Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/11/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/11/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Jack: Jack Deveraux has done it once again won back the heart of Jennifer Horton sheís jealous of the fair Greta V whoís quite smitten with me -- ooh! But there could be a little glitch along the way the Princess thinks Iím gay ba bum ba bum bum bum ba bum ba bum.

Jennifer: All right. So Jack has a secret. But itís not just a secret. What did Greta call that?

Alice: A dilemma.

Jennifer: A dilemma. Thatís right. But you know, Gram, the way she said it, like it was so serious, so shocking. "Dilemma." You know, I -- I need water. Jack is dehydrating me.

Alice: Oh, itís probably the tequila, darling. And the more I think about it, it was probably the tequila that caused Greta and Jack to act so strangely in the first place.

Jennifer: No. No. Gram, listen to me. Jack is up to something. And I am telling you if it is anything like what he has done in the past, I am gone. And not like when I left him in Africa. This time it will be forever.

[Colin sighs]

Colin: Whatís taking so long? I thought that nurse said 5 minutes.

Elizabeth: Iíd think you'd be a bit cooler about this, Colin. Itís a small hospital in Salem, U.S.A, for heavenís sake. If they donít hire you, itís their loss.

Colin: This is very important to me, Elizabeth. I thought I made that clear.

Elizabeth: Yes. Actually, you have. What I donít understand is why. Why does it mean so much to you to get a job here?

Marlena: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Oh, I love you. Iím so eager to see you, too. Uh-huh. Just get home safely, all right? All righty. Bye-bye.

Craig: From the look on your face, you were talking with...

Marlena: Belle.

Craig: Belle.

Marlena: Mm. Yep. Yep. And Chloe and all the kids are with her. They're all fine, and Philip who even had a close call is now out of danger.

Craig: Oh. Thank God. Um, Iím going to go call Nancy, tell her the good news.

Marlena: No no. Please. Do it from here.

Craig: Ok.

[Picks up receiver and dials]

[Marlena sighs]

Hope: Ooh! Thatís right, sweetheart. Your brother is coming home very soon. Can you say Shawn? Can you? Wait till he sees you. He is gonna be so happy.

Bo: You know, I was thinking we should maybe get him a new laptop. They have great deals on them right now.

Hope: He has a computer.

Bo: Yeah, I know, but itís a couple yearís old, and you know, a laptop he can carry with him maybe next year when heís at college.

Hope: Oh, yes. And you've missed him so much that you want to get him a present.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Ok. So itís a -- Iíll get that.

Hope: Ok. Hey! Your best friend is here. Isaacís here. Yay!

Bo: How ya doin'? Whereís Lexie?

Abe: Oh, she'll be here pretty soon. Hey, you. Hey, you two. Yeah. She took a little bit longer than usual at the gym, and this guy was fussing. So here we are. A ride in the car always calms you down, doesnít it, buddy?

Hope: Yeah. Works every time. J.T. feels the same way, donít you, sweetheart? Itís no problem. We'll wait. Isnít that right, Isaac? Hey, J.T. is so excited to see you. You see your best friend over there?

Bo: Here, let me take this for you.

Abe: Oh. Thank you. Thank you.

Bo: So, Lexieís at the gym. Gym at the mansion?

Abe: Oh, yeah. We have everything there. We have our own gym; we have hot and cold running servants. Outdoor hot tub.

Bo: Sounds like you're loving your new digs. When you moving out?

Lexie: A little over the top, isnít it? A limo to Bo and Hopeís.

Rolf: We needed this time to talk, Alexandra, alone. Without Abraham hovering in the background, sneering, straining his ears to hear what we're saying.

Lexie: He is my husband. Why wouldnít he want to know what we're saying?

Rolf: No. No. You are right. But as you well know, he must not be privy to the details of our plan.

Bart: Rolfieís got a point, Ms. DiMera.

Lexie: Thatís Mrs. Carver, you idiot.

Bart: Hey, I feel right at home now. Your papa always called me that.

Lexie: Well, donít feel too at-home. If you donít shape up, you'll be looking for another job.

Bart: Sorry, Mrs. Carver.

Lexie: So, the plan. Letís have it, Rolf. Can you make Hope remember being Gina? Have you perfected your mind-altering technique?

Rolf: Yes. Yes, Alexandra. I am proud and pleased to report that I have, indeed, perfected the procedure.

Lexie: So you can do this -- you can make Hope remember being Gina without turning her world totally upside down? I mean, she wonít lose her identity completely, will she?

Rolf: No, probably not.

Lexie: Probably? Well, probably not isnít good enough, Rolf.

Rolf: If the circumstances are just so, I believe that --

Lexie: I donít want to hear "circumstances" and "I believes." I want to hear, "yes, I am positive." This is my best friend we're talking about, damn it!

Rolf: Yes, yes, yes. I understand, Alexandra. And that is why you must hold up your part and make sure that your party goes off without a hitch. Bring John, Hope, Marlena, and Greta up to the mansion. Get them in close proximity to my equipment, and I can give you that guarantee. And then once I have activated the Gina memories in Hopeís brain, Hope will become so preoccupied with Ginaís lust for John that chaos will ensue. Everyone will forget all about this -- this baby switch. And you and your father will finally appreciate my true genius, my limitless abilities. Perhaps you will even applaud them.

Lexie: Oh! Get over yourself, will you, Rolf? This isnít about you and your off-the-charts I.Q. I donít give a damn how brilliant you are as long as you do what you've been hired to do, which is to make my life happy and comfortable by ensuring that my son will never be taken away from me.

Bart: And to heck with poor Hope Bradyís happiness.

Rolf: Bart!

Bart: Hey, well, donít get me wrong. Iím -- Iím not judging or anything. Itís just, uh -- well, Iím just glad I donít really trust my friends anyway, 'cause then I donít have to get real disappointed when they betray me, like you're betraying Hope.

Rolf: Shut up, Bart!

Lexie: No. No, no. Itís ok. Itís ok. Bartís just, uh, speaking the truth. What I am doing to Hope -- it breaks my heart. But I am doing it for the right reasons -- to keep our families intact. Someday she'll thank me.

Abe: Iím not gonna move, Bo, you know that. At least not until Lexie says she'll leave that place with me.

Bo: Yeah, I understand. I just hope itís soon. Thatís all Iím --

[J.T. Coos]

Hope: Bo and I just know how difficult it must be for you living at Stefanoís house. And you know, we're concerned. Thatís all.

Abe: Yeah. I know. Hey, you. You want to play with your friend J.T., donít you? Come on. Come on over here.

Bo: Here we go. Ha ha ha!

Hope: You guys. You're so...

Abe: There you go. Ha ha ha. You know, uh, it is pretty tough living at Stefanoís place. But Lexie feels safe there. So what can I do? Yeah. Come on.

Bo: Sheís safe? You know, I still donít get that. Sheís still worried that Glen and Barb are gonna show up?

Hope: Hey. Guys... This little -- this little toddler right here is very, very important to her. And even the thought of anyone ever being able to make any claim at all... She was traumatized by it. Sheís not over it yet. Hey, just give her a little time, ok? Hmm? Iím sure Lexie will soon realize that no one in this world is ever going to take this beautiful, perfect little boy away -- mmm -- from you or from her.

[Aria continues]

Jack: But thatís a problem Iíll deal with down the line tell Greta Iím straight after

Jennifer is mine when that happens it will be a dream come true la la la, whoop de doo.

Alice: Oh, darling. Itís too bad that you feel you have to give Jack an ultimatum.

Jennifer: Yeah, but, Gram, how many schemes and manipulations am I supposed to put up with?

Alice: I donít envy your generation, dear. You have so many options -- what to wear, what to watch, what to download. I think sometimes you lose the basics: Honesty, openness, trust.

Jennifer: Yes. Like you and grandpa had.

Alice: Yes. Except for my one deception about the ruby he'd given me.

Jennifer: Oh, grandma, please. It made me so happy that you were human. I mean, if you and grandpa were any more perfect in my eyes, I think I would fall into utter despair thinking that I could never live up to your example.

Alice: Jennifer Rose, donít compare yourself with me or with anyone. Life is not a competition.

Jennifer: But, Gram, donít you see? With Jack it is all a competition. He -- he has no idea how to be open and honest and all of the basic things that made you and grandpa happy. So, you know, what do -- what do I do? Do I -- do I sacrifice my entire life to teach him all of those things? No. I mean, if he canít just learn all of these things on his own, then -- I donít know. It just has to be over, Gram. It just has to be over forever

Craig: Yes, sweetheart. I -- huh? Ok, I -- right. Marlena spoke with Belle. Nancy, she didnít give Chloe a q & a, and I -- ok. Ok. I will. I promise. Love you, too. Bye-bye. Bye.

Marlena: Nancy wants every detail, right?

Craig: Every detail. Not later, but now.

Marlena: Well, sheís very protective of Chloe.

Craig: Oh, very.

Marlena: Are the two of them getting any closer

Craig: Actually, we've had some breakthroughs in that department.

Marlena: Well, thatís great.

Craig: And I have your son to thank for it.

Marlena: My son?

Craig: Brady.

Marlena: Oh, my stepson.

Craig: Yeah.

Marlena: Sorry.

Craig: Oh, oh, oh! Right, stepson. Sorry. Anyway, since Chloeís been hanging out with him, sheís really started to loosen up. You know, the two of them dating.

Marlena: Chloe and Brady? No, they're not dating, I think. They're just -- just friends.

Craig: No, Marlena. I think itís a little bit more than that.

Elizabeth: What havenít you told me, Colin? Why is it so important that you work here?

Colin: Elizabeth, I know Salem isnít one of those jet set towns you always dreamed of living in, but if I get this position here, we'll have the means to bring the world to us. Now, you wait here. Iíll be right back.

Rolf: Now, remember, Alexandra, you must make certain that everyone agrees to attend your party at the mansion. That is of the utmost importance.

Lexie: I know what I have to do, Rolf.

Rolf: She reminds me more of her father every day.

Bart: Me, too. Itís almost like the boss never left.

Lexie: Oh, no, you donít, Hope. Thatís my child.

Bo: Oh, thereís Lexie.

Hope: Is that your mommy? Is that your mommy, huh? Come in!

Bo: Hey, Lex. How you doing, huh?

Lexie: Thereís my little boy.

Hope: Auntie Hopeís not giving you back.

Lexie: Well, you better.

Hope: No, Iím not.

Lexie: Hi, sweetie. Oh, mommyís here. Oh, mommy missed you so much. Oh, I wish you could have waited for me. We could have all come over together.

Abe: He was fussing. I thought is was better to get into the car.

Hope: Lex, look how happy he is to see you.

Lexie: I know. Did you miss me? Did you miss mommy?

Abe: You know, you got here fast. What did you do, take the parkway?

Lexie: Actually, Bart drove me in the limo. We took the surface streets.

Abe: A 10-minute drive, you took the limo?

Hope: Hey, itís convenient. I wish I had a limo. Besides, I know how Lex hates to drive at night.

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah, thatís right. Especially around here -- itís not very well lit. Hey, sweetheart.

Bo: How about we get to the feature event this evening, huh?

Hope: Hey, yeah! Letís get this show on the road, play a little poker here, huh? And forget about the rest of our problems of the world, shall we? Oh, Lex, do you want something to drink?

Lexie: Not now. Maybe later.

Hope: Oh, Abe, would you help me with this?

Abe: Oh, absolutely. Give me something here.

Hope: There you go. Take that and we'll take this. Thank you. Whoa, yum! Of course you put the chips right next to yourself.

Abe: Well, yeah, of course I did.

Hope: You know, I have to tell you, itís kind of funny, but I vowed to myself when I was -- ahem -- in my single digits, that I would never be one of those people who spends a free evening playing cards.

Lexie: Yeah, me, too.

Hope: And look at us. What are we doing?

Lexie: Playing cards.

Hope: We're playing cards -- which I win, I just want you all to know. You know, what is it? Is there something in our brain that all of a sudden -- poof -- just switches on and all of the sudden nothing looks prettier than a royal flush? Uh, the potís a little light. I hate to point fingers, but, Abe, uh, cough it up.

Abe: Oh, I guess thatís me.

Hope: I guess it is. Ok, the pot is looking good. Letís move it my way since Iíll be winning all the money. Ok, letís see. What should be wild? How about deuces and... Hmm. What else? Oh, uh, Jacks. Jacks are wild.

Bo: Real poker.

Abe: Could be a long night.

Hope: Itís gonna be a damn good one.

Rolf: Ah, yes. Both generations of DiMeras should be more than satisfied when I make

Hope remember everything she did as Gina.

Bart: Whatís gonna happen then?

Rolf: Well, Bo and Marlena will stand by helplessly as Hope remembers her overpowering lust for John, her need for his kiss, his hand on her body.

Bart: Oh, yeah, Iím seeing it.

Rolf: His breath, his flesh.

Bart: Her thighs. So how does it all end?

Rolf: For John and Marlena? Divorce. For Bo and Hope? Utter and complete devastation.

Hope: Thank you. All right, all right. Hey, Lex, everything ok?

Lexie: Yeah, they're both sound asleep.

Abe: Yeah, we could have told that from the baby monitor, huh?

Lexie: Ok, actually, I like to see for myself.

Abe: So you in this hand?

Lexie: Sure.

Hope: Boís dealing. Jacks or better.

Lexie: Uh, honey, put me in, please.

Abe: Oh, sure.

Hope: You sure you want to play?

Lexie: Duh! Why wouldnít I?

Hope: You seem a little distracted.

Bo: Distracted, but kicking our butts.

Hope: Itís true.

Abe: The mark of a true champion.

Lexie: Iím sorry if I seem distracted. I was just thinking about our wonderful little boys.

Hope: They are wonderful. I canít believe how big they've gotten. They're toddlers.

Lexie: Um, speaking of which, have you given any more thought to preschool?

Hope: Uh, Bo and I have been researching. How about you?

Lexie: Actually, I applied Isaac to the Lakeview nursery school. Of course, he may not get in. They have such a long waiting list.

Hope: Lakeview, huh?

Lexie: Uh-huh.

Abe: You didnít tell me that.

Lexie: Oh, I know. I was going to.

Abe: Going to? When? Donít I have a say in this?

Lexie: Honey. Yes, of course you do. And you will, once I hear from the school, one way or the other. But since it is the most prestigious pre-k program in Salem, I just wanted to get Isaacís name in there quickly, you know.

Hope: Yeah, well, I understand. Iím sure Lakeviewís a great school.

Lexie: Uh-huh.

Hope: But, you know, Iíve got to be honest, Bo and I were really hoping that J.T. and Isaac could go to the same school. And actually, Bo found an excellent reverse inclusion preschool that Iíd really love to show you.

Lexie: Oh, where is it?

Bo: Itís by the river.

Hope: Of course, itís not in as nice a neighborhood as Lakeview, but, Lex, I got to tell you, the teachers are excellent. They're wonderful and lots of individual attention and therapies --

Abe: What does reverse inclusion mean?

Hope: Abe, it is so inspiring. The school accepts a certain amount of children that have absolutely no special needs whatsoever -- like Isaac -- and they integrate them with children that do have special needs like our J.T.

Bo: So, prejudices kids learn when they're little, like whatís normal and whatís not -- completely thrown out the window.

Abe: That sounds like a terrific school.

Bo: Itís an amazing idea, isnít it?

Abe: Yeah. So, Lex, what do you think? Shouldnít we get on the list for that place, too?

Lexie: We'll talk about it, ok? But, um, Hope, I think itís great, well, the way you're thoroughly researching all of this. You know, finding the best schools, the best therapies for your son. You are just a sensational mom. Thatís what you are, really, a role model for us all.

Hope: Well, I wouldnít go that far, Lex.

Lexie: No, no. Itís true. You've had so much to overcome with J.T., and you've done it all with such courage and grace and dignity. Which is why Iím so excited about this party that Iím throwing in your honor. Really, I canít wait.

Marlena: I know that Bradyís been seeing Chloe, but I donít think itís romantic.

Craig: Iím pretty sure it is. Are you ok with that?

[Knock on door]

Colin: Iím sorry. Thereís no secretary at the desk, and I was told Dr. Wesley --

Craig: Colin! Come on in. Perfect timing. Let me introduce you both since you're going to be seeing a lot of each other here at the hospital.

Colin: We will? Does that mean I...

Craig: You got the job, my friend.

Colin: Splendid.

Jack: Jack Deveraux has done it once again won back the heart of Jennifer Horton ha ha ha ha ha ha ha there you are!

Alice: Jack Deveraux.

Jack: Yes?

Alice: What has gotten into you?

Jennifer: What did you do, take the bottle of tequila with you?

Jack: No, au contraire! I am high on life. Dance with me, Jennifer. Come on. Come on, letís boogie, boogie.

Jennifer: Jack, Jack... Will you stop?

Jack: Letís twist. Twist, twist.

Jennifer: Stop. Stop! Right now!

Jack: Mrs. Horton, how about you? Shall we cut my rug or Iíll cut yours?

Jennifer: Jack! Stop it! Listen to me.

Jack: You know, do you note the hint of jealousy in your granddaughter? Perhaps -- perhaps she senses the close chemistry between us.

Jennifer: Iíll tell you what I sense. I sense that you are determined, as usual, to avoid the issue at hand. You know what you're gonna try to do? You're going to try to pretend that Greta never said that there was some big secret about you that I donít know. You're going to say that I heard it all wrong. But you know what? I didnít hear it wrong. I heard every word she said, and I want an explanation. I want to know the big secret, and I want to know it now! I demand to know!

Jack: Really kind of heart-warming, when you think about it. You see the way she is with me, after all these years. A girl canít even look at me sideways without Jennifer being thrown into a tizzy.

Jennifer: What are you talking about?

Jack: You are jealous. You're afraid that Greta and I are having an affair, arenít you?

Jack: Admit it, Jennifer. You're afraid that Greta and I are having an affair, and you're


Jennifer: Not here and not now, do you understand me?

Jack: Why not? Mrs. Horton knows Iím right. Right? Fine. Fine, fine, fine, fine. Just go off to the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, pick any room you like. But sooner or later, you're gonna have to pick one and fess up to the fact that you're jealous of Greta and me, which means that you're really in love with me. Or something close to resembling love. Love-ish. I knew it. I knew it all along.

Marlena: Congratulations. Welcome to University.

Colin: Thank you. Are there any contracts I need to sign before --

Craig: Endless paperwork, Iím afraid.

Colin: Because Iím at your disposal. I can start whenever you wish.

Marlena: Tell me about that accent.

Colin: Originally Iím from Ireland and went to school in London, but I spent most of my time in Australia.

Marlena: Why did you want to come here?

Colin: I have family here.

Marlena: Really?

Colin: Yeah. Perhaps you know them. They own the Brady Pub in town. Shawn and Caroline Brady.

Marlena: I -- yes. I used to be a Brady.

Lexie: So, letís not all jump for joy at once.

Hope: Wait, wait, Lex, come on. I am incredibly grateful that you want to throw this really big celebration for me. Itís incredibly generous of you and very sweet. Besides, Bo already gave you the ok to have it at the DiMera mansion. It was fine.

Lexie: Are you ok with it, Bo? I mean, I know you said you were the other day, but now you're looking a little less than enthusiastic. And if you were to freak out on me and not show up in the last minute --

Bo: I wouldnít do that, Lexie. Not to you, not to my wife. You should know that by now.

Lexie: I see the reluctance in your eyes, and it hurts me, Bo. It really does. Because this party -- giving it for my best friend Hope -- it just means so much to me. So Iím asking you, will you please think of the mansion as my home now? Mine and Abeís and Isaacís. Because Abe and I are trying to think of it that way, right, honey?

Abe: We're trying, yeah. Some of us arenít having as much success as others. Anyway, uh... Where were we here? Jacks or better, wasnít it? Huh?

Bo: Since we're laying our cards on the table tonight, Lexie, I gotta ask you a question.

Lexie: Sure, what is it?

Bo: Since you're still connected with the hospital, can you help me get in contact with the two women who had babies the same night J.T. and Isaac were born?

Hope: Bo, not this again, please.

Bo: What? Just asking.

Hope: No, what you're doing is you're just obsessing. You've got to stop obsess -- will someone at this table please tell my husband that we do not have the wrong child? That he is ruining a perfectly wonderful evening? Tell him, Lex.

Elizabeth: Would you please help me locate someone? Itís urgent.

Marlena: Roman Brady is my ex-husband.

Colin: Small world.

Craig: Iím sorry I didnít introduce you right away. Marlena, this is Dr. Colin Murphy.

Colin: Iím Shawnís cousin. Well, cousin something removed. I always forget how that generation thing works. So Shawn and Caroline are...

Marlena: They are my childrenís grandparents. But we've remained very close friends.

Colin: Ah, then we shall be friends as well.

Marlena: I hope so.

Craig: Well, Iím glad you caught me, because I was just finishing up making rounds, making sure the hospital is in tiptop shape.

Marlena: Except for in here. Iíve been -- Iím going through files and records and moving everything. The place is a terrible mess. Iím so sorry. Oh, goodness.

Colin: So, you're Dr. Wesleyís assistant?

Craig: No, no. No, Marlenaís not an assistant, Colin. This is Dr. Marlena Evans, the most respected psychiatrist on the staff.

Colin: Oh, dear. You mentioned filing. I am so sorry, I --

Marlena: No, itís all right. How could you know that? Itís fine -- itís just fine.

Colin: I could not be more horrified. I should have my head examined immediately. Perhaps you could recommend a way to extract the 18th century from my pathetic brain.

Marlena: That would take some doing. We could erase out a couple of decades here and there for you, though.

Elizabeth: Colin, whatís going on?

Hope: Lex, would you please tell my husband how incredibly ridiculous his investigation is?

Lexie: No, I wouldnít do that. If he feels like wasting his time...

Bo: Never mind, Lexie, you know? Just drop it.

Hope: Thank you.

Lexie: Um, speaking of investigations, have you been able to find out anything more about your time as Gina?

Hope: Uh, mezzo, mezzo. Maybe a little bit. Iíve been hounding poor John with question after question. Iím sure Iím driving the poor guy crazy.

Abe: Has he told you anything useful?

Hope: Uh, yeah, he has, actually. He admitted that during his mercenary years, he was close to Stefano.

Bo: Why hasnít he been more helpful in nailing the bastard?

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Itís a legitimate question, donít you think?

Hope: You know, John has been very helpful. Heís told us everything that he knows so far.

Bo: You're positive about that? Everywhere I turn, someoneís holding something back. If I find out John is helping that monster --

Hope: Bo, please. My God, show a little respect, would you?

Bo: For who, DiMera?

Hope: No, for Lexie!

Lexie: Itís all right. Iím used to hearing my father trashed.

Hope: No, itís not all right. Actually, I am thoroughly embarrassed right now. You are a guest in our house. The least my husband can do is --

Bo: Is what? Pretend that that psycho isnít a criminal, that he doesnít belong behind bars for the rest of his miserable life?

Abe: You know, itís getting late. I think maybe we should go.

Bo: Aw, come on, Abe. Donít tell me Iíve offended you, too. Last I knew, you were as into ripping him apart as I am.

Hope: For Godís sake, Bo, would you just let it go? Just drop it. Give it a rest, would you?

Lexieís voice: If this is a preview of what'll happen when Hope remembers being Gina, then Rolf is right. Bo and Hope will be so consumed with saving their marriage, they'll never go after my son. Iíll be safe.

Jennifer: Ok. Tell me, Jack, what is it that you think you know?

Jack: You canít stand it when another woman shows interest in me. It drives you crazy with jealousy.

Jennifer: I hate to break it to you, but would you like to know what I was thinking during that whole little speech of yours?

Jack: What?

Jennifer: I thought, "how could Greta be attracted to that? Itís impossible." So now why donít you tell me what is really going on between the two of you?

Jack: Hey! Hey, we really gave those evil reporters a run for their money, didnít we?

Jennifer: Donít change the subject.

Jack: You know, Jennifer and I make such a great team. Just like the old times, right?

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Jack: Yeah. I need a drink. I need the tequila. I need to make a toast, a toast to our future.

Jennifer: We are not toasting our future, Jack.

Jack: Why not?

Jennifer: We are not toasting our future until you come clean about the present. Are we clear?

Jack: Well, yes --

Jennifer: Now, will you just tell me what this secret is that Greta knows that I donít know and tell me now?

Jack: All the gory details?

Jennifer: Yes, every last one.

Jack: Well, if thatís what you really want.

Colin: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: You said you'd be right back.

Colin: Oh, yes. Darling, meet Dr. Wesley, the chief of staff. This is my fiancťe Elizabeth.

Craig: Hello.

Colin: Dr. Wesley has just offered me a job.

Elizabeth: Oh, really? Iím shocked.

Craig: By what?

Elizabeth: That you're the chief of staff. You're so young.

Craig: Thank you. I think.

Colin: Elizabeth, meet Dr. Marlena Evans.

Marlena: Nice to meet you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Yes, quite. I hate to interrupt, but would you mind if I stole Colin for a while? We've got some urgent matters to discuss.

Colin: No, no. Go right ahead.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Colin: Elizabeth, what could possibly --

Elizabeth: I need you.

Colin: Right. Please excuse us and thank you again.

Craig: Whoa.

Abe: Iíll go get Isaac.

Lexie: Yeah, Iíll go with you.

Bo: Wait. Please. Iím -- Iím sorry. I should be more sensitive to you, Lexie, especially since your situation is something I can relate to. Ever since I found out that Victor was my father, Iíve been trying to deal with my feelings toward him.

Lexie: Well, Iím glad you understand.

Bo: I do, to a point. If Victor was ever caught doing something illegal, I would not hesitate to put him in jail. Thatís how I feel about him. That doesnít compare to how I feel about your father. The bad blood between the DiMeras and the Bradyís goes way back, and I cannot forgive him for the horrendous things he has done to the people I love because of our friendship. Me being your friend will not keep me from using all the power I have to make sure that man is put in jail for the rest of his miserable life.

Jack: Ok, yes, I have been keeping something from you, and yes, it does involve Greta. Um, could I -- have -- have some -- some water, please?

Jennifer: Mouth a little dry, Deveraux?

Jack: Well...

Jack: Ah. Well, the fact -- the fact is that Greta and I are going to be taking a little trip.

Jennifer: I knew it. I knew it. This has to do with Africa again, doesnít it? This -- and Oliver is definitely involved. I mean, thatís a given, right, Jack?

Jack: What have you got against Oliver?

Jennifer: Oh, come on. Like you donít know. You know what, Gram, this is always how it is. Oliver calls Jack. He says, "oh, I have this great idea. We're going to be millionaires." And then Jack comes to me, and he says, "Jennifer, pumpkin, lotus blossom, Iím gonna be away for a few days." But then you know what? A few days turns into a week, and then a week turns into a month, and then when he finally does come home, the great idea has turned into a colossal flop.

Jack: Not true. No. Not true. Now, I admit that it has been hit or miss, but you have to admit --

Jennifer: Answer me -- are we millionaires? Are we even close? But you know what,

Jack? You would pick one of these crazy adventures over Abby and me any day, and you know what? You're doing it again.

Jack: Jennifer.

Jennifer: You know what? Iím just so impressed that you got Greta roped into all of this. You know, I didnít realize the princess was that gullible.

Alice: Now, where are you going on this trip with Greta?

Jack: Las Vegas.

Alice: Oh. You're going gambling?

Jack: No, no, no. We're getting married.

Colin: Is there really something going back there? Or was that stunt back there just simply to make a fool out of me?

Elizabeth: You said you'd be right back.

Colin: And that gives you the right to be rude to my new colleagues?

Elizabeth: You left me all alone. You know how I hate hospitals, and there was this man ogling me. I got really nervous.

Colin: Iím not going to leave you.

Elizabeth: I need to trust that, donít I?

Colin: Yes, you do.

Elizabeth: You're all I have, Colin. Iím sorry if I embarrassed you, and Iím terribly happy you have a position here.

Colin: Are you?

Elizabeth: I know Iíve been difficult, but I am adjusting to life in Salem. Really I am. And Iím so excited about settling down, finding a home, being your wife. You mean everything to me, Colin. You're my life.

Craig: Well, that Elizabeth certainly defines "whoa."

Marlena: That depends on your definition.

Craig: You donít think sheís beautiful?

Marlena: I think sheís attractive. And sheís rude, and sheís cold. I think Colin is a lovely man. Heís warm, heís friendly, heís gracious. They seem very badly suited for each other.

Craig: Marlena, you just met them.

Marlena: My instincts are finely tuned.

Craig: How about a little bet? I say they have a happy future together. You say...

Marlena: Six months.

Craig: Great. We can make a little wager on it. How about a hundred bucks?

Marlena: Oh! It would be indecent to bet on the future of people we donít even know.

Craig: It would be indecent if they were our friends. Hundred bucks.

Marlena: A hundred bucks.

Craig: Deal.

Marlena: Deal.

Lexie: Oh. Oh, come on. I was a cop. I believe in the law. If you find proof that my father committed any of these terrible crimes that everyoneís accusing him of, then yes, he should go to jail.

Abe: Well, Iím relieved to hear that.

Lexie: But I also believe that my father is innocent until proven guilty, which is why Iím asking you to please understand that if I do at times defend him, itís because Iím torn, because heís only shown me love, as have all of you: My precious husband, my dear friends. And thatís why this party means so much to me, having a chance to honor Hope, to celebrate her and your family. So, I would like to propose a toast.

Lexie: To Hope. May you learn everything about your past as Gina. And may we finally find out if my father truly is behind all the pain you and Bo have suffered. Ok?

Bo: Iíll drink to that.

Lexie: All right.

Abe: Iíll drink to that.

Lexieís voice: They'll never get the goods on my father. But in searching for the truth, Hopeís world will come crashing down around her. Itís a pity, but itís the only way I can keep my son.

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