Days Transcript Wednesday 12/19/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 12/19/01


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Sami: [Laughs]

Austin: Will you stop looking at the ring? Look, it's just a diamond.

Sami: Oh, first of all, it is not just a diamond. Well, it kind of is, but it's more --what it represents. I'm finally getting everything I ever wanted. I'm going to marry the man of my dreams and --and my son is going to get the most incredible dad. I've waited my whole life for this moment to happen.

Austin: You've spent most of your life trying to make it happen.

Sami: What are you saying, Austin -- are you saying I manipulated you into proposing? 'Cause if you don't want to marry me, I mean, that's fine --

Austin: I want to marry you. Okay? There's no doubt about that.

Sami: But it sounded like you were saying that --

Austin: All I meant was is that you knew from the beginning ever since you were a teenager that you wanted us to be together. Okay? You made it happen. You never gave up, and I'm really grateful. All the stuff you pulled is because you really love me.

Sami: You make me want to be a better person, Austin.

Sami: You know, you've changed Will's life, too. He is such a happy little boy now.

Austin: Hmm. Well, I'm happy, too.

Sami: Ha ha. You know, Christmas is going to be the best this year. It's going to be so much fun watching Will open all his presents.

Austin: Mm-hmm.

Sami: You know, um, you've got lots of presents, too.

Austin: I do?

Sami: Do you want to open one of them now?

Austin: Yeah.

Sami: Go ahead. Unwrap it.

Austin: Okay.

Sami: [Laughs]

Nicole: Who are you to give me relationship advice? When was the last time that you had three dates in a row with an available female?

Brandon: Hey, now, you wouldn't be mad if I wasn't right.

Nicole: At least Iím not hanging out in bars, trying to pick up one-night stands.

Brandon: Well, there's got to be something in between.

Nicole: Well, if there is, I haven't found it. What about you, huh? I thought you were all hot and heavy into Jennifer Horton. How was your last date?

Brandon: The date was fine and Jenniferís great. She's got it all. Unfortunately, she's also got this really weird thing going on with her ex-husband. I don't want to be her transition guy, you know?

Nicole: Been there, done that, huh?

Brandon: Way too much.

Jack: Forgive me, Princess, but recent events have made me a little suspicious of your motives. So what's with wanting me all to yourself? Is that a code for something that's going to embarrass the heck out of me?

Greta: No, Jack, it's just that, well, I have learned my lesson about interfering in my friends' love life and, um, we've had such a wonderful time tonight, I'm not ready to let you go just yet. That's the reason I suggested we come here for a drink.

Jack: Well, I had fun with you, too -- always do.

Greta: I know.

Jack: You know what I-I really loved about tonight at the party? Seeing Brandon walk out of that party without so much as a "goodbye" to Jennifer.

Greta: Ahem. So, uh, have you heard from Oliver Wentworth lately?

Jack: Why?

Greta: Just wondering how long it will be before we go to Vegas for your job interview.

Jack: I knew it. Jack Deveraux -- just a bum without a job. You have the same low opinion of me Jennifer has.

Julie: I just thought maybe you could use some girl talk tonight -- maybe even a shoulder to cry on?

Jennifer: Uh, you know what, Julie? I do need to talk. And I love you for knowing me so well.

Julie: Oh, I love you, too. And I wouldn't say no to a cookie or three. You know, it's almost the holidays.

Jennifer: Ooh, the holidays! I am so excited. Look at Abby here. Look at her. She is just counting down the days till Santa comes. You know, this year I want Christmas to be extra special for her.

Julie: It already is. All she wants for Christmas is her mommy and daddy to be together again, and you are. Sort of.

Jennifer: I think more than anything, she wants us to be a family again, and that's why I agreed to live here with Jack, because I want to give my little girl what she wants.

Julie: Well, what does Jennifer want?

Jennifer: I don't know what I want. I thought I did, but now I am more confused than ever.

Austin: What happened to my present? It got all wrapped up again.

Sami: Ha. Well, Austin, you can unwrap it anytime you want.

Sami: Oh, oh, I feel so good. When I think about how upset I was when you left me at the party...

Austin: Well, you knew Iíd come back to you.

Sami: Yeah, I just don't like sharing you, especially with Nicole.

Austin: Sami, you don't have anything to be jealous about. My relationship with her is strictly business.

Sami: Business or not, I don't trust her.

Austin: She's my boss, you know? We work closely together.

Sami: Well, I guess I don't mind about that, as long as she keeps her hands off my man.

Austin: Okay.

Brandon: Not that I've given up on Jennifer -- I probably should, but she's got these eyes and the smile -- oh! And that hair...

Nicole: Hmm. And here I thought you were interested in her mind.

Brandon: I am. Jennifer's really smart, but in the way that counts, you know? She's -- she's smart about people. She cares about them.

Nicole: Sounds like she's almost good enough for you.

Brandon: Mm. Don't go ringing any wedding bells. It's very early days for me and Jennifer. My mind is telling me to move on, but I can't just yet.

Nicole: Did you sleep with her?

Brandon: Out of line, Nicky.

Nicole: Well, did you?

Brandon: No.

Nicole: Wow. You really are serious about this one.

Brandon: What?

Nicole: Brandon, I know you. And when you really don't care that much, you Ė you try and score, but when you care about a woman, it's hands off.

Brandon: Am I really like that?

Greta: It is taking you a while to land your dream job. That's all. It doesn't mean that I think that you're a bum.

Jack: You will. It's only a matter of time. Sooner or later, all the women in my life think Iím a bum.

Greta: Hmm. I like the sound of that -- a woman in your life. It sounds very sexy. And not that I thinks that we're like that...Or... Uh, yeah, yeah.

Jack: I like having you in my life, Princess. In fact, I couldn't imagine you not being in my life. So, uh, you asked about Vegas. Vegas -- it's alive, it's going to happen, and when it does, we are going to have a ball. $1.98 all-you-can-eat breakfast any time of the day or night, blackjack, slots -- do you like to gamble, Princess?

Greta: Are you kidding me? Every minute I am with you, Jack -- it's like playing the roulette wheel.

Jack: How is being with me like gambling?

Greta: Jack, can I be honest with you? I mean, can I lay it all on the table?

Jack: Uh-oh. I hear a warning siren. Am I in trouble?

Greta: No, no, you're not in trouble. I just think that it's a coincidence the day after Jennifer tells me that she thinks I'm falling in love with you, you tell me that you're gay.

Jennifer: Did I, uh, tell you that I went to counseling?

Julie: Oh, you did?

Jennifer: Yeah, with, uh, Marlena.

Julie: Ahh. Tell me, what is that like?

Jennifer: Oh, it's -- it's quite embarrassing. I was clueless about my problems, Julie.

Julie: That's the reason you go to counseling -- to figure out your problems. So...Did you?

Jennifer: Well, sort of. Marlena helped me see that I am stuck in an unhealthy pattern with Jack, and unfortunately, knowing your problems is not the same thing as solving them. But I think I'm making progress. You know, I started dating.

Julie: Yes, Brandon Walker... Is cute.

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, he's really cute. He's a nice guy. He's easy to talk to...

Julie: So how close are you to him?

Jennifer: Oh. We've just been on a few dates.

Julie: Has there been kissing?

Jennifer: Julie, I am not going to talk to you about that stuff.

Julie: Jennifer, you're -- you're actually blushing.

Jennifer: This is ridiculous. I should not be acting like a kid in high school. I should be acting like a divorced mother.

Julie: You are much too hard on yourself, darling.

Jennifer: Well, listen, things were going okay, you know? I was feeling pretty good about myself. I mean, I was -- I was sort of feeling like a hottie, you know, so I thought I could go to this party with Bo and Hope, and I knew that Brandon would be there, and I was looking forward to it. And then in walks Dr. Colin Murphy.

Julie: I knew it. He is the one. The one you followed to Ireland?

Jennifer: Yes, and I wish that I had never told anyone.

Julie: Well, your grandmother and I figured it out. We met him, he's Irish, he worked with your dad in Africa, and he had to be the guy.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, he's the guy -- the guy I made a complete fool of myself over. What? What do you want me to say?

Julie: Well...What happened when you met him tonight?

Jennifer: Oh, Julie, it was -- it was just like all those nights in Africa. He would sit beside me at this campfire, and he would just stare into my eyes, and it just felt like.... It just felt like it was leading us to being together someday.

Julie: Did he stare into your eyes tonight?

Jennifer: Yes, he did, and it was the same intense feelings, Julie. It was the same feelings that made me pack up my daughter and follow this jerk to Ireland.

Julie: You don't think he's a jerk.

Jennifer: Yes, I do think he's a jerk.

Julie: No, you don't, or you would not fall apart when he just looks at you. Oh, my darling, you're still attracted to the man, aren't you?

Jennifer: And I thought that I had talked myself out of being attracted to Colin Murphy, and then when he looked at me tonight with those eyes, I mean, Julie, it was like he could just see right into my soul, I hate myself for feeling this way.

Julie: You know what I think? You're just longing for some romance.

Jennifer: Well, yes, maybe I am, but I am dating a sweet, wonderful man, and yet, I --

Julie: And yet, there's Colin. He's a man of mystery -- you don't know where you stand with him, you know you're vulnerable, and you're filled with longing.

Jennifer: Yeah. That's exactly what it is. How did you know that?

Julie: Oh, I used to be a hottie myself way back in the dark ages. a ha. Had my share of adventures.

Jennifer: That's what I want, Julie. I want adventure. I want new experiences. But how selfish does that sound? It sounds like I want the whole world to revolve around me and what I want.

Julie: Jennifer, you are entitled to some happiness.

Jennifer: Yes, but why can't I be happy with sweet, gorgeous Brandon? Or for heaven's sake, what about my ex-husband? He's a wonderful guy, he's a devoted father. What more could a woman need?

Julie: To be swept away. To be in love.

Jennifer: Oh, you know what? You know what? Forget this whole love thing,

Julie. Just forget it. I mean, why can't I just be happy with what I have, instead of miserable with what I can't have?

Nicole: See, Brandon, you learned something new about yourself tonight.

Brandon: Yeah. I'm one messed-up guy. I only get down with women Iím not really interested in. What's up with that?

Nicole: My point is that you take it slow with someone you care about. That's a good thing.

Brandon: Maybe not. I'm having drinks with my sister.

Nicole: Well, now that we've got some insight on your character, what are we going to do about that, Brandon, huh? All right. Since you've been on my case about living at the Kiriakis mansion, why don't we find a place together -- you and me? I mean, we trust each other, we get along great...

Brandon: We had to, growing up the way we did.

Nicole: Oh, really. I mean, with the lowlife parents we got stuck with -- well, one down and one to go.

Brandon: Hey. Knock it off, Nicky.

Nicole: Change of subject -- Christmas -- what are you going to do? Did you make Santa a list?

Brandon: Mm. I don't think Jennifer will fit into my stocking.

Nicole: No. Seriously, I'm not spending the holidays with Mom. I'm sure you've already guessed that, but we can still get together, right? Maybe Christmas Eve?

Brandon: You'll be seeing me. Don't worry. So you, uh, celebrating with Victor at all?

Nicole: We haven't talked about it. I'm sure he'll be getting me some shiny bauble. Whatever. It doesn't really matter, but, uh, of course, I'll be getting my year-end bonus at Titan. Who needs Santa?

Brandon: You. You know, youíre not as tough as you're talking, Nicky. I know you had your heart broken years ago, all the bad stuff with our so-called father, but you can't live an empty life. Not you. When are you going to open your heart enough to love a guy?

Nicole: You know, Brandon, you sound like Austin Reed. He's always laying that sanctimonious crap on me.

Greta: This is so hard to put into words without feeling like a royal jackass.

Jack: Well, you are royal, Princess..

Greta: Jack, come on, this is hard enough. Please?

Jack: Oh, come on, we're so close, you should be able to say anything to me.

Greta: That's just it. We are -- we are close, we are great friends, we are buddies... Sometimes... I don't know. Sometimes, when I'm driving to meet you someplace or you're on your way to pick me up, I-I think to myself, what is wrong with this picture? I mean, I know that you told me you were gay, and I know that, I know that on one level. But on another level, a more intuitive level, I think to myself, there's just something else going on here. I don't know, Jack. I just -- I don't think you're gay at all.

Jack: [Nervously] Ha. Can I say something to you that may surprise you? I mean, heck, it surprises me.

Greta: Yeah, what?

Jack: A lot of the time, when I spend time with you I don't feel gay.

Greta: Really.

Jack: What I'm saying is, that when I'm with you, Princess, I feel an undeniable chemistry with you. I mean, you're a rare beauty. No one needs to tell me that. I can see that just by looking at you, but do I feel it? I'm, uh, affected by this acute desirability of yours.

Greta: But if you're gay...

Jack: But it's not a sexual thing, per se, but there's a very real attraction there, nonetheless.

Greta: Oh, well, thank God at least my radar isn't completely out of whack.

Jack: Oh, your radar's Jim Dandy... As is the rest of you.

Greta: Well, good, because I felt like a complete weirdo having the hots for a guy that isn't even attracted to women. Can I say something without completely embarrassing you? I, um, I have these feelings for you, and, um, well, sometimes, I -- ha ha ha -- I even daydream about you. I'm sorry. Am -- am I blushing?

Jack: No, no, it's charming, and you're charming and warm and lovely... Enticing. Um... Mm. You know, someday, when the dust settles on my situation with Jennifer, we may just have to revisit this whole conversation.

Greta: Are you being deliberately obtuse?

Jack: No. No, no. Just uncertain. Because in spite of our best intentions, the future is, by definition, a question mark.

Greta: I don't understand.

Jack: I know. I know. And that's all my fault, Princess, as is the fact that you have no gentleman callers at this point in time. All my fault, because I'm monopolizing you.

Greta: You're the only gentleman I'm interested in.

Jack: But you can't know that for sure unless you get out there and give other guys a chance.

Greta: So, what, I'm supposed to throw myself at all the available men?

Jack: Just -- just put out the word that you're looking, and they'll flock to your door.

Greta: I don't want a flock of men at my door. I want you at my door, Jack, I Ė I tried to be unselfish, but you're my witness, Greta. If you're insisting on hanging out with me, I'm just going to let you.

Austin: I got an idea. Let's not talk about Nicole. Let's just wish her happiness.

Sami: Okay. I wish her happiness, but she's never going to have the kind of happiness that you and I have because she's never going to be able to find a man as sexy as you are.

Austin: Really. Well, why am I sexy?

Sami: Ha ha ha. Lots of reasons. 'Cause you and all these muscles that you have. You know, muscles are in. Women like men with muscles.

Austin: Really?

Sami: Yeah, yeah.

Austin: Why, so they can, um, protect you and take care of you?

Sami: Yeah. Well, that, too. But also because it's, um, really sexy to play with the idea of being strong... You know, trust yourself to the person that you love. I saw this in a movie once.

Austin: I like it already.

Sami: Hmm. Well, I'm not going to take the robe off.

Austin: No?

Sami: Not yet. Just this.

Austin: What, are you going to dance for me?

Sami: No. I'm going to tie your wrists together.

Austin: Oh, no, you're not. Get out of here.

Sami: Oh, come on, Austin, you want me to put my clothes on and get out of here, when we could have so much fun?

Austin: No.

Sami: You know what Iíve always admired about you, Austin? Your willingness, your openness, to try new things.

Austin: Really.

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. You're so ready to play, and, uh, you want me to be happy, right?

Austin: Yeah, of course.

Sami: So, in this movie that I saw, the guy really wanted this girl, but his hands were tied, so he couldn't do anything about it. No. He had to wait, and the waiting was just driving him crazy, so you know what the girl did next?

Austin: What?

Sami: She pulled the cord a little tighter.

Austin: Aah!

Jennifer: Oh, Julie, I don't want to sound negative or depressed. I mean, my daughter needs a mother who looks on the bright side, who has hope for the future, and I just don't know how to do that when it comes to me and men. I mean, Julie, come on, let's face it, so far, I am a flop.

Julie: Why, because you're a divorced woman? Oh, please, don't make me recount my rich history in that arena.

Jennifer: What are you talking about? You and Doug are perfect for each other.

Julie: That didn't stop us from breaking up not only once, but twice. And each time felt like the end of the world. We felt like flops, all right. We felt like total failures. And still, in time, we made it work.

Jennifer: Okay, so then, the third time is the charm, right?

Julie: Oh, please, I think it's pathetic that it took three wedding ceremonies to make us understand and keep the vows. And still there are times when I get so angry at Doug I could just pitch him overboard. And vice versa, I'm sure.

Jennifer: Really, still?

Julie: Sure, still. We're human beings, full of faults, and my wonderful husband in the beginning of our relationship was not exactly what you'd call trustworthy. And dependable? Forget about it.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

Julie: But he did change, you see. He mellowed. I like to think it was because he loved me so much, and I know it was because he wanted to be a good father to Hope. Well, who does that remind you of?

Jennifer: You mean Jack. Wow, Iíve never heard you defend Jack.

Julie: Well, I'm not defending Jack, but I know people can change, especially when they're inspired by love.

Jennifer: So you're saying that you think Jack has changed.

Julie: I don't know, honey, but he obviously loves you, and he wants what's best for Abby. Otherwise, you wouldn't have moved in together.

Jennifer: But what about all the games he plays, Julie? I don't think he's ever going to stop playing these games.

Julie: Jennifer, there's bad behavior, and there's the expectation of bad behavior. It's very hard to break a cycle, and it's even harder to turn your back on the past Ė for Jennifer, as well as for Jack. Okay, that's all the advice the old broad is dishing out tonight.

Jennifer: No, you are not an old broad. You are a hottie, remember?

Julie: Oh, ha ha ha ha! Oh, yes, well, the hottie says thank you, and I think Iíll put down the cookies now.

Jennifer: Julie, can I ask you something?

Julie: Sure.

Jennifer: If Jack and I were to remarry, do you think that we could be as happy as you and Doug?

Julie: It's the wrong question, and you're asking the wrong person. You have to ask yourself, Jennifer, do I want to be married to Jack again and live happily ever after?

Jack: What do you have to do to get a bowl of peanuts in this place?

Jack: Well, if it isn't Salemís own Lascivious Lothario.

Greta: What?

Jack: Brandon Walker.

Greta: Brandon? Where?

Jack: At the bar. If only Jennifer could see him now. After dumping her at that party, he goes cruising for another blond.

Greta: Well, who is she? Can you see?

Nicole: If you're through with the shrink routine, I would like another drink.

Man: Another one?

Nicole: Make it a double.

Man: Sir, can I get you a refill?

Brandon: No, thanks, I'm fine. So, I, uh, I guess you want to change the subject.

Nicole: Picked up on that, huh?

Brandon: Yeah. Think about what I said, okay? I want you to be happy.

Nicole: You know, I am not going to take advice on love from a guy who can't even put his own heart on the line.

Brandon: Hey, I am dating Jennifer.

Nicole: Brandon, I'm not talking about dating. I'm talking about falling in love. And I know you're not about to risk that the way you were burned by Sami Brady.

Sami: Oh, God, Austin, I'm so sorry!

Austin: Oh, I feel like they're getting tighter.

Sami: Oh, man, I'm glad they're not handcuffs. Oh, Austin, I'm so sorry about this. You're not mad at me, are you?

Austin: No. Ha ha ha.

Sami: I was trying to turn you on, not make you laugh.

Austin: Aw, Iím just kidding.

Sami: No, you know what Iím talking about, Austin. I'm serious. I was just trying to try something new.

Austin: I'm sorry, okay? You want to try something new? I got a good idea. I think you want me to tie you up.

Sami: No -- in the movie, it was like a role reversal kind of thing.

Austin: Oh, no, come on, Sami, let me tie you up.

Sami: No.

Austin: Come on, Sami, you want to marry me. Don't you trust me?

Sami: Yes, I trust you, but --

Austin: Let me, you know, tie your hands together.

Sami: No, no!

Austin: Raah!

Sami: No, no, Iím serious!

Austin: Oh, come on, come on! Come on, you did it to me!

Sami: No, no! No!

Jennifer: Boy, Julie, when you ask a question, you just don't mess around, do you? I don't know. If I were to remarry Jack, at least I would know what to expect, right? And as for Colin Murphy --

Julie: He got your heart a-racin' tonight.

Jennifer: Yes, but that's not good. Julie, I had the most tremendous crush on this man, and I thought it was mutual. And that is why I wanted to crawl into a corner and die when he rejected me in Ireland, and that's not healthy. I mean, when I look around, I just see a lot of bad choices that Iíve made.

Julie: Well, then, what is the answer, darling?

Jennifer: I don't know. Maybe -- maybe I expect too much out of life.

Julie: Jennifer Rose, you deserve to be happy.

Jennifer: But maybe happiness is simpler than I am making it out to be. Maybe Ė maybe happiness is just looking in your own backyard and saying, this will do. This is enough for me.

Jack: I've got to find out who that woman is.

Greta: Why, Jack? Don't you trust Jennifer to judge for herself?

Jack: Of course not. Jennifer married me when I was much less of a sure bet than I am now. Look, if Brandonís going to pick up sleazy blondes in jazz clubs, he is not the man for Jennifer, and she should know that. Now, you go around this way, and I'll go around that way. Please, Princess. Pretty please. Please, please.

Greta: Okay, okay, okay, fine, fine, fine, stop begging. Okay, okay, I'll help you! Go.

Jack: Good. Okay. This way. Shh.

Greta: Shh.

Brandon: You know, Nicole, at least Iím out there giving it a shot.. I may be taking it slow, but I'm dating a nice woman. I'm open to moving things on with her.

Man: Double martini.

Jack: Ooh! Ow.

Man: Hey, watch it, jerk.

Jack: Yeah, sure, sure.

Woman: Uh, Harry, here's a man under the table.

Harry: Hey. You trying to feel up my date?

Jack: Uh, no, no, that -- that pleasure is all yours. I'm just looking for my contact lens. It's, uh, oh! There it is! Got it! There we go, uh-huh. Perfect. Just fine. Thank you..

Brandon: You know, Nicole, now I want to help you move forward.

Nicole: I don't see how you can.

Brandon: By reminding you what a beautiful person you are.

Brandon: I'll tell you this. Slow down the next time you meet a guy you like.

Nicole: Slow down, huh?

Brandon: Yeah. Fall in love before you fall into bed.

Nicole: You think you're so smart, huh?

Brandon: Well, you're going to take my advice?

Greta: [Laughing]

Jack: No, Shh, Shh, hush! Shh. Quiet. Now, I thought Brandon was having drinks with some tart.

Greta: Yeah, well, Nicole is a tart, but she's also his sister.

Jack: We got to get out of here quick. If they figure out that we were spying on them - come on, let's go. Quickly.

Austin: Come on, Sami, let's make it a holiday tradition -- tie me up, you know, tie you up.

Sami: All right, okay, I give. Uncle! Okay! Austin, I trust you. Tie me up, tie me down, I trust that you would never hurt me.

Austin: Oh, now you take all the fun out of it.

Sami: What?

Austin: Ha. I'm kidding. I hope you meant what you said, okay, because I would never make you do anything you didn't want to do. I would never hurt you. I mean -- you know that, right? I would die before I ever hurt you. I love you.

Sami: I love you so much, Austin. I feel like I don't deserve to be this happy.

Austin: Well, get used to it, because I'm going to work very hard every day to make sure you're very happy. I promise. Sure you don't want to be tied up?

Sami: Ha ha ha ha!

Julie: I'd better get going. The taxi is here, and Doug hates to go to bed without me.

Jennifer: Oh, aunt Julie, that's so sweet.

Julie: It'll happen for you, Jennifer, when the time is right and the guy is right Ė who knows? It might turn out to be the guy you're living with. Stranger things have happened.

Jennifer: How am I going to know it's right?

Julie: You will know, Jennifer. I have every confidence in you.

Jennifer: Thank you for saying that.

Julie: Oh.

Brandon: You deserve the best in life, Nicky.

Nicole: So do you.

Brandon: Let's make a deal. I'll look out for you, you look out for me.

Nicole: Ha ha. Like when we were kids?

Brandon: Yeah.

Nicole: Okay. That's the best deal Iíve made all year. Thank you, Brandon. I am so glad I have you.

Greta: [Laughing]

Jack: Shh. Shh.

Greta: You realize we can never go in there again.

Jack: Yeah, with you skulking around like Nancy Drew.

Greta: Me? You were the one crawling around on all fours.

Jack: And all so that we could catch Brandon Walker with his sister.

Greta: Ha ha ha!

Jack: Oh, no, no, no!

Greta: I don't know the last time I had this much fun, Jack. Well, I guess the last time I had this much fun was when I was with you.

Jack: There does seem to be an unusually high incidence of high jinks when Iím with you, princess. Must be your royal influence.

Greta: You're the crazy one. Okay, okay, we're both crazy as loons.

Jack: Right. Right.

Greta: Jack...

Jack: Hmm?

Greta: I was wondering, uh... What are you doing for Christmas?

Jack: What am I doing?

Greta: I mean, you know, after Abby opens all her presents. What are you doing later on that afternoon?

Jack: I- Iím not sure. I know that the Hortonís have a family tradition of gathering over at Aliceís.

Greta: Right, right, and doing that thing with the Christmas ornaments and the tree, yeah.

Jack: You know, I-I bet Alice would love to have you come, too. I mean, they all would. I mean, to be honest, they probably like you a whole lot better than they like me, anyway.

Greta: Yeah, but... Would you like me there, Jack?

Jack: Well, I-I'd like you there very much. You've become a very important part of our extended family.

[Tires squeal]

Jack: Whoa! Oh! Oh!

Jack: Boy, you're going to have to be a lot more careful, Princess. I wouldn't want to lose you now.

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