Days Transcript Wednesday 2/6/02


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/6/02

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[Chloe hangs up phone]

Brady: Was that Philip? What did he want?

Chloe: To tell me he misses me.

Brady: And you're buying it.

Chloe: Look, Brady, I just came here to talk to you because you're my friend, but if you're gonna get all upset, I'll just leave.

Brady: Don't go. I don't want you to go.

Chloe: Are you sure?

Brady: Chloe, I didn't get upset because Philip called. It's what he's doing to you that I can't take.

Chloe: I don't understand.

Brady: It bothers me when I see people holding you back.

Chloe: He's not holding me back. If anyone's holding me back, it's me.

Brady: He's really got young brainwashed, I see. You really don't have a clue, do you?

Philip: Hey, Belle!

Belle: Philip.

Philip: This is a first. You alone -- no Mimi, no Shawn.

Belle: Actually, I wanted to be alone right now.

Jack: Ahh! Breathe in that air! It clears the mind, energizes the body. [Hacking cough]

Greta: Are you okay?

Jack: Never better. You know, we really should do this a lot more -- spend quality time together having fun. [Coughs]

Greta: Yeah, well, we'll be doing a lot of that now that we're living together.

Jack: Don't remind me. Not that I won't enjoy having you around. That rental money will come in really handy till I start my job with Oliver, which is going to be any day now that I've called him and pushed him for a decision.

Greta: Jack, you didn't push him. You asked.

Jack: What else could I do?

Greta: You call him up and you give him an ultimatum. You say, "hey, Oliver, old buddy, yes or no?" I mean, it's -- now. Now, Jack. Now is the time for action.

Jack: Now?

Greta: Yeah. That's the reason god made cell phones. Why don't you call him up and rattle his little cage?

Jennifer: Oh!

Colin: Friend. Jennifer, friend.

Jennifer: What are you doing scaring me like that?

Colin: Trying to get your attention. I saw you leaving the hospital, so I followed you.

Jennifer: Why?

Colin: Because we need to get things straight between us, once and for all.

Will: Please wake up. Wake up, please. Just, please, wake up.

Sami: [Thinking] No, Lucas, you can't wake up.

Will: Please, wake up. Please.

Kate: Oh, my God.

Austin: What is it?

Kate: His eyes are opening. That's never happened before. Nurse! Nurse!

Will: Mommy, he's waking up.

Chloe: You are the one who hasn't got a clue. You have no idea what I'm thinking or feeling.

Brady: All right, well, I do know this. I don't want to fight, not over Philip.

Chloe: Fine. I'll leave.

Brady: We'll both leave.

Chloe: What?

Brady: Come on, let's get out of here.

Chloe: No, I don't want to go anywhere with you.

Brady: Sure you do. You

Philip: Okay, I can take a hint.

Belle: No, no, Philip, it's not you. I just have a lot of stuff I have to work through right now.

Philip: Oh, maybe I can help.

Belle: Not this time.

Philip: Did you have a fight with Shawn?

Belle: No, no.

Philip: Where is he, anyway? You two are always together.

Belle: Except when he's wig

Philip: That's why self?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: What's the problem?

Belle: Whatever it is, Shawn is definitely her knight in shining armor.

Philip: You know Shawn -- he has a soft touch for anyone in trouble.

Belle: Usually he's not so secretive about what he's doing. And all he'll tell me is that he's helping Jan through a tough time.

Philip: But you believe him, don't you?

Belle: Yeah, Philip, I believe him, but I need him, too.

Philip: You started to say something before, something about your family.

Belle: It's so embarrassing. It involves my dad, Shawn's mom, and Stefano DiMera.

Philip: You know whatever you tell me won't go any further.

Belle: All of Salem will know before long.

Philip: What happened?

Belle: Stefano used some kind of mind control on my dad and Hope, and while they were under his influence, they slept together.

Philip: What?

Belle: Philip, they think my dad is the father of Hope's baby.

Philip: Oh, my God.

Belle: The bad part is they kept it from us. Didn't tell us for almost two years.

Philip: Belle, I am so sorry. It's not just what your father did. It's the secrets and the lies, not knowing who to trust anymore.

Sami: Honey, we don't know for sure that daddy's waking up.

Kate: He's coming out of the coma.

Jane: Excuse me.

Jane: Did all of you notice a change in him?

Sami: No, I didn't.

Kate: See? See right there? He's doing it again. Does that mean that he's waking up?

Jane: I'm afraid not. Patients' eyelids do move like that sometimes.

Austin: What causes it?

Jane: Unless there is some other sign of recovery, we assume it's an involuntary muscle spasm. I'm sorry. I'll be back to check on him later.

Austin: Hey, buddy, I got a great idea. What do you say we take the drawing that you did for your daddy, you put it up on the wall, so that when he wakes up it's the first thing that he sees?

Will: Okay.

Sami: Okay, you go choose a place, and then we're going to go, okay, hon.?

Austin: We're not leaving yet.

Sami: Austin, he's had enough. I want to get him home.

Austin: Enough? He's happy. He's with his dad.

Will: Mommy, could you help me?

Sami: Yeah, honey, sure.

Kate: I told you.

Austin: That looks great there. That's perfect.

Will: Look, grandma.

Kate: Oh, sweetie, that's so good. That looks good.

Sami: Look, Austin, I have to get out of here. I only got one day off from work.

Austin: Our flight is not till tonight, Sami.

Sami: Look --

Kate: Here you go. Here you go. Here. You hold his hand.

Austin: Will needs this time with his father, and he's going to get that time.

Sami: Since when are you an expert on what Will needs? Do you realize how damaging this could be to him? He could blame himself for the fact that his father –

Austin: Sami, Sami, he has us, okay, to make him know that's not so.

Sami: I am not going to risk letting my son be traumatized. Honey? Will, it's time to go, sweetie. Will?

Austin: How you doing there, big guy? Hey, you remember when we talked about this? About you coming to see your daddy? And how bad that you want him to wake up, but how he's sleeping and he might not wake up today. And the fact that he might not wake up for a very long time.

Kate: But, Will, sweetie, having you here, your daddy hearing your voice, could help him more than you'll ever know.

Will: I got something, too.

Sami: Where are you going, Will?

Will: I got something for daddy.

Sami: Oh, well, I'll go with you, honey.

Austin: Don't say anything.

Kate: I don't have to say anything. For yourself. Will was so excited. He's sitting on his daddy's bed, putting his heart and his soul into trying to wake his daddy up, and all Sami can say is "let's get out of here"? Austin, I'm telling you, she doesn't want him to recover. Don't you know that?

Austin: Don't say that, Mom.

Kate: She said that.

Austin: What?

Kate: I walked in on them before. She was alone with Lucas, and she's standing next to him, telling him to die.

Jennifer: You must be freezing out here without a coat on.

Colin: We Irish are a hearty lot.

Jennifer: Why don't you tell me what we need to get straight so you can get back to the hospital and get warm?

Colin: Ever since I saw you that first night at the party Lexie Carver gave, I was hoping we might find some time alone.

Jennifer: Really?

Colin: Yeah, well, we keep on running into one another, but there are always people around or you have to rush off.

Jennifer: Well, isn't that how you want it? I mean, when we saw each other in Ireland, you told me to kiss the blarney stone, hop on a tour bus, and go home, so I got the message.

Colin: Can we pretend just for a moment that Ireland never happened?

Jennifer: Why?

Colin: Because we're still the same two people who sat together long into the night in front of that fire in Africa. There was an understanding between us that doesn't often happen.

Jennifer: Why are you doing this?

Colin: So you'll look at me without anger and resentment every time we meet.

Colin: Yes, I did tell you to leave Ireland -- because I had to, not because I wanted to. You know, when I turned and saw you outside that pub, I -- I wish things had been different, that's all. I wish I could have made them different.

Greta: You are smart, talented. You're an award-winning journalist.

Jack: I'm listening.

Greta: You are an innovative thinker, and Oliver needs you.

Jack: Wentworth he is nothing without me.

Greta: That is right, and you call him up and you let him know that.

Jack: I will. I'll do it!

Greta: Now you are firm.

Jack: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Greta: Don't take "no" for an answer.

Jack: Mm-hmm. [Telephone rings]

Oliver: Yeah? What do you want?

Jack: [Muffled] Oliver? Deveraux here.

Oliver: Who the hell is this?

Jack: Um, uh, uh, Jack. Jack Deveraux. Must have been a bad connection.

Oliver: What's on your mind?

Jack: Uh, uh, it was that meeting in Vegas. I need to know the date and the time.

Oliver: I told you I would call you when it was a go.

Jack: Well, the clock is ticking, not to mention that I may soon be unavailable, otherwise engaged.

Oliver: Are you pushing me, Jack boy?

Jack: You got it. You set a date for that Vegas meeting, or I will be forced to consider other options.

Oliver: It's about time you showed some backbone. I had you figured for one of those guys whose hot in the bedroom but not in the boardroom. I'll get back to you when I get everything lined up.

Jack: Yeah, so long, Oliver. Yeah. Yeah. Ha ha. Ha ha! I did it.

Greta: Well? Well?

Jack: All right, let's pull out the spandex and the fishnets -- we are going to Vegas!

Greta: Jack!

Jack: Greta! Wh-what are you doing?

Greta: Um... Rehearsing. That's all.

Jack: Right, right, and right. I knew that. I knew that.

Greta: Yeah.

Jack: So, uh... Well, come on! Come on, let's go. We got some celebrating to do.

Greta: Okay, let's go.

Jack: Walk this way.

Greta: Okay.

Chloe: I think these laces are too short.

Brady: No, no, no. Here, let me. You got to tighten the laces. Makes them longer.

Chloe: Oh. Well, as great ideas go, this is the best.

Brady: I'm glad you approve. You do know how to skate, don't you?

Chloe: I thought you were going to teach me.

Brady: I should have known you were a novice when you couldn't even tie your own skates. All right. Ready to hit the ice?

Chloe: Let's do it.

Brady: Now, you're gonna need me to hold you up, aren't you?

Chloe: We'll see about that.

Brady: You're gonna pay for that. I'll give you a head start. Go!

Chloe: [Laughing]

Brady: Gotcha! Ha.

Belle: I've always thought of my dad as someone I could trust. He's always been my hero.

Philip: It's easier to accept it when one of your friends screws up than one of your parents, right?

Belle: The weirdest part is not being able to talk to them about this. They've always been the ones I've gone to when I've had a problem, and I can't do that now.

Philip: I know. It's the same way for me with my mom and dad.

Belle: It'll never be the same again, will it?

Philip: No. I don't think it will, not for either of us. But we still have each other, right?

Belle: All for one...

Philip: And one for all.

Belle: Except the only one missing is Shawn.

Philip: Hey, Shawn is there for you. You know that.

Belle: Philip, I'm just afraid that all these secrets and lies with our families could separate us instead of bringing us closer. He doesn't say what he feels the way you do.

Philip: Maybe that's a good thing. Look where it's gotten me.

Belle: No, don’t. I always know where I stand with you. You never try and hide what's going on.

Philip: Are you saying Shawn does?

Belle: No. Why would you say that?

Philip: Just asking.

Belle: Do you think Shawn's covering something up? You think he's hiding something from me, don't you?

Belle: Philip, if you know something about Shawn, please tells me.

Philip: All I meant was Shawn has a hard time explaining what's going on with him. He's trying to handle a lot right now -- probably going through the same kind of hell with his mom and dad that you are.

Belle: I know. It's -- it's horrible for him, which is why I don't understand why he's getting so involved with Jan. See gives him this pathetic, needy look, and he goes running. It just -- it bothers me that he and I have this thing between us, and he can't even talk to me about it.

Philip: That's because you and I have a hard time keeping things in. Whatever's going on, the whole world knows about it.

Belle: Yeah? Well, how did we both fall for people that keep everything inside?

Philip: Yeah, who knows what would have happened if we had gotten together, right? Before I met Chloe and you fell for Shawn?

Belle: Well, you do have those dimples and that great smile.

Philip: And every guy in school thinks you're hot... except on a bad hair day.

Belle: Philip.

Philip: Hey! Ha.

Brady: Hey, you're not bad for a beginner, Chloe.

Chloe: Thanks.

Brady: And around we go. Whoa! Not quite up to speed, are we?

Chloe: You know I haven't been on the ice for a while.

Brady: You better?

Chloe: Much.

Brady: Good. Come on.

Austin: Are you serious? You heard Sami say that?

Kate: She said she wished Lucas would die. You and I are trying to do everything we can to save his life, and your bride-to-be wishes he was dead.

Austin: I don't believe it.

Kate: Really? So what do you think? You think I'm making this up?

Austin: Yeah.

Kate: I walked in here and I heard it. Now, you tell me how she can be so cruel to someone who's been through so much, who can't even open his eyes. My God. Oh, my poor baby.

Kate: All I want is for him to have some peace, for him to have a chance -- a chance to get better, to come back to us, Austin.

Austin: Yeah, I want that, too.

Will: Can I read daddy a story now?

Sami: Yeah, sure, honey. You've got a short one there, right?

Austin: I think that is a great idea, big guy.

Sami: What?

Austin: Later.

Kate: Here you go, sweetie. Now what do you have there?

Will: "Goodnight Moon."

Kate: "Goodnight Moon"? Oh, that's daddy's favorite.

Will: Mine too. Here we go. "In the great green room, there was a telephone and a red balloon and a picture of the cow jumping over the moon..."

Austin: Can my brother hear him?

Jane: I think he can feel the love of that little boy.

Will: "And two little kittens and a pair of mittens... A brush -- a comb and a brush and a bowl of mush and a little old lady whispering 'hush.' Good night, room..."

Kate: Do you see what's happening?

Jane: I haven't seen him do that before.

Kate: He's moving his lips. He's trying to talk to Will.

Will: "Good night, light. Good night, red balloon..."

Colin: I was thrilled to see you in Ireland. If things had been different, I would have hung you by your ankles over the blarney stone myself.

Jennifer: You know, I'm not really sure how to take that, Colin.

Colin: It's a way of kissing the stone. See, you have to hang way over, upside-down --

Jennifer: Okay, I -- I get it.

Colin: Can you accept that Ireland was the wrong time and the wrong place, and I regret what happened there, and can we move on?

Jennifer: We have moved on. We both have very different lives right now.

Colin: Does that mean we can't be friends?

Jennifer: Friends?

Colin: What we knew together in Africa, the way we were able to communicate -- it was unique. You're unique.

Jennifer: You wouldn't be working your Irish charm on me right now, would you, Colin?

Colin: I'd do whatever it takes to get past what happened in Ireland.

Jennifer: I think what you need to do is tell me the truth. If you were so thrilled to see me in Ireland, why did you tell me to get lost?

Jennifer: You better speak up, 'cause you'll freeze to death out here standing around.

Colin: Fine. If that's what it takes, I suppose you do have a right to the truth.

Jack: Shall we drink to Las Vegas?

Greta: Hot chocolate. That's all I get for securing your financial future.

Jack: Hey, I'm still among the unemployed. Take it or leave it. But I'll tell you right now, there's a little something extra for you.

Greta: There is?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Greta: Aah!

Jack: Ha! Gotcha!

Greta: I don't believe it!

Jack: Works every time.

Greta: You could have given me a heart attack, and this thing is empty.

Jack: For you.

Greta: Yeah, right. Put it down on the bench.

Jack: Your wish is my command. [Laughs]

Greta: Where did you get this thing?

Jack: My pocket. Abigail loves this stuff.

Greta: You are nothing but a big kid.

Jack: Gets you through the rough times.

Greta: I love you, Jack Deveraux. I really do.

Jack: Like I said, works every time.

Belle: Thanks for being such a good friend, Philip.

Philip: Hey, anytime you need to vent, I'm here.

Belle: Same goes for me.

Philip: Does Chloe ever talk to you about me?

Belle: We mostly talk about me and Shawn.

Philip: I spent some time with her earlier.

Belle: How did that go?

Philip: Really, really good, I think.

Belle: So you think there's a chance for the two of you?

Philip: She told me she misses me.

Belle: She did?

Philip: Well, I-I told her first, but I didn't push her, and I didn't act like a jealous idiot.

Belle: You've never stopped caring, have you?

Philip: Chloe and I are getting back together. She may not know it yet, but it's happening. You can bet on it.

Belle: So you're not worried about Brady anymore.

Philip: No, no, no. He's not Chloe's type. And Brady and I talked.

Belle: What did he say?

Philip: That I was worried for no reason. The only reason he hung out with her this summer was because we weren't around. He hasn't even seen Chloe lately.

Belle: Come to think of it, I haven't seen Brady and Chloe together, recently myself.

Philip: I mean, I was jealous of Brady for no reason.

Brady: You ready? Give me your hand.

Chloe: Whoo!

Brady: Here we go!

Chloe: Aah!

Brady: Whoa!

Chloe: Ha ha! Come and gate. No. No! No! No, no! Aah! Aah!

Both: [Laughing]

Jack: All right. Last one on the ice buys the next round.

Greta: I haven't finished this one yet.

Jack: You're stalling, princess.

Greta: I am n.

Jack: Are too.

Greta: Jack!

Jack: Let me give you a hand.

Greta: Like I'm going to fall for that again.

Jack: All right. Suit yourself. Race ya. Ha ha ha!

Greta: You know what? Hold on for me. I probably should hold on to your arm. I haven't skated in a while.

Jack: Oh, come on, princess. It's time to -- whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Greta: [Gasps]

Jack: Hit the ice.

Greta: Are you okay? Are you all right? Are you hurt?

Jack: No. No, no, no, no.

Greta: He's okay.

Jack: No, no, no, no. Thanks. [Groans] you see the lengths I go to, to get attention from you?

Greta: Don't joke.

Jack: You know, if this pond wasn't frozen, that'd have been a perfect back gainer.

Greta: Yeah, all right. You know what? Here, give me your hand.

Jack: No funny stuff.

Greta: Yeah, no funny stuff.

Jack: Okay.

Greta: Come on.

Jack: Okay, here we go. And a 1 and a 2 --

Greta: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, easy.

Jack: Okay, okay.

Greta: Easy.

Jack: You know, from now on, I'm going to have to call you the Ice Princess.

Greta: Yeah, don't even try. Whoa! Oh! Oh! Easy, big fell. Easy, easy.

Jack: I got it. Got it.

Greta: You got it? Got your balance?

Jack: Yeah.

Greta: Yeah?

Jack: Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

Greta: Aah!

Chloe: Brady!

Brady: [Moans]

Jack: Sorry, fell.

Greta: Maybe this isn't such a good idea, you know what, Jack? Jack?

Jack: Just getting my sea legs here.

Greta: Yeah, I know. Have you ever even skated before?

Jack: Of course I have.

Greta: Okay, put one foot in front of the other.

Jack: Of course.

Greta: One foot in front of the other.

Jack: See?

Greta: Yeah.

Jack: All right, princess. May I have this dance?

Greta: Oh, I don't know. Ready?

Jack: Whenever. Competition faces. Here we go. It's all in the attitude.

Greta: I hear you.

Jack: Keep going. Here we go. [Sings opera]

Greta: [Laughing] Everybody's laughing at us!

Jack: Hey, now! All right. Listen, if you guys thought that was something, you get a load of this!

Greta: Jack, no!

Jack: Ta-ad!

Colin: When you came to Ireland, I was involved in work I couldn't talk about -- not to outsiders. It was too dangerous. Anyone I had contact with could have been put in danger, too. That's why I wanted you to leave the country before anyone saw you with me.

Jennifer: Colin, why didn't you tell me that?

Colin: I've told you as much as I can. Whatever I did in Ireland was to protect you. If I've misled you or hurt you in any way, I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Your apology is accepted, so why don't you go back to the hospital and thaw out? 'Cause I really need to be going.

Colin: Jennifer.

Jennifer: I'll see you around, okay?

Colin: Wait. Please.

Jane: Lucas, if you can hear me, squeezes my hand.

Kate: Is -- is he responding?

Jane: I think he's trying to.

Kate: Let me try. Sweetie? We're listening. Will and Austin and me -- we're all here for you.

Will: Time to wake up, Daddy.

Jane: Keep on talking to him. I'm going to page his doctor.

Kate: Oh, sweetie, come here. I know your daddy heard you. We're all so proud of you. We really are.

Austin: Sami.

Kate: You go after her. We're okay.

Austin: What's wrong with you?

Sami: It's over, isn't it?

Austin: What?

Sami: Us.

Austin: What are you talking about

Sami: I saw you with Kate before. Lucas is going to sit up at any moment, and they're going to start trying to take my son away from me again.

Austin: How can you say that?

Sami: You're back with them, Austin. Your mother has won.

Austin: No.

Sami: Austin, I can feel it. I knew she would do everything she could to take advantage of the situation. The second I left the room, she started in on me, didn't she? Now I'm the evil one, right? Well, not only did she and Lucas wish that I was dead, they did everything they could to make it happen, Austin.

Colin: You still seem angry.

Jennifer: Colin, I am not angry. I am so confused.

Colin: Why?

Jennifer: Did you think that everything would just be okay just because you gave me some sort of halfhearted explanation after all this time?

Colin: I told you I hope we might continue the friendship that began in Africa.

Jennifer: This isn't Africa. You're engaged to another woman. I am living in a house with my ex-husband trying to make some sort of life for my daughter.

Colin: And dating Brandon Walker.

Jennifer: Yes, I am dating Brandon Walker, who I think happens to care about me, and he's not all over the map like Jack, and he doesn't hide things from me –

Colin: The way I did. Well, I guess I shouldn't have followed you today.

Jennifer: Or any other day. And I really -- I really wish you the best, and I really wish that you would just leave me alone.

Belle: What about Chloe's jealousy? Because she was devastated when she learned about you and Cynthia.

Philip: Hey, I-I explained. Cynthia did not mean anything to me.

Belle: But you were alone in her house when her parents were away.

Philip: Yeah, but I didn't stay. I was thinking of Chloe, even when things with Cynthia heated up.

Belle: Heated up?

Philip: I stopped. That's when I knew how much I cared about Chloe. I couldn't betray her like that.

Brady: This beats fighting at Basic Black, doesn't it, Chloe?

Chloe: Fighting is highly overrated.

Brady: So were you going easy on me?

Chloe: Well, snappy retorts don't come easy out here. Must be the cold.

Brady: Or I could be growing on you.

Greta: I think we probably should stop before you break something.

Jack: Oh, look, I was only kidding before. I'm an excellent skater.

Greta: Right, and I are in the downhill at the Winter Olympics.

Jack: Look and learn, princess.

Jack: Seeing is believing.

Greta: How many tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Jack: Tricks? What tricks? I came here to skate, princess.

Greta: Okay.

Jack: This way.

Greta: Okay.

Jennifer: [Thinking] It won't be long now, Jack. Maybe they are in love.

Jack: Hey, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hey.

Jack: Why don't you go grab some skate and you can join us in a "three's company" thing?

Jennifer: No, that's okay. I don't think so. I'm glad to see you're having a good time, great.

Greta: Thanks.

Jack: Hey, I'm glad to see you, too.

Jennifer: Ha!

Jack: Aah! Ha ha! Abigail's birthday party! She loved it. She really loved it when you had it on. Come on, show her.

Jennifer: Oh, no, I can't!

Jack: No, no! My eyeball! Aah!

Jennifer: Get it before it freezes to the ice.

Jack: No talking about me while I'm gone.

Jennifer: Jack is not your run-of-the-mill date, is he?

Greta: No, he certainly isn't.

Jennifer: You know, I was watching the two of you skate together. You make a really nice couple.

Greta: Oh, just skating partners.

Jennifer: Looked to me like there was more going on there.

Greta: Well, that could never happen.

Jennifer: Why not?

Greta: Because, um...

Jennifer: Why, Greta? Tell me what the secret is.

Jack: Finally, some good eye-hand coordination. Uh-oh. You two have been talking about me.

Jennifer: No, just, uh... Just comparing some notes, Jack.

Chloe: Mm, mm, mm, and mm and pretend that he is Parson Brown come on, Brady, let's hear it.

Brady: I don't know the words.

Chloe: But you can do the job

Both: When you're in town later on, we'll conspire as we dream by the fire we'll face unafraid the plans that we made walking' in a winter wonderland sleigh bells ring are you listening'? In the lane

Jack: I can see that I have to keep you two ladies apart.

Jennifer: I was just asking great about this big secret between the two of you.

Jack: Huh? Um, hey -- hey, listen, it's a sing-along. Enough of this talk. No more talk. Time to sing. Come on, join in. Here we go. happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland

All: In the meadow we can build a snowman and pretend that he is Parson Brown

Belle: I promise I won't say anything to Chloe.

Philip: Thanks. I acted like a real jerk with Cynthia. Believe me, I don't feel great about it, but the only girl I want is Chloe.

Belle: When you love, you love with your whole heart. I'm the same. Philip, I'm really glad you showed up. I feel so much better.

Philip: Yeah. Come on, let's go get a hot chocolate.

Belle: Okay.

All: Later on we'll conspire as we dream by the fire to face unafraid the plans that we made walking' in a winter wonderland walking' in a winter wonderland kin' in a winter wonderland


Jack: Yeah! Brady and Chloe! Ah.

Jack: Brady and Chloe!

Brady: Thank you. Come on, diva, your turn.

Chloe: No, no, no.

Brady: Go for it! Come on!

Jack: Hey, come on!

Jennifer: Come on!

Jack: Come on!

All: [Cheering]

Brady: Whoa!

Chloe: Oh, no.

Sami: I never should have agreed to make this trip. Kate is destroying everything. I hate what she's doing to us, and I just hate her.

Austin: Will you calm down?

Sami: I'm not going to calm down.

Austin: Look, nothing is going to keep us apart -- not my mother, not anyone.

Kate: You can come here, and you can visit as often as you like with me, 'cause I know that you are making your daddy feel better. You miss him, don't you, hmm?

Will: Especially at night.

Kate: Because he used to read those wonderful stories to you, didn't he? You know something? He would give anything in the world to be doing that again. He misses you, Will, and he loves you so much. Yes, he does.

Kate: We're going to win, my darling. We're going to win.

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