Days Transcript Tuesday 10/16/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/16/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Colin: Iím about ready to head back home, Helen. Has Dr. Boyd arrived yet?

Nurse Helen: Heís here, but he got called to the E.R.

Colin: Well, I suppose Iíd better stick around till he gets back.

Nurse Helen: Itís been pretty slow, except for the lady in cubicle one.

Colin: Whatís wrong with her?

Nurse Helen: She came in complaining about dizziness, severe headaches, and nausea.

Colin: Perhaps we should order a blood workup.

Nurse Helen: Sheís just drunk, doctor.

Jack: Did you get Alice all settled into bed?

Jennifer: You mean, was she able to fall asleep after you just dropped your little bomb?

Jack: Actually, I thought it was rather a big bomb myself. Itís not every day you hear about someone going to Vegas to get married.

Jennifer: You know, you really are such a riot, Jack, not to mention a total fraud.

Susan: We've been here for a couple of hours, and still no sign of anybody. Iím starting to get worried, Kevin.

Kevin: Letís go over to the hospital -- see whatís up there.

Woods: Ahem.

Kevin: Mr. Woods. Hi.

Chloe: Philip, if only...

Philip: Whatís the promise?

Chloe: I need to know that you trust me. No matter what anyone else says or does, I have to know that Iím safe with you, that you'll never turn on me again.

Philip: No, I wonít. I do trust you. I always will. I promise.

Chloe: But so much has happened. I donít know if I can be there for you the way that you want me to be, Philip.

Brady: So, Dad, are you just going to wait for the lawyer out here, or whatís the deal?

John: Thereís a few things I want to go over with him before we go inside. Listen, Son, why donít you take Belle back to the hotel?

Brady: What, and miss this action? No way.

Belle: No, and I should be there for Shawn.

Policeman: You can sit down. We'll fingerprint you later.

Shawn: No, you donít have to fingerprint her, 'cause you're going to let her go right now.

Policeman: She admitted to the killing. She is going to jail.

Shawn: She shot the man to keep him from killing his own daughter!

Nicole: Itís true. He had a knife to my neck. How many times do I have to tell you?

Vega: You were in a cell here yourself a short time ago. Why should I believe you?

Nicole: Because itís true.

Vega: No -- we will find the truth. There will be a thorough investigation involving this case, and it begins with this young woman right here.  Oficia, take her into my office.

Shawn: No. You're not taking her anywhere. You're not taking her anywhere, all right?

Vega: You will stay out of this. Take her away.

Shawn: No!

Policeman: Letís go!

Brady: You are not taking her anywhere.

Woods: What are you two still doing up? We have an early flight in the morning, back to Salem.

Susan: We heard what happened, Mr. Woods.

Woods: Look, Belle and Shawn are at the hospital with Philip, and heís recovering. Now, what I want you two to do is get to bed.

Susan: Couldnít we go see Philip?

Woods: No. I want everyone safe in their rooms tonight. Thank God all the students are going home in one piece after this disaster.

Kevin: But --

Woods: No buts. Go to your rooms now. Meanwhile, Iíve got some other kids to round up. Any others from our group around here?

Susan: Havenít seen anyone.

Woods: All right. Go on up to your rooms.

Chloe: If Jan and Mimi hadnít set up that web site, Philip and I would have spent the summer here together. But he believed I did it.

Philip: Nothing could hurt me more than what you did to me tonight. Did you have fun, Opera Girl? Hmm? Did you get off making me look like a total jerk in front of all my friends for ever going out with you? Who cares, right? I mean, as long as you were making the money -- as long as you get into freaking music school. No wonder you wouldnít tell me what your moneymaking plan was, you freak. You weirdo. You disgust me. Ghoul Girl!

Chloe: Oh, Philip, why? Why did you believe them?

Brady: Iím not going to let you railroad these kids.

Vega: That was a serious accusation.

Diego: Un momento. Well, well, my old friend.  Capitan Vega at it again.

Vega: Disensiado Diego, please do not tell me you are involved in this case.

Diego: Ah, but I am. Iíve been hired to represent SeŮorita Walker and the young lady here.

Vega: Ah, then you know that she is charged with the crime of murder.

Brady: It was self-defense. That maniac was going to kill us all!

Diego: Relax, my friend. I will handle this. Release the young girl immediately. Remove the handcuffs.

Vega: A life has been taken. Until I have all the facts, she will remain in custody.

John: You want the facts? We'll give them to you. We were there. We saw what went down.

Nicole: Itís true. Look at my neck. He cut me -- his own daughter. He threatened to slit my throat. I mean, this girl was brave enough to pick up a gun and shoot him, thank God, or I wouldnít be here. You shouldnít be arresting her for murder. You should be giving her a medal.

Vega: As I said, you were in here yourself just some hours ago under the charge of murder.

John: Damn it, whatís your problem, man? Are you just thick-headed? The man tried to kill us. He tried to kill this boy here and two of his friends. One was my daughter. Now, get it together!

Vega: When you are on my island, you do not talk to me this way.

Diego: He is emotional because he almost lost his child.

Shawn: Yeah, not to mention Philip is in the hospital because of that creep, all right?

Diego: Another boy near death because he almost drowned after being attacked by your alleged "victim." Now I will drown you, Capitan Vega, in formal charges of police ineptitude, corruption, and malfeasance, unless you release this young lady immediately.

Vega: Go to Hell, Diego.

Diego: Look at the evidence. We have the manís police record. Itís almost as long as your arm.

Vega: What is this?

Diego: You want more evidence? You have the manís cache of stolen jewels. You have eyewitnesses that he tried to kill many people. You have the manís knife with the blood of his daughter on it. You have a cut on his daughterís neck. Need I go on? Release the girl. She has nothing to hide, and she will cooperate with your investigation.

Vega: Jorge, suertala.

Jan: Can I leave now?

Vega: I have some questions to ask you.

Diego: After some rest, her memory will be better. Meanwhile, the facts will still be the same.

Vega: All of you, get out now. And I will need you here for questioning here at the station tomorrow morning.

Shawn: Come here.

Nicole: Would you be kind enough to get me out of here, please?

John: Yeah. Yeah. Give me a second. You ok?

Belle: Yeah, Daddy. Iím fine.

John: Son, why donít you get your sister out of here? Iíll hook up with you back at the hotel, all right?

Brady: Yeah, all right. What are you going to do?

John: Iím going to keep an eye on Nicole. Sheís about ready to lose it.

Brady: Yeah, you got it, man.

John: Shawn.

Shawn: Yeah.

John: You'll get Jan to the hotel and see that she gets a little rest?

Shawn: Sure. Itís going to be ok now, all right?

Jan: Thank you.

Belle: Maybe I should be there for her, too.

Brady: Maybe you need some quiet time with Shawn. Come on. Hey, Shawn, buddy.

Shawn: Brady.

Brady: Listen, why donít I take Jan back to the hotel, and you can take Belle back, ok?

Jan: Could you please --

Shawn: Yeah. Sure. Thatís all right, Brady. Iíll just -- Iíll take her back. Itís not a big deal. Iíll see you guys at the hotel.

Belleís voice: It was like I wasnít even here. 

Colin: Ahem. Hello.

Greta: Hello. Oh, itís you. What -- are you feeling sick, too?

Colin: No, Iím fine, thank you.

Greta: I -- I wish I could talk, but Iím not really feeling myself.

Colin: What seems to be the problem?

Greta: Um...Iím too embarrassed to talk about it.

Colin: Donít be. Iíve been there. One too many?

Greta: I donít drink -- well, hardly ever -- and I was with a bunch of my friends, and out came this bottle of tequila, and they were doing this thing with shots...

Colin: With lime and salt.

Greta: I donít know if I remember the lime and salt part.

Colin: Itís quite good if you donít overdo it.

Greta: Yeah, well, obviously, I did overdo it, and I feel -- I feel really, really, really bad.

Colin: Well, I suggest you drink plenty of fluids, take a couple of aspirin, and sleep it off.

Greta: Oh, God, this is really embarrassing. Now you're telling me that Iím just drunk.

Colin: I think we've all been there a time or two.

Greta: Yeah. You know, maybe -- maybe I should see a doctor.

Colin: I think you'll be perfectly fine.

Greta: Yeah, you're probably right. You know, um, Iím -- Iím going to grab a cab, and Iím going to go on home.

Colin: Nonsense. Iíll drive you home.

Greta: No, no. I -- I could never impose. Thatís really sweet of you, though. God!

Colin: No imposition at all, I assure you.

Greta: Are you sure? Ok. Thatís really sweet of you.

Colin: Uh, excuse me, Princess. Mustnít forget our shoes, now.

Jennifer: You're going to Vegas to marry Greta. I mean, thatís a joke. I feel sorry for her. I really do.

Jack: Actually, I was going to say I was going to Vegas to marry you.

Jennifer: Me?

Jack: Thatís right -- you.

Jennifer: Jack, look, I already turned down your proposal once. Donít make me do it again.

Jack: You see? You feel bad. You feel bad. You know you made a mistake.

Jennifer: No -- I know I didnít make a mistake. I know that it is not the right thing to do right now.

Jack: No, no, right now is the time. It is time to go to Vegas.

Jennifer: What is this with you and Vegas?

Jack: Thatís where the job interview is with Oliver Wentworth.

Jennifer: Ok. I knew it. I knew it, Jack.

Jack: No, look, Oliver came through for me in the past, and I know he'll do it again this time. I just need a sexy, beautiful woman to keep up with his standards.

Jennifer: What are you talking about?

Jack: Well, you know these high-powered guys. They all have their trophy chicks, and if I got to run with the big dogs, Iíve got to have a beautiful, sexy woman on my arm.

Jennifer: You want me to be your trophy chick?

Jack: I think that you'd fit the bill quite nicely.

Jennifer: Ok, what is going on with you? Ok, first, you do everything right. You save my life. You have been a wonderful father. You have been terrific since I moved in with you. And now you are calling me sexy and beautiful? Who are you? You're not the Jack that I know. When you were my husband, you could care less if I wore jeans and a t-shirt and no makeup. In fact, you preferred it that way. Whenever I got dressed up special and went to a lot of trouble, you never said anything. You never said I was beautiful. You never said that I was sexy.

Jack: You never said I was sexy or beautiful, either.

Jennifer: You're a guy.

Jack: So? Guys are sexy and beautiful, arenít they?

Jennifer: Guys are sexy and beautiful? Are you trying to tell me something?

Chloe: How could Philip think I would do that -- put naked pictures of myself up on the Internet? I wish Brady were here. He'd help me get over myself. He'd remind me that... Iím just a teenager.

Brady (singing): You are 16 going on 17 / baby, itís time to think/ better beware be canny and careful / baby, you're on the brink / you are 16 going on 17 / fellows will fall in line / eager young lads and rouťs and cads will offer you food and wine / totally unprepared are you to face a world of men / timid and shy and scared are you of things beyond your ken /  you need someone older and wiser telling you what to do / I am 17 going on 18 / Iíll take care of you

Chloe: Brady, you are something else.

Brady: Belle, you ok?

Belle: Yeah. Yeah. I guess Shawn just wanted to get Jan back to her hotel room before she falls apart. What? What are you thinking?

Brady: Just that they seem to have connected somehow. You know, itís almost as if he knew what she was thinking.

Belle: Shawnís just a sensitive guy. He wants to make sure sheís ok.

Brady: Yeah. You're probably right.

Belle: Anyway, he knows that I have you and Daddy here to help me, and Jan doesnít have anyone. Heís just being a good guy. Thatís it.

John: Want another one?

Paul: Hey, Princess! Hey, baby. Howís my girl today?

Young Nicole: Good.

Paul: Mmm.

John: So what are you thinking?

Nicole: Iím just trying to make sense of something that doesnít make any sense at all.

Paul: Want to know a secret? I wish I did -- I wish I knew all about you, Nicky.

Nicole: What are you talking about?

Paul: Isnít it obvious? Thatís my one regret about the old days -- that all I did was watch while you gave it away to those pigs on the set, the creeps who'd watch later. I wish Iíd tried you first myself. But what the hell? Better late than never, right, Nick? Come on, baby. Show Daddy what you can do.

Nicole: No. Bastard!

Paul: You're the one thatís gonna die.

Nicole: No!

Paul: Iíll finish you off this time. Iím not going to die. Itís you. Iíll kill you!

John: Talk to me. Come on.

Nicole: I wouldnít know where to begin.

John: Why donít you start with what you're thinking right now?

Nicole: Whatís the point? Whatís it going to change now?

John: Well, you canít keep it buried. You got to talk about it. Just tell me whatís going on inside your head. Your father just died. You were in his room screaming that you wanted him to. So whatís going on? Some kind of guilt thing?

Shawn: Whatís wrong?

Jan: Thereís Belleís dad and Nicole over at the bar. Look, I donít want them to see me. I just want to go to my room and be alone.

Shawn: Oh, hold on. I just donít think you should be alone right now. Why donít we hang out for a little bit. Are you thirsty? You want some juice, or are you hungry? What?

Jan: You're a sweetheart. I mean, you're a real friend. Iíve never had anyone like you in my life before.

Shawn: Yeah, well, Iím beginning to find out that you're pretty awesome yourself.

Jan: Me? I donít think so.

Shawn: What? You saved Nicoleís life, Jan. Iíd say that you're pretty brave, especially after everything you've been through with that bastard Paul --

Jan: Donít talk about that, Shawn, please. I donít want anyone to know, ever. Look, I told you if my parents found out, they would blame me.

Shawn: No way. Jan, that canít be true.

Jan: It is! Look, you donít know my parents. I mean, the kids at school, they'd blame me, too. You know my reputation.

Shawn: Thatís because they donít know who you really are.

Jan: Shawn, you promised me you wouldnít tell anyone. You promised.

Susan: Promised what? What did Shawn promise to keep quiet, Jan?

Greta: That air really feels good. And the soda helps, too. Thank you for stopping and getting it for me. You really are a gentleman.

Colin: Can a gentleman be curious about how you got so wrecked?

Greta: Well, here it is in a nutshell -- I didnít listen to my instincts.

Colin: Are we talking about the tequila, or the person you were drinking tequila with?

Greta: Have you ever met someone that you really wanted to be in a relationship with, and then something gets in the way, and you know itís never going to happen?

Colin: Coffee. Here you go.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Colin: Just right for taking the chill out of a cold African night.

Jennifer: Mmm. Thatís warm. You know, this is going to sound so silly, but when you were walking out of the shadows right now, it was like you were from another time and place.

Colin: Itís the accent -- makes me exotic.

Jennifer: Yeah, maybe. Maybe itís the clothes that you're wearing.

Colin: The night, the desert, a man in a bomber Jacket, a lovely young girl by the campfire...

Jennifer: Itís like a movie -- like Lawrence of Arabia.

Greta: Did I stir up a few memories?

Colin: Yes. I did meet a girl once. She was lovely and exciting... And at the same time, down-to-earth and real. And yet, at certain moments, when I looked into her eyes, she was very fiery, very sexy... Like no woman Iíd ever met before.

Greta: Doesnít sound like you're quite over her. Is that true?

Jack: What would I be trying to tell you? I made a simple observation.

Jennifer: That men are sexy and beautiful.

Jack: I didnít mean to me!

Jennifer: Oh, Iím sorry. I misunderstood.

Jack: Yes, you obviously did. For heavenís sake, can we just please drop it?

Jennifer: Well, yes, because itís obviously making you very uneasy, Jack.

Jack: What is making me uneasy is here I am jumping through hoops, and all Iím getting is teased. I have proposed to you not once, but twice!

Jennifer: Jack, will you just get over all of this, all right? You cannot just leap into a marriage proposal.

Jack: What is wrong with being impulsive?

Jennifer: Itís one of the things that destroyed our marriage -- not to mention your dishonesty.

Jack: My dishonesty?

Jennifer: Yes, your dishonesty, an example of which is this "dilemma" that Greta was about to tell us before she passed out. You know, my grandmother senses that something is going on, too, Jack. So you know what? You're not fooling anybody except yourself. And that certainly isnít going to make anything happen for us. And you know what my grandmother always says: "No relationship built on manipulation and lies could ever last."

Jack: Right. Thatís carved into the floorboards right out there on the front porch, isnít it?

Jennifer: Oh, thatís nice. Why donít you joke about it? But you know what? Itís the reason our relationship didnít work out, and it never will. So why donít we just leave it at that, ok?

Jack: Well, then you leave me no choice.

Jennifer: Oh, ok, here we go -- ultimatum. What is it, Jack? Let me know this time.

Jack: No, no, no. It is not an ultimatum. It is me moving on.

Jennifer: Oh, you're moving on. Thatís a switch.

Jack: I tried to be patient, but I cannot. You have turned me down not once but twice, and I need to take somebody to Vegas. Now, I know Greta would love to go with me, and she is obviously sexy and beautiful.

Jennifer: Go ahead. Go with Greta.

Jack: Maybe Iíll just marry her while Iím there.

Jennifer: You know what? Maybe you should. But you know what? Why donít you stop threatening me about it and just go ahead and do it?

Brady: Yes, yes, yes, yes. You like this one, Chloe?

Chloe: Oh, yeah. Who wouldnít?

Brady: You know, Chloe, we're missing one thing.

Chloe: What?

Brady: Music!

Chloe: Oh, yeah.

Brady: Why donít you go into my personal traveling CD library and pick one out for me.

Chloe: Ok. Whoa! Country music?

Brady: I told you, I like all kinds of music.

Chloe: Well, Iím very discriminating, so letís see what kind of mood Iím in.

Brady: What a blow

Chloe: Take this one and this one, and still another

Brady: Donít beat me so fast

Chloe: And that again


Brady: Are you ready? Come on, Chloe. Come on, Chloe. Oh, I see how --


Chloe: Brady, I feel so comfortable with you, but in my heart, I know I love Philip. But how will it ever be the same again?

Shawn: Jan and I were talking, so if you donít mind...

Susan: We're just trying to help.

Kevin: Yeah. Obviously, something pretty upsetting happened.

Shawn: Just back off, ok?

Susan: What if itís something that concerns us?

Jan: I killed Paul tonight, ok? Now can you two just leave me alone?

Shawn: Come on.

Susan: Oh, my God.

Kevin: She killed him?

Jan: I really blew it, Shawn. Now the whole school is going to know what happened.

Shawn: They donít know what Paul did to you, and, hey, Iím not going to tell. All right? So donít worry.

Jan: I donít know how Iíd get through this without you, Shawn.

Shawn: Well, Jan, I think you're going to also need to get some counseling.

Jan: I donít want counseling. I just want to forget it.

Belle: Ooh! Hey, Brady, look. Dadís back there.

Brady: Oh, good, why donít you go over and talk to him? Iím going to go see if I can find Chloe, all right? Talk to you later.

Susan: Oh, my God, did you hear what happened? Jan shot Paul.

Belle: I know.

Kevin: Itís true? Why did she do it?

Belle: Oh, because he tried to kill Nicole. Have you guys seen Shawn?

Kevin: Uh, we should go.

Susan: Yeah -- a walk on the beach. See you.

Belle: Hold up. Whatís wrong?

John: Donít beat yourself up. The fact is, you did what you had to do.

Nicole: He ruined a lot of lives, Jan being one of them. I have to find out what he did to her. He hurt her so badly.

John: He hurt you badly, also, didnít he?

Greta: So itís all over between you and this Goddess of fire and sex?

Colin: Well...Forgive me. Iím engaged. I shouldnít be talking this way about a past relationship.

Greta: Actually, itís quite helpful.

Colin: Helpful? To you? Why?

Greta: Well, it lets me know that itís possible to get over somebody that has a powerful effect on you. Let me ask you a question. Do you think getting engaged is what made you forget her?

Colin: Truth is, I havenít forgotten her -- never will. Somehow I feel you're in the midst of a similar situation.

Greta: Seems to be a habit with me.

Colin: Oh?

Greta: Yeah, uh, first there was Eric, and then Austin. And now thereís this other guy that Iíve been seeing, you know, as friends.

Colin: As friends? Meaning you're not involved with him?

Greta: No, no. Iím not involved with him. I like him. Heís -- well, heís handsome, and heís pretty insane, but... Well, it could never really work between us because heís, uh...

Colin: What? Gay?

Greta: Why would you say that?

Colin: Well, if heís handsome and available and rejects someone as beautiful and sweet as you are, that could be the only answer.

Greta: Ok, well, thatís very sweet of you. Yeah. I just think that he was trying to be honest, and he didnít want to hurt me, so he told me the truth about himself.

Colin: You mean, he is gay?

Greta: I did not say that, and I donít want you to repeat that I did, ever.

Colin: Ah, not only beautiful and intelligent, but also fiercely loyal. You are quite the incredible young lady.

Jack: Are you saying that you donít believe that I would marry Greta?

Jennifer: No, Iím saying that your proposal seems so meaningless now, since you can just turn around and marry someone else so quickly, Jack.

Jack: Ok, Iím not going to marry Greta in Vegas. Iím not.

Jennifer: What? Oh, Iím shocked. Donít tell me you were lying!

Jack: I am trying to tell you that I think it is time for my relationship with Greta to progress, because obviously my relationship with you is going nowhere.

Jennifer: So are you saying that you are really serious about Greta?

Jack: Iím telling you that I have feelings for Greta that I have put on hold because I love you, and I want to marry you. But at some point in this journey through life, Iím going to have to find someone else. I donít want to be alone, and I know that Greta has feelings for me.

Jennifer: Yeah, I think you're right.

Jack: And Iím going to let her know that there could be a future for us. Because the fact is, Jennifer, you have rejected me.

Jennifer: No, I didnít. I rejected your proposal. I didnít reject you.

Jack: Are you willing to make a commitment to me? You hesitated. You see? I have to move on.

Jennifer: So you're moving out, then?

Jack: If itís all the same to you, Iíd like to keep the status quo for the time being. Iíve done some research, and I think itís important that Abigail not find out that Iím dating until Greta and I are absolutely ready to tie the knot.

Jennifer: Donít you think that will be kind of a shock to Abby?

Jack: Iím saying we'll ease her into the idea at the right time. Until that time, Greta will be my "friend."

Jennifer: Oh, so I guess maybe I should find a "friend," too.

Jack: Well, Iím sure thereís some eligible bachelors about. What about that hunk from the hospital -- muscle boy. You know, the one who whisked you off to the blue note -- Bradley.

Jennifer: Brandon.

Jack: Brandon, right. And there was a nice young doctor that you met up in North Africa.

Jennifer: You know what? Will you stop talking like this? Anyway, Colin was not interested in me that way.

Jack: Well, I wasnít interested in Greta that way... Especially when I was on bended knee asking you to marry me. But I guess thatís what itís come to, hasnít it?

Greta: Well, itís been a pleasure.

Colin: Likewise.

Greta: You know, all these times Iíve run into you, and I still don't even know your name.

Colin: "Doctor" will do.

Greta: Oh, you're the doctor.

Colin: Yes -- just got a job at the hospital. I was covering the emergency shift.

Greta: Yeah. Oh. Well, I guess I feel lucky. Not very many patients get door-to-door service. You're going to have to send me a bill or something. And donít forget the gas and the soda.

Colin: For tonight, there will be no charge. Should I see you up to your apartment?

Greta: No, no, no, no. The doorman -- heís right here, so...Thank you. Good night. Ah...Doctor. Doctor what? I am never going to know his name. God, is he cute!

Jennifer: Do you really want me to start dating other guys?

Jack: Iíve got to get you out of my system. If you move on and start dating, Iíll know Iím doing the right thing in moving on with Greta.

Jennifer: Would you please take me home?

Jack: Whatever it takes to get you back, Jennifer. Allís fair in love and war.

John: That bastard really hurt you when you were a girl, didnít he?

Nicole: Yes. Yes, he hurt me so bad. God, heís still hurting me.

John: Itís over. Itís ok. Itís over, and itís -- everythingís going to be all right.

Nicole: John, I donít want to be alone now, please.

John: Hey, thatís all right. Iím not going anywhere. Iím going to stay right here. Look, I said itís over. Itís going to be all right.

Belle: Everyoneís hurting so much right now.

Kevin: Thatís for sure.

Susan: Yeah, Jan was totally wrecked. If Shawn hadnít been there for her --

Belle: Wait a second. You know where Jan and Shawn are? Come on, Susan, tell me.

Susan: Sorry.

Belle: Whatever. Heís just trying to help her, and she needs his support right now.

Kevin: She sure is getting it.

Susan: Shawn is a really nice guy.

Belle: Iím going to go to bed.

Shawn: You can probably find a good counselor through Belleís mom. Iím sure she knows somebody.

Jan: I donít want a counselor.

Shawn: You canít get through this by yourself, Jan.

Jan: Look, if I go to some shrink, people will find out, and then the whole thing will come out. Just promise me you'll forget about this and you wonít mention it to anyone.

Shawn: Iíve already promised you. Iím not going to tell a soul, ok? Look, maybe you should probably get some sleep.

Jan: I donít really want to be alone right now. You think I could hang here with you for a little while?

Shawn: All right. Thatís fine.

Jan: Thanks.

Shawn: Yeah.

Kevin: Do you think those two are hooking up?

Susan: I donít know, but something happened on that island, and Shawn knows, and that is why Jan trusts him right now.

Kevin: Maybe he likes Jan, and she likes him, too.

Susan: Shawn likes Belle.

Kevin: Human desire is not limited to one person at a time, in most cases.

Susan: Is that true with you, Kevin?

Kevin: Huh?

Susan: Do you just like Mimi, or is there someone else you like, too?

Kevin: I like you. I feel like we really got to know each other on this trip. Anyway, Iím glad we're friends and we'll be hanging out together our senior year.

Susan: But as far as a girlfriend goes, thatís Mimi, right?

Brady: Chloe. Hi. Must have been a girl scout.

Chloe: You mean the fire?

Brady: Yeah. Well done.

Chloe: I didnít do it. The embers were already here. I just threw some wood on it. So what are you doing out here?

Brady: Looking for you.

Chloe: How did you know where to find me?

Brady: Just a hunch. I figured you were somewhere staring out at the water... Like that day I found you on the pier.

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