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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/7/01--Canada; Wednesday 8/8/01--USA

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Jennifer: So, do you, uh... Do you go to The Blue Note a lot? And it's loose, you know, you can let your hair down. [Jennifer snickers]

Jennifer: I'm sorry. That's not something I do very much. Ha ha!

Brandon: So this guy... Jack...How long have you been dating him?

Jennifer: Dating? No. We -- Jack is my ex-husband.

Brandon: Oh, so he's Abby's father.

Jennifer: Yeah. That's right. And for the past couple of months we've been living together in the same house. You know, it was Jack's idea. He thought it would give Abby a sense of security, and it does. It's great for her. But it's not so great for us. In fact, it's really difficult because Jack and I know how to push each other's buttons better than anyone else can.

Brandon: Why? What's the problem?

Jennifer: The problem with me and Jack?

Brandon: Yeah.

Jennifer: Do you have a couple of hours?

Jack: As much as I hate to be so perpetually a friend in need, I'm eternally grateful to you for being such a friend indeed. You are truly the most dependable, reliable citizen in our fair city of Salem, U.S.A. Always there when I need you. What's going on in that royal brain of yours? You look like you've seen the proverbial ghost.

Elizabeth: How much clearer can I be? I refuse to live in this backwater town. Nothing you say, nothing you do --

Colin: Nothing? Are you quite sure?

Elizabeth: That won't work, Colin. The prospect of hobnobbing with these rubes has made me immune to your charms.

Colin: My family are hardly rubes. The Brady's are fine people.

Elizabeth: They own a pub, for Lord's sake. I'm not of the merchant class. I'm of the ruling class, my darling. Normally you adore being ruled by me.

Colin: It's no go at the moment, Liz. I'm determined to spend time with my Uncle Shawn.

Elizabeth: Well, I'd rather spend time in hell. I'd sooner die of thirst in the Sahara Desert than spend one more night in Salem.

[Cell phone rings] [ring]

John: Yeah, hello.

Hope: John, it's Hope. Are you alone?

John: Marlena's upstairs working. What's going on?

Hope: I need to see you. I'm in my car outside your building. Can you come down?

John: I'm not so sure that's a good idea right now.

Hope: Look, I'm having a problem with Bo, and he's your problem, too. [Sighs]

John: Yeah. I'll tell you what, just hold on. I'll be down in a minute. [Hangs up]

Rolf: Ha! Now, now, Alexandra, Stefano is not going to let you lose your child. However, Hope has been asking too many questions. It's time to distract her.

Lexie: Rolf, you just don't get it, do you? Hope is my dear friend! To turn her back into Princess Gina --

Rolf: Well, I've told you, Hope will remember being Gina anyway. All we are talking about is using her inevitable relapse to your own advantage.

Belle: You thought our first date was a disappointment.

Shawn-D: No. Ok. That's not what I meant. I -- I meant that I just -- I didn't want it to end that early, you know? I just wanted -- I just -- at the end, I wanted it to be...Different.

Belle: Different?

Shawn-D: Yeah.

Belle: How did you want it to end different, Shawn?

Shawn-D: Well, I, um... I wanted to...For -- you know, for us... Ok. Maybe I should just...Show you.

Philip: Meems, look at that...

Mimi: Oh, my gosh.

Like sands through the hourglass... So are the Days of Our Lives.

Lexie: Rolf, Hope is more than just my friend. I've never known another woman to be so unselfish --

Rolf: Unselfish enough to willingly give you her own child? [Sighs]

Lexie: Dammit! This isn't her fault.

Rolf: No, it isn't yours either, but that does not diminish the enormity of the problem facing you. [Lexie sighs]

Rolf: Your dear friend Hope... Or your beloved son Isaac. You must choose. [Sighs]

Lexie: I choose...My son. He needs me. He's become a part of me.

Rolf: There, that wasn't so difficult, was it?

Lexie: I want you to call my father. You tell him that before I make this decision I need to know the details of John Black's past with Princess Gina. I need to know what I'd be letting Hope in for.

Rolf: Very well. I will convey your message to Stefano.

Lexie: And you tell him I think his plan is cruel and horrible! Oh, Hope. Oh, God! How could I do this to you?

Hope: John.

John: So, what's going on with Bo?

Hope: We were at the pub, and Bo was in this mood. He really got into it with his dad. Anyway, he started in on me about the baby --

John: And what about the baby?

Hope: He accused me of lying to him and said I was keeping secrets. And, of course, since I am -- John, I can't hold my family together without the truth. Look, I am really sorry if Marlena is having a problem with this, but I can't put her needs ahead of my son's. Ahead of my husband's. You made a promise to me. Please don't go back on --

John: I spoke with Marlena. And she has agreed that you... Deserve to know about your past as Gina.

Hope: Ok. Ok. Tell me everything. I don't care how strange it is or how upsetting. I just want to know.

John: All right. Not here.

Philip: There's something out there. Maybe the creature from the Black Lagoon.

Mimi: Shut it, Philip! You're just trying to scare me.

Philip: I wouldn't do that to you.

Mimi: I do see something, though. Hey! Who's out there? Hey!

Belle: Was that Mimi?

Shawn-D: I think only she yells like that.

Belle: I'm just glad that wasn't Mr. Woods or Ms. Perez. Do you think Mimi saw us?

Shawn-D: What? We weren't doing anything wrong.

Belle: No! No, not wrong. It felt really right.

Shawn-D: I just wish everyone would go away. Heh.

Belle: I forgot anyone else was here. We should go.


Jack: Earth to Greta, come in Greta.

Greta: Um...I'm sorry.

Jack: Were you ever far away.

Greta: Yeah, I was -- I was thinking about my past, which I don't need to be doing. [Sighs] Thanks for ringing me up.

Jack: A drink at The Blue Note is just what you need, Princess. Me, too. It's just great that I can have a friend that I can relax with, a friend like you.

Greta: Ok, Jack, I know we're friends. You don't have to keep reminding me.

Jack: Yeah, but if you like being my friend --

Greta: Yeah, but it's just not too flattering when you go on and on and on as if you don't want me to get the wrong idea.

Jack: Not my intention at all. You royals are much too sensitive. Must be all that blue blood coursing through your veins. Is blue blood thinner? It must be.

Greta: Yeah, well, maybe if I was a commoner I'd have better luck with men.

Jack: You stick with me, Princess, I guarantee your luck will change.

Greta: Yeah, well, tonight?

Jack: Who knows? Maybe both of our problems will be solved.

Greta: You've got a problem, Jack?

Jack: Oh...

Greta: Oh, let me ask. Maybe -- does it have something to do with Jennifer?

Jennifer: I'm sorry, I have spent so much of my life obsessing about Jack, and that's it. It's going to stop tonight.

Brandon: Is that right?

Jennifer: Yes. Because I am with a great guy. I'm in this really cool car, and we're going to a jazz club, and I'm not gonna blow it by complaining about the man that I divorced. So that's it, no more talking about Jack.

Brandon: All right. How about Jennifer? I'd like to know a lot more about her.

Jennifer: No, you wouldn't.

Brandon: Yeah, I would.

Jennifer: Well, what do you want to know?

Brandon: Well, so far Iíve got that pretty much everything you do you do for your daughter. What's Jennifer all about? Where does your life go from here?

Jennifer: Honestly? I don't have a clue. But who knows? Maybe hanging out with you tonight will help me figure all that out.

Mimi: It's Belle and Shawn. Hey, guys, yoo-hoo! What were you doing over there? Oh, right. I mean, hi -- whoa.

Belle: What are you guys up to?

Philip: Meems and I were just hanging out, talking.

Shawn-D: Talking about...

Mimi: What else? Chloe. I didn't mean that to sound edgy. Actually, Philip and I were having quite a meaningful conversation.

Shawn-D: Oh. You know that guy, the, um, Captain guy?

Mimi: Oh, the oh-so-charming Uncle Paul?

Shawn-D: He came by earlier. He was just wondering when we were going to start trying to find the, uh...

Philip: Find what? What's up? You guys have a secret or something?

Shawn-D: So when the can was opened, we found a smaller can inside. Inside that, we found a key.

Philip: No way.

Belle: Way.

Philip: Key to what?

Shawn-D: A locker at the train station. Look, Philip, if you're not going to take this seriously --

Philip: No, no, dude. Sorry, I mean, you got to admit it's kind of wild, though.

Belle: Oh, wait. He hasn't got to the wild part yet.

Shawn-D: Yeah, inside the locker there was a map and pictures of stolen jewelry.

Mimi: One of the jewels belongs to Shawn's great-grandmother.

Shawn-D: Right, a ruby that my great-grandfather had given to her but she had lost.

Belle: It was stolen from the jewelry store.

Philip: Well, how did you know that? I mean, was there a picture of a ruby with an arrow pointing to it saying, "property of Mrs.. Alice Horton, stolen goods?"

Shawn-D: No, but close. Jennifer had told my mother and I how bad great-gran had always felt that she never had the real ruby.

Belle: There was a copy made. It's a long story.

Shawn-D: Practically the next day we had found the key inside the can. And like I said, it was fate.

Philip: Wow.

Belle: Yeah, and the guy who brought us here, Mr. Garcia --

Philip: Wait, let me guess. He caught wind of the buried treasure, and he wants a part of it.

Mimi: Do you really think we should let him help us?

Shawn-D: If he knows the island as well as he says he does.

Belle: I don't know, Shawn. There's something really shifty about that guy.

Paul: So, what are you all gabbing about?

Elizabeth: At least Massachusetts can boast having witches in its Salem. What's this town's claim to fame? Wait, don't tell me. The mall. Salem Place, be still my heart. Oh, God, just the thought of living here...

Jennifer: You take such good care of me.

Colin: Any man would consider it a privilege.

Elizabeth: Colin? You're so bloody inconsiderate, Colin. Have you heard a word Iíve been saying?

Colin: You hate Salem and would rather die than live here. Have another whiskey, Liz. We get along better when you drink.

Jack: Ah...Here. The perfect place.

Greta: Thank you.

Jack: There you go.

Greta: Thank you.

Jack: And, uh... Oh, I got to wash my hands. I'll be right back.

Greta: Ok.

Jack's voice: They're not here. Did Jennifer go off to that guy's apartment? Erase that thought. They've been delayed, she'll be here, and I'll be waiting.

Jack: Oh! Ow!

Jack: A rose for a rose.

Greta: Wow, that was quick.

Jack: Don't prick your fingers.

Greta: You seem a little nervous, Jack.

Jack: Nothing a drink won't fix up.

Waitress: Good evening, what can I get you?

Jack: Oh, me? Anything, I don't care.

Greta: We'll have two glasses of champagne, thanks. Earth to Jack, come in.

Jack: Oh, sorry, Princess. Where were we?

Greta: You were just about to tell me why you set me up to come here with you tonight.

Jack: No, I wasn't.

Greta: But you will if you want to keep being friends with me, because, quite frankly,

Jack, I'm tired of being used by you.

Jennifer: And so, more than anything, you know, I just want to be a good mom.

Brandon: Somehow I don't think that's a problem.

Jennifer: But you know, sometimes it's not as easy as it looks, you know, to be there for Abby and not be on top of her all the time, if you know what I mean. Of course, right now I have Jack on top of me all the time. I mean -- I don't mean, like -- we don't.

Brandon: You know, it's all right. You don't have to explain your life to me.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. It's just so confusing living in the same house. I mean, it's like we're married, and I'm not -- I'm single.

Brandon: Well, you've been single for a while now. So has there been anybody special?

Jennifer: You just get right to it, don't you? But, yes, at least he was really special to me. It turned out to be a disaster.

Brandon: Why? What was wrong with him?

Jennifer: Nothing. It wasn't him; it was me. And I've been so afraid of making the same mistake that I haven't gone out on a date since.

Brandon: Well, in case you're wondering, this isn't a date.

Jennifer: It's not a date?

Brandon: No, I mean, who needs the pressure, right?

Jennifer: Right, right. So really, it's you -- you rescued me, and that is fine. In fact, that's really great.

Brandon: Rescuing women is my specialty -- but only beautiful women.

Jennifer: Oh, I see. All right, so other than me, when you said you rescued beautiful women, you know, do you specialize in blondes or redheads or...

Jennifer: I am so sorry. I know that things didn't work out for you and Sami Brady.

Brandon: Oh, well. Life does its thing. You just try and hang on, right?

Jennifer: Yeah. But how can a guy like you still be single?

Brandon: Maybe so I can meet you.

Jennifer: Why don't we go in, have some fun?

Brandon: You're on. Wait right there.

Jennifer: Oh, ok.

Jennifer: Thank you very much.

Brandon: You're very welcome.

Jennifer: A gentleman. How nice.

Brandon: Shall we?

Jennifer: Yes, we shall.

Elizabeth: I'm going to freshen up, as if you cared.

Elizabeth: Oh, God. Look out, you clumsy twit.

Waitress: Bitch.

Brandon: You got that right. Are you all right?

Waitress: Thanks.

Greta: I'm not stupid, Jack. I know a setup when I see one.

Greta: So did you know Jennifer was coming here tonight? Is that the reason you suggested --

Jack: Don't be ridiculous. How could I know that Jennifer would be out on, uh... What appears to be a date? I'm shocked and surprised; surprised and shocked; disappointed, shocked, and surprised.

Greta: I thought the two of you were getting closer.

Jack: So did I.

Greta: Well, don't go off the deep end. I'm sure they're just here having drinks. It's nothing.

Jack: Drinks can lead to other things.

Greta: Well, Brandon's a gentleman.

Jack: Gentleman, my tuchis. The guy's a boxer. Who knows what -- he's probably gonna take her back to his hotel room and -- who knows? Bite her ear off.

Greta: Get a grip, Jack. Brandon is not going to take advantage of a lady.

Jack: That's no lady. That's my wife. Uh, sorry -- ex-wife. Ex-wife. Can you think of two more... Disappointing words in the English language? I mean, how could she do this to me after all that we've been to each other?

Greta: Jack, why don't we go someplace else?

Jack: What, and leave her with that Ricky Martin wannabe? No way. Uh -- they're moving.

Greta: Well, do you want to go over and say hello? Jack? Jack?

Jack: Psst! Don't tell Jennifer I'm here. [Greta sighs]

John: I have been remembering more and more about the time that I spent with Gina.

Hope: Greta said you and her mother used to have drinks together... And that she'd, uh, fluff the pillows before you arrived. You were lovers, weren't you?

John: Yeah. And we kept that fact hidden from Stefano for as long as we could.

Hope: I guess I have a long history of keeping secrets.

John: That wasn't you, Hope. That was Gina von Amberg.

Hope: On the submarine? That was me.

John: Yeah, that was you.

Hope: My body, anyway. I mean, after all, after nine months, I gave birth to your son. [John sighs] It wasn't just sex, though. It was true passion. We made love, John. It was very...Intense.

John: I...Can't do this.

Hope: You promised to tell me.

John: Yes, it was intense. It was spine-shattering because Gina and I were deeply in love; more in love than I could ever imagine.

John: Gina. Gina was... The most exciting woman I'd ever known. The kind of exciting that you... You couldn't resist even if you tried. Not that I ever did. [Dance music playing] You belong to me, Gina. Just like I belong to you... Forever. I used to be loyal to Stefano, but now you... Are all that I care about.

Gina: Well, if this is betrayal, give me more. Give me so much more, John.

John: Oh, you were so beautiful. And you were so sexy. You were my match -- everything I ever wanted in a woman... In a lover. [Sighs] Not you. I'm sorry. Dammit.

Hope: The memories are still very powerful for you.

John: Yeah.

Hope: And on the submarine... In Hawaii, when we were together, and I was Gina... You felt the same way.

John: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can see her. When I look into your eyes, Hope, I can... I can see Gina.

Shawn-D: Hey! Um...Wow. We didn't even see you there.

Belle: How's it going, Mr.. Garcia? Cool island, huh?

Paul: Way cool, but can the "mister," ok? I'm Uncle Paul. So how's the treasure hunt? What did you decide?

Belle: Well, I guess we just voted you in. Yeah?

Paul: Ok. Swell. So where's the map? We'll get started first thing in the morning.

Shawn-D: Actually, uh, Woods has us doing some stuff tomorrow... Ecology stuff, you know? The whole reason we're here?

Paul: Ok, so then here's where Uncle Paul comes in. Just tell me the first couple of stops on the map, and I'll scope them out for you -- me and this little girl right here, we'll search together.

Mimi: Um, not tomorrow. Sorry.

Paul: Ok, not tomorrow. But I'm a gold mine for you kids, all right? The way I know these islands. Just let me know when you want to get started. Better stop wasting my time, little kiddies... Or Uncle Paul's gonna get mad, and you don't want to see that.

Jack: Go over to Jennifer. Don't let her come here!

Greta: No, Jack. This is stupid. Uhh! Hi, you two!

Jennifer: Hi, Greta! How are you?

Greta: I'm good.

Brandon: Hey, where's my hug now?

Greta: Oh, yeah. Oh, I -- we -- I mean, I -- I didn't expect to see the two of you here or... Or anywhere, really.

Brandon: Jennifer and I were actually gonna grab a table. Would you like to join us?

Greta: Oh, yeah. Um...No, no, no. No, because you know what? You two should sit in there. It's much more fun in there. It's -- it's more intimate for a first date.

Brandon: How do you know it's our first date?

Jennifer: Actually, you know what we decided? We decided to call it a nondate. We thought that would be much more fun. Ok? So we're gonna sit at the bar.

Greta: Oh, no, no, no! Not the bar.

Jennifer: Why not?

Greta: Because it's tacky. It's tacky. Brandon, it's tacky. I mean, Jennifer wants to sit at a table and be waited on like a lady.

Jack: Wrap it up! Hurry up! [Jennifer laughing]

Jennifer: All right, what makes you so sure I'm a lady? [Greta laughing]

Brandon: You know what? Let's take Greta's suggestion and, uh, sit in the other room.

Jennifer: Ok.

Greta: Yeah, ok.

Jennifer: Uh...Greta, if you don't mind me saying so, I think that you've been hanging around Jack too long.

Greta: Jack?

Jennifer: Yes, Jack. I think his nuttiness is rubbing off on you. Catch you later.

Greta: Ok. Thank you for making me look like a complete fool, Jack.

Jack: Where'd they go? Why, I ought to...

Greta: Jack, could we please just go?

Jack: What? Leave after he just put his arms around her? No. We're gonna sit right here... And we are gonna have fun even if it kills us.

Waitress: Hey again.

Brandon: Hey again. How's your night going?

Waitress: Picked up when you walked in.

Brandon: Oh, nice one. Nice one. Uh, my friend here will have a very dry cabernet, and I'll have my usual.

Waitress: One of these days, you've got to try the house special.

Jennifer: She was really coming on to you, huh?

Brandon: Oh, you know these waitresses. They see a lot of guys come in here that have had one too many, and, uh... I guess next to them, I must look pretty good.

Jennifer: Oh, come on. You would look good to any woman, Brandon. I can't believe I just said that. I'm sorry.

Brandon: Oh, no, no. Keep talking. I like it.

Rolf: When Hope discovers the truth about the baby switch; when your son is taken out of your arms --

Lexie: No. No, don't.

Rolf: It will happen, Alexandra. Your nightmare will come true unless you take action against Hope now.

Eliana: Isaac wants his mama.

Rolf: Ah, give me the baby.

Lexie: No.

Rolf: I won't harm the child. Here. Yes...Yes. Say good-bye to your son, Alexandra. You will never see him again.

John: It's so amazing. Everything about you... Everything. Your eyes, and your voice... Everything about you. It's like I'm sitting here with Gina again.

Hope: I'm getting a sense of who she was, John. I can feel her. Gina is inside me somewhere. If I can let her out, maybe I can finally expel her from my life.

John: You have no idea what you're getting yourself into.

Hope: She knows Stefano's secrets. I can use Gina's memories to free my family. It's all I care about.

John: And what if she uses you? What if she just takes over your life forever?

Greta: That is one of the handsomest men I have ever seen.

Jack: More handsome than moi?

Greta: Different handsome.

Colin: Another dark ale, please.

Greta: I love British men.

Jack: Do you want me to pass him a note for you?

Colin: Missed you.

Greta: He's taken. All the good ones usually are.

Colin: Let's make up, Liz.

Jennifer: Thank you. So, anyway, what went wrong with Sami? Or do you not want to talk about it? It's ok.

Brandon: Austin got there first.

Jennifer: You know, I have known Austin for years. He really is a decent guy.

Brandon: Yeah?

Jennifer: I guess you can't be too objective.

Brandon: Well, if you think he's so great, maybe you two should hook up.

Jennifer: Me and Austin? Oh, I see. I take him off the market, and then you get Sami.

Jack: Maybe the woman's his sister. Don't worry. I'll be subtle.

Greta: You have never been subtle a day in your life. Besides, you don't want Jennifer to see you.

Jack: The hell with hiding out. Jennifer's on a date. Fine, so am I.

Greta: What happened to us just being friends?

Jack: I've changed my mind. From now on, we're lovers. What, are you ticklish?

Greta: You know what? If you want Jennifer to think you're dating, you can't go around kissing women on the hand like you're some European Count.

Jack: Why not?

Greta: Because it's not real.

Jack: Well, you tell me what to do. I gotta nip this dating thing in the bud because before you know it, Jennifer's gonna be bouncing Brandon's baby on her knee.

Greta: Jack, it's only one date.

Jack: I'll have to make sure it's their last. I -- I gotta do -- I gotta see what they're talking about.

Greta: Jack, wait, wait, no. You're gonna make a fool of yourself.

Jack: You know what? You're right, I am. Not to worry. I have an even sweller plan. Listen.


Shawn-D: Ok, so here's the plan. Tomorrow, after we're done with the ecology stuff, we'll just tell Mr. Woods that we want to go on a walk.

Belle: A nature walk.

Philip: To observe our surroundings.

Mimi: Research the flora and fauna and whatnot.

Shawn-D: All right, but don't overdo the educational stuff, 'cause you know Mr. Woods.

He'll get suspicious.

Belle: What about Mr. Garcia?

Mimi: You mean Uncle Paul. Yuck.

Shawn-D: We'll just, uh, bring him with us, I guess.

Mimi: Are you sure that's a good idea? Did you see the way he was looking at me?

Philip: I thought you wanted guys to look at you, Mimi.

Mimi: Not weird old guys. Thanks, anyway.

Shawn-D: Well, look, I know he's weird, but if he can help us, why not take advantage of it, right? I mean, we can definitely find the treasure if he's in on it.

Shawn-D: So tomorrow. Are we cool with that?

Belle: I'm in.

Philip: Yeah. I can use an adventure.

Mimi: Whatever. I'm just glad you guys are talking to me again.

Philip: Well, hey, let's hit the water. Belle and Shawn can tell us what was so fascinating before. [Whistle blows]

Belle: There's Mr. Woods' whistle.

Philip: He's thinks he's Captain Von Trapp with that thing.

Belle: It's time for our nature walk, guys.

Shawn-D: Sounds romantic.

Philip: Sounds exhausting.

Mimi: Stop complaining.

Philip: Look who's talking.

Mimi: Hey.

Philip: Hey, yourself.

Paul: Enjoy your evening, kids. It may be your last, if I get my hands on that treasure tomorrow.

Brandon: I don't want to talk about Samantha tonight. One beautiful woman at a time.

Jack: Greta! I can't believe you're here. What luck! Ha ha! Oh, care to have a commoner buy you a drink?

Jennifer: I cannot believe this. Everywhere I go, he shows up.

Brandon: Well, you're not gonna leave me now, are you?

Jennifer: Brandon, would you please bring me home? All of a sudden, I just miss my little girl something awful.

Brandon: No problem.

Jennifer: Thanks.

Jack: Well, Jennifer, what a coincidence. Care to join us? Or didn't your date work out?

Jennifer: Don't you dare make a scene in this restaurant.

Colin: Darling, I'm crushed you don't like Salem.

Lexie: You give me my son or I'll kill you!

Rolf: That's what I like to hear.

Lexie: Come on, sweetie. Come here. How dare you?

Rolf: I wanted you to feel what it might be like to have your child taken from you by an Officer of the Court, as will surely happen unless you stop Hope from investigating further. I will leave you to reflect.

Lexie: Oh, hello, sweetheart. I love you so much. I can't lose you, Isaac. I won't. I won't, never, ever, never.

John: Now, why do you think Iíve been trying to talk you out of this? Gina von Amberg went insane. Now, what happens if you get so close that you can't get back?

Hope: What are you doing?

John: You've got something back here. Just a...Piece of lint. I got to go.

Hope: John, wait. We're not through yet. Tonight was a start, but I want to know more.

John: This was a mistake. I have never been more certain of anything in my entire life.

Hope: You can't stop. Not now. I'm too close. I'll call you.

John: Oh, it's there, all right. Right at the base of her neck, the microchip. Dammit. How in the hell am I gonna get that thing out of there before Hope pushes this too far and turns into Gina for good? Oh, DiMera, you got to be laughing at me right now wherever the hell you are, you lousy bastard. So, you trained me for this surgery. But if I blow it, Hope dies. Nothing would make you happier, right? Another Brady out of the way. Oh, my God. What am I gonna do?  

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