Days Transcript Thursday 11/01/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/1/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

[Telephone rings]


Jennifer: Oh, Iíll get it. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself trying to get up.


Jennifer: Hello?

Brandon: Jennifer. I'm glad I caught you.

Jennifer: Brandon, hi.

[Cellular phone rings]

Jack: Ooh, uh, right. Uh, hello?

Greta: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Greta, how lovely to hear your voice.

Brandon: Jennifer. It's about our date.

Barb: So I was, um... Talking to my friend Marcie last night. Says she's showing already. Going to have to wear maternity clothes now. Made me so jealous. So, uh, maybe tonight, huh? I mean, I took that little test, so I know it's a good time.

Barb: Glen... What's the matter? Don't you want it as much as I do? I mean, don't you want to get me pregnant?

Rolf: Well, Isaac will soon be off to slumber land. Eliana's reading him a story.

Bart: That kid gets treated like royalty, I swear.

Rolf: Don't ever make snide remarks about Stefanoís legacy.

Bart: What legacy? Isaac is Hope Brady and John Black's baby, remember? Not even related to Stefano.

Rolf: Hold your tongue. Isaac is Lexie's baby and Stefanoís grandson, and no one must ever think otherwise.

Bart: Okay, whatever you say. Listen, Rolfski, when, uh... When's the big party start, huh? Where Hope remembers her life as Princess Gina.

Rolf: Hmm.

Bo: Hey. Hope?

Hope: Huh? Oh, hey. I, uh, wasn't expecting you home so early.

Bo: Yeah, things wrapped up sooner than I thought. What's going on?

Hope: I was taking advantage of J.T.'s long nap.

Bo: What's all this stuff?

Hope: Mm. Stuff I downloaded from the internet. It's every article ever written about Princess Gina.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Rolf: Alexandra's party for Hope is far sooner than I would have preferred.

Bart: Don't tell me the great and powerful oz is actually getting nervous.

Rolf: This kind of memory restoration is unprecedented, Bart.

Bart: What could go wrong, huh? Hit me with your worst-case scenario.

Rolf: Very worst? Princess Gina will emerge and Hope will be lost forever.

Hope: Don't look at me like that.

Bo: Must have taken a long time to gather all this information.

Hope: Come on. You can't blame me for wanting to find out who I was and what I did as Princess --

Bo: And you can't blame me for wanting to get on with our lives.

Hope: Aren't you the one who wants to bring down Stefano?

Bo: Yes, I am, but --

Hope: But -- but -- but -- but what? Bo, the more we know about Gina and the crimes she committed for Stefano --

Bo: The more evidence we'll have to use against him. I know that.

Hope: Since you're tired of thinking about this, why don't we talk about something else?

Bo: Why don't we? Yeah.

Hope: Like the party. Hey, look at this -- I got a dress for the occasion. What do you think, huh? Do you like it?

Bo: Yeah, I'm sure you'll be beautiful.

Hope: I know that you're reluctant to celebrate any occasion at all at Stefano DiMera's, but please, please... For Lexie's sake, can't we at least try to enjoy ourselves, huh?

Bo: Yeah, we can try... If DiMera doesn't show up and turn it into a surprise party.

Hope: Bo, that is not going to happen.

Bo: What are you talking about? That's exactly the kind of stunt that monster would pull.

Hope: No, he would never do that. It would upset Lexie. He would never do it.

Bo: Oh, like he asks anybody's permission to do anything he wants. He goes where he wants when he wants, and something else -- I-I'd watch out for your pal Lexie if I were you.

Hope: She is my best friend.

Bo: She's also his daughter, and she's acting more and more like him every day.

Greta: Jack, are you there?

Jack: Hold on.

Jennifer: Brandon, I wasn't expecting you to call.

Brandon: I hope this isn't a bad time.

Jennifer: No. No, it's fine.

Brandon: Look, I'm sorry. I know we were supposed to go out tomorrow night, but something's come up.

Jennifer: Oh, you can't make it.

Greta: Jack, are you there?

Jack: Jennifer's talking to Brandon, her new boyfriend.

Brandon: Someone had an emergency and I have to cover the night shift tomorrow.

Jennifer: Oh, well, that's okay. We'll just do it some other time, then.

Jack: Bingo.

Brandon: How about tonight?

Jennifer: Tonight?

Brandon: Yeah. Could you get a sitter?

Jennifer: Uh, well, uh, we have this college girl that we use, and she lives right down the street...

Brandon: Great. How's 8:00?

Jennifer: 8:00 tonight. Um...

Brandon: Hey, don't worry. It won't be a late evening. We'll go to the Blue Note. You like that place, don't you?

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. You know, it's -- it's just -- it's such short notice. Let me just check, okay?

Jack: This evening? That -- that sounds like a splendid idea, Greta.

Greta: What are you talking about?

Jack: Tuscany, dinner for two -- excellent.

Greta: You want to go to Tuscany tonight?

Jack: 8:00, Tuscany. Works for me.

Jennifer: That's great. That's perfect. I'll see you at 8:00.

Jack: Toodle-oo.

Jennifer: See you then.

Brandon: Lexie. How long have you been lurking there?

Lexie: Long enough. So... You're dating Jennifer Horton.

Brandon: You don't approve?

Jack: Hope you don't mind staying home with Abigail tonight.

Jennifer: Oh, actually, I do. I have a date.

Jack: So do I. I've made plans with Greta.

Jennifer: Oh. Well, I made my plans first.

Jack: No, I believe I did.

Jennifer: I did.

Jack: I did.

Jennifer: Not.

Jack: So?

Jennifer: Oh, this is so idiotic, you know that, Jack. So that would solve everything.

[Cellular phone rings]


Harold: Darling, I can't be disturbed. I've got a live one here.

Greta: Harold? What are you talking about?

Harold: Who's this?

Greta: It's -- it's Greta. Am I catching you at a bad time?

Harold: Ah, principessa, my royal matchmaker. It's always a good time for you. I'll dump this loser, and I'll be right with you. Don't you go listening in, nosy Parker. So what can I do for you, my princess?

Greta: We're on for tonight.

Harold: What?

Greta: Uh, uh, sorry it's last-minute, but you do want to meet Jack, right?

Harold: Th-that's impossible. I-I've got to go home, get showered, get dressed -- I don't even have a clue what Iím going to wear.

Greta: I-I mean, who cares? I mean, you would look fabulous in anything.

Harold: You only think that because you're crazy about me.

Greta: Yeah, and -- and Jack will be, too. D: Well, since I do have to go back to Chicago next week... I suppose it's now or Jamais.

Greta: Excellent, excellent. Um, here's the plan -- Jack and I are going to get there right at 8:00, and then you show up around 8:15, and we will run into each other and say we are good friends.

Harold: Oh, and how thrilled I will be to see you.

Greta: And then I will introduce you to Jack...

Harold: Ah, be still my heart.

Greta: And watch the sparks fly.

Harold: Let's shoot for fireworks, shall we?

Greta: Right, um... Okay, well, I-I'll see you then.

Harold: I cannot wait, darling.

Greta: Ha ha.

Harold: [Sighs]

Greta: Okay, it is all set, and it's going to be great. What do I know about setting people up -- gay or straight? I mean, I've never had any luck with it before. Oh, well. You know what? Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And it's time for Jack to be true to himself, to be who he really is, and the only way he's going to do that is by starting to date.

Jack: I made my date first.

Jennifer: Would you stop saying that?

Jack: Well, one of us has to be here for Abigail.

Jennifer: Or we could call Monica, the babysitter. She loves Abby, Abby loves her. And besides, Abby will be sleeping, so what is the big deal?

Jack: Oh, there's no big deal. There's no big deal if Abigail finds out that you're dating, no big deal if you end up breaking her little heart.

Jennifer: You know what? I'm not going to break Abbyís heart because Abby and her sweet little heart are going to be sleeping, and if she wakes up, the babysitter will tell her that I am out with a friend, as are you. And I am not going to be out late. I'm going to be at the Blue Note with Brandon for a little while.

Jack: I'm going to be out for a romantic dinner for two at Tuscany with Greta.

Jennifer: So I heard.

Jack: Oh, fine. Now you're eavesdropping on my conversations.

Jennifer: Eavesdropping? You were shouting. I'm sure all the good citizens of Chicago know that you're going out to dinner with Greta tonight at 8:00 at Tuscany. "Oh, you want to go to dinner at Tuscany? Oh, I just adore Tuscany. I'll meet you at Tuscany at 8:00."

Jack: What could I do? I had to -- I had to be heard over your endless chattering.

Jennifer: You know what? I'm not going to stand here and listen to this anymore. I am getting ready.

Jack: Fine. Good. You go. You let Brandon whisper sweet nothings in your ear all night at the blue note. I'm going right now to Gretaís to start my date early!

Jennifer: At Tuscany?!

Jack: Right!

Lexie: No, really, it's none of my business.

Brandon: I want to know why you reacted that way, Lex.

Lexie: Well, I-I just think that...

Brandon: What? That Jenniferís wrong for me? You're worried because she lives with her ex-husband?

Lexie: Brandon, your father just died. I-I just didn't think that you were quite ready for socializing so soon.

Brandon: I'm no in mourning, Lex. My father's been dead to me for years.

Lexie: Like I said, none of my business.

Brandon: Hey... You're my friend. You were just being protective of me, and I appreciate it.

Lexie: And now I'll butt out.

Brandon: And now you're going to tell me why you wanted to see me. What's going on?

Lexie: The party. Brandon, it's all I've been able to focus on -- getting ready for the big bash.

Brandon: You're going through with it, then.

Lexie: Yeah, of course I am, and I'll need you there, Brandon. That's why I came here to talk to you, okay? Please promise me you'll come.

Brandon: Lexie, you have Isaac. Hope has J.T. Why don't you just put this thing to rest?

Lexie: No, no, I can't just put this thing to rest, Brandon. Look, you don't have children yet, okay? You don't understand. I need an insurance policy. I need -- I need to make sure that Hope is so distracted that she'll never find out that I have her son and that she has Glen and Marlo's son. She can never find out the truth, Brandon.

Barb: You're so quiet all of a sudden. You want to tell me why?

Glen: I'm just not sure your being pregnant is such a good idea right now. That's all.

Barb: You know what? We've been talking about it for weeks. I thought you wanted a kid.

Glen: I do, but, you know, a couple of the guys got laid off from work and with the economy the way it is, Barb, if I lose my job, we can't afford a baby right now. If the kid were out of diapers, that would be a different story.

Barb: What are you talking about? You think if they're out of diapers, there aren't other expenses? Glen, is this really about money, or are you still fixating on Marlo and that little boy of hers?

Glen: Oh, I still don't get it, Barb. I mean, Marlo and I were together day and night. I don't care what that damn test said. The boy is mine, and I can feel it in my gut. I just wish I had something to prove it.

Barb: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He is Glen's son.

Glen: You know, I just can't shake this feeling that, that boy is mine, that I have a son out there..

Bo: Shawn still at the game?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Actually...It should be ending just about now. You know, I would have gone, but J.T. fell asleep.

Bo: I'm sure he'll understand.

Hope: [Whistles]

Bo: Thank you.

Hope: Yeah, and besides, if Belle was there, he wouldn't have even noticed if we were.

Bo: Right. Has he said anything to you about their relationship?

Hope: Mm, not lately. Why?

Bo: Just wondering.

Hope: You know something and you're not telling me.

Bo: Stop.

Hope: No, go on. Come on. Out with it. Spill it.

Bo: We had a father-and-son talk. That's all it was.

Hope: Meaning his mother's not supposed to know about it.

Bo: I didn't say that.

Hope: What'd you talk about?

Bo: Relationships. Sex.

Hope: Se-sex? You -- you talked to our son -- our 17-year-old son -- about sex, about his girlfriend, and I'm supposed to let it go? What are you, nuts? Bo, come on, I have just as much of a right to know what's going on in our son's life as you do. Did he have sex with Belle?

Bo: No, he did not.

Hope: He came out and he told you that?

Bo: Yes, he actually told me that.

Hope: What else did he say?

Bo: Nothing much, but --

Hope: But? But wh-what?

Bo: I get the distinct feeling that he's not exactly twiddling his thumbs.

Hope: Could you please stop being cute about this?

Bo: Okay. Um... Our son...Probably is active sexually.

Hope: Are you serious?

Bo: Yeah. I mean, we're lucky he waited this long. Kids start pretty early these days.

Hope: But wh-when? Was it recent?

Bo: I have no idea.

Hope: If it wasn't be then who?

Bo: I don't know, but he's kind of confused right now because apparently Belle is pressuring him and, well, he cares an awful lot about her, but he doesn't think it's right for their relationship...

Hope: Wait. Oh, wait. Okay, hold on. I can't take anymore. Let me just go back for a second. Belle Black is pressuring our son to have sex with her?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Well, you can't judge a book by its cover, can you? It's so out of character for her.

Bo: Why?

Hope: Because I would just expect that she is the type of girl that would want romance, for the relationship to be really serious.

Bo: Yeah, well, I do believe that's the problem.

Barb: My God, Glen, when is it going to stop? Every time I think we're making progress, that you've actually stopped obsessing about Marlo and her baby --

Glen: I can't help it, Barb, all right? I just wish that little guy turned out to be mine.

Barb: I know! I've heard it about a gazillion times, and you know what? I'm sick of it.

Glen: Look, Iím not saying it to hurt you, Barb.

Barb: Yeah? Well, it is hurting me whether you mean it to or not, 'cause I want us to have our own baby.

Glen: Look, I told you, we can't --

Barb: I don't care what you told me. We can do it. The love that we have for each other is all we need. We can make this work. We can be a family. Don't you want that?

Glen: You know I do. It's just -- I keep wondering about that little boy out there, my little boy. I just can't help but feeling he is mine.

Barb: Yeah, well, you've got to get over it, glen, because if you don't, it's going to destroy us.

Glen: I need a beer.

Barb: Hey. I love you.

Glen: I love you, too, babe.

Barb: And Iím going to find a way to make this happen. I'm going to find a way to get the money so that we can have our own baby, okay?

Glen: Okay.

Barb: That Lexie Carver is rich, and she must have found out somehow that Hope really had Marlo's baby, which means she must have hopes. That means the babies were switched. That's the only explanation. Yeah. Yeah, I may have to pay Lexie a little visit so she can tell me all about it.

Lexie: When the timing is exactly right at the party, it'll be like flipping a switch, and Hope will remember. Brandon, I need you there. I need you to monitor her. I need you to make sure it's happening.

Brandon: How will I know?

Lexie: By the look in her eyes when they meet Johnís. That's how we'll know that she remembers loving him.

Brandon: Lex...

Lexie: Hmm?

Brandon: I want to be supportive of you. You know that.

Lexie: Yeah.

Brandon: But the more that I hear you're messing around with other people's lives... What about Bo? What about Hope's marriage? Do you really want to do this to your best friend?

Barb: That Lexie Carver's secret may be the answer to my prayers. Yep. There may just be some money to be made in Salem.

Glen: Sorry if I hurt you before, Barb. You're my life, baby. I hope you know that.

Barb: Oh, Glen, I love you so much. Mmm.

Lexie: Hope is desperate to find out what she did as Gina, and one of the things that she's most anxious to know, as any woman would, is how her baby was conceived, what led up to it, how she felt about her baby's father.

Brandon: So the way you see it, Hope really wants to know about it, and you're just helping her along a little.

Lexie: Uh-huh. What, is that so awful? I mean, does that make me a bad person?

Brandon: You know I don't think you're a bad person. Lexie --

Lexie: No, Brandon, please, please, please, look, I need your support, okay? Especially since my husband can't seem to give it to me right now. Abe just doesn't understand, unlike you, Brandon. Please. Please, Brandon, I need you. I need your help. Please.

Brandon: So, when is this party, anyway?

Lexie: Okay, well, um, well, it's not just a party. It's going to be the biggest event of the Salem social season. In fact, invitations are being engraved as we speak.

Hope: Did Shawn say anything else to you about his relationship?

Bo: Hey, I'm not supposed to talk --

Hope: I -- wait a second. Because, you know, he sounds awfully confused, Bo.

Bo: Not talking about it.

Hope: But you did because you're worried about him, and so am I.

Bo: I'm not worried about him. I mean, he knows the consequences of taking a relationship too far, and I'm sure if he got into that situation, he'd take the proper precautions.

Hope: I completely agree, okay? But it's not just about that. I'm also concerned about his emotional well-being and what he might be going through. You know, maybe I should talk to him.

Bo: No way.

Hope: Why not? What's the harm?

Bo: I already told you. This -- this conversation was in confidence. I don't want to leave you out, but it was a man-to-man thing. I don't want him to know that you twisted my arm into telling you everything.

Hope: All right, fine. I'll let it go for now.

Bo: Thank you. I appreciate that. I'm sure he'll come and talk to you when he's ready. Probably pretty awkward for him to talk to a woman about it, even though you are his mother.

Hope: You're right.

Bo: Not only his mother, but someone he completely trusts.

Hope: Such a great kid.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: I'm so proud of him, proud of both our sons.

Bo: Me too. And with everything that's going on in our lives and in the world, family is very important.

Hope: I'll never take any of you for granted.

Bo: Good.

Hope: My precious guys.

Bo: I really do think it's time to have another child. You know, a little brother or a sister for J.T.? I think it's right.

Hope: I think you're right.

Bo: Oh, good.

Hope: Yeah. Actually, you know, it's, uh, perfect timing.

Bo: It is?

Hope: Mm-hmm, in more ways than one.

Bo: What are you talking about?

Hope: Well, J.T. is sleeping and I'm sure you've noticed it's very quiet in this household.

Bo: Kind of hard to miss.

Hope: Yeah, so I say you sweep me off my feet, take me up the stairs, down the hall, and to the right.

Bo: Try not to wake up the little one?

Hope: Ooh, you catch on fast, Brady.

Bo: Of course I do.

Hope: Mm.

Jennifer: Come on, Jennifer. This shouldn't be so hard. You're not going out with George Clooney, you're going out with Brandon Walker, and he's a great guy, so this shouldn't be so hard. Okay.

Jennifer: That's it. That's it. I can't do this. I am not going out on this date.

Greta: Who is it?

Jack: It's your escort for the evening, highness.

Jack: Oh, ho, I, uh, I guess I should have called first.

Greta: No, no, that's okay.

Jack: Uh, really. Maybe you'd like to go in and see if you can find a charming little robe to put over that...Outfit.

Greta: Jack, come on in.

Jack: I mean, Iím worried about you getting a cold.

Greta: Oh, stop acting all shy about seeing me in my underwear. You know you don't care.

Jack: Of course I care, especially when it comes to your health.

Greta: You know what? It's kind of funny. I never in a million years would have answered the door in my underwear when I thought that you were straight, but now that I know you're gay, it's just like, I didn't even -- I didn't even think twice about it.

Jack: I don't even think twice about it. Uhh. Here. This is for you.

Greta: Oh, Jack, you are so sweet. You know what? You are...

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Greta: Well, you're such a gentleman. You are going to make a guy very, very happy one day.

Jack: I wish you wouldn't say things like that.

Greta: Oh, I wish you'd stop being so uncomfortable with me saying things like that.

Jack: [Sighs]

Greta: You know what, Jack? It is -- it is a little chilly in here. I think I will put on a robe.

Do do do, do-do do do there we go. Much better.

Jack: In a way.

Greta: So, what do you think I should wear tonight? Any ideas?

Jack: Yes, I think something low-cut, very sexy.

Greta: Oh, really? Why? Um, is Oliver Wentworth going to be there tonight?

Jack: Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies. Just make it super sexy and va va voom, heavy on the voom.

Greta: Well, it can't be too heavy, Jack. It is Tuscany, you know. It has to be a little upscale.

Jack: That's true, but there's been a change of plans. Tonight we're going to the blue note.

Greta: No. No, Jack. W-we have to go to Tuscany.

Jack: Why?

Greta: Because I-I made reservations, and I'm not going to cancel them, Jack. I-it's Tuscany or nothing, and that is final.

Greta: Besides, I asked you out, so I get to decide where we go.

Jack: But Iím the man in this relationship.

Greta: Yeah, right, Jack. That's a good argument.

Jack: Okay, how's this argument? I want to go to the Blue Note, and since you're my friend, I would really appreciate it if you would do me the courtesy of -- of capitulating to my needs in this instance. And I promise I will reciprocate at some point and let you prevail in such a decision.

Greta: Uhh! Jack, why do I always end up giving in to you?

Jack: Because you are a supremely sensitive person.

Greta: Yeah, right. You know what? Stay here, and I'll go get ready.

Jack: Yeah. Okay. Remember, very sexy, very J-Lo. Ha ha.

[Cellular phone rings]



Harold: No time to talk. Sorry.

Greta: N-n-no! Don't hang up. It's Greta.

Harold: I knew it. He canceled, didn't he?

[Static] hello? Hello? Greta, did he cancel? Did you call to break my heart? Greta!

Greta: Ohh! Line is dead. Why is this happening?

Greta: Jack, um... Can we please go to Tuscany?

Jack: I can't. I won't, and if you want to go, that's fine, but Iím on my way to the Blue Note.

Greta: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'll go with you. I'll go with you. Just let me give him a call.

Jack: Give who a call?

Greta: The guy at Tuscany. I need to call him and, you know, cancel the reservation, uh, because -- because -- because I am such a good friend, Jack, and I want to go where you want to go tonight.

Jack: Yes, Greta, you are a good friend, and tonight you are going to bring me one step closer to making Jennifer mine.

Jennifer: Jennifer Rose, you have no business going out on a date. What are you -- what are you talking about? I'm a grown woman. I can go out on a date if I want. Oh? Oh, really? Well, you're a mother. Where's your priorities? And you know what? What about Jack? What about poor Jack? He just proposed to you, remember? Well, I can't decide if I want to remarry Jack again because I need to know what I want, and that is why I need to go out with Brandon. Oh, well, isn't that wonderful? That's called justification, Jennifer. No, it's not. No, it's not. That -- that is called exploring my options. Yeah, that's what it's called. All right. You go, girl.

Jennifer: Please don't let this be a big mistake.

Brandon: So, do I get to bring a date to this big bash?

Lexie: No.

Brandon: Hey, don't mince words.

Lexie: Look; you'll be too busy for any kind of distraction, Brandon. Listen, and besides, assuming Jennifer is the person that you'd ask to be your date, it would be awkward since she is Hope's cousin.

Brandon: Fine. Fine. I-I get the picture. Speaking of Jennifer, I am meeting her in half an hour. I'd better get changed. How about I call you tomorrow?

Lexie: Yeah, great. Look, have -- have fun tonight.

Brandon: All right.

Lexie: Oh, this is no time for romance, Brandon. We've got work to do.

Bart: I can't wait to see the sparks fly when Gina takes her first look at John. Houston, we have lift-off.

Rolf: The sexual energy will be electrifying. It may be hard for those two to keep from making passionate love right then and there.

Bart: Houston, we have booster rockets kicking in.

Rolf: Whatever happens that night, Hope Bradyís life will never be the same. -I won!

Bart: One thing we know for sure -- we're not going to get any more resistance from Dr. Lexie Carver. I mean, at first she seemed to be feeling guilty about ruining her friend's life, but now she just rolling with the punches.

Rolf: She's becoming a DiMera

[Door slams]

Lexie: Hello? Oh, I'm glad you're both here. Bart, I need you to run over to the engraver's and see how they're doing on the invitations.

Bart: Anything for the cause, Dr. C.

Lexie: I just spoke to Brandon. He agreed to help us the night of the party.

Rolf: Well, this is good news...Isn't it? You, uh, you appear a bit distracted, Alexandra.

Lexie: Look, Rolf, I need you to promise me -- I need you to swear that nothing bad will happen to Hope.

Hope: You're my life, Brady. I love you so much.

Bo: Let's make a baby, hmm?

Barb: Well, you mean everything to me, sweetie. That's why I want us to have a baby -- so we can be a family.

Glen: I told you, Barb, now is not the time, okay, so can you just quit harping on it?

Barb: [Thinking] no. I can't and I wonít. I'm not going to let one little kid get in the way of what I want, what I deserve.[Speaking] uh, glen, did I tell you I might have to go out of town for a few days?

[Jazz piano playing]

Brandon: You look beautiful.

Jennifer: Thank you. You don't, uh, you don't look so bad yourself.

Greta: Ohh! Call drop. Call drop! So annoying.

[Cellular phone beeping]

Greta: Uhh.

Jack: Well, Iím sure Maggie will understand if you can't cancel the reservation.

Greta: It's ringing, it's ringing. Hold on. Whoa!

Jack: Oh!

[Cellular phone rings]


Harold: Greta, darling, is that you?

Jack: Hello? Hello? Maggie? Anybody there?

Jack: Hello?

Greta: Jack, give me the phone. Phone. Phone. Hello?

Harold: Greta, what on earth is going on?

Greta: Thank God you're there.

Harold: Was that Jack?

Greta: Yeah. Um, look, our plans for tonight have changed. We're not going to make it to Tuscany.

Harold: Ohh! Quel dommage.

Greta: Yeah. We're going to be going to the Blue Note.

Harold: Where on earth is the Blue Note?

Greta: Oh, it's, you know, that jazz club right near Salem Place.

Jack: Why are you explaining all this to Maggie?

Greta: Shh! So, um, you figure it out, okay?

Harold: I'll be out of here in five minutes. I lied. 10. But don't you worry. I'll see you at the Blue Note at 8:15.

Greta: Okay. That's all taken care of, so let's go in and have a good time.

Jack: Yes, letís.

Greta: Okay.

Harold: 15 minutes to bring this all together. Come, guys, work your magic. Ohh, prince charming, await.

Greta: So this is why you wanted to go to the Blue Note -- so you could make Jennifer jealous. I can't believe you would do this, Jack. I cannot believe you would use me like this.

Hope: After all these years, you still make me feel like it's the first time.

Bo: Mmm. Want to know my secret?

Hope: Tell me.

Bo: It's all about being in love, having a wonderful, beautiful, generous woman to share your life with.

Hope: Tell me something, Brady.

Bo: Hmm.

Hope: How did I get so lucky?

Barb: Yeah, my, uh, mama's brother -- uncle Mortie. I think I told you about him. Well, he's a little under the weather, so I think I should go see him.

Glen: Uncle Mortie?

Barb: Yeah, don't you remember? He's that rich one, made millions selling widgets to welders, and I'm the favorite out of all the nieces and nephews, so I'm hoping he'll put me in his will.

Glen: Okay, fine. You go visit Mortie.

Barb: Okay. Thanks for understanding, honey.

Glen: I'm going to go grab a shower.

Barb: Okay.

Glen: Love ya.

Barb: And Iím going to get ready for a little trip to Salem, where I'm going to get Lexie Carver to answer some questions about that baby switch, 'cause Iím sure she knows plenty.

Rolf: Alexandra, I told you there is no risk to Hope. Absolutely none.

Lexie: You know I wouldn't do this if I thought she would be hurt in any way. I mean her life will be disrupted, but, uh, well, that's not a bad thing, is it?

Rolf: Look, Alexandra, you must look at this realistically. You're helping a friend, and more importantly, you are protecting your baby's future. There is nothing that can harm either of you now. This is good news all around.