Days Transcript Tuesday 10/23/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/23/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Nicole: Dad was shot down in the streets. Justice was served. Brandon gets it. Why can't you, Mom? Why are you crying over his death?

Nicole: I hope you suffer.

Fay: [Sobs]

Nicole: I hope you're in pain for a long time, exposing your children to that bastard.

Nicole: Damn you, Mom. Brandon and I were kids. Dad abused us for years, and you just... Stood by and did nothing. I will never forgive you for that... Never.

Austin: Marie, any word from Nicole?

Marie: Nothing. Sorry.

Austin: This isn't like her. We can't close the Carlson deal until she okays the contracts.

Marie: I'll keep trying to get hold of her.

Sami: How's it going, Marie?

Marie: Uh, from bad to worse, I'm afraid.

Sami: Well, don't let me interrupt.

Marie: It's busy. You're here to see Austin.

Sami: Yeah, I was going to surprise him, but he's not in his office.

Marie: Uh, he's in there.

Sami: Oh, the witch's den. Poor baby.

Marie: He's working on some files that Nicole keeps secured in her safe.

Sami: So how long do you think they'll be?

Marie: He's alone. She's not back yet.

Sami: Oh, the dragon lady's missing in action, huh? Perfect.

Marie: I'll let him know you're here.

Sami: Like I said, it's a surprise.

Brady: Hey, Chloe.  Do you remember that hot set of wheels you helped me pick out last summer? How would you like to go for a little spin?

Chloe: Some other time.

Brady: What are you going to do? Are you going to sit up there all day and cry your eyes out over Philip?

Mimi: Come on, Shawn. What really happened between you and Jan on the island?

Jan: [Thinking] these antibiotics are wrecking my insides. Thank heaven this is the last one. After I take it, hopefully, this will be an end to all my problems. Hey, Philip!

Philip: Hey, watch where you're going, huh?

Jan: Oh, my God. I've got to find it.

Belle: Shawn? Hey.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: What is it?

Shawn-D: Jan. something happened. I'll be right back.

Mimi: Now you see him, now you donít. Need I say more?

Shawn-D: Whoa. Knock Jan over, why don't you?

Philip: What are you talking about, bro? I barely touched her.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah, why don't you take a look?

Philip: What? She's practicing her posture for cleaning toilets senior year.

Shawn-D: All right, Philip, just back off. She needs a friend.

Philip: You know, I'd stop worrying about Jan so much if I were you and focus on Belle.

Shawn-D: What? Belle has friends and family. Jan has no one.

Philip: Why? What, are you taking on hopeless cases now, big guy? Good luck.

Boy: Hey, Philip. How are you?

Philip: How are you doing?

Boy: Good.

Belle: I trust Shawn completely.

Mimi: And Jan?

Belle: I feel sorry for her, kind of.

Mimi: Don't. If she's using Shawn the same way she used me, I know all the signs, and whatever she's after, it can't be good.

Belle: Look, I can't control what Shawn does.

Mimi: If he were my boyfriend I wouldn't let him anywhere near Jan. You saw how he sidestepped my questions about her, then the second he sees her outside, he goes racing to meet her. I mean, look at them out there.

Belle: Meems, why did this have to happen when Shawn and I were so happy?

Philip: Hey, uh, Belle, can we talk?

Belle: Sure.

Mimi: It's good to see you up and around, Phil.

Philip: Uh, you mind, Meems? This is kind of between me and Belle.

Belle: Philip.

Mimi: Okay, no problem. I've got people to see, things to do. Remember what I said.

Belle: Could you have been any ruder?

Philip: This is important.

Belle:  So is Mimi.

Philip: Well, I'll apologize later. I need your help.

Mimi: Get used to it, Meems. You're on your own.

Kevin: Mimi?

Mimi: Kevin! Hi. Oh, my gosh. Am I glad to see you.

Shawn-D: Okay, Jan, tell me what Iím looking for.

Jan: It's a pill. It's an antibiotic. It's purple.

Shawn-D: Oh, all right. Oh, are you sick?

Jan: I had an infection. The doctor said I had to take all the pills to make sure I was okay. This was the last pill.

Shawn-D: All right, look, if we don't find it, then Iíll just take you back to the hospital and we'll get you another prescription.

Jan: I'm not going back to that hospital. I'm tired of doctors.

Shawn-D: So you took my advice -- you went to go see a doctor about the rape?

Jan: Don't ever use that word again. Just forget that ever happened, okay? Just forget about the island. Just forget about me.

Philip: I didn't mean to hurt Mimi, okay? I don't want to hurt anyone, not after what I did to Chloe. It's just... I need your help.

Belle: Okay. With what?

Philip: I have to know. Is your brother in love with Chloe?

Brady: So are you really going to waste your day away up in your room, mooning over Philip, feeling sorry for yourself?

Chloe: Maybe.

Brady: [Chuckles] you know, I hear that helping others with their problems can take your mind off your own.

Chloe: Others?

Brady: I'm in some serious need of attention.

Chloe: [Sighs] Brady Black -- needy?

Brady: And bored, lonely, blue.

Chloe: And what, I'm the cure?

Brady: Well, I-I wouldn't go that far. Man, you really are a diva, aren't you?

Chloe: Bye, Brady.

Brady: Chloe, Iím kidding.  Come on -- come on down and hang out for a while.

Chloe: I'm not so sure about trusting guys who show up under my window.

Brady: Well, I'm not Philip, and I-I donít have a guitar. I'm not going to serenade you. How about it?

Chloe: Well, what exactly do you have in mind?

Brady: I don't know. A-a storm's coming in. We could steal some jet skis, head over to Smith Island, save some lives, practice our CPR -- what do you say?

Chloe: Very funny.

Brady: There are only a few warm days left. Want to go for a drive in the country?

Chloe: Sounds good. I'll be right down.  [Sighs] darn.

Brady: What? What is it? What's wrong?

Chloe: Nancy and Craig.

Brady: Don't worry; they've actually begun to tolerate me a little bit more.

Chloe: Yeah? Well, they're mad at me for not telling them where we were going when we took off for Puerto Rico and then not calling them.

Brady: Well, what did they do, lock you in your room?

Chloe: Look, Brady, I don't want to deal with them being angry.

Brady: All right, then climb out your window and we'll just hang out down here.

Chloe: Climb out the window?

Brady: Yeah, and then climb -- climb down the tree and I'll catch you if you fall.

Chloe: I think Iíll take the stairs.

Brady: I'll be right here.

Woman: Stop him!

Nicole: No, get away from me.

Paul: How sweet are you, baby cakes?

Nicole: I have to put this nightmare behind me. Getting back to work is exactly what I need, and nobody better mess with me.

Marie: I wouldn't if I were you.

Sami: You're not.

Marie: Austin's busy. He's drawing up a major contract that has to be finished today.

Sami: If it's so major, then why isn't Nicole here to oversee?

Marie: Well, she will be.

Sami: When?

Marie: Soon.

Sami: Well, she's probably at a bar tying one on. I read about her deviant dad getting shot in the streets of Puerto Rico.

Marie: It's terrible.

Sami: Oh, save the sympathy card. What's terrible is that crazy guy tried to kill my sister and her friends. That girl who whacked him deserves a medal.

Marie: I'll buzz Austin and let him know you're waiting.

Sami: Don't bother. I know my man, and he likes surprises.

Austin: Nicole, just in time.

Sami: Sorry to disappoint you.

Austin: Sami.

Sami: Surprise.

Austin: Wow, I'll say.

Sami: I brought you something.

Austin: Uh, this really... Is not a good time.

Sami: I know. Marie told me that you're working on this major project.

Austin: Yeah, it's a buyout. I've been working on it for weeks. Nicole left me with everything.

Sami: You mean she dumped it on you so she and Victor could party in Puerto Rico.

Austin: Well, I wouldn't call watching your father die a party.

Sami: Well, if I had a dad like that and he was killed, I'd be dancing in the streets. You're on the profit and loss statements. Thank you.

Sami: So I think you need to take a break.

Austin: I can't.

Sami: Come on. I have a little project that needs your special handling.

Austin: I-I -- I really have got to finish this.

Sami: No. You have to eat.

Austin: Later.

Sami: I brought you a special sandwich from the sub shop with tomatoes and extra mayo and onions, just the way you like.

Austin: Damn.

Sami: The proper response is "thank you, darling."

Austin: I've got to get some papers from my office.

Sami: I'm not going anywhere.

Austin: Oh, yes, you are, as soon as I get back.

Sami: Okay, I can see when Iím not wanted.

Austin: Oh, Sami, you are wanted, but I have to show you how much when I get home later.

Sami: Gee, Nicole managed to whore her way to the top just the way Kate did. You know, maybe, like Kate, I can find a way to get her fired from Titan so she ends up working in a truck stop diner, and then Austin can assume the position at Titan that he deserves.

Nicole: What the hell do you think you're doing?  Marie, Sami and I are not to be disturbed by anyone.  Now, start talking. What are you doing in here?

Sami: Just waiting for Austin. He and I are having lunch together.

Nicole: Aw. Well, this is not a cafeteria, so get your butt out of my chair.

Sami: Chill out, Nicole.

Nicole: Chill out, when I found you snooping through my desk?

Sami: Gee, what are you afraid that Iíll find?

Nicole: Answer the question.

Sami: Well, I was admiring the lovely piece. I thought I'd look for the manufacturer's name and model number.

Nicole: Like hell you were.

Sami: Touchy, aren't we?

Nicole: Get out now, before I have security throw you out.

Sami: You know, I have every right to be in my future husband's place of employment.

Nicole: Stay away from Titan, or your future husband will be getting his severance pay.

Sami: Victor would never let Austin get fired.

Nicole: Victor doesn't question my executive decisions. Now, if I find you around here again, Austin is history.

Sami: What is it with you, Nicole? Why are you threatening me?

Nicole: Because someone needs to bring you to heel.

Sami: Gee, I'm wondering what happened to the Nicole Walker who offered to help me get my son back, who wanted to be my friend.

Nicole: I only pretended to help you to get what I wanted.

Sami: And why doesn't that surprise me?

Nicole: Because it's all about me, Sami.

Sami: [Laughs]

Nicole: And now that Iíve arrived, I'm through with you. You're not even in my league. You never were.

Sami: You think you've arrived just because you're shacking up with Victor -- Mr. Male menopause? How long do you think that'll last?

Nicole: Victor adores me.

Sami: And, yeah, and who do you adore, Nicole? Obviously not Eric. You professed your undying love to my brother and -- and sold yourself to the highest bidder.

Nicole: This coming from the slut of Salem.

Sami: Yeah, well, at least I know how to love and how to be loved. You sold your heart out for power and control a long time ago.

Nicole: Drop the act, okay? We're both out for number one. That's about the only thing you and I have in common, except I always get what I want and you donít. So why don't you just go back to your little job at the hospital while I run Titan -- the job that you could never hope to get your hands on?

Kevin: Mimi, this is a public place.

Mimi: It's been ages since I've seen you.

Kevin: Less than 24 hours.

Mimi: Light years from our time on the island together.

Kevin: Together? I was sitting out the hurricane at a hotel while you were out fighting the elements, bringing down criminals.

Mimi: I'm just glad we all made it back safely. So how was your flight home?

Kevin: Well, yeah, I was hoping we could sit next to one another on the plane.

Mimi: Really?

Kevin: But you opted for the Black family's private jet, flying back with Shawn and Belle.

Mimi: Belle's my best friend. She was nearly killed. I had to be with her.

Kevin: Well, after everything you did to Chloe, Salem high's "A" list crowd obviously found it in their hearts to forgive and forget. You know, it could be bad for your reputation to be seen with a plebe like me.

Mimi: Where is this coming from, Kevin?

Kevin: I got to go.  Wow.

Mimi: That's exactly what I was going to say.

Kevin: That was different than the last time I kissed you.

Mimi: Different how -- good?

Kevin: Yeah, definitely.

Mimi: Well... Then let's try for better.  Kevin, wait. Wait! Come here.

Kevin: Mimi, you got to stop grabbing me.

Mimi: You didn't object to it when we were on the island.

Philip: If Brady said anything, okay? If he's in love with Chloe, you've got to tell me.

Belle: In love? Philip, please tell me what happened to make you think this.

Philip: When I opened my eyes in that hospital in Puerto Rico and Chloe was standing there, it gave me hope that we could work things out, but...

Belle: Now what makes you think you can't?

Philip: Well, when I found out she was back in Salem, I had to see her, so I grab my guitar and I go over to her house --

Belle: Wait a second. Your guitar?

Philip: I was -- I was kind of going to sing to her.

Belle: Like a serenade?

Philip: Well, yeah. I mean, I'd done it once before. My dad told me it had worked for him when he was my age and he was in love with this girl back in Greece, and he was right. I threw pebbles at her window, she opened it, I sang to her, and we got together.

Belle: That has to be, like, the most romantic thing that I have ever heard. If a guy did that for me... I don't know what I'd do.

Belle: Well, maybe if you give Shawn a little hint, let him know you feel that way.

Belle: Shawn and I haven't even gone there yet.

Philip: Well, you will. Trust me, Shawnís crazy about you.

Jan: You'd better get back to Belle before she goes and runs off with someone else.

Shawn-D: No, that's okay. She's cool. Come on; let's find this pill, huh?

Jan: With my luck, it's probably stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe.

Shawn-D: No. What's it for again?

Jan: I told you -- an infection.

Shawn-D: Jan --

Jan: No more questions, okay, please?

Shawn-D: Just -- just one?

Jan: What?

Shawn-D: Before or after meals?

Jan: After. Thank you.

Shawn-D: Yeah. So let's get you inside so you can take it, all right?

Jan: Uh... I think I'm going to take it later. I got to go.

Shawn-D: Jan, hey. I just don't think you should be alone right now.

Jan: There is nothing you or anyone else can do to help me.

Shawn-D: That's not true, okay? Jan, hey, look at me. Maybe I'm not the one, all right? But there are counselors.

Jan: I killed someone, Shawn. No counselor can ever make me forget that.

Shawn-D: That's okay. Hey. It's okay, all right? You can cry. It's fine. Just let yourself go.

Jan: You probably shouldn't even be seen with me, Shawn.

Shawn-D: You know what? That is too bad, because, as your friend, I am not going to desert you, okay? I wouldn't do that 'cause I am here for you, okay? I promise.

Jan: You're the only one, Shawn. I mean -- the only one I can count on. Thank you.

Brady: How are you feeling?

Chloe: Lousy.

Brady: I'll try not to take that personally.

Chloe: I just -- I can't think straight. I don't know what I should do.

Brady: About Philip? Chloe, you don't have to do anything. Forget about him. Just go on. Live your life.

Chloe: I can't do that anymore. I used to be able to. It used to be all about me and whatever I wanted... Going in one direction without getting sidetracked. Then I met Philip. He changed everything.

Brady: Everything? Chloe, you still have dreams -- a career as an opera star.

Chloe: Yeah, but that's not all I want anymore. I used to be so angry on the inside. Music was my safe place. But being with Philip, I started feeling things that were so different, so powerful.

Brady: Love?

Chloe: [Humming]

Brady: Chloe, what are you doing?

Chloe: Look, Brady, you're my friend. I enjoy being with you. I don't want to bring us down by talking about my boring problems with Philip.

Brady: Nothing about Chloe Lane is boring.

Chloe: You know, it -- it's going to be so strange now that school's started.

Brady: Why?

Chloe: Well, I'll be seeing Philip every day in class, but I won't be seeing you much at all.

Marie: I wouldn't go in there if I were you.

Austin: Why not?

Marie: Nicole is back.

Austin: Finally.

Marie: She's in there with Sami, and she doesn't want to be disturbed.

Austin: She wants to be alone with Sami?

Marie: I don't think she appreciated finding Sami alone in her office, and she wasn't in the best of moods to begin with.

Austin: Oh, man. Hope Sami doesn't say anything stupid. I can't afford to lose this job.

Sami: Believe me, Nicole; I don't want your job. Once Victor gets tired of your tricks in bed, he's going to trade you in for a newer and younger bimbo, and then you're going to be out of a job and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Nicole: Unlike you, I got my job based on my skill, intelligence, and experience.

Sami: That's right, your experience in servicing older men.

Nicole: Titan has never been stronger or more financially sound. Why don't you ask your future husband? He'll tell you. My presidency is rock solid.

Sami: Save it for the stockholders' meeting. I'm not buying.

Nicole: You know, while we're on the subject of future husbands, how long do you, uh, think you'll hold on to a stud like him?

Sami: Austin loves me, Nicole. He and Will and I are going to be a family, which is more than you'll ever have. Victor's got grandsons your age.

Nicole: Austin never would have gone near you if it weren't for Will. I mean, that -- that little boy is the only reason Austin would even consider marrying you. Poor guy. I can't wait till the "I do's" are over and you revert to type. Goodbye, sweetness and light. Hello, bride from hell. You know, Austin will be out of there so fast.

Sami: What, your life is miserable, so everyone else's has to be?

Nicole: Guys like Austin are few and far between, and I don't want to see him get taken by a 2-bit tramp like you. You know, Austin should be warned.

Sami: Look, I don't know what kind of sick game you think you're playing, but you stay away from Austin and me. If you so much as threaten his job here at Titan, I will give victor an earful about your past that'll land you back in the gutter where you belong.

Nicole: You're not going anywhere.

Sami: Get your hand off of me.

Nicole: Not until Iím finished with you.

Kevin: Look, Mimi, I'm supposed to have lunch with my parents. I'm already late.

Mimi: I'd love to meet them sometime.

Kevin: My parents?

Mimi: Mm-hmm, we could all have dinner one night.

Kevin: I'm not sure they could afford Tuscany -- the jet set joint where you hang out.

Mimi: Uh, hello? Remember me, the homeless girl? I don't hang out at Tuscany.

Kevin: Oh, you will, now that you're back in tight with the rich kids again. By the way, your five minutes are up.

Mimi: Hey. Why are you acting like a total stranger?

Kevin: All right, face it, Mimi -- what do we really know about each other?

Mimi: I know what we shared on the island.

Kevin: That was then. This is now.

Mimi: Oh. So that's the way it is. I was just a one-night make out session after all. I get it.

Kevin: No. No, I don't think you do. What happened between us -- that was paradise, where everyone was equal. But we're back to reality. Senior year, you'll be hanging out with beautiful people, and I'll be Kevin the nerd again. No matter what happened on that island, nothing's changed back here in Salem.

Philip: What are you looking at?

Belle: Shawn and Jan were outside before, and now they're gone.

Philip: You worried?

Belle: I'm starting to be.

Philip: You want me to check on them, see what's going on between the two?

Belle: No, no. Shawn will tell me when he's ready. So continue. Finish telling me what happened with Chloe and the serenade.

Philip: Okay, yeah. So Iím in the front yard, I'm throwing pebbles at her window just like the first time, but Chloe didn't come to the window. Brady did.

Belle: Brady and Chloe were together.

Philip: No, no, no. Chloe wasn't there yet, but he was waiting for her, obviously making himself at home. He must be in love with her.

Belle: Philip, stop it, okay? You're doing it again.

Philip: What?

Belle: Expecting the worst of Chloe.

Philip: I'm not blaming her. It's Brady. The whole time I was in Puerto Rico, he was moving in on her. .. He told me that they're just friends. Chloe's not even Bradyís type.  Oh, believe me, Brady wants more than friendship. And Chloe refuses to talk to me. Look, Belle, I have to know whether or not I have a chance with her or not.

Belle: Hey, calm down, okay? You have a chance. Trust me.

Philip: How do you know that?

Belle: Well, I saw Chloeís face when we pulled you out of the cavern. When we put your body down, it looked like you were dead. She was fighting for you, Philip. She gave you CPR and begged you not to leave her.

Philip: She did?

Belle: Yes.

Philip: Hmm.

Shawn-D: Jan, you can't believe that your parents would hate you if you told them everything.

Jan: Shawn, all my mom cares about is that I stay out of her way and don't embarrass her with bad press. Her problem of the week is that she had to cancel a charity event at her country club because her daughter is a killer. She's locked herself in her bedroom with a migraine, which has my name on it also.

Shawn-D: Hey, I had no idea things were that bad.

Jan: Ask any of the kids that saw what happened at the airport, Shawn. It only got worse once we got home.

Shawn-D: What about your dad?

Jan: Vegas, on some business trip.

Shawn-D: So call him. Tell him that you need him.

Jan: He probably wouldn't even take my call, Shawn. He's shacked up at some casino hotel with one of his girlfriends or something.

Shawn-D: Hey. I'm sorry.

Jan: With any luck, he'll stay there for the rest of his life. I mean... Once he gets back, that's when the nightmare really begins.

Shawn-D: I just cannot believe that someone would do that to their kid.

Jan: I don't care. I mean, I -- I don't care anymore. All I want is just to... Not be sick.

Shawn-D: Jan. Come here. Just -- just tell me what the pill is for, okay? What's wrong with you?

Jan: It's disgusting.  When Paul raped me... He gave me gonorrhea. That is what the pill is for.

Brady: Chloe, what do you mean, you won't be seeing much of me anymore?

Chloe: Well, the summer's over. Now that Iím going back to school, I'll be in classes during the day, and at night, I'll have homework.

Brady: Yeah, but we'll still run into each other when you're over at the house seeing Belle.

Chloe: Sure.

Brady: Chloe, you know, I'm going to be pretty busy myself, all right? You know, I'm working for my dad at his new company, Basic Black. Just 'cause I'm doing the corporate thing doesn't mean that Iím going to forget about my friends or shooting hoops or... bowling.

Chloe: Maybe we'll meet at the bowling alley or someplace.

Brady: I-I'd like that.

Brady: Hey, maybe we can arrange our schedules so we could -- we could see each other a little bit more often. I mean, if -- if you want.

Chloe: Yeah. We could.

Brady: Cool. Well, shake on it?

Chloe: On one condition.

Brady: Oh, boy.

Chloe: That we don't talk about me, my problems, Philip --

Brady: What are we supposed to talk about?

Chloe: You. You know, if we're supposed to be friends, you need to start sharing some of what you feel.

Brady: What I feel about what?

Chloe: Well, let's start with... How do you feel about love?

Sami: I said get off, bitch.

Nicole: If you weren't so stupid, you would see why I can't stand the sight of you.

Sami: If you hate my guts, why did you help me get my son back? I mean, Eric was gone. It's not like you had to do anything for me.

Nicole: None of it was for you. I wanted to punish Kate and Lucas. I wanted to see them lose everything they had.

Sami: You do realize how sick that is, right? I mean, obviously, you and psycho daddy come from the same lowlife gene pool.

Nicole: You want to talk about the bottom of the food chain, look in the mirror. You know, I let your boyfriend hold down a job here, and you show up to visit him dressed like some hooker prowling on the docks with a purse full of condoms?

Sami: Nicole, I could have gotten this from your wardrobe.

Nicole: Well, you cheapen everything you touch.

Sami: Austin happens to like the way I dress.

Nicole: Oh, well, it'll take a little more than flesh peddling to hold onto him, and we both know why.

Sami: What are you talking about? Austin loves me.

Nicole: Deep in the night, after you've fallen asleep, and Austin turns away from you in bed, he's dreaming about your sister Carrie, the only woman he ever truly loved, the woman that you will never be.

Sami: Shut up, Nicole. Just shut the hell up!

[Door opens]

Nicole: I thought I told Marie that I didn't want to be disturbed.

Austin: Well, I just heard some shouting, and, uh...

Nicole: When I came back, Sami was in my office and you werenít.

Sami: Look, it's not Austin's fault.

Austin: I'll handle this.

Sami: He didn't know I was coming.

Austin: It was a mistake for me to leave Sami alone in your office.

Nicole: It was a mistake entertaining her at all.

Austin: No, I wasn't entertaining her. Look, those are the Carlson contracts that you asked me to complete. I needed to get these files from my office, and I was going to come back, say goodbye to Sami, and get back to work on the project. Now, I apologize for any inconvenience.

Nicole: All right, all right, all right. Just say your goodbyes. We've got work to do.

Austin: Okay, would anyone like to tell me what... The shouting was all about?

Nicole: Why don't you ask Sami?

Sami: It can wait.  See you at home.

Austin: I may be late.

Sami: I understand.

Nicole: Uh...[Whistles] you're not going to forget what we talked about, are you?

Sami: Never. Trust me.

Marie: You okay?

Sami: Your boss should be on meds. What a bitch.

Marie: [Laughs] takes one to know one.

Nicole: All right, bring me up to date.

Austin: Okay, look, that won't happen again. I'll make it clear to Sami that she can't just show up here during business hours.

Nicole: Your girlfriend has a really bad habit of showing up where she's not wanted, including your wedding to Carrie.

Austin: I will handle it.

Nicole: Tell me something, Austin -- are you happy here at Titan? Do you really want this job?

Brady: Chloe, why are you asking me about love? Don't you think that's a little bit too much ground to cover in one afternoon?

Chloe: There must be someone you care about.

Brady: Yes, there is. I love my friends, I love my family...

Chloe: Your flag and your country. Brady, you that's not the kind of love Iím talking about.

Brady: So you want the inside scoop on my love life. Is that it?

Chloe: Is there someone?

Brady: I'm working on it. I mean, I've had crushes in the past. Nothing that's ever lasted.

Chloe: Would you like to be in a relationship?

Brady: Mm-hmm, yeah. With -- with the right girl, of course.

Chloe: Well, uh... I was thinking maybe I could set you up with someone from school, like a girl in the drama department or a cheerleader.

Brady: Thank you, Chloe. Um... But I actually know them all. My sister, she's in drama and -- and sports, and that whole gang of girls practically lives in my kitchen. If it'll -- it's meant to happen, it will happen. Don't you need to be inside talking to Nancy and Craig or something?

Chloe: You are just trying to change the subject because you don't want to tell me anything about yourself.

Brady: Because there's nothing to know. What you see is what you get, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm really glad that you're my friend, Brady.

Mimi: Kevin, we can change the way things are at school.

Kevin: Sorry. Your time's up.

Mimi: Give me five more minutes.

Kevin: I can't, all right? My parents are waiting. See ya.

Mimi: How can he think that I don't want to have anything to do with him just because we're back in Salem? I have to find a way to show him he's wrong.

Philip: So while I was in that coma, Chloe was really crying for me, begging me not to leave her?

Belle: In front of Brady and all of us.

Philip: Ah. I love you, Belle. You are the best friend a guy could have. You showed me that I can't give up until I get Chloe back.

Belle: Good.

Philip: To hell with Brady. I'll do whatever it takes, but he is not going to get her. Ha ha.

Shawn-D: Paul... Gave you gonorrhea? Jan, why -- why didn't you tell me?

Jan: I just feel so dirty.

Shawn-D: No. You're not, okay? You're not. You should go and take that antibiotic now, all right?

Belle: I should have warned Philip not to move too fast. His jealousy could ruin everything between them. Maybe I can catch him.

Jan: I don't want to go inside, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Okay. All right, we'll -- we'll just go somewhere else, okay?

Jan: Okay.

Belle: Maybe Philip and I have the same problem.

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