Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/14/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/14/01--Canada; Wednesday 8/15/01--USA

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Victor: I still don't understand why you think this is necessary. Didn't I promise that I would protect you?

Nicole: I know, Victor, but this is something I have to do.

Lexie: Let's say I did get in touch with my father. He has connections all over the world. Perhaps there's some doctor he knows of -- someone who could help restore Hope's memories of her life as Gina.

Hope: It's worth a shot --

John: Damn it, Lexie, I'm warning you. You stay the hell out of this! Damn it, Lexie. What the hell are you up to anyway? Well, no sense in wasting time. I'm going to put an end to this right now.

Rolf: Alexandra, good afternoon. I had no idea you were home.

Lexie: Yeah, I've been home for a while now. I just put Isaac down for his nap.

Rolf: So how was your little rendezvous with Hope? Anything new to report?

Lexie: Well, we had a long talk, and...

Rolf: And what?

Lexie: It couldn't have turned out better.

Hope: I love you so much, Brady.

Bo: Is there something else you needed to tell me?

Hope: Yes, yes. Actually there is. I just want to make sure that you know whatever I find out about Gina -- whatever Stefano did to me while I was under his control -- it won't change things. Our family's what's most important. You, Shawn, JT... Oh, look at him. He's always going to be your son.

Bo: Yes, I know, Hope. We've had this discussion. I get the feeling there's something else you wanted to say. Why don't you tell me what's really on your mind?

Belle: I can't see. I can't make out what happened.

Mimi: Someone dove in. I think it was Shawn.

Belle: I think so, too. But what's taking him so long?

Philip: He's got it! Shawn's got it! All right! Yeah!

Philip: Oh, my God! Something's wrong down there. Shawn's in trouble!

Paul: Get it! Get it! Come on! Get that damn thing!

Rolf: What happened, Alexandra?

Lexie: Great news. You are not going to have to do a thing to refresh Hope's memories of her past. She'll take care of it all herself.

Rolf: So, we don't have to accelerate the process of changing Hope back into Princess Gina?

Lexie: No, not now. Hopefully not ever. But, Rolf, remember, Hope is my dear friend. I don't want any harm to come to her.

Rolf: No, no, no. Of course not.

Lexie: Good. I just want her to be so consumed with this Gina thing that she doesn't have time to even flirt with the idea that our babies were switched.

Rolf: If you'll change your mind about the procedure, Alexandra, it could speed things up a bit.

Lexie: No, absolutely not. That won't be necessary. However, I'll still need your help... Along with my father's. For something else.

Rolf: Your wish is my command.

Lexie: I have to be able to feed Hope with bits and pieces of information to intrigue her...To stimulate her interest in her past.

Rolf: That shouldn't be too difficult. I'll make sure you have everything you need.


Doorbell rings]

Lexie: I wonder who that is. I'm not expecting anyone. Uh, oh, ok. Excuse me.

Lexie: You? What do you want from me now?

Hope: It's getting pretty close to his nap time. I better to get him home.

Bo: You know, you're avoiding the subject.

Hope: No, I'm not.

Bo: Yes, you -- you were about to tell me something. And I get the feeling it was very important.

Hope: I am not trying to be selfish. If I don't tell Bo the truth, he's going to keep asking questions, and the whole thing's going to explode.

Marlena: And what if you do tell him? If you tell him the truth, it won't just make things worse, it could mostly likely destroy both of our families.

Bo: I've had dreams of being face to face with the person and tearing him apart, and that's what I would have done tonight. Ripped the heart out of the man who took advantage of you... Raped you. DiMera’s the one who is responsible for this whole thing, but the man who actually... If I found out that it was John...

Hope: What? What?

Bo: I'd have killed him.

Hope: All I was going to say was thank you... For being so patient with me and so supportive and loving, Bo.

Mimi: They both have been down there so long.

Belle: Why did Philip go in? It was Philip, wasn't it?

Mimi: I think so.

Belle: Oh, no. Something's wrong. Something is really wrong.

Paul: Quit messing around down there! I need that clue!

Philip: Help!

Paul: What the hell's going on down there?

Philip: Shawn! He's stuck on the bottom.

Paul: Idiot!

Philip: I'm going to go back down and save him.

Paul: Don't worry about it. You need something done, you got to do it yourself.

Mimi: Belle, no! It's too dangerous. What are you doing?

Belle: I have to, Mimi.

Mimi: Belle, come back! What are you doing? Oh, God, please let her be ok.

Belle: What's going on? What's happening? Ow! Ow! Oh, my God! Somebody help me! I don't...Ah! Somebody! Somebody please help me! Philip! Somebody help me! Somebody please help me! I can't swim!

Philip: I'm coming, Belle!

Paul: Come on! Come on, damn it! Get out of there! You breathing yet? Eh? Come on, breathe already. Come on...

Belle: Somebody! Somebody please help me!

Philip: I'm coming!

Belle: Aah!

Mimi: Belle! Belle! Belle! Oh, my God, she has a cramp or something!

Fay: There you go.

Nicole: Shucks, I should have made a reservation.

Fay: Nicky, what are you doing here?

Nicole: What do you think, ma? I'm here for the road kill special. Mmm. All right, I wanted us to talk. Sure beats you just showing up at my office.

Fay: You could've just called me on the phone, you know?

Nicole: Oh, right, like you're ever off-duty. Besides, I didn't want to risk talking to him.

Fay: Paul's gone, Nicole.

Nicole: Terrific. I wasn't sure if it would work. You never know with him.

Fay: What would work? What did you do, Nicky?

John: We need to talk.

Lexie: Now is not a good time.

John: Make it a good time.

Bo: Hope, I am with you on this thing 100% --

Hope: But --

Bo: You're going into very dangerous territory, and you got a family to think about.

Hope: You're saying I shouldn't pursue it.

Bo: No. I'm saying I should be involved with this thing. I'm saying you shouldn't keep secrets from me. Whatever you get from John and Lexie and Greta, you should tell me.

Hope: I really appreciate --

Bo: Ok, then it's settled.

Hope: What --

Bo: Whatever information you come up with about Gina, you'll tell me, I'll take it to Europe and see how it pans out. And while I'm over there...

Hope: While you're over there? What?

Bo: I might take a little side trip to Ireland.

Hope: Oh, God. This isn't really about helping me uncover my past, is it? It's all just an excuse -- an excuse for you to take off to Ireland.

Fay: You saw your father, didn't you?

Paul: For such a fancy building, the security here sucks. Good thing I'm just your loving daddy. Your own parking space. I'm impressed.

Nicole: You scared me half to death.

Paul: Come here. Step this way. I wouldn't want the big shot exec embarrassed by her jailbird father.

Nicole: I'm not embarrassed. I am angry.

Paul: Angry? You used to get mad. But now your vocabulary is as fancy as your car, your clothes. Must be a very sweet scheme you got going.

Nicole: This is not a scam. I do my job damn well, and Victor... Mr. Kiriakis knows that.

Paul: He knows a lot about you, doesn't he? Seeing as how you're in a cohabitation situation.

Nicole: How did you know that?

Paul: Remember, I used to tell you "knowledge is power."

Nicole: Before you went to jail as a two-bit crook?

Paul: Don't talk to me like that.

Nicole: And almost took me along with you?

Paul: The cops had nothing on you. I always protected you.

Nicole: Protected me?

Paul: That's right.

Nicole: You abused me and made me do terrible things.

Paul: I just wanted what was best for you.

Nicole: Oh, right.

Paul: I was trying to help you get to where you are right now, to get you a great big piece of the pie.

Nicole: You know, maybe you should get out of Salem, too, because I know you're not here because of me or mom or Brandon, so why don't you just leave and let us live our lives in peace?

Paul: Look, I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you, ok, baby? Look, if you want me to go -- that's what you really want -- I'll go, ok? Would it be all right if I stayed in touch?

Nicole: Dad, can you understand I have a new life now? I have so much to lose.

Paul: I know. I get it. I do. I really do. [Sighs] Your mom, she wants me gone, that's for sure. I'm sorry I didn't get to see Brandon.

Nicole: I'm sure he'll be all broken up about it.

Paul: So, I'll just do what's best for my family. Hasta la vista.

Nicole: Bye, daddy.

Nicole: Yeah, our paths crossed.

Fay: Nicky, I'm so sorry. I was hoping to keep he'd keep his distance from you kids.

Nicole: Yeah, well, no such luck.

Fay: So, what did you two talk about?

Nicole: His being in Salem... And his not being in Salem. I think he got the picture. Hopefully we won't be seeing good ol' Paul anytime soon. But just in case, I need you to do me a favor.

Fay: What is it?

Nicole: If, God forbid, he does come back... You better pick up that phone, and you better call me. You never protected me when I was a kid, so this is the least you could do for me now.

Fay: Nicky, I know you didn't have the best childhood, but you gotta understand that I did the best --

Nicole: Yeah, yeah, pitch it as a movie of the week. Are we on the same page or what?

Fay: If he comes back, you'll be the first to know.

Nicole: Good. One more thing. If he's out of your life, he's out of mine, so do us both a favor... Stay away from that man. Don't even think about letting him in the house. Take control for once in your life. Change the locks, do whatever it is you have to do.

Fay: He'd still find a way. He'd break down my door if he had to.

Nicole: Then call the cops. Call Abe Carver. Maybe he'll come to your rescue again.

Abe: Nicole and Victor... So, what are you doing here?

Victor: Nicole, we really have to be going. Fay, nice to see you again.

Fay: You, too, Victor.

Nicole: I hope you give some thoughts to what we discussed. Shall we?

Nicole: Oh, I forgot to ask her something. Wait here. I'll be a second. One more thing.

Fay: Yeah?

Nicole: Dad mentioned something about some can. He said the two of you buried it next door at the vacant lot.

Fay: We never buried anything. At least that I can remember. But come to think of it, he did get upset when I told him they were building a house on that lot. What's going on, Nicky?

Nicole: Nothing. I guess I just misunderstood him, that's all.

Lexie: How dare you barge into my house like this!

John: Well, well, well. You are making yourself quite comfortable here, aren't you? Hmm... Perhaps a little too comfortable.

Lexie: What's that supposed to mean?

John: You know what it's supposed to mean. Don't play games with me. What are you up to?

Lexie: What am I up to? You're the one who forced his way in here, throwing out these bogus accusations. So, is this how it's going to be from now on, John? Since you can't harass my father anymore, you're going to start harassing me?

John: Relax. This has nothing to do with Stefano. It has everything to do with Hope. Now why are you pushing her so hard to investigate her life as Gina?

Hope: How could you do this to me? How could you set me up? You weren't even going to tell me about Ireland, were you?

Bo: Well, isn't this interesting? Now you know how I feel about everything you've been keeping from me. Admit it, Hope. If I hadn't caught you and John arguing, you would never have told me the truth.

Belle: Philip!

Philip: I'm coming!

Belle: Help me! I can't swim anymore.

Philip: I got you, Belle. It's ok.

Belle: Where's Shawn?

Philip: I think we're too tired to swim back. Let's get the captain to come get us. Captain!

Belle: Help us! We're over here!

Philip: Captain, we can't make it!

[Paul groaning]

[Shawn coughing]

Belle: Somebody help us!

Paul: You all right? You'll be all right.

Abe: Fay? What's wrong? Is it Paul? Did he hurt you again?

Victor: So what was it you forgot to ask your mother?

Nicole: Remember that can we were talking about? The one that Philip and Shawn found?

Victor: The one your father wants back.

Nicole: Well, I was curious if he ever mentioned it to her. Evidently, he didn't, because she doesn't have a clue.

Victor: The more I hear about this, the less I like it.

Nicole: It's probably nothing.

Victor: It was enough to make you think twice, wasn't it? I think this can has got some great significance for Paul. I think there's a lot more going on here than we're aware of.

Nicole: We may never find out. He left Salem.

Victor: Where did he go?

Nicole: I don't know. I don't care. As long as he stays away from me.

Philip: Captain! Come on, we need some help!

Belle: Philip, why isn't he coming?

Philip: Captain, come on! We need your help!

[Belle and Philip screaming]

Belle: I can't stay up much longer!

Philip: They're coming.

Belle: Over here! Come on!

Philip: Come on, captain!

Belle: Shawn!

Paul: We got you. Here we go. You're all right.

John: I'm waiting for an answer, Lexie. Come on, the two of you were supposed to be friends, right? You know how dangerous it could be for Hope to remember her past.

Lexie: John, I am her friend. That's why I'm trying to help.

John: You want to help? I'll tell you how you can help. You just stay out of it, Lexie. You stay out of it, and DiMera stays out of it.

Lexie: You have no right to dictate what Hope does or doesn't do. If she wants to find out about her past, that's her business.

John: Like hell it is. I will decide what she does and does not know. When somebody married comes to you?

Shawn-D: I feel like such a jerk. I should have known it could have been a trick.

Belle: What happened, Shawn?

Shawn-D: The clue was booby trapped. I got my hand stuck in there, and the thing, it closed on me. The last thing I remember is you coming, man. Thanks. I owe you.

Belle: No! That is it! Shawn, that's it! I know this ruby means a lot to you, but it's too dangerous.

Shawn-D: No, Belle, it's not --

Belle: No! No matter what you say, this is not worth risking your life over!

Paul: Damn you, Buddy. I'll get you for this... After I find the treasure and get rid of those damn kids. Aah!

Abe: I want the truth, Fay. Is Paul still making trouble for you?

Fay: No. He's gone. I haven't seen him -- I haven't heard from him, either.

Abe: Well, good. Let's hope it stays that way.

Fay: How are you? Everything all right?

Abe: No... No, not really. I don't know how much more of this I can take... Going "home" every night to Stefano's house. I know I agreed to do this to make Lexie happy, but lately...

Lexie: Abe, honey, what's wrong?

Abe: I can't live like this. A staff, servants... I'm a police officer. I don't make that kind of money.

Lexie: Honey, it's ok. My father's taken care of everything.

Abe: And that's supposed to make it all right.

Lexie: Abe, come on, please. You promised me that you would do this for Isaac's sake. Honey, he'll be safe and protected here.

Abe: I can protect Isaac, damn it!

Lexie: Yes, I know. I know you can, and please don't take this as an insult, ok? It's not. I know that you are strong and smart and more than capable of taking care of our family, but these circumstances here are unusual, honey, which is why I'll feel much safer here.

Lexie: Honey, we came so close to losing our son. That's what this house and this staff are all about -- protection.

Abe: From what?

Lexie: Well, suppose another one of Marlo's lovers -- many lovers -- shows up in Salem, claiming his son? This house gives us a security that we need, Abe. Can't you see that? You know, if your Salem police department hadn't chased my father out of town, we wouldn't be here.

Abe: You know, my police department was just doing its job. Your father's a sociopath, and if we could get the proof we need, we can lock him up for life!

Lexie: Ok, look, I don't want to have this conversation.

Abe: Oh, good, ok. Then let's talk about going home, huh?

Lexie: I told you we will when my father returns. But until then, can we just make the best of it? Honey, listen, if I can't have my father here to help protect me, can you at least allow me to have his house? I have nothing but love and admiration for my father. He gave us a beautiful little boy, and for that I am eternally grateful to him. As I am to you. You are such a wonderful husband, Abe. You're such a caring, loving, loyal man. Please... Please do this for me. Please, please don't make me live in fear, Abe. Please, I couldn't take it.

Abe: I have no idea what's happening. She hasn't been herself... And these crazy mood swings. I just don't even know what to make of it.

Fay: Maybe she's pregnant?

Lexie: You'll decide what Hope knows, huh?

John: What I meant was --

Lexie: No, no need to explain, John. I understand completely. I mean, after all, you are the father of her son. You're just staking claim to your woman.

John: Oh, knock it off, would you? That couldn't be further from the truth.

Lexie: Keep your voice down! You'll wake Isaac.

John: I'm concerned about Hope.

Lexie: Are you? Or do you just feel guilty because you got her pregnant? Personally, I think that you are the last person Hope should turn to for help.

John: I'm warning you. You're playing with fire here. And I'm going to tell you one time -- stay the hell out of Hope's business!

Hope: Fine, ok, you're right. I wasn't ready to tell you. But did it ever occur to you that I maybe just wanted to sort through everything first before I involved you?

Bo: No, it didn't. I like to tell myself that you love me and trust me enough that you'd share these things with me.

Hope: We're not talking about things I did. This is about g -- oh, my God, why are you making this so difficult for me? Lexie understands. She's supportive.

Bo: Then why are you wasting your time here with me? Go on! Go talk to Lexie! You don't need me.

Hope: I'm sorry. Bo, it's for your own good.

Victor: I have a bad feeling about this, Nicole. If Philip and his buddies still have this mysterious can that your father wants --

Nicole: Not to worry, Victor. Look, I know my father's done some horrible things, but he would never harm Philip or Shawn or any of those kids. It's not his style.

Victor: I could've sworn you said to me he'd go to any extremes to get what he wants. And I sure as hell don't want my son or my grandson caught in the crossfire.

Shawn-D: Look, guys, I wasn't prepared, I admit it, all right? I was wrong. But we have come way to far to stop now. And probably there's not going to be any more clues underwater anyway.

Belle: There better not be. If Philip hadn't come to save me when he did, I don't know what would have happened.

Philip: It was no big deal.

Belle: No, it was a big deal. I have always considered myself an ok swimmer, but when I got out there in the ocean with that current, it --

Mimi: Nothing like the Salem High pool, huh?

Shawn-D: What were you doing that far out there anyway?

Mimi: She was trying to rescue you, Shawn.

Shawn-D: You were?

Belle: Yeah, you were underwater like forever, and... I started to get worried.

Mimi: So, where is this clue anyway?

Shawn-D: I had it. I -- I swear I had it.

Philip: We did all that for nothing?

Belle: Well, I think it's a sign. Fate's way of telling us to forget about all of this.

Paul: What do we have here? Looks like my name... Some numbers... That's good enough for a start.

Abe: Thank you. Pregnant, I hadn't thought of it.

Fay: Well, when you said "mood swings," that's the first thing that came to mind.

Abe: No. It couldn't be. You know, we've been trying for so long. If there was even the slightest chance, she would've told me.

Fay: Then what do you suppose is going on with her?

Abe: I'm willing to bet it's something to do with Stefano. Lexie has blinders on when it comes to him. She won't listen to me or her mother.

Fay: Well, from what you've told me, Lexie's been through a lot lately, Abe. I mean, those people showing up, trying to take Isaac away. That's enough to make anyone a little crazy.

But I'm sure, in time, that things will settle down.

Abe: Let's hope you're right.

Lexie: Who the hell do you think you are, threatening me in my own home? I want you out here, now!

John: I was right. So, you've become your father.

Lexie: Ok, what part of "get out" don't you get?

John: Just slow down, will you? Just stop for a second and take a look around you. This isn't Lexie Carver, for God's sake. It's Stefano DiMera.

Lexie: John, I'm warning you.

John: How could you let them do this to you? You have a husband and a child. They think the world of you. They're counting on you.

Lexie: How dare you drag them into this? Ok, look, since we obviously have a lack of communication, this conversation is over. And when you are ready to behave like a gentleman, you can come back.

John: Just another pawn...

Lexie: Perfect! I got him just where I want him. John and Hope... Will be so distracted with each other, they won't have time to even think about my son. Damn, I'm good.

Bo: Oh, now I get it. These secrets you're keeping are for my own good.

Hope: I hate that word -- secrets.

Bo: Got a better word?

Hope: It is for your own good.

Bo: Oh, phew.

Hope: Ok, look, whatever I find out about my past, I'll let you know, ok? But you have a job. You can't waste your time on this.

Bo: That's what you think I'm doing? Wasting my time?

[Beeper goes off]

Bo: Damn it! I got to get to the station.

Hope: Ok, um... That's fine. We'll talk about this later, ok?

Bo: This conversation is far from over. And I'll tell you something; these secrets you're keeping are putting our marriage in serious jeopardy.

Rolf: Brilliant, Alexandra, brilliant. You played the man like a concertina.

Lexie: Yes, I think our conversation went rather well. John and Hope will be so preoccupied with their past...

Rolf: That you will be left to focus on the future and the care of your precious little son.

John: What's the matter with you anyway, DiMera? It's your own daughter. What the hell have you done to her? One by one, you just got to take control. One by one... I got to get to Hope. I got to get to the bottom of this madness once and for all.

Hope: Bo, you didn't just -- no, you're just upset right now. You really didn't --

Bo: The day we were married, we vowed to be honest. To trust one another. I don't expect anything less than that. See you later, little man.

Hope: Bo, wait. I'm sorry. Please, I love you so much. I hate what this is doing to us.

Bo: I'm not gonna let it go. I'll see you at home.

Hope: Oh, God, JT, what am I going to do? What's mommy gonna do?

Abe: Fay, I'm sorry for dropping all this on you. I know you're going through enough on your own.

Fay: Anytime, Abe. I mean that.

[Cell phone rings]

Abe: Excuse me.

Fay: Sure.

[Turns off ringer]

Abe: Commander Carver.

Bo: Hey, man, I just got paged. What's up?

Abe: You know what, that was probably Simmons. Look, I'm gonna grab a quick lunch break here, and then I'm heading back to the station.

Bo: Good. Because we need to talk.

Abe: Sounds serious.

Bo: Did Lexie mention anything about helping Hope look into her past?

Abe: No. No, she didn't.

Bo: Well, you'll be interested to know that your wife has agreed to go to DiMera for answers.

Abe: She wasn't supposed to be in touch with him.

Bo: How about I meet you at the station in 10:00. We'll continue this.

Abe: Yeah, I'll see you there.

[Hangs up phone]

Abe: What are you up to, Lexie?

Fay: Abe? Is everything all right? Can I help in any way?

Abe: No, I'm sorry, Fay. I better go.

Victor: Good thing Philip and Shawn are out of town right now. I think when they get back, I'll have a couple of my security people keep an eye on them. Just as a precaution.

Nicole: It's really not necessary, Victor.

Victor: Nicole, when it comes to family, you can never be too careful.

Paul: Damn. What if that Brady kid got a look at this before his lights went out? He better not have seen my name -- or he's gonna find himself back at the bottom of the ocean. And this time for good.

Mimi: Major goose bumps, Belle. Come on, let's go find you some towels.

Belle: No, I'm fine.

Shawn-D: No, she's right. Why don't you guys head back to camp, put some dry clothes on?

Philip: Yeah, take it easy.

Shawn-D: Go on, we'll catch up.

Mimi: Sounds like a plan. Let's go.

Shawn-D: Think Belle is going to be all right?

Philip: As long as her boyfriend is. She was really worried about you.

Shawn-D: Thanks for going after her like that, man.

Philip: Don't even think about it. I just wish I could have done more to help you.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I guess I owe Paul a lot, huh? Where is that guy anyway?

Philip: I don't know. Beats me. Come on, maybe we'll run into him on the way back to camp. What? Did you swallow too much saltwater, Brady? Let's go!

Shawn-D: No, I'm just thinking...

Philip: What?

Shawn-D: The clue...

Philip: What about the clue?

Shawn-D: The clue... I remember, it had writing on it.

Philip: Well, what did it say? Tell me!

Shawn-D: You are not gonna believe it.  

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