Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/6/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/6/01

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[Brady sighs]

Brady: Oh, damn! [Sighs]

Chloe: Brady, your mother died. Mine willingly gave me away; I have the right to be angry at her!

Brady: When you go after someone, you take no prisoners. You go in for the kill.

[Chloe sighs]

Chloe: If Nancy won't tell me who my father is, then she deserves everything that I dish out.

Craig: What's the occasion?

Nancy: Well, I'm just trying to create a tranquil home for Chloe. She's had so much stress in her life.

Craig: She has been the cause of a lot of stress in your life.

[Nancy giggles]

Nancy: So, um, what did she want to talk to you about before?

Craig: Well, she was, um -- she was upset with Brady's behavior, so we discussed that, and then we discussed hers toward you. But I told her that you were the nicest person in the whole wide world, and if she would open up to you, she might be a better person for it.

Nancy: Oh. I love you.

Craig: I love you too. And even though we can't always tell what's going on in Chloe's head sometimes, I think this time I might have gotten through to her.

Nicole: Are you messing with the kids on that island, dad? 'Cause if you are -- oh, damn! Why couldn't you just stayed away? Why did you have to come back into my life?

[Engine puttering] [engine stops]

[Jan screams]

Jan: No!

Paul: She wanted it... No matter what she says, she loved it.

[Wind whistling]


Jan: Like grandma said... "Not for winning... Just for being you." [Sniffs] Why? Why did this have to happen to me?

Jan's voice: Ugh! No!

Paul: Relax. It's too late.

Jan: No! No! Get off of me!

Paul: You'll enjoy it!

Jan: No! No! No!

Paul: You scream, and I'll kill you, all right? So shut up!

Jan: No, I can't. Ugh, I can't stay here.

[Crying] [groans]

Philip: Shawn! Shawn!

Belle: Shawn!

Philip: Shawn!

Belle: Shawn, where are you?

Philip: Shawn, where are you?

Belle: Shawn!

Philip: Shawn!

Belle: Shawn!

Shawn-D: Belle! Hey. Oh... Are you ok? What's wrong?

Philip: She was scared.

Shawn-D: Why?

Belle: Something's wrong, isn't it?

Philip: Yeah, man...

Belle: Where have you been?! What happened to you?

Philip: We heard you got run over.

Shawn-D: No. It's fine. It's nothing. I was -- I was talking to Jan.

Philip: My voice is shot from yelling for you. Where -- why didn't you answer?

Shawn-D: I couldn't hear you with all this wind blowing. I'm sorry. Belle, hey. I'm sorry.

Belle: No, Shawn, don't try and protect me. I can take it. What happened?

Philip: Anybody can see that you're weirded out. What's up with that? What's going on?

Chloe: How could she keep the truth from her own daughter?


Nancy: I don't want to tell you who your father is. But that's not the reason I won't tell you now. I won't tell you because you and I are too disconnected. And when you do find out about your father, you're gonna need someone -- your mother.

Chloe: How dare she play God with my life? Damn it.

[Cell phone rings] [ring]

Chloe: Hello.


Brady: Chloe, hey.

Chloe: Brady, why are you calling me?

Craig: Chloe!

Chloe: Hold on a minute.

Craig: Dinner's ready.

Chloe: I'll be right there! Look, Brady, this isn't a good time; I have to go. I'll talk to you later.

[Hangs up]

Craig: To tranquility.

[Pounding footsteps on stairs]

Chloe: Oh, damn! This carpet's gonna kill me one of these days!

Craig: To tranquility and courage. [Clink] [Craig sighs]

Nancy: I'll call someone in the morning about restretching the carpet. I almost tripped on it myself earlier.

Craig: So, um, school's gonna start up in a few weeks, huh, Chloe?

Chloe: Yeah.

Craig: Are you, uh -- you gonna see Brady again tonight?

Chloe: Maybe.

Craig: Mmm. Nancy, I love this. This dish is wonderful.

Nancy: Well, thank you, it's just your favorite grilled chicken recipe with a little jalapeno twist.

Craig: Yeah? Well, sweetheart, you can twist my jalapeno anytime.

[Nancy laughs]

Chloe: God, can you two stop flirting long enough to have a conversation?

Brady: Did she just blow me off?

[Doorbell rings]

Brady: That was fast. Man, you must have rushed over here.

Nicole: Why do you think I'm in such good shape?

Brady: Please come in.

Nicole: You know, we should work out sometime -- that is, if you can take some time away from Chloe.

Brady: Listen, Nicole, I have to return a phone call, if you could just get to the point, I'd appreciate it.

Nicole: Opera girl?

Brady: As a matter of fact... Heh. Why are you here?

Nicole: I'm going on a fishing expedition.

Shawn-D: Well, yeah, I'm freaked. As soon as I got close enough where I could hear you guys, you were screaming like somebody died. I -- what was that all about?

Belle: Shawn, it was so weird. Philip and I were just standing by the boat talking.

Philip: And then Paul comes racing through like the devil's chasing him.

Belle: Before we knew it, he pushed us away from the boat.

Philip: Belle's downplaying it, but he -- she got knocked to the ground --

Shawn-D: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Paul hurt you? No, Belle, are you all right?

Belle: No. No, I'm fine, ok? Just don't worry about me. I'm just a little dizzy.

Shawn-D: All right. Well, did he say anything?

Philip: Did he what?

Shawn-D: When you saw him or when he saw you, did he say anything?

Philip: Stuff like, "get out of my way." I mean, he got us out of the way, the jerk, and then he took off with the boat.

Belle: Yeah. He was in a real hurry, and we know why.

Philip: That bastard, we know what he did.

[Thunder rumbling]

Jan: Why?


Jan: Why did he do this to me?


Craig: Nancy does have time for you, what do you want to talk about?

Chloe: Promise me that she's not gonna flip out and start yelling. It's about my father.

Nancy: Oh.

Chloe: See? There she goes!

Craig: Ok, ok, ok. Nancy, just let Chloe say what she has to say. Can we just try that?

Nancy: Ok, I'll try.

Craig: Go ahead.

Chloe: Well, it's been brought to my attention by a few people that I sometimes treat you badly, Nancy. Now, I'm not promising that it's never gonna happen again, but this isn't one of those times. Even though I would do almost anything to find out who my father is and how I came into being.

[Nancy sighs]

Nancy: Chloe, I know it doesn't seem fair to you --

Chloe: May I finish, please? Now, you once told me that if we started getting along, that you might consider telling me the facts of my birth. And even though I see it as a fancy form of blackmail, I can see your point. So is the offer still on the table? Because if it is, I'm willing to give it all Iíve got.

Craig: So, what do you say, Nance? I mean, what do you think about what Chloe just said?

Nancy: First of all, Chloe, I -- I don't think you're ready to hear the facts at this time.

[Chloe sighs]

Chloe: Ok. Do you think that there will be a time ahead that that will be different?

[Craig clears his throat]

Nancy: I think that we need to make better progress with our relationship first. And not because I'm trying to force you to love me, sweetheart. It's not about me. Chloe, it's about you. And how vulnerable I think you are to being hurt over this.

Chloe: But what if I'm willing to deal with the hurt, whatever it is --

[cell phone rings]

Chloe: Oh! Excuse me. [Ring]

Chloe: Yes?

Brady: How was din-din?

Chloe: Dinner is not over yet.

Brady: All right, listen, one thing: Did you ever hear about a can that Belle and her friends had last summer?

Chloe: Look, Brady, I'm in the middle of something.

Brady: Tsh! All right. Sorry to bother you. I'll see you at the mall sometime.

Chloe: No, wait! Just give me 15 minutes, and we can go do something. I don't want to be stuck here all night anyway.

Brady: All right. 15 minutes, you got it. Good luck with whatever you're in the middle of.

Chloe: Thanks.

[Hangs up]

Chloe: You heard that, didn't you?

Craig: Mm-hmm, sure did. Deeply hurt that you feel stuck with us.

Nicole: Well, what'd she say?

[Drops phone and sighs]

Brady: She couldn't talk. Don't worry, I'll ask her later about the can.

Nicole: So you're gonna see her later? No wonder you're smiling so big.

Brady: Stay out of my business, Nicole.

Nicole: Fine. Look, if Chloe has any information, call me right away.

Brady: Why has this can got you so worked up?

Nicole: This guy look familiar?

Brady: This guy looks like a sleaze ball.

Nicole: I need to know if you've ever seen him.

Brady: Did my grandfather send you here? Has he got you mixed up in some business espionage?

Nicole: I wish.

Brady: Oh, my God. Does this guy have anything to do with my sister and her friends in Puerto Rico? Is that why you've been pumping me about some stupid piece of tin? All right, damn it, Nicole, your fishing expedition is officially over. You're gonna tell me what the hell is going on here.

Chloe: Uh, it's not that I feel stuck with you. It's just the situation. You know, summer, nothing to do, my job prospect fell through...

Craig: Stuck is stuck, Chloe.

Nancy: And you can't take it back.

Craig: Sorry. Got you. That was good.

Nancy: For once.

Chloe: So you're not mad?

Craig: Of course we're not mad. We were teenagers once, Chloe. We know where you're coming from.

Nancy: Well, most of the time.

Craig: However, if no one minds, I would like to return to the conversation at hand before the phone rang, because, well, Chloe's not the only one who's curious. I -- I would like to know who her father is, Nancy. What do you say? I mean, don't you think we have grown close enough as a family for you to share the truth with us?

Nancy: Chloe, you are a beautiful, strong girl. And in spite of the rough start that you had in life, you're confident now. You're accomplished. You have the determination to see that your dreams come true. But if I tell you the truth, that could all change. Sweetheart, I know how important your dreams are to you. And I don't want to see them die.

Chloe: Did you lose your dreams because of me, because I was born?

Nancy: Chloe, giving birth to you was the most beautiful moment of my life. And giving you away was the most painful. Sweetheart, it almost killed me to lose you. But I stayed alive with this vision of your happy future.

Craig: Nancy, whatever happened, whatever went on -- sweetheart, you have been carrying this with you for years. But that could stop right now. That could all change. Maybe tonight can be the start of you getting over your pain instead of having to push it down all the time.

Chloe: Nancy, I want to and maybe I could if I knew what happened to you.

Nicole: Victor is just worried about the kids. He comes from a generation where he suspects the worst. In fact, that's why he's been so successful in business.

Brady: All right, you're getting off track. We're talking about Mr. Sleaze and the infamous can. Why is Victor so jazzed up of this?

Nicole: Because he doesn't want Philip getting caught up in some teenage wild-goose chase.

Brady: Philip is a teenager. Just because Victor grew up too fast doesn't mean the rest of us want to, or should, for that matter.

Nicole: Victor has big plans for Philip, just like your father has for you. You're going to be working with him at Basic Black, right?

Brady: Yes, of course.

Nicole: Well then I suppose you know about the big blowout your father had with Victor over hiring Kate.

Paul: I made a mistake. Shoot! If I'd just waited one more day, I could've had the red ruby and my teen angel, too. Hey, it's no problem, really. If plan "a" don't work out, just go to plan "b."


Jan: What are you doing here?

Susan: Does this beach have your name on it?

Jan: Go away.

Susan: I don't think so. What happened? You look like hell, no offense. Look, I overheard you a minute ago. You said, "why did he do this to me?" Who were you talking about?

Jan: Go away.

Susan: Was it Jason? Did he hit you?

Jan: Hold me, please.


Belle: Shawn, think about it.

Philip: He was trying to get away. It's pretty obvious that good old Uncle Paul went to the cavern without us, found the ruby, and that's why he was running like a bat out of hell!

Shawn-D: No, that's not it, ok? But if he would have thought of it, he probably would've done that, too! 'Cause that guy is gonna rot in hell! I can't believe I even trusted him!

Belle: Shawn, it is not like you to talk like this. Did something happen between you and Paul?

Mimi: Hey, guys! I feel like Dorothy! "Toto, Toto, come back!" Except this is a hurricane, not a tornado, and we're sure not in Kansas. Oh, what's up? What'd I miss?

Belle: Well, Paul took off with the boat.

Mimi: Good. Maybe he won't come back. I get the creeps just thinking about that guy. So why the long faces? Let's throw a party. Whoo-hoo, Paul's gone!

Philip: Meems, he was gonna help us find the red ruby.

Mimi: Maybe he stole it.

Belle: Yeah, that's what Philip and I thought.

Philip: Shawn says we're wrong, but he won't tell us why he knows that.

Shawn-D: We just saw him a little while ago. Don't you remember? There's no way he could've hiked up to the cavern, gotten the jewels, gotten back, and -- it would've taken him all night, Philip!

Philip: Don't yell at us. We didn't do anything. If you're so sure we're wrong about Paul stealing the ruby, tell us what you think he did.

Belle: Shawn, you won't even tell me?

Philip: It's -- it's nothing, all right? I just -- I never liked that guy, and I'm just a little worked up because I heard that he hurt you. No guy should ever hurt a girl, and...

Belle: No, I'm ok, really.

Shawn-D: You are? Good, that's good. And it's good that he's gone, 'cause we're better off without him.

Mimi: Right.

Philip: So, what about the ruby? Are you going to blow that off?

Shawn-D: No way. I'm gonna go in, I'm gonna get that ruby, whether it means going by myself or not.

Belle: No, I don't think so. When we started on this treasure hunt, it was fun. But ever since Paul got involved, it got way too complicated.

Mimi: And dangerous. Freaking Uncle Paul and his dirty mind. What a jerk.

Belle: I vote we go to Mr. Woods and Ms. Perez. They can get the police to check out Paul Garcia.

Mimi: Good idea. Let's get that sicko.

Brady: Victor knows that Kate went to Basic Black? How did he find out, Nicole?

Nicole: John came to Titan. He walked right in and told Victor he was thinking of hiring that bitch.

Brady: Man, I went ballistic when I found out. My grandfather must've --

Nicole: Your grandfather went nuts. Neither one of them gave an inch. Fun, huh?

Brady: Yeah, sounds like hell.

Nicole: Yeah, I've lived through hell before. Look, I gotta go.

Brady: Yeah, you know what? I gotta go, too. So why don't I walk you out.

Nicole: All right, well, if Chloe mentions anything about a can, just --

Brady: Yes, yes, I will send up a flare. And listen, if you get anymore info about Kate, then...

Nicole: I will keep you posted.

Brady: Thank you.

Nicole: Sounds like a plan.

Susan: It's gonna be ok, whatever happened. You are ok, aren't you?

Jan: I'm fine.

Susan: If it was me, I wouldn't let Jason get away with this.

Jan: He knows better than to lay a finger on me. Jason knows I'd fry his ass. I mean, there's a reason why I'm popular, ok? It's mostly 'cause people are scared of what I'll do to them if they cross me. Chloe found that out. You know, anyone that thinks I'm gonna be this good little girl now that that a Judge ordered me to hose down the locker room next year, well, they don't know Jan Spears. I don't take crap from anybody!

Susan: You could've fooled me tonight. You look like somebody beat you up.

Jan: I didn't want to tell you what really happened, 'cause... I was afraid of bringing up bad memories for you...Now that Mr. Woods wants us all to be nicey-nice to each other. Somebody...They -- they called me a name. You can relate. I mean, it must've made you cry when people called you gigantor. I'm human, too, ok? It's possible for me to be hurt. I got a taste of my own medicine, and I couldn't take it. Are you satisfied? Don't you dare tell anyone about any of this.

Susan: I can't believe I was actually feeling sorry for you.

Jan: Don't leave me.

Shawn-D: Look, it's late, and Mr. Woods is probably sleeping, so is Perez. I mean, the last thing we want to do is go there, wake everybody up, and tell them how Paul took off, get the cops involved... It's gonna freak everybody out at camp, and we don't want to bring everybody down.

Philip: Right. Why get everybody worked up when there's nothing we can do till morning anyway? Let's just hit the sack.

Mimi: Fine by me, as long as Woods gets the police out here tomorrow.

Shawn-D: Oh, we don't have any evidence against Paul anyway.

Mimi: I was thinking about the treasure hunt. Maybe after we tell them everything, the cops'll go to the cavern and help us find the ruby.

Belle: That's a good idea, Meems.

Shawn-D: Yeah, sure.

Philip: Sounds good.

Shawn-D: See you Manana?

Belle: You're not gonna walk with us back to the camp site?

Shawn-D: Well, we'll catch up with you, 'cause I got to talk to Philip about some stuff.

Philip: Guy stuff.

Mimi: Perfect. We have girl stuff to talk about. Major girl stuff.

Mimi: Aww.

Shawn-D: I'll see you in the morning. You too, Mimi.

Philip: So I guess we're not going to bed yet, huh?

Shawn-D: Hey, Philip, you're smarter than you look. We're not waiting till the morning. We're making our plans tonight.

Susan: For someone who keeps insisting she's fine... Do you have a fever?

Jan: Don't.

Susan: You're shaking. You could be sick.

Jan: I'm not sick.

Susan: Why don't I take you back to Ms. Perez? She'll know what to do.

Jan: I hate that woman. Can't you just sit here and talk to me? It won't kill you.

Susan: So what were you wondering about? Did you want to know how much I weigh so you can post it on the internet?

Jan: Gigantor. That -- that must have hurt.

Susan: Most people have stopped calling me that.

Jan: But don't you wear, like, an extra, extra large?

Susan: Why are we talking about my size?

Jan: I mean, you're bigger -- you're so much stronger than I am, why did you put up with my crap? I mean, you could have put my head through a locker. Why did you -- why did you just take it?

Susan: Why does anyone take it? I was afraid it would get worse. I used to cry about it. Then I tried ignoring it. But nothing made me feel better. When someone takes your power away, it's hard to get it back.

Susan: About what happened to you tonight, Jan --

Jan: I'm -- I'm gonna go back to camp.

Susan: Need a hand? Never mind, I already know the answer.

Jan: Wait. I need a hand.

Jan: Thanks.

Susan: No problem.

Belle: So Kevin's hot, huh?

Mimi: He said he wants to date me when we get back to Salem. He said he likes me,

Belle. Isn't that amazing?

Belle: No, it's not amazing. You're sweet, smart, and very pretty.

Mimi: So how are you and Shawn?

Belle: Excellent.

Mimi: Not too excellent, I hope. You haven't --

Belle: No, no. We decided we were going to take things slow.

Mimi: Us, too. Me and Kevin.

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Mimi: That's good.

Belle: Hey, Meems, you don't think the guys were trying to get rid of us before, do you? I mean, what couldn't they talk about in front of us, anyway?

Mimi: Maybe Philip knew I'd hurl if he mentioned Chloe's name again.

Belle: Yeah, maybe. Shawn's such a great guy, he'd listen for hours if Philip was on one of his obsessive Chloe trips.

Mimi: Poor Shawn. Sometimes he's too nice. Night-night, Belle.

Belle: Night, Meems.

Paul: That cavern's got to be dangerous. I bet my partner booby-trapped it so bad, whoever goes in there is gonna have trouble getting out alive. At least it won't be me.

Shawn-D: So pretty soon everybody in camp is going to be asleep. So we'll just go back and get the gear.

Philip: Don't forget the flashlights.

Shawn-D: Yeah, we're gonna need those to get up to the cavern.

Philip: We're going in tonight?

Shawn-D: Don't be lame, Phil. We'll camp there. As soon as the sun comes up, we'll go in, get the jewels, get out, and back to camp before anyone realizes that we're gone.

Philip: Belle's going to notice. She's into you, man.

Shawn-D: Part of the reason I'm doing this is to protect her and Mimi so they don't get hurt. That, and make damn sure Paul doesn't get his hands on the ruby.

Philip: W-w-wait, I just thought of something. How do you know you're going to find the ruby? Last time you saw it, it was in that photo. It was part of a necklace.

Philip: I doubt it still is. Listen, one time I overheard my dad talking about, you know, when thieves get their hands on hot jewelry the first thing they do is they take it out of its setting. That, and how many rubies do you think we're going to find in the cavern, Phil?

Philip: What if Paul shows up at the cavern in the morning?

Shawn-D: He won't, because he's a chicken. All right, let's stop talking about that bastard. I just want to focus on getting back the ruby.

Nancy: Can I just say that -- that this is one of my favorite times the 3 of us have spent together. Sort of feels like a family. Kind of the way I had hoped it would be when I first brought you home.

[Nancy sighs]

Nancy: But protecting you, Chloe, is the most important thing to me. And for that reason my answer has to remain "no."

Chloe: I don't understand.

[Cell phone rings]

Chloe: Hello.

Brady: Ah! Your 15 minutes are up. I'm parked outside your house.

Chloe: I'll be right out.

Chloe: Well, thanks for the dinner... And the talk. I'll think about what you said.

Craig: Oh.

Chloe: Hi.

Brady: Glad to see you.

Brady: Uh, listen, Chloe, I want to apologize. I was a little rough on you about how you treat your mom.

Chloe: At the time, I wanted to throw you against a wall, yes. But guess what. I just had a civil, almost compassionate conversation with the woman who gave birth to me. I didn't scream. I stayed calm and... I don't know. I don't know where it will lead to, but it's some kind of progress. So thank you.

Brady: I didn't know I was providing you a service. I thought I was just being a jerk.

Chloe: Brady, from the very beginning, we've had an unspoken understanding. Let's not loose it. In other words, don't ever censor yourself around me.

Brady: Even if it gets me thrown against a wall?

Chloe: I meant it. I don't take our friendship lightly.

Brady: Neither do I.

Jan: So... Thanks. I mean, just for not asking too many questions.

Susan: The important thing is you're ok.

Jan: Why wouldn't I be?

Susan: Whatever. Are you sure you can make it back to camp on your own?

Jan: Yes. Wait. We never had this conversation. You never saw me on the beach tonight. I mean, if anything comes up, you're clueless, you got it?

Susan: If what comes up?

Jan: Anything. Anything about me, where I was -- whatever. Just -- please.

Susan: Sure. Ok, I won't say anything.

Jan: Thank you, Susan.

Susan: She called me Susan.

Craig: You know, it was pretty good tonight, actually. The 3 of us here, not shouting, pretty friendly. Think about how much better it could actually be if you were to open up about this one thing.

Nancy: Craig, this one thing is everything.

Craig: Nancy, it's everything to your daughter, too, and she is not about to give up.

Nancy: I know.

Brady: So what did you guys talk about? Did she offer to buy you a new bowling ball, or something?

Chloe: It was a serious conversation, Brady.

Brady: I'm proud of you. But listen, before you tell me about it, I need to ask you something. Do you anything about a tin can that Belle and Shawn found last summer?

Chloe: How do you know about that?

Brady: So you do know. I just found out tonight from Nicole.

Chloe: Such a lovely person.

Brady: She's not that bad. Anyway, my grandfather somehow found out about the can, and now he's worried about Philip.

Chloe: What else is new?

Brady: So what about the can? Is it dangerous or anything?

Chloe: Well, to be honest, it's been a pain ever since we found that thing. It's sure been trouble for me.

Brady: What kind of trouble? Is Belle in any danger?

Mimi: So much for taking things slow. Those crazy kids.

Paul: That punk Shawn probably thinks I'm long gone, thinks he's giving the ruby back to granny. Like hell. Those kids ain't seen the last of old Uncle Paul. Whichever one of them gets out alive with the ruby, I'm gonna be right there waiting to grab it. That's right, baby. Yeah.

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