Days Transcript Thursday 1/31/02

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/31/02


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Austin: So Brenda's okay with it.

Sami: Yeah, she said it would be no problem, that Larry could cover for me.

Austin: Want some more toast?

Will: No thanks.

Austin: No? So that means you have the time off. That's terrific.

Sami: Will, are you done?

Will: Yes, Mommy.

Austin: Well, I guess she knows how important this is. I mean, this could really help Lucas recover.

Will: You mean my daddy?

Austin: That's right, big guy, and you know what? Your mommy has something very special to tell you.

Will: What is it, Mommy?

Sami: Well, honey, you know how I said that I would make the arrangements so that you could go see your dad? Well, it's definite now. We're going to go see him.

Will: When are we going to go?

Sami: Very soon.

Will: Yay!

Sami: Ha ha!

Woman: You.

Lexie: Rolf, I'm almost there.

Rolf: You made good time, Alexandra.

Lexie: This was a wonderful plan, Rolf. I mean, for once, I'm optimistic that it's going to work.

Rolf: As long as you do as I instructed, Alexandra.

Lexie: Don't worry. I have it all under control. Between the surprise bombshell you are about to drop and the dirt I have on Cameron Reese, your son will be forever in your life. Young Isaac is not going anywhere.

[Telephone rings]

Cameron: Cameron Reese.

Rolf: Um, so, how is our little project going, Ms. Reese?

Cameron: I don't know.

Rolf: Well, you better know. You walked away with a briefcase full of money to ensure that Glen Reiber would abandon his custody battle and leave baby J.T. Brady where he is. Need I remind you there is another case of cash waiting for you upon the successful completion of your mission?

Cameron: I am well aware of that, Rolf.

Rolf: Yes, but if you were to fail... Well, it would be most unfortunate, would it not, if some carefully concealed indiscretions from your youth were to somehow become public?

Cameron: Rolf, I am doing the best I can. But I-I... Glen Reiber is going to be very upset about this.

Glen: Upset about what?

Hope: "Hope, I didn't want to wake you. I got up early. Couldn't sleep. Decided to call some of Belle's friends, hoping they could give us any leads about where Belle and Shawn might've gone. Mimi Lockhart told me there was a slumber party at Georgia's last night, so I drove over there to see if I could get some answers. Marlena. Make yourself at home." I'll have some coffee. Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Any luck?

Bo: No. Nothing. We looked everywhere we could think of.

Hope: Where could they be?

J.T.: [Crying]

Shawn D.: Oh...God.

J.T.: [Crying]

Shawn D.: Belle. Belle. How can you sleep through this? Wake up. Back to graveyard shift. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Hey, friend, it's okay. It's all right, it's all right. Hey, you okay, buddy? You all right? Come here. I got you. Your big brother's got you. You're safe. No one's going to find us, all right?

Will: Yay, I get to see my daddy.

Austin: Isn't this exciting?

Will: When are we going to go?

Sami: Well, first thing's first. You and I have to talk about some things.

Will: Like what?

Sami: Well, ahem, you know that your daddy is not going to be able to talk to you, right? I mean, he's asleep, and he's not going to be able to wake up, honey.

Austin: He understands that. All you want to do is see him, right? You know, spend a little time with him, tell him how school's going, right, big guy? You're going to tell him how much you love, that you want him to get well soon, right?

Will: I will tell him that.

Austin: Right, and he's going to know you're there, okay? You don't have to worry about that.

Sami: Honey, why don't you go get your backpack ready for school?

Austin: Chop, chop, chop! Chop, chop! Hurry up! See? He understands. I told you, he's going to be fine.

Sami: I hope so.

Austin: You know, I was thinking that maybe we should call the rehab center. You know, let them know, and they can tell Lucas that his little boy is going to be there. You want to make that call, or do you want me to take care of it?

Sami: Take care of...

Austin: Calling the rehab center, letting them know that Will's coming.

Sami: Oh. Oh, no, yeah, y-you can handle that.

Austin: Okay, well, ahem, you better get, uh, packed because we're leaving this afternoon.

Glen: What are you talking about, hmm? What am I going to be upset about? And who's that on the phone? Uh, I have to go.

Rolf: Cameron --

Cameron: I-I'll speak with you later.

Glen: Who was that you were talking to?

Cameron: It doesn't matter. It wasn't important.

Glen: Oh, I think it was. Something fishy's going on here, and I want to know what it is right now.

Shawn D.: He's probably starving. That's why he was crying so hard.

Belle: I don't know, Shawn. That sounded like more than hunger to me. He was really screaming.

Shawn D.: Well, he's usually eaten by now. That's why he overslept. Here, bud, come here. I gotcha. If I know my brother, he just needs to eat. He's like me. Hey, did we pack a bib?

Belle: Bib.

Shawn D.: Bib, yes.

Belle: Right here.

Shawn D.: Read my mind. Come here, bud.

Belle: Come on, J.T., time for breakfast.

Shawn D.: Yeah, we got some apple sauce for you. I didn't make it from scratch, but, uh, it's just as good. Mmm, you like that?

Belle: Well, I guess you were right. He was just hungry.

Shawn D.: Yeah. All right, bud, here comes the plane into the hangar. Open wide.

Belle: I'll get a napkin, okay?

Shawn D.: All right. Good. Oh, Belle, can you check that door while you're up? Because Rolf said he'd unlock it in the morning.

Belle: Okay. Oh, yeah, it opened. Thank God. I was getting a little claustrophobic.

Shawn D.: I wonder why they had to lock it in the first place.

Belle: Who knows? This is the DiMera place. We should expect things to be a little weird. Here. Some juice? You know him so well, Shawn.

Shawn D.: You will, too, in no time.

Belle: You wha-- all right, fine, I'll have it. It was really smart to come here.

Shawn D.: Well, it just seemed like the obvious choice. I mean, Lexie's an old friend of the family. It just felt right, because I knew we could trust her.

Bo: I assume you haven't from them, either.

Hope: Not since the kids called that one time, no.

John: Where's Doc?

Hope: Oh, she left a note. She couldn't sleep apparently, so she went to question some of Belle's friends.

John: You know this all goes back to Lexie. If she had been up-front and told us the truth, none of this would be happening right now.

Hope: I don't want to believe that, but...

Bo: She's obviously been keeping something from us.

John: What have I been telling you about her for the last couple months?

Bo: She's a DiMera. She's not the woman we thought we knew.

Lexie: And you're not the friends I thought I knew. None of you.

Woman: Ms. Roberts.

Kate: Good morning, Jane. Oh, sweetie, good morning. Mom's here. Oh, I'm so happy to see you. So happy to see you.

Jane: Your mother surprised us this time, Lucas. We didn't know she was coming. We always tell him as soon as you call.

Kate: It was sort of a spur-of-the-moment visit. How's he doing?

Jane: You've talked to the doctor?

Kate: Well, I talk to him nearly every day. He says that there's been signs of Lucas responding to stimulation. Do you think that's a sign that's he coming out of the coma?

Jane: There's no way to tell, Ms. Roberts, but he is making progress. His burns are healed. The skin grafts took beautifully, as you know.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Jane: And all the nurses comment on how handsome he is.

Kate: Yes. He is, isn't he? Could you give us a few moments alone together?

Jane: Of course. Take all the time you need.

Kate: Thank you.

Kate: My sweet baby. I'm here for you. Oh. I know you're coming back to me soon.

Sami: Wait a second. Austin, this afternoon?

Austin: 3:00, to be exact.

Sami: I don't understand. Why do we have to go today, so soon?

Austin: Why put it off?

Sami: Well, because you said that you were going to wait until I was sure I could get time off of work before you made the reservations.

Austin: Well, I made the reservations just in case, and, look, it wasn't a problem. Brenda gave you the time off.

Sami: It's just such short notice.

Austin: What, you want me to call her, you know, throw a charm her way, you know? She's got a hard time saying no to me.

Sami: No, it's okay. I just wish you'd asked.

Austin: Will's really anxious to see his father, okay? But even if he can't say it, I know that Lucas wants to see him, too. So you'd better make that call to Brenda, tell her you're not going to be in tomorrow.

Sami: I guess I better.

Austin: What? You don't look pleased. What's the problem?

Sami: Well, I'm a little overwhelmed, Austin. We're leaving today?

Austin: Sami, I'm going to be there with you.

Sami: I know that. It's just -- do you -- do you really think this is such a good idea?

Austin: Why are you asking me that now?

Sami: Because I don't think it is.

Austin: We've been over this and over this, Sami.

Sami: Look, I know you think it's a good idea for Will, but do you really think that it's going to be okay for Lucas?

Austin: It's going to be great for him, okay? We've discussed that, too.

Sami: Maybe it would upset him.

Austin: Lucas is in a coma. Any stimulus in any way that makes him feel alive, that makes him feel loved... You tell me, how could that be bad?

Sami: Maybe we're overdoing it, you know? All three of us going at the same time.

Austin: He's my half-brother. I mean, I think I should be there.

Sami: Okay. Okay, as long as it's just you and me and Will.

Austin: Well, yeah, I mean, of course. I mean, who else would it be?

Sami: Your mother. I'm serious, Austin, if she's going to be there, you have to tell me, because I could not handle that.

Austin: Yeah, well, my mother is busy with her new job at Basic Black.

Sami: Still, if she knows, she could make my life miserable.

Austin: Sami, it's just the three of us, okay, going off to California to see Lucas today, in a few hours. So can you please go get packed?

Sami: Okay.

Kate: I have the most wonderful news. Will is coming to see you. Your precious little boy. Lucas, he has missed you so much, and I want you to know it was all his idea. He talks about you all the time. He wants you to get better so badly.

Kate: Oh, Lucas, you hear me? I know you do. I know you understand me.

Barb: What's going on, Cameron?

Glen: Yeah, and you can start with who you were just yakking with on the phone there.

Cameron: Oh, would you please calm down? I was just talking to the judge's clerk. He's still scrambling with the schedule, and he can't give me an exact time, and so I was telling him my client is going to be very upset. That's all.

Glen: I think someone's trying to pull a fast one here. I don't believe that baby's sick. I just think they're trying to give me some excuse to put off the meeting with the judge.

Cameron: Oh, no, no, no, no. We are going to have that meeting today. Trust me. Now, I'm your lawyer, and I'm going to take good care of you, and I'm sure the judge will grant you visitation.

Glen: Yes.

Cameron: But, Glen, when you say you don't believe the baby is sick, I mean, you're dealing with a child who has chronic health problems here. He probably is sick more often than he's not.

Barb: That's kind of what I've been telling you, honey.

Cameron: Now, I suggest that we sit down.

Glen: No.

Cameron: While we're waiting to get on the judge's calendar, I think we need to have a little talk about the growing financial ramifications of all of these delays. Now, those billable hours continue to add up.

Glen: I told you, I'll get you the money.

Barb: Glen, we don't have much money left. And with me pregnant, it won't be long before we have a baby of our own to worry about. I mean, maybe we should just forget about all this, let them keep little J.T. and go back home.

Cameron: Your wife does have a good point, Glen. Maybe you should listen to her.

Hope: Lex, we didn't know that you were here.

Lexie: Obviously, obviously. Not that I'm at all surprised that you were talking about me behind my back, given the terribly hurtful things you said to my face.

John: So what are you doing here? You just want to stir up some more trouble, or maybe tell a few more lies?

Hope: John.

Lexie: No, no. Let him go on. All of you, go ahead. Take your best shot. If you didn't have any trouble doing it before you knew I was here, why stop now? All I ever wanted to do was keep my son Isaac where he belongs. And you can stand there and spew all the self-righteous psychobabble you want, but I defy any of you to tell me you wouldn't move heaven and earth to hold on to your children, to keep them with you. When J.T. had open-heart surgery, I was the one who convinced those doctors not to give up when they wanted to declare him dead. I was there, and you weren't. But I'm not your friend, not someone you can trust? Forget that I prayed with you when J.T. was kidnapped, that I rejoiced with you when they brought him home, but I'm not your friend? Forget that our little boys adore each other. I'm not your friend?

Hope: I know. I know all of what you just said is true. And remembering how you've been there for me and how close we've been... It breaks my heart to think that we might not have that anymore. This isn't about you and me. Right now, we're going through something which is extremely difficult.

Lexie: I know. I know. And it's a nightmare. But it's going to be over soon, because, as you see, once again, your ex-friend Lexie is here for you, to help you.

Hope: Help me? What do you mean?

Lexie: You're looking for your children, aren't you? Well, I know exactly where they are.

John: Oh, really? Where?

Lexie: I have your children at my house. That's where they spent the night.

We will return for the second half of "Days of our Lives" in just a moment.

Barb: So, what do you think, honey? I mean, let's face it, Cameron has a point. Maybe it is best that we just --

Glen: Look, forget it, okay? This is my kid. How many times do I have to tell you?

Cameron: Will you please keep your voice down?

Glen: I'll speak as loud as I damn well please, because I don't care who hears me, and I don't care what I have to do. I want to spend some time with my son. It's my damn right!

Cameron: Calm down, and listen to me. Now, while it is true that I may not be representing you much longer -- I mean, after all, time is money, right? But just because you can't pay the bill, because you can't handle it, does not mean that I don't care about you. I do. I am not one of those attorneys who withholds legal advice just because you can't pay the bill.

Barb: Thank you, Cameron.

Glen: You know, you were singing a real different tune at the beginning of this case, Ms. Reese.

Cameron: I am not suggesting that you not go for custody of your own son. I'm just asking that you keep an open mind.

Barb: Listen to her, Glennie. You get so angry anytime anyone asks you to really stop and think this through. Well, we have to do that. We have to think about what this is going to mean. You know, I'm sure I'm sounding like the selfish wife, and all you're hearing is, "let's have our own baby, and forget about the other one," but that is not what I'm saying.

Glen: Then what are you saying, Barb, huh?

Shawn D.: Yes! Whoa, whoa. Okay, somebody needs to change a diaper.

Belle: Again? I just changed him before you fed him. I could be wrong but we could defer to J.T. here. What do you think? "Mm-hmm."

Belle: Do you want me to do it?

Shawn D.: No, that's okay. He'll do it. It's okay, I'll do it.

Belle: You really do like taking care of him, don't you? And I don't just mean watching him and playing with him. You like doing the real nitty-gritty stuff.

Shawn D.: The "nitty-gritty stuff"?

Belle: You know what I mean.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know what you mean. But what, just because I'm a guy, I shouldn't want to change his diaper?

Belle: Well, not to be sexist, Shawn, but most guys don't like doing that kind of stuff. Guys aren't as nurturing as women are. Even my mom says that, and she's not sexist. You just really care about him, and I think that's amazing.

Shawn D.: Well, hey, I'm an easy kid to be around. "You missy, me easy kid."

Belle: You're going to be a great dad.

Shawn D.: Oh, would you stop saying that? "He's only 17." I'm only 17.

Belle: Shawn, Shawn, I didn't mean that -- that, like, you and me are -- or maybe even soon. I certainly didn't mean "soon." I just meant when you do become a dad.

Shawn D.: Look at her squirm. I know what you mean. All right? Someday.

Bo: Tell us what happened.

Hope: You know where our children are?

Lexie: Okay. Shawn and J.T. showed up at my house last night. Belle was with them. It was late, and I knew they shouldn't be running around alone, so I told them they could stay there and that I wouldn't tell anyone. Shawn said he wanted to teach J.T. --

Hope: I know, I know. He wanted to teach J.T. to say, "I Won't Go."

Bo: You know, none of this matters. Why in the hell didn't you call us last night?

Barb: Glen, you have to admit sometimes you have a tendency to get all worked up -- to act first and think later.

Glen: Yeah, I can get a little edgy when people hassle me, but considering the current situation here, I think I've been pretty damn cool.

Barb: True. I'm only saying that sometimes you have to use brainpower.

Glen: No, wait, wait, wait. Now you're saying that I'm stupid?

Barb: No, no, not at all. Of course you're not stupid. But let's face it -- neither one of us is the sharpest knife in the drawer. We never went to college. Heck, we barely made it out of high school. But we're good people, we have a good life, and we're happy. And a lot of people out there with a whole lot more money and a lot more smarts than us can't say that.

Glen: Yeah, and your point here is, Barb, huh?

Barb: This baby that you and Marlo created -- he's sick, Glen. That's the only word for it. And the worst part is, he is not going to get a whole lot better, because there is no cure for what he has.

Cameron: Look, Barb is just saying that you should take one step at a time and really explore your options. I mean, sure, loving your son and wanting to raise him -- that's sweet, and it's heartwarming. And I don't blame you for being drawn to him. But, Glen, listen, you have really got to consider your options here. You've got to consider how this is going to impact on your life, on both of your lives. And I think that you were really selling yourself short, Barb, because that is some very smart advice that you're putting out -- advice that you, Glen, would do well to heed.

Shawn D.: Get out of here.

Belle: [Giggles]

Shawn D.: Okay, so, we'd better change him.

Belle: "We"?

Shawn D.: Oh, you're right, actually. Uh, you.

Belle: Me?

Shawn D.: Well, yeah, you said you wanted to.

Belle: And then you said you wanted to. We went through this whole thing about how much you love taking care of your little brother, and then I went on and on about how amazing you are.

Shawn D.: Well, yes, yes, the "amazing" part, absolutely. Am amazing, and I love taking care of my brother. However, I must say, changing his diaper isn't among one of my more favorite things to do.

Belle: Oh, so you admit it.

Shawn D.: Well, how many people -- mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, while we're on the subject -- can honestly say that changing a baby's diaper is a big kick.

Belle: And I thought you were Mr. Nurturing.

Shawn D.: But that doesn't make me Mr. Diaper-changer, now, does it? And plus, hey, who fed him?

Belle: That is not fair. You get to do the fun feeding part, and I have to do the changing the diaper part.

Shawn D.: Hey, look, I'll help.

Belle: You will?

Shawn D.: Yes.

Belle: You'll help?

Shawn D.: Yes.

Belle: You're such a sport.

Shawn D.: Well, you know, I'll even hand you a clean diaper, or perhaps a wipey.

Belle: You're all heart, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah. That's what they all say. I'll get you set up.

Bo: Why did you wait till now to say something? Why didn't you call us last night when our kids showed up at your house?

Lexie: As I said, it was late.

Bo: So what? You think that matters to us that it was late? You had to know we were worried.

Lexie: Okay, okay. Fine, all right? The truth is, I had to sleep on it, to figure out the best way to handle the situation.

Bo: Whoa.

Lexie: Look, Bo, look. Okay, I promised those kids that I wouldn't tell anyone where there were, and I was half-tempted to keep that promise because I really admire Shawn for fighting so hard to keep his little brother. I guess part of me got caught up in their teenage fantasy that they could solve all of this by teaching J.T. to say those three words. But when I woke up this morning, I realized that as much as I don't want to betray Shawn and Belle, the right thing to do would be to come here and let you know. Look, I-I realize you may not want to believe this, but your children came to me. They came to my house, the DiMera house for help. They trusted me, when all you can do is stand there and accuse me of lying and worse!

John: And you're still lying. Bigtime.

Sami: You know, Austin, I was thinking about it, and this morning, will woke up with a little bit of a sniffle, and so I was thinking maybe we should take him to the pediatrician before we fly to make sure he doesn't have an ear infection.

Austin: Will's fine.

Sami: Well, if he gets a cold, you know --

Austin: Does he have a fever?

Sami: No, but I'm think--

Austin: Then he can travel, you know that, okay? The sooner we get this done, the sooner Lucas has a chance to recover. And plus, I'm not going to promise something to Will and not deliver.

Sami: He doesn't know when we're actually going to leave. A few days isn't going to make a difference.

Austin: We're going today.

Sami: Honey, what are you doing?

Will: I'm looking for my angel picture.

Austin: Angel picture. Oh, yeah, you mean the one you did in Sunday school, about the angel helping your daddy get better.

Will: I want to show him.

Austin: I think that's a great idea, champ. You know, we'll take it on our trip, and we'll show your daddy. I'm sure he'll love it.

Will: I found it.

Austin: Whoa, look at that. That's a piece of art. We should hang that up in a museum. We're doing a good thing. Hey, I never knew that angels had blue wings. What is that right there?

Kate: But I have to prepare you for something that's not going to be easy. Sami's coming, too.

Kate: Oh, you don't like that. Why would you? I promise you, I will not let her upset you. That's why I'm here, to protect you and Will. Sweetie, Sami hasn't changed at all. Not that I would've expected her to, but, oh... And the worst thing for me now is that she's managed to get herself engaged to Austin. Can you imagine? I mean, I tried to warn him. I tried to warn him about what a mistake he's making, but he wouldn't listen. Well, I guess the only good thing to come out of all of this is that he has arranged for Will to see you. Lucas, you're going to get Will back, and Sami's going to get what she deserves. But, baby, you have to come back to me. You have to wake up. You have to wake up and help me. I know you love your little boy, and he loves you, too, but he needs you. And I need you. I need you to help me show Austin the truth about Sami. And once he realizes what she's really like, then Will, will be right back where he belongs... With you... Forever.

Cameron: Well, I'm going to step outside and check with the judge's clerk again, see if they've come up with a time for the hearing.

Glen: Fine.

Glen: Why are you always trying to make me out to be a dummy, huh?

Barb: That's not what I was doing. What I said was, sometimes you think with your heart instead of your head, and this is definitely one of those times.

Glen: I don't know, Barb, I'm just --

Barb: Come on. You know I want what's best for you. Hey, you are the love of my life. You are my life, Glen. That's why I don't want you to be unhappy. That's why you got to do what I am asking, okay? Not just for me and this baby I'm going to have, but for you. It's what's best for you. That's all I want.

Belle: Come on, J.T. Three little words.

Shawn D.: Come on, hey. Hey, J.T. I won't go. Okay? I won't go. Maybe he needs some help here. I...Won't...Go. No, I won't go.

Belle: Shawn, what do we do if it doesn't work?

Shawn D.: It has to. 'Cause we're not going back. I'm not letting J.T. get anywhere near Glen Reiber if he cannot say those three words. I don't care if it takes a week, a month, a year.

Belle: A year?

Shawn D.: Yeah. We'll leave Salem if we have to. I'll ask Lexie for money because she has to lend it to us. I know she will. And we'll just go somewhere where no one can find us.

Lexie: I love my son more than anything in this world, and I want to keep him, no matter what. How is that a lie?

John: Is what you're doing to keep him, damn it!

Lexie: And what you're all doing in the name of truth is ganging up on me to get what you want, regardless of how it hurts me and Abe.

Hope: No one wants to hurt you, Lex. Look, the fact is, see, Glen's paternity test came back positive. He's J.T.'s biological father, which probably means that Marlo was J.T.'s birth mother, and that somehow the babies got switched the night that Isaac and J.T. were born. And as much as I hate to say this, there's a very good chance that Isaac is my biological child.

Lexie: No. Isaac is my son.

Hope: And J.T.'s my son.

Bo: But there's a wild card out there named Glen Reiber and a court system that's going to protect his rights. So, as you see, we're all in this together.

Lexie: Mnh-mnh. Then why do I feel so outnumbered, hmm? Well, your kids are at my house. Come and get 'em. Right now I'm sorry I betrayed them.

Austin: Guess what.

Will: What?

Austin: Your mommy has a surprise for you.

Will: What is it, Mommy?

Sami: Well, you're not going to school today. You and me and Uncle Austin are going to take an airplane ride to see your daddy today.

Will: Yay!

Austin: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! That's awesome! Are you excited?

Will: Yeah.

Austin: How excited are you?

Kate: We can do this, Lucas. I know we can. Just you and me together, just like before. If anyone in the world can get you to wake up, I know it's Will. Will, will take care of you, and I'll take care of Sami. I'm going to be waiting here for her when she arrives. And when she sees me, she'll be so surprised she's bound to make a mistake. And then Austin will see her true colors. Ah... The game is not over yet, Sami, not by a long shot.

Barb: If you knew how much I worry about you, only because you are such a decent good guy with such a trusting heart. Like with Marlo, you couldn't see her for the kind of person she was. And like right now, you want so bad to be a father to that little boy that you just don't see what this could do to our lives. So maybe you're not the smartest guy in the world, but you're the only guy I want. The only guy I will ever, ever want. With you, I always feel protected, taken care of, loved. And that's all I need, all I want.

Glen: I'm confused, Barb. I mean, this is my son we're talking about.

Barb: I know that, sweetheart. But I am your wife, okay? And I'm going to help you get this all sorted out. You and me, Glennie, we are going to figure out exactly what to do -- what's right for us. Okay?

Shawn D.: We could go to Ireland. I have relatives over there that I know we can stay with. Remember Colin -- you met him at the party?

Belle: Shawn, Ireland? What about college?

Shawn D.: You're -- you're right. We would never get away. We wouldn't be able to pull it off. We're just going to have to convince the courts J.T. belongs to us. I can't lose him, Belle. I can't lose my little brother.

Belle: I will help you, Shawn. I will do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen.

Shawn D.: We can do this. I know we can do this. Right, bud? Hey, J.T. Hey, hey. Can you say it for me? Try. I won't go. I know you want to say it. Come on, I know you do. I...won’t...Go.

Lexie: Sorry, Shawn, but this can't be about protecting you or even J.T. Oh, my precious little baby. I am your mama, aren't I? Yes. Yes, I am, and I always will be.

Isaac: Mama.

Lexie: Oh, my gosh!

Hope: Lex!

Lexie: Did you hear that?

Hope: Was that the first time? You see, Isaac knows exactly who his mother is. And so does everyone else who matters.

Lexie: Hope, promise me, swear, that you won't let anyone take Isaac away from me.

Hope: Of course I promise. You're the only mother Isaac has ever known or loved. He belongs with you right there in your arms forever...

Lexie: The only thing that matters is protecting Isaac, making sure that no one takes him away from me. Ever.

John: I can't even breathe. Our kids at the DiMera Mansion?

Bo: Well, I got to hand it to Shawn. He's smart. That's the last place I would've looked for him.

John: We got to follow Lexie home, grab those kids before they blast off somewhere else.

Bo: You want to come?

Hope: No, I think I should wait here for Marlena. Please go get the kids.

Bo: I'll call you as soon as we find them.

Hope: Okay. The kids. My sons. Oh, thank God they're all right. But if what we suspect is true and Isaac is – oh, God, oh, God. Oh! He could be my son... My flesh and blood. Isaac.

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