austin, thank God you're here. I donít know what set her off this time.

Sami: What set me off?! You were threatening me!

Kate: Please, could you just get her out of the room for me?

Sami: Oh, you are not going to get away with this.

Austin: Come on, Sami.

Sami: She is lying, Austin! How could you not see that?

Austin: Willís waiting.

Kate: Would you give -- give Will a kiss for me? Just tell him that his grandma will see him sometime soon.

Sami: Oh, go to hell, Kate!

Austin: All right, thatís enough!

Sami: You donít believe me?!

Austin: You canít even try, can you? You canít even make the slightest effort to get along with her.

Sami: Oh, leave me alone!

Kate: Oh, yes. The gutter might be too good for her. What do you think? Maybe the madhouse. I mean, I can see her right now zoned out on mood-altering drugs, shuffling around in her slippers, her roots showing. Oh, sweetie, you and me and Philip and Will -- we're all going to be together again in Victorís house with or without Victor. So what do you think of what I've seen in my crystal ball so far, huh? Itís happening. Sami is history. Iím going to get rid of her the same way I got rid of Nicole. And by the way, Victor was very pleased to hear about your progress. In fact, itís the closest we've been in a long time. I still get to him. I know I do. The only wedding bells that there are going to be in this family are going to be for me and Victor. Oh, yes, and then after a couple of "I doís," the Kiriakis fortune will be all mine... and yours. Ours. Itís going to be all ours, darling.

Belle: Brr.

Shawn D.: I love you so much.

Belle: Shawn, that is all I needed to hear. I know you've been going through hell thinking about J.T., and I donít want to add to your problems.

Shawn D.: You're not. You couldnít. I know you love J.T., too.

Belle: Sometimes I think we should have kept running when we took him.

Shawn D.: All babies have a right to be safe. Itís our job to protect them.

Belle: I think thatís one of the reasons I love you so much. You care a lot.

Shawn D.: About you. Belle, if I didnít have you in my life -- God, I donít know what I'd do.

Belle: Shawn, Iím not going anywhere.

Shawn D.: Yes. Yes, you are, right now. We're getting out of here.

Belle: No. You said you were going to tell me about Jan.

Shawn D.: And I will, but just not now, okay? Letís just spend a day together. Forget all this bad stuff thatís been happening, remembering how we first fell in love -- our first date.

Belle: You are crazy, you know that?

Shawn D.: About you. And donít ever forget that. No matter what happens... Iím always going to love you. Iím going to go on loving you forever.

Belle: I love you, too, Shawn. I think I always have, and I always will.

Bo: You think we should call the doctor?

Hope: No, letís just take his temperature first, okay?

Bo: Whoa, whoa, take it easy, take it easy.

Hope: Iím not handing my son over to a stranger when heís like this, Bo.

Bo: Hey, hey. One step at a time.

Hope: Give me his ear.

Bo: Letís see whatís wrong with him first.

Hope: Okay, sweetheart. You're right. We'll do that. Yeah, that doesnít hurt, does it? Oh, God, Bo, I canít lose him. I canít lose our son.

Marlena: You know, I had no idea we would get the results quite so quickly.

John: Well, money talks. It shouldnít be much longer now.

Marlena: Hope said earlier that sheís not sure she wants to know the truth. Right now, I feel the same way. If Hope is the biological mother of Isaac and Stefano is the father... this thing will never end.

John: Itís going to end, because once we know the truth, this nightmareís going to be over... for all of us.

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