Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/10/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/10/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Kate: Darling. Sweetie, can you hear me? Can you hear me? If-- wake up, baby. If you can hear me, squeeze my hand, ok? He squeezed my hand.

Chloe: He squeezed my hand again, too.

Kate: Oh! Oh! He woke up!

Victor: Welcome.

Kate: Heís back with us.

Victor: Ha ha ha!

Kate: Oh, sweetie.

Belle: Hey, buddy.

Shawn-D: Hey, man.

Kate: Oh.

Mimi: Welcome back.

Belle: Hey, Phil.

Shawn-D: Hey, Phil.

[Monitor beeping]

Gomez: Howís the patient?

Victor: Oh, heís come out of it. Philip, this is your doctor. This is Dr. Gomez.

Gomez: Hello, Philip. You've had some journey. Welcome back.

Kate: Honey? You're in Puerto Rico, and everyoneís here for you.

Gomez: What you need most is rest and care.

Victor: Does he have to stay on that ventilator?

Gomez: A while longer. Itís helping your lungs to rest and heal.

Victor: Well, I guess we'll have to do all the talking for you, Philip. That shouldnít be a problem, you've got a big fan club here.

Gomez: Well, well, well. You seem to be doing fine, young man. Iíll do a though exam later. Enjoy your family.

Kate: Thank you. Thank you, doctor.

Victor: Yes, thank you for everything.

Gomez: No problem.

Mimi: Whatís up?

Belle: Hey, itís ok.

Paul: Aw, come on, now, sweet cakes. Donít be afraid. You know how much I dig you. I took care of you good, didnít I? Didnít I? But somethingís up with you, baby. What?

Jan: Nothing. I -- I just want to get out of here.

Paul: Yeah, so do I. Hey, hero. Kneel down, slowly.

Brady: Donít do it, dad.

Paul: You shut up! Kneel down, tough guy. Hand me that bag. Thatís a good boy.

[Brady mouthing words]

John: Jan, no, no! Jan, no!

Paul: Donít do it, baby.

John: No, no! No, no, no! Jan, no! Oh, my God! Nicole!

Kate: Philip, darling, we are all so happy to have you back. We're so happy. We love you. We love you, and we have so much to tell you.

Victor: Kate, you heard what the doctor said. Philip needs to get his rest.

Shawn-D: Yeah, we, uh, we should probably go.

Kate: No. No, donít go. I know that Philip wants you here. You all helped save his life, and we owe you a lot.

Belle: Itís so great to see you looking up at us. All the bad stuff' behind us now, Philip.

Shawn-D: Got a lot of courage, man.

Belle: Yeah. I would never have made it out of that cavern if you hadnít kept me going. You never gave up.

Kate: I always said you were a lot like your father.

Victor: We're all very proud of you, son. Are you in any pain?

Belle: Wait until Brady sees you. He is going to be so relieved.

Shawn-D: Yeah, do you remember him pulling you out of the cavern?

Kate: Your father flew Brady and Chloe down here to help him find you.

Mimi: I was the one that led Brady and Chloe to the island. No one else had a clue where to look. And you wouldnít believe what the three of us went through. First, no one would risk giving us a boat because of the hurricane --

Shawn-D: You know Brady -- always resourceful.

Belle: He commandeered three wave runners.

Mimi: Talk about terrified. Iíd never been on those things before, not to mention the storm was about to hit us again.

Victor: But they got to the island safe and sound.

Mimi: Although I fell off the wave runner twice, and then Brady had to drag me out of the water.

Belle: But you three made it to the cavern in time to drive Paul off. We will never forget how you rescued us.

Shawn-D: You remember that part?

Mimi: Anyway, after we'd taken care of Paul, Brady went down into the water and pulled you and Shawn out of the cavern. It was totally amazing.

Belle: Chloe gave you CPR.

Mimi: Chloe and Brady did.

Shawn-D: And your dad showed up in a helicopter, brought you to the hospital. Came back for us.

Victor: I just wish that Iíd gotten there sooner.

Kate: Seems like all the Kiriakis men were heroes.

Victor: Well, everyone here is to be congratulated.

Shawn: And we got what we came for, man. Itís still in one piece.

Kate: Good Lord. Is that real?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Itís a family heirloom, but it was stolen years ago.

Mimi: By Paul and one of his prison buddies.

Shawn-D: I -- Phil, I -- I owe you so much, man. Put your life on the line for me. But, uh, we can talk about it later. We should, uh, probably let him rest now.

Belle: Yeah, and try to get a hold of our families.

Mimi: Iím going to go my mom. Iíll see you guys outside.

Belle: Ok. Kate, do you know where my dad was going to look for Brady?

Kate: No, but Iím sure he was going to call Marlena to tell her that we all arrived here safely. I know that heís anxious to see you.

Shawn-D: John went after Paul, didnít he?

Victor: Yes.

Belle: I should have known.

Victor: Your father knows what heís doing. He'll be all right.

Mimi: Catching a little shuteye, are we?

Chloe: Whatís your problem?

Mimi: Whatís yours? We're all out of our minds, we're so happy to have Philip back, and what do you do? You walk out of the room without saying a word. You are one cold bitch.

Brady: Jan, drop the gun. Itís over now, ok? Drop it. There you go. Hey. Hey, dad? Dad, were you hit? Hey!

John: No. But what about Nicole? Check her out.

Brady: You know what? I -- I canít tell. Just get rid of the knife.

John: Heís out.

Brady: Nicole?

John: Got a pulse?

Brady: Yes, barely. Come on. Is she hit anywhere?

John: I donít think so. Come on.

John: Hey, Nicole. Hey, honey.

Brady: Hey.

John: Hey, honey. Itís John, Nicole. Itís John.

Nicole: Whoa, whoa!

Brady: Easy, easy, easy. Easy, easy.

Nicole: My God. Is he dead?

John: No, no. Itís all right, itís all right. Itís over.

Brady: We got to get her some help. Come on.

Brady: Come here.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Oh, my God!

John: Itís all right. Itís over.

Nicole: My father tried to kill me!

Brady: Come on.

[Paul groaning]

John: Get back down there!

Paul: Aaah!

John: Get back down there.

Sarmiento: We heard some shots!

John: You a doctor?

Sarmiento: Yes, I am.

John: This manís been hit.

Sarmiento: Get a gurney. Hey, you get away from him! What are you trying to do, kill him? I know this man. He came to the clinic for treatment earlier. Itís ok. He pulled a gun on us.

John: Yeah? Well, join the crowd. He tried killing these two women.

Paul: They did it. They did it.

John: Oh, shut up.

Paul: You got to help me, doc.

Sarmiento: Come on! Letís get him inside. Hey, you want to give me a hand here?

Paul: Jan! Jan, wait!

Jan: Stay away.

Paul: Why'd you do it, baby?

Jan: Stay away!

Paul: Why'd you try to kill daddy?

John: Shut up! Get him out of here!

Brady: Dad? Dad, she needs help.

Sarmiento: Hey.

John: Iíll get her. Iíll bring her in. Call the cops.

[Nicole crying]

John: Hey, itís John. Nicole! Itís over, honey, itís over. Itís all right. Itís John. Itís all right, honey.

Nicole: Oh!

John: Itís all over.

Nicole: My father tried to kill me. Why? Why? Oh...

[monitor beeping]

Kate: Hi. The doctor was here while you were sleeping, and he said pretty soon you're going to be breathing on your own, and you wonít need all this apparatus. Oh, no, no, no, no. The doctor also said that you're not going to be able to speak for a while.

Victor: Itís nothing to be afraid of. You just took in a lot of water, caused a slight injury on your lungs.

Kate: Honey, itís ok. Itís only temporary. You're going to be as good as new, and then we're going to take you back to Salem.

Victor: The Titan jet ran into a little trouble on the way down, but we'll charter another one as soon as you get a clean bill of health.

Kate: And I am not going to take my eyes off you once we get you back home... Well, to your -- you know, to your fatherís house.

Victor: Your mother and I will be there for you. Just leave everything to us.

Belle: Come and get it.

Chloe: Thanks, Belle.

Belle: Hey, come here. Are you ok?

Chloe: Remember when we were on the island and you said that Philip would pull through? Well, I guess you were right.

Belle: That was the closest thing to a miracle I have ever seen. Itís like he just opened his eyes and he was back.

Chloe: Iím just glad that he'll be ok.

Shawn-D: Thatís it? You're "glad he'll be ok"?

Mimi: Some of us obviously care more than others.

Shawn-D: Well, obviously, you just donít know what we went through. I mean, Chloe, for a while there, we werenít sure if we were going to make it.

Belle: Now the truth comes out. After we were shoveling mud and treading water, you were acting like our escape was no big deal.

Mimi: What do you mean, "shoveling"?

Belle: Well... We found this opening and we dug a tunnel two feet by two feet. Being wedged in that small space was the worst.

Mimi: You must have freaked. You go nuts in tight places.

Belle: Yeah, well, Philip and Shawn were keeping me cool... That was, until the tarantula came.

Mimi: The tarantula?

Belle: Yeah. It was on Philipís back.

Shawn-D: And then there was the mud slide.

Mimi: You guys are making this up.

Shawn-D: No, itís strange, but itís true.

[Philip, Belle, and Shawn screaming]

Belle: I thought for sure we were going to be buried alive in that slime.

Shawn-D: Yeah, and that wasnít even the worst of it.

Belle: The water started rising and it got above our heads. I couldnít stay afloat, so Philip and Shawn helped me out of the pit, and there was Paul, ready to kill us all.

Shawn: Come here.

Belle: Shawn!

Shawn-D: Belle! Belle, just get out of here! Go back to camp! Oh!

Belle: Aaah!

Paul: Come back here!

Belle: No, please! Paul, leave me alone! Leave me alone!


Shawn-D: Belle! Belle! No!

[Paul laughing]

Shawn-D: No, no!

[Paul grunts]

Shawn-D: Oh!

[Belle screaming]

Paul: Whatís the matter, baby? Want me to kiss you good-bye, huh?

Belle: No!

Paul: Aaah!

Belle: No, no! No!

[Screaming] that guy is evil.

Shawn-D: Your dad will make sure Paul never hurts anyone again.

Mimi: You really think thatís why Brady took off so fast -- to go after Paul?

Shawn-D: Iím sure of it.

Belle: I hope Brady catches up with my dad. They stand a better chance going after Paul if they're together.

Shawn-D: Paulís not going to know what hit him when those two land on him.

Belle: If anything happens to my dad or my brother --

Shawn-D: It wonít. Your dad is a one-man army. You know that.

Belle: Yeah. Iím going to go to the nurses' station and see if there are any messages for me.

Shawn-D: Iíll go with you.

Belle: Ok.

Mimi: Hold it. You're not going anywhere until you and I get a few things straight.

John: Thanks, Brady.

Brady: You got it.

John: Keep an eye on Jan.

Brady: All right.

John: I need help here, quickly! I need help! Come on! Itís all right. Hang in there with me, Nicole. Hang in there. You're going to be just fine. Thank you. You're going to be just fine.

Nurse: What happened?

John: We have a knife wound.

Nicole: Oh, John.

John: Iím here. Right here, right here, right here.

Nicole: It hurts.

John: Itís ok. Itís all right. You're safe.

Nurse: Sheís lucky. Itís a flesh wound.

John: See? Itís a flesh wound. Yeah.

Nicole: Oh.

John: I want you to put a lot of antibiotics on it. We donít want an infection. You understand me?

Nurse: After I clean it.

John: All right.

Nicole: Oh... How bad is it?

John: Itís superficial. Sheís going to clean it and dress it, and you're going to be just fine, all right? Itís ok. Itís ok.

Nicole: John, my father would have killed me if you -- if you hadnít --

John: Shh. Itís ok.

Nicole: Were you hurt?

John: Not a scratch, no. Itís ok. Itís all over.

Nicole: Thank God.

John: Itís all over. Itís all over. Howís the man that was shot?

Nicole: Oh...

Sarmiento: These bullets are lodged in deep.

Nurse: I canít control the bleeding.

Orderly: You already treated this guy for a gunshot wound?

Sarmiento: Yeah, and gangrene. Then he pulled a gun on us.

Nurse: B.P. is dropping.

Sarmiento: Ok, get another bag of blood. Could you call the hospital? Tell them we need surgery for this guy. These bullets need to come out.

Orderly: Uh, Iíll call.

Sarmiento: Ok, but also notify the police. Somebody tried to do this guy in.

John: Thatís it. Thatís it.

Nicole: Oh. Whereís Jan?

John: Sheís outside with Brady. She wasnít hurt.

Nicole: I have to go to her.

Nurse: No, no, senorita.

John: No, no, just stay put. Thatís it, thatís it. The cops will be here soon. They'll take care of your father. Everythingís going to be ok.

Nicole: Nothingís going to be ok until that son of a bitch is dead. I know what he did to that poor girl. He doesnít deserve to live!

Jan: Did I kill him?

Brady: No.

[Jan gasping]

Brady: Jan, give me your hand. Go ahead.

Jan: What have I done?

Brady: Come here, come here. All right. Itís all right. Listen, Iím going to take you inside and get you a doctor so we can give you some drugs to calm you down, ok?

Jan: No, no. I donít want any more drugs. I canít take anything else.

Brady: What do you mean? What are you on?

Jan: I... I had an infection. I had to take some antibiotics.

Brady: Is that all?

Jan: I donít do drugs, if thatís what you mean! I know what they do to people -- drugs and booze! I mean, no matter what Iíve done, drugs are the last thing I would turn to!

Brady: Ok, ok, ok. Well, let me get you back to your hotel. You need to rest.

Jan: I never held a gun before, and now I may have killed someone?

Brady: Jan, heís not dead.

Jan: No, donít leave me. Please, please?

Brady: All right, listen to me. Iím going to get the gun and the knife, and Iím going to put them in the bag, all right? Iím not going anywhere. I promise. All right? See?

Jan: What if they canít save him? I -- I just wanted to stop him, thatís all. He -- he was hurting Nicole.

Brady: Jan, whatever happens to Paul, he brought it on himself, ok?

Jan: You donít know how evil he is. I just -- I just wanted to pay him back for what he did to me. I just -- I never -- I never meant to kill him. If he... If he dies, my whole life is over.

Brady: Jan, what do you mean? How did he hurt you? What did he do to you?

Kate: Mendez is Nicoleís father? Oh, that figures.

Victor: Kate, this isnít doing our son any good.

Kate: If you hadnít been involved with that tramp in the first place, our son would never be in this condition.

Victor: None of this is Nicoleís fault. If you had any idea what sheís been through because of Mendez --

Kate: Well, frankly, I donít give a damn.

Victor: Kate, we canít do this. Not in front of Philip. Canít you just be grateful heís alive?

Kate: Yes. Yes. Yes, I am grateful. When he opened his eyes and he looked at us, he... he looked at us with so much love and trust. It reminded me of when he was a little boy.

[Sighs] we have to stop being so angry and hateful with each other, Victor, because itís tearing him apart. Heís suffered enough because of us.

[Sighs] we have to figure out a way to do things differently... For his sake.

Belle: Shouldnít we get back to the others?

Shawn-D: Yeah, we will, after.

Belle: After what?

Shawn-D: This.

Belle: Now I know everythingís going to be ok.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, itís looking better by the second.

Belle: You kissed me when we were in the tunnel, too, when I thought I wasnít going to be able to go on any longer. I was so afraid, but after you kissed me, somehow I knew that we would live, that we would make it out.

Mimi: You have no right to be playing games with Philipís head.

Chloe: What are you talking about?

Mimi: His recovery. He needs to know he can count on all of us to help him get better. Now that heís out of the coma, the last thing he needs is a setback, so why donít you start acting like you care?

Chloe: Get lost.

Mimi: What is with you? I saw you and Brady pull Philip out of that cavern. When it looked like Philip was dead, you threw yourself on him and begged him not to leave you. You did the same thing here in the hospital when he was in the coma. You were all lovey-dovey -- real tears and everything.

Chloe: I donít need this.

Mimi: But when he finally opens his eyes, you look at him like heís a stranger. Then you walk right out of his room, just when he needed you the most.

Chloe: He needed his parents!

Mimi: No, you. Chloe, you are all he talked about the whole time we were on the island. He has never stopped loving you, and he sure had love in his eyes when he woke up and saw you standing there. Why couldnít you have just taken his hand and said, "I am so glad you're back, Philip. I love you so much." Why couldnít you say it?

Brady: Jan, you can trust me. What did Paul do to you?

Jan: You saw. He -- he was holding a gun to my head, and he would have killed me if it hadnít been for you.

Brady: No, no. Honey, I mean before that.

Jan: I told you and your father and Nicole back at the hotel when you were all questioning me -- he grabbed me outside, and he... he dragged me around the corner. He was holding onto me, and...

Brady: Ok, well, what did he want?

Jan: Money. It must have been money -- to get away. Money.

Brady: Well, Jan, that makes him desperate, not evil.

Jan: He tried to kill Shawn and Belle and Philip. He cut his own daughterís throat! It doesnít get any more evil than that!

Brady: Well, when he was on the gurney, why did he call you "baby cakes"?

Jan: Donít.

Brady: Jan, why did he say, "how could you do this to daddy?"

Jan: I donít know. He -- heís a sicko, ok? He must have thought I was Nicole or something. I -- yeah. It couldnít have been anything else. I need to know if heís alive or not.

Brady: Well, Jan, regardless, you should get a medal for shooting that sleaze ball.

Jan: Oh, no. If he dies, something bad will happen to me.

Sarmiento: Good. Hang it up right away.

Second nurse: Heís feeling no pain.

Sarmiento: Yeah, well, enjoy it while you can, buddy. Your troubles havenít even begun yet.

Paul: Now, thatís it. Beautiful, beautiful.

Jan: Whoa, whoa! What are you doing?

Paul: Iím just helping you get into it, thatís all.

Jan: No.

Paul: Come on, relax. You're doing fine, baby.

Jan: No! I said no! Stop it! No!

Paul: Hey, relax. Hey, itís too late. The camera is rolling, baby.

Jan: No! Get off of me!

Paul: Might as well enjoy it.


Sarmiento: Letís give him that next dose of morphine.

Second nurse: Yes, doctor.

Sarmiento: Guys like him do nothing but bring violence to our island.

Second nurse: That blond woman -- he cut her throat.

Sarmiento: Yeah, the other woman fired the shots. Thatís a love triangle if there ever was one.

[Paul groaning]

Sarmiento: Easy, easy. Easy, senor, easy. Take it easy. Hey, remember me? Iím the doctor who treated you earlier. Listen, you've been shot. We're going to need to operate to get the bullets out. Do you understand? Ok, we need your permission to operate.

Paul: Doc, you canít let me die. Finally, Iíve got everything I want. My life -- itís going to be great.

Sarmiento: Itís ok. We're doing everything we can now. We need you to take your time and read this, and sign at the bottom, eh?

Paul: Oh... Canít read. My eyes are blurred. Just help me sign.

Sarmiento: Ok. Right there at the bottom.

Paul: Doc, doc.

Sarmiento: Yes?

Paul: Thereís something you got to do for me. Itís important.

John: So what did Paul do to Jan?

Nicole: My father... My father preys on young girls, and with any luck, he didnít accomplish what Iím sure his mission was, which would have messed that girl up for the rest of her life. She'd never be able to have a real relationship with a man. Damn it, I hate him! And I hate my mother for letting him stay in our lives. God, where was she when I needed her? He should have stayed in prison forever, so he could never hurt another little girl again. You got what you deserve! You bastard! I hope you die! Just die!

[Kate sighs]

Kate: Victor?

Philip: Um...

Kate: What? What is it, sweetie?

Victor: You want some water?

Kate: You want something to write with? I have a -- I have a pen and a notepad right here.

Victor: Are you in pain, son? Shall I get the nurse back?

Kate: Here you go, sweetie.

Victor: Whatever it is, son, Iíll take care of it.

Kate: What is it? "I love you, mom and dad."

Victor: We love you, too, son.

Kate: More than we can say. Your father and I want you to know that from now on, your happiness comes first. We know what a toll our problems have taken on you, and thatís going to stop now. You have my word.

Shawn-D: Do you realize that we've known each other for 11 years?

Belle: Yeah, I thought we had helped each other out a lot, but these past few weeks -- amazing, huh?

Shawn-D: Yeah, they've been tough, all right.

Belle: But no matter how bad it got, I knew I could always trust you.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I knew I could always depend on you, that you'd keep on fighting, no matter how scared you got.

Belle: Guess it was a good thing we were friends for a long time, huh?

Shawn-D: Yeah. You know, do you remember when we were seven? Grandpa Brady took us fishing.

Belle: Yeah, you didnít believe I could bait my own hook.

Shawn-D: Actually, I forgot about that part.

Belle: Yeah, I had to bait yours, too. Ha ha ha!

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah, ok. Anyway, I remember that night that I asked my dad if he ever had a girl as a best friend, and he said that he did, and it was very cool.

Belle: You actually asked him that?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Even at seven, I realized how special you were, and I realize that now more than ever. No matter what, Belle, we're always going to be friends.

Belle: Friends, huh?

Shawn-D: Mm-hmm.

Belle: Does that mean we're still on for our second date, or not?

Shawn-D: Now, what do you think?

Chloe: This is none of your damn business.

Mimi: Philipís my friend. I am making it my business, and Iím warning you, Chloe, if you turn your back on him now, I will make you pay big time.

Chloe: The last time you attacked me, you were sentenced to a year of scrubbing toilets at school. I wonder what the judge will throw at you next time.

Mimi: At least Iím not too chicken to tell someone I love how I feel. Why canít you, if you care? Oh, thatís it, isnít it -- why you're acting like this? Yeah, I finally got it.

Nicole: He has to die, or else this will never end.

John: Hey, Nicole, Nicole! Listen -- look at me. Look at me. You hear my words. Paul will never hurt anyone ever again. Do you hear me? I promise that. I promise that. Itís all right. Itís all over now. Itís ok. Itís all over.

Jan: Oh, God! Oh, God, heís dead!

Nicole: Oh, Jan.

Jan: Is he...

Nicole: No, the bastardís still breathing. Jan... Thank you for saving my life. It took so much courage.

Jan: No, no! I didnít mean to kill him. I -- I didnít! I --

Brady: Jan, wait, honey.

John: No, no, no, no. Stop. You're in no shape to go after her. Just slow down.

Nicole: I am the only person who understands what she is going through.

Nicole: Jan, can I please talk to you?

[Jan crying]

Nicole: Jan, whatever... whatever my father did to you, you'll survive. I know what Iím talking about.

Jan: Heís evil. I hate him.

Nicole: Then donít let him beat you. You did the right thing when you shot that gun.

Jan: No. He canít die. He canít.

Nicole: Nothing else will happen to you. You shot him in self-defense. He would have killed me and then you. Jan, donít you see? He has to die so he can never hurt another young woman like he hurt you.

John: Did Jan tell you what Paul did to her?

Brady: No. She was too scared.

John: Oh, damn him. You know, filth like him just doesnít deserve to live.

Paul: Mmm...

Sarmiento: Heís coming around again.

Paul: Tell me -- tell me Iíll make it.

Sarmiento: Now, what was it you wanted to ask me before? You said it was important.

Paul: My daughter. I have to see her.

Sarmiento: Your daughter?

Paul: The blonde... My beautiful baby... I have to see her.

Mimi: You're evil, just like we all thought when you first got to Salem. You like to cast spells on guys and then watch them suffer.

Chloe: Go to hell.

Mimi: Thatís reserved for you. Iím going to find my friends now. At least I have some.

[Chloe sighs]

Shawn-D: So, uh, where shall we go on our second date?

Belle: Definitely not a tropical island paradise.

Shawn-D: Oh, definitely not. Hey, Meems.

Mimi: Pretend Iím not here.

Belle: Whatís wrong?

Mimi: Guess all that rescue work has wore me out.

Belle: Oh, well, we're just going to wait here for my dad and Brady, so why donít you go stretch out on the couch in the waiting area?

Mimi: I think I will. Hope I donít have nightmares about scuzzy jewel thieves with dirty fingernails. See ya.

Belle: Maybe she shouldnít be alone.

Shawn-D: Two seconds after she hits that couch, she is going to be asleep.

Belle: I guess.

Shawn-D: So it looks like you are stuck with me.

Belle: I think I can handle that.

Victor: "How about it, dad? Do you agree with mom?" Yes. Life is too precious to waste it battling. Your life is a gift... To both of us. Kate and I agree that your happiness comes first... For both of us.

[Chloe sighs]

Chloe: Thank God you're back, Philip. I love you so much, and missed you, so why canít I tell you?

Brady: Come on, dad. Forget about Mendez. Letís go outside.

John: Iím warning you, back off right now!

Brady: Ok.

Sarmiento: Oh, good. You're all here.

Nicole: Is he dead?

Sarmiento: No, but we'll have to operate to remove the bullets.

Nicole: You mean, thereís still a chance he could live?

Sarmiento: We're doing everything we can. He wants to speak to his daughter.

John: No way.

Sarmiento: Itís up to her. You are his daughter?

Nicole: Yes. Take me to him.

Sarmiento: Now, donít be upset with him when you see him. Heís very weak. Heís going in and out of consciousness.

Nicole: Iíll be fine.

John: Donít do this.

Nicole: I have to, and donít you dare try to stop me. 

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