Days Transcript Monday 12/31/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/31/01


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Hope: I have faith in us -- faith in our love. We'll get back to the way we were. I know that.

Bo: In what universe, Hope? How many times do I have to say it? How many different ways? Things will never be the same for us. How's J.T.?

Hope: Fell right back to sleep.

Hope: Thank you. I love you so much, Brady.

Bo: We love each other. We love each other. What you just said about how I hurt you when I married Billie -- I guess I never really understood what you went through until just now.

Hope: I知 sorry for bringing that up again.

Bo: No, no, no, I知 glad you did. I mean, you think you get past something. All the years go by, and this just proves you don't really get past it.

Hope: It gets better, though. I want you to know that.

Bo: Hope you池e right. But you got me to thinking. I lied to you, too. I mean, I thought I was protecting you. You know, I wanted you to believe I was J.T.痴 father there for a while, and I didn't want you to know that I had married Princess Gina. At first, just 'cause I knew how much it would hurt you, but also because... I didn't really know how to tell you.

Hope: I definitely know how that feels, Brady.

Bo: Yeah. Shawn never accepted that woman, but I... Was desperate to get you back. Missed you an awful lot. I wanted to believe she was you because I had gone through losing you before, and that was a feeling I never wanted to have again.

Hope: So what are you saying? Where do we go from here?

Abe: I-I Hope you don't mind. I mean, if this is a bad time, I was, uh, I was just driving around, and I found myself back in the old neighborhood here.

Fay: Don't be silly. You know you're always welcome here anytime. Come in, please.

Abe: Oh, thank you, thank you.

Fay: Make yourself at home. Take your coat off.

Abe: Yeah, well, you know, it's, uh... It's been months since I felt at home.

Fay: I, um, take it the DiMera Mansion hasn't grown on you.

Abe: No. No, in fact, it seems to get worse every day.

Brandon: Look, I am sorry for -- well, I don't like the way we left things at the party.

Lexie: The way we left things? No, no, no, no. You promised to help me, and then you abandoned me.

Brandon: No, I got called to the hospital. All right? But I wish I had stayed to convince you not to follow through on what you were planning to do to hope. That's what I知 sorry I got involved in. Look, I never liked the idea. Once I got here, I just -- I knew it wasn't right, and I've been worrying ever since. You didn't do it, did you, Lexie?

Lexie: Don't worry, Hope is fine.

Brandon: Good.

Lexie: My father is sending me the money, so it will all work out as soon as I give Barb that stupid $2 million.

Brandon: $2 million?

Glen: Look, I just don't want to do anything to make it any harder to get my son back, that's all.

Barb: What do you think I知 trying to do, Glennie? If I can get Lexie to tell Hope the truth, maybe we won't have to fight to get your son. Maybe we can do this the simple way, without a long, nasty, expensive court thingy. I really think Lexie can make things easier for us. [Thinking]  2 million times easier.

Glen: I guess it couldn't hurt to try.

Barb: You know what they say. You catch more flies with honey, honey, and you know I知 good.

Shawn-D: Hey, she's wearing the ring. And she put yarn on it. Very smart.

Belle: Well, I definitely didn't want to lose it, and now it fits my ring finger. See?

Shawn-D: Yeah, so what did you do with yours?

Belle: Kind of a waste, huh?

Shawn-D: Well, I actually have an idea.

Belle: I was hoping you might.

Shawn-D: Thank you.

Belle: Let me help you with that.

Shawn-D: All right.

Fay: Fresh out of the oven.

Abe: Ha ha ha ha. You know, I smelled it. But I didn't mean for you to feed me.

Fay: Oh, don't be silly. What do I need with a whole pie?

Abe: Oh, you must have baked it for someone.

Fay: Brandon -- in case he stops by, or Nicole. Otherwise, to the diner it goes.

Abe: Well, you know how I feel about your apple pie. You know what? I've got to be honest with you. I didn't just happen to stop by.

Fay: I didn't think so.

Abe: The truth is, um... I've been thinking about you a lot lately.

Roman: Well, warm greetings to you, too.

Kate: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I didn't invite you into my bedroom. Besides, I have a lot of work to do.

Roman: Since when?

Kate: Since John black hired me at basic black to be chief operating officer.

Roman: Impressive title.

Kate: Mm-hmm. So, what do you want?

Roman: Well, you sure you want to talk about it out here in the hallway where the whole world can hear?

Kate: For Heaven's sakes, come in.

Austin: You know, I really have a deadline.

Sami: Oh, honey, I told you, I知 going to inspire you. Ooh. Don't tell me you're not glad that you came home.

Roman: You know, this would go a whole lot quicker if you'd lose the attitude. I知 trying to help you, you know.

Kate: Hmm. I would think you would have figured out by now I don't need any help.

Roman: Well, if this is the way you treat future in-laws, then you are going to need help. You know, Kate, I would think that you'd want to be on speaking terms with the one son you can talk to.

Kate: You are just so smug. You know, I知 the one who saved your daughter from death row because of my love for my grandson, who she still refuses to let me see. She tries to convince the world that I tried to kill her. She tries to alienate me from my family, and then, joy of all joys, she sics you on me. Oh, God, I tell you, I just wish I could -- I want Sami out of my life, Roman.

Sami: You know, another benefit to working at home is that there's a bed right in the other room.

Austin: Ahh...No, I really need to get to work. And if I get any more inspired, I知 not going to do it.

Sami: Okay, okay.

Austin: You know what? You also got to get back to work.

Sami: Yeah, I know. Well, I am going to be making a special dinner tonight for you and will.

Austin: Well, I Hope make it in time.

Sami: What do you mean?

Austin: Well, I mean, I already lost another half an hour, and --

Sami: Oh, yeah, it was a total waste.

Austin: Oh, no, no, no. Come on, I don't mean it like that. You know, it's just that this is going to take a lot of time. I知 sorry.

Sami: It's okay. I know you're doing it for us.

Austin: Yeah, so, you know, what I値l do is I値l try to call you, okay, if things don't get too crazy. All right?

Sami: Thanks.

Bo: I知 sorry for the way I've reacted. I understand you thought you were doing what was best. I do wish you would have told me, because I get it. I get it that you didn't want any of this to happen.

Hope: I didn't know what I was doing, Bo. I mean, I wasn't even there. I mean, okay, it might have been my body, but... You're the only person I've ever been with -- the only person I've ever wanted to be with. You, Shawn, and J.T. Are everything to me.

Bo: That's exactly how I feel. That's why this is so difficult. Fancy face, if I didn't love you so much, this would be easy. But it's not. It's... it's not.

Glen: Okay, so, what are we going to say?

Barb: You're going to sit here, and I知 going to say what I told you.

Glen: Now wait a second. This is about my son.

Barb: That's exactly why you need to let me do this, Glen. You're too close to it.

Glen: Barb --

Barb: Don't worry. I know what I知 doing. I値l be right back.

Glen: Well, if you're not, I知 coming in there to get you.

Brandon: You can't do this. $2 million? That's exactly what I told you would happen, right? The price keeps going up.

Lexie: Brandon, what choice do I have? Look, look, Barb is not in control here, okay? She's making empty threats. She doesn't want Glen to find out about his son any more than I do. J.T. has a chronic illness, and Barb's having her own baby, and she knows if Glen gets a clue that he has a son here in Salem, that her life is ruined. No, all she wants is the money. And once she takes it, then we are on completely equal footing. If she tells my secret, I値l tell hers. Make sense?

Brandon: I just think this is a dangerous game you're playing.

Lexie: Well, it's too late.

[Doorbell rings]

Lexie: Eliana! Goodness. Who's bothering us now? Eliana?

Lexie: Oh, no.

Fay: So, um... You've been thinking about me?

Abe: Yeah. Of course I have. After, uh... After what happened with Paul, how you doing?

Fay: Fine.

Abe: Hey, it's me.

Fay: I, uh... I-I don't know what to feel. I miss him, but I know that I shouldn't, and I feel so guilty.

Abe: You know, what he did to those kids on that island, it's not your fault.

Fay: But I let him into this house, and I let him into my bed. I thought love would help him. Another chance instead of another door slammed in his face.

Abe: Well, you did everything you could to help him turn his life around. Because that's the kind of good person you are. You know, you always see the best in people, and usually that's a good quality.

Fay: Some people, there's only good to see. And that's you, Abe. You will never change. And you don't know how grateful I am for that.

Hope: You always knew that, uh, that another man was J.T.'s father. Actually, you even knew before I did.

Bo: Yeah, and you're right. It was easier when I couldn't put a face to him. I think about you and John, I -- I -- yeah, I know it wasn't really you.

Hope: It's impossible to understand. I know that. If you're having this tough a time with it, I can't bear to tell Shawn. He's 17. He thinks he's in love with Belle, who just happens to be J.T.'s sister.

Bo: Oh, man. This is complicated.

Hope: What happened could affect a lot of people, and not just Shawn. Belle, Brady -- I can't do this to them. They don't deserve it.

Bo: I don't think the truth is gonna hurt as much as the lie eventually will.

Hope: I知 sorry, but, you know, that's a lot easier for you, because you're not the one who has to count on somebody understanding and forgiving, Bo.

Bo: I have an awful lot of faith in our son... And Belle. Maybe you're underestimating them.

Hope: The same way I underestimated you?

Lexie: It's Barb.

Brandon: Barb. Great. Well, I guess that's my cue to get out of here.

Lexie: No, no, no, no. Stay. Just hide.

Brandon: What?

Lexie: Just do it! Please, just go hide.

Brandon: Yell if you need me.

[Doorbell rings]

Barb: Do I have to say it?

Lexie: Your money's coming.

Barb: [Imitates buzzer] wrong answer, Lexie.

Lexie: Oh?

Barb: How patient do you think I am? How long did you think I was gonna wait?

Lexie: Didn't anyone ever tell you that good things come to those who wait?

Barb: That's what I said to Glen when I told him the truth.

Lexie: What truth?

Barb: What do you think? That J.T. is his son.

Abe: You don't think I've changed, huh? That's reassuring.

Fay: Abe, what is it? What's got you so upset?

Abe: I-I... I知 not going to burden you with this, not now.

Fay: Please. I'd rather hear your problems than mine. This is obviously about more than moving into some mansion.

Abe: Yeah, it is. You're right. I mean, that's where it started, and I-I guess because Lexie insisted on it... it just didn't make any sense to me. And ever since we moved in there, she's just -- she's been a different person. It's like you say -- we tend to see what we want to see. But I知 a police officer. I should've known better. And I just can't ignore her behavior any longer.

Fay: Listen, Abe, when those people came to town, and they said that they were your son's biological parent, that was a lot of strain on your family. Now they're gone. Things will get back to normal. It will just take some time.

Abe: I think it's a little bit too late for normal. Lexie痴 got a sense of what it means to be her father's daughter, and I just, um, I don't know, I just find it to be very disturbing. I just wish I had the confidence that things were going to get better, but... I just think that things are going to get worse.

Sami: So since when have you been interested in mascara?

Austin: It's my job.

Sami: Nope, Austin, it's just not you. Ha ha ha ha.

Austin: You know, I知 into the research part of it. Yeah.

Sami: You mean you're not working these long hours because you have to, you're working them because you like it?

Austin: No, I mean I have to work long hours, so it kind of helps to like what you do. You know, I like getting ahead of all the other companies, make the long-term strategies, the last-minute adjustments... It -- it's like a -- it's like a chess match. You know, it reminds me of boxing, you know? Except I don't have to worry about getting hit in the head and killing a whole bunch of brain cells.

Sami: Well, are you sure about that?

Austin: What?

Sami: Well, Nicole痴 a pretty tough boss. You never know what she's going to do.

Austin: Oh, Sami, I know you still haven't forgiven her for taking your job, but you know what? I know you don't like her -- I completely understand -- but, honestly, she, I mean, she's good at what she does.

Sami: Better than me, you mean.

Austin: No. I didn't say that. I didn't say that.

Sami: Okay, good. Because she had a few breaks getting to the top that I didn't have, because she was willing to sleep her way there. You know, you've been working at titan longer than she has. You should have that job.

Austin: I知 sorry I brought it up.

Sami: I知 not. You know, I've been thinking, um, maybe we should move.

Austin: Yeah, I mean, of course we're not going to keep two separate apartments.

Sami: No, I mean move. I mean move out of Salem.

Roman: Kate, believe me, I知 very, very sorry for what happened to Lucas. I think you know that. I was with you the night it happened. As a matter of fact, back then, you were saying it was your fault. I never did get to the bottom --

Kate: Okay, all right, all right. Why are you here?

Roman: One guess.

Kate: Gee, I don't know. You -- you disapprove of my son, and you don't want him to marry your daughter.

Roman: No, no, no, no. I think Austin痴 a good guy. We had our problems in the past, but I think now --

Kate: But what, your other daughter already broke his heart? I mean, what do you say to that? Especially when I have a list of Sami's faults. You probably figured that you should just shut up, and that's true. You should, unless you really want to help, and then in that case, there's only one thing you should do -- stop this damn wedding.

Roman: Look, my daughter is in love with your son.

Kate: Well, it's not vice versa, I assure you.

Roman: And they're going to be married. So whether we like it or not, the two of us are going to be involved.

Kate: Trust me, I will never ever be involved with the likes of you.

Roman: Oh, Kate, come on, you know exactly what I mean. And will's father -- his real father -- unfortunately can't be a part of his life for a while if --

Kate: Don't. don't. Don't think that, don't say it. Because Lucas will get better.

Roman: I pray that he does. But in the meantime, will needs a family.

Kate: Well, he has a grandmother. I mean, if you want to make me part of the family, I would really appreciate that.

Roman: I would like to try, okay? I would like to try as part of making this situation work.

Kate: No! No, you see, this situation needs to end. Roman, there's one person I知 sure that loves Sami, and that's you. But as for Austin, I am just as sure he does not. He's infatuated. He's infatuated with the idea of an instant family, because, well, he's always felt that will was his own, thanks to the loving, loving lies of your daughter. Roman, Sami drugged Austin to have sex with him, she tried to trick him into marrying her, she broke up his marriage with Carrie. Now, Austin has a good heart, and he prides himself on being a very forgiving person, but these aren't the kind of things that a person just forgets. They don't just get past them. And believe me, Austin has not.

Austin: Okay, you want to leave Salem? I mean, your whole family's here, my whole... Family is here. Okay.

Sami: No, Austin, it's not about your... Mother. All right? You know, will went on a school trip to a pumpkin patch, and there -- the hay rides and tons of animals and horses, and, I mean, he just -- I've never seen him happier.

Austin: Okay. So you want to move to a farm.

Sami: Well, maybe the country, with acres of land and a garden and a pond, maybe.

Austin: I just told you that I love my job, okay, and will, okay, he likes animals, he likes ponies and chickens and whatever. But he also likes big trucks. The only thing that's important to him, really, is that we're together, which is exactly what we're going to be.

Sami: Oh. So you're not even going to think about it. You get to make all the decisions in this family, and that's just it? Is that how it's going to be from now on?

Austin: I知 sorry. You're really serious about this. Where is this coming from?

Belle: Sweaty. Ha ha. This is so weird. It seemed like senior year would never come, and now that it's here, it's just going by incredibly fast.

Shawn-D: Well, we did get a late start.

Belle: I don't want it to end.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I know what you mean. But once we get out there in the real world, I知 sure we'll be really glad.

Belle: That depends.

Shawn-D: On what?

Belle: What's next, Shawn? I mean, I've been wanting to bring this up for a really long time, but I didn't know how. We've been talking about a future together, but next year, we could be a whole continent apart. Is that cool with you? Because it makes me feel a little weird, and I知 just wondering, what's going to happen to us?

Bo: Do you wish you'd told me the truth from the beginning?

Hope: Yes. Yes, I do.

Bo: Then what makes you think you wouldn't regret lying to our son?

Hope: I don't know. It's a hard truth to tell. I don't know. Maybe I知 being selfish.

Bo: No, I don't think you're being selfish. You have Shawn's best interests at heart, but he is a good kid.

Hope: He's a great kid.

Bo: And he doesn't have my temper. Thank god he takes after you.

Hope: I've always thought he takes after his dad, and I've always thanked god for that.

Bo: Bottom line -- he loves J.T. More than anything. That is not going to change, no matter who J.T.'s father is. They're brothers. Forever.

Lexie: You're lying. You didn't tell Glen. You wouldn't.

Barb: I did. And if you don't put $2 million in my hands right now --

Lexie: You'll what? If you're telling the truth, then you've played your last card, Barb. It's over! Why would I give you anything now?

Barb: I can still make sure he leaves his son where he is.

Lexie: Okay. Look, I know I promised you your money, okay? You'll have it by the end of the day. Just -- it's just -- it's being wired from someplace far away, okay?

Barb: You know, how long do you think you can stall? How many more times am I supposed to believe you?

Lexie: And how am I supposed to believe you, huh? If you did tell Glen, that's it. He'll want his son. He doesn't love you that much, Barb. You will never talk him out of it.

Barb: Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing. No baby deserves to have a mother like you.

Lexie: Well, look who's talking!

Barb: You know, if you want to make yourself useful, start packing Isaac痴 things, because Glen wants his boy, and I am sure Hope Brady痴 going to want hers. Bye.

Fay: I知 so sorry.

Abe: You know, I really didn't intend to bother you with all this.

Fay: Oh, please, it's the least I can do. Listen, if you ever need anything -- piece of pie, whatever --

Abe: Ha ha ha ha.

Fay: You know where you can come.

Abe: Yeah. Thank you again. You know, I am so glad I came, and I知 so glad that you are doing okay.

Fay: Well, you know me.

Abe: Yeah. I do.

Fay: All these years, it痴... Almost like no time has passed at all.

Abe: You're right. Thank you. Thank you again for the pie.

Fay: Sure. Take care, okay?

Abe: Mm-hmm.

Fay: And, uh, Abe...

Abe: You too.

Fay: Let's talk more often, okay?

Abe: Yeah. You know what? I, uh, I would like that. You're a good friend, Fay. Those are very hard to come by. Call me if you need anything.

Fay: I will. You too.

Abe: Thank you again.

Fay: You're welcome. Bye.

Abe: Bye.

Sami: Where do you think this is coming from, Austin? We're getting married. I'd like to think that we could possibly see each other from time to time. When we go to a party, Nicole calls, and you have to leave. I知 not even allowed to come visit you at work.

Austin: Sami, uh...

Sami: No, Austin, seriously. You've been working more hours than ever lately, and I know that you're doing it for us, and I appreciate that, but I've been taking care of will on my own for a long time. I can provide for him. He doesn't need a bigger college trust fund. He needs a full-time father.

Austin: I知 going to be that. Okay. Let's wait a little while -- a year or two -- save some money, and then make a decision on where we want to be... Forever.

Sami: Forever? I like the sound of that.

Austin: Yeah? Good. Are you feeling a little better?

Sami: Yeah. Okay, and thank you so much for coming by, but I have to get back to work because I知 swamped. All right? Now, I知 going to do my best to make it for dinner.

Sami: Okay.

Austin: All right?

Sami: Well, good luck with work, Austin.

Austin: All right, you too. I love you.

Sami: I love you, too.

Austin: Okay.

Sami: That job and that boss have got to go. And they will.

Shawn-D: I wish I knew what was going to happen to us after graduation. But there's one thing I know for sure, all right? That I want to be with you.

Belle: That is all I needed to hear.

Shawn-D: Yeah, this is probably something we should've talked about before.

Belle: Some things about the future are so scary, but being sure about that one thing makes me feel so much better about the rest of it.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, I know what you mean.

Belle: Speaking of the future, I don't want to be the one to ruin your chances for the basketball scholarship, so...

Shawn-D: Uh, you're probably right. Okay, okay. Fine. So I値l give you a call when I get home?

Belle: That would be great.

Shawn-D: All right. Wait a minute. I love you.

Hope: I never thought of it that way. Maybe you're right. Maybe I am doing Shawn a disservice in thinking I知 going to protect him.

Bo: So, what do you say?

Hope: I think we should call John and Marlena. I mean, after all, it does -- it involves Belle and Brady.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: It's hard for you, I know, having anything at all to do with it, and, Bo, I知 so sorry.

Bo: Actually, John called earlier. He, uh, he and Marlena wanted to come over and discuss some things.

Hope: What did you say to him?

Bo: I hung up on him.

Hope: I can handle this on my own, okay?

Bo: No, no, actually, it's okay. I mean, we got to do this together. I値l give him a call.

Bo: Hey, John, it's Bo. Um, why don't you guys come on over? We need to talk.

Glen: Hey. You look upset. Did she do something to you?

Barb: No. No. No, it just didn't work. But I知 telling you, Glen, that Lexie Carver's a real piece of work.

Glen: Yeah, I知 glad she didn't end up with my little boy.

Barb: Yeah, well, she shouldn't have any little boy. You know, I definitely think it's time to tell the lawyer to drop those papers. Now Lexie痴 going to be sorry.

Brandon: Lexie. Okay. There. There we go. Lexie. Lexie, hey. Lexie.

Lexie: Brandon?

Brandon: Wake up. Yeah.

Lexie: Oh... oh...

Brandon: Careful. Take it easy.

Lexie: Ow. Ooh. Barb.

Brandon: She's gone.

Lexie: She's gone?

Brandon: Yeah.

Lexie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. What am I going to do?

Brandon: Lexie, you need to lie back down, okay? Take it easy.

Lexie: Oh, no. She told him.

Brandon: What?

Lexie: Barb told Glen that J.T. is his son. Oh, God, now they're all going to know. They're all going to find out the truth, Brandon. Hope's going to find out that I have her baby. Oh, God. She's going to come after Isaac. [Sobbing]

Brandon: Lexie, I understand that this is difficult for you, but you knew in your heart that this was going to happen. Too many people found out.

Lexie: No.

Brandon: Yeah.

Lexie: I will never give up my son, okay? That's the only truth that I care about. He's mine. He's mine.

Brandon: Hey, Lexie, come on now, all right?

Lexie: Just shut up, okay? Just shut up.

Brandon: Lexie. Lexie, the truth has a way -- what are you -- it's not too late to do the right thing.

Lexie: No, I want you out of my house now.

Brandon: What? Hey, Lexie, you're not thinking straight.

Lexie: Look, I have things to do, Brandon, okay?

Brandon: Look, Lexie, come on, all right, wait a minute, okay? Just take a second, all right? Breathe for a second --

Lexie: No, get out! Get out! I will not give up my son!

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