Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/12/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/12/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Belle: You're grown up, and you donít need your mom anymore. But hearing her voice on the phone just now...

Shawn-D: Made you homesick, huh?

Belle: Totally. I want to go home to be in my room. My room. Whatís the first thing you want to do when you get back to Salem?

Shawn-D: I wanted to give my little brother a big hug.

Belle: See, Shawn, you are so unselfish. I want to get in the shower and turn it to hot and not come out until I turn into a prune. I want to go shopping and buy creams and lotions and body sprays. Everything that makes me feel good and smell good. Oh my God! Shawn, how can you stand to look at me? I need to make an emergency run to the salon. I have to get my hair done --

Shawn-D: Belle, would you stop? You could never look bad. I mean, itís probably because you never make a big deal out of looking good. You're just -- you're natural. Come here. You look great. I mean, look at me. Iíve been digging tunnels and stupid pits and swimming around in that nasty water in a cave, and Iíve been sweating up a storm.

Belle: Yeah, and you could use a shave.

Shawn-D: Hey.

Belle: Hey.

Shawn-D: Hey.

Belle: I like it.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Thanks. You know, I just canít believe it. We did it.

Belle: Yeah. We almost died trying to get that ruby, but it will be worth the look on your great-grandmotherís face when you give it back to her.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Thatís the second thing I want to do when I get back to Salem, see Gran.

Belle: Ok, well, letís go see how soon we can --

Shawn-D: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa. Thereís something I really have to do, and it absolutely --

Belle: But --

Shawn-D: It canít wait, no. Itís very, very important.

Belle: Ok, what is it?

Shawn-f: Oh, this...

Belle: Shawn, this is a cleaning closet.

Shawn-D: Thatís ok.

Kate: You have always been the most handsome boy. You know something, Victor? I think he has your marvelous bone structure.

Victor: Itís your motherís way of saying sheís grateful you're alive, son.

Kate: We both are.

Victor: Is there anything you need, Philip? Anything we can get for you?

Philip: Chloe.

Kate: Well, finally. I was wondering when my son was going to get some attention.

Victor: Iíll be right back. Thereís something I have to see to.

John: Nicole. You donít have to do this. Itís a lousy idea.

Doctor: We donít have much time. We have to get him to surgery as soon as possible. He had only one request, senorita, to see you. Will you come?

Nicole: Yes, I will.

John: Nicole, wait. Donít do this.

Nicole: I know what Iím doing.

John: Iím sure you do, just... Let me go in there with you.

Nicole: Thank you for the offer, John, really. Thank you, but Iím going alone.

Brady: Hey. Feeling any better, Jan?

Jan: Does it look like Iím feeling any better? I mean... My life is so messed up, I... It was bad enough having to live with...

Brady: Having to live with what? You want to finish that sentence? Why? What did you have to live with? Something happen? All right, listen to me. I mean, Iíve been through some pretty tough things in my life, too. Maybe I can help.

Jan: You canít.

Brady: You donít have to go through this alone, Jan.

Jan: Be just -- please, ok? Iím so scared that heís going to die.

Brady: Will you just take it easy? Heís not going to die.

Jan: Have you ever killed anybody?

Brady: Ok. Itís ok. Relax.

Jan: No, itís not, itís... Iím not a murderer, I... I donít want to kill him. I mean, no matter what he did to me, I canít.

Paul: Thereís my girl. Thereís my baby doll. I knew you'd come. My beautiful daughter.

Brady: Jan, here. Have some water.

John: Yeah, I know this has been rough on you, Jan, but, you know, you'll get through it, it'll, um... It'll get better, you'll see.

John: Sheís pretty bad off.

Brady: The worst.

Paul: You bitch!

[More gunshots]

John: Kind of hard to know what to do for her.

Brady: Yeah, Dad. Iíll bet anything something bad happened between her and Paul. It scared her so much; she canít even talk about it.

Paul: Sorry. Iím kind of weak. Nicky, baby. Looks like this is it for your old man, huh?

Paul: In case I donít make it, I want you to know... It was always about you, Nicky. I love you. You know that, right? Right?

Nicole: Is that why you asked to see me? To tell me you love me?

Paul: Yeah, sure. That and --

Nicole: And what?

Paul: Donít be mad, doll. I need you. Can you help your old man?

Nicole: Answer a question for me first.

Kate: How are his lungs?

Doctor: They're clear.

Kate: Did you hear that? You're better.

Doctor: Your son may still be in pain.

Philip: No, no pain.

Doctor: I didnít expect him to be able to talk yet. Thatís an excellent sign.

Kate: Baby.

Philip: Mom, I want to go home.

Kate: Home, yes, sweetheart. You're going to go home. How soon can I take him home?

Doctor: Heís far from ready to travel.

Kate: Well, thatís nonsense. Heís not in any pain. Heís progressing beautifully. In fact, he'll recover better at home. Itís not like we're flying coach. We will be flying on our private jet.

Doctor: Iím concerned about the affect of the altitude.

Philip: Please.

Kate: Ok, fine. Then you can fly with us on the jet and monitor his condition.

Doctor: I have other patients who need me here.

Kate: Well, then we'll get another doctor. Surely there must be a doctor here who would like to earn a little extra money.

Doctor: I will have to speak with the head of the hospital.

Kate: You do that.

Kate: Sweetie, your father and I are going to get you home and soon.

Philip: Are, um... Are you and Dad, are you ok again?

Victor: No need to run, Chloe. You're more than welcome here.

Chloe: What happened to me being a bad influence on Philip?

Victor: My son is alive in large part to your efforts and those of my grandson. All else aside, Iím eternally grateful to you.

Chloe: And by "all else," you mean...?

Victor: 17 is far too young to get involved in a serious romance. Philip got involved with you to the detriment of his education and all of his family relationships.

Chloe: I agree with you. Philip got way too intense. But we were dealing with it. Frankly, sir, your interference only made things more difficult. You can blame your attitude for

Philipís problems, not anything I did.

Victor: You accused my son of rape. I think Iím entitled to more than a little "attitude," young lady.

Shawn-D: I just, uh, wanted to make sure my reflexes were still working.

Belle: They are. You know, we're really lucky, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Yeah, we are. All right, I guess we should go and check on Philip.

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn-D: All right.

Belle: You know, I wonder if Mimi found that couch.

Shawn-D: Yeah, itís way too quiet around here.

Belle: Excuse me.

Nurse: Si?

Belle: That girl that was with us earlier, have you seen her?

Nurse: Your friend is sleeping in one of our empty rooms. It is against policy, but she was so tired.

Belle: Oh, thank you. Now that we're all together, I donít want to lose anyone.

Second nurse: Necesitan a doctor Lopez en la clinica. Donde esta?

Nurse: No, que pasa?

Second nurse: There was a shooting.

Belle: Who was it? Do you know who was shot?

Second nurse: No, no, Iím sorry, I donít know. I have no names. All I know is they're not from the island.

Paul: Ask me anything. I got no secrets.

Nicole: Do you ever think about what you did to us? To your kids when we were growing up?

Paul: I had a lot of pressures on me, Nicky. But I always loved you. You were my pretty little girl. I wanted the best for you. And now look where you are. You have everything. You're happy.

Nicole: You think Iím happy, huh? You actually think thatís possible? You know, Iíve been with a few guys. Hell, I was even married for a while. But I never had love, not the kind of love that people build a life on. I donít even know how to do that, and I probably never will. And Brandon keeps wasting his time on women that will never love him. Yeah, we've learned some lessons from you, Daddy. We're permanently screwed up. Taylorís the only one of your kids who will have a chance of being ok. She was still so little when you left us.

Paul: I didnít want to leave. It was that bastard, Abe Carver.

Nicole: Will you stop blaming other people? The truth is you should have been in jail way before that, and we both know why, donít we, Daddy?

Paul: You were a pretty girl. Couldnít close my eyes to that.

Nicole: You didnít have to try and make money off me, bastard..

Kate: You know, the one blessing to come out of all of this is that itís brought your father and I closer. I think nearly losing you has opened his eyes to the fact that his family is really important in his life. Honey, I think this is going to be a new beginning for us.

Philip: Thatís what I want... Us 3, together.

Kate: I know you do. And Iím willing to do everything in my power to win back your fatherís love.

Chloe: I donít need another lecture about crying wolf or the dangers of false accusations. I said what I did to my mother in a private moment, not to the police. I never officially accused Philip of hurting me. I was hysterical, and my mother came to that conclusion. But like I said before, I felt extremely abused and violated by your lies and Philipís lies. But I donít hold him responsible, because you made Philip lie to me, pretending that his own father was dead. So how dare you accuse me of any wrongdoing, when you perpetrated a lie on the whole world.

Victor: Thatís quite enough.

Chloe: All Iím saying is that you donít know the facts of the situation.

Victor: Maybe not. But I know I am for whatever is going to help Philip recover from this ordeal. And that "whatever," in this case, happens to be you. In his room, by his side, holding his hand. Please, Chloe, wonít you go in there? Thereís plenty of time to sort out this other stuff later.

Chloe: Philip doesnít need me to get better, Mr. Kiriakis. In fact, I think he might get better faster without me.

Belle: Not from the island? Shawn, what if...?

Nurse: Do you think it might be someone you know?

Shawn-D: Well, Belleís father and brother are here, John Black and Brady Black.

Second nurse: Si, si, senor Black.

Belle: Oh, my gosh, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Ok, ok, whereís the clinic thing you're talking about?

Nurse: Muestreles donde esta la clinica?

Second nurse: Si. Come with me.

Belle: Ok.

Nicole: You are such a freaking jerk. Asking me to hire a lawyer to defend you? You're not worth defending. I know what you did.

Paul: What I did? I didnít do nothing, Nicky.

Nicole: To Jan. Iíve talked to her.

Paul: Sheís lying. I didnít touch her. She fell for me. Older guy. The girls always go for me, you remember, Nicky.

Nicole: You're disgusting.

Paul: Iím your father. You still love me. I know you do. You'll always love me no matter what. You loved my dreams for you, baby girl. Now look at you. You've got everything. So help your old man now. Please.

Nicole: Help you. Pay you back, you mean, for everything you did for me.

Paul: Yeah, yeah. For all the years that I...

Nicole: All the years. Ok, Iíll help you out, Daddy.

Belle: No. Dad? Dad!

John: Oh, my God, itís Belle. Iíd been worried so sick about you.

Belle: Brady.

Brady: Oh, hey, Belle.

John: Let me take a look at you, honey. How you feeling?

Belle: Fine.

John: You've lost so much weight.

Belle: [Laughing] I need food.

Jan: You always show up when I need you, Shawn.

Shawn-D: How are you doing?

Jan: You're the only one that understands. You got to help me, will you please?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Jan: Thank you.

Paul: I knew it. I knew you couldnít say no. Thatís my girl. Gonna help me.

Nicole: [Laughs] You misunderstood, Daddy. When I said Iíd help you, I didnít mean Iíd get the cops off your back.

Paul: What? Wh-what are you talk --

Nicole: Oh, Iím going to help you. Iím going to help you out of this world. Know how? Iím going to pray for you to die.

Paul: Baby...

Nicole: I want you to die, you hear me? Die, Daddy. Die, you bastard. Thereís a big party waiting for you in hell where you belong.


Nurse: Senor, be still.

Second nurse: You need your strength, senor. Senor, senor...

Victor: Whether or not Philip needs you, he thinks he needs you. So wonít you please go in there, Chloe?

Chloe: Iím afraid that Philip still loves me too intensely, even after all this time of not being together. And I canít return that level of intense feeling. It makes me want to run out of the room.

Victor: Are you saying that you wonít help Philip?

Chloe: Iím saying that I donít think I can. He doesnít just want me to sit with me, sir. He wants me to say things that Iím not ready to say.

Victor: You listen to me, young lady. You're the one that came to me and asked if you could see Philip.

Chloe: Yes, but--

Victor: No buts. Phil needs you. He needs you to go in there and smile and let him know that you're there for him. Fake it if you have to. Think of him as a friend. I donít care what you do, just go in there.

Chloe: With all due respect, sir, Philip Kiriakis leads a charmed life.

Victor: Charmed? Are you insane? He was just pulled back from the brink of death.

Chloe: Yes, and I helped do some of the pulling. Of course I care about Philip. But if I were hit by a bus outside this hospital and died right now, Philipís life would go on. Eventually, he would get stronger, and he would go back to school and be even more popular and successful than ever. But in the event that something would go wrong in his perfect little life, no offense, sir, but you would be there to fix things for him, just the way that you're trying to fix things right now. Philip has money and power. It will shield him from any real problems in life.

Victor: You're very naive if you think that... And a lot less intelligent than I gave you credit for. I canít force you to go into my sonís room. But I can ask you to look into your heart.


Kate: How does a Christmas wedding seem, huh? How about in...Hawaii. Your father loves it there.

Philip: No islands, Mom.

Kate: Oh, no. Now I know you're really on the mend. Of course, no islands. I donít know what I was thinking. I think thatís it -- I think that Iím not thinking, Iím feeling for the first time in a long time. Iím feeling so wonderful. Iím feeling so filled with hope.

Philip: I love you, Mom.

Kate: I love you, too. I love you more than you'll ever know. Would it hurt you very much if I hugged you?

Kate: I just wish that I could hold Lucas this way... And that he could look at me and talk to me.

Victor: We're all praying for that, Kate. For you and for Lucas.


Philip: Chloe.

Philip: You're here.

Victor: Letís give them some time.

Philip: Chloe, I--

Chloe: Shh. I donít think you should talk too much yet. You're not strong enough.

Philip: I love you. I love you so much.

Victor: Boy, this day... Almost losing that boy.

Kate: Heís come back to us.

Victor: It was much too close my heart rate still isnít back to normal.

Victor: You know, Kate, seeing you with Philip... Holding him... I felt your sadness over losing Lucas. Iím sorry that he was ripped out of your life the way he was. That shouldnít have happened to you. You shouldnít have had to go through that alone.

Kate: Thank you for that. This has almost been too much, getting him back and then this from you, this kindness. Iíve missed you.

Victor: Kate.

Victor: You're getting way ahead of yourself.

Kate: I know. I know that. I was just talking to Philip about that. Iím overwhelmed, getting him back, and now his father.

Victor: Kate--

Kate: Iím not going to pretend that I donít love you... Because Iíve loved you for half of my life. And despite all of our troubles, I donít regret a minute of it. Iíve been lost without you.

Victor: Not that lost. You did manage to scam your way into John Blackís new company. Planning a little revenge, Kate?

Philip: I love you, Chloe.

Chloe: I know you do, Philip. I can feel it.

Philip: Iíve learned a lot. Iíve got to tell you that--

Chloe: No, not now. Philip, really, you should be resting so that you get better faster. There'll be lots of time to talk when you're well again.

Philip: Wait, donít go.

Chloe: How can you get any rest if Iím in here talking to you? Look, I wonít go far. Iíll be right outside. And when you get some sleep, we'll all come in to see you: Belle and Shawn, even Mimi.

Philip: Iíve been with those guys a lot. You're the one I need to be with. I missed you so much, Chloe.

Chloe: I missed you, too, Philip.

Philip: You helped save me. That means you still care about me, right?

Belle: Dad, when I was in the cavern, and we were trying to dig our way out, I thought I was never going to see the faces of anyone I loved ever again.

Belle: And you! You are amazing!

Brady: Oh, now this is weird. Usually itís "get out of my face, Brady." "You're a pain in the butt, Brady."

Belle: You're my brother. You're supposed to be in.

John: Itís ok.

Belle: I was so scared!

John: Itís ok, honey. Itís all over, sweetheart. Itís all over.

Belle: No, Dad, you donít understand. When we were in the hospital, the nurses came in, and they were talking about a shooting, and I thought that maybe it was you or Brady that got shot.

John: No, no, it wasnít us. We're right here, together right now. You're safe. Itís your old man and your brother right here.

Brady: And you know what, we're not letting you go ever again.

Belle: Never ever let me go.

Brady: Deal. Belle sandwich, forever.

Belle: No, Iím serious. I am going to go home, and I am never going anywhere ever again.

John: You know what you need? You need a hot meal. Huh, want a hot meal?

Belle: Hot meal -- whatís that?

John: Oh, God, I cannot believe my little girl went through such a hellish experience.

Belle: Thatís exactly what it was, Dad. Hell, with no way out. And every time we thought we found our way out, the devil threw us back in. I canít ever stand to think about that horrible, disgusting man. Hey, whereís Shawn? Because when--

Belle: Shawnís so amazing. He can find the good in anyone.

Brady: Yeah, you know what? Dad and I seem to think that something pretty bad happened between Paul and Jan, but we canít get through to her. Maybe Shawn can help her open up.

Brady: Hey, why donít we go get you something to eat, and we'll do some explaining then.

John: Yeah, thereís a few things that went down here that you donít know about.

Belle: I donít think I want to know.

John: It might be nice to put the pieces together. That way you can see the full picture, ugly as it is, and we can help you put this all behind you, right, son?

Brady: Yeah, Dad, you're right.

John: You know, I think Shawn will catch up with us. I really do.

Brady: Yeah.

Belle: Ok. Hey, Dad? Do you think the cafeteriaís got burgers with the works and fries and ice cream? I really miss ice cream.

Shawn-D: Itís going to be ok.

Jan: No. No, itís not. Itís not going to be ok, Shawn.

Shawn-D: The doctor...Did you go see him like you promised me? Was it bad news?

Jan: You donít understand. I mean, thatís not why Iím upset, not anymore, I mean...Look at me, Shawn. Look at my eyes, look at them. What do you see? Do you see a murderer? Because thatís what I am, thatís what I am if he dies!

Shawn-D: What are you talking about? You're not a murderer!

Jan: I shot him! I shot Paul.


Shawn-D: Whoa. Paul? Thatís who was shot?

Jan: I mean, he had his daughter, Nicole, the blonde one. He had a knife to her throat, and he wasnít kidding, Shawn. He cut her throat and he showed us the blood. I hate him. I hate him!

Shawn-D: Jan, ok, how did this all happen? How did he get shot?

Jan: Well, Brady was there and Belleís dad and Paul. I was the one closest to the gun, so--

Shawn-D: Wait, hold on. What gun?

Jan: Oh, Paul, he had a gun, but he was too busy. He was trying to hold off John and Brady, so I just... I just reached for the gun. I never thought I could hurt him. I mean, I picked up the gun. Iíve never held a gun before, Shawn. I had to use two hands. I found the trigger, and I just... I just pulled it. I shot him, Shawn. Oh God, Shawn, I shot him. I mean, I know people think Iím a bad person, but you donít. I know you donít, but you know Iíd never kill anybody, right, Shawn? You know Iíd never kill anybody.

Shawn-D: Just stop beating yourself up, ok? You did it to help somebody, because it could have been Nicole or John or Brady. You know he would have tried to kill one of them. He tried like hell to kill all of us! But you know what? Jan, would you look at me? Ok, look. After what he did to you, he deserved to die, ok?

Jan: No. Shawn, this is not, this is not how my life goes. This is not whatís supposed to happen. Iíll be all over the news and TV. Iíll be this...Girl killer. Iíll... Heís got to make it. Heís got to.

Nurse: Please, senor, be still.

Second nurse: Senor, we cannot help you if you fight us.

Paul: Nicky...Baby...Please.

Nurse: Noser, no. Senor, no.

Paul: Iím your father! Take the curse off me. Take it back!

Nicole: I canít take it back. I wonít lie for you ever again. I said I want you to die, and I meant it. Die, you bastard! For every sick thing you've ever done to me, to Mom, to Brandon, to that poor messed-up kid out there!

Jan: Whatís she doing? He canít die! He canít!

Nicole: How many are there, you freak? Die. You hear me? Die now. I want to be here when it happens, Dad. Let me see it. Let me see you die!

[Paul gasps]

Kate: The love Iím talking about is bigger than any business deal and you know it.

Victor: Thereís no way to pick up where we left off, Kate, wherever that was.

Kate: Well, I know that. Who would want to? How negative. I want to go forward from where we are right now.

Victor: Forward?

Kate: Yes. I believe that Philip came back to bring us together as a family. Donít you think we at least owe it to him to give it a try?

Chloe: Of course I still care about you, Philip. You were my first boyfriend. No boy ever called me pretty before you. I had my first date with you, my first kiss, a totally amazing kiss. Iíll never forget any of it.

Chloe: Now, really, you should get some rest. We'll talk later, ok?

Philip: W-w-wait, wait.

Chloe: Shh. This isnít doing you any good.

Philip: I thought about you all summer, Chloe. Ask Belle, ask Shawn. Iíve got to know. Will you ever be my girlfriend again?

Belle: I have never eaten so much food in one day in my entire life!

Brady: I wish I had a video camera so I could tape you and tease you for the rest of your life.

Belle: Like you wonít anyway.

Brady: You know, sheís got a point. You got a point there.

Belle: Good. Thatís exactly what I want. I want Mom to lecture me about being responsible. I just want my life to be normal again.

John: You got it, kid.

Brady: Yeah. One normal teenage life coming up.

Belle: I love you guys so much.

Brady: Oh, Belle. So what are you going to do? You going to take my fortune, read my palm?

Belle: Shut up! You should know when Iím being serious. Iíve never lost anyone I loved before. But...What I went through in that cavern, thinking I might die, thinking my friends might die, thinking I may never see either one of your faces ever again, and then thinking one or both of you might have been shot and killed... I guess I will be taking a few bad dreams with me back home. But Iíll get through it because I have this great dad and this incredible brother... And a mom who really, really loves me and has always taken care of me. I just went through some pretty bad stuff. But I still have my family. I didnít lose them, like you lost your mom, Brady. You had a lot of things you had to go through, bad things, knowing that no matter what, you would never see your mother or be with her ever again. And I know before I said that I understood when we would talk about it, but I never really got it. I do now. I understand that feeling of pain, and I am sorry for that loss in your life, Brady. I am so sorry.

John: It was...It was very hard to lose someone with such a beautiful soul. Isabella was an incredible human being. She was always reaching out to people, caring with all of her heart. Just like you.

Belle: Me? Iím not like that.

John: Yes, you are.

Brady: Belle, there is no one in this entire world... That I would rather have named after my mother.

Nicole: Die, Daddy! I want you to die! They're trying to save you, but they donít know you like I do. They donít know the things you've done!

Jan: Stop it!

Nicole: Die! You pervert, you bastard!

Jan: Stop it!

Nicole: You sick, twisted psycho!

Paul: No, no, no, Nicky! Nicky, take it back! Take it back! Iím your father!

Jan: He canít die! He canít!

Nicole: Itís over for you, Daddy. It is all over for you! Itís over!

[Man speaking Spanish]


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