Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/1/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/1/01

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Jack: Jennifer Rose Horton ex-Deveraux, will you marry me...Again?

Jennifer: Whoa. Maybe I should have said yes. [Car door closes] Maybe that's Jack.

Greta: All right. You're home.

Jack: The door's so far away, I'll never make it. I --

Greta: All right, Jack. Here, lean on me. Mmm.

Jack: You're so good.

Greta: Yeah.

Jack: Ha ha ha!

Greta: All right. Come on. Good night.

Jack: Oh, don't leave, please.

Greta: Ohh. Jack, come on, stop leaning on me. You're heavy.

Jack: Oh, I was just giving you a thank-you hug for being such a good buddy.

Greta: Ok. Get off me. Get off me. Good-bye.

Jack: Good-bye, sweet thing. Bye.

Jack: Well, hello and good-bye.

Jack's voice: She's jealous. Yes! I knew this would work.

Jennifer: Well, aren't you the bouncer-back? You know what? I am so glad that I didn't take you back. You know what, Jack? Why did you even bother proposing?

[Listening to Irish ballad]

Colin: The Bee Gees' greatest hits have been supplanted.

Jennifer: Ha ha ha!

Colin: And here I thought all this time that that was the only English-language disc in the whole village.

Jennifer: Yes, played ad nauseam at every get-together, I know. Internet shopping to the rescue.

Colin: You?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Colin: Excellent choice.

Jennifer: Thank you. Uh, it's--it's someone named Kate Rusby --

Colin: Rusby. There's Venus and Volem...

Mimi: A bird in a rock.

Chloe: Mimi, if you say one more stupid thing that has nothing to do with finding them --

Mimi: The clue! It said "a bird in a rock." That formation up there, see? That's it. This is where Belle, Shawn, and Philip must have gone to find the treasure. Now we've just got to find a way to get up there.

Chloe: Ok, Mimi, but if you have us climbing the wrong cliff, I swear --

Mimi: I am 100% positive, ok? This time.

Brady: All right. You two wait here. I'm going myself.

Chloe and Mimi: No way!

Belle: Shawn!

Shawn-D: Belle, just grab something above your head.

Belle: Oh, my God, they're here! They're gonna save us! We're down here! Help! Aah!

Philip: She made it!

Shawn-D: Yes!

Belle: No! No! No! No!

Shawn-D: Belle, what happened? What's wrong? Belle, answer me! Who is it?

Belle: Aah! No! No! Aah! Help me!

[Muffled screaming]

Greta: Even gay men prefer other women. That's just great. What am I supposed to do?

Austin: When we got back, something changed. It doesn't mean that you're not desirable, because you are. It doesn't mean that I'm not attracted to you, because I am. It means -- it's me. Ok? It's me. I just feel like I wouldn't be able to give you what you need, that I wouldn't be able to give myself to you, not completely.

Greta: Because of Sami?

Austin: I'm sorry.

Greta: What was I thinking?

Greta: Dream on, Greta. That will never really happen. Austin, please. Please, I'm begging you. Kiss me.

Greta: That wasn't really real. He's with Sami now. He doesn't want you, and you shouldn't want him or Jack. I guess it could be worse. I could be Jennifer.

Jack: You turned down my proposal. That means when a beautiful woman turns my head, you don't get mad at me unless --

Jennifer: Oh, no, don't even say it. I am not having second thoughts. I just don't understand how you can propose to a woman and then just get over her in two hours, Jack.

Jack: Get over -- nothing of the kind. I may resent you the rest of my life for leading me and Abigail down the garden path, but I will always, always --

Jennifer: Oh, that's -- that's really attractive. Are you proud of yourself? You are so drunk.

Jack: You know my half-beer limit.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I'm not gonna hold your head up at 2 A.M., Jack.

Jack: Don't try to add alcoholism to your list of grievances.

Jennifer: Do you know that I can smell your breath all the way over here?

Jack: Please don't criticize me. As my ex-almost-fiancée, you have forfeited all said privileges. You know, the Princess doesn't quibble with my breath, and she's very well-bred.

Jennifer: Oh, and the Princess, she wanted to drive you home because she so enjoys your company, Jack.

Jack: As a matter of fact, she does, and the feeling is mutual.

Jennifer: Then you know what? Why don't you propose to her?

Brady: You know what? We're not gonna argue about this. You two will just slow me down. So will this wet suit.

Mimi: Excuse me, Brady, but I am a varsity athlete.

Chloe: Yeah, don't be a jerk. A couple of months ago, you could hardly walk. You shouldn't go up there by yourself, anyway.

Mimi: Yeah. Don't worry about us.

Brady: All right. Whatever. Just don't expect me to stop and wait for you two.

Chloe: We don't.

Brady: Oh. Hey! Varsity athlete, what's going on? What's the problem?

Mimi: Haven't been training all summer. I'm coming. Aah!

Chloe: Mimi, it's not that far down. Grow up.

Mimi: You grow up and help me!

Chloe: Brady, just keep going. She can climb down just fine.

Mimi: Don't you dare leave me here!

Shawn-D: Belle, come on! What's going on?

Philip: Are you ok?

Paul: Say "yes, I'm fine." Do it!

Belle: Help!

Paul: How do you think they're gonna help you, Tinker Belle?

Belle: What do you want, Paul? The ruby? Because we'll give it to you, ok? Just -- just help them out.

Shawn-D: Belle! Belle, come on!

Philip: Belle, what's going on?

Shawn-D: Please talk to me!

Paul: Do what I say, or that water's gonna be glistening red, and not from any ruby.

Shawn-D: Belle, what happened?

Philip: Yeah, Belle, what the hell happened?

Paul: Hi, boys. I'm baaack!

Jennifer: Mmm. Irish music. I don't know why I'm surprised you're a fan.

Colin: That depends entirely on the singer.

Jennifer: So she's popular in Ireland?

Colin: I don't know. I only know what I like.

Jennifer: Yeah, me, too.

Colin: Did you really know, Jennifer? Was Jack the man for you?

Jack: You'd rather I spent the rest of my life alone. I understand, but pardon me if I don't.

Jennifer: Oh, I see. So this is just about a woman, right? Any woman? This was never about me, Jack, and I knew that.

Jack: This is only about you.

Jennifer: Oh, I see. Do you really think that the one birthday present that I would want more than anything is a proposal from Jack Deveraux?

Jack: Well, I guess I know where I stand now, so you can stop twisting the knife.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. Is that what you think I'm doing?

Jack: Why are you acting so -- so wounded? Who's the reject here, anyway?

Jennifer: Oh, come on. I would hardly call you that.

Jack: Rejectee, whoopee.

Jennifer: Well, I'm sorry that things are not coming out of my mouth the way I mean them to.

Jack: You're not even inebriated.

Jennifer: I -- when you asked me to remarry you, I didn't know what I was gonna say.

Jack: Did another word hover on your lips? Your beautiful lips?

Jennifer: Maybe.

Jack: Maybe? Maybe what?

Jennifer: Jack, please stop. Stop it! Please! We're just getting into a pattern in this family where things were starting to feel safe and reassuring, and then you had to go and, all of a sudden -- you never did have a lot of patience, did you?

Jack: No. You had more than enough for both of us.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I'm afraid to tell you, it's all used up.

Jack: I know, I know, I know. By me, I know. I know.

Jennifer: I just want to tell you that I have been in therapy. Ok? And I am willing to share my responsibility of all the wrong that has gone on between us, but I'm sorry to tell you that your share is bigger.

Jack: What has Marlena been telling you, anyway?

Jennifer: I'm trying to tell you that I don't want to be the only one working on this behind the scenes quietly while you're out there jumping around, making noise, and wanting to take all the credit for this to work.

Jack: Are you saying -- are you saying that you want this to work, too?

Jennifer: What I'm saying is that I want our family to be ok, and that is as much as I can think about right now. Now, Jack, you have always told me that you have respected my integrity, so why would you want me to say something that I don't really believe? And I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm not ready for us right now.

Jack: But you're not saying never. Not never. And so... Tell me, what can I do? What can I do that I haven't already done? Just tell me.

Jennifer: I just want you to take the pressure off me.

Jack: But you thrive under pressure. You know that. You -- you -- ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. What else?

Jennifer: Nothing! Nothing else.

Jack: What? I -- I -- I talk too much. I chew too loudly. I sing a lamentable medley in the shower.

Jennifer: You're not hearing me. You're not hearing me. I don't have any complaints, Jack. Since we have moved in here together, you have actually been pretty terrific.

Jack: Terrific. Well, I can only go downhill from there, right? So then the problem must...

Jack: You don't love me anymore, do you?

[Automatic window rolls]

Greta: Why am I feeling sorry for her? At least she had a man that loved her... Still loves her, would do anything for her. She has a child. Someday my prince will come. Yeah, I don't think so. I'm certainly not going to find him sitting in some single bar somewhere. [Sigh] but I don't want to go home to my lonely, little apartment, and I don't have to, do I?

[Starts car]

Paul: You don't want your pretty little girlfriend to get hurt, do you?

Shawn-D: You keep your hands off her, you son of a bitch! I swear to God, you do anything, I'm going to kill you, Paul.

Paul: Nanny-nanny-boo-boo. Catch me if you can, boys. Hey, look at me. I've got a beautiful blond in my arms.

Shawn-D: Paul!

Paul: What you need is a real man to show you how it's done, baby.

Belle: No, please, no! [man and woman giggling]

Greta: Oh! And I thought this would be fun. Like I don't have enough songs for the lovesick at home. [Sigh] come on, Greta. Just go in. Hmm...

[Techno music playing]

Colin: Hello, Princess.

Colin: Princess Greta.

Greta: Oh, hi.

Chloe: It's not that far down, Mimi. Just let go.

Brady: No. There could be rocks down there. I'm sorry, Chloe. I have to get her. All right,

Mimi. [Mimi crying] hey. All right. Hold my arm. Grab hold of my arm.

[Brady groaning]

Chloe: Are you happy now?

Mimi: Happy to be alive, yes.

Chloe: Well, let's just hope we can say the same for Philip, Belle, and Shawn, and it'll be no thanks to you!

Mimi: Excuse me! It'll be mostly thanks to me knowing where they are, and if you're so worried about wasting time, what are we doing fighting? Thanks, Brady, for helping me.

Brady: Don't mention it. Just try to be a little more careful next time, all right?

Chloe: Let's go! Brady, when we do find them, how are we going to get them back to Puerto Rico?

Mimi: Maybe we should have told your grandfather where we were going.

Brady: Yeah, that would have gone over well. Besides, the storm's let up, so he's probably sending out an army to find those kids. Oh, my God!

Belle: Ow!

Paul: Hush, little Belle. Don't say a word. Papa's gonna --

Shawn-D: Leave her alone, Paul! Look, if you want the ruby, she doesn't have it!

Paul: I can see that. So it's down there with you.

Shawn-D: Look, I will give you the ruby, all right? You just have to let her go, Paul.

Belle: Shawn, I'm ok. He's just got to get you out of there. That's the deal we have to make.

Paul: Ok. My ruby, por favor.

Shawn-D: If he says "my ruby" one more time --

Paul: All right. You're hanging on to that thing for granny. What for? She's gonna kick it soon enough, won't be able to enjoy it so much -- most especially if you die getting it for her. Just toss it. Bet you two manly fellas play baseball, huh? Put her right here.

Belle: Look, they can barely keep their heads above water. They can't throw it all the way up here.

Paul: Yeah? You'd be surprised what you can do when your life depends on it. Ruby for rope. Fair exchange, huh? I think so. Then I'll be out of your hair forever. What could be better? Feeling's mutual, by the way.

Philip: You give that up, you lose your bargaining chip, man.

Shawn-D: Look, I don't have much of a choice, ok, Philip? If he does anything to Belle, I would die. Please, God. Please. You've seen us this far. Now please keep Belle safe now.

Paul: Back to papa. Right where you belong. So, ready for some fun?

Greta: So how are you?

Colin: Standing on two feet -- an improvement since the last time you saw me, yes?

Greta: Yeah, well, you look equally fine laid out on the floor. Um... Anyway, I'm sorry about that.

Colin: Don't be. I may have an opportunity to flip over you again in the near future.

Greta: Oh! Did you take the apartment?

Colin: We'll see. I'm waiting for word on a job interview.

Greta: Oh, well, I can't imagine anybody not hiring you.

Colin: Ha! Now, there's a vote of confidence, and you don't even know me. Of course, my fiancée would be quite pleased if we ended up settling somewhere besides Salem.

Greta: What's not to love?

Colin: The shopping, for one thing, though she's thus engaged as we speak.

Greta: Um, but not here?

Colin: No. She disdains American music and coffee, as I believe you've already discovered.

Greta: Yes, right. Well, I'm listening to a Celtic group here.

Colin: Excellent taste, Madame.

Greta: Ha! Thank you.

Colin: Have you ever been to Ireland?

Greta: Yeah, when I was a little girl, but I would love to go back.

Colin: And what's keeping you?

Greta: I don't really like traveling alone.

Colin: But you're a Princess. Don't you have a retinue?

Greta: No, nor do I want one.

Colin: Is it all very taxing at times?

Greta: Oh, well, what's taxing is trying to live a so-called normal life when everybody thinks that you're a Princess. I mean, what could be more wonderful and special and perfect?

Colin: I'm sorry.

Greta: No. You know what? No. I'm sorry. I've -- I've had a terrible day.

Colin: I guessed that.

Greta: You did?

Colin: That's the saddest song I know.

Greta: Oh, I probably shouldn't be listening to it, huh?

Colin: How about a little human interaction in its stead?

Greta: Oh, a little tea and sympathy?

Colin: That's not how I'd put it at all.

Greta: Uh, well, I promise to act like a normal human being from this point forward.

Colin: Your moment of pique, Princess, would pass for most as pleasant interchange.

Greta: Well, thank you, but I hate taking out my frustrations on someone who doesn't deserve it, especially when that someone is being incredibly kind.

Colin: Admirable code of behavior. You know, you remind me of someone I know.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: It's no wonder you turned down my proposal.

Jennifer: Jack, please. Ok, I never said that I didn't --

Jack: No. You're not saying that you didn't, but you won't say that you're not in love --

Jennifer: Right. Do you hear yourself? It sums it up perfectly. We are a little confused. We are a lot confused, Jack, and listen to me, I know it was a huge step for you at that restaurant to just lay it out there on the table, and I didn't mean to hurt you. I still don't.

Jack: But?

Jennifer: No buts.

Jack: But -- but -- but you don't -- you don't want to hurt me. It means you still care.

Jennifer: Yes, of course I still care.

Jack: Reservations, I can work with. I can handle those. I want you to know that I am willing to do the hard work, too, Jennifer. Even you must have noticed how hard I have tried to change.

Jennifer: I know. Yes, I have, and you have really changed.

Jack: Do you think I don't get your signals? Jennifer, I knew when our family needed to be reunited, even when you said I was crazy. I knew when you were in danger, and I knew what to say, and we worked together -- you and me -- we -- and that old synergy, it doesn't just disappear. Now, I know that you -- I know you expressed some displeasure with your birthday gift.

Jennifer: No, Jack. I didn't mean it that way. What you did was so very thoughtful. It was. It -- I just --

Jack: I just -- I -- but I haven't -- I haven't given it to you yet.

Jennifer: Ja

Jack: Oh. As I recall, I proposed to you three times before actually getting you to the altar once. You'd think with all that proposing going on, I would have gotten this right, but-- just allow me to finish the job. Jennifer, in our best tradition of reproposing, say you'll remarry me.

Belle: No. You got what you wanted. Why don't you just leave us alone?

Philip: Why won't he go? What does he want with us?

Shawn-D: We're the ones who could send him to jail.

Philip: You think he wants to get rid of us?

[Belle screams]

Philip: Oh, my God, Belle!

Shawn-D: Paul! Look, I got something down here for you.

Paul: Oh, yeah?

Shawn-D: Look, I wasn't gonna tell you, but we found more treasure down here. It's another bag of jewels.

Paul: Wow, boys! Let me see.

Shawn-D: I can't. They're underwater from when we got flooded.

Paul: Oh, how convenient.

Belle: No, it's true. Just because you're a liar and a thief doesn't mean everyone else is.

Shawn-D: Look, if you want them, I will dive down and get them, Paul, but then you have to let us out.

Paul: And why would I do that? Those imaginary jewels can decorate your little tomb for eternity. Now, I know you're worried about your little girlfriend here. You want her back down there with you? Huh? All right. Don't say I never did anything nice for her.

Belle: No!

Shawn-D: No! No, Paul!

Belle: Aah!

Mimi: Aah!

Brady: Whoa. Mimi, you scared it away. What are you doing?

Chloe: Iguanas don't eat people, Mimi.

Mimi: There's always a first time.

Chloe: God. Usually -- I'm surprised to see one up here, though. Usually --

Brady: No. Shh.

Mimi: What?

Chloe: Shh!

[Belle screams]

Brady: That's Belle.

Mimi: Belle's alive!

[Belle screams]

Mimi: My God, what are they doing to her?

Brady: Oh, God.

Belle: Aah! Aah! No, no!

Paul: Aah!

Belle: No! Let go of me!

Philip: Damn you, Paul!

Shawn-D: Hang on, Belle!

[Belle screams]

Paul: What's the matter, baby? Want me to kiss you good-bye, huh?

Belle: No!

Paul: Aah!

Belle: No! No! No!

Greta: Good memories, I hope.

Colin: Pardon?

Greta: The woman that I remind you of.

Colin: Oh, yes. Absolutely. It was a very, uh, intense period of my life when I was in north Africa. This friend and I had a sort of, uh, nightly rendezvous by the campfire.

Greta: Rendezvous?

Colin: Yes. It was very stimulating -- conversation, I mean. All strictly platonic, I suppose.

Greta: What do you mean, you suppose?

Colin: Well, I was never sure of her situation, so consequently our relationship was rather undefined.

Greta: Yeah, well, if anyone can empathize...

Colin: Sorry to hear that.

Greta: Just tell me it gets better with time.

Colin: Well, uh...

Greta: Wonderful.

Colin: Is this a very recent wound?

Greta: Oh, I feel kind of silly calling it that. Of all the people in this situation, mine is the least painful. I was involved with this guy -- no, I shouldn't even call it involved. Anyway, come to find out, I find out that he's --

Colin: Married.

Greta: Well, not exactly. He was, um, taken in a way that, um -- well, it's -- it's hard to describe. Anyway, you know, I thought we were talking about you.

Colin: Oh, yes, but I was just about through.

Greta: Well, tell me what was this woman's problem that she couldn't make up her mind to be with you.

Colin: Oh, I'm not so sure it was as simple as all that. It was also the matter of her ex-husband. She said her heart belonged to him, and yet I could have sworn she wanted to move on to someone else.

Jennifer: Oh, Jack.

Jack: "Oh, Jack"? That's all you're gonna say, "Oh, Jack"? Are you gonna -- I'm sorry. I didn't even see what you did. Was it a nod or shake of the head or what? Was it, "Oh,

Jack!" Or was it, "Oh, Jack." I mean, because unfortunately I'm more familiar with the latter as opposed to the former. You remember in Africa that time I showed up with a leopard cub? I got a big old "Jack" out of you that time.

Jennifer: Well, it was a leopard, Jack. It was a leopard.

Jack: No, it was a baby. It was a cute, cuddly, little cub.

Jennifer: Yes, with a big mama leopard probably looking for the cute, cuddly, little cub.

Jack: No, no, no, no. I still think that the mama had been shot by the poachers because there was a blood trail, remember?

Jennifer: Yes, but the blood trail could have been left by any of a thousand animals.

Jack: No, no, no, no. Nabu said it was a leopard, and Nabu was the best tracker in all the continent.

Jennifer: Nabu was the best politician on the continent. He told you whatever you wanted to hear, Jack.

Jack: Mmm. Abigail would have loved that cuddly, little cub.

Jennifer: Yes, and it would have turned into a huge cub with claws big enough to take down a water buffalo. Now, you remember what they told us -- "do not try to domesticate the wild animals."

Jack: Good times, great times, weren't they?

Jennifer: What times?

Jack: Africa, our life there.

Jennifer: What life? I mean, you had a life, and Abby and I just stood around waiting for you to share some of it with us.

Jack: I wanted the best for you, Jennifer. You and Abigail, you were my life. You are my life. You must know that.

Jack: Ok, ok. Ok, maybe I -- maybe I didn't -- I did not spend as much time with you as I should have.

Jennifer: Jack, you were gone 90% of the time.

Jack: No, no. 90? No, nope. 85 maybe.

Jennifer: You were always off on some harebrained adventure and get-rich scheme.

Jack: What is wrong with a little ambition?

Jennifer: Nothing, but not when it is at the expense of your family.

Jennifer: Look, there is no point in rehashing this. We have gone over and over it.

Jack: I only remember the good times, good, sweet, loving times. Remember our trip down the Zambezi?

Jennifer: The hippos and the crocodiles.

Jack: Nature at its rawest. And the trip to Victoria Falls?

Jack: Abigail -- she went crazy -- she went crazy when she saw that.

Jennifer: I know. It was so beautiful, wasn't it?

Jack: The sunset on the Savanna, the hunting lodge.

Jennifer: Yeah, the hunting lodge. The outdoor shower, I remember that, and you were so -- you wanted us to conserve water, not to waste it.

Jack: And soap. Soap -- precious commodities, especially out there, so soaping ourselves up and down and showering together was economical, not to mention --

Jennifer: No, no, no. It -- it should main unmentionable. But it was...

Jack: I know there was one promise that I -- unfortunately I wasn't able to keep, and that was to get you a diamond fresh out of the south African diamond mines.

Jennifer: You never promised me that.

Jack: I know. I promised myself that -- well, so this -- this isn't straight out of Africa, but it is straight from my heart, and, I mean, you'll notice that there's no similarity to the first ring in case you were thinking I was suggesting we go down that road again. I know that that first time it was like -- it was like the biggest leap we'd ever take, and this time it seems like it's even bigger, but not to take it, not to take it-- that is so much more frightening to me -- the thought of losing you.

Jack: I think it's -- it's time for Jack and Jennifer forever.

[Music throughout]

Greta: You know, I'm -- I'm mortified to admit this, but your name went right out my head the second you told me.

Colin: I'm sorry. I'll be right there, darling.

Greta: Elizabeth?

Colin: Yeah. I hope you won't find me terribly rude if I --

Greta: Oh, no, no, not at all. We wouldn't want to keep Elizabeth waiting.

Colin: I do thank you for your company.

Greta: Oh, I should be thanking you.

Colin: I do hope I see you again.

Greta: Yes, likewise. Although I doubt it. Oh, Jennifer, I guess we're just not destined to know who he is.

Jennifer: Jack, wait -- wait -- wait a minute. Jack, you know what? You are drunk. I can tell by the way you're kissing me.

Jack: No, no, I'm not drunk.

Jennifer: Yes, you are.

Jack: Besotted maybe. I am in love with you. I'm in love with us. I want you to be my wife. I've wanted that for 10 years. I've never stopped. Have you?

Jennifer: Uh, uh. Wait, wait, wait, Jack.

Jack: Have you? Have you?

Brady: Come on. Come on, Meems.

[Belle screams]

Brady: Hang on, Belle! We're coming.

[Belle screams]

Paul: No!

Paul: Damn you! Aah!

Mimi: Paul!

Brady: Where are they, Paul? Where the hell are they?

Chloe: Brady, be careful.

Mimi: Oh, my God! There's the cavern, Chloe! Brady! A waterfall!

Chloe: Watch out! Oh, my God! Belle, Belle!

Brady: Aah!

Mimi: Brady!

Chloe: Oh, my God!  

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