Days Transcript Thursday 12/13/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/13/01


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Maggie: These are very good.

Caroline: Oh, great. Thank you very much. Did you get the -- oh.

Marlena: You know, they meant to land in Virginia, but there were storms....

Marlena: Honey?

John: I haven't seen Lexie for quite some time. Interesting how our hostess keeps disappearing, isn't it? So what can I get you -- a Manhattan, Cosmopolitan?

Marlena: No, no, I'm -- I'm fine, but you go ahead. Hope you find her.

John: Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry.

Barb: Whoa. Great party, huh?

Glen: We're making fools of ourselves, Barb. These people don't want us here.

Barb: We have as much right to be at this party as anybody. More.

John: I don't get it. Now why in the hell would Lexie invite those two here?

Hope: Hey!

Bo: Hey, everybody. Having fun?

Alice: We'd been wondering where you two were hiding.

Doug: As gorgeous guest of honor, I need another hug.

Hope: Oh, daddy.

Mickey: Yeah, ha ha.

Hope: And there is my magnificent Gran. I didn't tell you earlier, but I love this dress. The color is so beautiful. I love it.

Alice: Good. Are you having a good time, dear?

Hope: Gran, I知 having a really wonderful time, and thank you so much for helping out with the babies. I appreciate it.

Alice: Now, you know I enjoyed that.

Hope: I know, but still, I mean, you spent an awful lot of time with them up there.

Alice: I know, and now they're all asleep.

Hope: Yes.

Alice: And so I left. I decided I was going to join the grownups.

Caroline: Absolutely.

Shawn: She's in a party mode now, I can tell you that.

Alice: I'm always in a party mode.

[All laugh]

Alice: Especially when my granddaughter is to be -- be honored. Oh, so nice of Lexie to do this.

Hope: Yeah, it is. She's the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Sami: Ahem. Well, mom, you're looking so beautiful. I mean, how -- how could John leave you?

Marlena: Oh, he's getting a drink. And Austin -- why is he no longer by your side?

Sami: Well, mom, he didn't just leave my side. He left the whole party.

Nicole: Go away.

Kate: It's true. Lucas almost died, and it is all your fault.

Brady: You do want Philip to love you, Chloe, don't you?

Craig: Hey, what's -- what's going on here?

Nancy: Chloe? Honey?

Brady: Mrs. Wesley...

Philip: Look, coming here was a mistake, and I want everyone to know how sorry I am.

Lexie: Take your apologies downtown and tell them to the Judge. I want him arrested, Abe, for trespassing, breaking and entering -- anything else you can come up with.

Marlena: Honey, did you and Austin have a fight? Is that why he left the party?

Sami: No, no, no, it was nothing like that. He's coming back.

Marlena: Where did he go?

Sami: Nicole called him on his cell phone. I mean, can you believe it? Obviously, she's just jealous because -- because she wasn't invited to this party. She made up some sort of business emergency.

Marlena: Well, he's taking his job very seriously, then.

Sami: Yeah, yeah. He, um... He feels as though he has to be responsible now.

Marlena: "Now"? Why now? Did something happen?

Sami: Well, since you asked, we weren't going to say anything right away, but I don't want to lie about it. Mom, he gave me this, and he says he loves me and he wants to marry me and -- and be a family with me and Will.

Marlena: He did propose. Oh, Sami. Oh, I'm happy for you.

Philip: Look, I'm sorry I scared your guests. I didn't know there was an alarm.

Lexie: You had no business showing up here uninvited.

Abe: Lexie. Philip knows he shouldn't have crashed the party.

Philip: Yeah, I'm really sorry.

Lexie: Shut up, you rich, spoiled brat.

Abe: Lexie, calm down.

Lexie: No, I want him arrested. He ruined my party.

Abe: No, you're the one that's ruining the party, making this big scene.

Lexie: I'll make a scene if I want to, and thank you so much for your predictable lack of support, Abe, as a Police Commander and as a husband. The party's inside.

Kate: At times, I've blamed myself, but the truth is, it was your fault. It was all your fault.

Victor: Look, if drugging you resulted in the tragic fire --

Kate: "If"?! Do you really think I would have lit that fire and left my son to burn in the flames if I had been in my right mind? Oh, God -- Lucas. Oh, Lucas. He was so helpless. I was so helpless. All because of you and that trampy blond.

Nicole: I wasn't expecting you so soon. You must have run all the lights..

Austin: Well, I left a party to come here. Should we go and do this?

Nicole: Yeah. Let's go upstairs to my room.

Austin: Okay.

Lexie: Oh. Okay, Lexie, stay calm. Don't blow it. Stay calm. Stay -- aah!

Barb: Jumpy, aren't you?

Lexie: I have a lot on my mind.

Barb: Me, I知 just thinking about my next installment. Where's my 50 grand?

Lexie: Not now, I told you.

Barb: Yeah? Well, time to make my big announcement.

Lexie: Listen, you little twerp --

Barb: If you want to start calling names, I can top you. Baby stealer.

Lexie: Shut up!

Nicole: I'm impressed, Austin. You broke your neck trying to get here, you got me what I wanted -- good job. You know, now that I got this, you can go back to the party.

Austin: Not yet. There's one more thing I have to take care of.

Victor: Very convenient to put all the blame on me, isn't it?

Kate: You drugged me, Victor. I was in an altered state of reality, not to mention the fact that I thought you were dead. It was just one big shock after another that night.

Victor: Oh, don't play the saint, Kate. You slept with Moroni to try and get him to assassinate me. That was a double betrayal.

Kate: You need to get over that, because you're still alive.

Victor: No thanks to you.

Kate: You know something? I have made mistakes. I've made plenty of mistakes, but so have you. You're no saint, either. Our children are the only innocent victims in all of this.

Victor: How's Lucas doing?

Kate: Well, I try to have hope that he's going to be okay, but it's really a struggle. I just wish that I could see him and I could talk to him, but he's so far away.

Victor: He's getting the very best care, Kate.

Kate: I know. I know that. But he needs a mother's love the same way that Philip does.

Victor: I couldn't agree more. I'll make you a promise -- I will personally keep tabs on Lucas's condition. If anything comes up, I'll -- treatment -- I値l see to it that he gets it, no matter what the cost. And if you ever feel the need to visit him, you can use my jet.

Kate: Well... The generosity of your heart was one of the first things that made me fall in love with you so many years ago.

Victor: Well, we're a long way from those days, Kate, but I do think that we should put our differences aside for the sake of the boys. Philip and Lucas both need us.

Kate: Do you really think we can do that?

Victor: I'm willing to try if you are.

Craig: Listen, I think we should get Chloe out of here and back inside.

Nancy: Craig, this -- this may sound crazy, but I think we should let Brady handle it.

Man: The kid stalled long enough. We'll take him downtown, Commander Carver.

Man #2: Why don't you folks go on back to --

Abe: I'm the one in charge here.

Man: But the lady said --

Abe: Never mind what the lady said. I can't believe I agreed to have armed security guards at my own house. Now all we need is for innocent people to be shot. So just take your guns. Get out of here. You're done for the night.

Man: We still get paid for --

Abe: Did you hear me? Now you get off my property or you'll be the ones brought up on trespassing charges.

Philip: I don't deserve it, but, man, am I glad you let me go, Commander Carver. I'm really sorry I messed everything up for you and your wife.

Abe: You know, Lexie and I will be fine. I think there's someone else you owe an apology to.

Philip: Ahem.

Kate: [Chuckles]

Victor: What's so funny?

Kate: Us... And the lengths we'll go to, to get what we want.

Victor: We were always well-matched in that department.

Kate: In many departments. Ah, good. You read my mind.

Victor: I thought we would toast our new understanding.

Kate: You know, I haven't been able to afford your excellent brand of scotch lately.

Victor: Enjoy.

Kate: I will. Here's to being the very best parents we can possibly be.

Victor: I'll drink to that. Well, now, I told you what I壇 do for Lucas. What is it that Philip needs the most right now?

Kate: Me and you. If not living under the same roof, at least in close contact so he'll know that his mother and his father are united in their support and their love for him.

Victor: I don't have any problem with that.

Kate: There is one other thing that he needs... Or doesn't need, actually. Nicole. Get her out of the house.

Austin: I can't let the messenger service take the blame, sir. I should have followed up on that delivery. Actually, one person really does deserve the, uh, credit -- Titan's president Nicole Walker. She's the one that tracked me down and gave me the opportunity to correct the situation. Yeah, we just printed it out right now. We can have it faxed over to -- right. Uh-huh. Right. Okay, well, I'll take care of it, and thank you so much for being understanding, and, sir, I promise you this will never happen again. Yeah.

[Dial tone]

Austin: Nice man.

Nicole: You're the nice man. Amazing man.

Austin: Well, you worked too hard on this project to have it sink because of something I did.

Nicole: In my experience, most guys dance as fast as they can to get out of admitting they, God forbid, made a mistake.

Austin: I'm not most guys.

Nicole: Yeah, I know.

Rolf: Alexandra has got to calm down if we are to succeed tonight.

Bart: Don't hold your breath, Rolfsky. Sexy Lexie's coming apart at the seams.

Rolf: Well, we cannot allow that to happen. We have to get back on schedule now. I can't wait any longer to complete the memory transfer. I have a mission for you, Bart.

Marlena: Ooh, honey, let me see it again. Wow. That's what I call a diamond. It is dazzling.

Sami: Mom, I feel so lucky.

Marlena: Austin is the lucky one. He's got one of the two best girls in the world.

Sami: Oh, you're not too prejudiced.

Marlena: I can't help it if I have wonderful daughters.

Sami: Mom, you didn't always think I was so wonderful.

Marlena: Honey, you have come a long way. I'm very proud of the woman you've become.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey, can't let the family hog the guest of honor. She has to circulate.

Doug: Wait a minute. I have to share my own daughter?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Julie: Oh, darling, she'll save a dance for you later.

Hope: Oh, I don't know about that. I told Bo we'd leave right after the cake was cut.

Bo: Yeah, well, let's find Lexie and see when she's going to do exactly that.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: Later.

Hope: We'll see you later.

Mickey: I got room left for cake.

John: How you doing?

Hope: Well --

Bo: She's doing fine. She's been with me.

Hope: How about you? Find any monsters under the tables, hmm? Demons hiding in the closet?

John: Not yet. However, our hostess Lexie seems to have disappeared once again. I find that a bit strange.

Lexie: Barb, this may be a game to you, but my family's future is at stake. I will not let you threaten us.

Barb: All you've got to do is pay up.

Lexie: You will get your money when I'm ready. Now get the hell out of my face.

Barb: You think you're better than me, don't you? Well, you're not. You're a liar and a thief. Talking about your family -- the nerve. What about Hope's family -- her real kid, the one you've got under lock and key upstairs?

Lexie: Give me a break. You don't give a damn about Hope. All you're out for is the money.

Barb: So give it to me or I値l make the announcement. What will the cr鑪e de la cr鑪e of Salem think of you then?

Lexie: Barb, I will get you the money. Just give me time, okay?

Glen: I need you.

Barb: I'm talking here, Glen.

Glen: Yeah, well, since she didn't invite us, I'm pretty sure Lexie won't mind if I take you away. Come on.

Barb: I was in the middle of something important, and don't pull at me.

Glen: You know, I知 sorry I ever let you talk me into coming to this party.

Barb: Yeah, well, get used to it, 'cause we're going to be living in a house like this, going to lots of parties.

Glen: Yeah, well, you can count me out.

Barb: Glen, wait. Don't you want a better life?

Glen: What I want is to get out of this monkey suit and have a beer and watch some cable. I'm going back to the hotel.

Barb: No, no, no, no, no, please don't leave me here, okay? I need my handsome husband close to me. Stay just a little longer, okay?

Glen: No way. I'm outta here -- now.

Bart: Boo.

Lexie: [Gasps] You idiot.

Bart: Even the way you say that word -- "idiot" just like Papa Stefano.

Lexie: Look, I have to get back to my guests. What do you want?

Bart: Smile. Look natural. Pretend you like talking to me. It's showtime.. Cook's ready. You know what to do.

Kate: You installed Nicole in your home and in your bed, and Philip was distracted by his relationship with Chloe. He's not a child. He's picked up on what's going on between his father and a woman young enough to be his daughter. And at a time when he's exploring his feelings towards the opposite sex, don't you feel a little guilty about setting such a bad example?

Victor: As I said earlier, I'm willing to work together for Philip's benefit.

Kate: I see. But that doesn't include throwing the tramp out of your bed, huh?

Victor: I need time to think about this, Kate.

Kate: Why do you need the time? It's just a decision. What's more important to you -- your sex life or your son's happiness?

Austin: Okay, I値l take that.

Nicole: Unh, unh, unh. No, you won稚. I'll fax it. It's not like it's a problem. I don't even have to leave the bedroom.

Austin: He doesn't want it faxed. He wants it delivered to the airport so he can read it on the plane, so I will just... Stop over by the airport on the way back to the Carver place. It'll be easy.

Nicole: "The Carver Place"? You make it sound like a bungalow.

Austin: Actually, it's the DiMera place, which is kind of weird when you think about it. I was actually glad to get out of there for a while.

Nicole: You know, I hate not being invited to things, even though I don't know the people.

Austin: Aw, you didn't miss anything, you know? Champagne, caviar -- you could buy that stuff anytime you want.

Nicole: So can you.

Austin: I don't make the salary you do, and if I did, I wouldn't spend it on that kind of...Stuff.

Nicole: Does Sami know that? I mean, she loves men to spend money on her..

Austin: You know, she's much more down to earth than you think. You know, the only thing that makes her happy is being around Will.

Nicole: You and Will.

Austin: Yeah, anyway, I'm taking it to the airport.

Nicole: Unh-unh. I am the boss, and I say you're not.

Austin: Nicole.

Nicole: Austin.

Lexie: Hope. Let me see -- ooh, yes, you've got your color back. I knew you'd be all right.

Hope: Yeah, I feel a lot better -- I do.

Lexie: Good.

Hope: I'm glad Bo and I decided to come back into the party.

Bo: Only for a little while. When are we going to do this cake-cutting thing?

Lexie: Very soon, I promise. Ahem. May I have your attention, everyone? It is time for the highly anticipated cutting of the cake.

Caroline: Oh, my God.

Julie: Oh, my.

Lexie: Ha ha ha ha!

Hope: Look at that cake. How many candles did you put on there?

Lexie: Oh, lots.

Hope: Oh, my gosh. I especially love...

Doug: Nicely done.

Hope: Thank you. Thank you. It's incredible.

Bart: Lexie's putting on a bang-up show in there, Rolf, man. Her jitters went bye-bye. She has nerves of steel, just like the boss. You'd never know her best friend's brain's about to get zapped.

Rolf: Just like the boss, indeed. Counting down. 10, 9, 8... Stefano will be proud of all of us once we succeed in transferring Gina's memories to Hope.

Bart: 3, 2, 1, Bang, zoom, to the moon.

[Guests applauding]

Gina: This is magnificent. Oh.

Man: Oh, Princess Gina. Oh, my precious Gina. Gina. Gina. Gina.

Abe: Look, uh, why don't we all clear out and let these two say what they have to say to each other? That's not license for you to behave recklessly, Philip. No more trouble. Do we understand each other?

Philip: Yes, sir. You've got my word.

Brady: Yeah, like that's worth anything.

Abe: Now, remember why my wife gathered us here tonight -- to honor Hope Brady as mother of the year. So come on. Let's go inside and have some cake. From all that cheering, we missed a big moment.

Belle: Maybe we should stay. Chloe might need us.

Craig: Uh, Chloe, listen to me, sweetie. I don't trust Philip out here with you alone, okay? So I want you to come inside with us, okay?

Philip: I'm not going to hurt her.

Craig: Your intentions may be good, but your track record is lousy, Philip. Come on.

Chloe: Craig, thank you for being so concerned about me, but I'd like to make this decision on my own.

Craig: All right.

Brady: Chloe, don't fall for it.

Philip: Chloe, please listen to me.

Belle: What do you think she's going to do?

Barb: Oh, honey, please don't make me leave the party. You know how much I've been looking forward to tonight.

Glen: I can't take these phony people, Barb.

Barb: Okay, so why don't you go back to the Salem Inn and warm up the bed while I have a couple more of those yummy hors d'oeuvres?

Glen: If I leave you here, how will you get back?

Barb: I'm sure Lexie won't mind having her chauffeur drop me off.

Glen: This friendship with Lexie Carver -- it's all in your head, honey. The woman can't stand the sight of either one of us.

Barb: You don't give me enough credit. I can change anybody's mind about anything, okay? Now let me stay and play just a little bit longer, and I'll meet you back in the room before you know it. You make me happy now, and I'll make you extra-special happy later. You know I can.

Lexie: Hope.

Hope: Lexie, I --

Lexie: No, no, no, no. Don't interrupt. Not when I知 about to gush.. Now, this is my chance to make a speech about you to all our friends and family. Um, listen, everyone, while you're all getting your champagne, I would like to say a few words about our guest of honor -- my beloved friend Hope Brady. See how many friends you have? Ha ha. Since the day I decided to have this party, so many of you have come up to me and said, "I wish I would have thought of that first." Ha ha. Well, we all have so many reasons to love Hope. She is a loving daughter...

Doug: I'll second that.

Julie: And a wonderful sister, too.

Lexie: Yes, yes.

Caroline: Daughter-in-law.

Lexie: Yes, and you are also a treasured niece, cousin, friend, and most importantly, wife and mother. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Bo: Yes, we are. Um, this little guy hasn't been able to string together a sentence as of yet, and Shawn has disappeared -- par for the course for a teenager. So I guess I値l speak for all three of us. You are not only the mom of the year, but you're the mom of a lifetime. We're all very lucky to have you in our lives. We love you, and we always will.

Lexie: Hope, Hope, sweetie, listen, I know -- I know how modest you are, and I'm sure that it's difficult for you to hear us all praising you this way, but just bear with me a little longer while I tell everyone here what your friendship has meant to me. No matter how many challenges Hope has had to face, and, um, well, there have been many recently, she's always managed to be my loyal friend. And, um, well, raising our boys together has doubled my joy of motherhood.

Barb: [Thinking] You got to give Lexie credit. She's one hell of a liar.

Lexie: So, I celebrate you, Hope Brady -- my treasured friend, Salem's mother of the year, my best friend...

Guests: Hear, hear!

Bart: I love a good cry.

Rolf: Oh, please, this is not a movie, Bart.

Bart: I know. You're right. It's just Lexie was so good. I mean, she really chewed the scenery out there.

Rolf: Oh, just shut up and do your job. Watch Hope's every move. If she blinks or even thinks of blinking, alert me at once.

Bart: What will you do in the meanwhile, Rolfsky?

Rolf: Turning up the heat on Hope's brain. We're almost home, baby. Heh heh heh heh.

Doug: This is just so exciting for us, princess.

Hope: Oh, daddy.

Doug: Oh...

Julie: I hope you know we're so proud of you, not just tonight, but every day.

Hope: Thank you, Julie.

Julie: Ha ha ha.

Bo: I feel like I did when Hope and I were kids, and I couldn't wait to get her away from her folks, so I could be alone with her.

Abe: Hey. How are you guys doing?

John: Abraham.

Bo: Abe. Where were you? You missed your wife's speech.

Abe: Oh, well, I caught the end of it. I had to handle those over-the-top security guards she hired.

John: Yeah. How's it going with Philip? Did the kid get his act together?

Abe: Oh, I think he's sorry for the ruckus he caused. But, you know, he has no clue what his girlfriend wants.

Bo: Do any of us know what women want?

John: Ha ha ha.

Caroline: Dearest Hope, I am so happy Bo married you.

Hope: Thank you.

Mickey: Ha ha ha. Oh, good one, good one, good one.

Mickey: Mmm, mmm. That's pretty good. Pretty good. Ha ha ha ha. Hey, okay.

Shawn: You are a Brady, through and through.

Mickey: Good for you. All right, all right.

Rolf: Heh heh heh heh.

Bart: Yeah, baby, there she goes again.

Austin: All right, boss. Why are you making it so hard for me to do my job?

Nicole: I'm not. I just feel bad about wrecking your evening.

Austin: And it doesn't matter how many times I say you didn稚.

Nicole: That's right. Look, I wouldn't mind getting out of the house anyway, okay? No questions. I just need a distraction -- end of story.

Austin: You're a complicated person.

Nicole: You make it sound like it's a good thing.

Austin: I think it is.

Nicole: You know, my mother used to say, "I値l never understand you for as long as I live, Nicky."

Nicole: Stop looking at me like that, like you're going to pray for me or something. Look, come on. I'll walk out with you, okay?

Victor: I said I壇 consider it, Kate. That's the best you can hope for. So, we're finished for now. We can talk tomorrow if you like. I'll meet you for lunch. Time for you to go. Now, Kate. Good night. What the hell are you waiting for?

Kate: My check.

Kate: You know, it's really wonderful having money and power. I remember that feeling, although it's not quite as satisfying being on the receiving end. But beggars can't be choosers.

Kate: Thank you. It was really nice having this chat with you. I enjoyed it, and so did you until you remembered there was a price tag. Good night.

Kate: Oh, Nicole, you bad girl.

Austin: Mom. What are you doing here?

Kate: I think the question is, what are you doing with her?

Nicole: Well, it's obvious to me what just happened here. Victor threw you out on your rear again. Talk to your mother, Austin. Tell her to stop making such a fool of herself. Wait for me while I get my coat?

Kate: Well, I hate to tell you what that looked like -- you coming down the stairs with her that way.

Austin: Yeah. Well, I hope it looked like an employee having a business meeting with his boss because... That's what it is.

Kate: Is that what I知 supposed to believe? She does have a reputation, you know.

Austin: I hope I have one, too, mom. You know me -- I'm in a serious relationship with Sami. I'm not going to fool around.

Kate: Hmm. Sami.

Austin: You know, actually, well, let's stick to the topic at hand. What are you doing here at Victor's? I mean, is there something I need to know about?

Kate: Well, I was taking care of business, too. And rather successfully, if I do say so myself.

Brady: You don't need him, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm sorry.

Chloe: Philip, wait!

Doug: All right, now, let's find the music. Let's get down. Let's do it.

Julie: Darling, she wants to dance with the guy that brought her.

Caroline: And where is Bo?

Lexie: It's happening.

Barb: So, do you want to talk here or in private?

Lexie: Not now.

Barb: Yes, now, or you'll be very sorry.

Barb: Let's get something straight. I am leaving this party richer tonight one way or the other. Now, either you give me the next installment of $50,000 now, or I get creative. You know, I wonder how much of an advance I can get from a publisher for writing a tell-all book about how this cop's wife from Salem stole her best friend's baby. Maybe that gal from "Fargo" -- Frances something. McDormand. Oh, I love her. She can play me in the movie.

Lexie: Shut up!

Barb: Only way I'll do that is if you pay up.

Lexie: Look, you'll have your money tomorrow, okay? I swear.

Barb: Tomorrow's too late. Come on, there are a ton of rich folks here tonight. Hit one of them up for a loan.

Lexie: No one here carries that kind of cash around, Barb.

Barb: You won't know that till you try. The night's young, Lex. Lots can happen.

Maggie: We are so happy to be here to share this wonderful night with you.

Mickey: It's great.

Hope: Thank you, Maggie. Thank you, uncle Mickey.

John: Hope, it is happening. It's happening right now, and you know it. Don't try to suggest it away. I've got to get that chip our of your neck right now!

Hope: Not here.

John: Don't worry. I'll go prepare. Just do not leave this party without me. Damn it! This is what I was afraid of. They're trying to turn you --

Sami: Hope, congratulations, mother of the year. You look so gorgeous. I hope they took tons of pictures of you. Where's J.T.?

Hope: Thank you for coming, Sami.

Sami: Well, I love family celebrations. In fact, there might be another one soon.

Hope: Would you excuse me, please?

Sami: Yeah. Sure.

Abe: Oh, hey, hey, hey. You know what? I'm so glad to see you. I have a confession to make to you. When Lexie came up with this party idea, I just wasn't very keen on it.. You know, it's Stefano's house and all that. But seeing how happy everyone is to honor you, I'm proud of my wife for coming up with this. We're both so proud of you.

Hope: Thank you, Abe.

Marlena: There you are. Enjoy every moment of this. You deserve it.

Hope: Thank you, Marlena, for being here.

Marlena: Enjoy.

Rolf: Look. Hope's eyes are riveted on John Black. Or should I say, Gina's eyes, hmm? The memory transfer is nearly complete, Bart.

Hope: John, help me. Help me, John.

John: Oh, my God. Is it happening?

Hope: Oh, don't let it be too late.

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