Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/8/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/08/01

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Jennifer: Whoo!

Jack: You've the soul of a thespian, Mrs. Horton. Your little performance tonight taught those media hounds one hell of a lesson.

Alice: It was your brilliant idea, you two.

Jennifer: Oh, Gram, we could not have done this without you.

Jack: No.

Greta: That's right, Mrs. Horton. You know what? You hit 'em below the belt, and we should celebrate. I know... Let's have another tall shot of tequila. Ha ha! [Chuckling] Mmm! Oh, my. Hee hee hee hee hee!

Jan: Aah!

Paul : Keep screaming and I'll kill you, all right? Shut up!

Jan: I know he's evil! I know he belongs in hell, but... I just -- I couldn't live with all those people knowing. I just... Please, Shawn, please... Promise me you won't tell.

Mimi: It's a bummer, isn't it?

Belle: What are you talking about?

Mimi: That you can go to chapel and pray till you're blue in the face, but you never really know whether God hears your prayers or not.

Shawn-D: It's called faith, Mimi. Have a little.

Belle: I don't think our prayers for Philip will go unanswered. I do think God's watching over us. Otherwise, you never would have found us.

Mimi: Like I keep saying, it's your brother who deserves all the credit, Belle. If anyone was a hero, it was Brady.

Nicole: Hi. Any change?

Victor: No. I think I better call the States and make sure Kate’s on her way.

Nicole: Why do you care?

Victor: Why? Because she's Philip’s mother, for God's sakes.

Chloe: Philip, you have to hear me. You have to. Please, fight to come back. Come back to me.

Mimi: I always thought Paul was a creep. And the way he would leer at Jan -- ooh, I don't even want to think about it.

Belle: Speaking of Jan, have you seen how weird she's been acting lately?

Mimi: Mondo bizarro.

Belle: It's probably because she knows summer's over and we're going back to school, where she will start scrubbing the toilets.

Mimi: She's not the only one.

Belle: Meems, I really wish you hadn't gotten involved with her. All she does is cause trouble.

Shawn-D: Would you cut Jan a break? All right? We all screw up sometimes.

Belle: I don't get it, Shawn. Why are you defending Jan?

Jan: Don't ever sneak up on me like that, gi...

Susan: You promised you wouldn't call me that anymore.

Jan: I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.

Susan: Jan, I know that something bad happened to you. You've been a wreck ever since I found you last night on the beach. Why won't you let me help you?

Jan: You already have. Last night, you were there for me, and I'll never forget that... Especially since you promised you wouldn't tell anyone.

Susan: I haven't told a soul. But I still wish that I knew what happened. Did it have anything to do with that guy Paul ?

Paul : Got to get my butt off this island before the cops track me down. I'm outta here.

Jan: They ought to lock that bastard up for what he did. I -- I mean, to the other kids.

Susan: Yeah. I heard that Phil might not make it.

Jan: Paul is a disgusting pig. He's the one that deserves to die.

Susan: What happened, Jan? What did he do to you?

Chloe: You have so many friends who care about you, Philip, and love you so much. Please come back, Philip. Come back.

Chloe: Come back, Philip! Come back.

Philip: What is it? What's wrong?

Chloe: I want a kiss before you leave. Mmm...

Philip: Mmm... I could do this all day, but my dad will kill me if I'm late again.

Chloe: You have that board meeting today, don't you?

Philip: Yeah. It looks like I'm going to be getting that big promotion.

Chloe: I didn't doubt it for a second. Oh, Philip, I love you so much.

Philip: Yeah, well, I'm pretty crazy about you, too, Mrs. K. marrying you was the best decision I ever made.

[Baby crying]

Chloe: See? I'm not the only one who misses you.

Philip: I won't be long. I promise.

Chloe: Come here.

[Baby continues crying]

Philip's voice: I won't be long. I promise. let's have another shot for old time's sake.

Alice: Greta, dear, I think you've had quite enough.

Greta: Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, don't you rain on the princess' parade.

Jack: Look, we can celebrate without drinking, can't we?

Greta: No, no.

Jennifer: Yes, and we should celebrate, because Shawn and his friends are safe, and Gram let those nasty reporters know that they can not mess with the Horton’s anymore.

Jack: Right! Right. You know, when Jennifer and I were reporters, we would never stoop to that level. In fact -- in fact, when Jennifer and I were together, I think we did a lot of things right.

Greta: That is beautiful. Look at the two of you. There's so much love in your eyes. You know what, Jack? It isn't fair. It isn't fair. Whatever happened to fairy-tale endings, you know? I mean, I know life has its ups and its downs, its ins and its outs. We all know all that.

Jennifer: Ok. Ok. Thank you. You have had enough, Greta.

Greta: I care what everybody sees now. I do. You know? Even though you have your... What did I call it before? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Your dilemma. Even though Jack has his dilemma, you just can't deny that Jack and Jennifer chemistry.

[Laughing] ooh. Ooh! Ooh!

Jack: Maybe I should be taking you home.

Jennifer: No, no, no. Greta, Greta, wait. Greta, you keep going on about Jack and his dilemma. What is this dilemma you're talking about?

Alice: Yes, dear. What do you mean?

Jack: You and your big mouth! I thought I could trust you!

Greta: You can. Hey, hey, hey... My lips are sealed. I'm not going to tell nobody about our little secret.

Jennifer: I knew it! I knew there was a secret! Jack, what is it? Tell me right now. What does Greta know about you that I don't?

Greta: [Laughing drunkenly]

Chloe: You can't leave us, Philip. We need you.

[Babies crying]

Chloe: I have to take care of the twins, Philip.

Philip: Tell them to hold off on taking those first steps till I get back, ok?

Chloe: No problem. Hurry home. We'll be waiting.

Chloe: We're all waiting for you, Philip. You have so much to live for, so much to look forward to.

Philip: Oh, please, Chloe, for me.

Chloe: Philip, we're not kids anymore.

Philip: Yeah, but you know how it drives me crazy.

Chloe: Oh, all right. You know, most women wear their hair a lot shorter when they get to be my age.

Philip: Never! And you never change. You'll always be that beautiful girl I fell in love with back in high school. Remember when I carved our initials in that tree?

Chloe: "Philip and Chloe forever."

Philip: You had your doubts, didn't you?

Chloe: Oh, just shut up and kiss me.

Phil Jr.: Uh, mom, dad?

Philip: Oh! Hey, boys. How were football tryouts?

Phil Jr.: We both made first string.

Chloe: Congratulations! That's terrific!

Philip: All right, boys! Yeah!

Victor II: We're co-captains of the team, too.

Chloe: Well, you've certainly inherited your father's popularity.

Philip: Not to mention his athletic ability. Don't forget that.

Chloe: Heaven forbid. You boys must be famished.

Phil Jr.: Dad, guess what. Ricky's father gave us a ride in his antique gas-operated S.U.V. -- You know, the kind they had before they banned fossil fuels.

Philip: I think I can remember back that far.

Phil Jr.: It was so retro -- like one of those old D.V.D. movies with Bruce Willis and sly stall one.

Victor II: Yeah, do you believe you could actually hear the engine puttering?

Philip: Well, technology's come a long way, boys. Your mother's and my generation realized the environment had to be protected.


Chloe: Oh, your protein patties are ready. Just go pop them out of the auto-cuisine-orator. And I also made some bobbed shakes this morning.

Victor II: Thanks, mom.

Phil Jr.: Yeah, you're the best.

Chloe: Oh...

Philip: Come here.

Chloe: So many people are thinking about you, praying for you. Philip, you have to pull through. You have to.

Jan: Nothing happened last night. I was upset, and you were there for me, ok? End of story. Now, if you don't mind, I would really like to be alone right now.

Susan: Fine. But I just want you to know that, well, if you ever want to talk about it...

Jan: God, she's the last person I need hovering over me. I wish Shawn were here.

[Muffled screams] Not that I don't belong in there.

Shawn-D: Look, Mimi is just as responsible for putting those pictures of Chloe on the web. Ok, you've forgiven Mimi. Why not Jan? Especially 'cause she's been having such a rough time lately.

Belle: Shawn, just because Jan's parents got a divorce and don't pay any attention to her doesn't give her the right to call people names and traumatize people.

Shawn-D: I'm just saying that... I'm sure she's had some of her own traumas.

Mimi: So have a lot of people, and that doesn't make them mean and sadistic. She is not a good person, Shawn. Just because she has a soft spot for you...

Belle: Wait. A soft spot? What are you talking about, and how do you know this?

Mimi: She pretty much came and told me.

Belle: Keep going.

Mimi: Jan was upset one night. We talked. I wasn't able to get much out of her, but she made no secret of how she felt about Shawn. It was like you were her dream man or something. And, you know, she has to have some kind of reason to find you so adorable all of a sudden.

Shawn-D: Just stop, Mimi, all right?

Mimi: So, what went on between you and Miss Spears on that island, huh? You got something to share with us, Shawn?

Shawn-D: As usual, you have no idea what you're talking about, ok? So why don't you just give Jan a break, ok?

Jan: Amah! Amah! Let me go! Please let me go! Don't touch me! Let me go!

Paul : Relax a minute. I just wanted to thank you for not telling that girl what happened between you and me. You deserve a little reward for that, baby.

Jan: Get away! Leave me alone! Get away!

Paul : You're frisky. I like that.

Jan: Oh, yeah? Well, how do you like this?

Paul : So you want to play rough, huh?

Jan: You raped me, you bastard! You gave me gonorrhea and God knows what else!

Paul : Hey, I told you, ok? That is not what happened. I didn't give you the clap. It must've been that drunken boyfriend of yours. And he's not the only one, right? You put out for all the guys, don't you, you little whore!

Jan: I was a virgin before you raped me!

Paul : Hey, that didn't happen, all right? I didn't give you any disease, you hear me?

Jan: Oh, yes, you did. But I'm not going to let you do it to me again!

Paul : Shut up!

Jan: Amah!

Chloe: Remember this song, Philip? We danced to it at the Last Blast.

[Music playing]

I don't need a lot of things I can get by with nothing of all the blessings life can bring I've always needed something but I've got all I want when it comes to loving you you're my only reason you're my only truth I need you like water like breath, like rain I need you like mercy from heaven --

[turns off music]

Chloe: Now, why did you boys do that? That's a very special song for your father and me.

Victor II: Sorry, mom. I didn't even see you there.

Philip: Boys, did I ever tell you about the first time I took your mom to the Last Blast?

Phil Jr.: Only a zillion times. Come on, vice, let's go grab another health shake.

Philip: I knew that would get them out of our hair.

[Music resumes]

Philip: Now, where were we?

Chloe: Mmm...

Philip: You'll always be my queen of the Last Blast.

[Music playing]

oh you're the hope that moves me to courage again oh, yeah you're the love that rescues me...

Chloe: Remember how happy we were? We can be that happy again. You just have to come back to us, Philip. Please come back to me.

Nurse: How are we doing in here?

Chloe: I think he was trying to open his eyes!

Nurse: Oh, my God. Let's see. Still no response. His eyes may move involuntarily, but it doesn't mean he's waking up.

Chloe: But he will. I know he will.

Nurse: He will.

Victor: Oh, excuse me, nurse. Is there any change in my son's condition?

Nurse: I'm afraid not. If there's no improvement soon, the doctor will probably run an E.E.G. to test his brain activity.

Victor: You're saying that my son might be brain-dead?

Nurse: There's no way of being certain of that unless we run the test. I'm sorry. I wish I could tell you more.

Brady: It's going to be all right, grandpa. Listen, I'll be right back. I'm going to get that bastard Paul right now.

Paul : Hey. Easy. Easy, ok? All right.

Jan: Let me go. Please? If you let me go, I won't tell anyone what you did to me. I promise. Please? Please, just let me go. I can't go through that again. I don't want another disease. Please, just... Amah!

Paul : So the doctor said you had what? Gonorrhea?

Paul 's voice: It must have been that hooker I picked up my first night on the island. Damn, I should have worn a condom!

Paul : How could I be infected and not know it?

Jan: I don't know, but the doctor -- he said it was possible... He said you should be tested for other S.T.D.‘s, including... You know.

Paul : Yeah, I know. Some of those diseases can be fatal, or they put you out of commission. Hell, I don't know which is worse.

Jennifer: Ok, what is this big secret? And I want a straight answer.

Greta: Hee hee hee hee! Just like my dear old chum lily says, "not bloody likely."


Jack: Would you consider the source? Look at her. She's 50% petrol. Got a match? She has no idea what she's saying.

Greta: Hey, hey, hey! Hey, I beg your pardon. I'm in complete control of my factories.

Jack: You see what I mean?

Greta: Hey, Jack, you know what I know. You know! You know! I know.

Jack: Well, whatever you know, would you please just keep it to yourself?

Alice: I think we're all interested in what Greta has to say.

Greta: Thank you, Mrs.. Horton. All right, Jack, here's the deal. Ashes to ashes, we all fall down!

Jennifer: Oh!

Greta: Hee hee hee hee! You know what, Jack? It's time for the truth.

Jennifer: What truth, Greta?

Greta: Oh... Oh, you know what? I don't feel so good.

Jennifer: Oh! Oh! Oh!

Alice: My heavens!

Jennifer: Get up! Get up! Wake up and tell me what you were just going to say.

Jack: Oh, no, no, no. Leave her alone! Poor thing. I should take her straight home to bed.

Greta: Ha ha ha ha! You can't...You can't... You can't take me to bed, you silly goose.

Jack: Don't try to talk now, huh? Because you might upchuck all over Mrs.. Horton's nice couch, and that would be very un-Princess like.

Jennifer: Jack, don't talk to her that way. She is sick.

Jack: She's soused. She's going straight home to bed.

Greta: Home to bed. Thank you. Woo-hoo!

[Giggling loudly]

Jack: I will pick you up on the way back.

Greta: Yeah, on the way back! Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Bye! I'll get it, I'll get it, I'll get it!

Jack: Ok.

Greta: I'll get it! Then out the door. Woo-hoo!

Alice: Something is definitely going on here.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. Something's going on, and I am going to find out exactly what it is.

Greta: Ha ha ha ha! Here we are. Here we are. Here's the car. Here's the car, Jack. Whew! Would you put me down?

Jack: You're down. Just try to keep your legs together here, ok?

Greta: Ok, all right.

Jack: All right, now, I'll just open the door, and everything's going to be fine. Ooh! Whoo-whee. Ok. We'll come over here together.

Greta: I'm fine.

Jack: Don't lean on the door.

Greta: Ok. All right. Ready?

Jack: Ready? Ok, and...

Greta: Woo-hoo!

[Laughing loudly] all right. What's wrong? What's wrong? Oh, my foot, my foot.

Jack: There we go. You just watch your head.

Greta: Ow, Jack. That hurts.

Jack: You think it hurts now, you just wait until tomorrow morning.

Greta: Why are you being so mean to me, Jack?

Jack: Duh! You almost told Jennifer and Alice our little secret.

Greta: What's that? That you're gay as the day is long?

Jack: Shh! Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

Greta: Hey! Hey, Jack! Where did you go? Hey, Jack, tell me what your plan is, exactly, Jackly.

Jack: Uh, here. Over here. Right here. Ok, ok.

Greta: Ok.

Jack: My plan is what it's always been.

Greta: What is that?

Jack: To reunite my family.

Greta: Yeah, and live happily ever after.

Jack: Yes.

Greta: Ok, Jack. What about -- what about if getting no whoopee from her gay husband isn't a part of Jennifer's happily ever after?

Jack: I told you to please stop using that word.

Greta: What? "Whoopee"?

Jack: "Gay." Please, let's just erase it from the vocabulary. Just try to pretend that I'm a straight man from now on, ok?

Greta: Wait a second. Wait a second. What the hell are you doing with these keys? How am I supposed to pretend you're straight? Wait a minute. Is this a part of your hoax, Jack? Ok, Jack-be-nimble, is this a part of your so-called plan?

Jack: Here's my plan right now.

Greta: What?

[Brady groaning]

Shawn-D: Brady?

Brady: Still no change. Chloe's in there with him right now. And, Belle, dad's on his way down here with Philip's mom. They should be here any time now.

Mimi: That's great.

Belle: Yeah, that is great. She should be with her son.

Brady: All right, guys, listen to me. I need you to tell me everything you know about this guy Paul . I mean, what exactly did he do to you?

Belle: Well, obviously he was after the stolen jewels. He wanted us to die in the pit so he could come back for Mrs. Horton's ruby.

Shawn-D: Yeah, so when he did get back and found us alive, he was pretty P.O.'Ed. Then he pulled Belle out of the cave and -- I don't know, he freaked out.

Belle: I thought he was going to kill me. Instead, he just...

Brady: Just what? Belle, what did that bastard do to you?

Belle: Brady, I was so scared. I thought he was going to rape me.

Brady: Oh, Belle, come here. I'm so sorry, honey.

Belle: Fortunately, I'm fine. He never touched me.

Brady: Damn him.

Belle: Look, I'm fine. I was lucky. But Philip's the one who needs our prayers. Come on, guys. Let's go see him, ok?

Jan: You know, they found those kids you tried to kill.

Paul : Yeah?

Jan: Yeah. If I were you, I’d get out of here before the police came looking for you.

Paul : Those brats are still alive?

Jan: Yeah, and two of them were talking. I'm sure they've told the police everything you did. I'll make a deal with you. If you leave me alone, I won't tell anyone I saw you or what you did or anything.

Paul : Sounds like more of a threat than a deal.

Jan: Whatever. Just get your hand off of me.

Paul : Hey, hey...

Jan: Hey!

Paul : What's the hurry?

Jan: Leave me alone!

Paul : I was just getting comfortable, baby.

Jan: Let go of me!

[Clothes rip]

Jan: Aah!

Shawn-D: Hey. We thought you could use some company.

Chloe: Thanks.

Belle: Yeah, since we're all together, we should probably let Philip know that we love him and send him all the positive energy that we can.

Belle: Philip, we know you can hear us. That's why we're here. And we want you to get better.

Shawn-D: Yeah, come on, Philly. You know coach is going to be expecting you at practice.

Mimi: You look like an angel sleeping like that, Philip. And that's enough, ok? 'Cause you're no angel, so wake up. Time to rise and shine.

Chloe: We love you so much, Philip. We want you to get better so that we can take you home.

[Bell rings]

Philip: All right. Hold your horses. I'm coming!

Chloe: So much for our nap.

Shawn-D: Surprise.

Belle: Surprise! Ha ha! We're back.

Chloe: Oh!

Belle: So, what do you think?

Chloe: You two look younger every time we see you.

Philip: How is Dr. Ponce de Leon?

Shawn-D: Well, don't laugh, all right? He's the best biogenetic engineer in the, well, country.

Belle: Yeah, we just came back from another treatment. We feel great, don't we, sweetie?

Shawn-D: Oh, we feel wonderful. You guys ought to jump on the bandwagon if you want to make it to the third millennium.

Philip: No matter how much medical technology advances, when your number's up, it's over. Let's face it -- we're not meant to live forever, guys.

Jack: Never again will you drink, Princess. It's going to be hot chocolate or nothing.

Greta: Why? I'm totally fine. You're the one that says that you're one thing when -- when -- you really know you're another thing, and then you -- then you go try and tell me that you're the first thing when you know it's the second thing that's who you really are. Wait a minute... Unless this is all a part of some plan.

Jack: My only plan is to take you to Vegas, interview with Oliver Wentworth, and convince him I'm straight.

Greta: Ok, that will be a hoot.

Jack: Good, good, because the only way I'm going to prove to those macho guys that I'm the man for the job is to have a gorgeous babe like you on my arm.

Greta: Yeah, Jack. You know what? We should practice.

Jack: Hmm?

Greta: I'm going to be -- I'm going to be your woman, Jack.

Jack: Huh? Amah! Uh, Greta, uh, pleases, uh, not while I'm driving.

Greta: Ooh, Jack.

Jack: Uh...

Greta: Ooh! Boy, are those pecks or what?

Jack: Well, uh, yeah. Well, I believe the correct terminology is the, uh, pectoral muscles. Ha ha ha! Stop that. Don't. Stop it.

Greta: You know what, Jack? You need to loosen up, Jack. You need to loosen up if you're going to pull this off. Here's the deal. Let me tell you the deal, Jack. I'm going to tell you the deal. You're going to be my sex god stud, and I'm going to be your sexy woman chickadee, all right?

Jack: And you're -- ohh! Whoa ho ho ho ho! No, Greta. Unless you want to end up wrapped around a tree, you'll stop this little rehearsal right now, all right?

Greta: You really do hate being touched by….

Jack: Did I say that?

Greta: You know what? I feel sorry for Jennifer. I do. I feel sorry for her. You know why? Because she's going to be -- you know, if you remarry her, she's going to be frustrated. That's what she's going to be, and that's just not fair, Jack.

Jack: Look, if you're truly my friend, Greta, you'll support me and do as I ask.

Greta: Yeah, Jack. You know what? You're right. You're my friend. You're probably the best friend I've got, and you know what? If you want me to help you get Jennifer back, that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to help you get Jennifer back, because if she's fine with your sexual orientation -- wait a second. That -- that's not right, is it? It's -- it's orientation. If she's fine with your sexual orientat she's fine with that -- wait a minute. Jennifer knows she's -- she knows you're gay, doesn't she?

Jennifer: Now, Gram, I know that Greta was bombed, all right? But when we were alone, she said something to me that I can't get out of my head. She said that she was aware of Jack's dilemma, and that she knew he was a "ho."

Alice: A "ho"? Oh, I've heard of that word on those despicable talk shows. Isn't that a derogatory word for a woman?

Jennifer: I don't think that's the kind of ho she was talking about.

Alice: What other kind is there?

Jennifer: Well, she claimed that she was calling Jack a "homeboy."

Alice: Oh, you mean a "homey"? Since when did Princess Greta get down with the gangsta rap?

Jennifer: Since when did you?

Alice: Oh, Shawn Douglas has made sure that I'm up on all the latest music. Snoop Doggy Dogg is my fave.

Jennifer: Ok, Gram, wait a minute. You are kidding me, right?

Alice: No, I'm not. But let's get back to this homeboy business.

Jennifer: Oh, well, Greta said that she was calling Jack a homeboy because he likes to stay home a lot.

Alice: That is the silliest thing I ever heard.

Jennifer: I know. That's why I know he's up to no good. And you know what, Gram? He expected me to just jump at his marriage proposal when he is still up to his old tricks. Oh, boy, Jack Deveraux, I am so on to you, and I am going to prove it.

Jack: We've been through this before. Jennifer and I were married. Of course she knows everything about me.

Greta: You know what, Jack? If this is your idea of marital bliss with Jennifer, then fine. I'm warning you, Jack, this is going to end up in a disaster. You know what I'm saying? Because if you play with people's lives like this, it will backfire, Jack.

Jack: Aren't you the little fatalist. Well, don't worry, princess. I know what I'm doing. And believe me, it's going to work... Like a charm.

Alice: How do you plan on proving that Jack is up to his old tricks?

Jennifer: Well, I'm going to do a little detective work, Gram, and I am going to make sure that I get the last laugh.

Alice: Oh, you mean as in "ho ho ho"?

Jennifer: Yes, as in "ho ho ho." You better believe it, Gram. I am going to find out Jack's secret... And if he has been lying to me, we will never reconcile or remarry. Not ever.

Jan: Oh! Oh...

Paul : All right, all right. Settle down, ok? Just stop screaming.

Jan: Then cover it up. Oh! That is so gross!

Paul : What? Oh, my God! Jeez! Oh! Aah! That damn doctor must have messed up. I got to get this taken care of -- properly this time. I'll deal with you later.

Jan: Oh! Oh, God. Not later.

[Hyperventilating] never. Never again.

Brady: Yeah, he would have checked in under the name Paul Mendez. Right. Wait. You know what? I'm just going to head over there right now myself. Mm-hmm, and do me a favor. Just keep an eye out for him. Thank you.


Nicole: Brady, what's going on?

Brady: I am not going to let that S.O.B. get away. Your father may have gone back to the hotel. I'm going to find him and make him pay for what he did.

Victor: Brady...

Brady: Listen, grandfather, don't even try to stop me now.

Nicole: I have to go with him. He has no idea who he's dealing with. Listen, don't worry. If we find my father, I will call the police.

Victor: Be careful, Nicole.

Belle: This is the way it's going to be for a long, long time. 

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