Days Transcript Friday 10/19/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/19/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

[Doorbell rings]

Julie: Oh!

Shawn-D: Hello.

Julie: Oh! Oh, I'm so glad to see you home, safe and sound, bless your heart. Mmm! Well, come in, come in, come in.

Belle: It is great to be back. Amazing, actually.

Julie: Uh-huh.

Shawn-D: Listen, Grandma, I want to thank you for helping out with J.T. while I was gone. My parents said that you and grandpa were watching him all the time.

Julie: Well, of course we were. You know how much we love that little guy.

Belle: We missed you at the "welcome home" party, Julie.

Julie: Yeah. I missed being there, but I couldn't very well leave your great-grandma alone.

Shawn-D: Oh, is she ok? Should we have not come?

Julie: No, no. It's fine. She just has a little cold, and she'll be thrilled to see you both.

Shawn-D: All right. Well, it's not just us. While we're here, we have a huge surprise for her.

Julie: Really? Well, I can't wait to find out what it is. I'll tell grandma she has a surprise.

Shawn-D: Ok. Well, folks, it's the moment we've all been waiting for.

Belle: And I am so happy to be sharing it with you.

[Philip coughs]

Kate: Are you feeling all right? Are you sure?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah. I'm better.

Victor: Your throat still sounds a little raspy. Henderson!

Henderson: Here we go, Master Philip.

Philip: Oh, thank you, Henderson.

Henderson: Nice to have you back with us.

Victor: That'll be all, Henderson.

[Philip coughs]

Kate: I just don't like that cough. Are you ok?

Victor: Here. Sip a little hot tea.

Philip: Relax, you guys. I'm ok. My throat's just a little dry. My lungs are ok, though. You two are like a couple of mother hens. Back off.

Victor: Come on. Show a little respect here.

Philip: Well, I can see things are back to normal around here.

Victor: Next you'll be wanting to borrow the car.

Philip: Actually, yeah, I will, because I'm anxious to see Chloe again. There's so much I have to tell her.

Craig: All right, Nancy. Cut it out. You're going to wear out the carpet.

Nancy: Craig, the plane-- it landed hours ago. Why isn't she here?

Craig: Nancy, there could be a thousand reasons why.

Nancy: She should have come to the pub-- I mean, for the party.

Craig: Sweetheart, you said so yourself. She probably didn't feel like celebrating, ok?

Nancy: Craig, why is she doing this to me?

[Doorbell rings]

Nancy: There she is. Oh. It's you.

Brady: Nice to see you, too, Mrs. Wesley. Is your daughter home?

Nancy: No, damn it. I was hoping she'd be with you.

Woman: Excuse me. Do you know Chloe Lane?

Jan: Unfortunately. There she is.

Woman: Excuse me. Miss Chloe Lane?

Chloe: Yes.

Woman: I have a message for you.

Chloe: Oh, thanks.

Woman: You're welcome.

Chloe: "Meet Nancy and Craig at the Brady Pub." Yeah, right.

Susan: Well, that was fun, huh? Sitting on the tarmac for an hour, and all because one little hydraulic lever broke.

Chloe: Hmm. I didn't think you had noticed, since you were so busy chatting away with your new best friend Jan.

Susan: Uh, excuse me. I think that you owe me and Jan an apology.

Paul: That's my one regret about the old days--that all I did was watch while you gave it away to those pigs on the set, the creeps who'd watch later. I wish Iíd tried you first myself. But what the hell? Better late than never, right, Nik? Come on, baby. Show Daddy what you can do.

Nicole: No. Bastard!

Brandon: Nikki. What's up? You look a little shook. Are you all right?

Nicole: Actually, I feel lucky to be alive. Because you let that bastard back into our lives again, he tried to kill me.

Shawn-D: Well, we sure have been through a lot, huh?

Belle: Yeah. You know, how many people can say they were trapped in a cavern pit together? Just that word "trapped." I always thought I was so tough and strong, but I had a really hard time keeping it together when we were down there.

Shawn-D: Well, so did Philip and I. I mean, you think you were the only one who was shaken?

Belle: Most guys would not admit that.

Shawn-D: Yeah, but, you see, that's why you're crazy about me.

Belle: Watch it. I wouldn't get too confident.

Shawn-D: I don't think I could get too confident with you.

Belle: No? Why not?

Shawn-D: Because you're so special and beautiful. I mean, look how much of a hard time I had just asking you to the Last Blast.

Belle: Which I do not understand at all. It's not like we hadn't been best friends forever.

Shawn-D: Well, you know, I just -- I wasn't sure that you felt that way about me.

Belle: You guys. How could you be so clueless?

Philip: I have to see Chloe to thank her for coming to see me in the hospital. I mean, she helped me recover. While I was in that coma, I kept thinking about her, thinking about our future together. I swear, that's what brought me back.

Victor: I think you should rest now, Philip.

Philip: What? I'm not tired, Dad.

Victor: Philip --

Philip: All right. Fine, fine. But I at least have to call her.

Nancy: Brady, have you talked to Chloe? Do you know where she is?

Brady: Well, actually, I thought she was here with you two.

Craig: She's not, obviously.

[Telephone rings]

Nancy: Craig. Hello?

Philip: Uh, hello, Mrs. Wesley. Is Chloe there?

Nancy: Who is this?

Philip: Philip Kiriakis.

Nancy: You cannot speak with her, Philip.

Craig: Uh, Nan --

Nancy: The nerve of him.

Brady: Well, I guess she's not with Philip, either.

Nancy: And just why would she be, Brady? She and Philip are no longer involved.

Craig: In fact, uh, well, we thought the two of you became closer this summer, closer than just bowling partners. It's obvious you were seeing each other.

Chloe: I have no intention of apologizing to you or Jan. You can defend her all you want, Susan, but the fact is, Jan Spears is a first-class bitch.

Susan: Shh.

Chloe: You seem to have conveniently forgotten that she put pictures of me naked on the Internet, not to mention that huge video screen at the Last Blast. Not only did she ruin the dance for everyone, but I lost my boyfriend because of her.

Susan: Well, maybe she did you a favor.

Chloe: What is that supposed to mean?

Susan: What kind of a boyfriend doesn't trust you? What kind of a boyfriend could actually believe that you were selling your body like that?

Chloe: Whatever Philip's reaction to what happened does not excuse the fact that Jan did something mean and horrible, not only to me, but to the entire school. So if you think I'm going to be nice to her during senior year, forget it. Oh, look. There goes your best friend now. Why don't you ask her if she wants to ride home with you? You two can hold hands.

Susan: You really have changed, Chloe. If this is what being popular does to people, I am happy being the way that I am.

Mrs. Spears: You slut.

Jan: Oh!

Fay: Nikki, what's wrong? Is Mr. Kiriakis ok? And what happened to Philip? What happened to Victor's son?

Nicole: Philip is fine now. All the kids are ok. But Philip was in a coma. He almost drowned, thanks to Paul.

Brandon: What are you talking about? What does Dad have to do with this?

Nicole: Well, Mom's devoted husband and our fabulous father followed the kids down to the islands because they were on a treasure hunt for some very valuable stolen jewelry. He tried to kill 3 innocent kids, and when I tried to stop him, he wanted to kill me. I mean, he came damn close to it, too.

Fay: No. Your father would never do that. He couldnít.

Nicole: You still believe in that fantasy about him? Even though he beat the crap out of you and Brandon? Even though he has a rap sheet as thick as the yellow pages? He spent half your marriage in jail. You still think Paul Mendez has a heart of gold?

Fay: There are things that you don't understand about your father, Nikki.

Shawn-D: Clueless, huh? How am I clueless?

Belle: How many hints does a girl have to give a guy? I mean, it took you forever to ask me out.

Shawn-D: What kind of hints are we talking about here? You getting all mad when I would make fun of your hair?

Belle: If I didn't care what you think, it wouldn't have bothered me, right? Why couldn't you see that?

Shawn-D: Oh, I guess I should have. Great. So, not only do I have a girlfriend that's totally awesome, but with all these little innuendos that she has, apparently she is much, much smarter than me.

Belle: Oh, yeah?

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah. So I guess Iím in for big trouble.

Belle: And I would like to get you in some more trouble.

Shawn-D: Really?

Julie: Ahem!

Victor: All right. You get some rest now, son.

Kate: You listen to your father. He knows best.

Philip: Hmm. It's so great to see you two getting closer. Believe me, I wouldn't want to have to go through almost drowning again or being in a coma, but if it helped bring you two together, then --

Victor: We both want to see you get back to 100%, son. Let's, uh, not get into that other stuff right now, ok?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah. Well, actually, I am getting kind of tired. I should probably get some sleep.

Kate: Oh. I remember when I used to do this when you were a little boy.

Philip: Yeah. I think I've worn my hair like this since I was 8. Maybe I should cut it off.

Kate: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. I don't care how you wear your hair. I'm just so glad that you're home.

Philip: I'm glad you're home, too, Mom. Maybe you could at least spend the night. That be ok, Dad?

Philip: Please, Dad. We have plenty of room in this house. Can't Mom stay?

Victor: I just want you to get some sleep right now, son. Come on, Kate.

Kate: Of course.

Philip: How did things get so screwed up with them? They didn't try hard enough, I guess. That's not going to happen with me and Chloe. I won't give up on us. I'll never give up. I really blew it, and I have to work things out. What, nothing to say? You know, the silent treatment's not going to hurt me. Nothing can hurt me more than what you did to me tonight. Did you have fun, opera girl? Hmm? Did you get off making me look like a total jerk in front of all my friends forever going out with you? Who cares, right? I mean, as long as you were making the money, as long as you get into freakin' music school. No wonder you wouldn't tell me what your money-making plan was, you freak. You weirdo. You disgust me. Ghoul girl!

Philip: My God, I was such a jerk. And yet she was still there for me.

Philip: I have to see Chloe. I have to.

Brady: Dr. Wesley, I think you're reading more into this than there actually is. Chloe and I have a few things in common, yes -- opera, whatever -- but we are just friends.

Craig: You don't sound so sure about that.

Brady: Well, it's kind of hard to tell how Chloe feels about people.

Nancy: Really? She never has a problem saying she hates my guts. In fact, that's probably why she's not even here. She's just trying to torture me.

Brady: No, Mrs. Wesley. Chloe wouldn't do that.

Nancy: Then where is she, Brady? Oh, my God, Craig. What if something's happened to her?

Craig: Ok. Just, now -- would you please not get in a panic just yet, ok? It hasn't even been that long.

Brady: Did you check your answering machine? Maybe she left a message or something.

Craig: We checked the machine.

Brady: Well, you know, she has her own phone line, her own answering machine. Maybe somebody called regarding her whereabouts.

Nancy: Craig, I didn't think about that. Let's go check.

Craig: Good idea.

Mrs. Spears: There's plenty more where that came from.

Susan: I should help her.

Chloe: No, no. It's her mother. Let's see what happens.

Woman: Excuse me, ma'am, but you're abusing this --

Mrs. Spears: And unless you want a lawsuit on your hands, you'll mind your own business. You really love embarrassing me, don't you? What, are you trying to get back at me for divorcing your father? Well, let me tell you something, you ungrateful little tramp -- you're going to pay for this big time. You think the judge and the school punished you? You just wait till I get you home.

Julie: Excuse me, but didn't you just learn to walk and talk, ride tricycles? Wasn't it just moments ago that you were playing together in the sandbox?

Shawn-D: Julie --

Belle: Julie --

Julie: I know. You make me feel so old.

Belle: Sorry, Julie.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Ok. So, um, can we go see Gran now?

Julie: Yes. "I could use a surprise" -- those were her very words.

Belle: Great.

Shawn-D: Ok. Good.

Julie: Did you forget to say, "oh, Julie, please come along and join us"?

Shawn-D: Oh, Julie, come along and join us. It would be even better with an audience.

Julie: Ok.

Alice: Oh.

Shawn-D: Gran, hello!

Alice: My word! It's so good to see you. Oh, it's so good to see you both! Oh! Oh! Oh,

I've missed you all so much.

Shawn-D: Well, we have missed you so much.

Belle: You look great, Mrs. Horton. Are you feeling ok?

Alice: Oh, I'm on the mend, especially now that you're here.

Shawn-D: Yeah? Well, it's quite a look you have there.

Alice: What?

Shawn-D: The whole Mrs. Santa Claus thing.

Alice: Oh, this is Julie's fault.

Julie: Julie's fault?

Alice: Yes. I asked her to find something sort of subtle for me. Look, when you have a cold --

Shawn-D: Mm-hmm.

Alice: I've got to tell you, you've got to keep your head covered because the heat of your body goes out through your head.

Shawn-D: Is that true?

Alice: Yes. You think Iíd be wearing this if it weren't?

Shawn-D: That's a good point. Well, it is red, and I think, you know, I might have something that would match that quite well. In fact, I think it's quite appropriate that you're wearing that today.

Alice: What are you talking about?

Shawn-D: Well, um, I think Christmas might be coming a little early for you this year.

Alice: Why are you two looking like the cat that ate the canary?

Shawn-D: Ok. Well, it's not a canary. I'll tell you that much.

Alice: Oh, for heaven's sake, tell me what it is.

Shawn-D: Drum roll, please. Do you recognize this?

Alice: My beautiful ruby Tom gave me.

Julie: Oh, my God!

Alice: Tom. Tom. It's back. It's back. I -- I don't -- I can't believe it.

Julie: The ruby grandpa gave you for --

Alice: For our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Made our dinner reservations for, uh, 8:00, didn't you?

Tom: Yes, and I have our usual table in the back, where we can hold hands and do anything else that strikes your fancy.

Alice: What's in your mind?

Tom: After all these years, you don't know me?

Alice: You better go and get dressed.

Tom: All right.

Alice: Oh, dear. I'm still not sure about this dress.

Tom: Oh, darling, stop thinking about the dress. It's elegant. Why don't you occupy yourself with something like, uh, opening that box?

Alice: What box? Oh, my word, how did I miss that? What is it? Is it from the children?

Tom, it's from you. Oh! And the box is so pretty. I just hate to open it. Oh, darling, it's lovely.

Tom: Will you please open it before you talk it to death?

Alice: All right. Oh...

Tom: Well?

Alice: It's beautiful! Absolutely stunning. Oh, Tom, how I wish you were here beside me to share this moment. I -- oh, darlings, how'd it happen? How in the world did you find it?

Fay: Deep down, Paul was a decent man. He didn't have the greatest childhood, you know.

Brandon: What do you mean, his childhood? I mean, so he had it rough as a kid. Was that any excuse to make all our lives miserable? To beat you and me? To turn Nikki out when she was a teenager?

Fay: He only wanted the best for his family.

Brandon: The best for his family? He was a lowlife, two-bit criminal. Too lazy to work, too stupid to learn how to read. He was a punk psycho who used his own family and ran nothing but scams.

Fay: That was his answer to getting rich, Brandon. Some people go to college. He was taught to steal and scam. But he only did it to give money to his family.

Brandon: I can't believe this. You're making him out to be Robin Hood. He was an animal. He stole whatever he wanted. He beat up women and children. It didn't matter who got hurt or who suffered. How can you defend him after what he did to us?

Nicole: Brandon -- you're finally starting to see what I have been telling you all along. She will always defend him. You always said it was to keep the peace, but the truth is, she loves that pig, and it is never going to change.

Fay: No. I know that he did some very bad things. But no matter what he did, I know that he -- he loved me. I know he did, and he still does.

Nicole: How can you say that? You know, he said that you slept with him when he got out of prison.

Brandon: No, no. Mom would never do that. It's crazy. Mom? Tell me it's not true. You wouldn't do that.

Nicole: Oh, of course she did. She couldn't help herself.

Brandon: My God.

Nicole: Don't worry. She'll never have the chance to do it again. And, Brandon, you'll never have the chance to pay him back for all the times he beat you up. The bad times are finally over. We won't be seeing dear old daddy anymore.

Victor: I want you to be very careful what you say when you're around Philip.

Kate: Oh, yes. Yes. I understand that you don't want our son to get any false hopes that we might get back together again, that we might live happily ever after. And you're absolutely right. He's been through enough. I don't want to see him hurt again, either. But just for the record, before we left Puerto Rico, Philip forgave me.

Victor: What are you talking about? Forgave you for what?

Kate: For that ugly incident with Vincent Moroni when Philip walked in on us. He said that he understood that people make mistakes because he's made mistakes with his girlfriend, and he now understands that pain and desperation can drive people to do things that they wouldn't normally do under ordinary circumstances.

Victor: Well, if you expect me to understand --

Kate: Oh, you will. I know you, and I know your heart. And I don't expect it to happen now, but I know if I work very hard to prove to you how much I still love you, how good we can be for each other, then it will happen. You'll forgive me, too.

Philip: Hmm. I know exactly what to do. Dad's advice was perfect. It worked once before. It's got to work again. I'll go out the back way so no one sees me. Hmm. I'm going to get you back, Chloe. No matter what it takes, we're going to be together again.

Craig: Nope. No messages.

Nancy: Craig, she knows what goes through my mind when I don't know where she is. She knows what this does to me.

Craig: Honey, Iím sure it's not deliberate, ok? Ok?

Nancy: Well, sometimes it feels like it is. I mean, she may not love me, but does she have to punish me like this?

Craig: Oh, sweetie.

Mrs. Spears: What will people say when they hear that you're a murderer? Did you stop and think how this would affect the family, our reputation? My God, I've raised a homicidal maniac.

Jan: I was defending someone, and I saved her life!

Mrs. Spears: Oh, please. They faxed me the police report. The witnesses say that you'd been hanging out with that man Paul Mendez. You had sex with him, didn't you?

Jan: No! That's not what happened.

Mrs. Spears: You can't stick to boys your own age, can you? Have to go off screwing older men.

Jan: That's not true!

Mrs. Spears: You disgust me. You deserve what you get!

Jan: Aah! Stop! Please, just leave me -- stop!

Fay: Oh, my God. What did Paul do now?

Nicole: I told you. He tried to kill those kids.

Fay: What do you mean, Nikki? Is he -- is he back in jail?

Nicole: Oh, no. But he's definitely in hell. That son of a bitch finally got what he deserved -- justice.

Fay: What are you saying, Nicole?

Nicole: I am saying that a young girl he hurt the most shot him 3 times.

Fay: What?

Nicole: He wound up in the hospital. He was almost a goner, so I went in, and I finished him off.

Brandon: What the hell are you talking about? Are you making this up?

Nicole: It's all true, every word. That young girl -- Jan Spears -- she shot him. And when they were getting him ready for surgery, I went in his room, and I made him die.

Shawn-D: This guy -- the thief who stole it from the jewelry store -- worst scum you could possibly imagine -- he hid it on this island, and we just happened to be going there for our school trip, so when we were down there, we found it.

Alice: Oh.

Shawn-D: Yeah. He actually got it back, Gran, but then Belle got it away from him.

Alice: Shawn, you never should have got involved. My God. Your life -- my family -- don't you know they're the most important things in the world to me?

Shawn-D: Yeah. I know that, Gran. I just -- I also knew how much this ruby meant to you, so I had to take some risks. I mean, I would have done anything to get that ruby back for you.

Alice: All right, my sweet, brave boy. How can I ever thank you? And you, Isabella -- I'm so grateful.

Julie: May I see the stone?

Alice: Mm-hmm.

Julie: Oh, wow. You know, it's almost ostentatious for a lady your age. How would you like to give it to your favorite granddaughter?

Alice: I just got it back, Julie. Do you mind?

Julie: Oh, well. Thought it was worth a try. I can't get over how the two of you managed to find a jewel that's been missing for decades.

Shawn-D: Well, Gran had told me how it was stolen, and I just couldn't get it out of my mind. And it must have been fate because this mysterious can just kept showing up. I know. It's a long story. But anyways, inside the can, it had a key to a locker, and it had a treasure map and pictures of all the stolen jewels, including the ruby. And like I said, I just -- I had to get it back for her. And it must have been because great-grandpa Tom had given it to you, and I know that a piece of your heart must be in it.

Alice: And a piece of my heart will always be with you, too.

Victor: If I were you, Kate, I wouldn't bet that overly generous allowance that I pay you on the very unlikely possibility that we'll ever get back together again.

Kate: I know you loved me once, and I think you know how determined I can be.

Victor: Tenacious is the word.

Kate: I should be going.

Victor: I'm surprised you're not taking advantage of Philip's invitation to stay.

Kate: Oh, no. No, because I understand that you don't want me to be here. The last thing Iíd want to do is upset you. But please, tell Philip Iíll see him in the morning.

Philip: Hmm, should I do this? Seeing me here might make her mad. But I still love her so much.

Craig: Sweetie, Iím sure that Chloe will be home very soon. Any minute now, she's going to come right through that door, and all this worrying is going to be just a memory, ok? Hey, tell you what -- I'll take you downstairs, and I'll make you some tea, and it'll calm you down, ok? Come on. Brady, you can join us.

[Rock hits window]

Fay: Nikki, what are you saying? You killed your father?

Nicole: I wish I had. But the honor went to someone else. I only stood over him and screamed while he breathed his last breath, "Die, Daddy, die." He tried to choke the life out of me, but he didn't have the strength. I'm sure he would have loved to take me to hell with him.

Fay: No. You're lying, Nikki, just to hurt me.

Nicole: Why would this hurt you? This is good news. That monster is finally dead and gone.

Brandon: Is it true, Nikki? He's dead? Did he really try to kill you?

Nicole: Look at this. Look at this! He did this with his own knife! He is evil, Brandon! He got what he deserved!

Fay: No, please, this can't be. Tell me -- tell me you're lying, Nikki, please.

Nicole: I told you he is dead, mother. I willed him to die.

Fay: Oh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, no! No!

Brandon: Mom, don't you remember what he did to you? To us, his own family? We're better off without him.

Fay: No, Brandon. You don't understand. In his heart, Paul was good. He never meant to hurt you and Nikki. He loved you both. He loved all his children.

Brandon: What you're saying makes me sick. My God, are you crazy? Weeping over him?

Nicole: Brandon, Brandon, it's not worth it, ok? He can't do anything to us anymore.

Brandon: I got to get out of here.

[Door slams]

Nicole: I hope you suffer. I hope you're in pain for a long time, exposing your children to that bastard!

Fay: It can't be true. It can't be true.

Nicole: It's true. Now, live with it.

Nicole: It's always been you and me, Brandon. Don't you forget it. I'm sorry you had to see this. I'm sorry you had to see our mother this way. I know you love her. But face it -- she has always sided with him. And in the end, all we have is each other.

Kate: Sweet dreams, Victor.

Mrs. Spears: Let's go. The car's waiting.

Jan: Aah!

Mrs. Spears: I said, let's go!

Susan: Well, are you still going to give Jan a hard time in her senior year?

Chloe: My God, I can't believe it. Why would Jan take that from her mother? Or from anyone?

Susan: Maybe she had no choice.

Chloe: You always have a choice. I would rather go back to an orphanage than live with a monster like that.

Susan: So how are you going to treat Jan this year?

Nancy: Craig, I just don't understand why she's doing this to me.

Craig: Honey, honey, this is not about you. And until we know what it is about, can we just try and stay calm, ok?

Philip: Oh, great. She's there. Brady?

Brady: Philip. What are you doing here?

Philip: That's what Iím asking you, man. What the hell are you doing in my girlfriend's bedroom?

Alice: When Tom gave me this, it symbolized 30 years of love and commitment, faith in family. And today, you children have reminded me that love like that truly does last forever.  

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