Days Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01

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Greta: Whew.

Jack: What a fiasco. What a complete and utter waste of energy.

Greta: Oh, not for me. I-I had a nice time.

Jack: Greta, the whole point of us going out was to keep an eye on Jennifer and Tarzan.

Greta: So?

Jack: So they didn't even bother to show up.

Greta: Jack, cheer up. The night's not over yet.

Jack: It is for me. I'll see you around, Princess. Thanks for everything..

Greta: Oh, oh, whoa, whoa, you hold on right here. Here -- hold my coat. Ha ha. Yep, you can't leave, Jack. And you know why? Because, um, because you just -- you just -- you just can't. Ha ha. You can't leave. Ha ha. Whew. Okay. Come on in.

Jack: Thanks, Greta, but I already told you I-I really don't think that tonight's the night.

Greta: Um, just -- come on. Just for a little while? Besides, you got to get that book.

Jack: I think I can get it another time.

Greta: Uh, well, just, why don't you just come in now and get the book now, you know? Have a glass of wine, relax.

Jack: I think I値l just take a rain check on the wine, okay?

Harold: Not okay.

Jack: Good night, Princess. Ha ha.

Greta: No, no, no, Jack, no, no, no, no, you can't go. I'm serious. You can't.

Brandon: What do you say we rent a video and go back to my place?

Jennifer: Uh, your place?

Brandon: Yeah, well, I don't think either of us wants to go to your house and spend the rest of the evening with Jack. What do you say?

Jennifer: You -- you want us to go back to your place alone?

Brandon: Is that a problem?

Jennifer: Uh, Brandon, look, I'm not ready for anything like that, okay? I don't want you to think I知 a prude or anything...

Brandon: No problem, but just for the record, it wasn't that kind of invitation.

Jennifer: Well, just for the record, what kind of invitation was it?

Brady: Have you two seen Chloe at all?

Belle: Yeah.

Brady: Where is she?

Belle: She just left, Brady, and she left with Philip.

Brady: What -- what do you mean? No way.

Belle: Brady, I am so sorry. I feel really terrible about this, but Chloe and Philip just walked out together.

Brady: You know what? Forget it. It's -- it's really no big deal. I was just getting some popcorn anyway.

Belle: Brady.

Shawn-D: Aw, man. Movie's been cancelled.

Kevin: Do you believe it?

Shawn-D: What's up? Is something wrong?

Chloe: This is all your fault -- it is so like you to humiliate me in front of everyone.

Philip: You started it.

Chloe: Just get away from me. You're nothing but trouble, you loser.

Cynthia: You're the loser, not Philip.

Chloe: If it isn't the slut of Salem High.

Philip: Hey, hey, don't take this out on Cynthia.

Chloe: You two deserve each other.

Cynthia: Suits me. Come on, baby, let's go back to my place.

Philip: That's a good idea.

Chloe: Why, Philip? Why?

Philip: Look, Cynthia, maybe I should just drop you off and, uh --

Cynthia: And what -- go back and rescue Chloe?

Mimi: Uh, well, I think Kevin and I are just going to go, okay, Belle?

Belle: Okay.

Mimi: Okay, um, I'll call you later.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn-D: Someone want to clue me in here?

Brady: Nothing to worry about, Shawn. I think I'm going to split, too.

Belle: No, Brady, don't go.

Brady: It's okay, Belle. I got some things to do at home, so I値l see you there.

Shawn-D: Okay, I don't get it. What just happened here?

Belle: Tonight turned into a total disaster, that's what, and it's all my fault.

Cynthia: Don't waste your time. You're too good of a guy to go chasing after her.

Philip: Man, this whole thing is messed up.

Cynthia: No, look, she's the one that's messed up. I mean, my God, she called you a loser. You were wonderful to her and she practically spit in your face. You don't need that. You need somebody who appreciates you and treats you right, like me. So come back to my place and have a beer.

Philip: I don't think so, Cynthia.

Cynthia: Don't you deserve to have a little fun? We'll just hang out for a little while.

Philip: I-I really shouldn稚.

Cynthia: Why? Because you feel guilty?

Philip: No, no, that's not it.

Cynthia: Then what's the problem? I told you -- my parents are out of town. So it's just you and me.

Philip: I could use a drink.

Cynthia: Now you're talking.

Brady: Chloe wouldn't leave me and not say anything.

Brady: Maybe she would. Why? Why would she do that to me? You know what, Brady? That's it. Forget her.

Brandon: Just for the record, the invitation was about watching a video, talking. It was just a way for us to be together a while longer. That's all.

Jennifer: Right.

Brandon: I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.

Jennifer: No, I知 sorry for jumping to conclusions, especially when you have never been anything but totally up-front with me. I'm just -- I'm not used to people being up-front with me.

Brandon: No problem. I understand.

Jennifer: Yeah, you do, and you have been incredibly sensitive to everything that is going on in my head, and I thank you for that.

Brandon: So... Why don't I take you home?

Jennifer: No, no, I want to go to your place and I want to watch a movie with you.

Brandon: Are you sure? Because we can grab a drink or have some dessert somewhere. I mean, it doesn't have to be Chez Moi.

Jennifer: Well, no, because now you have me interested in what is up at Chez Toi.

Brandon: Oh, really?

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, I'm curious how a guy like you, you know, a single man about town, lives.

Brandon: Oh, man. The pressure is on, but that's cool. After you.

Greta: Into the apartment with you now. There is no way I'm just going to let you go home.

Jack: Why not? Is there a problem?

Greta: Yes, actually, there is a problem. You know how tonight you said there was this element of weirdness? Well, Jack, I agree with you. Most of the time when I go to the movies with a date, well, they don't ask me to sit in a different row. Ha ha, and usually we end up seeing a movie. So you know what? Let's not end the night on yet another note of weirdness. Just come on in and relax.

Jack: I am frustrated and exhausted, and I知 really not up for it tonight. Could we do it another time?

Greta: No, we have to do it tonight.

Jack: Why?

Greta: Why? Why? Because, um, because, Jack, because I know what is good for you, and I know that tonight it did not go the way you had planned for it to go, you know? And, um, well, I have got a surprise for you, and you are going to be so happy I gave it to you.

Jack: I will?

Greta: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Guaranteed. So come on in, big boy.

Jack: Come on in, big boy? Where did that come from?

Greta: A movie. Um, Mae west, she says, uh, she says, "come on in, big boy, and let me hear you whistle."

Jack: Oh, no, no, you got that wrong. Mae West does the big boy thing, but it's Lauren Bacall who -- who tells bogey, "if you ever need me, just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you? You just put your lips together and blow."

Greta: We can do that. Whatever. The point is I want you, my friend, to come on in and relax. Come on. Here we go. In we go. Shut the door. Ha ha. Would you like a drink? You know what? I think that you need a drink.

Jack: Look, I知 just -- I'm too hyper right now. I just think that, uh...

Greta: That is why you need a drink. You need a drink, and you know what else you need, Jack? You need that little surprise.

Jack: What -- wait a minute. What is this? "Muscle Man Monthly"?

Greta: Oh, yeah, you know, my neighbor probably left it here -- hmm -- a little earlier. Ha ha. Why don't you just come on, sit down -- there you go -- and I am going to do something to relieve all your stress. Be right back.

Greta: You almost blew it.

Harold: Sorry. Here.

Greta: Okay -- oh, my God, this thing weighs a ton.

Harold: You can do it.

Greta: Got to get the door. Wait, wait, wait. There. Got it.

Harold: Okay, you ready?

Greta: Shh. Shh.

Greta: Oh, my God. Ooh! Ha ha ha.

Jack: Greta, what are you doing?

Mimi: Guess our first date back in Salem was a real success, huh?

Kevin: What do you mean was? It's not over yet.

Mimi: It's not? Well, that's good to hear.

Kevin: Come with me.

Chloe: Oh, my God -- Brady. He's probably wondering where I went. I've got to get back in there. Hey, how come you guys aren't in the theater?

Shawn-D: They shut it down.

Chloe: Have you seen Brady?

Belle: As if you even care. Listen, Chloe, I don't want you ever going near my brother again. How dare you dump Brady to run off with Philip.

Chloe: No, wait, no, it's not like that.

Shawn-D: It was a nice move, Chloe, really. I thought Philip was a jerk for the way he treated you after the Last Blast, but, you know, two-timing Brady tonight -- I think you're a jerk. Seriously, just blowing him off like that? I know you may think of him as a friend -- that's fine -- but you don't treat friends that way.

Chloe: No, no, you guys don't understand. I would never hurt any of you, especially Brady. He is my friend.

Belle: Yeah, right.

Chloe: Belle, please, you have to believe me --

Belle: No. Save your breath. Come on, Shawn.

Brady: So this is it. Philip wins. I lose.

Jennifer: Brandon, this is incredible. It's huge. Oh, my gosh, I cannot believe how big this place is. Look at this view. You were right. It's awesome. Oh, my goodness.

Brandon: Yeah, you know, the first time that I stood here and looked out, I thought, "yeah. Definitely. This is it. This is where I want to be."

Jennifer: Oh, it is amazing. Look at these high ceilings and these giant windows. Gosh -- oh, look at this. You know what? I need one of these in my place.

Brandon: You know what? Feel free to come over and slam away any time.

Jennifer: Really? I may take you up on that.

Brandon: Ooh, nice shot. Let me take your coat.

Jennifer: Oh, um, okay. Here you go. Thank you. This really is amazing. I mean, the furniture and -- and the plants and the artwork. Did you have a decorator do all this for you?

Brandon: On my salary? No way.

Jennifer: Are you -- are you kidding? You did all this yourself? I am impressed. You're a really good decorator. I mean, unlike me. I have no idea where to put anything. And artwork? I have -- I have zero talent in that department.

Brandon: Oh, I'm sure you do. You're just not confident about it. See, the trick is not to ask anyone else what they think. Just go ahead and do it.

Jennifer: I'll try to remember that.

Brandon: [Laughs] Okay. So, what can I get you to drink? Glass of wine?

Jennifer: Um, no, actually, water is good.

Brandon: Okay. No problem. I happen to stock an excellent vintage bottled water.

Jennifer: Oh, really?

Brandon: Yeah, guaranteed not from the Salem River.

Jennifer: [Laughs] Oh, that's a good thing.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Brandon: Mm-hmm.

Jennifer: Oh, excellent bouquet. Ha ha ha.

Brandon: Well, might as well, uh, get the movie started.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Brandon: I know you don't want to stay too late.

Jennifer: Yeah, I can't. You know, with Abby, when she goes to bed at night, I always worry that she's going to wake up and -- and, you know, I just want to be there for her. If she does wake up, I hate to not be there.

Brandon: Here we go. Lights.

Brandon: There. Just like the movie theater, right?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Brandon: Without the sticky floor and the armrests.

Jennifer: Yeah. Ha ha.

[Movie begins with fanfare]

[video sound warbles]

Brandon: What's up with that?

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. I-I'm sorry, but I think your VCR just ate that tape. [Gasps] Oh, my goodness.

Brandon: Okay.

Jennifer: Oh, that's awful.

Brandon: Well, uh, for some reason, the movie gods do not want us to see a movie tonight.

Jennifer: I'm telling you, I'm a jinx. Ha ha.

Brandon: Well, I... Guess we'll just have to get to know each other better.

Greta: [Groans]

Jack: Uh, you need some help?

Greta: Oh, no. No, no. No, no. You sit right there, and I'm going to relieve all of your tension.

Jack: What are you doing, Greta?

Greta: Um, you know what? Don't you worry about it, because in a minute, I am going to -- I am going to relieve all of your stress. You know what? I think I need your help. Ha ha.

Jack: Okay, but, uh...

Greta: You do this. Right here, right here.

Jack: All right. What is this? This is like a -- a -- oh! This is a -- oh, my gosh, this thing is...Strange it's a --

Greta: Yeah.

Jack: [Laughs] It's a -- it's a massage table, that's what it is.

Greta: Yes, yes, a massage table. You know, I am a woman of many talents..

Jack: Oh.

Greta: Here you go.

Jack: What is this?

Greta: Vitamins. It's Vitam formula. 'S in liquid form. That way it absorbs into your body much faster. The best thing for you to do is to down it all in one gulp. See? Right here. Mmm!

Jack: Okay. All right.

Greta: Whew!

Jack: Oh!

Greta: Ha ha!

Jack: Tasty! Hey, maybe I need another dose.

Greta: Oh, I think you do.

Jack: Okay. Now I'll just, uh, open this up here.

Greta: [Humming]

Jack: [Grunting] Ahh! Uh-huh. That's good. Yeah.

Greta: Here we go. Here.

Jack: Okay.

Greta: Whoo! Whoo!

Jack: Yeah, are you sure these things are just vitamins? 'Cause that sure tastes like tequila to me.

Greta: Oh, well, that's probably because it's a cactus-based concoction. That's probably why.

Jack: Cactus?

Greta: It's a new thing. A new thing. It's very fast acting, as I said. It makes you feel rejuvenated. Well, you should feel rejuvenated any minute now.

Jack: Well, as a matter of fact, I am feeling rather, uh -- ha ha ha -- uplifted.

Greta: Good, good. So, um, take off all your clothes. Aarghh!

We will return for the second half of "Days of Our Lives" in just a moment.

Mimi: Kevin, the movies were canceled, the place is closed. Isn't this like trespassing?

Kevin: No problem. I've got it covered. Wait here. I'll be right back.

Mimi: Kevin!

Kevin: Trust me, okay?

Shawn-D: Slow down. What's the hurry?

Belle: It's just Chloe. I can't believe I had a fight with her like that.. She makes me so mad!

Shawn-D: Yeah?

Belle: But maybe...

Shawn-D: Maybe we were too hard on her?

Belle: No. She shouldn't have treated Brady like that. She deserved to hear it.

Shawn-D: But something's wrong with you, though. You want me to go back there so I can find her? I mean, she wasn't with Philip, and she's probably stranded because Brady left.

Belle: No. Her favorite line is "I can take care of myself." She keeps telling me she's been doing it all of her life, so she can certainly do it tonight. I am more concerned about Brady. Shawn, he was acting like it was no big deal, but I know he was really hurt.

Shawn-D: Do you want me to take you home so you can see how he is?

Belle: No. No, you're such a good guy, but I don't want our date to end.

Shawn-D: Well, I was hoping you were gonna say that.

Brady: Come on, Brady, get over it. Million other girls out there... None like Chloe.

Chloe: I've got to tell Brady what happened. Oh, damn. I left my cell phone on the charger. I'm sure he went home. I'll just walk to his place.

Cynthia: Alone at last.

Philip: All right.

Cynthia: How about a beer?

Philip: Sure.

Cynthia: Then I値l be right back, and then I知 going to make you forget everything that happened tonight... And Chloe.

Jack: Wait, when you say you want me to take off my clothes, you mean...

Greta: Yeah, all of them.

Jack: But, Greta, I --

Greta: You heard me. On the table.

Jack: But I -- I really do think that --

Greta: Jack, come on, it's not as if you're attracted to me. Come on.

Jack: Well, but all the same, I --

Greta: It's a massage, Jack. A massage. Everybody gets naked with a massage, right?

Jack: Yeah, but -- I mean, do you really know what you're doing?

Greta: Yes, yes, of course I do. Don't you remember?

Jack: Uh-huh.

Greta: Yeah! Feels good, huh?

Jack: Okay, what the hey!

Greta: What the hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Jack: Oh!

Greta: There you go! Shoe!

Jack: Shoe!

Greta: One shoe.

Jack: Shoe, shoe.

Greta: [Laughing]

Jack: Ooh, goodbye. Okay.

Greta: Ooh, off with the pants.

Jack: And here it goes.

Greta: There we go. Down the zipper.

Jack: Down the zip--

Greta: Whoo!

Jack: Okay.

Greta: Ha ha ooh! [Laughing]

Jack: Ah, yes. Ah, yeah.

Greta: Off with the top. There we go. Yeah. Just throw it over there. Yeah. Yeah. No, no, that's fine. Fine.

Jack: Oh, I think I値l, uh... Whew! Don't mind me. Ol!

Greta: Ol, ol, ol. On the table. Up we go.

Jack: Here I go.

Greta: There we go. Hey, hey, hey. You know what? On your stomach.

Jack: Ahh.

Greta: Flip over.

Jack: Good idea.

Greta: Up and over. Up and over. Cover your little booty here. All covered. There we go.

Jack: Yeah.

Greta: There. Ahh... Just relax. Hey, hey. Up, up, up. Slide down.

Jack: All right.

Greta: That's it. There we go. Head up...Head down. There.

Jack: Yeah.

Greta: Relax. Relax. You stay right here.

Jack: Right here.

Greta: I'm gonna go turn... The lights down.

Jack: Lights are down.

Greta: There we go. Down they go.

Jack: Yeah.

Greta: A little music.

[Soft music playing]

Jack: Ah, a little music.

Greta: You just relax and lie there.

Jack: Relax.

Greta: Yeah. Relax.

Jack: So, uh...

Greta: Relax.

Jack: Aren't you going to be getting naked, too?

Greta: Ah ha ha ha! Ooh! Head down! Ha ha ha! Head down. You keep that head down now, Jack. Yeah.

Jack: Well, since you're going to be going all dominatrix on me...

Greta: Oh, yeah, dominatrix.

Jack: Well, I just --

Greta: Head down. Head down. There we go. Eyes closed, head down. Ooh.

Jack: Ahh. Fine, fine.

Greta: Hey, hey. No talking, okay? No talking. There we go. You just relax. Relax. Oh, yeah. That's it, Jack. Relax.

Brandon: How about some music?

Jennifer: Sure. That would be great.

[Soft jazz music playing]

Brandon: There. Okay?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Brandon: You don't like it?

Jennifer: Hmm? No, no, it's not that. It's just, um...

Brandon: What is it?

Jennifer: Now that the movie's broken, I'm just feeling really nervous.

Brandon: How about a little dance to help you relax?

Jennifer: Okay. Oh!

Brandon: [Laughs]

Jennifer: Brandon, I am so sorry. I am a klutz --

Brandon: Don't be.

Jennifer: I'm sorry.

Brandon: It's only water.

Jennifer: Oh, gee.

Brandon: I'll just go change my shirt. No problem.

Jennifer: Okay. I'm really sorry. I --

Brandon: See?

Jennifer: I, uh... I need to go.

Kevin: Now we're all set.

Mimi: Set for what? What's going on?

Kevin: Why are you so nervous? It's okay that we're here. I'm friends with Wayne.

Mimi: Wayne?

Kevin: The projectionist. We work out together.

Mimi: Lucky Wayne.

Kevin: So, are you ready for the show?

Mimi: What show?

Kevin: I am a master in the ancient art of shadow puppets.

Mimi: [Laughing] Oh, look at the little birdy.

Kevin: Do you like horses?

Mimi: Yeah. You're so good at it.

Kevin: And...What's that?

Mimi: Um, a frog?

Kevin: No. A moose.

Mimi: [Laughing] Bravo.

Kevin: Thank you.

Belle: Shawn, I知 just so upset.

Shawn-D: With Chloe or your brother?

Belle: Both. There's something else that's been bothering me, too. I have a really bad feeling about it.

Shawn-D: All right. You better talk to me about it. So, what's going on?

Belle: Okay, well, we had our first date at the Last Blast, right? And it was a disaster because of that whole Chloe internet thing. And now we're having our first date as boyfriend and girlfriend, and it's a wreck. Once again, Chloe's the center of attention and my brother gets hurt. I think we're jinxed.

Shawn-D: We are not jinxed, okay? We're here together... Alone. In my book, that's always a good thing. I don't care about some stupid movie or Chloe and Brady right now. Being with you -- anytime, anywhere -- is all I care about.

Cynthia: Feel better?

Philip: Yeah, I do, actually.

Cynthia: See what this does for you.

Chloe: Ahh... This is farther than I thought, but I have to find Brady.

[Van approaching]

[Tires screech]

Chloe: Oh, my God.

[Van doors open and close]

Brandon: What are you doing?

Jennifer: I think that, um, that I should probably go before --

Brandon: Come on, sit down and relax. The night is young, and so are we.

Jennifer: Is that from a movie?

Brandon: I think so. Or maybe a song.

Jennifer: I'm sorry about the water.

Brandon: Don't be. It's only water.

Jennifer: I know, but it was cold. It was cold water, and I'm such a klutz. I mean, can you tell that I知 a klutz? You probably can. You've spent such a short amount of time with me, but --

Brandon: Turn around.

Jennifer: Why?

Brandon: Just turn around for a minute.

Jennifer: Oh, no. Is there water all over my -- God!

Brandon: No, I just -- I want to massage your neck for a minute to relieve the tension. I'm a CMT, you know.

Jennifer: CMT?

Brandon: Yeah. Certified massage therapist. The art of touch is very healing to the kids I work with. Plus, it helped pay my way through grad school.

Jennifer: Well, you're a man of many talents, Brandon Walker.

Brandon: Just close your eyes and relax.

Jack: Ahh! Princess, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Greta: I told you so, Jack. You're going to have to learn to listen to me.

Jack: Ahh... Just a little harder. Around the neck.

Jack: Whoa! Not that hard!

Brandon: There. Feel good?

Jennifer: Yeah, you were right. This is exactly what I needed.

Brandon: Me too.

Jack: Mmm. This is so good. So good.

Greta: I am so glad you're enjoying it.

Jack: Your hands are strong.

Greta: So I致e been told.

Jack: Where did you learn to do this?

Greta: A really good friend of mine. He taught me everything I know.

Jack: I should thank him.

Greta: I'm sure you will someday...Soon.

Jack: Oh, really? Do I know him?

Greta: No, no, not yet.

Jack: Mmm. I am glad you talked me into staying.

Greta: Me too, me too. See, Jack, I told you the night was gonna get better.

Jack: Oh, don't stop. Ah, I love it. Ahh. I must thank you, Greta.

Greta: [Shrieks] Head down. Head down.

Jack: I just want to look at you and see your beautiful face.

Mimi: [Laughs] Pretty lame, huh?

Kevin: But done with great panache.

Mimi: What's panache?

Kevin: Flair. Style.

Mimi: You've got style, Kevin. Show me how you did that first one.

Kevin: Okay, take your hands and put them together, like... Here, let me show you.

Mimi: [Laughs]

Kevin: Um, yeah. Put your hands inside out like that, and... Your thumbs together. And put your -- keep your fingers close together. And then you hold it in front of the light and wave.

Kevin: You're doing it.

Mimi: Oh, look at it. It's beautiful.

Kevin: Isn't it?

Kevin: I think you're beautiful, Mimi.

Shawn-D: Better now?

Belle: Much better.

Shawn-D: Come on, let's go.

Belle: Wait. Where are we going?

Shawn-D: We'll take the truck where we can really be alone.

Belle: You mean we're going to park?

Shawn-D: I happen to know a spot where no one will find us.

Belle: Okay.

Cynthia: You like that?

Philip: Yeah, I do.

Cynthia: Try this.

Cynthia: Smile, Philip. Let me see those amazing dimples.

Philip: Would you stop?

Cynthia: You don't want me to stop, do you? You want me to keep going, right?

Philip: Yeah, sure.

Man: Hey, dude, we lucked out tonight, huh?

Chloe: Get away from me.

Man #2: How about we give you a ride?

Chloe: No, I'll walk.

Man: That ain't the kind of ride we're talking about, sugar.

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