Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/9/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/9/01

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Chloe: Please, Phillip, you canít die.

Shawn-D: You know, when we were in the cavern, we talked about how we were teenagers and nothing could hurt us, how we were going to live forever, man.

Chloe: Please, Philip, come back. Wherever your are, come back.

Victor: Where are you now?

Kate: We're on our way from the airport. Howís Philip? Is there any change?

Victor: Iím afraid not. Iíll fill you in on the details when you get here.

John: Let me talk to him. Thanks. Vic, itís John. Whereís Belle now? Is she ok?

Victor: Sheís fine, uh. She and Shawn are with Philip; they're keeping vigil.

John: And Brady?

Victor: He and Nicole went to the hotel to find the man whoís responsible for what happened.

John: The fools. And who is this bastard?

Victor: His name is Paul Mendez. Listen, I donít want Kate to know this at the moment, so please keep it between the two of us, but, uh... Heís Nicoleís father.

Brady: This is the guy I called you about -- Paul Mendez. You know him, right?

Clerk: I have seen him around a few times.

Brady: All right, look, if you see him around again, call the police. This guyís bad news.

Nicole: Now what?

Brady: Nicole, your father damn near killed my sister and Philip and Shawn. Iím not giving up until I make him pay for it.

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Belle: He looks so peaceful... Like heís just sleeping.

Shawn-D: We're here for you, Phil.

Chloe: He knows it. He feels it.

Mimiís voice: Iím here, Iím here!

Chloe: Oh! You mean you actually gave the little guy a bath?

Mimi: I pretended we were camping. He loved it. It was fun.

Chloe: Oh, so how is my precious little Godson?

Mimi: Great. And not to brag, but heís already assimilated the complete set of secondary education disks.

Chloe: Wow. Who would have known that one of my best friends would give birth to a total genius?

Mimi: Who would have known that you and I would become best friends?


Chloe: Chips?

Mimi: Love some. Mmm! Thereís nothing like a nice mix of cholesterol and sucrose. I really shouldnít, but at this point, what have I got to lose?

Belle: Hey, donít be so hard on yourself. You've had 10 kids.

Shawn-D: Yeah. You know, Mimi, you got to get down with that new technology. I mean, after all, look at Belle and I with our 3 kids.

Belle: Yeah. I keep telling her but she wonít listen to me. Let the lab do all of the work. Give them a few discarded skin cells, modify the D.N.A., Pick the sex.

Shawn-D: Yeah. 6 weeks later, you've got yourself a perfect set of kids.

Mimi: Yeah, well, I guess Iím just not into "perfect." You know me, Iíve always been behind the times.

Philip: Yeah, Chloe and I have to agree with Mimi. Thereís something really wonderful about making babies the old-fashioned way.

Chloe: Look, heís smiling.

John: I donít want my son anywhere near that son of a bitch.

Victor: Heís determined to find this guy, John.

John: Iím going to drop Kate off at the hospital, then Iíll over to the hotel.

Victor: Yeah, you stay in touch.

John: Will do.

Kate: What is going on?

John: Nothing for you to worry about, Kate. Just focus on your son, he needs you now.

Johnís voice: Iíve got a feeling my son needs me also. Damn it, Brady, what the hell have you gotten yourself into now?

Brady: Excuse me. Does this man look familiar to you?

Waitress: Uh, I donít know. Maybe.

Nicole: So you have seen him.

Waitress: No, I donít think so. Iím sorry.

Nicole: Yet knowing my father, heís probably long gone by now.

Brady: Nicole, thatís impossible. How the hell is he supposed to get off this island? The manís bleeding, heís wounded. The cops have the airports covered and the docks. Thereís no way he'd ever be able to get clear of anyone without being spotted.

Nicole: Donít put anything past him.

Brady: Believe me, I donít. My guess is heís hiding out somewhere, waiting for the heat to die down.

[Jan gasps]

Paul: All right, all right. Settle down. Will you stop screaming?

Jan: Then cover it up. Oh, it is so gross.

Paul: What? Oh, my God! Damn doctor must have messed up. I gotta get this taken care of, properly this time. Iíll deal with you later.

Jan: Oh, God. Not later. Never... never again.

Janís voice: I hope the gangrene kills that pig.

Paul: So

Sarmiento: Itís definitely moist gangrene. You need some antibiotics.

Paul: Iíve been taking these.

Sarmiento: Well, obviously, they're not working. You're going to need something stronger.

Paul: So give it to me, then.

Sarmiento: Yes, yes,

[Speaking Spanish]

Paul: Por favor.

Sarmiento: Probably not a good idea to call the police just now. But you're right, doc. This is a gunshot wound. And this is the gun that did it.

Kate: Where is he? Whereís Philip?

Victor: Oh, uh, heís in there with his friends.

Kate: I have to see him.

Victor: Of course. You go right in. If you want some privacy, we'll get them out of there. Just let me know. Iíll be right here.

Kate: Thank you.

Belle: Miss Roberts, do you know where my dad is?

Kate: No. He went to find Brady. He told me to tell you that he'll see you soon. Oh,

Philip. Iím here.

Kate: Has he said anything? Has he opened his eyes?

Shawn-D: Not yet.

Kate: Oh, darling. Iím here for you now.

Chloe: Well, just before you got here, it looked like he was smiling.

Kate: Oh! He was smiling? Thatís a good sign, isnít it? Yes, thatís a good sign. That smile. Oh, that smile lights up my face.

Philipís voice: It was a nightmare, mom. Chloe was a total innocent victim, you know, which I should have known immediately. I should have had some faith in her, but I didnít. I said some terrible things. What am I going to do?

Kate: Honey, I am so sorry.

Philip: Iíve missed you so much, mom. I know Iím a 17-year-old kid whoís supposed to be all independent and stuff, but you know, sometimes I feel like it'd be good to have you around more. I mean, living in the same house.

Kate: Oh, sweetie. I am always going to be here for you. You know that.

Mimi: Is it ok if we stay with him a little bit longer?

Kate: Yes. Yes, of course it is. Iím going to go talk to Victor. Iíll be back, my darling.

Kate: They said he smiled right before I came in.

Victor: Well, he must have known you were coming.

Kate: Thank you. I appreciate that. I also appreciate you not bringing that whore Nicole here.

Victor: Letís not go there, shall we, Kate? The only thing that matters now is our son.

Kate: Of course. You are right. So, what did the doctors say?

Paul: Uh, doc. You mentioned I needed some medicine. You have it handy?

Sarmiento: Are you going to kill us?

Paul: Kill you? Because you were calling the police? You're just doing your job. Look, you're right. This is a gunshot wound. This is the gun. My gun. Iím a jeweler. You have to move around with some very expensive stuff sometimes. You know, thereís a lot of bad guys around, right?

Sarmiento: Right.

Paul: You gotta be prepared, right?

Sarmiento: And the wound? How did you get it?

Paul: Well, I was on my boat trying to secure it in the hurricane. The boom swung around and whacked me. I had my piece in my waistband, had the safety off, bam! I blew hole in my side. Pretty stupid, huh?

Sarmiento: Well, accidents do happen, senor.

Paul: Right. So if you call the police about this one, Iím going to have to go down to the station, fill out all kinds of reports, deal with a lot of red tape. You know, jump through a bunch of hoops. Because you know how cops are when it comes to gunshot wounds. Meanwhile, Iím trying to sail back to Miami for a convention.

Sarmiento: It will be very hard for you to sail with that wound.

Paul: I can deal with it. But if I get hung up, itís going to be a nightmare. Probably lose my crew, you know what Iím saying? So I just need to get fixed up and get out of here. Can you help me out, doc?

Sarmiento: Of course. Get me all the necessary antibiotics.

Paul: Thanks, doc.

John: Son!

Brady: Dad!

John: Well, itís good to see that you're in one piece, kid.

Brady: Hey, hey, Iím fine. What are you so worried about, man?

Nicole: Well, Brady, obviously, Victor filled him in on what happened.

John: Thatís a fact. So what is up? Are you going to go after the maniac on your own, is that it?

Nicole: That maniac happens to be my father, and he needs to be stopped before he hurts anyone else.

John: Well, no oneís going to be hurt in this group here, because Iím going to handle things from now on out. Do you understand me? Do you understand me!

Nicole: Wait, wait, thereís Jan. Jan! Jan! Jan! Oh, my God. What happened to your face? Did somebody hit you?

Jan: No. Nobody hit me.

Nicole: You're shaking.

Jan: I got a chill. Iím ok.

Nicole: Well, you donít look ok. Jan, I know something happened between you and my father. I saw you talking to him, remember? And from the way you look now, I am sure you just saw him.

John: Tell us the truth, Jan. Whatís going on?

Jan: He hurt me.

Nicole: Oh, God, I knew it. What did he do to you?

Jan: I canít tell you. If I told, he said he'll come after me.

John: Jan, you know me. Iím Belle and Bradyís father. Iím here to help you. Why donít you tell me everything that happened.

Jan: Just leave me alone.

Brady: All right, listen, why donít we just -- we can all go get a table, we'll get you some tea. How about that? Come on.

Nicole: Here, sit here.

John: Agua, por favor. Jan, I need to find this animal that almost killed my daughter. Can you tell me where he is?

Nicole: Can you just back off? Sheís trembling. Listen, Jan, the best thing that you can do now is talk about it. What did he do to you?

Jan: I canít. He ju-just told me that if I told --

Brady: Wait a second. He "just"? You mean you just saw him?

John: Where? Where?

Jan: Ou-outside. He grabbed me, and he pulled me around the corner, and... He...

Brady: He what? Come on, talk to us.

Jan: He-he wanted money or something, I -- I donít know.

Nicole: Money?

Jan: I -- I fought him off, and I ripped his shirt. His skin was rotting, and it smelled so gross.

John: Sounds like gangrene, probably from the gunshot wound. Heís going to need a doctor to deal with it. Maybe heís looking for an E.R.

Brady: Nah, dad, Nicole and I were just at the hospital. He wouldnít be crazy enough to be seen there.

John: Look, Jan, I know that you've been through a lot, but I want you to know that itís over now. You're safe. Thatís why Iím here. Nothing more is going to happen to you, I promise. But I need to know where this animal is so I can put him in a cage where he belongs. So if you have any idea where he is, please tell me.

Jan: Thereís a clinic not too far from here.

Brady: You mean the one right down the road, like two blocks on the right?

Jan: Yeah.

Nicole: Come on, letís go.

John: No, no. You stay here with Jan and Brady.

Brady: What are you, crazy? Iím not staying here by myself.

John: Brady, donít fight me.

Brady: Listen, if we argue, we'd just be wasting time. Iím sorry.

John: If we see him, I deal with him. Do you understand?

Brady: Thatís fine.

John: Letís go.

Nicole: Jan... I am so sorry. For whatever he put you through, I am so sorry.

Kate: When do the doctors expect him to come out of the coma? Did they say?

Victor: Well, they canít be sure, of course, but they're hoping it'll be soon.

Kate: How soon?

Victor: Kate, I wish I could give you a definitive answer, but obviously, I canít. We'll just have to hope for the best.

Kate: And pray.

Victor: Oh, one other thing. When he regains consciousness, thereís a possibility that he wonít be able to talk right away because of the water damage to his lungs.

Kate: How did all of this happen?

Victor: Itís a long story. Without going into too much detail, the kids found a map in Salem that led to some stolen jewels that were buried on an island near here. Alice Horton's ruby was part of the heist.

Kate: So the person that attacked Philip was the thief?

Victor: He followed the kids from Salem, posed as the boat captain, took them out to the island where the jewels were buried, and tried to kill them.

Kate: Oh, God. Our son... And not just Philip. Lucas, too. Two of my children have been so badly hurt. How can this be, Victor? What have I done?

Victor: No parent does anything to deserve this, Kate. Terrible things happen. All we can do is have faith. Be strong for Philip.

Kate: He is such a good boy. Heís so loving and kind. And heís not a boy anymore. Heís a young man. You say that no oneís to blame for this, and Iím trying so hard to believe that. But if contributed to this in any way, Iíll never forgive myself. Never.

Chloe: Hey, Philip. Your mother is here. She loves you very much. She needs you to open your eyes for her. She needs you to talk. Wake up, Philip, please.

Belleís voice: Philip, I really want to talk to you about signing up for those rejuvenation treatments. You have a few lines on that handsome face of yours.

Philip: Called character, Belle.

Shawn-D: Ah, they got a new pill for that, too.

Belle: Oh!

Mimi: Are you all right, Philip?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Been a little tired lately I have this weird feeling.

Chloe: What do you mean, honey?

Philip: Like Iím floating far, far away.

Chloe: Oh, my God! Whatís happening?

[Machine beeping]

Nicole: Jan, ok, if my father did something to you, you have to tell me. Itís important that when we catch him, he go to prison so he canít hurt anyone again.

Jan: All he did was just rough me up.

Nicole: Well, maybe thatís all he did today, but what about before? My father led me to believe that you and he --

Jan: No. Nothing happened. Itís true that he came on to me while we were on the island, but I let him know that it wasnít going to go anywhere. And it didnít. Nothing happened.

Nicole: Are you telling me the truth?

Jan: Why would I lie to protect that piece of scum?

Nicole: I donít know. But I know my father, and when he wants something, he doesnít stop until he gets it. And if people refuse to give him what he wants, he just goes ahead and takes it.

Jan: You sound like you're speaking from experience.

Nicole: I love my father very much. But all he ever did was betray my trust and break my heart.

Paulís voice: I know I made some mistakes. I never should have gotten you involved in my scams.

Nicole: You act like it was an occasional game of three card Monty. You took my innocence and exploited it. How much was that worth in the end, daddy?

Paul: Nicky, if I could do it all over again, things would be different. Back then I was boozing it up, using drugs, trying to support a family on nothing.

Nicole: Support? You did nothing but abuse. God, I was 15 years old before I realized it wasnít normal to hear your mother cry herself to sleep at night. And Brandon! God, I can still see him wearing long pants in the summertime, trying to hide the bruises that you left

on him.

Paul: Nicky, I never would have done that to you. You were my baby. I never wanted to hurt you.

Nicole: Oh, guess what. The damage was done. Oh, but I was lucky. All my scars are on the inside.

Nicole: What the hell is taking so long? If Paul was at the clinic, we should have heard by now. You know what? Iím going to go check it out.

Jan: No, Iím not staying here alone. If you go, Iím going with you.

Nicole: All right. Come on.

Brady: Oh, dad.

John: Any sign of him?

Brady: No, nothing yet. Iím going to go inside, take a look around. You stay out here in case he jumps out of a window or something.

John: What are you going to do if you see him?

Brady: Iíll deal with it.

John: Yeah, thatís the part that scares me.

Brady: Dad, come on. Iím a chip off the old block. No worries.

John: All right, there he is. Looks like heís been getting treatment at that clinic.

Brady: Damn it! How'd he get another gun?

John: Heís got those jewels. He probably made a trade.

Brady: Come on, letís go take him.

John: Hey, hold on, cowboy. Hereís how we plan: Go back to the hotel. You get Jan and

Nicole and call the authorities.

Brady: No way in hell, dad. Iím staying here with you.

John: Not this time.

Brady: Dad!

John: Donít argue with me. You follow the orders. Get out of here now.

Brady: All right. Iím out. Hey, be careful.

Paul: Aah! What are you -- come on, man. Whatís up? You're choking me!

John: Chill.

Paul: I canít breathe, man.

John: Thatís good.

Paul: What do you want, huh? You want money? Is that it?

John: You got a gun in that bag. You make a move for it, and I snap your neck!

Capisce? Drop the bag. Drop it!

Paul: This what you're looking for? Surprise. You lose, sucker. Say bye-bye.

[Cocks gun]

Belle: What happened? Get some help! Go, go, go!

Chloe: Nurse! Nurse, please!

Victor: What happened?

Kate: Is it Philip?

Chloe: Hurry, hurry!

Kate: Oh, no! Someone get some help!

Victor: Get a nurse! Get a doctor in here!

Nurse: Que pasa?

Shawn-D: His heart monitor just started going crazy.

[Nurse speaking Spanish]

Belle: Philip canít die, Shawn. He just canít die.

Shawn-D: Great grandpa, Philip risked his life to help me bring this ruby back to Gran. I know you were there for us when we were in the cavern, keeping us safe. So please, donít let him die. He canít die.

Kate: What happened? Is he going to be all right?

Victor: What is happening?

Nurse: Momento, por favor.

[Speaking Spanish]

Kate: Oh!

Brady: Excuse me, have you seen a tall blond lady and a teenage girl, dark hair --

Waitress: They have left, senor.

Brady: They left. Are you sure?

Waitress: Si. Ten minutes ago.

Paul: Before I blow you away, I want to know who the hell you are. Why'd you jump me, man? You after my stash? Did buddy send you?

John: Yeah, buddy sent me.

Paul: That lowlife punk tried to double cross me. Oh, heís in for some serious get-backs. He bust out?

John: Yeah.

Paul: Where is that scum? Heís dead.

John: Iíll take you to him.

Paul: No. You're gonna tell me, tough guy.

Jan: Oh, no! Itís him!

Nicole: Donít shoot him!

[Jan screaming]

John: Pick it up! Pick it up! Pal her right now. Get back! Donít even think about it. Donít even think about it. Nicole, pick up the bag and give it to me. Do it! Come on! Or this little girl here is gonna end up dead!

John: Everythingís gonna be all right. Nicole, just give him the bag. Give him the bag.

Paul: Good girl. Yeah. The only question is, how many of you are going to die?

Mimi: I couldnít find a doctor.

Victor: Did you see the nurse that just left here?

Mimi: She passed me running down the hall.

Kate: Could you people please tell me whatís going on?

Nurse #2: Thereís no problem.

Kate: Well, why didnít she just tell us that?

Nurse #2: She doesnít speak much English. Iím sorry.

Shawn-D: Ok, so why did the monitors start going crazy?

Nurse #2: An increase in the heart rate caused it. Iíd say it may be a positive sign.

Kate: That heís coming out of the coma?

Nurse #2: Possibly. Unfortunately, thereís no way of knowing for sure.

Victor: Could there be any other possible cause for my sonís accelerated heartbeat?

Nurse #2: Possibly he was having a dream that have excited him. But the doctor will be in later to explain more, ok?

Kate: Thank you.

Chloe: Were you dreaming, Philip? What were you dreaming about?

Mimi: If his dream caused his heart to beat that fast, it was probably about you.

Paul: Ok, Nicky, baby. Give daddy the bag.

Nicole: Daddy, please donít hurt anyone.

Paul: Shut up! Iím going to listen to you after you shot me?

[Brady whistles]

John: Hey, what do you think --

Nicole: Daddy!

John: Get back , Jan, get back. Iíll take care of it.

Paul: Nicky, help me.

John: Nicole donít do that!

Nicole: Daddy! Daddy!

Paul: Oh, help me. Oh...

Nicole: Aah! No, daddy! Donít!

Paul: We're right back where we started. I donít care if I kill Nicole or little hot pants over there! Huh?

Chloe: Dreaming about me?

Mimi: Donít go all golly gee on me here, Chloe.

Chloe: Iím not. Iím just...

Mimi: What?

Chloe: Look, Mimi, I donít want to fight, ok?

Mimi: Whoís fighting? All I said was --

Chloe: I know what you said, and Iím sick of it.

Mimi: Of what?

Chloe: Every chance you get to take a shot at me --

Mimi: Thatís not true.

Chloe: Oh, come on, Mimi. You were just about the first one to give me a hard time when I came to Salem.

Mimi: Ok, Iím sorry for the way I treated you.

Chloe: You were horrible. All of you. Well, almost all.

Mimi: You were no picnic yourself, the way you came swaggering in to town looking down at the rest of us.

Chloe: I was dragged into town. Do you really think I wanted to come to Salem and go to school with you?

Mimi: You made that clear the first day we saw you. Haughty. Thatís what you were. You fit that definition to tee. Haught-tee.

Chloe: And you were just cruel.

Mimi: Spouting opera. Acting all arty. Dropping names.

Chloe: So what, Iím not allowed to be interested in something?

Mimi: Talking about how you were gonna go to school in new York and sing at the met.

Chloe: Donít you have any dreams?

Mimi: Plenty. They're just not as grand as yours.

Chloe: Wait a minute. So you're saying that you were cruel to me because I have grand

dreams? No, I donít think so. I think itís because you were part of this precious little click, this "in" crowd. You guys were it and everyone else sucked.

Mimi: Thatís not true.

Chloe: No?

Mimi: Ok, maybe at one time it was, but --

Chloe: But what? Things have changed?

Mimi: Yes.

Chloe: Oh, well, I certainly wasnít around to see it. And neither was Susan -- or "shy girl," or "the nerd," or anyone else for that matter who was even slightly different from

the rest of you.

Mimi: Ok, but that was a long time ago. During our trip, we all got really tight.

Chloe: Except for me, is that what you're saying? Because I wasnít with you guys, Iím still ghoul girl?

Mimi: That is not what Iím saying and you know it.

Chloe: So I didnít go on the class trip. I had my reasons.

Mimi: You're feeling guilty, arenít you?

Chloe: What?

Mimi: That you werenít down here with us and Philip.

Chloe: No, I --

Mimi: 'Cause even if you had been...

Chloe: I couldnít have done anything.

Mimi: None of us exactly covered ourselves in glory down here, except for the guys.

Chloe: Yeah, but I should have --

Mimi: Been here for him. But you're here now, Chloe, and that is all that matters.

Chloe: Is it?

Mimi: Yes. And look, I really donít want to fight with you.

Chloe: You're worried about him, au?

Mimi: You know, Iíd be even more worried if you werenít here, because I know you're giving Philip a reason to live. I know heís dreaming about you.

Chloe: You really think so?

Mimi: Of course, he is. He loves you.

Chloeís voice: Philip, honey, are you all right?

Philip: Yeah, yeah. Whatever it is has gone.

Belle: Philip, you really ought to go in for those age regression treatments.

Philip: I donít think so.

Shawn-D: Why not, man?

Philip: You donít understand. Chloe and I are on a journey through this physical life together. We're not putting you guys down, but we have no need to change the way we look.

Chloe: Because we love each other. And true love means accepting the other person completely and forever, no matter what they look like.

Belle: Well, Shawn and I love each other, too, but we also like looking good. Canít you have both?

Mimi: In my case, no. Thereís not enough rejuvy juice in the world to make me look like you, Belle. But actually, I like my life, and Iím happy with who I am, too.

Philip: Well, I couldnít care less what any of you look like. I love you guys. And I love you, Chloe.

Chloe: Oh, my God! Philip!

Kate: What is it?

Chloe: He just squeezed my hand.

Nicole: Daddy, please. Daddy, please donít kill me!

Paul: You popped a couple caps in me on the dock, remember? What goes around comes around, Nicky baby.

Brady: Let her go, Paul.

Paul: You want to be a hero? You both are going to die.

John: Come on, chief, letís play it cool here.

Paul: Iím edgy, man. Iím too tired. Too tired to play it cool. Iím hurting. Weak as I am, this shank just may slip.

John: Easy, now. Come on, man. You donít want to hurt your daughter.

Paul: I will if I have to. Iíll kill her!

Nicole: Oh, my God, daddy. Ok. We'll let you go. Let him go, all right, John?

Paul: What? You know him? You in on this with buddy?

John: Relax. She doesnít know buddy. No oneís trying to rip you off, pal, all right? You can have the jewels.

Paul: Damn right I can have the jewels. Now, give me the bag and Iíll be on my way.

John: All right, all right. All right, relax. Here. We give you what you want, you let

Nicole go and you take a hike, right?

Paul: Yeah. I want the gun, too. Where is it? Where is it?!

John: I donít know where the gun is! Forget about the gun! Just take the bag and get out of here! Get out here!

Paul: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Victor: Philip squeezed your hand? You're sure?

Chloe: Definitely.

Kate: Philip. Oh, Philip, can you hear me? Wake up, baby. If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.

Kate: He squeezed it! I felt it, too!

Chloe: He squeezed mine again, too.

Kate: Oh, heís awake! Oh, he came back to us. Oh, Philip! Oh!

Paul: Hey, what are you doing?

Jan: Nothing. Please donít hurt me again.

Paul: Me, hurt you? Donít be afraid, sweet cakes. You know how much I dig you. I took care of you good, didnít I? But somethingís up with you. What? What is it?

Jan: Nothing. I just want to get out of here!

Paul: Yeah, so do I. Hey, hero. Kneel down slowly.

Brady: Donít do it, Dad.

Paul: You, shut up! Letís go, tough guy! Kneel down. Give me that bag. Letís go. Good boy. Thatís it. See what a good boy your friend is? Look at that.

[Mouthing, no audio]

Paul: Donít do it, baby! You bitch!

John: Nicole.

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