Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/10/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/10/01

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Hope: I can't believe we got Gucci at this price.

Jennifer: I know. It makes blowing your budget almost seem virtuous. Oh, I'm starving after all that.

Hope: Yeah, me, too. Why don't you break open that pastry box?

Jennifer: I can't.

Hope: Why not?

Jennifer: Because I'm allergic to pastry cream.

Hope: Oh, you're such a liar. Since when? Oh, you got those Napoleons for Jack, didn't you? They're his favorite dessert. Now I remember. I served them for dessert, and Jack ate five of them.

Jennifer: Six. He ate six.

Hope: Ok. So what does this mean? I mean, what message do you plan to send when you come waltzing through the door with a pink box? Are you ready to take Jack back?

Jack: And one of those chocolate thingies... Maybe a kiwi tart, and, uh, what the hell, throw in a maple scone. Make it two.

Waitress: And two cappuccinos.

Jack: Of course. Oh, I should have ordered espresso.

Greta: Why? Don't tell me you think cappuccino sounds too gay.

Jack: Greta!

Greta: It doesn't, and even if it did, it didn't matter, Jack. You are gay, and you should be proud of it.

Philip: Shawn! Shawn, stop fooling around!

Paul: What the hell happened to him?

Belle: Shawn? Shawn, answer me!

Philip: Wait here. Wait here. Oh, hell!

Belle: What?

Philip: Hang on, bro. I'm gonna get you out of there.

Shawn-D: I don't... Know if I can...

Belle: Oh, my God! Shawn!

Philip: It's ok. It's ok, Belle. I got him. I'm gonna brace myself to pull you up.

Shawn-D: No. Don't because you'll fall, too.

Philip: No, no. I'm gonna lower my arm, and when I say "now," grab on and don't let go.

Belle: Just hold on a little longer, ok, Shawn?

Philip: I almost got you. I almost got you.

Shawn-D: Tell my parents --

Belle: No, no. You can.

Shawn-D: Good-bye.

Belle: Philip!

Philip: I almost got you. It's ok. It's ok. I got him.

Shawn-D: I love you guys.

Belle: No!

Philip: Don't look.

Belle: No. I have to. Shawn! Shawn!

Philip: I didn't -- I didn't hear it.

Belle: Hear what? What are you talking about?

Philip: When something falls, it lands. It makes a sound. I didn't hear it.


Philip: Laughing?

Belle: Yeah, but who would -- Shawn?

Shawn-D: Ha ha ha! Well... There just so happens to be some ledges in here. They're almost like steps, and I'm on one of the lower ones. Pretty cool, huh? [Shawn grunting] So, uh, tell me -- was this better than last time? I mean, you guys really fell for it, right?

Belle: Idiot! Stupid, mean, awful person!

Shawn-D: All right! Stop it. That hurts.

Belle: How could you do this to me, Shawn -- how?

Shawn-D: I was joking.

Philip: Belle's right, man. You suck.

Shawn-D: Come on. Will you guys lighten up? You know me. I like to, you know, live on the edge. Get it? The edge?

Paul: Girl's right. He is an idiot.

Shawn-D: Look, Belle... I'm sorry.

Belle: I hate you.

Shawn-D: No, you don't, because I saw that look on your face when I was about to become a human pancake.

Belle: Ok. Do you see my face now? This is what it's going to look like for the rest of your life.

Shawn-D: Don't believe her. She can't stay mad at me forever.

Philip: I wouldn't blame her, but I have to admit, now that it's over, it was kind of funny.

Shawn-D: Yeah?

Philip: Yeah, but the "tell my mom and dad good-bye" part --

Shawn-D: That was too much? Yeah, I was afraid of that. But it's a good thing that those little, uh, ledges are down there. It's gonna be real easy getting the ruby back.

Paul: That's what you think, but I know buddy. Go near his stash, get caught in his trap. Next time you die, it won't be a game. It'll be the real thing.

Philip: Maybe I should, uh, check it out.

Shawn-D: I don't know, Phil. I think we should stick to the plan. It's kind of dark. Belle, I'm just telling Phil, I think it's too dark to go down and look for the ruby right now, so -- and plus we got this storm. Looks like it might rain.

Philip: Well, don't let that thunder throw you. That hurricane's still moving away from us, I hope.

Shawn-D: Well, I say that we can head in first thing tomorrow morning. Tonight, we just rest.

Belle: After that little stunt you just pulled, I may never sleep again.

Philip: I'm gonna go, uh, see if there's a motel over here.

Shawn-D: Belle... If I do something really nice for you, will you forgive me?

Belle: How nice?

Shawn-D: I'll, uh, hold you until you fall asleep.

Belle: What if I don't fall asleep?

Shawn-D: Then I guess I'm gonna have to hold you all night.

Belle: What if I want to talk all night? Would you listen, no matter what?

Shawn-D: Of course. I'm sorry.

Philip: Aah!

Belle: Philip!

Shawn-D: Need a hand?

Philip: I thought we might sleep on these.

Shawn-D: Ha ha ha! Let me help you.

Philip: Let's just spread them out right here.

Belle: You know, Mimi told me something interesting. Do you know about the Tainos?

Shawn-D: No.

Belle: Well, they're this indigenous tribe, and they have these legends about demons who roam the island after it gets dark. They protect all this gold and treasure that the pirates used to bury.

Shawn-D: So great. We have to deal with demons. Any that look like Buffy?

Belle: No, no, no, no, no. They have good spirits, too. Like, there's this one goddess who men fall in love with after one glance into her crystal eyes.

Philip: Ooh. Sounds hot.

Belle: Yeah -- she dresses in gold, lots of hair. There's this other good spirit -- not nearly as gorgeous, but she has all these powers, and she uses them to help people for good.

Shawn-D: Ok, so are there any men in this legend?

Belle: Yeah, but their chief purpose is to serve the women, and if they fail in any way, they're banished or killed.

Shawn-D: Yeah, so it pays to keep the women happy. So let's just say that you happen to be one of these golden, gorgeous goddesses -- which, of course, you could be.

Belle: Doing good.

Shawn-D: Yeah?

Belle: Ok.

Shawn-D: Well, it would probably be smart to do something like this.

Philip: Hey, uh, don't mind me. I'm just here alone.

Belle: Oh, poor Philip.

Shawn-D: You know what? He can get his own goddess.

Belle: Hey, no, no, no, no. I'm not the goddess. I'm the other one -- or that's who I'd choose to be if I had a choice; if these creatures were real.

Shawn-D: Are you sure Mimi got this right? Because, I mean, it would be just like her to add to the legend.

Belle: Even so, don't you think it's kind of cool? Wouldn't it be great to be able to help people like that, to have that kind of magic?

Philip: But you already do, Belle.

Belle: Oh, Philip. You're so sweet.

Philip: Ha ha ha! Well, night, kids.

Belle: Night.

Shawn-D: Night. Wow, this looks c13

Belle: Yeah. Better than the sleeping bag. Ahh! Shawn?

Shawn-D: Yes?

Belle: Do you think I'm the kind of person who avoids unpleasant realities? I mean, do I deny stuff that I don't want to face?

Shawn-D: Let me guess. Mimi told you this.

Belle: Yeah, she thinks I need to be more honest with myself.

Shawn-D: You know, I don't care what she says. Denying stuff is not you. It's like Philip, but it's not like you.

Philip: I heard that.

Shawn-D: Go back to sleep. I wish you-know-who was here.

Belle: Yeah, it's kind of lonely. Anyway, back to what I was saying before --

Shawn-D: Yeah, um, ha ha ha! No, I think that Mimi was wrong and Philip was right. Do you hear me? I said you were right. I think you have all the power and the magic that

you'll ever need.

Belle: I wish.

Shawn-D: Hey... Good night, goddess.

Belle: I told you, I'm not the goddess. That's Chloe.

Shawn-D: Good night, beautiful.

Paul's voice: Sleep tight, punks. Tomorrow's gonna be the worst -- and last -- day of your lives

Jack: I am proud. I'm just not as... Comfortable discussing it as you seem to be.

Greta: Jack, you are my friend, and I respect you, period. And I am not the least bit uncomfortable with your sexual orientation, and you shouldn't be, either.

Jack: Greta, I'm just gonna take a little moment here and, uh, count to 10.

Greta: Why?

Jack: Trust me. It's necessary. One... Two --

Jack's voice: I tell one tiny little -- well, ok, huge lie but for the best of motives -- to use Greta to make Jennifer jealous. I only told Greta I'm gay to keep her from falling in love with me, and now she's obsessed with it. She's gonna write a book -- my wonderful gay friend Jack.

Waitress: There you go.

Jack's voice: Mmm. They look positively scrumptious. Doh! Now I'm starting to sound gay in my own head! Where is this going to end? No. Don't panic. Be a man, a man's man. You can do this.

Jack: Eight... Nine... 10. Hey, how about those bears, huh?

Greta: Oh, Jack.

Jack: What? What's that look?

Greta: You're not trying to not sound gay now, are you?

Waitress: Cream puff.

Jack: What did you call me?

Waitress: Your pastry. I forgot one.

Jack: Take it back. I don't want it anymore.

Greta: Jack, she didn't hear me.

Jack: Then why not shout it from the rooftops? Better yet, put a notice on the web. Take out an ad. Tell the whole damn world I'm g -- g --

Greta: Say it. Say it, Jack.

Jack: G -- g --

Greta: You can. Say it! Come on!

Jack: G -- g -- I changed my mind.

Waitress: What?

Jack: Well, can't a man change his mind? Can't a man like cream puffs? Show me where it's written, huh? Show me! Just tell me, huh? Go ahead, lady. Show me! Just -- this is out of control.

Greta: Oh, Jack, look at those shoes. They're fabulous.

Jack: And those legs -- endless.

Greta: Ha! As if you care.

Jack: But I do. I -- I mean, uh, in an aesthetic sense, the same way I'd appreciate clothes and, uh, other stuff. You know, the other day, I just saw the most exquisite 18th-century writing desk at brown's. I mean, it would be absolutely perfect for your boudoir.

Greta: Jack, finally -- the real you.

Jack: One... Two --

Greta: It must be so hard holding it in all the time. I mean, not that you haven't done an amazing job, because you have. I mean, I never would have known you were gay until you told me. Although I am inexperienced when it comes to men. I'm sure most women have figured it out by now.

Jack: What's that supposed to mean?

Greta: You know what? You remind me of the guy on Will and Grace. Come to think of it, I think his name is Jack, too.

Jack: Oh! Fine.

Greta: You even eat like he does.

Jack: What? What's that mean?

Greta: Ha ha! Your pinkie, it's up like that. Ha ha!

Jack: What? That's not a female thing. That's -- that's science. That's -- that's manly, choking with muscle science. Aerodynamics. Watch this. [Imitates airplane] see? Right there. [Imitates airplane] perfect, see?

Hope: Why are you being so mysterious? If you are ready to get back together with Jack, then why not just say so?

Jennifer: How much time do you have?

Hope: You were in love with the man for years. You share a wonderful daughter together. You know what? Why don't you think of your cousin for once?

Jennifer: Ha! You?

Hope: Do you know how happy I would be, how thrilled I would be if you guys got back together again? A family.

Jennifer: Ok, I'll admit it. I have been thinking about working on our relationship.

Hope: Hallelujah! I am so happy. Oh!

Jennifer: I just hope that Jack has really changed.

Hope: Give him a chance. He'll surprise you yet.

Belle: Shawn? So perfect, but where did he get to?

Philip: Why? Why? Why?

Belle: Hey, have you seen Shawn?

Philip: I can't see anything in the dark.

Belle: It's morning.

Philip: Not for me.

Belle: Wild guess here -- you're thinking about Chloe.

Philip: What else is there to think about, Belle?

Belle: Philip, honey, I like you. Really, I do. It's just... When you go on and on and on about Chloe, well, it bores me.

Philip: I know. I know. I bore me sometimes, but what can I do? I love her so much.

Belle: I know.

Philip: But at least I look good. No matter how bad it gets, I still work out.

Belle: And for that, I wish you all of the happiness that I have found with Shawn. Look! There he is!

[Surfing music playing]

Belle: Magnificent.

Shawn-D: What smells so good?

Belle: Breakfast.

Shawn-D: Well, all I see is sand.

Shawn-D: Awesome! Belle, have I told you lately that I think you are really, really cool?

Belle: Thank you, Darlin. Ha ha!

Shawn-D: Forget cool. You are amazing, magical, and unbelievably cute.

Belle: Just cute?

Shawn-D: You're the perfect girlfriend... And I would say that I love you, but Mimi won't

let me.

Belle: This is my dream!

Shawn-D: Then you know what I mean.

Philip: Well, it's good to see somebody's happy, even if I'll never be.

Belle: Philip, rewind to about 60 seconds ago.

Philip: I'm sorry. I'm bringing you guys down, which is a direct violation of the male role in paradise.

Shawn-D: Huh?

Philip: Ask Mimi. But you have the gift, the power.

Belle: And you're telling me something I already know when I could be kissing Shawn because why?

Philip: Belle, I hate to ask for favors, but you're the only multi-pop-cultural-referenced power girl I know.

Belle: I'll do it. Let's see, have I been Lynda lately? I don't think so.

Belle: I'm ok. Don't worry. I'm ok.

Shawn-D: Whoa!

Belle: Whew!

Shawn-D: Oh!

Philip: Uh, it didn't work.

Shawn-D: Belle, look! Up in the sky. It's a bird. No, no. It's a plane.

Belle: Superman? Hello! He's, like, a guy from the 1940s, and Nick at Nite doesn't go back that far!

Shawn-D: Belle, Belle, just look!

Victor: How long? All right. Thank you. The pilot's on his way.

Nicole: What are the conditions of the storm?

Victor: It's supposedly clearing, but even if it doesn't...

Brady: All right, whoa, whoa. What are you not telling me here?

Victor: Nothing. Listen, thank you for coming, Brady, Chloe. There's really nothing more that you can do.

Brady: It's your father, isn't it? He's worse than you're letting on. Why else would you be flying into a hurricane?

Victor: You're right. Paul Mendez is a very dangerous man. He's capable of almost anything.

Brady: I'm going with you.

Chloe: So am I.

Victor: No way.

Brady: Belle's my sister. If you don't take me, I'll go myself.

Chloe: And I'm the only one who's seen the map and the pictures of the stolen jewels.

Brady: She's right. We might need her.

Victor: Meet us back here in an hour.

Brady: All right, well, I'm going to call my dad.

Victor: Call from the plane. If the kids are involved with Mendez, we might be running out of time.

Chloe: Here.

Brady: All right.


Chloe: Philip, I'm here. I've come back to you.

Philip: Oh, don't ever leave me again.

Shawn-D: Good work.

Belle: Yes, well, now that they're back together, we'll have less whining and more free time.

Shawn-D: Unbeatable combo.

Chloe: Philip, we're being rude, darling.

Philip: Darling?

Chloe: I didn't write this. She did. Love your suit!

Belle: Yours is so much better. I don't know anyone else that can pull off gold.

Chloe: And I don't know anyone else who could get me here in a twitch of a nose. Must be nice to have superpowers.

Belle: The best part is being able to help people. And I get to have cheese fries without having to pay.

Shawn-D: Cheese fries!

[Seal barking]

Belle: Philip really missed you.

Chloe: Has he been a pain?

Belle: Well, yeah, but he still works out, so he's not so bad on the eyes. Why don't you and Philip go take a stroll? Shawn and I can find something else to do.

Chloe: Stroll sound good?

Philip: With you, anything's good. But what were you and Belle whispering about?

Chloe: How much I love you.

Philip: Chloe, you've never said that before.

Chloe: Belle thinks it's time.

Philip: But what do you think?

Chloe: I think I like paradise.

Shawn-D: Forget breakfast. All I want is you. The perfect wave.

Belle: Coming right up.

Shawn-D: You mean so much to me, Belle.

Belle: Shawn, you've made this trip so special. We're so happy here. Nothing bad can touch us.

Shawn-D: Because of you. You have magic. No, you are magic.

Jack: See? Now, watch this. See? Coming in. You're coming in, see?

Greta: Put that pinkie down.

Jack: No, but --

Greta: Here. Watch. Pinkie down. And you bite -- very manly.

Jennifer: You can have them.

[Hope sighs]

Jack: Happy?

Greta: Yes. Eliminating the pinkie, it definitely helps. But you're still -- you're just too perfect. You're just -- you're not -- well, manly.

Jack: Who says a man can't be perfect?

Greta: No one does. They just -- they just aren't. Well, take Austin, for example. He doesn't get his hair cut until a week after he should have gotten it cut, and he's always forgetting to shave. I can't even imagine you with stubble. And -- I don't know. You're just -- look at your clothes. You're completely, totally coordinated.

Jack: So good taste equals gay? You know, it's people like you who make life so hard for people like me.

Greta: I'm sorry. I'm stereotyping. Jack, you know what? It's ok to be different. And that's what you need to come to terms with. Your way of being a man is just as valid as anybody else's. You are different, Jack. You are special. You -- you have a flair.

Jack: Flair, like that guy on Will and Grace; like all those other guys and gals heading up to Vermont; like all those card-carrying fine folk who also happen to be known as homomm -- homomm -- homomm --

Greta: Jack. Jack. Jack. I'm stereotyping again. You're sensitive, and I am, too. You're just going to have to be patient with me, you know, help me. We're going to help each other,

Jack. You know, now I know how she feels.

Jack: How who feels?

Greta: Grace, about Will. This is the most amazing friendship anyone can have, and I'm going to treasure it always, Jack.

Hope: All you saw were two people laughing -- that's it.

Jennifer: Hope, Greta wants Jack, all right? She told me so.

Hope: He loves you.

Jennifer: Maybe it's for the best. I mean, you know how torn Iíve been. I can't let Jack in. I can't let him go. I don't know, and ever since Iíve been thinking about maybe trying again, I keep hearing this door clang shut -- you know, like a prison door? Like I would be locked up forever.

Hope: Aren't you being a tad overdramatic?

Jennifer: No, not if it's going to be the way it was. I mean, Jack was selfish, he was irresponsible, he was emotionally distant, and I'm not going to live like that again, ok?

Hope: I understand that. But like I said, if you and Jack would just work on your communication skills, you could work through those problems. Jen, just give it a chance. Give it a shot.

Jennifer: I don't want to give up. But what if it is just not possible?

Hope: You don't believe that. Know how I know? You hate the way Jack eats his napoleons. Or any pastry, for that matter. And you didn't buy him just one or two. You bought a dozen, knowing that you'd have to sit there, watch him do that annoying little pinkie thing with his finger -- not once, but 12 shaky times. Now, if that isn't love, I don't know what is.


Shawn-D: Belle? Hey, are you all right?

Belle: Don't wake me. I'm having the most wonderful dream. [Music playing] Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart? How the music can free her whenever it starts? And it's magic if the music is groovy it makes you feel happy like an old-time movie I'll tell you about the music and it'll free your soul but it's like trying to tell a stranger about rock 'n' roll if you believe in magic don't bother to choose if it's jug-band music or rhythm and blues just go and listen it'll start with a smile that won't wipe off your face no matter how hard you try your feet start tapping and you can't seem to find how you got there so just blow your mind if you believe in magic

Belle: Mimi?

Mimi: That's mer-mi to you.

Belle: But why? How?

Mimi: Didn't you ever get sick of having legs?

Belle: Well, actually, no.

Mimi: Silence! I have risen from the sea, and to the sea I must return. In, like, a while. But first I have to say something. That is why yon sky filled with signs and portents.

Shawn-D: Uh, what's a portent?

Mimi: Not a Rhodes scholar, are you, surf dude?

Belle: Ok, what did you stop by to say?

Mimi: The truth. I always tell the truth. And the truth is: Shawn -- he's not the boy for you.

Shawn-D: Boy? Yeah, thanks.

Belle: Mimi, what are you trying to say? That can't be true.

Mimi: The great and powerful sea goddess has spoken! You -- over here. Nice cuts.

Philip: Oh, well, I work out.

Mimi: You -- so Venus like with the hair; so tres, tres botte -- what's his face?

Chloe: Thank you.

Mimi: But I'm the one on the shell. He's mine. Give over!

Chloe: Get lost.

Mimi: Hey, you ruined my hair. It's payback time!

[Chloe screaming]

[Mimi laughing]

Belle: Oh, my God!

Chloe: Oh! My hair! My stunningly beautiful hair -- on you?

Mimi: Look at me, everybody. I'm beautiful! A raven-haired stunner. Now I'm the diva of Salem High.

Shawn-D: With a toilet brush hanging from her head.

Mimi: I heard that. But you listen here, mister. Divas don't have to clean nothing. Divas get what they want. Watch. Hi. Check out my locks.

Philip: Mimi, you're so --

Mimi: Say it -- I'm sex; pure sex with scales.

Philip: That's right.

Mimi: Kiss me.

Chloe: No! No!

Hope: He's seeing her to make you jealous.

Jennifer: He doesn't know that I'm here.

Hope: He doesn't love her. He loves you. Ok, now, listen. This is the plan, all right? Go home, put on something really sexy, some sexy music -- box in hand.

Jennifer: You know what? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Hope: Thank you.

Jennifer: No, I'm sorry. I'm not going to set myself up for a letdown. You know what? I am going to fight fire with fire.

Hope: Meaning what?

Jennifer: Meaning I am going to call Brandon Walker, and I am going to invite him to a movie this weekend.

Greta: Then in Paris, there was this guy Michel. Not only was he sensitive, he was French. But I wasn't really sure if --

Jack: Greta, your hand!

Greta: What about it?

Jack: The nail polish -- it's brilliant!

Greta: Thank you. But F.Y.I., Jack, if you're trying to pass, men don't notice women's nail polish.

Jack: Girlfriend, you can say I'm coming off gay, straight, or crazy -- I don't care. This is totally working for me.

Greta: My nail polish? I didn't know you were that interested in color. Jack, you really are artistic.

Jack: No, I mean our relationship. It's like you said before. I've never had one before like this. This could be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Greta: Jack, I am going to cherish this moment.

Jack: Then we're still on for Vegas? Good. Good. We'll have a gay old time. But remember, we have to act like lovers, which means we'll have to practice.

Hope: Jen, still, maybe you're jumping the gun a little. What are you going to tell Abby if you start seeing another guy?

Jennifer: You know what? I'm just not going to tell her right away. Brandon and I can go out during the day while Abby's on a play date.

Hope: Oh, great. Sneak around. Big mistake.

Jennifer: Why is it a mistake? Brandon is a great guy. He's smart, he's good-looking, he's sexy.

Hope: He is smart. He is sexy. He's great-looking. Wait a minute. Who are you trying to convince -- me or you?

Jennifer: Look, she was feeding him, ok? And he was nuzzling her. And I am not going to take that lying down.

Hope: You're standing up.

Jennifer: You know what I mean, Hope. You know what? You are looking at a new Jennifer because if he can see someone else, then so can I.

Greta: Jack, I understand that you might want to get sexy in front of your business associates, but you don't have to put yourself through that right now.

Jack: I need to know that you can be sexy and outrageous. Now, show me.

Greta: What?

Jack: You got to show me. Do that sexy walk. Slink those hips. Shake that booty for daddy. Come on, now!

Greta: So I understand there is a dance that involves laps. Tell me if I'm doing it right.

Jack: Like you were born to it.

[Greta laughs]

Jennifer: You know, that is it. I can't take any more of that.

Jack's voice: Perfect! Jennifer, before you know it, we'll be back together.

Mimi: Come on, you amazing hunk of blonde beach boy. Kiss me. Meet the lips that go with the hair.

Chloe: Keep your lips off my boyfriend, and give me back my hair!

Mimi: Buzz off, cue ball. I'm the babe with the bod now.

Chloe: But you have a tail!

Mimi: Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it. Come on, Phil -- make me a woman. Ok, so technically, I'm a fish, but you know what I'm saying. Kiss kiss. Come on, gimme.

Belle: Hark!

Shawn-D: Huh?

Belle: I mean, listen! It sounds like -- it is!

[Music playing]

Belle: Brady, what are you doing here?

Brady: I've come to warn you, Belle. There is trouble.

Belle: What kind of trouble?

Brady: The kind that no magic can protect you from. You're in danger, Belle. Great danger.

Belle: Danger.


Paul's voice: That's right, baby. When you wake up tomorrow, the danger starts. And where it ends, God only knows.


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