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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/5/01

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[Piano playing]

Jennifer: You must have some kind of magical power, Brandon

Brandon: Why is that?

Jennifer: Because as nervous as I was when we first sat down, somehow it's changed. I mean, five minutes with you and I feel like I don't have a care in the world.

Brandon: That's good, but the question is why? Why were you so nervous?

Greta: Come on, Harold, uh, sit with us. You know what they say -- three's company. Ha ha.

Harold: Honey, the expression is "three's a crowd." If you insist.

Greta: I do. I do insist. Why don't you grab a seat?

Harold: You know what? Save it for me, Princess. I am a mess after my fancy pratfall on my way to your table. Got to freshen up. I promise -- I'm not always such a klutz. Back in a jif.

Greta: So, um, what do you think?

Jack: I wish we were closer to Jennifer痴 table. Then we could hear what she was saying.

Greta: Forget about Jennifer. Harold -- he's nice, huh?

Jack: Huh?

Greta: Harold -- do you like him?

Hope: Being in your arms like this is giving me ideas.

Bo: More ideas?

Hope: Oh, don't tell me you're worn out, tiger.

Bo: Oh, no, that was just a preview of coming attractions.

Hope: Mm.

Bo: Main feature's coming up real soon.

Hope: Mm. Maybe I should get the popcorn.

Bo: Whoa, ho, ho, ho. You're not going to have time for popcorn or peanuts or candy. Just you and me and a little TV. Uh, uh, you know, you know, let's forget the TV.

Hope: Mm.

[Door opens]

Shawn-D: Yo, yo, everybody. We won the game.

Hope: Hey, honey.

Bo: Yay, team.

Hope: Wow, good for you. That's...Great.

John: Boy, there is something so sexy about marshmallows, isn't there? Huh?

Both: Mmm.

Marlena: Boy, you're a mess.

John: Mmm. I need more.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Okay. Be patient, honey. Second one's always better.

John: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Hmm? Hmm?

John: Come on. Feed me, baby. Let's go.

Marlena: It's worth waiting for. There you go. Come on. Come on.

John: Ha ha. Mmm.

Marlena: Mmm.

John: Mmm.

Marlena: Mmm.

[Door opens]

Belle: What a great game. If our team keeps playing like that, we are definitely in the running for all state, and what about Shawn? He was so good.

Brady: Yeah, not that you're prejudiced or anything.

Belle: He's a good player. You know, I'm still surprised that you stayed for the whole basketball game.

Brady: I like basketball.

Belle: Oh, so it wasn't just your pet project keeping you there?

Brady: Pet pr-- what are you talking about?

Belle: Chloe -- you spent the whole summer with her, but now she's back in school.

Brady: Belle, I did not go to the basketball game to see Chloe Lane. I went to see my sister cheer her high school basketball team to victory.

Belle: Go Salem High!

Brady: Oh, really? Come here, you. Ha ha. Wait a second.

Belle: Mom, dad, what are you doing down there?

Shawn-D: So, even without Philip, we were red hot.

Bo: How many points you make?

Shawn-D: Aw, what did I have? Like, 20 or something. I don't know. I was on fire.

Bo: Yeah, you are on fire.

Hope: Yeah, you're so modest.

Shawn-D: Yeah, you know, I'm trying to be. Well, you know who was great was Belle. I mean, she was just unbelievable, her school spirit. I don't know. She starts cheering, everybody wants to win.

Hope: Oh, well, Belle is a very positive young lady. That's for sure.

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, well, she's the best.

Hope: Yeah. Honey, we're thrilled that you won the game and, next time, we will definitely be there.

Shawn-D: And next time make sure you bring J.T. 'cause I want him to see me play.

Hope: Absolutely.

Shawn-D: Where is he?

Hope: He's sleeping. Oh, actually, your dad and I were just about to check out the TV line-up.

Shawn-D: Well, that's perfect 'cause I kind of need to wind down. I'm really pumped from the game.

Bo: Whoa. Hold on there, sailor. You all caught up with your schoolwork?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Bo: Missed a lot of classes when you were in Puerto Rico.

Shawn-D: They should give us college credit for everything that happened in Puerto Rico -- Survival 101.

Hope: Ah-ah-ah, senior year is extremely important. Honey, you've done so well -- always. Let's not fall behind now, okay?

Shawn-D: No, I know. I had my last makeup quiz today. So I知 all caught up, and I have this video I really want to see. It's, uh, it's a movie on stock car racing. Mom, don't worry. There's a romance involved. So what do you say we all watch it together?

Hope: Uh...Sure. Why not? We haven't had a family TV night in ages. I'll make the popcorn.

Bo: Yeah, might as well get the peanuts and the candy while you're at it.

J.T.: [Cries]

Hope: Oh, I値l get it.

Bo: No, no, I値l get him.

Shawn-D: No, no, hey, hey, let me go get him. Let me go get him.

Hope: Honey, it's late. I want your brother to sleep. Please.

Shawn-D: Mom, mom, I know that cry. He's not going to go back to sleep. I should go get him, and you know what? He probably wants to hear about the game. That's what this is all about. I'll go get him, we'll come down, we'll watch the movie together, all right?

Bo: Yeah, well... So much for round two. Sorry, Fancy Face.

Hope: Brady, you'll be making it up to me.

Bo: You bet I will.

Hope: I, uh, better make that popcorn.

Bo: Here. I'll help.

Hope: Wouldn't have it any other way.

John: Ha ha.

Belle: Dad?

John: Hey, we're marsh-- marshmallow roasting. Ha ha.

Marlena: Except we didn't have a fireplace, so..

John: Yeah, we kind of got creative.. So you want to try some?

Brady: Uh, no, thank you. I'm not -- not really hungry... Anymore.

John: Well, it's not about nutrition, son. It's about having fun.

Belle: Oh, my gosh. Brady... It's your Gray Hulk.

Brady: Yes, it is.

Belle: But where did he come from?

John: Grey Hulk?

Belle: Oh, come on, dad. You remember -- the action figure that you bought Brady when he was, like, what -- 10 or 11?

Brady: Uh, 10. I was 10.

Belle: You were so crazy about this thing -- he was next to your plate at dinner, you took him to school with you, and then one day you lost him.

Marlena: I'm surprised you remember that. You were just in first grade then.

Belle: Brady was so upset. How could I forget about it? He cried for, like, a week.

Brady: Okay, let's not go broadcasting that around.

Belle: Ha ha. Like I would.

John: Right -- Gray Hulk. I remember. You -- you lost him in that vacant lot somewhere, right?

Brady: Yeah.

Marlena: Where the savings bank is now.

John: Yeah, yeah, we went back the next day and we started sifting through the dirt trying to find him and, and --

Brady: Nothing.

John: Yeah, nothing. I felt really bad for you. So where did you find Gray Hulk after all these years?

Brady: Well, I didn't. Marlena did. She got him for me.

John: Honey?

Marlena: Hmm?

John: You didn't tell me you found this toy for Brady.

Marlena: Well, I'll admit that I hadn't thought much about the Gray Hulk in the last 10 years. Then I saw it on the, uh, display counter in the store, and it all came back to me -- how much Brady had loved it and how awful I felt when I couldn't find another one just like it. My son's heart was broken. I could never forget that.

Shawn-D: Come on, J.T.

Bo: Come here.

Shawn-D: Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.. Come on. Come on. Someday this is going to be a basketball, we're going to have a hoop right here, and you're going to be making shots just like your big brother -- just like your big brother, just like your big brother.

Hope: Honey, you're going to get him all revved up and then he's never going to go back to sleep again.

Shawn-D: No, mom, he'll go back to sleep, and if he doesn't after the movie, I値l just take him up to my room. We'll go lie down on my bed. We'll have a sleep over. Right, buddy? Right? Right?

Bo: You'll have a sleep over? What are you talking about?

Shawn-D: Yeah, we do that sometimes..

Bo: When do you do that?

Shawn-D: I, just, you know, like if he's crying at night or something, I'll just go get him, bring him to my bed, and we'll talk, right? We'll talk.

Bo: Do you have conversations with J.T? About girls?

Shawn-D: About girls, about, you know, how my day went, you, mom, and Belle. Well, we've talked about Belle a couple times, haven't we? Yeah, he's got a big smile on his face, but, you know, I think I'm pretty boring 'cause every time we do talk, he always goes to sleep pretty fast.

Hope: So, um, honey, you talk to J.T. about Belle, huh?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Hope: Hmm, you know, I'd really like it if you gave me some of those talks.

Shawn-D: There's nothing really to say.

Hope: Oh, come on. She's your girlfriend, isn't she? So there must be something.

Jennifer: Ah, that awkward silence -- I hate that.

Brandon: Doesn't have to be awkward.. Silence is another way to communicate -- a better way, sometimes. When I知 not busy shooting my mouth off, I can actually notice how I'm feeling. Like now, I'm -- I'm having a really good time.

Jennifer: Yeah, me too.

Jennifer: And you know what? You're right. Some people talk so much that they don't say anything meaningful, and that's when you just stop listening -- at least I do.

Brandon: Well, I will try not to make that mistake. You are too much fun to communicate with, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I am?

Brandon: Oh, yeah. For instance, right now all I have to do is look at you to know what you're thinking.

Jennifer: Well, I hope not.

Brandon: Ha ha. See? I was right.

Jennifer: Ha ha.

Greta: So what do you think about Harold -- do you like him?

Jack: Like him? I don稚 really know? I just met the guy.

Greta: Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Jack: All what takes? You're not making any sense tonight, Princess.

Greta: I just think Harold has, um, well, a lot of possibilities.

Jack: Yeah, that pratfall was a corker -- a real Lulu.

Greta: See? Right off the bat, you have something in common.

Jack: I have never dumped a whole bottle of perfume on my head before I went out. You could smell that guy coming a mile away.

Greta: First of all, it is not perfume. It is cologne. You know, I'm surprised. I thought the two of you would hit it off.

Jack: Hit it off? What are you talking about?

Greta: It's just that I知 -- I've been monopolizing so much of your time lately, Jack. I mean, you haven't had any time to spend with your old friends, much less make any new ones, and I just thought I would do you a favor.

Jack: With friends, it's quality, not quantity. You are a real friend, Greta, a real pal.

Greta: Well, I've, um, I've already invited him to have a drink, so it would be rude. It's just one drink, Jack. It is not going to kill you, and then I知 sure he'll get the message and he'll leave.

Jack: Yeah, he'll drift off in a cloud of Eau de Dufus.

Greta: It is just one drink, Jack -- that is all.

Jack: You know, I'll bet he's the type that goes to the john as soon as the check comes after ordering the most expensive glass of champagne, and you know if you don't order the house brand, they charge you for the whole bottle.

Greta: Calm down, Jack. It's not like you're paying.

Jack: Oh, well, what am I -- your gigolo?

Greta: Hardly. Ok, I invited you tonight, so I知 picking up the check.

Jack: Well, that's very decent of you, princess, and entirely appropriate since you're rolling in dough and I'm fresh out of clams.

Jack: Oh, God, here he comes. Let's see if he can make it to the table without falling on his face this time.

Jack: Uh, something I can do for you? You've got something in your eye

Harold: Yeah, I致e got a twitch, rhymes with itch. It always happens when I get excited.

Jack: Uh, what are you excited about?

Harold: Oh, the moon, the stars, seeing my dear friend the Princess...

Greta: [Nervous laugh]

Harold: Meeting one of her special friends.

Jack: Uh-huh, well, you ought to have a doctor check that out. I mean, I'd say it's nothing to fool around with.

Brandon: Do you want to leave?

Jennifer: No, I知 not going to let him run my life with these crazy shenanigans. It's annoying, not to mention unfair.

Brandon: We can go somewhere else.

Jennifer: You know what, Brandon? We could put on wigs and false noses and Jack would find us. Why don't we just go into the bar area where he can't see us?

Brandon: I like the way you think. Let's go.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Greta: So, Harold, how is life in Chicago?

Jack: Oh, you're -- you' from Chicago. Good. Good.

Harold: What's so good about that?

Jack: Are you kidding me -- home of the Cubbies, the Bears, best ribs North of Kansas City, MO., Art, jazz? Chi-Town's just plain groovy.

Harold: True, there's never a shortage of activities for a man like myself with many varied interests.

Greta: Jack's into the arts. Aren't you, Jack?

Jack: Yeah, as long as there's lots of singing and dancing.

Harold: Are you into musicals, too?

Jack: Well, a little "Oklahoma!" Never hurt anybody, but all that dark Sondheim stuff just puts me to sleep.

Hope: So, um... How is Belle? I mean, we know she's cute and sweet, but really, I mean, how is she? You really like her, don't you?

Shawn-D: Yeah, I do, um, and she's pretty popular, too. Oh, you know, tonight at the game she was just getting hit on by another guy.

Hope: Oh. Really.

Shawn-D: Yeah, and, I mean, it shouldn't surprise me because she's gorgeous and she's really friendly.

Bo: Was she hitting back?

Shawn-D: Well, she wasn't exactly spitting on the guy. I mean, she looked interested.

Bo: How do you feel about that?

Shawn-D: I don't know. If she wants to date around, there's not much I can do about it.

Hope: No, no, no, you see, that's where you're wrong because, you see, it depends. I mean, how involved are the two of you?

Shawn-D: Mom...

Hope: Is it serious?

Bo: She wants to know if she can book the church.

Hope: That's not true, Brady.

Shawn-D: You guys, we've been on one official date and, I mean, yeah, we spent the whole summer together and I really care about her, but if Belle wants to see other guys, then I guess why can't I be one of the guys that she goes out with, right?

Bo: Uh, that's a tough one. When I was dating your mom --

Shawn-D: Oh, gosh, here we go. I've heard this story a couple million times.

Bo: You really know how to hurt a guy. Short version -- anyone even looked at your mom, I wanted to punch him.

Hope: It's true.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Can I ask you guys something?

Hope: Of course. You can ask us anything you'd like, honey.

Bo: Anytime. What's up?

Shawn-D: Well, there's this girl, um... Another girl, not Belle -- and I'm really worried about her.

Hope: Who is she?

Bo: Are you involved with this other girl?

Belle: This really makes me feel like a kid -- when we used to have bonfires on the beach. Oh, my gosh, that makes me remember that day that I lost my doll.

Brady: Oh, yeah -- Crazy Daisy -- I remember that.

Belle: Yes, Daisy. She had pigtails just like me and a pink frilly dress. I was destroyed.

John: No, no, no, not the same as Brady losing his action toy.

Marlena: Oh, hey.

John: Besides, you got your doll back right away. I remember that.

Brady: Yeah, you know, 'cause Belle has always been the lucky one.

Belle: No way.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Maybe when I was a kid, but there are definitely times now when I don't get what I want.

Brady: Yeah, like Shawn Brady.

Belle: Hey, Brady, you keep out of my private business.

Brady: Oh, come on, Belle. You knew we were talking about Shawn.

Belle: Are not.

Brady: Are too.

Belle: Are not.

Brady: Are too. Are too.

Marlena: Ha ha ha!

Belle: You two okay?

John: Yeah, fine, fine. Are you fine?

Marlena: [Laughing] I'm fine.

John: What are you talking about? Are you talking about this tear in my eye -- is that it?

Belle: Why?

John: Memories. Damn good ones, too, 'cause I remember that day. Had to be about 12 years ago and you were wearing this little 2-piece bathing suit -- pink, if I remember.

Brady: Pink? No way. Belle in pink? That doesn't make any sense.

Belle: Dad, it was called a bikini and mom had one, too.

John: I know, and she was so hot. What ever happened to that ?

Marlena: Ha ha. But I remember that day. The only person that could keep Belle from crying was Brady. You were so sweet to your sister, and you were the one that found Daisy.

Belle: My hero.

Brady: You know, I remember we used to go to the snack bar to get French fries, and you'd bring that doll with you. You wouldn't go anywhere without Crazy Daisy.

Marlena: Do you recall what you said to her when you gave it to her? Oh, you can稚. It was so many years ago. You were both so young.

Brady: No, Marlena, I-I actually do remember that. It was a perfect day. The skies were so blue, and we -- we had a blast playing in the water all morning, and then you lost your doll and started hysterically crying.

Belle: I remember feeling so bad.

Brady: Yeah, I made you feel word, though.

Belle: No, you didn't, Brady. You brought Daisy back to me.

Brady: No, I-I did. I yelled at you and I said how sick and tired I was of keeping track of your stuff and that you better not mess with it or else.

John: Or else what, tough guy.

Brady: Oh, yeah, talk about empty threats. I'm such a punk, huh?

John: Not a chance.

Brady: All right, you know, enough about these lost dolls and lost toys. Let's move on.

Belle: Hey, I知 not done eating these marshmallows yet.

Brady: Belle, you can eat and talk at the same time. I've seen it.

John: Ha ha ha.

Belle: So?

Brady: So...Why don't you tell your family what's going on with you and Shawn Brady?

Harold: Oh, sure, some musicals are real turkeys, but how about "Les Miz"? You had to love that one.

Jack: Well, I'll put it this way, uh, if the guy who wrote it wanted me to be miserable for three hours, mission accomplished.

Man: Hello, what can I get for you to drink tonight?

Jack: Uh, Greta, could we just skip the drinks and go?

Greta: Jack, that is not very friendly. We invited Harold to have a drink with us. I would love a glass of champagne.

Jack: Uh, I値l just have a-a Chardonnay, whatever.

Man: And for you, sir?

Harold: What have you got on tap?

Man: Oh, we have this wonderful dark ale.

Jack: Ha.

Harold: Sold.

Man: You have excellent taste -- in cologne, as well.

Jack: So you're a dark ale man, huh?

Harold: From way back. My father had me drinking from the time I was 10.

Jack: Your father took you to bars?

Harold: Hardly. We drank in the safety of our own home. My father didn't want me getting drunk in a bar and being taken advantage of.

Jack: Taken advantage of? He actually said that?

Greta: You know, in Europe, children are given wine with dinner.

Jack: Well, isn't that so terribly enlightened? But look, Greta, let's -- one drink and we go, okay?

Greta: Forget about Jennifer. She's obviously forgotten about you. She's probably having a fabulous time. Now I suggest you try to have a fabulous time, too, Jack Deveraux.

Harold: Jack Deveraux? Oh, my God, I know you.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no, no. If we had met before, I'd remember. Trust me.

Greta: Wait, Jack, I mean, it might be possible, you know? I mean, maybe the two of you bumped into each other somewhere kind of like strangers in the night -- you know, that kind of thing.

Jack: Strangers in the night? What is -- what's that supposed to mean? I've never met this person before.

Harold: Jack's right, Princess. We've never met before tonight. He doesn't know me.

Jack: Damn straight.

Harold: However, I definitely know you.

Man: You've left this on the other side, sir.

Brandon: Oh, yeah. Thank you.

Jennifer: Did you see that guy that was with Jack and Greta?

Brandon: Yeah, he was kind of a, uh, unique guy. Do you know him?

Jennifer: No, no, but I noticed he -- he seemed kind of strange.

Brandon: Maybe he was a friend of Greta痴.

Jennifer: You know what? I bet that he is involved in some harebrained scheme to make money with Jack.

Brandon: Harebrained? Jack seems like a smart enough guy.

Jennifer: Oh, oh, Jack's I.Q. is astronomical, but when it comes to making a living, he's an irrational, impractical character. He's just plain nutty, and I lost my patience with it a long time ago.

Brandon: Moving to the bar area didn't work. Jack might as well be sitting on that stool over there. All we do is talk about him.

Jennifer: No. No, no, no. I'm sorry.. Change the subject. Ask me anything. Go ahead.

Brandon: Are you a VCR woman or a DVD woman?

Jennifer: Is that like "boxers or briefs"?

Brandon: Oh, well, real movie buffs are into DVD痴.

Jennifer: Oh, well, you know, I used to love going to the movies, but after baby was born, I don't know, I just stopped.

Brandon: Wow.

Jennifer: Well, there's not a lot of movies you can go to with a 7-year-old little girl. So I just, you know, I rent videotapes now -- cartoons. So I guess that would be VCR.

Brandon: How would you like to go out to a movie with real live actors?

Jennifer: Are you asking me out on another date?

Brady: All right, so fill us in, Belle. What's the deal with you and Shawn?

Belle: I like him.

Brady: She likes him. Mm. News flash.

Belle: I wasn't finished. I like him, but... I think that I like Shawn more than he likes me. There -- is that enough of me spilling my guts for you or would you like more?

Brady: All right, first of all, I think you're wrong. I happen to have an expert eye on this subject, and Shawn is crazy about you, which is not a unique thing, by the way.

John: That's a fact. Another news flash -- you're going to find that a lot of boys are attracted to you, and I am going to have to deal harshly with each and every one of them..

Brady: And that is dad's lame-o way of saying don't settle for one guy so early in the game.

Belle: Brady, this is not a game to me.

Brady: No, that's not what I meant. Well, it's -- that's not all that I meant. You're still very young. You're 17 years old. You have plenty of time to find Mr. Right while you do your fair share of dating.

Belle: Is this lecture over now? Because I'm kind of tired.

Marlena: Yeah, I'm sure that you put your whole heart into cheerleading tonight.

Belle: Yeah, if I can't put my whole heart into it, it doesn't interest me. That goes for everything in my life. And, by the way, Brady, you're wrong about playing the field being right for me. Shawn is right for me. He's the one. I'm sure of it, even though I'm only 17. Good night.

Marlena: Well, I guess she told us.

John: I think she's just kind of wound up after the game.

Brady: You know, it doesn't help for you two to be in denial. This thing with Shawn is more serious than I thought.

Shawn-D: No, I -- I'm not dating this girl. It's not like that. She's a friend, okay? That's all. It's -- actually, well, she went through something that was very bad, and I知 just trying to help her out.

Bo: Why?

Shawn-D: 'Cause I was there, not when it happened --

Hope: Whoa, whoa, whoa. When what happened?

Shawn-D: I can't tell you that.

Bo: All right, back up here.

Shawn-D: I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone, dad.

Hope: I really -- I don't like the sounds of this.

Shawn-D: Look, I know we usually talk about everything, but I don't want to betray her trust on this because she's had enough of that in her life. Just, what happened was something that was very personal, all right? Can you guys just trust me on this?

Bo: Okay.

Shawn-D: All right. So anyway, she's been very depressed. I mean, she's really scared and she's crying all the time. You know, she comes to me to talk to me, but I think she needs to talk to somebody else, someone professional.

Hope: Have you told her that?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Hope: Well, there must be a counselor at school she could see.

Shawn-D: She already talked to somebody, and I don't know how it went. I think she feels it's not going to be confidential enough. So I知 frustrated because I don't know what else to do for her.

Bo: Sounds like you've done more than most people would.

Hope: Your dad's right. You've been a friend by keeping her secret, although I知 not thrilled about it.

Shawn-D: It's the least I can do.

Bo: What does that mean?

Shawn-D: I just feel partly responsible.

Hope: Why? I mean, can you tell me why you feel responsible for a girl you hardly know, honey?

Shawn-D: You -- you know, I never should have brought it up because it's going to be okay. All right? So don't worry about it, all right? So anyway, back to the big romance with Belle. That's going to be okay. I'm really looking...

Hope: But, honey, you just said that there's this other guy that was hitting --

Shawn-D: Oh, the other guy. You know, she blew him off. So, yeah, we're, uh, we're going to go out on our official second date and, uh, yeah, we're both looking forward to it. No, that's -- that's fine. Right, J.T.? J.T. knows what I知 talking about. Better get that movie started before the old folks here need to go to bed.

Bo: Hey, you're on dangerous ground with the "old folks" thing.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah.

Hope: I'm worried, okay? I'm worried. I'm very concerned. It sounds to me like he's involved with this other girl and, unfortunately, this other girl -- it sounds like she's in a lot of trouble, Bo.

Bo: Well, as long as he's not in trouble, too. "

Brandon: Do you like French movies?

Jennifer: Uh, you mean, uh, with subtitles?

Brandon: Not necessarily. I mean, the French actors, they are so expressive. You don't have to know the words to get the meaning.

Jennifer: I am really embarrassed to say that I have never seen a French film. I mean, I suppose I'd like to. Well, you are in luck. The movie house at Salem Place, they're having a Claude Lelouch film festival. He made these incredibly romantic movies during the '60's. The one I want to take you to is called "A Man and A Woman."

Jennifer: I see. So I知 guessing it's a love story.

Brandon: Well, it's a movie about truth, and about believing that there is nothing in the world more important than the pure love between a man and a woman. See, they each need the other to be complete.

Jennifer: You make it sound irresistible.

Brandon: It is. So... What's your answer?

Jennifer: I'm sorry, can you repeat the question?

Brandon: Will you go out with me again?

Harold: I'm telling you, I know you.. You're Jack Deveraux.

Jack: That doesn't make you psychic, buddy. Greta here just said my last name.

Harold: You're Jack Deveraux. You used to write for the "Spectator."

Jack: Well, I-I did. I was editor-in-chief, but -- well, that's common knowledge. Why is my past occupation of such burning interest to you?

Harold: Oh, my God. That blonde who walked by a minute ago, the one who was sitting over there -- you used to work with that girl.

Greta: Why do you remember Jack and that girl Jennifer from years ago?

Jack: Not that many years ago, thank you.

Harold: They wrote a series of articles on the homeless.

Greta: Homeless? Here in Salem?

Harold: Living in the street. Many of them. Most people did nothing to help, but Jack and the young lady changed the lives of these less fortunate souls forever. If I知 not mistaken, you two won the prestigious Midwest Journalism Award.

Jack: Well, that's right, we did.

Harold: I wonder if you have any idea what happened in the City of Chicago as a result of your articles.

Jack: No, but do tell.

Harold: Well, your articles cantered around a proposed pilot program for fixed-income neighborhoods.

Jack: That's right -- social services 24 hours a day, babysitting for working parents -- day shift, night shift. It was radical thinking at the time.

Harold: Your ideas were so impressive; the Mayor of Chicago recommended their immediate implementation. So people went to work and made it happen. You changed lives, Jack. I'm honored to be sharing a drink with you.

Jack: Well, uh, thanks. Uh, what did you say your name was?

Harold: Harold.

Jack: Harold. Harold. Good name -- strong, solid, salt of the earth. Harold. Yeah, put 'er there, guy.

Jennifer: I would really like to go out with you again, and I would really like to see that movie.

Brandon: Great.

Jennifer: Uh, I-I should really get home.

Brandon: Yeah. You know, I have the early shift tomorrow. Next time we'll make sure that it's not a school night.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha.

Brandon: Come on, I'll take you.

Jennifer: Oh, my car's here, remember?

Brandon: Right. Okay, then, I'll, uh, I'll follow you in my car.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no, no, you don't have to do that.

Brandon: Hey, when I take a woman out, I always make sure she gets home safely, whether it's her home... Or mine.

Jennifer: Oh.

Brandon: Don't worry, I'll make sure Abby doesn't see you with another guy. You don't know me well enough for that.

Jennifer: You're a very considerate man. And I have to tell you, I am not used to this.

Brandon: Well, hey, I work with kids. I know they've got to be protected and treated with respect.

Jack: Are you familiar with my series on health care reforms for children?

Harold: No, but I壇 love to become familiar.

Jack: Well, I値l see if I can scare up a copy for you. In my opinion, those articles packed even more of a punch than the homeless series.

Greta: Not that you're bragging or anything.

Harold: Personally, I love a man with a big ego.

Jack: Well, you know what I always say, Hal -- may I call you Hal? It's not how big your ego is. It痴 what you do with it. Same thing with ideas. Small-scale, larger than life -- size doesn't matter. It's the motion of the notion.

Harold: Oh, my, my. I wholeheartedly agree.

Brandon: [Thinking] Jennifer is smart, beautiful -- she definitely gets my heart going. Careful, man. This could get serious.

Jennifer: [Thinking] if this is dating, give me more. But I have to be smart, and I need to take it slow. I need to be very careful with this.

Harold: [Thinking] Oh, my God. I think he really likes me.

Jack: [Thinking] It's so refreshing to meet someone with intelligence and good taste.

Greta: [Thinking] What do you know? This just might work after all.

John: Well, I hope Belle dates Shawn and has herself a good time. I think she deserves to enjoy her first crush.

Brady: Dad, I知 sorry. I don't think "crush" is the right word.

John: Well, it's not love, Brady. Come on, you said yourself; she's 17 years old. When the real thing happens, which is a long way off, I predict that she will be with a different guy.

Marlena: You think she and Shawn will break up?

Brady: Yeah, well, I hope it's sooner than later. I got a gut feeling that those two are in over their heads. I like Shawn. I do. But if he's going to be playing games, messing around with my sister, he's going to be very sorry.

J.T.: [Coos]

Shawn-D: What? You want this? Yeah? All right. So anyway, there's this guy, and he lives to race cars, okay?

[Telephone rings]

Shawn-D: Oh, hold on. Hello.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn-D: Who is this?

Belle: It's Belle.

Shawn-D: Oh. What's up?

Belle: Um... Your history notes. Can I borrow them? I-I lost mine.

Shawn-D: Uh, I guess.

Belle: Well, can you meet me 15 minutes early tomorrow so I can look at them?

Shawn-D: Wait. What did you say?

Belle: Your history notes. Can I look at them before school tomorrow?

Shawn-D: Uh, sure, yeah. I'll see you there.

Belle: Fine. Good night.

J.T.: [Cooing]

Shawn-D: Oh, we almost lost it!

Hope: Who was it?

Shawn-D: It was Belle. She wanted to borrow my history notes. Hey, can he have popcorn?

Hope: Absolutely not. Come here, give me my little sweet angel bunny. Hi, bunny.

Shawn-D: Here. He's going to want that ball.

Hope: Aah, aah, aah, aah. Where do you think you're going? The four of us are going to sit right here, and we're going to watch the movie together.

Shawn-D: That's fine, as long as I get to hold J.T. Mom, he wants me back.

Hope: Okay, okay. Go see your brother. There you go. Just remember, it's a romance.

Shawn-D: Roman? We're learning about NASCAR and funny cars and... Maybe a little basketball.

Bo: All right, keep it down now.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: The movie is about to start.

Hope: Okay.

Shawn-D: Here you go, buddy. Here you go.

[Opening fanfare playing]

Belle: "What is it, Belle? What do you want, Belle? Why are you bothering me, Belle?" He couldn't wait to get me off the phone. I blew it. I never should have called him. This is so not good.