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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/24/01


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Shawn-D: Okay. Keep your eyes closed.

Belle: Okay.

[Door creaks]

Shawn-D: Get out. Big step.

Belle: Okay.

Belle: Ready?

Shawn-D: Ready.

Shawn-D: It's telling you the truth, Belle... I do love you.

Belle: Shawn, I love you, too.

Glen: I always said when I heard that Marlo had a baby -- I knew. I knew that he was mine. My boy.

Glen: Honey.

Barb: Huh?

Glen: I知 sorry to wake you, but I just need to know. You just said my son was alive.

Barb: I did? Oh, yeah. Our baby. Our baby's fine. See?

Glen: Oh. Oh.

Barb: I知 just worried about all the stuff we need to take care of him. We don't have anything, Glennie.

Glen: Look, how many times do I have to tell you? You don't have to worry about money. I知 going to take care of you and -- oh, wait. Wait. You said Marlo's baby. You know something, don't you? What do you know, Barb?

Lexie: Rolf, Rolf, what happened? What took you so long?

Rolf: Just a moment. Nothing happened.

Lexie: But -- but -- you gave her the money. Everything's okay.

Rolf: No, no, no, no. Literally, I mean it. Nothing happened.

Lexie: What?

Rolf: Darling hubby is stationed at Barb's bedside for the night, but if you think she is going to tell the truth and forgo her $2 million --

Lexie: No, I-I know. You're -- you're right. She wouldn't do that. [Sighs] Rolf, I am going crazy. You keep telling me you'll take care of everything, but it just keeps dragging on.

Rolf: No, no, no. The buck stops here. As of tomorrow morning, we will be through with this unsavory business, and that woman will never tell what she knows.

Hope: Bo, thank God. I was praying you'd be here. Hey.

Bo: Of course I知 here. Where else would I be? Come on. Thank you.

Marlena: Oh, yeah. Sorry. I love you.

John: Let's go home.

Marlena: Yeah.

John: Are you remembering what it felt like when you first found out?

Marlena: I hope he knows what it means to love someone so much you can't even imagine not forgiving them. You can't imagine what it would do to them. To get through this.

Hope: I知 just going to put J.T. to... I値l be right back.

(Bo thinking back (flashback) to a happier Brady family Time)

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Aah, aah, aah. Where do you think you're going? The four of us are going to sit right here, and we're going to watch the movie together.

Shawn-D: That's fine, as soon as I get to hold J.T. See, he wants -- mom, he wants me back.

Hope: Okay, okay, go see your brother. There you go. Just remember, it's a romance.

Shawn-D: Romance? We're learning about Nascar and funny cars and maybe a little basketball.

Bo: All right, all right, keep it down now.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: The movie is about to start.

Shawn-D: Here we go, buddy. Here we go.

Hope: Thank you for coming home.

Hope: I should have trusted you to be strong. Bo, I am so sorry that I put this secret between us, thinking I had to carry the burden of all of it by myself. I was so afraid of this moment for so long...

Hope: But right now, I kind of feel relieved.

Bo: Oh, good. I知-- I知 happy for you. So what, now we go on with our merry little lives as if none of this ever happened?

Hope: What are you saying?

Bo: We used to communicate so well. I mean, even without words. But now I see I got to spell it out. Everything we had together -- everything we used to have as a couple -- ended tonight for good.

Belle: Shawn... You once told me your parents getting married was the best Christmas gift. This is mine. Those three words suddenly made the great gift I got you seem... Not great.

Shawn-D: Those three words mean the same to me that they do to you.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn-D: Oh, come on. You can't cry. There's no crying in snowman making.. It'll melt.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn-D: Okay, I-I got to ask you to do this. You got to take your glove off -- one glove, just for a second. All right, all right, all right. Here.

Belle: Your class ring.

Shawn-D: Yeah. I want you to wear it. Although, I mean, you don't -- you don't have to. I know it's big and clunky.

Belle: Are you kidding?

Shawn-D: Well, I don't know. I mean, it's just something, you know, people do when they're going out. I-I mean, I don't even understand it, 'cause I know you have your own.

Belle: You're not kidding. Shawn, this ring symbolizes who you are. Basketball, baseball, honor society, blue stone...

Shawn-D: Like your eyes?

Belle: It's perfect.

Shawn-D: I just wanted to give you something special.

Belle: As special as you... And everything about you, including this.

Shawn-D: When you give somebody a ring, it's supposed to be like a promise. It's supposed to mean something. And I don't want you to think that I知 trying to announce to everybody at Salem High that I知 claiming you as my girlfriend.

Belle: No, no, Shawn. I want everyone to know how much we mean to each other. Not just "look how great my boyfriend is," but "I知 taken. I知 happy. He loves me."

Shawn-D: Okay. Let's try it on. Okay, wait. let's try Both these fingers..

(It ends up fitting in her thumb finger)

Belle: Perfect.

Rolf: Look, $1 million has already become $2 million, then $3 million, then $4 million. Now, Barb will not go away unless we make her.

Lexie: So you're saying kill her? Oh, God, Rolf. No. No.

Rolf: You want this to be over?

Lexie: Like it was over with Marlo? Don't you understand? Then it will really never end.

Abe: Well, if that's the case, Lexie, maybe you'd better fill me in.

Hope: You want to hurt me as much as I hurt you. I understand that.

Bo: You know, all those times I asked you if John Black was J.T.'s father... There's no misunderstanding that question, is there? You looked in my eyes, lie on top of lie. All that time you thought you were Princess Gina -- I thought I could see the real you inside of her, but as it turned out, I don't believe I ever knew the real you.

Hope: Bo, that's --

Bo: All those furtive little looks between you and John, this obsession with finding out about your past --

Hope: Only so I could put my past behind me once and for all, Bo.

Bo: So it's not behind you? Of course not. You were kissing him tonight.

Hope: That's never going to happen again. John made sure of it. It's never going to --

Bo: Oh, he made sure of it. You're my w-- you didn't come to me. He made sure.

Hope: I知 your wife, Bo. You can't even say it.

Bo: You know, why don't you just ask me the question you want to ask? Am I leaving you?

Hope: Are you?

Barb: Oh... I was always going to tell you, honey. I swear.

Glen: I believe you, honey, but I need to know where my son is.

Barb: You had the right kid in the first place -- the sick one, the one Bo and Hope are raising. He's yours.

Marlena: On our honeymoon, when this all began, I thought for 24 hours that I had lost you forever. What happened with Hope was -- was -- was bad, but it couldn't ever compare to the thought of living my entire life without you, the thought of... Telling Brady and Belle their father was gone. We've always tried to protect our children. It never occurred to us to -- to lie to them about anything, much less something this important. Should we do that now? Could we?

John: [Sighs]

Shawn-D: Here, why don't you put your other glove on?

Belle: I like looking at my ring.

Shawn-D: Well, come here.

Shawn-D: Come here.

Shawn-D: Better?

Belle: I feel like we have so much in front of us, Shawn. And even though I know it can't be all good --

Shawn-D: Tonight is all good.

Bo: I知 supposed to be the one who doesn't know you anymore. Do you believe I壇 walk away from my commitment to our marriage, to our family?

Hope: You think I want you to stay because you feel obligated?

Bo: Don't push me. Because I do feel like walking out that door and giving up, because I know our lives will never be the same again. After this, I know I can never trust you again.

Lexie: Honey, you scared me. How long have you been standing there?

Rolf: Uh, I will say good night now.

Abe: Over my dead body!

Lexie: No. Okay, stop it, stop it. All right, look, you want to know, I値l tell you. I知 being blackmailed.

Abe: What?

Lexie: Well, you wanted to know what would never end? That's it. Barb Reiber is blackmailing me. She wants $2 million.

Abe: What the hell for? Isaac is ours, and nobody is going to take him.

Lexie: I know. Yeah, honey, yes, yes, he is ours, but like I told you, Barb thinks that my father and I blew up that lab to hide the DNA results, which would have proven that Isaac was ours, anyway, so why would we do that, you know? I mean, it's crazy!

Abe: Yeah, it's crazy. You said that before.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Abe: So why are you giving her the money, Lexie? Is it because you're guilty?

Belle: I love this old truck.

Shawn-D: The bench seat?

Belle: Not just that. I love what it says about you. You're not vain. You don't obsess about your car, when you wash it, when you wax it...

Shawn-D: Hey, my dad and I take good care of this baby.

Belle: I know that. But it's not like you got a corvette for your 16th birthday, and it's not like you care. You're so down to earth, Shawn. You have your priorities straight.

Shawn-D: It's not even my truck. It's my dad's, and he's had it since...

Belle: Since... He's probably brought your mom up to the same spot.

Shawn-D: Oh... I-I don't want to think about that.

Belle: I知 just saying, this truck has good history. I was not trying to compare us to your parents.

Shawn-D: Ha. Whoa. Well, you know, my parents -- they've been together for a long time. It's a good thing to aspire to. I知 glad you think that way.

Belle: You are.

Shawn-D: Yeah. I want you to tell me what you're thinking. I want you to be totally honest with me.

Belle: There is only one thing I知 thinking. You're so honest. I love you, Shawn, and I know we were friends for so long that us getting together made you nervous.

Shawn-D: Because I knew I wanted you as my friend always.

Belle: I will be. That's my promise to you.

Shawn-D: Well, I hope I never give you a reason to think twice.

Bo: There's nothing left to say, Hope.

Hope: Yes, but, Bo, there is, there is, there is a lot more to say. I know why you said what you did, but you know what? You're wrong, Brady. It's not that I have such great faith in myself that somehow I can make it up to you or say the right thing to turn this mess around, it's that I've placed all my faith and trust in you. How could I not feel that way about our marriage? I know we can never forget what happened. I understand that. But, Bo, things like this can make people stronger, and if anyone could take a bad situation and turn it into a good one, it's --

Bo: Whoa, slow down. Good? You sleep with another man, get pregnant by him, and cover it up for upwards of a year, and you can put that in the plus column?

Hope: Bo...

Bo: Now, you helped me become J.T.痴 father, and I am glad of that, but I cannot become the Bo Brady I was at the beginning of this night. You made a choice, a conscious choice, to lie to me and to have these secret meetings with John and Marlena and whoever else it was. Are there other people who were laughing at me behind my back, huh? Like ma, pop, Shawn? Answer me. Who else knows about J.T.? Lexie.

Glen: Honey.

Barb: What?

Glen: How can this be? Abe and Lexie Carver adopted Marlo痴 baby -- my baby.

Barb: There was a mistake at the hospitals. Somehow -- somehow the babies got switched.

Glen: How do you know all this?

Barb: Once we found out that you had kidnaped the wrong baby -- at least that's what we thought -- we kind of forgot about that DNA test we did on J.T., right? Well, I just came across those old results, and I was so shocked when I saw them. I didn't want to tell you right away, because I didn't want to get your hopes up again. So I came to Salem to check it out myself.

Glen: And?

Barb: And Lexie pretty much admitted it. She already knew. I was always going to tell you, Glennie, I swear. It's just I thought that if she was going to fork over some money to us, that it was best to take it... For our little baby and your son. I知 sorry. I知 sorry.

Glen: No, Barb, I don't have time to be upset. I値l be back.

Barb: Where are you going? It's the middle of the night.

Glen: I知 going to get my son back.

Bo: Wow. You didn't tell me the truth about J.T., but somehow you managed to share that information with Lexie.

Hope: I didn't tell her, Bo. She found out.

Bo: Oh, I see. Okay, so when I figured it out, you did your damnedest to convince me I was wrong. But you couldn't do the same thing with Lexie? Why, you only lie to your husband these days?

Hope: So now you want me to lie.

Bo: You sure know how to twist things around, don't you? Like wedding vows... You had this secret at that point. All those meaningless little words -- love, honor, fidelity --

Hope: I meant every word I said.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: You'll never forget. You'll never forgive me, Brady.

Bo: I did forgive. I knew from the very beginning J.T.痴 father was another man.

Hope: But that man didn't have a name. He didn't have a face. You know what? You preferred it that way, so you could pretend that it never happened.

Bo: I never pretended this didn't happen. You, who I loved more than anything, were violated. Hope, that was a horrible, horrible feeling for both of us.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: And I couldn't do anything to help you.

Hope: Except kill the man who did it to me. That's what you told me you wanted to do. Oh, Bo, come on, how was I supposed to tell you then that John was J.T.'s father? Bo, if you had known, you never would've looked at J.T. the same way again. You know that!

Bo: Okay, maybe you're right. But I値l tell you something, I found my way to loving J.T., not by trying to forget the part of him that came from somebody else, but by loving the part of him that came from you. I told myself he's Hope's son. Everything you love, trust, and value in this woman -- everything I value in life -- will be in her son. So, as you see, the most important thing to me is my faith in you.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: But not my promise to love J.T. as if he were my own. And I do. And I intend to, always. But I知 afraid, Hope, what if I can't? That is what I値l never forgive you for.

Lexie: What do you want me to say to you, Abe?

Abe: I knew something was going on with you. I-I was so... So worried about my wife, I defended you to Marlena and Hope. Well, I said there was no way that Lexie could have anything to do with all the bad things happening around here. But there was always -- always evil here. And right now I知 looking at it.

(Hope is crying on sitting on their couch as Shawn walks in and can see his mother upset)

Hope: [Sobbing]

Shawn-D: Mom, mom, what happened? What's wrong?

Lexie: I never thought anything bad about you, Abraham Carver... Ever. Until just now, when you called me evil for protecting my own son, something you're unwilling to do.

Abe: Protect him from what?

Lexie: I just told you. Look, if you can't respect me, your wife, if you can't put your family above your personal honor and your precious job, then that's not my problem. But I will never let you stop me from keeping Isaac safe, and you will never make me feel like that is somehow sick and wrong. You're the one who's wrong.

Barb: No. No, don't go. Don't leave me. You said you wouldn't leave me.

Glen: I知 sorry, Barb. I don't want to, but my kid needs me.

Barb: I know. I know, Glen. But what good would it do storming into someone's house in the middle of the night? I mean, you tip off the Brady痴, they make you look bad. He's a cop. She's one of those Horton痴. They're like royalty in this crazy town. I mean, they get more respect than that damn Princess Von what's-her-face.

Glen: Don't you think I know all that, huh? But I've got to do something..

Barb: That's right. I have a plan. There is a better way to get your kid away from Bo and Hope... For good.

Shawn-D: Mom, where is dad? What's going on here?

Hope: Your dad and I had a fight. He's upstairs. He's pretty upset with me right now. But, look, I-I don't want you to worry, okay? Because it doesn't have anything to do with you, honey. Your dad and I are going to work through it. We've always worked through our fights.

Shawn-D: You sure there's nothing I can do?

Hope: No, no, no, no, you've already helped so much, honey.

Shawn-D: Hey, you know how dad is when he gets angry. He just takes a while to cool off.

Hope: This was my fault, sweetie. But you're right, time is a great healer, and so is love.

Shawn-D: I love you, mom.

Hope: I love you, too, honey. I love you, too.

Marlena: You didn't see Abe when he brought home Lexie tonight. Mm-mmm. Honey, she was acting like somebody who had something to hide.

John: Yeah, what was up with that Barb business, anyway?

Marlena: I don't know. She never had a chance to tell --

Belle: I知 not interrupting anything, am I?

John: No, of course not.

Belle: Well, I知 glad you're still up.

Marlena: Of course we're still up. You were out.

Belle: Mom, can I talk to you for a minute?

Marlena: Yes, sure.

John: Yeah, I値l just, uh, leave you to your girl talk. Did you have fun tonight?

Belle: The best night of my life.

John: Good night, honey.

Belle: Good night.

John: Sweet dreams.

Marlena: Belle, what is it?

Belle: Mom, nothing bad. Tonight, Shawn told me he loves me.

Marlena: Oh... Oh, honey, oh, that's wonderful.

Belle: I was afraid that you might not think it was wonderful.

Marlena: No, no, no. I-I do. Um, you know, loving somebody who loves you back is the best gift there is in the whole world.

Belle: Exactly, and I know how that is, because of how I feel about you and dad and Brady, but Shawn's, you know, different. We were talking tonight about how we could never imagine us not being friends, but now we're actually talking about our future.

Marlena: Together?

Belle: Yes, together, and we have such a good example in our parents. You have taught what forever really means. Thank you so much for being my mom.

Marlena: Oh.

Lexie: You're worth it, Isaac. You are worth everything.

Abe: Lexie! Lexie, open the door! Open the door, Lexie! Come on, open it up! Lexie!

Rolf: Is everything all right, Commander? Perhaps I should have Eliana get you a key.

Abe: You just stay out of my way.

Lexie: From now on, we play by my rules, Abe.

Belle: Mom, you still don't seem happy.

Marlena: I知 very happy for you.

Belle: Then why do you seem so worried?

Marlena: That's the way mothers are. They worry about their children getting badly hurt the first time.

Belle: Mom, I've been through a lot of scary things this year, and I know that life can change in a second, but why do you still think I知 this little girl that's so innocent and needs to be protected?

Marlena: Honey, I-I don't think that Shawn would ever hurt you. The world has ways of making things turn out -- I don't know -- the way you least expect it. Sometimes better, sometimes not.

Belle: Mom, I know that, but we're still supposed to move forward with our lives, right, and live them the way we would and the way we should. We just have to hope and pray that there's peace in the world and find the strength to get us through whatever happens to us..

Marlena: Wow. That's wise. I hope you and Shawn will always be as happy as you are tonight.

Shawn-D: Hey, what are you doing awake, huh? You're being so quiet. You're being extra good for mom and dad, aren't you? Are you playing with blocks? You're so smart.

J.T.: [Baby talk]

Shawn-D: What?

J.T.: Uh-oh.

Shawn-D: It's all right. Hey, come here. Come here. Can you tell how happy I am? Can you? Don't -- nice shot. Hey, you like Belle, right? You like her? Because you're probably going to be seeing a whole lot more of her. I love her, J.T. I love her. But don't worry, you're going to be getting plenty of attention. You're the best baby brother in the world. Come here. Ha. Hey, you know what? I got an idea. Let's give mom and dad a break. You can come into my room, you'll sleep there, and if you wake up during the night, then they can rest. What do you say? Good idea? [As J.T.] Okay. All right, let's go.

John: So our darling daughter has no idea what happened tonight, does she?

Marlena: No, she doesn稚. You heard her. It's the most wonderful night of her life.

John: Ah.

Marlena: She and Shawn said they love each other.

John: Oh.

Marlena: And she's determined that life is as wonderful as you make it....

John: Mm.

Marlena: And love is the most powerful force on earth.

John: Which it is. We've proven that to each other.

Marlena: Honey, we're not selfish for wanting to protect our daughter?

John: No.

Marlena: That isn't why we're doing it. We're doing it because she is so innocent and doesn't deserve this burden. None of us do, least of all you.

John: I wish I were the only one.

Marlena: Well, I don't, because we share. Every problem in a marriage can be traced back to somebody who has not shared. We've learned that lesson ourselves. We've learned it the hard way. I hope that our daughter doesn't have to.

Belle (On the Phone): That's when he told me, Mimi. My parents always said that anything can happen but as long as we have love, everything will be okay. I guess I just understand that now. Every day with Shawn just gets better. How is that possible, day after day, it gets better and better when everything already seems so perfect? I know I am rambling on and on, and I知 sorry it's late and I woke you up. I just wanted you to know that I知 in love. I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye.

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