Days Transcript Monday 12/10/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/10/01


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Chloe: You know, when we were together, it was like my life had purpose and meaning. It was fun, and it was beautiful, and -- I don't think I appreciated anything until I met you. I felt things with you that Iíve never felt with anyone before, that Iíll never feel with anyone again. Nobody. I know we're through. But I will always love you.

Brady: Will you just stop making excuses for him? I know Philip is family, but you know what? I'm just going to say this. He is no damn good for you! He is just going to keep hurting you over and over again, 'cause you know why? He doesn't have a clue in hell who you really are, and he never will.

Brady: Come on, Black, don't be a jerk. What the hell are you doing out here while she's in there?

[Knock on door]

Philip: Who is it?

Nicole: It's Nicole. Your dad's waiting downstairs. Are you ready?

Austin: Whoa. Ha ha ha ha. I thought you didn't want anyone to see your engagement ring yet.

Sami: I don't. However, I just wanted to make sure it was really there.

Austin: Yeah. Forever, I hope.

Sami: Austin, you have made me the happiest woman in the whole world. I can't wait to announce our engagement, and this old party's really gonna rock.

Brandon: Jennifer? What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Jennifer: Yeah. I have, in a way.

Jack: Something's up with Jennifer. Maybe she regrets meeting Brandon here. Maybe I should go over and rescue her. Do you think? Greta!

Greta: Yeah, um... That guy, the cute one with the accent -- he was standing right here. Now I don't see him anywhere.

Colin: Elizabeth, what's wrong?

Elizabeth: I must have left my purse in the car. Well, I hope I did, anyway. Do you mind coming with me to see if it's there?

Colin: No. No, of course not. And you'll need your coat.

Brandon: The ghost again?

Jennifer: How dare those two show up at this party? How could they do this to Hope?

Barb: Zip it, Glennie.

Glen: What, are you kidding me? This stuff's not a real drink.

Barb: Get used to it. We're going to be bathing in champagne before long.. Come on, let's go mingle with the crŤme de la crŤme.

Hope: What are Glen and Barb doing here?

Bo: J.T.'s safe. They're not going to get anywhere near him.

Hope: I don't think Iíll feel safe till they're out of this house, Bo.

Bo: Hey, I'm going to go talk to Abe. You going to okay alone here?

Hope: Yeah, Iíll be fine.

Bo: All right. Hey, Abe.

Abe: Hey.

Bo: Who invited the Reibers?

Abe: Yeah, I don't like it any more than you do.

Bo: Why don't we do something about it?

Abe: Lexie says she has it taken care of.

Bo: I hope so.

John: Who were you talking to?

Lexie: No one. Um, I'm sorry. D-do you need something?

John: An answer.

Lexie: Excuse me, John, I really need to mingle.

John: Well, that can wait. You appeared to be talking to yourself, and I heard you mention Hope's name. And looking as frightened as you do, I have to ask you, what do you got going on tonight?

Rolf: Get a grip on yourself, Alexandra. You are a DiMera. Now act like it!

Lexie: Well, John, I'm just concerned about my friend, that's all. I'm sure that it upset Hope seeing Glen and Barb here, so if you'll excuse me, I need to go and check on her.

Rolf: Ah. Good. She is alone. The target is in my sights. All I have to do is hit her with another dose of Gina's memories. Easy does it. The slightest error, and Hope could be gone forever.

Rolf: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I haven't lost my touch! It's working. Welcome back, Gina. Ah, enough. I don't want to hit her with too much all at once.

Bo: Hey, Fancy Face, you okay?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: What?

Hope: It's just I keep getting these fuzzy images. It's the strangest thing.

Bo: What, are you feeling dizzy or something?

Abe: Why don't we take you upstairs so you can lie down?

Rolf: Oh, no, no, no! No, she mustn't go upstairs! Alexandra! Come in, Alexandra, come in!

Hope: No, no, I don't need to lie down. I just -- I think Iím a little lightheaded 'cause I haven't eaten today.

Abe: I'll get one of the waiters to fix you something.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: No, get Glen and Barb out of here. That's what's upsetting Hope.

Abe: Yeah. I'll get Lexie. We'll take care of it.

Lexie: [Whispering] What do you want, Rolf? What's so urgent?

Rolf: I'm getting through to Hope.

Lexie: Is she all right?

Rolf: Yes, yes, yes, of course. It is imperative that you keep her calm. And she must stay in that room.

Lexie: Rolf, maybe we shouldn't push this tonight.

Rolf: No, no, it is now or never, Alexandra. And whatever you do, keep John away from her. His suspicions could ruin everything.

Lexie: I've got to go. There's still a problem with Glen and Barb. I need to deal with that first.

Abe: We have got to get Glen and Barb out of here. I mean, they're really upsetting Hope.

Lexie: Really? I didn't...

Marlena: Excuse me. I'm sorry. You're making me uncomfortable staring at Lexie.

John: I don't have much of a choice, Doc. She's up to something. I know she is.

Sami: How come you two aren't outside dancing the night away?

Marlena: We might do that a little later, hmm?

Austin: How you doing, John?

John: I'm just fine, Austin. Just fine.

Sami: Are we having fun yet?

Marlena: It's being in this house -- it makes John uncomfortable.

John: I'm going to get you some champagne. Would you like some?

Sami: Please.

John: Join me? Come on.

Austin: Yeah. Yeah.

Sami: But was it something I said?

Austin: No.

Marlena: You're having fun, huh?

Sami: How can you not have fun when everyone you know is at the party, right?

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Sami: Did you see that Jennifer and Brandon are together?

Marlena: I saw them earlier. They're getting along very well.

Sami: Talk about the odd couple. She can't be serious about dating him. I mean, they're totally wrong for each other.

Marlena: Isn't that what everybody said about you and Austin -- that you were wrong for each other?

Sami: Well, obviously, everyone was mistaken.

Marlena: Maybe you're mistaken about Brandon and Jennifer.

John: Here you go, sweetheart.

Marlena: Oh. Thank you.

Sami: Thanks.

Jennifer: Just seeing those two here brings back the horror of that whole night.

Brandon: Yeah, I don't think Abe and Lexie want them here, either. Hopefully they'll find a way to get them to leave. Are you all right?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: You would think the mother of my child would tell steroid king to keep his paws off her. Greta, aren't you forgetting that we're here on a mission?

Greta: You've got spying on Jennifer covered. I'm looking for my mysterious doctor guy.

Jack: Oh, now he's your mysterious doctor guy?

Greta: A girl can dream, can't she?

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I had no idea it would take valet this long to bring our car around.

Colin: It's just as well. I'm not sure I know what to say to everyone in there.

Lexie: Excuse me. If I could have everyone's attention for a minute. Thank you. Well, It's so wonderful having all of you here tonight to honor our dear friend Hope.

Man: Mm-hmm.

Lexie: I am sure that she and her family feel your love and warm wishes, as I do. Uh... Well, um... Some of you have expressed your surprise at seeing Glen Reiber and his wife Barb here tonight. The truth is... I invited them.

[Crowd murmuring]

Lexie: As you know, Glen and Barb mistakenly took little J.T. one night, believing that he was my son. And as terrible as that time was for all of us, I hope the thing that we'll all remember tonight is that they also brought J.T. back. They reunited him with his mother. So, in the spirit of forgiveness and unity, I felt that it was important to have them with us here tonight, celebrating Hope and her family. Because, after all, if anyone represents kindness and generosity towards others, it's Hope Williams Brady.

Man: Hear, hear. Hear, hear. Hear, hear.

[Cheers and applause]

Man: Hear, hear!

Barb: Thank you, Lexie. Thank you.

Lexie: Sure.

Barb: Oh, I can't tell you what it means to me and Glen being welcomed into your home. And we're grateful for the chance to pay our respects to Hope. Wait. That's what you say when someone died, right?

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, baby.

Barb: Oh, okay. Anyway, we'd like to thank her for forgiving us when we accidentally took her son, because I know she'd never be able to forgive or forget if anyone was to take her child away from her again.

Shawn-D: Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Belle: There's going to be food at the party, you know.

Shawn-D: Fish things on toast does not count.

Belle: Oh, and a Buddy's Burger Barn special does count?

Shawn-D: This is only the finest grade-a ingredients, my dear.

Belle: You're going to have onion breath, and no one's going to come near you.

Shawn-D: You better chow down then.

Belle: Get that thing out of my face.

Shawn-D: Come on, you know you want it.

Belle: I can't stuff myself with heavy food like that, 'cause then I'm gonna get all puffy and spend the entire time at the party holding in my stomach.

Shawn-D: Eat me. Come on, one bite.

Belle: No. Mnh-mnh.

Shawn-D: Fries? Come on!

Belle: Only one.

Shawn-D: Two. They're good, and they're small.

Belle: Okay, but that's it.

Shawn-D: I don't know why you're worried about your weight. You have a great figure.

Belle: Which I plan on keeping. Besides, Lexie's going to have a huge fancy cake for your mom, and I can't pass that up.

Shawn-D: We'll have to work it off on the dance floor then.

Belle: You know, I'm really glad Brady's going to be there, too.

Shawn-D: Hanging with Chloe, no doubt.

Belle: Probably.

Shawn-D: You know, that girl better not have one of her mood things again, because I do not want to spend another date with you worried about Chloe Lane.

Nancy: Well, it looks like we're going to have to squeeze into your car. My keys have just disappeared.

Nancy: What's up?

Craig: What went on between Chloe and Brady when he was here before?

Nancy: I'm not sure. Why?

Craig: Well, she just looks so upset. I mean, I hope she's not going to back out of going to the party.

Nancy: Craig, it just breaks my heart to see her like this.

Craig: I know, I know. Me too, sweetheart, but just remember this -- whatever else happens tonight, we're going to have a good time. Where did I put my keys?

Nancy: I'll get your coat.

Craig: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Chloe: Oh, please let it be Philip. Please, please, please. Hello?

Brady: It's not Philip. Are you still talking to me?

Chloe: Brady, of course.

Brady: Chloe, I don't really like the way we left things.

Chloe: I don't either. Uh, maybe we can talk at the party?

Brady: Well, I'm actually parked outside your house. We can talk now.

Chloe: You are? Isn't it a little cold out there?

Brady: Yes, it's freezing.

Chloe: Well, why don't you come inside?

Brady: All right, I'll be right there.

Nancy: Ah, the good news is, we don't have to squeeze in to Craig's car.

Craig: Yes, indeed.

Nancy: I found my keys.

Craig: You all set?

Chloe: I'm not going.

Craig: Wha--

[Doorbell rings]

Chloe: I'll get that. Hi. Come in.

Craig: Weren't you just here?

Chloe: Uh, he came back to take me to the party.

Nancy: Well, then we will meet you there.

Craig: Yes. Shall we? Got your wrap? Thank you.

Nancy: Bye.

Craig: See you in a while.

Brady: Uh, you ready to go or what?

Chloe: I thought we were going to talk.

Brady: I can drive and talk.

Chloe: I thought maybe we could stay here. I'll make you one of my famous BLTís.

Brady: Chloe, why are you avoiding going to this party with me?

Nicole: Hey, Philip. I made popcorn and nachoís. Get it while it's hot.

Philip: Uh, go ahead without me.

Nicole: What? I thought you were crazy about this HBO movie.

Philip: I-I changed my mind, okay?

Nicole: What's going on? You got a girl in here? Ha ha. Ooh. Wow, you're kind of overdressed for a movie at home, aren't you?

Philip: It's none of your business.

Nicole: Oh, my God. You're going to the party at the DiMera mansion.

Philip: Could be.

Nicole: None of us were invited.

Philip: Who needs an invitation? I'll find a way in.

Nicole: Oh, so you're going to crash the party while all the security guards are checking the guests. I don't think so.

Philip: Watch me.

Nicole: Philip, okay, this isn't like sneaking in to a high school class party. The DiMeras are not people to screw around with. It's Chloe, isn't it? She's going to be there.

Philip: That could be.

Nicole: She's going to be there with someone else.

Philip: Yeah, but she's leaving with me.

Nicole: Philip, this is crazy. Come on, Iím telling you, you're making a major mistake.

Jennifer: And I would just like to say that no one has been there for me through the good times or the difficult times like my cousin Hope, my best friend Hope Brady. So let's all a raise a glass to mother of the year Hope Brady.

All: Hear, hear!

Nancy: Just look at this crowd.

Craig: Yeah, looks like most of Salem's here.

Abe: Are you okay?

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Abe, why didn't you tell us that Lexie had invited the Reibers?

Abe: 'Cause I didn't know. Lexie seems as surprised as I did when they walked in. Something's not right here.

Hope: What did Barb mean when she said that I would never forgive anyone who took my baby away again? Was she trying to scare me?

Bo: It's hard to tell. It was a pretty strange thing to say, though.

Rolf: Congratulations, Alexandra. You handled the Reibers like a true DiMera. If only your father could've witnessed the way you defused the danger they posed.

Lexie: I'd feel a lot safer if I could've drugged their drinks and dragged them out of here.

Rolf: That can arranged.

Lexie: Don't you dare.

Rolf: Then we need to work quickly. Concentrate all our efforts on giving Gina's memories back to Hope. Don't take your eyes off of her.

Lexie: All right, all right.

Jack: So, Lexie...

Lexie: Yeah.

Jack: Now that you've come up in the world -- filling your father's shoes, so to speak, and managing his business interests, I assume -- I've got an exciting idea for a new startup company. When you're ready for a new and unique business investment.

Lexie: Save your breath, Jack. I don't have access to my father's funds.

Jack: Ha ha ha. I find that very hard to believe.

Lexie: And I find it hard to believe that you'd be this crass.

Jack: Crass? Moi?

Lexie: Discussing business at a social event? Not done, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, but, I --

Lexie: Excuse me, I need to circulate.

Jack: [Stuttering]

Greta: Huh. Like her party manners couldn't use some work.

Jack: Hmm. Lexie and Brandon certainly seem cozy. Maybe she'll lure him away from Jennifer.

Lexie: Uh, Jennifer, uh, you don't mind if I borrow Brandon for a minute, do you? I need a strong man to help me move some furniture.

Jennifer: Yeah, sure.

Lexie: Thanks.

Brandon: I won't be long.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Perfect.

Sami: Jennifer...

Jack: Bummer.

Greta: Just as well. I'd rather not to speak to Austin anyway.

Jack: There will be other chances. Let's round up some hors d'oeuvres.

Sami: It must be so awkward for you to be here with your ex-husband over there. I mean, you're using Brandon to try to make Jack jealous, right?

Jennifer: You know what, Sami? I'm not using anyone to do anything. I'm just at this party to enjoy myself. If you'll excuse me.

Austin: Hey, hey, come on. Back off Jennifer, okay?

Sami: I was just making conversation.

Austin: It's none of your business how she feels about Jack or Brandon.

Sami: That's true, but I happen to know that she and Brandon are totally wrong for each other, and it's hard not to say anything.

Austin: I've noticed.

Sami: I am a direct person, Austin, and I thought you liked that about me.

Austin: No, I do. Just do me a favor -- please just don't upset anyone.

Sami: That's what I love about you, Austin. You make me a better woman.

Lexie: Brandon, you promised me you'd keep an eye on Hope. You're doing everything but.

Brandon: I don't like it.

Lexie: You don't like it? You picked a hell of a time to tell me that.

Brandon: Lexie, you're screwing around with Hope's life.

Lexie: Brandon, you've known all along what was happening.

Brandon: This is a dangerous game, and it could backfire.

Lexie: It won't. Please, Brandon, this is the only way I can make sure I never lose my son. Please don't back out on me now. Please.

John: This whole lousy party is a setup.

Marlena: John, shh. Shh, shh, shh.

John: DiMera's going to turn Hope back into Gina tonight -- I know that for a fact -- unless I can get that computer chip out of her head.

Marlena: Well, you can't do that now.

John: Well, then, Iím just going to have to get her out of here. Hey, Bo.

Bo: Hey, John, what's up?

John: Get your wife out of here right now.

Hope: I can't leave. I'm the guest of honor.

John: You are in danger. Get her out of here.

Bo: What the hell is going on?

John: Damn it, Hope, I want you to walk out that door with me right now!

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Chloe: You've never been angry at me before the way you were earlier.

Brady: Chloe, I just figured you were playing games with me.

Chloe: I'm not. I couldn't. Brady, your friendship means everything to me. And I guess the BLT's my way of making a peace offering and remembering all the good times we've had together. I know that you're still disappointed in me because of how I feel about Philip. But I want to be honest with you. Otherwise, what kind of friend would I be?

Brady: Chloe, I want to be honest with you, too. That's why I couldn't leave. We need to straighten out a few things before we go anywhere together.

Nicole: Philip, I thought it was over between you and Chloe.

Philip: Well, it's not.

Nicole: Why is she going to the party with someone else?

Philip: I don't know that she is, but I have to find out.

Nicole: It's not worth putting yourself in danger.

Philip: What do you think DiMera's security's going to do, shoot me on sight?

Nicole: I wouldn't put it past them. Look, Philip, even if you do manage to crash the party, running after Chloe is the worst thing that you can do. You're acting like you're desperate.

Philip: She belongs to me. She's part of me.

Nicole: Oh, wait. Ahem. Is that how she feels?

Philip: Yeah.

Nicole: Did she tell you that?

Philip: Well, I-I know it. She loves me... As much as I love her. Well, I mean, maybe not as much, but the feeling is there.

Nicole: Philip, I know you may want that to be true, but it doesn't make it so. Look, take it from someone who's been there, you're acting like a lovesick fool. It's going to backfire on you.

Hope: John, let go of me. I can't leave right now.

John: Please trust me. I want you to walk out that front door right now.

Bo: What is with you?

John: I told you, Bo. Your wife's not safe here. She's in danger.

Bo: I don't like this situation any more than you do, but this place is protected.

John: Yeah, by DiMera people?

Hope: What about Abe's men?

John: Oh, come on. They couldn't even keep the Reibers out of here. Please, just go home. Be safe. Just get her out of here.

Hope: You're scaring me, John.

John: I hope enough to do something about it.

Bo: Back off. If there's trouble, I can take care of it. I don't need your help.

Marlena: Please listen to Bo.

Bo: Why is he acting like this place is under siege?

Marlena: He's concerned. We both are. He's on edge.

Bo: He's over the edge, if you ask me.

Lexie: Rolf, did you hear that?

Rolf: I warned you about John. He almost destroyed all my work when he tried to get Hope to leave. I must complete the memory transfer now before it's too late.

Lexie: Please be careful.

Bo: With John's strong-arm tactics and the Reibers' guest appearance here, this party's a dud. Let's -- let's grab J.T. and hit the road.

Hope: And disappoint Shawn?

Bo: Oh.

Hope: Come on. He's expecting to meet us here. Besides, I haven't had a dance with my very handsome husband yet.

Bo: One more incident, we're out of here. What's up with John anyway? I mean, the other night when we were at Tuscany with him and Marlena, I thought things were okay. I mean, that things were back the way they used to be.

Hope: They are.

Bo: With a stunt like that? What are you talking about? He's acting like your bodyguard.

Hope: Bo, being in Stefano's house puts him on edge. He's a friend. Look, all I know is he's trying to help. So, please don't let this spoil the closeness we have with John and Marlena, okay?

Bo: Hmm. He freaks out. You defend him. Why?

John: Got to find a way to get her out of here.

Marlena: Bo is angry and suspicious. He will not let you anywhere near Hope.

John: That's okay, I'll just wait until she's on her own.

Marlena: You can't do that --

John: I'm telling you if anything happens to her --

Marlena: If anything happens, her husband is there. Do me a favor. Remember something. This is a party, not the end of the world.

Jack: Ahem. Good evening, Marlena, John.

Marlena: Oh, hello.

Jack: Uh, tell me. How is Basic Black shaping up?

John: Should have everything in place by the end of the year.

Jack: Hmm, yes, well, I read in the, uh, "Wall Street Journal" that you're focusing on fashion and a magazine. How about a newspaper? I could be talked into running it for you, you know. Award-winning editor-in-chief, remember?

John: I'll keep you in mind. Want to dance?

Marlena: Yes, please. Yes, thank you.

Jack: Has my deodorant failed or what?

Greta: What do you expect, Jack? You practically handed him your rťsumť.

Jack: Look, everybody here is way too incensed. This is not my idea of a party.

Greta: I do feel something's going on beneath the surface.

Jack: Oh!

Jack: I would like to know what's going on under the surface with my ex-wife and Mr. Musclebound. Look at her. She's draped all over him like a cheap suit. Probably just trying to make me jealous. I mean, what is it? Do you think it's those lounge-lizard eyes of his? Greta, look at me, really. I mean, is this what turns Jennifer on?

Greta: Could be.

Jack: Could be? What do you mean, could be?

Greta: I happen to find Brandon very sexy.

Jack: "I find Brandon very sexy."

Greta: Oh, my God, Jack. You're attracted to him.

Jack: Who, me? No, no, no.

Greta: Oh, you just said!

Jack: Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh.

Barb: Mmm. Ooh.

Glen: See any chips or cold cuts or anything?

Barb: Here, honey. Try this.

Glen: What the hell is that?

Barb: Caviar -- it's real expensive.

Glen: Ugh, smells like something I use for bait.

Barb: It's an acquired taste.

Glen: Yeah? Not for this boy.

Barb: You know what? Get used to it 'cause pretty soon this is going to be our lifestyle, too.

Rolf: Don't count on it, Mrs. Reiber. Ah! Alexandra has allowed this party to get completely out of control. She should have left those two lowlifes to me from the start. And why the hell isn't she sticking close to Hope? John Black could step in and carry her off at any second. Months of planning will end in disaster.

Shawn-D: I'm telling you, Brady is in deeper than he will admit. So if you can get through to Chloe at all, just tell her not to string Brady along.

Belle: I just don't want Brady to get hurt. I mean, he's finally getting his life back together.

Shawn-D: Mm. Mmm. My offer still stands.

Belle: No.

Shawn-D: It's perfect -- medium rare. The bun is still warm and crispy.

Belle: Stop. That is not fair.

Shawn-D: Mmm. Come on. It's good. One bite. Is happens to be the no-calorie Buddy Burger Barn burger.

Belle: Just a little bite.

Shawn-D: Okay, just a little one. There you go.

Belle: Mmm, that's heaven.

Shawn-D: Mm-hmm. You want to finish it?

Belle: It's yours.

Shawn-D: You sure?

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Shawn-D: All right.

[With mouth full] All right. Let's go. I am ready to party. Whoo!

Belle: Ha ha ha.

Brady: Chloe, I was out at my jeep. I was doing a lot of thinking about -- how we got to know each other, and how the -- how things have been between us.

Chloe: Have been?

Brady: There needs to be a change. This isn't easy for me.

Chloe: Just say it.

Brady: Chloe, ever since we've known each other, we've been pretty hard on each other. You know? Making jokes, and everything.

Chloe: It's never been serious.

Brady: Yeah, but I-I believe people behave that way when they're trying to cover up feelings that they have inside. Chloe, I can't do that anymore. There's just too much at stake for me.

Chloe: So what are you saying?

Brady: I'm saying that I care about you. I remember everything that you've told me about yourself, especially your art.

Chloe: My art?

Brady: Your singing. I mean, making a career out of that has been a dream for you. It's been your passion. You were ready to devote your entire life to developing your talent.

Chloe: I still want that.

Brady: No, you donít. You've bailed on your talent, you've bailed on yourself, and I guess I'm the only friend you have who can call you on it.

Chloe: Brady, you're wrong about me. Singing is still the most important thing in my life.

Brady: Chloe, you're kidding yourself. All summer long you were talking about getting voice lessons, going to New York to see opera. What happened to those plans?

Chloe: Where is this coming from?

Brady: I care about you. I'm not going to watch you put your future on hold because you have a destructive relationship with Philip Kiriakis.

Chloe: Where do you get off judging me?

Brady: I thought you liked Nesty, Chloe.

Chloe: I don't like being talked down to.

Brady: Fine, but if you're going to be self-destructive, I'm not going to hang around and watch. Our friendship will be over.

Abe: Oh, hey, there's John. I want to have a word with him. Excuse me.

Lexie: Okay.

Lexie: Brandon? You're not leaving, are you?

Brandon: I just got beeped. I have to get back to the hospital.

Lexie: No, no, you canít.

Brandon: There's a little boy that needs me a hell of a lot more than you do.

Lexie: Brandon, please.

Brandon: Lexie, even if I stayed, I wouldn't help you. What you're doing is wrong. I should have realized before, but being here now made it real, and my conscience won't let me get involved.

Lexie: No, you call yourself my friend?

Brandon: I am your friend, and when this is over you're really going to need me, help you pick up the pieces.

Jennifer: [Thinking] Brandon left without saying goodbye.

Sami: What's your guess? Maybe a lovers' quarrel?

Austin: You know what? You mentioned a dance earlier. I think it's time for that right now.

Sami: And then we can announce our engagement, and everyone will toast our happiness.

Jack: So what happened to steroid steady?

Jennifer: He decided to leave for the evening. Are you having fun, Greta?

Jack: Actually, Greta and I are about to spend the rest of our romantic evening alone, far from the madding crowd. Can we drop you anywhere?

Jennifer: Oh, no, no. The evening's still young for me.

Greta: And I have no intentions of going any place either.

Jack: W-- women!

Jack: [Thinking] Poor Jennifer. She's in shock over Brandon walking out on her without even saying goodbye -- the swine.

Abe: Well, you know, uh, Roman would have been here, but he's working on this case that I think would interest you, John.

John: Oh, yeah?

Marlena: I bet it would.

Abe: Yeah, you know what? Why don't I get you a beer? I'll fill you in.

John: Yeah. Sounds good.

Abe: All right.

Marlena: Honey.

Bo: Marlena looked a little upset and embarrassed.

Hope: Yeah, well, why wouldn't she? John is out of control. Why don't you go talk to her?

Bo: Why don't you?

Hope: Why don't you? Bo...Jennifer was very nervous about coming here tonight and I haven't spent any time at all with her. Please, go cheer Marlena up.

Bo: Uhh. All right.

Lexie: Hope's alone. Now's the time.

Barb: Not so fast. We've got a little financial matter to settle.

Rolf: Ah! Alexandra is completely useless. I will have to act on my own. Now is the time to flood Hope with Gina's memories.

Rolf: Easy, Rolf. Too much, too soon, and she could become Gina totally. Actually, I think it would be better that way. Stefano won't be happy, but certainly he will understand that anything is better than Alexandra losing her precious child.

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