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Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/7/02

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Austin: Look at me. Look at me! Now, we can all see that Willís presence is helping Lucas recover, so why donít you do the right thing and let Will stay?

Sami: Without me?

Austin: My momís here. She'll take good care of him.

Sami: Do you know what you're asking?

Austin: Yeah. Do you trust me? Do you love me?

Sami: That is not fair, Austin. You know how I feel about her, and you're asking me to leave my son with her?

Austin: Okay, itís like what I said earlier, okay? Itís about faith. You either have it or you donít. Why donít you show me that you do? Let Will stay with his dad, give him his time. It may make him better. Can you imagine how that will make Will feel? I mean, how thrilled he'll be? And then he will be grateful to you for the rest of his life for helping him save his dad.

Sami: I guess I canít fight all of you. Will, you can stay for one day.

Will: Yes!

Austin: Itís all right. Itís all right.

Sami: Well, honey, Austin and I are going to go now, 'cause Mommy has to be at work tomorrow. So, the doctor thinks itís really important that you're helping a lot, and so you can stay with your grandma.

Will: And Daddy?

Sami: Yeah. I'm going to miss you so much. But itís only going to be for one day, okay? So it wonít be too long.

Will: See you.

Sami: Will! Donít I get a hug and a kiss goodbye?

Will: Yes.

Shawn: I donít want anything bad happening to you, Jan.

Jan: Then help me, Shawn. Please? Donít you understand that I canít be a mother? I mean, not now. It wouldnít be good for me or for the baby.

Shawn: See? You did call it a baby.

Jan: Shawn --

Shawn: Jan, I'm --

Jan: Stop! Look, I have made up my mind. I have to do this, so stop making me feel guilty. I have to do this, and I have to do it now.

Brady: Belle, what are we doing? I thought you were in a hurry to get home; take a warm shower 'cause you were cold.

Belle: A cup of coffee is going to do the trick. But hold on one second. Before we go inside, I want to get some straight answers from you.

Brady: What about?

Belle: Chloe.

Chloe: Why did we stop here?

Philip: You'll see.

Chloe: Philip!

Philip: Ahh! Letís go.

Chloe: Go where?

Philip: I told you, itís a surprise. Now come on. Come on.

Philip: Watch your step.

Chloe: Philip, please, I'm tired. Can we please do this another time? I just want to get home.

Philip: Itís not much farther.

Chloe: What is? What are we doing here?

Philip: Donít you know?

Chloe: No. I'm tired of playing guessing games. Now just tell me why you brought me all the way out here.

Philip: I brought you here because I'm trying to bring back moments that help you remember who I am and how I feel about you.

Chloe: I donít understand. I know who you are.

Philip: I want you to remember the Philip who learned what love was because of you.

Chloe: What do you expect from me?

Philip: Just a chance. Please, just walk with me a little farther. Chloe? Are you okay?

Chloe: Yeah. Like I said before, I'm just tired.

Philip: Okay, I promise it wonít be long, and then I'll take you right home. Okay? Come on.

Brady: Belle, for the last time, Chloe and I are just friends.

Belle: Brady, I am not a little kid anymore.

Brady: Then prove it. Drop the subject.

Belle: Why? Does this make you uncomfortable?

Brady: No, it actually bores me. Talking about lovesick teenagers is not exactly my thing.

Belle: Oh, like you really think of Chloe as a lovesick teenager.

Brady: I do. And at the risk of sounding condescending, itís just thatís the way things are at your age. You and your high school buddies are going to fall in and out of love a million times before any of you are going to be ready for a serious relationship.

Belle: Okay, first of all, you did sound condescending, but since I'm used to it, I'm going to let it slide. And second, you are wrong... about some of us, anyway.

Brady: Let me guess. You?

Belle: Yes, me. I happen to be in love with Shawn for real. And the more time I spend with him, the more I realize that he is definitely the right guy for me.

Brady: And you think thatís forever?

Belle: Yes, I do think itís forever. There is nothing Shawn could do or say that would change the way I feel -- nothing.

Jan: I already called the clinic. Itís right over the state line, and I made the arrangements. I forged my motherís name on a signature card, and I took out $1,400 from my college fund.

Shawn: Wait.

Jan: What?

Shawn: I just got an idea.

Jan: Tell me.

Shawn: J-Jan, you can have this baby without having to raise it. Just give it up for adoption.

Austin: Hey... you take care of your daddy, okay? We'll see you tomorrow? Come on, letís go.

Sami: Hey, Will, I donít want you to forget to be a good boy, okay? And brush your teeth; and say your prayers, right?

Kate: [Thinking] Go already, would you?

Sami: Never forget how much I love you.

Kate: You're going to miss your flight.

Austin: Just make sure that Will works his magic.

Kate: I know. I just wish that he could have visited sooner. Maybe, then Lucas would be going home right now.

Austin: Yeah. You're right. Itís obvious that it was really important for Will -- for Lucas. Okay, letís go. Come on.

Sami: Wait. Uh, let me just -- just let me say one more goodbye. Honey, you know what? Donít forget, you can call me if you want to at any time, day or night. You wake me up. I donít care.

Kate: Sami, donít worry. Lucas and I both love Will, too, and we're going to take really, really, really good care of him. Heís not going to have to call anyone late at night, not when heís staying with his daddy and his grandma.

Austin: Come on. See you.

Kate: Yes!

Kate: Doctor, I -- I canít thank you enough for supporting my efforts to keep Will with his father.

Doctor: Your grandson may be the best medicine for Lucas.

Kate: Well, I couldnít agree with that more, but, sadly -- tragically, really -- his mother did everything she could to keep Will away from his father. I think itís really unforgivable given the circumstances.

Doctor: Yes. That is a shame.

Kate: But I have to thank you. You actually made her see that she needs to be selfless for a change, and for that I'm terribly grateful.

Sami: No!

Austin: Sami, "no" what?

Sami: No, I am not leaving my son here with that witch!

Philip: Now do you remember?

Chloe: It all looks so different with the snow covering everything. I didnít recognize this spot 'till now.

Philip: You can open them. Itís finished. But -- hey, whatís wrong?

Chloe: It scares me.

Philip: I'm sorry.

Chloe: No, no. Donít say that you're sorry. Itís just that it scares me to be so happy... to be like a girl in a movie whoís a heroine... with a boy whoís just so sweet. Itís beautiful, Philip, just like you are.

Philip: Chloe? You donít feel it, do you? You donít feel anything.

Chloe: No, I donít.

Philip: Then that proves it. You really donít love me anymore.

Shawn: Itís the perfect solution, 'cause thereís plenty of people out there who want to be parents --

Jan: Shh!

Shawn: Thereís so many people out there that would, in a second, take your baby and give him or her a loving home.

Jan: Havenít you even heard a word I said, Shawn? Nobody can know that I was ever pregnant. I canít have this baby. My mom, sheís angry at me just for being alive. Imagine what she would do if she found out I was pregnant. Whether I give this baby up for adoption or not, she would make my life miserable!

Shawn: Maybe for a while, Jan, but then she would get over it.

Jan: Shawn, stop! You know... you just donít get it, Shawn.

Shawn: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Where are you going? What are -- stop.

Jan: Look, if I told you where I was going, then you'd feel responsible, and thatís the last thing I want, so just forget we had this conversation.

Shawn: No, I canít do that, Jan. I canít.

Jan: You have to!

Shawn: No, I'm not going to let you do this alone, all right?

Jan: Then what are you saying, Shawn?

Shawn: That I'll take you.

Jan: What?

Shawn: I'll take you out of state. I'll help you.

Jan: Thank you. Thank you, Shawn, thank you. Thank you so much.

Belle: Brady, I'm not saying you're in love with Chloe, but I do think you have feelings for her that you're not owning up to. I have seen the two of you together. I've seen the way you light up when she comes into a room.

Brady: Okay, now your imaginationís working overtime.

Belle: I am not imagining this, and I know you think I'm being annoying and itís none of my business, but itís only because I care about you, Brady, and I want you to have someone special in your life, someone you care about, someone who makes you happy.

Brady: Thatís very sweet of you, Belle, but stop projecting your teenage girl mentality on me. I'm a guy. I donít need to be joined at the hip to some girl to be happy. Men are different. We're free agents. We like to play the field. The more, the merrier, you know?

Belle: Not all guys are like that, Brady.

Jan: You're such an amazing friend, Shawn. You're the only person in the world thatís ever been there for me.

Sami: Let me go, Austin.

Austin: Leave it alone.

Sami: This is not your decision.

Austin: Will is going to be fine, okay? He'll be here for one day, and my mom will bring him back home tomorrow.

Sami: I am not leaving him alone with her.

Austin: If we donít leave right now, okay, we really are. We're gonna miss our flight. And if you're not home by tomorrow, you're gonna lose your job.

Sami: I donít care about my job, Austin. I care about the welfare of my son, which is why I almost died trying to get him back from those two. I'm sorry, Austin, I tried. I really, really tried for you, but I just canít leave him with them.

Austin: I understand. Okay? I understand.

Sami: You do?

Austin: Yeah. I think itís really important for all of us -- especially for Will -- for us to get along. Okay, I asked too much of you too fast. I know itís too hard for you right now to trust my mom, so what I'm gonna do -- okay? I'm gonna call the hospital, I'm gonna talk to Brenda. Okay, tell her about Lucas, and maybe she'll have a heart -- throw in a little bit of charm -- she'll give you tomorrow off. Okay? Wait.

Kate: I know that Will wanted to stay up to see his dad. He must have been completely worn out by that trip.

Doctor: So, the boy can only stay until tomorrow. Is that right?

Kate: You think a longer visit might be beneficial to Lucas, donít you?

Doctor: Possibly, although there are never any guarantees, as you know.

Kate: Well, Dr. Adams, Will can stay as long as necessary.

Doctor: But didnít his mother say --

Kate: His mother says a lot of things, most of which are cruel and destructive, but donít worry. I'll take care of Sami.

Sami: You sick, disgusting -- I knew you were up to something.

Kate: What are you doing here?

Sami: I'm getting my son the hell out of this depressing place. Did you really think your little plan was gonna work? Did you really think I was gonna leave me son alone with you? Not in a million years.

Philip: You really donít love me anymore. Maybe you never did.

Chloe: No, Philip. I did love you. But then...everything -- it just got crazy. And you hurt me more than I've ever hurt, because I've never felt that way about anyone before.

Philip: Congratulations, Chloe. I didnít think anybody could embarrass me more than my mom did tonight, but you topped her! Opera girl.Net -- way to go! Donít run away. Tell me how you first got the idea of humiliating me. Was it when you took that nude picture? Hmm? Man, you always told me that you were cold and heartless, but I didnít buy it. Well, you know what? I buy it now! What, nothing to say? You know, this silent treatmentís not gonna hurt me. Nothing can hurt me more than what you did to me tonight. Did you have fun, opera girl? Hmm? Did you get off making me look like a total jerk in front of all my friends for ever going out with you?! Who cares, right? I mean, as long as you were making the money, as long as you get into a freakin' music school! [Sighs] No wonder you wouldnít tell me what your money-making plan was, you freak! You weirdo! You disgust me. Ghoul girl!

Chloe: Part of me wishes that I had never loved you, because then what happened, what you did to me -- it wouldnít have felt so bad. It wouldnít have been so painful.

Philip: Chloe, how do you think I felt when at the end of the best night of my life, when all I could think of was how much I loved you and respected you and wanted to be with you always, you told your mother I raped you?

Chloe: Philip --

Philip: No, no, if you can keep bringing up the stuff from the last blast, then we can talk about this, too. Now, I know you didnít mean for it to go that way, but I was hurt. And I had a right to be hurt. And I had all these people telling me I was crazy for wanting to be with you. And I didnít understand. I mean, how could anybody who loved me do that to me? And I tried so hard to understand. I even blamed myself for telling you a lie.

Chloe: Philip, if you're going to say that you got past that and why canít I get past what you did to me, well, clearly you didnít. So are we just going to go on hurting each other? Is that what you think a relationship should be?

Philip: I wanted to be the person who finally treated you the way you deserved to be treated.

Chloe: Well, you werenít, were you?

Philip: Well, I tried to be, and I think I deserve another chance.

Chloe: You donít know how much I want to give you that chance.

Philip: Then why wonít you? You said you loved me, but I donít think you know what that means; because I loved you enough to know that I wanted to be with you, no matter what. But you, you came up with an excuse and decided you didnít want to be with me.

Chloe: An excuse? You're not making any sense.

Philip: You listened to all those people who told you I wasnít the right guy for you. I never listened to those people -- never. I just knew what I felt.

Chloe: And I told you what I felt. And now you're telling me that I donít know what love is? Do you know how that makes me feel, Philip? You went out with me because you lost a bet. And then you fell in love with me because I put on a red dress and some makeup, and you decided that I might be pretty. So what is love, Philip? If we're talking physical attraction, then, yes, I was attracted to you. I still am. But it was more than that for me, and I hope it was more than that for you.

Philip: You're the most special person I know. Donít you know that?

Chloe: I'm not special, Philip, so stop saying that! But I thought what we had was. Now, look, I donít want to look back on what we had as only being bitter and hurtful. You're my first.

Philip: You're my first.

Chloe: And thatís one thing we have in common. But what else, Philip? There is nothing else.

Philip: All right. Well, if thatís the way you really feel, then I guess thatís it. Itís over.

Brady: Whatís up?

Belle: Um, letís get out of here, okay?

Brady: Oh, no. Oh, no. Donít run. Thatís the guy you say you love. Find out whatís going on.

Shawn: I'm gonna go call my dad and ask about borrowing the truck, all right?

Belle: Hi, Jan. Excuse me, Shawn, can I talk to you for a second? Now. Excuse us.

Shawn: You're upset.

Belle: Look, Shawn, I know you're going through some really difficult stuff right now, trying to help your mom and dad keep J.T. And I donít want to put any more pressure on you. Itís just --

Shawn: What? What?

Belle: Never mind. Forget it.

Shawn: Whoa, no, Belle, wait, wait. Hold on, hold on. Look, you're totally right. I'm really upset about all this stuff with J.T., but I donít ever want you to think that you canít come talk to me and tell me what you're feeling.

Belle: Have you heard anything?

Shawn: I talked to my parents after the hearing, and I didnít get the details, but my dad said the judge awarded Glen Reiber visitation rights with my brother.

Belle: Shawn, I'm so sorry, but why arenít you at home with your parents and J.T. right now?

Jan: What are you looking at?

Brady: You're in trouble, arenít you?

Philip: Then thatís it. Itís really over.

Chloe: Philip, wait.

Chloe: When you say itís over, the thought of never seeing you again --

Philip: What? Tell me.

Chloe: I canít. I'm scared. I canít talk to you this way, not now.

Philip: Oh, yes, you can. Just look where we are.

Philip: I told you that these initials would be here forever... just like our love. So I donít care what you do, or what you say, or what you donít say. I look at you and I know what we had was real. It is real. We have the most important thing in common, Chloe. We love each other.

Belle: Shawn, it just seems strange that you're not at home trying to find out exactly what the judge said about J.T. Instead of -- itís just isnít like you.

Shawn: I wish I could be home right now. I really do. But I donít have a choice right now.

Belle: What? Why not? What are you talking about? Please, what is going on?

Shawn: Jan is...

Belle: Jan what?

Shawn: I canít share this with you right now, Belle, okay? I'm sorry.

Belle: Canít or wonít?

Shawn: What is that supposed to mean?

Belle: Shawn, you've been asking me to trust you and to understand, and really, I've been trying. But when I walk in here and you're hugging her and you canít even tell me why... what am I supposed to think?

Shawn: I told you, okay? She has a problem. A really bad one, and she canít deal with it alone.

Belle: So why doesnít she get her own boyfriend to help her?

Shawn: Jason? I told you, that guy -- heís better at causing problems than solving them.

Belle: Then she should go see a professional, someone like my mom.

Shawn: I know itís really hard for you to understand, okay, but she doesnít have anybody else she can go to. Sheís counting on me. I'm not going to let her down. I'm not going to desert her now.

Belle: I donít want you to do that. But you have been asking me for months to trust you. Now I want you to trust me. I would never betray your confidence. Share this with me so I can understand. I might even be able to help. But I canít do anything when I'm left in the dark. Please, Shawn, please, I'm asking you to tell me what is going on with Jan.

Jan: Get away from me, Brady. Go away!

Brady: Jan, I was there. I saw what you went through in Puerto Rico. What happened there was -- was pretty intense, enough to mess anybody up. And I donít mean this as a put-down, but you're only 17 years old. I personally donít think that you're mature enough to realize that you need some professional help. Shawn Brady is not the one to solve your problems.

Jan: You donít know what you're talking about. Shawn is my friend, thatís all! Just leave me alone. Why canít everybody just leave me alone?

Brady: Do you have nightmares about Paul... the shooting?

Jan: Sometimes...

Brady: Sometimes what?

Jan: I donít want to talk about it, and I donít want to think about it.

Brady: You know, Jan, I was shot once... by a cop. I was even paralyzed. Luckily, I've -- I fully recovered. I've been walking just fine for months, now. But you know something? I still wake up in the middle of the night from nightmares. I bolt awake in a cold sweat. I'm grabbing my legs, see if I can feel 'em. It seems so real.

Jan: My nightmare is real, and itís not over yet.

Kate: No.

Doctor: This is a hospital room, Miss Brady. That little boy is sleeping peacefully with his father. If you donít stop this right now, I'm going to call security and have them throw you out.

Kate: I will not have this discussion in front of Lucas or Will.

Sami: I heard what you were implying in there, and you are not going to get away with it. You are never, ever going to screw around with my life again!

Doctor: Would you like me to call security?

Kate: No. No, thatís okay. I can handle this. If you could just give us a few moments.

Sami: You had this whole big plan, didnít you, Kate? Yeah, but it blew up in your face. You lose again. Because Austin loves me, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Kate: You really donít get it, do you? I donít want to change a thing. You see, the fact that Austin loves you is going to be your downfall. Austinís love for you is your Achilles' heel. It guarantees me that I'm going to get everything I want. Because you got Austin, you're going to lose Will.

Sami: Only a sick and vicious person like you would dream of trying to take a kid away from his mother.

Kate: Well, look at you. Your veneerís starting to crack. Your true colors are coming through. You're back to the old snarling little brat you always have been; always will be. Do you think anyone could look at you right now and think you're fit to be the mother of a child?

Sami: You're wasting your breath. I have everything that I want, because I have full and undisputed custody of my son. And you -- you have a vegetable.

Kate: Oh, you are so thick. You know, I donít know how Austin can really stand that, but that is a moot point right now because what you say is true... now. But itís going to change very soon, because you picked the wrong man to marry. Heís nothing like you, Sami. He has a pure heart. Heís going to want his brother to recover. Heís going to want Will to see his father, and he loves his mother, despite your repeated pathetic attempts to turn him against me. So, you see, you really should've married a stranger from another town, but, no, you made the tragic blunder of pushing your way back into my family, marrying my son. Now, I'm going to spend every waking moment cultivating my relationship with that son, that sweet, kind-hearted son who's going to make sure that I have complete access to my grandson, who's going to make sure that Will has regular visits with his father. And you know itís true because you know the kind of man he is. So, you see, my plan didnít backfire because I didnít have to plot anything. You did everything. What I should be doing is giving you a thank-you note. "Oh, Sami, I am so grateful to you for self-destructing, because that is what you always do, isnít it, Sami?" Yes, that is your gift.

Shawn: I'm sorry. I just canít tell you. Please try and be understanding for a little while longer. It'll be over soon.

Belle: I'm really worried about you, Shawn. You have enough to deal with -- everything thatís going on with J.T. -- and I donít think itís fair for Jan to dump whatever this is on you. You are such a good person, and I donít think Jan is. And, I think, sheís going to try and take advantage of you, of your goodness.

Shawn: You're wrong. Belle, Janís not a bad person. She just had some really tough breaks. I know that this hasnít been easy. But I just want to tell you that I love you being so understanding. Look, we have to talk about this some more, a lot more, but right now I got to go home, all right? Thereís something really important I have to ask my dad.

Belle: Go ahead. I-I have to take off anyway.

Shawn: I'll call you later.

Belle: Whatever.

Jan: Look, donít worry about me. I'll be fine, okay? But thanks for talking.

Belle: Come on, Brady, we're leaving.

Brady: Whoa.

Jan: Belle...wait. I... I'm sorry.

Belle: Sorry for what?

Jan: For taking up so much of Shawnís time. Heís a great guy, you know?

Belle: Yeah. Right.

Philip: I know you still love me, Chloe.

Chloe: Donít say that.

Philip: Chloe, look at me. Hey. I love you. I always will. Even if we were to never see each other again, I'd love you forever.

Chloe: You donít know that.

Philip: Yes, I do. I know it better than I've known anything in my life. Even when you rejected me, it didnít change how much I love you. It couldnít. Nothing can! It keeps me awake at night, thinking of you. Other guys think I'm a jerk to give you so much control over me, but I donít care. I just know what I feel.

Brady: Belle, Belle, Belle, wait a second, wait a second. I know this is very hard on you, but give Jan a break. Sheís going through a very difficult time right now.

Belle: Yeah? Well, so is Shawn, and I am, too, Brady. Shawnís little brother could be taken away from him. He should be at home with his family. But for some reason, Jan has him all wrapped around her little finger. She says, "Jump." and he says, "How high?"

Brady: All right, you know how protective I am of you, and I get suspicious of any guy who dated my little sister, because I donít want to see you get hurt. But Jan has a lot of pain right now. Itís really bad. And you know what? She doesnít have a wonderful amazing older brother that she can turn to. I really think that Shawn is just trying to help her out and be there for her right now. You got yourself a great guy there, okay?

Belle: Well, if you say that, I have to believe itís true. Shawn said this will all be over soon, whatever it is.

Brady: And I think you should trust him.

Shawn: I talked to my dad. He said we can borrow the truck, and we can go.

Jan: You didnít tell him, then?

Shawn: Oh, of course not. I just told him that I needed to help out a friend.

Jan: Thanks. Oh, the clinic said I may have to stay overnight, but if I do, you can go. And if you canít come back the next day to get me, donít worry, because I'll find some other way to get home.

Shawn: What are you going to tell your mother?

Jan: I can deal with her being mad at me for not coming home one night, but... she'd never understand about me being pregnant.

Shawn: Just donít worry. I'm not going to leave you. You're not going to have to go through this alone.

Chloe: I'm doing what I donít want to do.

Philip: Chloe Lane never does anything she doesnít want to do.

Chloe: Thatís what scares me, Philip. Sometimes, when I'm around you, I donít feel like me.

Philip: I know how that goes. I guess, itís true. Love changes people.

Chloe: Yeah, but it shouldnít change who we are, and it shouldnít make us more miserable than it makes us happy.

Philip: Wasnít the miserable part being away from each other? I-I'm sorry for what I said to you before, bringing up all that stuff from the past. It was supposed to be a special day for you.

Chloe: I'd rather it be real. And, Philip, I do feel something being here with you. Like I said before, I'm scared. And the truth is, I'm afraid of being with you, and I'm afraid of not being with you. But what I'm really afraid of, is feeling this way. Forever.

Philip: Chloe!

Kate: Oh, you know I'm right, Sami. Thatís why you're here right now, because Austin saw how selfish you were, keeping Will away from Lucas. And day by day, my bond with Austin grows stronger and stronger, and mark my words, one day, Lucas is going to regain full custody of Will forever.

Sami: I have news for you, Kate. That is never going to happen. You and your "sicko" son are never going to see Will again. And you know what else? You are never going to take Austin away from me! Never! You are never going to get him! Do you hear what I'm saying? You just -- ow! Get off of me! You are a vicious witch! All she wants to do is take my son away from me!

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