Days Transcript Wednesday 10/17/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/17/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Bartender: What can I get you?

Nicole: Just coffee, thanks.

Kate: Well, well, well. That witch got rid of her father. Now itís my turn to get rid of her. One to come for our bags. Kiriakis, 117. Gracias, senor.

Victor: You've hardly said a word all morning, son. I would think you'd be thrilled. You finally get to sleep in your own bed tonight.

Philip: Yeah, I mean, I am thrilled. I canít wait to get home. Itís just that --

Victor: Philip, if you donít feel up to the trip back to Salem, just say so. I have no problem with staying here a few more days. In fact, it might not be a bad idea.

Philip: No, no. Dad, really. Itís -- Iím ok. I -- I canít wait to get back to Salem -- the sooner the better -- I was just kind of hoping Chloe could come with, you know?

Victor: Well, if it means that much to you, give the girl a call.

Philip: I tried. She already left.

Man: Iím sorry, sir, but we really canít wait any longer. If we're going to make an on-time departure, we need your party here now.

Mr. Woods: Any sign of Jan or Jason?

Ms. Perez: None. I have no idea.

Man: Sir, please.

Mr. Woods: We're not leaving without those kids.

Kevin: Poor Jan. I canít imagine what she must be going through. To be responsible for...

Susan: Taking another personís life? I know. Iím not sure I could handle that.

Kevin: I know sheís done some pretty horrible things, especially to Chloe, but still...

Susan: And speaking of Chloe, what do you think sheís doing here? How come she didnít fly back with the others?

John: You ok?

Brady: Yeah, you know, I just wish that, um -- I wish I knew why Chloe didnít want to fly back with us.

Belle: This is so beautiful -- the way the light hits it.

Mimi: Iím telling you guys -- when I get married, forget diamonds. This is what I want. So what do you think?

Belle: I think itís very you, Meems.

Mimi: I think so. Here.

Belle: Well, mission accomplished, kind of.

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: Shawn, whatís wrong? Your great-grandmotherís gonna be so happy when she sees that ruby. Arenít you the least bit excited?

Shawn-D: Yeah, I mean, I just canít stop thinking about everything that happened. Iím beginning to think the whole thing was a big mistake.

John: Well, son, my guess would be that Chloe decided to go back with Philip.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, with Philip.

John: Does that bother you?

Brady: Bother me? No. Donít be ridiculous.

Belle: Shawn, donít even say that. This trip was not a mistake, ok?

Mimi: Belleís right. In fact, I think some pretty good things happened on that island.

Belle: You mean Kevin?

[Mimi giggles]

Mimi: Well, yeah. I guess that was one of the more memorable highlights.

Belle: You guess?

Mimi: There were other things, too. Like, I learned how to jet ski -- never done that before.

Belle: See, Shawn? This trip wasnít a total disaster.

Shawn-D: But if I hadnít dragged you guys and Philip along on this stupid treasure hunt, then we wouldnít have met Paul and then we wouldnít have had --

Belle: Shawn. Shawn. Itís over, ok? We got the ruby, and everyoneís ok.

Mimi: Except for that disgusting Paul, but he deserved what he got.

John: No arguments there. Anyone who even tries to lay a finger on my daughter --

Belle: Dad, can -- can we just let it go?

John: Yeah. Iím sorry, sweetheart.

Belle: It just creeps me out to think about it.

John: Well, then, donít. Paul Mendez is not going to hurt any of you ever again, and Iím telling you, Shawn, if that friend of yours hadnít beaten me to it, I would have taken him out myself, and I doubt if I would have gotten off as easy as she did.

Jan: He raped me.

[Jan crying]

Shawn-D: Look, you guys, Jan didnít get off as easy as you might think.

Belle: What do you mean?

Jason: See, I told you we'd make it. Hey, Mr. Woods. Sorry we're late. It wasnít our fault.

Mr. Woods: You can explain later. Where are your tickets?

Jason: There we go.

Man: It seems someone here has little regard for our two-hours-before-departure policy.

Jason: Yeah. I said Iím sorry.

Ms. Perez: How soon until we board?

Man: Unfortunately, there will be a bit of a delay now, but it shouldnít be long until you're on your way.

Jason: Guess Iím not getting the extra peanuts on this flight, huh?

Ms. Perez: Come on.

Kevin: Jan, itís about time. What took you so long?

Susan: Yeah, we were really starting to worry.

Jan: Whereís Shawn? Is he here yet?

Kevin: He left a little while ago with Belle.

Jan: What?

Kevin: On Mr. Blackís private jet. Mimi went, too.

Susan: Are you all right, Jan? I mean, you really didnít expect them to go home separately, did you?

Jan: No. Of course not.

Kevin: Why the sudden interest in Shawn Brady? Heís not exactly what I would call her type.

Susan: I get the feeling that thereís a lot we donít know.

Chloe: Brady... I feel so comfortable with you, but in my heart, I know I love Philip... But how will it ever be the same again?

Brady: Chloe!

Brady: Hi. Must have been a girl scout.

Chloe: You mean the fire?

Brady: Yeah, well-done.

Chloe: I didnít do it. The embers were already here. I just threw some wood on it. So what are you doing out here?

Brady: Looking for you.

Chloe: How did you know where to find me?

Brady: Just a hunch. I figured you were somewhere staring out at the water... Like that day I found you on the pier.

Philip: Itís Brady, isnít it? Thatís who Chloe flew home with.

Victor: They have spent some time together, yes.

Philip: God, I knew it! I should have never come on this damn trip. I should have just stayed home with Chloe and tried to work things out with her.

Victor: Try not to let it upset you, Philip. Itís only gonna slow down your recovery.

Philip: You know, I called her a couple times from the island. She was with Brady. They went bowling together. Ha! I mean, Chloe bowling? Come on! She never did that kind of stuff with me... But Iím not gonna get into this jealousy thing. I -- I did that once before, and Iím not gonna do it again.

Victor: Thatís very mature of you, son.

Philip: Once we get back home and things get back to normal, Iím really gonna work on this relationship with Chloe. I know -- I know we still have a chance... Just like I know thereís still a chance for you and Mom.

Victor: Where did that come from?

Philip: Oh, come on, Dad. I saw you two at the hospital together. You still care about each other, donít you?

Bartender: So, you see the article about that guy from that States? Shot and killed not far from here.

Nicole: I try not to stray much from the financial page.

Bartender: Thatís probably a good idea.

Paul: Help me! Help me, baby!

Nicole: The little girl you threw away to the highest bidder. The little girl you trashed!

Paul: No. No, you donít mean that!

Nicole: I do mean that. I hope you die in agony!

Nurse: Stop this.

Doctor Sarmiento: Get her out of here.

Paul: Take it back!

Nicole: No way in hell!

Paul: You slut! Take it back!

Nicole: Die, Daddy! Die!

Nurse: Por favor, senor.

Nicole: Die, you bastard! I guess Iím gonna have to be the one who breaks the news to the rest of the family.

Kate: So what do we have here? Casing the joint for a little early morning action?

Nicole: Get lost, Kate.

Kate: Oh, no. I couldnít possibly do that, not until we've had our little chat.

Nicole: You know, Kate, I really donít have time to get into it with you right now.

Kate: Make time!

Nicole: I knew it was a mistake for you to come down here.

Kate: Obviously, Victor didnít think so.

Nicole: Please. He felt an obligation.

Kate: You're worried, arenít you? You're worried about losing Victor.


Nicole: Thatís what you want to believe, isnít it, Kate? Well, Iím sorry to disappoint you, because what Victor and I have right now is stronger than ever.

Kate: You go on. You go on thinking that, but Victor knows you for the gold-digging tramp you are. Do you really think heís forgotten about the $5 million you accepted to marry Lucas? He sees right through you. So you better watch your back because this is far from over.

Nicole: Oh, it is over, all right. It has been over for months. I am the one who is President of Titan! I am the one who sleeps in Victorís bed every night! Aw... Whatís the matter, Kate? Jealous you're not getting any?

Kate: Shut up, you bitch!

Nicole: Hmm!

Philip: Admit it, Dad. You still have feelings for Mom. I can tell.

Victor: Philip, I know you'd like nothing better than for your mother and me to get back together again, but itís complicated, son. I -- I know you still think of me as a kid, that there are certain -- I donít know -- adult issues that I canít deal with, but there is one thing that I do understand.

Victor: Whatís that?

Philip: I mean, when I was growing up, I was such a lucky kid. I had two parents who loved each other to death. I mean, even those tough years after your stroke, Mom was there. If your love survived that, I still have hope.

Victor: You certainly do have that Kiriakis perseverance.

Philip: Well, I havenít given up on you and Mom, just like I havenít given up on Chloe and me.

Woman: Excuse us. Could we bother you a second to take our picture?

Chloe: Sure.

Woman: We, uh -- we just landed, and we're on our honeymoon, so...

Chloe: Oh, congratulations.

Man: Yeah, we promised the in-laws we'd get pictures of everything.

Chloe: Smile.

Woman: Great. Thanks a lot.

Chloe: Oh, no problem.

Jason: Hey, you want some? Why you so glum? We'll be home in, like, five hours. You can just put all this stuff behind you.

Jan: You think I can just forget about what happened? I took someoneís life, Jason.

Jason: You had no choice.

Jan: But I killed a person. Donít you get it? That thought, it just keeps running through

my mind over and over again. It wonít go away. Itís -- itís never just gonna go away.

Jason: Jan, your parents are loaded. You have nothing to worry about. They'll send you to some high-test shrink. He'll give you these great, powerful drugs, and he'll make you just forget everything. Problem solved.

Jan: I was so stupid to think you'd understand.

Jason: What? What'd I do?

Jan: Just leave me the hell alone, Jason.

Jason: Sorry. I was trying to help.

Jan: Shawn... Why arenít you here?

Belle: Look, I know it was self-defense and all, but you have to admit, Jan did get off pretty easy.

Shawn-D: Yeah, but still, sheís pretty shaken up from the whole thing.

Brady: Of course she is. The second she pulled the trigger, her life changed forever.

John: Look, I know that you've all had your -- your differences with Jan, but the fact of the matter is sheís going back to school soon, and sheís gonna have to face her classmates, and itís not gonna be easy, so she could use all the support she can get.

Shawn-D: Absolutely. We're gonna do whatever we can.

John: I am just so happy that you kids are all right.

Belle: Thanks to you guys -- my heroes.

Shawn-D: How did you guys get the jet skis anyway? I mean, who would be stupid enough to rent them out during a hurricane?

Mimi: Who said anything about renting them?

Brady: Yeah, we, uh, sort of borrowed them.

Mimi: He means we stole them.


John: Which means I got the bill.

Nicole: Oh, come on, Kate. Lighten up. A little horizontal cha-cha will do you some good. How long has it been, anyway? Weeks? Months? Or has it been so long you canít even remember? Oh, let me help you out. Does the name Vincent Moroni ring a bell? Face it, Kate. You blew it. The damage is done. Victor is never gonna take you back.

Kate: We'll see about that, wonít we?

Nicole: Oh, come on. Do you honestly believe that you have a chance? You tried to kill the man not once, but twice. You think heís just gonna forgive and forget?

Kate: Letís get one thing straight. I never tried to kill Victor... And as for forgiveness, yes, I think thereís a possibility that he could forgive me. I mean, I admit Iíve made mistakes, but then again, so has Victor. In fact, Iím looking at the biggest mistake of his life.

Belle: So I was thinking --

John: Whatís that?

Belle: Like, on a necklace but about that big.

John: Yeah, I think -- give me this thing, will you?

Shawn-D: Granís gonna be thrilled, donít you think?

John: That is a fact. Let me tell you something, Shawn. Next time you decide to have an adventure like this, why donít you lob me a phone call?

Shawn-D: Yeah, you know, I was thinking about it --

John: But you knew I wouldnít approve, right? You know, Shawn, you're a good kid... But what you did was irresponsible. Not only did you put my daughterís life in danger, look what happened to Philip.

Belle: Dad. Dad.

John: No, no. Donít --

Belle: Shawn asked me to stay behind, but I followed him.

Shawn-D: Itís ok. Your dadís right. I guess I really didnít think things through. Iím sorry... But I never in a million years would do anything to hurt Belle.

Belle: Yeah, and if we hadnít gotten trapped in that cavern, Shawn never would have asked me to go out on a second date.

Brady: Yeah, and, Shawn, how long, exactly, did it take you to ask my sister out again? What, like, 4 months? Whatís your problem, man?

Belle: Yeah, I was beginning to think there was another woman, Shawn. I mean, you have been spending a lot of time with Jan lately.

Shawn-D: I -- Iím gonna go get, like, a soda or something. You guys want something?

John: No.

Mimi: No, thanks.

Jan: What are you doing here?

Chloe: My, my. Still with the attitude, huh, Jan?

Jan: Go to hell.

Chloe: I sure wouldnít want to be you in senior year. Itís all going to come back to you,

Jan -- all your mean spirited little tricks. You are going to pay in spades.

Jan: Just leave me alone, ok?

Chloe: What? Thatís it? No ghoul girl? No vampira? You know, you're really starting to soften up on me here, Jan. Well, not to worry. You'll toughen up again real quick once you start scrubbing those toilets at school. You know, itís really a shame that you wonít be able to participate in any extracurricular activities. The skeet-shooting club could sure use someone with your talent.

Jan: Shut up! Just shut up!

Chloe: Oh, donít try to play the victim here. I know you, and believe me; you got exactly what you deserved.

Paul: Keep screaming, and Iíll kill you! All right? Shut up!

[Muffled screams]

Jan: That is not true. I did not deserve it!

Belle: Iíll be right back.

John: So, whatís going on? Am I missing something here?

Mimi: Whenever someone mentions Janís name, Shawn gets all-weird.

John: And why do you suppose that is?

Mimi: No clue, but if Shawn knows whatís good for him, he'll keep his distance. I mean, donít get me wrong. Janís been through a lot with the shooting and all, and I do feel sorry for her a little, but still, that girlís bad news.

Brady: So, Mimi, how did you get mixed up with her, then?

Mimi: You mean the web site?

Brady: Yeah.

Mimi: I donít know. I guess one thing just led to another... But I want you to know it wasnít my idea, I swear. Operagirl.Net was Janís little brainchild, and getting involved with her was a huge mistake on my part. I learned my lesson the hard way. Letís just hope Shawn has better sense than I did.

Belle: Are you ok?

Shawn-D: Iím fine. So what do you want? Water? Soda?

Belle: What I want is the truth about you and Jan.

Chloe: Oh, poor baby. You know, Jan, those tears almost pass for the real deal. Oh, you're not going anywhere.

Jan: Look, thereís a lot you just donít understand, ok?

Chloe: Look, Iím not saying that that sleaze Paul didnít deserve what he got, but you black widows are all the same. You seduce, you destroy, and then you plead self-defense.

Jan: Shut up!

Chloe: What, little miss sure shot? You donít like being on the receiving end?

Susan: What do you think you're doing? My God, Chloe. She just killed a man. Canít you at least show a little compassion?

Chloe: Oh, please, donít tell me you're falling for her pathetic sob stories.

Susan: I know that there is no love lost between you and Jan, but you've got to believe me. Sheís changed. Something major happened to her on that island before the shooting, and she hasnít been the same since.

Philip: Whatís going on over there?

Victor: You stay put, son. Iíll take care of this.

Kate: You are younger than me, Nicole, and Iím sure you're quite the gymnast in bed, but you know something? Victor doesnít love you, and he never will.

Nicole: If it makes you feel better to say that out loud, Kate, go right ahead.

Kate: We have a son together. We share a history. Why donít you spare yourself the heartache? Cut him loose before he does it to you.

Nicole: You are insane if you think Iím just gonna hand Victor over. He takes care of me -- very good care of me, Kate, and there is no way in hell you are ever gonna get him back. Do you hear me? No way in hell!

Victor: Nicole! stop it! Stop it right now!

Victor: What the devil is wrong with you, Nicole? You're making a spectacle of yourself.

Nicole: Victor, Iím sorry, but --

Victor: Sit down! Itís time we had a serious talk.

Kate: Well, Iíll just leave you two alone.

Nicole: Victor, how can you embarrass me like that? I am a grown woman!

Victor: Well, itís about time you started acting like one. If I had come in a second later--

Nicole: You know, I know the truth.

Victor: What truth? What are you talking about?

Nicole: You're planning on getting back together with Kate, arenít you?

John: Mimi, you donít think that Shawn is interested in both Jan and Belle, do you?

Mimi: No. No, Mr. Black. I mean, I donít think so.

John: You donít think so?

Mimi: Itís just that -- I donít know -- Shawnís just been really protective of Jan lately. Itís like they share some big secret or something. Come to think of it, Iíve never seen Jan so dependent on anyone.

Brady: I thought Jan had a boyfriend.

John: Yeah.

Mimi: She did. I mean, she does -- I mean --

John: Mimi, what do you mean?

Mimi: Well, letís just say I wouldnít be surprised if Jan and Jason called it quits. I mean, they've always had this strange love-hate thing going on, but when we were on the island, he was boozing it up, like, every night --

John: Wait, wait. Slow down.

Brady: Boozing it up?

John: Iím getting such an education myself. There was a lot of drinking going on? Is that what you were saying?

Mimi: No, no, no. I swear, it was just Jason. I swear, no one else touched the stuff, and Mr. Woods and Ms. Perez, they didnít even know, but I think the whole drinking thing was part of the reason why Jan was so mad at Jason and why she latched on to Shawn. Oh, Iím sorry. I am making things worse, arenít I?

Brady: Uh-huh.

Mimi: Look, Mr. Black, you donít have anything to worry about, ok? Belle and Shawn are solid. No one will ever come between those two.

Belle: I know Jan killed someone, and I know you're only trying to help, Shawn, but Jan does have other friends. Why canít you let Jason take care of her?

Shawn-D: Oh, right. Mr. Sensitivity. Look, she needs our support. Isnít that what your dad said?

Belle: You're certainly doing your part.

Shawn-D: Donít be mad, ok?

Belle: Iím not mad. Itís just -- the way you've been talking about her lately makes it seem like all of a sudden you think sheís this swell person.

Shawn-D: I have just gotten to know her a little bit better, and sheís not as bad as you might think.

Belle: What about what she did to Chloe? That wasnít bad?

Shawn-D: All right, look, she has her moments, ok? But I think part of the reason why she does that kind of stuff is because of her parents. I mean, she hasnít had the same home life that you and I have had.

Belle: Maybe you're right. Maybe thatís part of it, but there are other kids out there who arenít as lucky as we are -- like Philip. His mom and dad canít stand each other, and Chloe -- Chloe lived in foster homes and orphanages until she was 15, but they both turned out all right, Shawn. Look, Iím glad that you're a gentleman and all, but I donít you to get sucked in by Jan the way Mimi did.

Shawn-D: Itís not like that, ok? You donít understand, so can we just drop it?

[Man on P.A. Announcing flights]

Kevin: Jan.

Jan: Let me guess -- here to finish what Chloe already started?

Kevin: Can we talk for a second? Look, I know Chloe said some pretty brutal things just now. Try not to take it too personally. I think sheís just pretty shaken up herself about what happened to Philip.

Jan: Great. Now you're defending her. Thanks for the chat there, Kevin.

Kevin: Iím not defending her, all right? In fact, I think what she said was wrong. She obviously didnít think before she spoke. You might not believe me, but Iím worried about you, Jan. A lot of us are.

Jan: You're not a very good liar there, Kevin.

Kevin: Thatís because Iím telling you the truth. I care about you, and so does Susan and Shawn. We want to make sure you're ok.

Jan: Iím not ok... But thereís nothing that anyone can say to me thatís ever gonna change that.

Chloe: Ok. Spill it, Susan. Whatís this major thing that happened to Jan before the shooting?

Susan: Ok. Well, Iím not exactly sure, but whatever it was turned Jan into this insecure little girl. At school, she puts up this, you know, tough-girl front, but that night on the island, I actually had to hold her in my arms just to calm her down.

Chloe: So what? You guys are, like, best friends now?

Susan: Sheís scared, Chloe, and I really donít see any point in kicking her while sheís down.

Chloe: Well, then, I guess you're just a better person than I am.

Susan: Listen, I donít know whatís going on with you and your personal problems, but donít take it out on Jan just because you canít work things out with Philip.

Philip: Mom, whatís the matter? What happened over there?

Kate: Oh, Iím sorry. I -- I must look a mess.

Philip: Was it Dad? Did he say something to you?

Kate: No. No, it wasnít your father. It was -- it was Nicole. She said some dreadful things to me.

Philip: Mom... You know I want you and Dad to get back together, and hopefully you will soon, but Nicole, sheís always been really nice to me. Why donít you give her a break?

Kate: Philip... Donít ever use the words "Nicole" and "nice" in the same sentence, ok?

Philip: Mom, Iím serious. Sheís helped me a lot with Chloe. I mean, she kind of... Relates to what Iím going through.

Kate: Well, of course she does. Sheís nearly the same age. Honey, the next time that you have a question about Chloe or anything else for that matter, why donít you try asking your mother? You might be surprised. You...

Victor: Where on earth did you get the idea that Kate and I were getting back together again?

Nicole: She said that you two had a real heart-to-heart, that you forgave her.

Victor: And since when do you believe anything that Kate says?

Nicole: I donít know what to believe anymore.

Victor: Nicole, please.

Nicole: No, donít. You know, I thought that after my father died, I would feel safer, but I donít. I just feel empty... And you said that you would always protect me. You promised, but after I saw you with Kate last night, I -- I hoped that when this nightmare was over that I would have a place to go, you know? A real home, but I was wrong, and the one thing that I hoped would never happen has happened. Iím all alone, Victor.

Belle: So if you donít want to talk about Jan, what do you want to talk about?

Shawn-D: Oh, I donít know. How about getting home and what a relief itís gonna be? I finally get to spend some time with J.T. I missed that kid so much.

Belle: Yeah, I bet you did.

Mimi: Hey, look, you guys! Land!

John: Well. You're right. Itís getting closer to home now.

Mimi: As much fun as I had in Puerto Rico, I will be kind of glad to get home.

Brady: Mimi, did you just say "fun"? Did she just say "fun"?

John: Fun.

Mimi: It was if you delete the whole Paul thing and the hurricane. This trip was way better than I ever dreamed.

Brady: All right, whoís the guy?

Mimi: Never mind.

Brady: Mimi.

Mimi: Ok, ok. Kevin Lambert.

Brady: Kevin Lambert. Was -- oh, the guy at the Last Blast with the, um --

[Clears throat] bad suit.

Mimi: Watch it, Brady. That suit was cutting-edge. Besides, itís whatís underneath that counts, and boy, when he took off his shirt -- there are no words... But look, Brady, donít take this the wrong way because I still think you're totally cute and crush worthy, itís just that you're a little old for me.

John: Oh, son. I think Mimiís moved on.

Brady: Mimi, are you saying that itís over between us?

Mimi: I know your heartís breaking, but you'll find the right girl, just you wait.

John: Oh, son. Who is that right girl anyway? Chloe?

Victor: You are not alone, Nicole. I promised that I would protect you, and I intend to keep my promise... And as far as your having a place to call home, you do -- my home. You'll always be welcome there.

Nicole: Thank you, Victor.

Philip: I know you think thereís something going on between those two, Mom, but Dad loves you. I know he does.

Kate: Hmm... Did he say so?

Philip: Well, I mean, not in so many words, but I can tell. We even talked about it this morning.

Kate: You did?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, we talked about how you both made mistakes and that in order to move past that, you both have to forgive each other. Heís close, Mom. I really think he is.

Kate: I hope you're right.

Philip: Iíve been thinking a lot about this forgiveness stuff since all this with Chloe, you know? And... I donít know. Iíll never understand why you did what you did with that Moroni guy, but I just want you to know, Mom, that... I do forgive you.

Kate: Oh, baby. Thank you. Thank you. You donít know how much that means to me.

Philip: Well... With going through all this with Chloe, it really opened up my eyes. I screwed up big-time, and all I want is for her to give me another chance.

Kate: Yeah, well, if she doesnít, itís her loss.

Philip: And if Dad doesnít give you another chance --

Kate: He will... But Iím going to need all the help I can get.

Susan: If I were you, Iíd think twice before ragging on Jan again.

Chloe: Spare me the lecture, Susan.

Susan: Iím serious, Chloe. If you go off on her, there will be a lot of people that you have to deal with.

Chloe: Ok. Besides you and maybe Jason, I bet you canít name one person who would actually stick up for that girl.

Susan: Shawn Brady.

Chloe: Defend Jan? Are you out of your mind?

Susan: Believe it or not, he and Jan got pretty close while we were here. He was a real friend to her. I told you, sheís changed. I just wish that you could see it for yourself. Oh, and by the way, just because Jan seems to have stepped down from her position, as psycho-bitch of Salem High doesnít mean that you have to fill in.

Man: For those of you waiting in the terminal, we will now begin boarding flight 302 with non-stop service to Salem. Please have your boarding pass ready and proceed to the gate.

Kevin: About time. Just think, once we get off that plane, we'll be at our home, sweet home. I canít wait to see my parents.

Jan: Yay. My parents.

Kevin: Coming?

Jan: Yeah.

Man: All right. Letís get home, people.

[All talking at once]

Chloe: Five hours trapped with those losers certainly isnít my idea of a good time. Well, at least itís better than facing Brady or Philip right now.

Man: Thank you.

John: Come on, man. Iím waiting for an answer. Is Chloe the right one? What do you think?

Brady: Dad, come on. I donít need this right now.

John: "Come on, Dad" what? I mean, you canít talk about this kind of stuff with your old man? Is that what you're saying?

Brady: Actually, no, I canít.

John: Ah!

Belle: Hey, guys.

John: Hey, honey.

Belle: What are you talking about?

Brady: Absolutely nothing.

Belle: Ok.

John: Well, actually, we were talking about how nice itís going to be to have you back home again and how real quiet itís been around the house lately.

Brady: Yeah. There was -- there was one night where the phone didnít ring once. It was incredible.

Belle: Oh, donít worry, you guys. I will be working really hard to fix that.

Brady: I just hope your boyfriend knows what heís in for.

Belle: Iím gonna go find my headphones.

Brady: You know what, Dad? I think she needs some cheering up.

John: Yeah. I know just how to do it.

Mimi: So donít you dare believe what Chloe and Brady say. I knew we were on the right island the second we got there. Itís just that I guess I got a little disoriented, what with the jet skis and everything. I mean, you couldnít have done any better yourself, Shawn. Hello, Shawn?

Shawn-D: What did you do to her?

Paul: Hey, kid, this is none of your business.

Shawn-D: Answer me, you son of a bitch! What did you do to her?

Jan: What do you think he did, Shawn? Look at me. He raped me.

Mimi: Yoo-hoo, Shawny. You havenít heard a word I said. Whatís wrong with you?

Shawn-D: Nothing. Nothing.

John: Yeah, this is exactly what Belle needs.

Brady: Itís a great idea, Dad. Itís a great idea.

John: Thank you, son. Itís ringing. All right. Here we go. Marlena. Ha ha! Hi, honey. Yeah, yeah, we're still in the air, but we're close. Right. Listen, thereís something I want you to do. I want you to set up something for me. A surprise. Right. Ok. Now, listen. Hereís what I want you to do.

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