Days Transcript Tuesday 10/30/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/30/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Marlena: I' been worried about you. I'm glad you're home.

Belle: Yes, I was with Shawn. No, we were not shacked up, and would you like to check me and make sure that Iím not damaged goods?

Marlena: What I don't want to do is fight with you. I see we have a lot to work out.

Belle: If we can.

Marlena: Are you willing to try?

Belle: What's the point, mom? Yore just going to yell at me for something that was not a big deal.

Marlena: What you and Shawn did today was a big deal, and I intend to make sure it does not happen again. Are you clear?

Hope: Hey, looking good, guys.

Bo: Hey, we wondered where the two of you had disappeared to.

Hope: Oh, J.T. and I went pumpkin picking. What do you think?

Shawn-D: Oh, it's a nice one.

Bo: Yeah, it is a nice one. Hey.

Hope: You missed a spot.

Bo: What are you -- get away from there. Back off. Back off here. I've got a special compound to put on the truck. I'm going to buff it up. This baby's going to look like new, huh?

Hope: Hope you're taking notes, J.T.

Bo: Very soon, that little guy is going to be out here with the rest of us guys.

Hope: Oh, really? And so where does that leave me? Barefoot and pregnant?

Bo: I don't know about the barefoot part, but the other part sounds rather attractive.

Shawn-D: Yeah, when are you two thinking about having another baby?

Bo: Huh?

Hope: Oh!

Colin: [Thinking] So Jennifer went back to him. I can't believe it, and she's living here. We could run into each other anytime, anywhere.

Woman: Guess who.

Greta: I could get Jack to take me shopping and then bring me here to Baron's.

Ivan: And Harold can be your personal shopper.

Greta: Yeah.

Harold: Wait, even better -- the health club. It's the perfect place to meet people.

Greta: Jack doesn't do health clubs.

Harold: Not yet, he doesn't.

Greta: You know, maybe I've acted impulsively. None of this really feels like Jack. I think this is -- this is a big mistake.

[Dialing cellular phone]

[Telephone rings]



Jennifer: Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?

Jack: Don't do it, Jennifer. Don't go out on that date. It'll be the biggest mistake of your life, and I won't be responsible for the consequences.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Jennifer: You won't be responsible for the consequences? Is that a threat, Jack?

Jack: I understand there are things that you need to experience, but there are ways to find yourself other than dating. I mean, I know you're not the type to jump into bed with someone... Oh, God, you wouldn't do that, would you?

Jennifer: Jack, if you think that this is about sex, you have not heard one word that I have been saying.

Jack: Jennifer, you have accused me of not being a good communicator in the past. So I am communicating now. I hate the thought of you with another man. The old Jack in me wants to keep you from going, but the new reformed Jack knows that that is not a solution.

Jennifer: Oh, he does?

Jack: I want you back, Jennifer. I realize that that cannot happen until you're ready. So whatever you need to do for yourself, I will try to handle it better whether I like it or not.

Jennifer: Well, thank you.

Jack: And if you decide to come back to me, I want it to be of your own free will -- no tricks, no gimmicks. Your happiness means everything to me.

Jennifer: You know, Jack, when you talk like this, I really believe that there is hope for us.

Jack: You do?

Jennifer: Yes, I do. In the future, I... But right now I have to live in the present, and going out with Brandon is just part of what I need to do right now.

Jack: Fair enough. Living in the present. I must do that, too, then -- fully.

Jennifer: U-um, Iím not sure I know what you mean.

Jack: Greta's been ready for my intimacy, but I was living this whole future thing -- home, family -- and I held her off.

Jennifer: I-I see.

Jack: She's a beautiful, exciting woman who cares and understands my need for companionship.

Jennifer: Yes, I'm, uh, I-I'm sure that she does, but, Jack...

Jack: Yes?

Jennifer: Nothing. Nothing.

Jack: As much as I'd love to talk, Iím late meeting Greta. Got to run. See you at home. Yes! Got her! That old green-eyed monster's nipping at her heels.

Greta: Look, you know what? This is just getting me nervous. Not that I don't appreciate both of you trying to help, it's just...

Ivan: If you don't feel it's right...

Harold: But it is right. This man and I are fated to meet -- I know it. Bad karma upon you if you mess with destiny.

Greta: I'm sorry, it's just it's gotten way too complicated.

Harold: But you can't condemn your friend to a life in the closet, not at least without letting him see a little daylight. It's too cruel.

Ivan: Harold.

Harold: If you love him, you'll do this for him.

Greta: What do you think?

Ivan: Trust your instincts.

Harold: Her instincts brought her here.

Ivan: He's pushy.

Greta: But he's right, isn't he?

Ivan: What do you got to lose? I mean, if it doesn't work out, it doesn't, but if it does...

Harold: Nirvana.

Greta: Yeah, um...It's not like Jack's going to go out and meet anybody on his own. I -- and he did confide in me. If I don't go through with this, he may never find happiness. Okay, you know what? Ha ha. Let's do it.

Harold: Bless you.

Greta: Okay, but we have to remember -- with Jack, less is more. Okay? All right, um, why don't we just, um, I will go out to dinner with Jack, and, um, you can show up and we'll pretend as if we ran into each other accidentally, and I will just say you're a dear old friend.

Harold: From where?

Greta: Um... Europe -- before my coronation.

Harold: Coronation? For real?

Greta: Yeah.

Harold: I always thought "Princess" was a term of endearment. Do you have your coronation robe... And your tiara?

Ivan: Forget the props and costumes, Harold. Focus on logistics.

Greta: You know what? The sooner we do this, the better. Um, I am going to go find Jack and -- and make a plan and then I will give you a call. You're not going back to Chicago right away, are you?

Ivan: Not for a couple days.

Harold: Who knows? Maybe never.

Belle: What happened at the hospital today was a spur-of-the-moment thing. Shawn and I didn't hurt anyone.

Marlena: You had no business being there in the first place.

Belle: Fine. I wonít embarrass you at your place of business ever again. In fact, I won't go to the hospital. You can have me barred at the door if you feel like it.

Marlena: Are you listening to yourself? This is not you.

Belle: You mean it's not your baby. I am not a little kid anymore, mom. Some things in my life are private.

Marlena: Well, not when you trot them out in public, they're not. Shawn had the good sense to apologize, which is more than I can say for you.

Belle: That's because Iím not sorry for being with him.

Marlena: Then are you sorry for the way you spoke to me today? I asked you a simple question, Belle, and you said, "it's none of your business." Do you know how hurtful that is?

Belle: Do you realize how you hurt me by embarrassing me in front of Shawn, giving me the third degree?

Marlena: I was shocked. There you are, at the hospital, your hair, your clothes, all disheveled. What did you want me to do?

Belle: Leave me alone. Let me go with Shawn.

Marlena: I couldn't do that. I'm your mother. Belle, I don't understand this. We used to be able to talk.

Belle: You can't force me to tell you anything, mom.

Marlena: No, I can't, but as long as you're under this roof, you will never, ever speak to me the way you did today. It's not negotiable. Are you clear?

Shawn-D: You remember how happy we were when J.T. came back to us. You have another kid, and we have an official Brady clan, I think. Isn't that right, bro?

Hope: Brady clan, huh?

Shawn-D: Yeah. What do you say we have a family vote, huh?

Hope: Family vote?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Hope: What are you doing?

Bo: We have an awful lot to give another child.

Hope: Mm, yes. Yes, we do.

Bo: And I sure would like to make another baby with you.

Hope: Make me an offer I can't refuse, why don't you?

Bo: Okay.

Shawn-D: Hey, look. Looks like things may work out in our favor. And things were getting pretty dull around here...

Nancy: [Giggles]

Colin: Mrs. Wesley.

Nancy: I couldn't resist. I saw you sitting over here all by your lonesome, looking so forlorn.

Colin: I'm about to go back on duty.

Nancy: Oh. Well, then Iíll just sit with you until you, um, finish your coffee. Better me than some of the single ladies. We don't want any talk getting started.

Colin: No danger of that. I hardly know anyone.

Nancy: Dr. Murphy, all the women on the staff are eager to change that.

Colin: I'm flattered.

Nancy: You know, your fiancťe better get a ring on your finger ASAP.

Colin: We're working on it.

Nancy: Oh. Have you set a wedding date? I mean, everybody wants to know.

Colin: Elizabeth and I are still having a time getting ourselves sorted out here.

Nancy: Hmm. Well, she's very lucky to have landed you. I hope she knows that.

Colin: I'm the lucky one. Elizabeth gave up her home and came to a new country to be with me.

Nancy: Mm. She's crazy about you, all right, that's for sure. But you know... For a guy who's, um, getting ready to be married, you sure look down in the dumps. Is everything all right between the two of you?

Shawn-D: Ha ha. What? Oh, I think you're right. I can see that we are not needed.

Bo: Hey. Some guys will do anything to get out of waxing the truck.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah. Speak for yourselves there.

Bo: Oh.

Hope: He's got a point.

Bo: Yeah, back to work. Here, I'll get this.

Hope: Thank you.

Shawn-D: Mom, uh, I think this guy is a little sleepy.

[Telephone rings]

Hope: I think all the shopping wore him out. Come on, buddy. Time for your nap, sweetie.

Bo: Brady body shop.

Jennifer: Bo, hi.

Bo: Hey, Jen.

Jennifer: Uh, listen, is Hope around?

Bo: You're in luck. She's right here.

Hope: Okay, here you go. You take the pumpkin, I'll take the phone. Thanks. Hey, how you doing?

Jennifer: Uh, you know what? I-I'm not great. Are you busy right now?

Hope: Uh, just watching the men of my life engage in the, uh, art of detailing trucks.

Jennifer: Listen, I would love to come over and chat for a little bit, if that's okay.

Hope: I'll put the coffee on.

Jennifer: Thank you. I could really use some of your great advice.

Hope: Perfect. I'll see you in a little while.

Bo: Everything okay?

Hope: Seems to be. Said she wants my advice.

Bo: Oh.

Hope: I better get him down for a nap before she gets here. Come here, buddy.

Shawn-D: Yes.

Hope: Come to mama.

Shawn-D: He definitely wants his blanket.

Hope: Thanks, sweetie.

Shawn-D: All right. What's up with Jennifer?

Bo: My guess is it's a romance problem.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Join the club.

Marlena: You're not even going to talk to me? Do you want this standoff to continue?

Belle: I just need some space, mom. Is that so hard for you to understand? You can't make things the way that they were. Nothing's the same now. Why don't you get that?

Marlena: I need you to help me understand, Belle. You know, we can solve anything, anything at all, as long as you don't shut me out. That's the most painful part. Can you understand that?

Belle: Mom, ever since I got back from the island, things have been different, and when you were questioning me, I felt trapped, like you were judging me, and I just couldn't take that.

Marlena: I was trying to protect you.

Belle: Mom, I don't need you to protect me. I need you to be my friend.

Marlena: I am. I always am.

Belle: Mom, I am so sorry that I hurt you. Can you ever forgive me?

Marlena: I can always forgive you.

Greta: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hi.

Greta: Hey.

Jack: Shopping?

Greta: Oh, yeah...

Jack: Without me? Please, please.

Greta: Picking up a few things, you know, for our trip to Vegas.

Jack: Oh. Oh. Uh... Actually, I-I meant to talk to you about that.

Greta: Oh, I -- Oliver Wentworth didn't call off your job interview, did he?

Jack: No, no, no. That's still on. I-I just need a little -- a little advice to the lovelorn.

Greta: Oh. You came the right place. It just so happens that Dr. Greta has the answers to all your problems.

Jack: I know that look. You're up to something. What is it?

Greta: Ha ha..

Jack: Out with it. What's with the happy face smile?

Greta: Just anticipating our date to Vegas. That's all.

Jack: Going with you to Vegas isn't exactly a date.

Greta: Jack, I know that, and you know that, but we have to make sure Oliver and his buddies don't know that. I mean, going to be fun pretending like we have the hoots for each other. Jack, you are hardly listening to me.

Jack: It's Jennifer. She's going out with Brandon on a real date.

Greta: I didn't think she was going to go in that direction.

Jack: Well, you were wrong. It seems they're taking it to the next level. Next thing, there'll be weekends in the country, and Abigail will be calling him "Daddy II."

Greta: I thought she was committed to rebuilding your relationship, working on your family.

Jack: She says she's reconsidering remarriage, sometime, maybe, down the line, but in the meantime, that overly pumped Brandon Walker's going to be spreading rose petals all over her bed sheets.

Greta: Jack, but I don't blame Jennifer for looking for love -- the kind of love that you can't give her. Jack, she s has needs that you cannot fulfill.

Jack: Sex. See, that's all it is about.

Greta: Sex is a very big part of love, Jack.

Jack: God. I cannot -- I-I canít.

Greta: Jack, you are not going to lose her. You have a child. I mean, you will always be parents together, and that is beautiful.

Jack: I love her.

Greta: Jack, if you want her, then -- you're going to let her go so both of you and find new partners. She needs a man, Jack, and so do you.

Jack: You know, th-- there's something Iíve been meaning to tell you about myself. I've been waiting it has to be now.

Jennifer: I can't even believe that I got myself into this.

Hope: Whatever it is, we'll figure it out, okay?

Jennifer: I don't know what I would do without you. Hope what's up?

Jennifer: All right, this is the deal -- I think now I have driven Jack right into Gretaís arms. I mean, at first, I thought they were just friends, and now Jack is telling me that he wants to take it to the next level with Greta.

Hope: The next level? What does that mean?

Jennifer: What do you think it means?

Hope: Jack told you he wants to sleep with Greta?

Jennifer: Many words. Jen, you must be wrong about this. Think about it. Even a guy as off the wall as Jack doesn't propose marriage to you one minute and then turn around and come on to another woman the next.

Jennifer: But you know what? Hope, it's all my fault. When he found out I was going to go out on a date with Brandon Walker, it just flipped him out.

Hope: Wait. Hold it. Back up. You're going out with Brandon Walker?

Jennifer: See? You think it's a mistake, too. I-I can't even believe I got myself into this.

Hope, I never meant to hurt Jack, and I certainly did not want to drive us further apart. That's it. I'm calling Brandon. I'm canceling this date.

Bo: You and Belle having problems?

Shawn-D: I thought our troubles were over once we got off that island alive.

Bo: Well, you went through an awful lot together there. It's bound to change your relationship.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I'll say. Hey, dad, wax?

Bo: So what's bothering you?

Shawn-D: Well, Belle and I were at the hospital, and, uh... Well, there was this linen closet, and so we snuck in there so we could, you know, fool around and, uh... Yeah, well, anyway, get this -- we got caught by Marlena.

Bo: Hmm.

Shawn-D: Yeah, so she was pretty mad.

Bo: Yeah. Linen closet's probably the last place she'd want to find her daughter fooling around.

Shawn-D: Hey, we were just trying to be alone.

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Shawn-D: Hey, come on. Don't tell me you don't know how it is.

Bo: Yeah. I think I remember.

Shawn-D: Yeah, how can things get so messed up? Just 'cause I care about a girl.

Belle: I am so sorry, mom.

Marlena: Honey... You said something had changed. You're not the same. What does that mean?

Belle: It's...A feeling. I don't know.

Marlena: Ooh, I love you so, and I know you don't want me to protect you, but... I'm your mom, and that's my job -- to care for you and make sure you don't make mistakes that could cause you a problem in the future.

Belle: Is that what you think Iím doing?

Marlena: I think you have been through more in the last few weeks, emotionally and physically -- more than many people go through in a lifetime. Some of those things have been wonderful for you. I know you're having all these strong, new, exciting feelings for Shawn. I want you to enjoy all that -- every bit of it -- and not have to worry about creating problems or getting hurt.

Belle: Oh, mom, Shawn would never hurt me.

Marlena: Not intentionally, but your feelings for each other might cause you to act

impulsively, as you did today.

Marlena: Honey, I understand your emotions are running wild these days. I don't think you' you're a beautiful young woman, and your feelings are very important. I don't want them to lead you astray, but if we keep communicating openly like this, there's nothing we can't work out. Whatever's on your mind.

Belle: Mom, when you talk this way, I feel so safe with you.

Marlena: You are so safe. You are. Honey... Did something happen in Puerto Rico that made you feel out of control emotionally? I'm only asking because you seem to be going through some post-traumatic stress.

Belle: Post-traumatic stress. That's it. That is exactly what's happening with me.

Bo: Well, son, you got your fooling around, and you got your fooling around.

Shawn-D: Your fooling around. We were kissing, that's all.

Bo: Kissing. Well, that answers a question. My point is, now that you guys are more than friends, hereís some things you should start thinking about.

Shawn-D: Like what?

Bo: Sex.

Shawn-D: Lately, I haven't thought about much else.

Hope: Put down the phone.

Jennifer: No, the sooner I cancel this date with Brandon, the better.

Hope: Maybe you shouldn't cancel it.

Jennifer: Even if it's more than Jack can handle?

Hope: Jack's a big boy. He can handle it.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, that's what I thought until today, Hope, but I think I crossed the line. I mean Jack sees this dinner with Brandon as a threat, like it's me telling us we need to go our separate ways.

Hope: Is it? I mean, maybe you were meant to be with another guy. Jen, what do you think?

Greta: Whatever it is, Jack; it can wait until the right time to tell me.

Jack: But if -- if certain things come out about me later, you won't feel Iíve been holding out on you, betraying our friendship?

Greta: Absolutely not. Jack, your biggest concern right now is pulling off this job interview in Vegas.

Jack: You see, that's the thing about you. You always understand.

Greta: Well, I know how much you want this job.

Jack: Oh, "want" doesn't even begin to cover it. I am desperate to get this contract, and when it is signed, you and I are going to sit down and have a serious conversation. I value your friendship more than you know.

Greta: Well, I feel the same way about you.

Jack: I want to make absolutely sure that you are okay with this Vegas trip. I mean, it's a lot to ask, pretending to be my girlfriend. We're going to have to be all lovey-dovey in public, probably share a hotel room.

Greta: Hotel room?

Jack: For appearance's sake.

Greta: Of course.

Jack: If -- if you're having second thoughts, you can tell me. I'd completely understand.

Greta: Jack, I think I can handle sharing a bed with you for a few days.

Jack: Sharing a bed? Well, I don't suppose we'll have to go that far. We could probably just get two doubles.

Greta: Oh, Jack, we have to make it look good in case Oliver and his cronies stop by for a drink. I mean, Jack, if we are going to do this, we need to go all the way.

Jack: So you're -- you're still willing to go through with it.

Greta: That is so sweet of you to be concerned about me when you have so much at stake.

Jack: I-Iím not a complete heel, despite what other people say.

Greta: You know, that means a lot to me, that you care so much about me.

Jack: Well, but you're -- you're a kind, caring, and compassionate woman. A few months ago, we didn't even know each other, and now you're the person I trust most, and you're bailing me out.

Greta: If I can make you feel good about yourself, both personally and professionally, that's what's going to make me happy, Jack.

Jack: Even pretending to be something you're not?

Greta: Oh, I think I can handle being your girlfriend, living out a few of my fantasies.

Jack: Fantasies?

Greta: Mm-hmm. If you were straight, Jack, I don't know how safe you would be alone in a hotel room with me in Vegas. You know, I haven't had a very good track record when it comes to men. There's something about me that sends men running into the arms of other women.

Jack: That is hard to believe.

Greta: Yeah, it's true. You are the first man that I have ever had a successful relationship with, and you are gay, Jack. What does that say about me as a woman?

Hope: You know, if you ask me and you want my opinion, I would say that Brandon walked into your life at the right moment.

Jennifer: Now, Hope, I thought that you wanted me and Jack and Abby to be a family again.

Hope: What I want is what's best for my cousin. That's what I want, okay? And right now, that's exploring what life has to offer. You're going out on a date. You're not marrying the guy. Keep it simple.

Jennifer: Oh, but it's not simple. It is -- it is not simple at all.

Bo: Well, son, there are responsibilities involved when you become sexually active.

Shawn-D: Yes, I know.

Bo: You do?

Shawn-D: Yes. Dad, you and I -- we've had this sex talk, the birds and bees thing.

Bo: Well, Iím thinking more of the emotional factors --

Shawn-D: All right, yeah, we've had a health class on it, so I think it's taken care of.

Bo: Your pop still has some words of wisdom to impart on this subject at you don't cover in sex education class, so zip it. Sex... Okay, it's a wonderful thing.

Shawn-D: Oh, thank you for that.

Bo: Shh. Hey. But you -- you can still get into an awful lot of trouble.

Shawn-D: I already have.

Bo: Shawn?

Shawn-D: Dad?

Bo: Is Belle pregnant?

Shawn-D: Dad!

Bo: Don't "dad" me. I need to know.

Shawn-D: No! Belle is not pregnant. What makes you think we're even having sex?

Bo: The way you talk about her, I'd kind of assumed.

Shawn-D: Well, you kind of assumed wrong.

Bo: Okay, well, obviously, we need to have these kinds of discussions more often, and it's good of you not to pressure her.

Shawn-D: I know. Tell her that.

Bo: What?

Shawn-D: It's not me doing the pressuring. It's Belle. I mean, dad, I care about her so much, you know? And I just don't want anything to come between our relationship, so I just think that maybe we should wait. Just wait a little bit, right? I tell her that and she takes it like I don't care about her or something.

Marlena: Belle, are you clear about post-traumatic stress disorder and what it is?

Belle: I didn't say disorder.

Marlena: No, no. I know. I'm sorry.

Belle: No, it's just post-traumatic stress, and it's all because of Shawn.

Marlena: You said he was wonderful in -- in Puerto Rico.

Belle: He was.

Marlena: Then what did he do?

Belle: It's not what he did. It's what he won't do. I love Shawn, mom, and we were so close on the island, but now he won't -- he won't tell me how he feels about me.

Marlena: Oh. And you're afraid that maybe he doesn't feel the way you feel?

Belle: I don't know. He won't tell me. One minute he's really warm and caring, and then he'll just pull away for no reason. Well, not for a reason he'd tell me, anyway.

Marlena: Honey, maybe he's on the same kind of emotional roller coaster that you're on. He cares about you. He always has.

Belle: I don't want him as just a friend anymore.

Marlena: I know you don't. I know. Sometimes, boys have a harder time talking about their feelings than girls do.

Belle: If only that were it.

Marlena: What is it, honey? What's going on?

Marlena: Honey, why do you doubt Shawnís feelings for you?

Belle: That's between Shawn and me.

Marlena: You can tell me anything. You know that.

Belle: Mom, Iím really glad that we're not fighting, and I promise I won't ever speak to you the way I did earlier, but some things are just... Private. Can you please try and understand that for me?

Bo: Belle's putting pressure on you to have sex?

Shawn-D: Oh, okay. Why don't you say it a little bit louder? 'Cause I don't think all the neighbors heard you.

Bo: That doesn't sound like Belle. Is there any way you could be misreading her?

Shawn-D: She's acting like we're practically engaged. I mean, I care about her so much. I mean, she's my girlfriend, but she's got our whole future mapped out -- how we're going to be going to college together. Who knows, she's probably got us married with kids. Ooh, ooh, I-I don't even want to think about it. Ugh, it's -- I don't know. I don't want to even go there, and then I start feeling guilty because I don't want what she wants, you know? And it's like I can't make a commitment or something, but I care about her. I really do.

Bo: Bottom line, Shawn -- you got to do what's best for you no matter what.

Hope: Jack is not going to walk out because you go on a date or two.

Jennifer: Hope, I have not been out on a date in years. I don't even know how to act. I don't even hat you wear depends on where Brandonís taking you.

Jennifer: He didn't say.

Hope: Didn't you ask?

Jennifer: No. I was too nervous on the phone, and Jack was standing right there listening. All I wanted to do was hang up the phone.

Hope: Well, call him right now and ask him.

Hope: Don't think about it. Just do it.

Colin: Mrs. Wesley, with all due respect, my wedding plans are my concern, not yours.

Nancy: Dr. Murphy, I feel a certain responsibility for the happiness of all the doctors who work for my husband, and you, doctor, are not a happy man.

Colin: I have a lot on my mind at the moment -- a new job, setting up a new flat.

Nancy: Mm-hmm, and still haunted by a woman who is not your fiancťe.

Colin: That woman and I are past history. She's not even available.

Nancy: Married.

Colin: Committed to someone.

Nancy: As long as there is no ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, she's still available. Look, say what you like, but you cannot fully commit to Elizabeth as long as this relationship with this other woman is unresolved.

Colin: Did I say it was unresolved?

Nancy: I can read between the lines. You are -- you are not happy. Marriage is a wonderful thing, but if you marry the wrong person, it can be a nightmare.

Colin: Elizabeth is the right person, I assure you.

Nancy: Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

Jack: Here you go.

Greta: Thank you. You don't think that Iím a freak; do you, not having a man in my life -- a straight man, that is?

Jack: Freak? Oh, freak is the last word that leaps to mind when I think about you. But every single guy in this town ought to be beating down your door. You are -- you are beautiful and smart, the most -- the kindest, most generous person Iíve met in a long time.

Greta: Spoken like a true friend.

Jack: For what it's worth -- and I've said it before -- I am honored to be your friend.

Greta: Right back at you. Maybe we should have one of our little practice sessions before we go to Vegas.

Jack: What do you have in mind?

Greta: I don't know. Maybe some dinner and dancing someplace I can wear one of my new outfits.

Jack: Uh... Tuscany.

Greta: Tuscany. Yeah, I like the food there. How about tonight?

Jack: Well, tonight or tomorrow night. I need to check at home, make sure Abigail doesn't need me.

Greta: Okay, just let me know.

Jack: You know, I don't know how you do it, but I always feel better when I see you. Here's to our first real date.

Greta: [Thinking] Here's to your date. May it be the first of many.

Marlena: Why can't I get through to Belle?

Belle: [Thinking] I'm sorry, mom. There's no way I can tell you. You'd never understand. I want Shawn to love me the way we were on the island. I have to make that happen.

Shawn-D: I don't want Belle to think that Iím pushing her away. I'm not. I mean, sometimes all I can think about is her. But I just don't want to hurt her.

Bo: She's an awful lucky girl to have a guy like you care so much about her.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, she doesn't think so.

Bo: You know, you should tell her how you feel.

Shawn-D: I have.

Bo: Well, keep telling her. Women like that kind of thing.

Shawn-D: Well, now you're starting to sound like mom.

Bo: Ha ha. Well... She taught me everything I know.

Shawn-D: How'd, um... How'd you know mom was the one?

Bo: Hmm. Well... No matter who I was with, I thought about her. We were destined to be together.

Shawn-D: Maybe it'll be like that for Belle and me. I mean, it's not like Iím totally inexperienced or scared or don't know what Iím doing. It's -- I got a lot of living to do first.

Bo: Yeah. You both do.

Shawn-D: That's why I think that we should just hold off, just for a little bit right now on having sex. I got to make her understand that.

Hope: If you don't call Brandon to find out where he's taking you, how are we supposed to know what kind of great outfit to get you?

Jennifer: Okay, I'll call him. I'll do it.

Hope: Good. Then we'll get you the perfect outfit -- something to show off your fabulous body. Manicure, pedicure, get your hair done, facial, massage -- what do you think? The works. You, my dear, are going to knock the socks off Brandon Walker.

Jennifer: Oh, I don't know about that. I can't remember the last time I knocked anybody's socks off.

Nancy: I know that you think Iím butting in where I don't belong, but take it from a happily married woman -- it's better to back out now than later.

Colin: I don't have any desire to back out. Now, watch your mailbox for a wedding invitation.

Nancy: Oh, doctor, I didn't mean to scare you off.

Colin: You didn't. I have to start rounds.

Nancy: Mm. Well, I should get back to work, too. I'll, um... Warn all the girls on the fourth floor that you are on the way.

Colin: [Thinking] Jennifer, how am I going to get you out of my thoughts?

Jack: [Thinking] Keep your mind on Jennifer. Getting her back -- nothing else matters. What am I worried about? Greta swore up and down she doesn't need to know anything more about me till Iím ready to tell her. It's not a problem for her. It's not a problem because she trusts a lying, manipulative S.O.B. like me.

Harold: Ah.

Greta: Okay, gentlemen, we are good to go.

Ivan: That was fast.

Harold: He said yes? When? Where?

Greta: Well, either tonight or tomorrow night at Tuscany. You'll still be here, right?

Ivan: A night at the Oscars couldn't drag Harold away from Salem now.

Harold: Tonight's too soon. I-I have nothing to wear, and my hair -- I-I'm lost without my Chicago person. Oh. Harold's got prom night jitters.

Greta: So does Greta.

Ivan: You're both going to be fine. Jack's a lucky guy, having the two of you go to this much trouble for him.

Greta: Right. All right, after -- after one night at Tuscany, Jack's whole life is going to change. He can finally be who he really is.