Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/4/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/4/01

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John: Mr. Victor Kiriakis.

Victor: Oh, John, good to see you.

John: Same here. I hope this isn't a bad time.

Victor: No, not at all. Come on in. How's Brady doing, by the way? I haven't seen him in a quite a while.

John: Well, that makes two of us, Victor. He's been kind of busy.

Victor: Oh? Doing what?

John: He's been spending time with Chloe Lane.

Victor: What?

John: You heard me.

Victor: The same Chloe Lane who falsely accused my son of rape?

John: Well, now, according to Brady and Belle, that was just a huge misunderstanding kind of blown out of proportion.

Victor: No, John. Those were dangerous words by a dangerous girl. Brady going out with her can only lead to disaster.

Belle: It's been a great night, hasn't it?

Philip: Yeah, yeah. I really like talking to you, Belle.

Belle: Philip, can I ask you a question?

Philip: Yeah, sure.

Belle: Well, that night that Shawn's baby brother was lost and you and Chloe were down by the river together --

Philip: Yeah?

Belle: Well, what were you guys doing?

Kevin: How could I ever have thought you were not my type?

Mimi: I thought the same thing about you. Guess we were both wrong, huh?

Kevin: I really like kissing you, Mimi.

Mimi: Who's stopping you?

Secretary: I think I can squeeze you in in about an hour if that works for you. It's a really busy day. Ok. I'll just write that down.

Fay: There you are.

Nicole: Get in the office. All right. Let's get this over with.

Fay: Must be important for you to have called me over here.

Nicole: It's very important. I want to know if you've heard from dear old dad.

Jan: Maybe I'm missing something. You say this role requires nudity but there's no sex involved.

Paul: That's right -- not on camera, anyway.

Jan: Do I have to have sex with, like, the producers or directors or something? Because if I do, forget it. The deal is off.

[Bushes rustling]

Shawn-D: Who's there?

Shawn-D: What the hell?

John: Victor, my son's life is his own business.

Victor: Well, surely you've given him advice from time to time.

John: Well, I prefer not to in this case, and I suggest that you stay out of it, too.

Victor: John, Brady is a vulnerable young man, and he's been through enough already. Going out with Chloe Lane can only -- look, I really don't want to discuss this, Victor. So you want Brady to know how you feel, you tell him. I'm here to talk about my new company.

Victor: Yes. Well, I heard quite a bit of buzz about it already. I understand you bought the high-rise on riverside.

John: That's a fact. Outstanding view. I put the offices right on the top floor.

Victor: I also heard you got Roger Collins recruiting executives for you.

John: That's also a fact. How'd you know about that?

Victor: Your competition is way ahead of you, John. You may be family, but I wouldn't plan on being in business very long if I were you.

Fay: I don't want you worrying about Paul, Nicole. Just forget about him and just move on with your life.

Nicole: I have moved on with my life. I just want to make sure he stays out of it. I have a lot at stake now. I am on top of the wave, and I want to stay on the crest for as long as I can -- till I nab Mr. Moneybags.

Fay: Are you talking about Mr. Kiriakis, Nicky? Nicky, are you thinking about marrying him?

Nicole: Why not? I'm already sleeping with him.

Fay: I see.

Nicole: You just keep your mouth shut about it, ok? I only told you because I want you to know the daughter you thought was such a loser is making it big time.

Fay: By spreading her legs for Victor Kiriakis. You call that making it big time, Nicky?

Nicole: Not like you to be so vulgar.

Fay: I am just trying to talk to you in your own language.

Nicole: Well, don't bother, ok? I want to know if you've seen that lowlife or not.

Fay: Nicky, it's true -- your father's done a lot of awful things. But he is trying to rehabilitate himself.

Nicole: Oh, my God. You have heard from him, haven't you?

Paul: Look, nobody's going to force you to have sex with some movie honcho, ok?

Jan: What did you mean, then?

Paul: Remember those hints I gave you about kissing on camera?

Jan: Yeah.

Paul: Yeah. I showed you how my head would block the camera if I did it this way.

Jan: Oh! Damn it.

Paul: What?

Jan: My chain. I think it's broken.

Paul: Well, let me see. It's fine. Look, I really want you to get this part, Jan, ok? But I got to make sure that you can do this stuff. I mean, you have zero experience.

Jan: I know, which is why I don't believe they'd ever even hire me.

Paul: Well, that's where I come in. I vouch for you, ok? They trust my judgment. I bring you in, they see how pretty and sexy you are. I tell them I've schooled you, you know the part, yada yada, bing bam boom, you're hired. You dig?

Jan: It would be great. And I wouldn't have to go back to school -- that'd be the best part. Are you sure I'd make $100,000?

Paul: 90. I take 10% as an agent's fee.

Jan: Wait. I thought you said you'd do all this for nothing.

Paul: Oh, come on, now, honey.

Jan: No. You know, what's it going to be when I start the movie? 50%? I am not going to play by rules that change every day. Anyway, you know, it's all just too weird, and I'm getting this really negative vibe about all of this.

Paul: Wait. Stop. Don't tell me you're not interested anymore.

Jan: That's exactly what I am telling you. I'm out of here.

Shawn-D: What the hell are you doing?

Jason: What, you want some?

Shawn-D: Yeah. Right. Are you out of your mind?

Jason: It's a big party. I just figured I'd celebrate.

Shawn-D: Right. You know, if you get caught drinking on this trip, you're not going to get any credit for it.

Jason: Shawn, I really hope you don't think I care, because I'm just here to be with Jan.

Shawn-D: Well, if you are, then why do you keep putting her down so much?

Jason: Why do you care all of a sudden? By the way, I treat her just fine.

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah. That's probably why she was crying before, right, Jason?

Jason: She's probably crying because she's so upset about having to wash toilet bowls when we get back.

Shawn-D: Oh, that is not true, and you know it.

Jason: Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that her parents treat her like dirt.

Shawn-D: All right. Look, that may be true, but the reason that she's crying is because you are such a jerk, man. I mean, you have no clue how to treat a girl.

Jason: Well, listen to Dr. Do-gooder here. Why don't you show me how to treat girls, Shawn?

Shawn-D: You wouldn't learn. You haven't learned in the past, you haven't learned now, you haven't learned anything on this trip.

Jason: Take that back. I've learned a lot of things, actually. I learned that those losers -- shy girl and gigantor -- need to be on the Oprah Winfrey show, for God's sake. I mean, did you see them baring their souls at the campfire? It made me sick. I had to walk away.

Shawn-D: You know what? You are sick, man, because all those girls are trying to do -- they're just trying to make a positive change in their life, and you're coming down on them.

Jason: Shawn, get over yourself, because we're going to go back to Salem High, and it's going to be the same. Nothing's going to change.

Jason: Yeah. Maybe for you, it won't. And even if it did, you wouldn't notice. You'd be drunk.

Jason: Well, don't tell Mr. Woods on me.

Shawn-D: I wouldn't really have to, because all he has to do is look at you -- or smell you. So if I were you, I would go take a jump in that water so I wouldn't ruin this trip for everybody. All right?

Philip: I don't get the question, Belle.

Belle: I was just wondering what you and Chloe were doing on the riverbank.

Philip: Meaning, did we have sex?

Belle: No, no. I didn't -- oh, I didn't mean that. Look --

Philip: No, no, no. Hey, hey, it's cool. You're a friend. You're interested. So, you did ask, and, no, Chloe and I -- we haven't done it. I wouldn't want to have sex with Chloe until the time was perfect. That's because I love her, and it's just too important. What?

Belle: Nothing. That is just so un-guy-like.

Philip: I'm assuming that's a good thing.

Belle: Yeah. Actually, it is.

Philip: Then thank you, I guess.

Belle: So what were you two doing in the woods, anyway?

Philip: You think it's dumb, don't you? I should have known.

Chloe: I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Philip: You know, that tree's been here for 50, maybe 100 years, so it should at least last that much longer. So in a 100 years, people will look at that tree and know how much I loved you.

Chloe: Thank you.

Philip: Oh, well, don't thank me yet.

Belle: Well? I'm waiting.

Philip: Try and guess.

Belle: Ok. You two were -- ooh! -- Skimming rocks on the river to see who can get the most bounces.

Philip: Oh, yeah. That's so romantic. I'd look at Chloe, and I'd say, "I love you the way you skip those rocks, baby."

Belle: Not even close, huh?

Philip: No. You'd better try again.

Belle: Ok. Um, you were burying something you plan on digging up in the future.

Philip: Oh, a burial site. That's even more romantic, Belle.

Belle: Stop making fun of me.

Philip: If you say you'll quit.

Belle: Never.

Philip: You'll never guess, anyway.

Belle: Yes, I will.

Philip: Say you'll quit.

Belle: No.

Philip: Say you'll quit.

Belle: No!

Philip: Say you'll quit.

Belle: Stop it!

Philip: Say you'll quit.

Belle: Philip, stop it!

Mimi: And I have Jan to thank for this. Can you believe it?

Kevin: Jan?

Mimi: I shouldn't have mentioned that.

Kevin: No. Tell me.

Mimi: Well, remember when we played that prank on Chloe and we needed you to put something smelly in her hair?

Kevin: Yeah, and Jan got me to do it by promising to kiss me.

Mimi: Right. Well, she raved about what a great kisser you were.

Kevin: She did? And here she was, acting like she was doing me a big favor.

Mimi: Well, I'm here to tell you she liked it big time.

Kevin: I can't figure out that girl. She's always acting tough, but when I kissed her, she was different -- really sensitive.

Mimi: Fine. Great. Enough about Jan.

Kevin: Matter of fact, you'll never guess what song popped into my mind when I was kissing her. This really old song from this guy who was, like, huge about 100 years ago -- Elvis Presley. "Love me tender, love me true."

Mimi: Ok, ok. Go find Jan and love her tender.

John: Well, Victor, I was hoping that our competition would be friendly, but if not, I can live with that. Anyway, I am here because I felt that I owed you the courtesy of letting you know that I have interviewed an ex- Titan employee.

Victor: Really?

John: Your ex-wife -- although you two were never actually married, were you?

Victor: What the hell are you talking about?

John: I'm considering hiring Kate.

Victor: Good God, John! If you hire Kate, you'll be out of business in 48 hours! I'll bomb your damn building!

[John coughs]

Nicole: Mama, I want to know the truth. You've heard from him, haven't you? Tell me.

Fay: Yes, I heard from him.

Nicole: What happened?

Fay: It's between me and your father, Nicky.

Nicole: Where is he?

Fay: I don't know.

Nicole: Well, what did he say to you?

Fay: He just wanted to know if his passport had come in the mail.

Nicole: What passport? Why? Where is he living?

Fay: Nicky, don't ask me questions that I can't answer.

Nicole: Mama, you know something. What is it?

Fay: I heard some people talking in the background when he called, and they sounded like kids.

Nicole: That man should never be allowed around children. He's a monster.

Fay: I don't want you talking about your father that way, Nicky! He's done his time, and he's turned his life around.

Nicole: Do you know what a state of denial is? Well, you should because that's where you live.

Fay: You know it all, don't you? You're smart, and you made money, so you know it all.

Nicole: You going to give me your advice now? The wit and wisdom of Fay Walker? Humbled by life, a little battered, but so noble the way she's soldiered on.

Fay: If I thought you would listen, Nicky, I would give you advice.

Nicole: Why, so I could end up just like you -- hustling for tips at a truck stop, waiting for the man who beat me up to get out of prison so he can do it all over again? Ooh.

Fay: I know who your father is, Nicky.

Nicole: Then why did you marry him?

Fay: I wouldn't have had you if I didn't.

Nicole: Look at all the fun I would have missed out on -- drunken fights on Christmas, the neighbors calling 911.

Fay: Nicky, there were good times, too. You simply choose not to remember.

Nicole: Forgetting is how I stay sane.

Fay: No, Nicky. Judging is what you do -- me, your father, anyone you feel is to blame.

Nicole: He is to blame, and so are you.

Fay: Nicky, he loved you.

Nicole: He doesn't even know what that word means.

Fay: Look, Nicky, I know that -- I know Paul's not a good man, but he's not evil, either. He tried to love you, honey. In the beginning, when you and Brandon were small, he tried, but you don't remember. You can't, but I swear to you that it's true.

Nicole: Mama, stop it! I'm not going to listen to you defend that pig, that monster!

Fay: Do you know how to mix manhattans?

Nicole: What? Manhattans? What are you talking about?

Fay: The answer is no, you don't, because you are not like me, Nicky. Your parents didn't send you out to work in a barroom when you were underage. I had to pour drinks all night, and I had to fend off men before closing time. And then your father came along, and he wasn't like the others, Nicky. He was kind. He was considerate. He listened. I wasn't used to that. I'd given up hoping for that.

Nicole: What am I supposed to do now, cry?

Fay: Maybe you could at least try to understand. I tried to give you a good life, Nikki. I tried to be a good mother and a good wife. And I didn't fall in love with a monster. I fell in love with a man -- a good man, I thought.

Nicole: What did you think when he was knocking your teeth out or beating the crap out of you?

Fay: I though--t I thought he would change. I prayed he would change. And I -- I promised God that I would honor my marriage agreement if he would help your father change.

Nicole: Oh, now it's God's fault.

Fay: Nicky, don't laugh at me, please. Nicky, I believe in marriage, and I believe in people, and I believe a man can change if he wants to change.

Nicole: Oh, mom, wake up! He doesn't. He never did. Not once did he keep his vows to you.

Fay: How would you know that?

Nicole: Because I know him. He's out there right now scamming. You need to change. Once and for all, you need to change your life and never talk to that sick son of a bitch again!

Paul: Hey, wait up!

Jan: I already told you I am not interested anymore.

Paul: Would you calm down for a minute

Jan: What?

Paul: You misunderstood what I was saying.

Jan: No, I didn't. First you were going to do it for free, now you want 10%.

Paul: For film work. Film is different from modeling. I'm a licensed agent, you see? And you need an agent. Otherwise, no one will take a chance on you. And I have to take 10%, or I get flak from my other clients and the actors guild. I should have explained that to you before. Now do you get it?

Jan: Yeah, I guess. And $90,000 -- that's pretty good. I could live on it for a while.

Paul: Hey, you're going to be making triple that a year as soon as you get yourself established.

Jan: You think?

Paul: Definitely. See, you got the same kind of sweet, sexy vibe thing going on as Julia Roberts.

Jan: Really?

Paul: Don't tell me nobody's ever told you that before.

Jan: But wait. Why would they hire me when they could get her?

Paul: Because they got to pay her 20 million a flick. If they can get you for 100 grand, don't you think they'd jump at the chance? Hmm? See, you do 3 films a year. As soon as you're a star, your price goes way up.

Jan: Ok. I definitely want to do it.

Paul: Terrific.

Jan: Um, I think.

Paul: Come on. You can't keep going back and forth on me, honey.

Jan: It's just such a big step.

Paul: I understand. I have my reservations, too.

Jan: You do? I thought you said you were sure I could be a star.

Paul: Well, that's my instinct, but I can't be totally positive until I test out the goods.

Jan: The goods? What are you talking about?

Paul: I have to see if you're comfortable being naked with a guy on camera, make sure you're not going to freak out. You know, I mean, if you get touched like this.

Kevin: Why would I want to "love Jan tender"? I don't even want to talk to the girl.

Mimi: You sure keep talking about her.

Kevin: I was only saying it's surprising how sensitive she seems to be underneath all that toughness, but I don't have a thing for her.

Mimi: Fine. Let's not mention j-a-n again, ok? Let's not talk at all.

Mimi: Oh, boy. I'm really getting warm.

Kevin: Mimi, can you take off that shirt? I -- I mean, the jacket, the one with the long sleeves.

Mimi: Oh, right.

Mimi: That's better.

Kevin: Yeah. Much better.

Mimi: I know it's a cliché, but I feel so free right now, like anything's possible.

Mimi: How come you're staring? You think my top's too tight, don't you?

Kevin: No. I'm staring because you're beautiful.

Philip: Say you'll quit.

Belle: No!

Philip: Say you'll quit.

Belle: I don't even know what I'm supposed to be quitting. Stop it. Ok, ok, ok! I give up.

Philip: Uh-huh. Heard that.

[Singing triumphantly]

Belle: Look at you, all pleased with yourself.

Philip: Oh, yeah. Whoa! Ha ha ha!

[Both laughing]

Shawn-D: Hey, what's up with you two?

Philip: Hey, what's up Shawn?

Belle: Hi, Shawn.

Philip: Hey.

Belle: Um, what's wrong? You seem kind of upset.

Shawn-D: No. I -- I was talking to Jason, and the guy's knocking back the rum like it was soda.

Philip: Oh, man.

Belle: Was Jan drinking, too?

Shawn-D: No. He was all alone. I told him to chill before he gets us all in trouble. I swear, he's on a mission to ruin this trip for everybody.

Philip: I'm gonna go talk to that idiot, man. Where is he?

Shawn-D: Couple hundred yards down the beach. Just, you know -- you'll hear him talking to himself, slurping noises.

Philip: I'm on my way.

Belle: So did you get a chance to talk to Jan?

Shawn-D: Yes, and I know you won't repeat this to anyone.

Belle: No, of course not.

Shawn-D: Jason was right about her parents. They don't care about her. They're never around.

Belle: That's too bad, but a lot of people don't lead perfect lives, and that doesn't give them the right to be mean to everyone.

Shawn-D: I agree, but still -- I don't know. I still feel bad for her. What a night. It's a nice night out.

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn-D: Oh! You see the big dipper?

Belle: Yep, and there's Venus over there. You know, the stars seem a lot brighter from down here.

Shawn-D: Yeah. It's because there's no big city lights to block them all out. You know, uh, your eyes are twinkling kind of like the stars.

Belle: You know, Shawn, I was thinking about what we were talking about earlier -- having sex.

Shawn-D: And? You agree, right?

Jan: Look. Maybe we just better forget this.

Paul: And blow an opportunity for you to become the next Julia Roberts? Come on, baby. I'm just trying to get you hip to what's up on a movie set. You don't want the cameras to start rolling, then you freak out, do you?

Jan: No.

Paul: So we got to get your feet wet. Like, say you're doing a scene and the actor has to put his hands all over you. How are you gonna handle that?

Jan: I don't know.

Paul: Well, we got to figure that out so you don't blow any auditions. Now, come here. Don't -- I'm not gonna do anything you don't want me to do.

Jan: You sure?

Paul: Trust me. We'll just get the moves down.

Jan: Ok.

Paul: Cool. Come here. Just step right here, all right? All right. We'll set up the technical end here. This right here is the camera, all right? Now, the shot will be a medium close-up, all right, with a push in. You ready?

Jan: Yeah.

Paul: All right. Take that jacket off, would you? Oh. We'll put this down right there. There you go. Lay down.

Jan: Here?

Paul: Yeah, right there. There you go. Just like that -- perfect.

Jan: Now what?

Paul: We act naturally. Like this.

Jan: Whoa. Whoa!

Paul: Ok.

Jan: Easy!

Paul: Ok, ok, we can take it a little more slowly. Just relax. Everything's cool.

Fay: What I do with my life is my business, Nicky.

Nicole: Not when it affects me. Look. Did Paul say anything else? Did he give you any kind of clue where he was?

Fay: I don't know. I could hear some music in the background, like calypso or something.

Nicole: Calypso?

Fay: Look, Nicky. I am not taking up with Paul again, but as I said, I will help if he needs and wants my help.

Nicole: I'm really glad to hear you say that. Get out.

Fay: You are so proud of yourself, aren't you? Bossing me around like I'm beneath you, your own mother.

Nicole: I asked you to leave.

Fay: You're not a nice person anymore, Nicky. You say you're ashamed of me, and here you are, acting like a tramp, sleeping with Mr. Kiriakis. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Nicole: Oh! That man makes everyone crazy. Why don't you just stay wherever the hell you are and don't come back? Calypso music and kids. Oh, my God.

Nicole's voice: What are you gonna do, daddy, beat it out of me?

Paul: Sometimes I think you try to get me mad, don't you? Ok, ok. Just -- all I want is to know what you know about these kids, that's all.

Nicole: They're going on a trip to Puerto Rico to study ecology.

Paul: Damn. Have they gone yet? How did they get there?

Nicole: They're taking a commercial jet. Then there's a charter boat to some deserted island.

Paul: Oh, yeah? Well, when? When are they going?

Nicole: He's conning me as usual. He's after that stupid can the kids found buried in the yard.

John: Whoa, whoa, Victor. Why don't we slow down here? I don't want you going nutty on me now.

Victor: Does Brady know about this?

John: Of course he does.

Victor: Well, I hope to hell he disowned you when he found out.

John: Well, let's just say that he wasn't happy about it, but he's a smart boy, and he knows that it's good for me and my business. Besides, this is none of your concern, anyway. I'm gonna hire the best person for the job. That person is Kate Roberts. End of story.

Victor: There is no story, John. If you hire Kate Roberts, you're setting me up as the biggest adversary you can imagine.

John: Fine, if that's the way you want it.

Victor: Damn it, John! You can't do this! You can't hire that woman!

John: Oh, for God's sakes, Victor, come on!

Victor: If you do, if you defy me, I will do everything in my power to ruin your company. I won't stop until I see you destroyed.

Philip: Oh, man, look at you.

Jason: What's your problem?

Philip: You're wrecked! God.

Jason: Hey, dude, that's a good flask.

Philip: You better sober up, Jason. If you're not careful, you're gonna get us all in trouble.

Jason: Ok, ok. I won't cause any problems. I -- I'm just gonna go for a swim or something to sober up.

Philip: You better be. You had better be totally sober when you get back to camp.

Mimi: You feel so good, Kevin. I love when you touch me.

Mimi's voice: Oh. Look. Maybe I shouldn't have opened my big mouth. Maybe I should have just turned around and gone the other way and let you and Shawn do whatever you wanted to do, but I couldn't, Belle, because I care about you a lot, and I just think that the first time you... Well, being a -- oh, I'll say it. Being a virgin. Well, being one then not being one, it only happens once in your whole life, and once you're not one, you can never go back to being one.

Mimi: Stop.

Shawn-D: See, the thing is, we're in paradise down here on this island, and I don't want that to be the reason that you and I, you know, get carried away.

Belle: I know. It's kind of like a dream.

Shawn-D: Yeah, and if we get too caught up in it, then I don't want you to be sorry when we get back to Salem because I don't want you to think that I don't want to --

Belle: No, Shawn. I understand. I understand. I think we should wait, too. I just got so caught up in this feeling that I was on a honeymoon or some -- oh, my God. I did not mean "honeymoon." I meant that I got caught up in the atmosphere.

Shawn-D: I know what you meant.

Belle: Ok. Well, maybe we should go take a swim or something, cool off.

Shawn-D: Something tells me that we wouldn't be "cooling off."

Belle: You're right. Ok. So should we head back to the campsite?

Shawn-D: Yeah. I -- I guess that would probably be the smart thing to do. I do want to go find Jan, though, see if she's ok. I'll walk you back first.

Belle: No. It's ok. You don't have to do that.

Shawn-D: It's not --

Belle: No. It's --

Philip: Hey.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn-D: Did you find Jason?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah. I threw away his flask and told him to sober up. What are you guys up to?

Belle: Shawn was just gonna go check on Jan.

Philip: Right now?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Philip: Ok. Well, see you later, bro.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, I'll catch you guys later.

Belle: Ok. It's so sweet of Shawn to be worried about Jan.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Now it's just you and me, kid.

Belle: Ha ha ha!

John: Now, where the hell do you get off threatening me?

Victor: Get out of my office.

John: Oh, Victor, just stop, will you? Come on. You can't be this angry just because I'm giving someone a job.

Victor: She's not someone. She's Kate. She's a harridan. She's a miserable, lying, lowlife, money-grubbing bitch.

John: Who happens to be the mother of your son.

Victor: And that's the only reason she's still living, believe me.

John: No, I don't think so. No. I think you're kidding yourself, Victor.

Victor: If I cared what you meant by that, I'd ask, but since I don't, the door's in the same place it was when you came in.

John: There's a very fine line, and you just crossed over it.

Victor: Crossed what? What the hell are you talking about?

John: You and Kate. You're still in love with her.

Victor: You're insane.

John: Shouldn't be that surprising. Come on, you spent all those years together. You shared a home and a son. She's in your blood. She always will be. Just face it.

Victor: Get out, John, now. I mean it.

John: I wasn't sure, but why else would you be so angry if I didn't hit a nerve here? It's true you've never gotten over her. Hey. Don't worry about a thing. I won't say a word to her.

Victor: If you think that's funny... John, because of Isabella, I've always treated you like a son. I've trusted you as I've trusted few people in my life, but you chose to turn your back on that. You've taken my friendship and my trust and you've spit on them. Well, I'm not about to forget that, John, not ever, and whatever happens as a result of this, I want you to know it's on your head.

John: It's on my head? What, are you putting a curse on me now? So what's next, Victor? You gonna put a contract on me? You gonna have me shot?

Victor: Feel lucky that I don't. You mean nothing to me now, John. Get out.

Marie: It can be a war zone around here. Wear your flak jacket next time.

Fay: Thanks, but there won't be a next time. Thanks for letting me use the phone.

Marie: Oh, my pleasure.

Victor: What do you want?

Nicole: Just wanted to know what got you so upset and if I can do anything to help.

Victor: Just close the door on your way out.

Nicole: Victor, I have to tell you something important, and it can't wait.

Victor: Well, actually, Nicole, I've got something important to tell you, too.

Philip: So, should we head back to camp? We got a big day tomorrow. Got to find the ruby.

Belle: I don't know. I kind of want to celebrate. Let's go for a swim.

Philip: Should we get wild and crazy and go skinny-dipping?

Belle: Um, you know what, Philip? I think I'm gonna leave my bathing suit on this time.

Philip: Aw.

Belle: Sorry.

Philip: Hey! Wait up!

Kevin: What's the matter? What did I do wrong?

Mimi: Nothing. You did everything right. That's -- that's why I have to stop.

Kevin: I've never had an experience like this. You're so amazing.

Mimi: Here I was, giving my "slow down" advice to Belle, and now I know why she didn't want to take it.

Kevin: You're saying you don't want to slow down?

Mimi: That's what I'm saying, Kevin -- I don't. But I do.

Kevin: Hey, if -- if you're worried about... Anyway, not to pressure you, but I came prepared -- with this.

Paul: Ok. We're gonna work on your close-up now.

Jan: My close-up?

Paul: Yeah. We need a nice close shot of that beautiful face of yours, ok? All right. Now, the camera is gonna move in closer and closer and closer and closer until it's just your eyes.

Jan: Should I open them real wide like that?

Paul: That's right. Oh, that's great. Beautiful, beautiful. They're telling the whole story now. It's all happening right there in your eyes. Feel it?

Jan: Yeah. I can feel it.

Paul: Great. Ok. Now sell it. Pretend you're naked.

Jan: Ok.

Paul: Ok. You're free. You love showing that gorgeous body of yours to the world.

Jan: But it's all happening in my eyes?

Paul: Right, on camera, but off, you're into it. Ok? You love it. You arch your back. You lift your breasts. You got to have it. That's it. Beautiful, beautiful.

Jan: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. What are you doing?

Paul: I'm just helping you get into it, that's all. Come on. Relax.

Jan: No.

Paul: You're doing fine, baby.

Jan: No! I said no! I said no! Stop it! No!

Paul: Hey, relax. Hey, it's too late the cameras are rolling. The cameras --

Jan: Get off of me!

Paul: Might as well enjoy it.

Jan: No! No!

Paul: Hey!

Jan: No!

Paul: Keep screaming, and I'll kill you. All right? Shut up!

Jan: Ah!

Shawn-D: Jan? Jan, where are you? Maybe she's down on the beach talking to Paul. I'll check it out.

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