Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/15/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/15/01

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Colin: You. You first, Miss. If Elizabeth knew I was here, she'd have my head.

Alice: Mmm. This really is a treat, Jennifer Rose. You haven't eaten your burger. Oh, dear. What's the matter?

Jennifer: I'm sorry, Gram. I really wanted this to be a special time for us. But I am just having the most frustrating day.

Alice: Well, what has Jack done now?

Greta: Hi. I'm sorry I'm late.

Jack and Jennifer: No problem.

Greta: What are you talking about, Jack? I'm supposed to meet Jennifer and go shopping.

Jack: Greta is the new friend that you're going to meet?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Greta: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Hello, Princess.

Greta: What's wrong with you? It looks like you just lost your best friend.

Jack: I'm afraid maybe I have.

Shawn-D: The clue. I remember it had writing on it.

Philip: Well, what did it say? Tell me.

Shawn-D: You are not gonna believe it.

Philip: What did it say? Tell me.

Belle: We're back.

Mimi: Safe and sound.

Belle: Miss us?

Shawn-D: Hey, what happened to you guys?

Kevin: You missed this lecture on the greenhouse gases in the Caribbean.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, Philip and I actually went out for a swim and Belle thought I was drowning, so she swam out --

Belle: I got a really bad cramp and Philip had to save me.

Jason: Why not Shawn? Isn't he your hero, Belle?

Shawn-D: Actually, I was a little out of it, and when I came to, I was up on the boat.

Jason: Oh, boat. Hmm. Ok, so you guys are keeping secrets now. Mm.

Paul: That's, uh... Uhh! If those kids tip anybody off, if they screw this up and I don't get my hands on those stolen jewels... They'll all be dead in the water.

Jack: Wake up and smell the mocha. Nobody loves me. Princess Greta was my best friend. I'm afraid Iíve lost her, too.

Greta: Are you on caffeine overdrive, or are you just overreacting? You haven't lost me,

Jack. What in the world are you talking about?

Jack: As if you didn't know. Do you really care about me, Greta?

Greta: Of course I do. What makes you think otherwise?

Jack: I'm afraid I made a big mistake moving in with Jennifer. Maybe the biggest mistake of my so-called life.

Jennifer: Gram, you know when I first came back to Salem, I wanted nothing to do with Jack. I mean, you know how much I fought even moving in with him. But I agreed, for Abby's sake. And then there was that terrible accident, and he was amazing the way he saved my life. I mean, it wasn't the old Jack. He wasn't irresponsible or immature. He was truly my hero.

Alice: So you saw Jack as the man you fell in love with, didn't you?

Jennifer: Yeah. And I'll have to admit that we have been getting a lot closer lately. I mean, he even...

Alice: What, dear?

Jennifer: It's not like it was out of the blue or anything. Abby dared Jack, you know. She said, "daddy, you never kiss mommy anymore," and then before I knew it, there we were, and... Kissing.

Alice: And...How did it make you feel?

Paul: Oh, yeah, that's me. What the hell is this other gibberish, damn it?! Still need these freakin' kids to follow these lousy clues. Can't do it on my own.

Paul: Hey. Hey, you. What are you, deaf?

Penelope: Um, uh, uh, uh, uh, are you speaking to me, sir?

Paul: I'm not talking to the coconuts. Get your bony butt in here. Now! Come here.

Penelope: Help! Help!

Jason: So, what's up, guys? What's the big secret?

Philip: Get lost, Jason.

Shawn-D: Yeah, seriously. You're tanked.

Jason: Am not. Come on, mimes, let's spill your guts, man.

Mimi: It's like they said, Jason. We just went for a swim. You know, to kick back. And Belle's, like, one of the top swimmers in gym class...

Belle: But I was really tired from hiking all day.

Mimi: Right. So she got this mondo cramp in her leg, and she was, like, going under, and it was really scary.

Belle: Yeah.

Jan: You're alive?

Belle: Sorry to disappoint you.

Mimi: She wouldn't be if it weren't for Philip. Thank God he aced lifesaving.

Jan: Aw, how romantic. The k-man doing his Baywatch routine. Little Belle flailing her arms. "Save me, Philip! Philip, save me!"

Mimi: Jan. Jan!

Jan: So, he give you mouth-to-mouth, too?

Shawn-D: Ok. All right, Jan, would you give it a rest? Please?

Jan: Ok, Shawn. I was just goofing.

Shawn-D: Well, it's not funny.

Jan: You're so protective of your girlfriend. You know, we put up with this all year from Kiriakis. Don't tell me you're gonna start. I mean, what is this, Belle, the new Chloe?

Shawn-D: It's not like that at all.

Jan: Oh. So she's not your girlfriend.

Shawn-D: Belle almost drowned. Lucky for her, Phil was able to get to her in time. It's nothing to joke about.

Jan: Ok. Chill.

Jason: I'm telling you, there's something going on with these people. They're being very mission impossible. You know what I mean?

Jan: Uh, no, actually you make less sense than usual when you're drunk.

Jason: Well, I'm gonna... Walk around and find something they're doing. Bye.

Jan: Ok. Bye.

Susan: What's this, infighting in the in crowd?

Kevin: This falls under the rubric of the pettiness of teen peer group, circa '01. Myself, I take the long view. Beyond high school. Wait till Kevin Lambert hits the Ivy League, where success is measured by a 4.0 G.P.A. Then they'll see who's really numero uno.

Susan: I've gotta hand it to you, Kevin. You have more confidence than anyone I've ever met.

Kevin: I would venture to guess, Susan, that your D.N.A. also has a gene for self-assurance. Especially when you talk about marketing yourself as the next estee Lauder.

Susan: I will have my own cosmetics company someday. These kids...They don't have a clue as to who I really am. But you do, Kevin.

Kevin: We outsiders have to stick together. Before long, the ones with the brains will end up on top.

Jason: I gotta find out what those guys are up to. Ohh! Ohh! Crap! What is this thing? Ohh! Ohh! Ohh! Come on, my hand! Ohh! Ooh!

Jason: Ohh! Come on, let go! Ohh! Ohh! Somebody help! Please!

Susan: What's wrong?

Jason: Get it off, gigantor!

Susan: Don't you ever call me that again. My name is Susan, got it?

Jason: Whatever, Susan. Go get Shawn and Philip and tell them to get this stupid thing off my hand!

Susan: People think I'm so helpless, and I'm not.

Jason: Well, come here, then, and help me!


Susan: There.

Jason: I thought the thing was gonna eat my arm.

Susan: Have you been drinking?

Jason: No.

Susan: You sound drunk.

Jason: No, I...I drank a bunch of cough syrup today.

Susan: Yeah. Right.

Jason: Who cares what you think, anyway?

Kevin: What's his problem?

Susan: I was just warning him never to call me names again.

Kevin: Don't expect that pea brain to change. But who cares? You can kick his butt, and he knows it.

Susan: Ha ha! Believe me, I've been tempted. But you know what, Kevin? I feel different on the island. It's as though all those boys that call me names seem so wimpy here. I'm not afraid of them anymore.

Kevin: At Salem High, on their turf, the tormentors have a false sense of security. But out here in the real world, they have no power.

Jan: Ok. Pop quiz. Why has my former partner in crime been hanging out so much lately with Belle, Shawn, and Philip? What is up with that?

Mimi: I can hang out with whoever I want. They're my friends.

Jan: Uh...Wrong. Remember how they acted like you were radioactive after the trick we played on googoo at the Last Blast?

Mimi: Don't call her that! That's how this all got started.

Jan: Oh, don't go all goody two-shoes on me now, Lockhart, ok? Jason's right. Something big is going down here, and you are going to fill in the details for me, or else.

Mimi: Just leave me alone.

Jan: You know, you may be able to fool those bozos, but you can't fool me. I know you,

Mimi. I know you're lying.

Susan: Hey!

Jan: Don't start running out on me, now.

Susan: Knock it off, Jan.

Jan: Shut up, you big fatty.

Belle: Jan, watch it.

Susan: Go ahead, say it. I dare you.

Paul: It's ok. It's ok. Listen, listen, listen. It's ok, all right. Come on, calm down. Calm down. Nobody's gonna hurt you. Ok? I'm gonna let go now. Listen. I need your help.

Penelope: Y-y-y-you n-n-n-need my --

Paul: Quit jabbering, would you? What are you, some kind of freak?

Penelope: I'm not a f-f-f --

Paul: Ok, ok, ok. Listen, no offense, kid, all right? All right? Ok? Don't mind me. I -- I just -- had a rough sail this afternoon. A couple of your buddies almost drowned. They're ok. But, man, it was close, and it got me going. All right, look. This is the deal. I lost my reading glasses. I need you to be my eyes for me. Ok? Where is that thing? Here. Here it is. Read it. What does it say?

Penelope: "P-Paul..."

Paul: Come on, speak up! All right, all right. Pretty please.

Penelope: "Paul, you're in the pink if you get this far. It's almost time to look for a star. But not the kind you see in the sky. Look at these numbers, and you'll know why."

Paul: Damn you!

Jennifer: Great. How did it feel when Jack kissed me? I don't know. It's confusing.

Alice: It brought back old feelings?

Jennifer: Gram, he told me he loved me. He barely ever said that when we were married, and now out of the blue he kisses me, he tells me he loves me like he means it.

Alice: Well, maybe Jack is trying to change.

Jennifer: But I'm afraid to trust him, Gram. It's Jack. He always has an agenda. He can be so romantic and so charming and then two-time me with a scam.

Alice: Well, what if he doesn't this time? I believe that Jack really loves you. Why would that be a problem? Unless you have feelings for somebody else.

Nurse: Um, this would be the office that you want.

Colin: You're very kind.

Craig: Come in.

Colin: I'm sorry. Am I too early?

Nancy: Too early for what?

Colin: I'm here for a job interview, actually.

Craig: Oh! Dr. Murphy. Dr. Wesley. Come on in. This is, uh, my wife Nancy Wesley. It's Dr. Murphy.

Nancy: Oh, a pleasure. Oh, I just love your accent. Say something else.

Colin: Thank you. I like yours, too.

Nancy: I only wish I had one. Go on, say some more.

Colin: I'm not sure what to say. Look, if you two are busy, I can wait outside.

Nancy: That was smashing. Like 007. "Look, if you two are busy, I could wait outside."

Craig: My wife -- you'll have to excuse her. She's a bit of an anglophile, and...

Nancy: Oh, Irish, English, Scottish. I just love a man with an accent. My first film of James Bond was Goldfinger. When he said, "Bond. James Bond..." I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

Craig, as Bond: Nancy, why don't you step outside and let Dr. Murphy and I carry on with business.

Nancy: Ok, sweetheart.

Craig: Good-bye, darling.

Nancy: Good-bye. Ta-ta.

Craig: That's my wife. Have a seat. Dr. Murphy, you, uh... You do understand that whatever we discuss here in this office stays here in this office?

Greta: What do you mean, moving in with Jennifer was a mistake?

Jack: I had hoped that Jennifer and I could remarry for Abigail's sake and be a family again. I said to myself, Jack, get a plan. But the fact is, I have no plan. None that'll work, anyway.

Greta: Oh, Jack, you can't give up. Come on, don't you think that you and Jennifer will work things out someday? I mean, retie the knot?

Jack: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Anyway, marriage is grossly overrated. People make such a fuss about "till death do us part." Which I always thought was a rather morbid way of looking at marriage. Now, why get married with a justice of the peace or a minister? Why not just use an actuary, if it all just comes down to life expectancy?

Greta: And your point here is?

Jack: Marriage humbug. Women put far too much stock in romance and sexual entanglements. It's a joke.

Greta: Jack, falling in love can be beautiful. Making vows to each other that will last forever, having children together-- that's what life is all about. Oh, come on, Jack. You can't give up on romance.

[Jack shuddering]

Greta: Come on, you have to work on it.

Jack: Phooey! Phooey. I say phooey to romance and sex. Oh, children. Granted, that is the most important thing. Raising a wonderful child. Making sure that her life is better than mine will ever be. That's all I want now. For Abigail's life to be perfect.

Greta: Jack, Abigail's life is not going to be perfect. No one's life ever is. We all have disappointments and setbacks. Abigail might get hurt. She might even get her heart broken. And you might not be there to mend it.

Jack: Her heart's already been broken. She was devastated that her parents aren't living together as husband and wife.

Greta: Look, even if you and Jennifer split up, Abby has two parents that love her very, very much. Believe me, I know what it's like. I was forced to be strong in a lot of ways because I didn't have a father, at least when I was growing up.

Jack: What do you mean, at least when you were growing up? Are you saying you didn't have a father then, but you have a father now?

Greta: You're missing my point, Jack. What I meant to say is that I didn't know who my biological father was growing up. I mean, I always thought it was the Prince of Amberg, but... He was dead. But what we're talking about is you and Jennifer. I mean, what is happening between the two of you?

Jack: I told you, it's over. Jennifer's not interested in me anymore. I know she moved in with me because of Abigail, but...

Greta: But you wanted more. Yes, I did. Alas, it was a pipe dream. Totally impractical. And now I don't know what I want.

Greta: Ok, well, what do you mean that you don't know what you want? You don't know what you want with Jennifer, or you don't know what you want with your life?

Jack: All of the above.

Greta: Ok. Self-pity is not very attractive, Jack.

Jack: You're right. You're right. I refuse to wallow in regret and recrimination. New subject. Let's talk about mio et vows. You and me, my chickadee.

Greta: You and me as in us? What about us, Jack?

Jack: The question's obvious. What are we going to do with the rest of our lives? Thank goodness we're in this foxhole we call life together. Observe. We have the same problem. You have no direction, either. No prince on a white charger up on the horizon. No real prospects of love, marriage, or procreation in the near or distant future.

Greta: Gee, Jack, you really know how to lift a girl's spirits.

Jack: Sorry, ma'am, theme's the facts.

Greta: You know, I should be insulted, but you are right. Ah, Jack, I do, I do. I want a family, but, uh, finding an eligible man -- oh, it's a problem for me.

Jack: It's a good thing we're friends. At least we have a shoulder to cry on.

Greta: Yes, but the crying thing is getting old, Jack. I think it's time that we cheer ourselves up. So, why don't we go to the blue note and have some drinks, my treat. Come on, Jack. Our luck might change.

Jack: Last night, Brandon Walker asked me to pick up chicks with him in that den of iniquity. Frankly, I'd rather drink poison than foray into the seedy singles scene again.

Greta: Well, you're gonna have to get your feet wet. You cannot spend the rest of your life alone, and if Jennifer's not willing to work things out with you, then... Maybe you're gonna have to move on.

Jennifer: Gram, I don't know if I'll ever have that kind of love again. And even if I agreed to get back together with Jack, I mean romantically, how could I be sure that it wouldn't be a rerun of our time in Africa? I mean, what if we went right back to the old "I have to run off to Kuala Lumpur" for some get-rich-quick routine? I don't want to do that again. I don't want to be ignored physically and emotionally. It makes me feel stuck, Gram.

Alice: Well, remember "for better or for worse"?

Jennifer: How can you even say that to me? How can you throw my marriage vows in my face? I mean, that's what Jack does when he's trying to make me feel guilty, grandma, and I will not stand for it. I'm sorry. It is so wrong for me to speak to you that way, Gram. It's disrespectful. Please forgive me.

Alice: Darling, stop. I'm not some antique object that will break into pieces if you raise your voice to me. It's just that, well, if people took their wedding vows seriously --

Jennifer: I know. I know. And you're right. I just -- I don't want to talk about this right now. Can we change the subject? Come on. I have a better subject. Let's talk about that ruby, the one that grandpa gave you, the one that got stolen. Ok, now, remember you told me that they didn't catch the thieves, but I want to know, didn't they leave any clues behind?

Penelope: Is this like some kind of riddle?

Paul: They're all stupid riddles. I'll get that lousy son of a -- hey, kid, what's your name?

Penelope: Sh-sh-shy girl -- I mean p-Penelope.

Paul: You got the jitters, or what?

Penelope: I-I'm just kind of shy. I always have been. When people bark at me like you do, I don't know, it scares me.

Paul: Doesn't your old man bark when you do something wrong?

Penelope: No. Both parents are real quiet.

Paul: Hmm. Well, listen, tell me something. Are you friends with that Jan chick? You know, the real cute one?

Penelope: Jan Spears is not the kind of girl who'd be friends with someone like me.

Paul: Do you know where she is right now, 'cause I gotta get me some action around here.

Susan: Want to do a little name-calling? Go ahead, Jan, spit it out.

Jan: You big phony.

Susan: That's not what you were gonna say. You were gonna call me a big fat something, or maybe you wanted to say gigantor. Go ahead, I dare you. We're not in school. And you're not in with the in crowd anymore, are you? Not after what you did to Chloe Lane. Call me a name. See what happens.

Jan: I don't have to take this garbage from you. I mean, you're a...You're a big nothing.

Susan: Oh, you can do better than that. Come over here and say it.

Kevin: Go ahead, Jan. Get closer.

Belle: You're not afraid, are you, Jan?

Jason: I can't believe that you're scared of Susan.

Jan: I am not scared of anybody.

Susan: I want an apology, Jan, for all the mean things you've ever said to me. Apologize now, or I'll make you.

Belle: Ooh! Ohh!

Philip: Come on man, tell me. What the hell was written on the clue you found out there? Do you remember?

Shawn-D: It was underwater, so it was hard to see. But I swear to you, it said Paul. It had a bunch of numbers on it.

Philip: Wait a second. Do you think Paul had something to do with stealing those jewels?

Shawn-D: Dude, let's get out of these things, and we'll talk about it some more, all right?

Alice: After the jewelry store was robbed, none of the gems were ever recovered.

Jennifer: And there were no clues?

Alice: No, the trail was cold.

Jennifer: And the police, they never had any suspects?

Alice: No, dear, I'm afraid that beautiful ruby Tom gave me for our 30th wedding anniversary is gone forever. But the love he gave me every single day of our lives is still with me.

Jennifer: I get the message. Love should last a lifetime.

Alice: So, search your heart, dear.

Jennifer: Gram, I can't.... I can't keep putting all this work into a failed relationship. I mean, I would be the one carrying all of the weight. Jack would just be off being Jack.

Alice: Can't you at least talk to him?

Jennifer: Maybe I'm afraid to talk to him.

Alice: Why, dear?

Jennifer: Maybe I'm afraid that he will talk me into giving him another chance. And maybe I don't trust myself with Jack. I mean, Gram, I think maybe I just need a little more time. Especially since I told you that something happened in Africa.

Alice: Oh. You mean the man that --

Jennifer: Yeah, Gram. I can't stop thinking about that man. And I thought that I heard his voice in The Blue Note last night, and it was like my heart stopped. I mean, what if he's here in Salem?

Craig: Quite an extensive curriculum vitae. Very impressive credentials. Internship at London Royal Medical, boarding school in Kent. Thus the English accent.

Colin: Growing up, it was always a dream of mine to be a doctor. Especially to help young children.

Craig: It says here you recently did some volunteer work in Africa.

Colin: Some places, over half the population is struggling with aids. And famines and civil wars, but, uh, I'm sure you're well aware of all that.

Craig: Yes, I am. Well, you've certainly lived up to your Hippocratic oath.

Colin: Actually, in the Sahara, I worked very closely with a doctor from Salem.

Craig: Who was that?

Colin: Bill Horton.

Craig: Bill Horton. Ha. Father of the former Chief of Staff here at University Hospital. Oh, those Horton's, they go so far back, they think they built this place.

Colin: I happen to have a family connection here as well.

Colin: Do you? My mother is Shawn Brady's sister, as in the Brady pub. Do you know it?

Craig: Yes, well, Iíve had the pleasure of raising a pint there meself.

Colin: It does remind me of home. In fact, I think I'd like to settle down here. My, uh, fiancť's not too keen on the idea, however.

Craig: Ah, well, a doctor's career always comes first. Doctors usually win those particular arguments with their wives.

Colin: You've not met my Elizabeth.

Craig: No, I haven't, but I'm sure you'll be able to work that out.

Colin: An appointment at University Hospital might prove incentive to stay.

Craig: Yes, well, uh, it might, but... Dr. Murphy, I'm afraid Iíve got some bad news for you.

Greta: Jack, you might have to find yourself another woman.

Jack: I don't want another woman. I only want Jennifer.

Greta: Jack Deveraux, you are not the typical man.

Jack: Yes, Iíve heard that before. High school, college. Jack...Jack is different. Eccentric. Not a duck. Well, if it quacks like a duck, lord love a duck, I'm just... Jack. One of a kind. Unique and irreplaceable. Love me or leave me. Jennifer decided to leave me. So what am I gonna do? Hmm? We moved in together under one roof, and Jennifer is not taking this relationship any further. What, we're gonna live together and be miserable for the next 40 or 50 years?

Greta: I'll tell you what we're gonna do. You are going to cheer up. At least for the next 60 minutes. You know why? It is happy hour, and I think what you need... Is a share of happy.

Jack: No, no, no, mummy. No, no, no.

Greta: Ok. Come on. You're so gonna go. If you don't go, I'm gonna have to give you a spankin'.

Jack: Oh. Really, I didn't know the Princess was into corporal punishment. Kinky.

Greta: Jack, you're really funny. Come on. Ha ha ha ha! Let's go. Happy hour is a-wastin'.

Jack: Wait a minute. Thank you.

Greta: For what?

Jack: For being a friend. Ahh... A real friend.

Belle: Go ahead, Jan. Say you're sorry.

Mimi: If she wanted to, she could put your lights out.

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Jan: Look, I don't know what the big deal is, gi -- Susan, but if I unintentionally hurt your feelings, I am sorry. I can't have fr -- friends like you turning me in to Mr. Woods. I am on probation, and I'd hate to have to spend time in juvie detention because of you.

Susan: Not good enough, Jan. You're making up pathetic excuses for having to apologize. I need it to be sincere.

Jason: Yeah. Apologize like you mean it.

Jan: I don't have to stand here and take this.

Belle: Hey, Jan, say you're sorry.

Susan: Or you won't be able to stand at all.

Jan: Ok... I'm sorry.

Belle: Good job. Way to go, Susan.

Jan: I'll get her for this. Fatso freak.

Paul: Wonder where Jan is right now.

Penelope: I have no idea.

Paul: Then what good are you? Huh? Get lost. Boo!

Penelope: Aah!

Paul: Hit the road, Olive Oil. I'll squash you like a bug, you... Freaky twit. Ah, you don't stack up to Jan, baby. Mm-mmm. Jan-meister is hot. Oh, I gotta get me a piece of that girl before I leave the island. You are gonna love it, baby, when we make it. But first, I gotta deal with this...Pain in the butt Shawn Brady. Ah, I'm sure he saw my name on this thing. If he starts nosing around, he'll regret it.

Shawn-D: Look, I just don't wanna scare Belle, ok? 'Cause I think there's definitely something up with this Paul guy. I think he knows more than what he's saying. It's--I just don't get how he knew about my great-grandmother's ruby.

Paul: So maybe I can help you search for what you're looking for.

Shawn-D: The birds. No, uh, we can find those on our own.

Paul: Uh, you don't need a map to find rare birds. You also mentioned you were looking for your great-grandmother's ruby.

Shawn-D: I swear I never said anything to that guy. I don't know how he knew about it.

Philip: And why was he so jazzed to help us search? Maybe he's been after those jewels all along.

Shawn-D: And he's using us to take all the risk so he can just take off with the treasure. You know, when we found out that that first clue was underwater, he was real quick to suggest that I be the one to go dive down and get it. How are we gonna get to that? I mean, it's buried at sea.

Paul: You're young and spry. You can do it. Tell me, brave and confident Shawn, how long can you hold your breath while you're swimming with the sharks?

Shawn-D: You know, he made it sound like he was joking around, but I think he knew that that clue was booby-trapped.

Philip: I think you're right, Shawn. Something fishy is going on here.

Shawn-D: And I wanna find out what Captain Paul is really up to.

Craig: Well, Dr. Murphy, I am sorry to say it, but right now we just don't have any openings.

Colin: I see. Could there be a position in the near future?

Craig: Uh, I'll tell you, right now one of our senior staff is actually thinking about retiring, but as of yet, he just hasn't made any decisions. Most people here think he's gonna die with a scalpel in his hands, but, uh... I'm sorry. I can't make any promises.

Colin: I understand. Thank you for your time.

Craig: Ah. Thank you. Thanks for coming in. We'll be in touch.

Colin: Ah, well. It was worth a shot. Salem is where I want to be.

Jennifer: I mean, it's -- it's impossible. He couldn't be in Salem. And if he were, I would be so embarrassed to see him after the fool I made out of myself following him to Ireland. Thank God he is thousands of miles away.

Alice: And on the other hand, Jack is here in Salem trying to work things out.

Jennifer: No, Gram. I mean -- no, not really. Yeah, he kissed me once, and he has said some really sweet things lately, but there's still the games that he plays. Like the game he's playing right now to make me jealous.

Alice: How is he doing that?

Jennifer: He's hanging around with Princess Greta like she is his new best friend. How -- how fair and immature is that? He's using her to drive me crazy.

Alice: And is it working?

Jennifer: No! No, it's not working. It's making me mad. I mean, not only is it juvenile, but Jack is oblivious to the fact of what it could be doing to Greta, I mean, to the fact that she may be developing feelings for him, God help her.

Alice: Well, and if Jack were to return those feelings, would it be a problem for you,

Jennifer Rose?

Jack: Oh, what's the use? Happiness is overrated. Life's like a bad chardonnay -- too tart, with a very unpleasant aftertaste.

Greta: You better be careful, Jack. You're gonna take the happy out of happy hour.

Jack: Touche , Princess. Well, I may be cramping your style. Gorgeous man at, uh, four o'clock. No. No, no, d-don't look. They're checking you out. Maybe I should make myself scarce.

Greta: Yeah, no way. I'm here to make you feel better, Jack. So, uh, ahem, tell me, what's bothering you, Jack?

Jack: You really do care about me, Greta.

Greta: Of course I do.

Craig: Hi, hon.

Nancy: Well?

Craig: Well, what?

Nancy: Well, what happened with that dreamy Dr. Murphy? I hope his office is far from the nurses' station. Otherwise they will never get any work done.

Craig: Well, you don't have to worry about that, because I didn't hire him.

Nancy: Craig, no. Why not? He was charming and witty and intelligent.

Craig: Oh, and you can tell all that from 10 seconds of meeting him, right?

Nancy: Well, yes.

Craig: No. Nancy, you assumed he was witty and intelligent because he has an English accent. If you were chief of staff, that would be reason enough to hire someone, but you're

not, so it's not. Humph.

Nancy: Wait a second. W-what was wrong? His credentials not impressive enough?

Craig: No, no. He has a lot of experience, went to some really wonderful schools.

Nancy: Well, then I think he'd be an asset to the hospital.

Craig: Well, that's where you and I disagree.



Colin's voice: She knew I'd be coming to -- to Ireland.

Jennifer: Why do you say that?

Colin: Because I've really enjoyed getting to know you. Could she still be there? Maybe she's back. I wonder.

Jennifer: Now, why would I care if Greta were interested in Jack? I mean, if she is, that's great. I mean, it's not gonna last long, because eventually she will realize that he is wrong for her.

Alice: Wrong for her. Yes, you're right. Because he's still in love with you.

Jennifer: Gram.

Alice: And part of you is still in love with him.

Greta: I do, Jack. I care about you. I mean, as a friend. And I spent more time with you than I have with anybody else here in Salem. You're probably my closest friend.

Jack: Likewise, I'm glad you're in my life.

Greta: Hmm.

Jack: Jack and the Princess.

Greta: Yes.

Jack: Sounds like a children's story.

Greta: With a happy ending, of course. I think you're pretty amazing, Jack. I understand why Jennifer married you and had a child with you. I think you're a pretty easy guy to love.

Kevin: Congratulations. You really put Jan in her place.

Susan: Thanks. It felt damn good, too.

Kevin: I told you, in the real world, brains win every time. These kids are gonna say they knew you when. Susan, you rule.

Belle: I'm getting a really bad vibe here, Mimi.

Mimi: Well, relax. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Belle: I just wish I knew where Shawn and Philip went. I hope they don't do anything stupid.

Shawn-D: Hey, Phil, let's not tell Belle and Mimi about any of this, 'cause Belle almost drowned out there today, and I just don't wanna put her in any more danger.

Philip: Yeah, you're right. Come on. Let's go.

Paul: What do you two want?

Shawn-D: We wanna know what the hell you're really up to.

Philip: Yeah. No more messing around. We want the truth.  

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