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Paul: Well, well, well, no one's going to know who's running this ship but you and me...

Paul: And we ain't talking. [Laughs]

Paul: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. You're going to wake up with a hell of a headache, pal, and you're still better off than those kids will be if they get in my way.

Man: Everybody on! Let's go.

Shawn-D: So this is it. All we got to do is go to the point on my map, and we're going to get my great-grandmother's ruby back.

Mr. Woods: Listen up, everybody. It's going to take us about an hour to get to the island.

Jan: He's going to talk about vomit again. I just know it.

Mr. Woods: We have motion sickness pills available. Anyone with permission to take them should have done so already.

Jason: And if you don't, just puke your brains out.

Susan: Another example of Jason's witty sense of humor.

Kevin: You're a regular George Bernard Shaw.

Jason: Who?

Philip: Well, it's not exactly my dad's yacht, but it'll do.

Belle: Well, you're in a much better mood, aren't you?

Philip: Yeah. I called Chloe. Brady? You're there with Brady? Where?

Chloe: Tuscany. So what?

Philip: Well, you sure didn't wait too long to move on, did you? Or have you been seeing Brady on the side the whole time?

Belle: Wait a minute, Philip. You and Chloe got back together?

Philip: No, no, I just realized everyone was right -- my dad, Nicole, all the kids at school. They said she wasn't the right girl for me, and --

Belle: And you thought they were right.

Philip: Yeah, so it's over.

Belle: What?

Paul: Ahoy, mateys!

Jan: Lord, it's cap'n crunch.

Paul: Well, looks like everyone's onboard. Let's shove off.

Jason: Yeah!

Girl: Yeah, baby!

Nancy: I'm sorry, sweetheart, but you have just got to tell me why you did not go to that island.

John: Come on, bring it on. No, no, no!

Brady: Oh, boy. Look a little winded there, old man. Probably should ease up on you, huh?

John: Hey, wait a minute. Were you going full out here? I was going half speed. I was trying to hold back for you.

Brady: Yeah, we're both kidding ourselves. I need some water.

John: I need some oxygen, man. Give me one of those oxygen masks. I'm going to tell you something, kid, you look good out there, you look real, real good.

Brady: I feel good, dad.

John: You know, you knocked down the turn-around jumper. I said to myself right there, "I swear I will never, ever again take anything in my life for granted."

Girl: That's Belle Black's brother.

Girl #2: And isn't he hot?

John: You know what? Hey, I think I'm cramping your style a little bit.

Brady: Cramp away, dad. I'm not interested in a couple of teeny-boppers.

John: Oh, that's right. I forgot your last date was with that worldly, sophisticated Nicole Walker. Of course, unless...

Brady: Unless what?

John: Did dinner with Chloe last night qualify as a date?

Jennifer: Okay.

Jennifer: Colin, hi.

Jennifer: Oh, Jennifer, come on. Stop thinking about him. He is a world away, and he couldn't care less about you right now.

Shawn: There you go, lad.

Colin: Nice, quiet place you have here, uncle.

Shawn: Well, as you well know, you know mornings aren't the busiest time at a pub, you know, but that's nice because it gives me a chance to get to know your lovely young friend here. And are you sure that there's nothing I could be getting for you, huh?

Hope: I cannot believe how big they're getting.

Lexie: And stubborn. I'm telling you, I give him a bath, it feels like I've don three rounds with the rock.

Hope: The rock?

Lexie: Yes.

Hope: It is so good to see you relaxing and joking and being you.

Lexie: Yeah, I know I’ve been a barrel of laughs these last few months.

Hope: Well, I certainly wouldn't be a barrel of laughs, either, if someone was trying to take my kid away from me.

Lexie: I can't lose him, Hope. I won't.

Hope: That's all behind you. Nothing else can happen.

Lexie: Right.

Hope: Lex, I don't mean to upset you, but there's something I really have to ask you.

Lexie: Mm-hmm?

Colin: Jennifer.

Jennifer: I know. I --

Colin: What in the holy heaven are you doing here?

Jennifer: Well, I thought that you would be happy to see me.

Colin: Well, you were wrong then, weren't you?

Jennifer: Look, I was in Ireland, and I thought that I would look you up and maybe --

Colin: You were in Africa and one day thought it would be a fine thing to pop over to Ireland? A weekend lark, is it?

Jennifer: No.

Colin: Well, I don't have time to sit and chat, so I suggest you hop on a tour bus, kiss the blarney stone, buy some postcards, and go home.

Caroline: Sweetheart?

Jennifer: Hi.

Caroline: What are you doing out here? You were a million miles away. Doesn't look like it was a happy place, either.

Jennifer: No, I guess not. Have you ever had memory, I mean, a really embarrassing memory, that just sneaks up on you?

Caroline: Oh, you mean one of those "what was I thinking" moments?

Jennifer: Yes, yes, cringe inspiring, so do you mind if we just go completely off the subject? Let's talk about you. How are you?

Caroline: I'm fine, I'm fine, and I am certain that Shawn is having the time of his life. His nephew is visiting from Ireland.

Caroline: Well, he's really nice, you know.

Jennifer: No, car it's not that. It's not that. It's just, if you don't mind, I don't want to talk about Ireland at all, okay?

Shawn: And, uh, now you're sure that the cabin is all right for you. I mean, because you're welcome to stay here with me and your Aunt Caroline.

Elizabeth: I don't understand why you can't just stay at that inn. It was clean at least.

Colin: The cabin's grand, uncle. Ta.

Shawn: Well, listen, Alice says that you're welcome to stay there for as long as you like. Oh, you know, and we could put mints on the bed, if you like.

Colin: Elizabeth, as you know, is estate raised, but I'm sure she'll learn to love the simple life.

Shawn: Yes, she does seem altogether taken with it.

Hope: I know we talked about this -- and, Lex, please, don't get upset with me, all right?

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Hope: But you and Brandon the other night at The Blue Note, I --

Lexie: Hope, look, I thought I made this clear. Brandon and I are friends, nothing more.

Hope: I know. I believe you.

Lexie: Okay.

Hope: It's just that when you spend that much time with someone -- what if he's attracted to you? You two were holding hands. I saw you at The Blue Note the other night.

Lexie: Come on, Hope. You know how I am. I'm affectionate with my friends, male and female.

Hope: Lexie --

Lexie: Look, Brandon and I are close from working together. Please don't read anything more into it, okay?

Brady: Dad, I assure you neither Nicole nor Chloe were dates. Enough about my social life or lack thereof. How's your company? Are you on schedule?

John: Yeah, it seems to be. In fact, the deal's getting ready to close.

Brady: Good. You know, because I'm done with physical therapy. I'm kind of itching to get to work.

John: Yeah, listen, son, there's something I need to talk to you about. I've been giving this a lot of thought. I don't want you involved in this.

Nancy: Sweetheart, please tell me what happened. You packed, you said goodbye, you left for the airport.

Chloe: Philip was on the plane.

Nancy: Oh. He wasn't supposed to be, was he?

Chloe: I don't know why he changed his mind, and I don't care. I just knew that I couldn't be stuck on an island with him with no way out.

Nancy: Are you okay? I mean, is there anything I can do? I know you're strong and independent and --

Chloe: No, I just pretend to be. I'm miserable, really miserable.

Nancy: Then talk to me, sweetheart. Tell me everything. Maybe I can fix some of it.

Chloe: It's summer, and I'm alone with nothing to do. All my friends are gone. I'm stuck here reading a newspaper with you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way.

Nancy: It's okay. Sweetie, I know that it's natural law that normal teenagers do not want to spend their summer vacation with their mothers.

Chloe: Thanks.

Nancy: You know, I was young once. I dimly remember.

Chloe: It's so weird. I never thought about being, or even miss being, a normal teenager that corny song from "south pacific." This nearly was mine.

Belle: So, Philip, tell me what happened with this phone call.

Philip: Nothing. Nothing happened.

Belle: I hate guys. I hate the fact that they never talk.

Shawn-D: Do you want me to stow your bag?

Belle: Yet they're very handy with the luggage. I think I'll keep you.

Shawn-D: Oh, yeah, thanks.

Philip: Mimi, do you want me to grab your bags? Here.

Mimi: That's weird. He took my bags.

Belle: He was just avoiding not talking, Meems. So, what do you think happened with this phone call with Chloe? I mean, Philip did a complete 180.

Mimi: He was talking to Chloe. She can be pretty mean. I know, I know, I have no right to talk. Let's make a deal.

Belle: A deal?

Mimi: Let's not talk about her. Let's leave her in Salem where she decided to stay.

Belle: Deal.

Mimi: Good. Now let's get to the good stuff about you and Shawn.

Jan: So, did you get the stuff?

Jason: Yes, I did. 151 rum made right here in Puerto Rico. It's too bad the factory wasn't giving a tour this morning, though.

Jan: Oh, how interested I am in the distilling process.

Jason: Well, you would be if I told you they gave free samples.

Jan: I stand corrected.

Paul: [Thinking] Talk about fresh talent. Maybe this trip doesn't have to be all work.

Jason: So, I got the booze stashed in my gym bag.

Jan: Mmm.

Paul: You better keep your voices down.

Jan: About what? We didn't say anything.

Paul: Don't worry. I won't say anything about the booze.

Jan: Oh, thanks, Captain.

Paul: Any time you want to visit the bridge...

Jason: Old creep.

Jan: Maybe, but I intend to keep him on our side.

Paul: Hey, you, kid.

Shawn-D: Me?

Paul: Yeah. Look, kid, I'm going to do you a favor, okay? I'm going to take you out to your island for your bird watching.

Shawn-D: You are?

Paul: Yeah, but you're going to have to work for it, okay? My mate's under the weather, so you're going to have to read the charts while I sail.

Shawn-D: Yeah, no problem.

Paul: Okay, but don't tell anyone, okay?

Mr. Woods: Don't tell anyone what?

Caroline: Well, if you don't want to hear a word about Ireland, think you came to the wrong place.

Jennifer: Caroline, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to sound so abrupt.

Caroline: Honey, what happened over there that was so terrible?

Jennifer: Oh, not much, just the biggest mistake of my life.

Colin: It's not a mistake. It was great of Uncle Shawn to arrange for this cabin..

Elizabeth: I can hardly imagine it's what I need.

Shawn: There we go -- nuts.

Lexie: Hope, I don't know why you keeping hounding me about this.

Hope: I'm sorry. Maybe I'm just projecting.

Lexie: Projecting what?

Hope: Lately I've been thinking a lot about my life as Princess Gina. Maybe I see intrigue when it's not even there.

Lexie: And why are you thinking about that now?

Hope: Because there is a huge hole in my life, I think it's time to find out exactly what happened. You know, I didn't tell you. I already talked to John and Greta about it.

Lexie: Hope, stop, okay? Just forget about it.

Brady: Whoa, what do you mean you don't want me working for you? Wait a second. It's not you. It's Marlena, isn't it?

John: I haven't even discussed this with her.

Brady: You don't have to. She's got you so programmed.

John: It's not about Marlena. It's about you, Brady. I don't want you working, period. I want you back in school. I want you to finish your education.

Brady: You want me to read in a book what I can watch you do?

John: Come on, man, college isn't just about books it's about being out there. It's about being on your own.

Brady: I have been on my own since boarding school! All right, wait, enough with this crap and the fights. I just want to work for you, man. I want to learn from you.

John: You think I don't want you there with me? I'm thinking of you, son. I'm thinking about you and your future. Come on.

Brady: Alright we'll negotiate. I work for you for one year -- one year -- and if either one of us doesn't feel it's the best thing, I go back to school, all right?

John: You negotiate well. All right, son, it's a deal.

Brady: Yeah.

John: I think I just hired my first employee.

Brady: That's what I'm talking about. So let's talk about my company car, vacations, stock options --

John: No, I want to talk about you, and how you are three points down -- count them -- three. Now I suppose you want to take your ball and go home?

Brady: I see how it is. I'm about ready to pound my boss into the ground.

John: I'm going to love this feeling. Get back. Let me take it. Now let's see what you got. We're going all out.

Nancy: It's a beautiful day. Why don't we go shopping? Or how about a picnic at the lake? I've got it. We'll got get manicures and pedicures, and then we'll have lunch at Tuscany.

Chloe: No, I was there last night. I don't want to go back.

Nancy: Oh.

Chloe: Look, this is something I never say right. Nancy, I don't want to hurt you, but I just want to be alone.

Nancy: But, sweetheart, you said you were lonely --

Chloe: I knew you wouldn't understand.

Philip: I want you. I need you close to me.

Chloe: We are close.

Philip: No... As close as two people can get.

Chloe: I want you, too, Philip.

Chloe: I'm not going to cry. I'm done crying over you, Philip Kiriakis.

Ms. Perez: You want to start a cosmetics company... With your aptitude for science?

Susan: That's right. Let someone else invent the next artificial heart. I'm more interested in smudge-proof lipstick.

Jason: All I can say, Philip my man -- I want to welcome you back to the world of the hot-blooded American male.

Philip: Yeah, I did check out for about a year, but I'm back, . I'm back on track.

Jason: Oh, yeah.

Belle: Mimi, Shawn and I have only had one date.

Mimi: One long date that started in kindergarten. It's about time you guys made it official. So you got to tell me, what happened after the dance? Did he kiss you?

Belle: Well, he was going to, outside the Brady Pub, but we kind of got interrupted.

Mimi: No. You got interrupted by me!

Mr. Woods: Just what is it that Shawn can't tell anyone?

Paul: Well, I was just telling him how I got seasick my first couple of times out. You know, it wouldn't exactly give my passengers much confidence, you know?

Mr. Woods: Right.

Paul: Oh, by the way, did anyone mention we're not going to the island originally planned, but one right near it?

Mr. Woods: No one told me, and it's not going to happen. We can't make any changes to the plan. We have minors aboard.

Paul: Well, actually, you don't have any choice in the matter.

John: Where you going to go? What are you going to do? Up, up, up! Oh, no! Oh, man! I'm going deep on you right here. Watch this. 25 feet out! Oh! Let's go. No, give that. Let me take it.

Chloe: Listen, girl, the last thing you need right now is Brady.

Brady: Hey, Chloe! Wait up. Where are you going?

Chloe: Hi, Brady. Mr. Black.

John: Hi, Chloe.

Brady: Dad, since you beat me fair and square, remember that thing you had to do today? Remember that?

John: What thing? Oh!

Brady: Yeah, see?

John: I got this thing I'm going to be late for. Nice to see you again, Chloe. Oh, listen, this thing could take a while, so why don't you take the rest of the day off, employee?

Brady: I'll take it.

Chloe: Bye, Mr. Black.

Brady: So why were you walking away when you saw me?

Ms. Perez: I just hope you give it some more thought.

Susan: Why? I know exactly what I want to do. It's just not what you had planned for me.

Ms. Perez: Right, right. You know what? Maybe you're right. Hey, if that's what you feel passionate about, then you got my support. So good luck.

Susan: Thank you.

Kevin: Why would you talk to her like that?

Susan: Why not? She's a teacher, not a God.

Philip: What are you talking about, man?

Jason: I'm talking about rum, Phil -- good times and parties.

Philip: It's not a party if you get caught.

Jason: Philip, your year of monogamy has domesticated you, and you need me to bring

you back to the good life.

Philip: Look, bro, I want to have fun. I do, but I'm telling you, I'm not into booze.

Jason: Okay, that's fine. That just means that there's more for me.

Mr. Woods: We don't have any choice?

Paul: The original island is off limits now. See, the last group that went there, they disregarded the protected areas and really made a mess of things, so all future excursions have been moved to an island to the Southeast.

Mr. Woods: Give us a moment, Shawn.

Paul: Look, it's really no big deal. I mean, look, hey, all the islands -- basically the same.

Mr. Woods: No, they're not, and I'm telling you again -- we cannot go to that island.

Mimi: I can't believe I kept you from kissing Shawn. I messed up your first kiss.

Belle: You didn't mess it up. You just delayed it.

Mimi: I guess you're right, but you know what? It's going to be so cool, because now your first kiss with Shawn is going to be on a tropical island, probably at sunset. It's going to be so romantic.

Belle: Do you really think he will?

Mimi: I know it. I just know it.

Shawn-D: Mimi, you know what?

Hope: Why are you so agitated about me finding out about my past? You know, you sound just like Marlena.

Lexie: Marlena knows that you've been asking John about all this?

Hope: Yeah. Why?

Lexie: Hope, I-I think that you're asking for trouble, not just for yourself. You could end up hurting other people, too.

Hope: I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want answers.

Shawn: Well, now if you're sure you won't be having anything else, then... I'll get a key for the Horton cabin.

Colin: Grand.

Shawn: Look plenty of time to get some mosquito repellent. Oh, and just a warning -- the spiders, they are the size of my fist, but don't worry. I mean, they're not poisonous.

Elizabeth: What?

Colin: He's pulling your leg, Elizabeth. It's the Irish National Sport.

Shawn: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Caroline says I can't control myself, you know. I wish she'd get back from the bank. Oh, she's going to be so thrilled to death to see you, Colin, I tell you.

Caroline: I'm sorry that your memories of Ireland are so unpleasant.

Jennifer: It's okay. It's -- it's in the past. So tell me about Shawn's nephew.

Caroline: Oh, well, he's here with his fiancée, and I think this is a little romantic getaway.

Jennifer: Oh, that sounds so nice.

Caroline: Listen, I’ve got to get these deposit slips to Shawn, so why don't you come on in, have a cup of coffee with me?

Jennifer: That sounds nice, too. Come on. Thank you.

Caroline: Well, look who's here.

Shawn-D: So what is it that you just know, Mimi?

Belle: That we are going to have a wonderful time on this island.

Shawn-D: No, we're not, 'cause we're not going to that island. The Captain says he's going to take us to the one where the treasure is buried.

Mimi: Why would he do that?

Shawn-D: Well, I guess it's because he likes me 'cause I'm a sailor, too, and because he said all the islands are the same, so it doesn't matter which one we go to.

Belle: And all of this is okay with Mr. Woods?

Mr. Woods: If we have to switch islands, fine, but we're not going to the one to the Southeast.

Paul: Why not?

Mr. Woods: I took an expedition there a few years back, and the kids dug up a couple of dead bodies.

Ms. Perez: What?

Mr. Woods: Apparently, some drug cartel had been using the island.

Paul: [Thinking] Now it makes sense why you chose that island, Buddy.

Mr. Woods: It really traumatized the kids. I'm not going take a chance on that happening again.

Paul: But it's all been cleared out now. These islands -- they're regularly patrolled and inspected now.

Mr. Woods: I don't care.

Paul: Look, sir, you run your classroom, but I run this boat. I've been paid to go to that island, and that's where we're going. [Thinking] This guy is trouble that I don't need.

Jennifer: J.T., do you know every time I see you, my heart stops.

Caroline: Oh, there's Shawn and his nephew.

Jennifer: Hi.

John: How's your boy?

Hope: Uh, great, John. He's, uh, he's doing great. And how's Isaac doing?

Lexie: Great.

John: Well, they look great. You know why? Because they're real boys.

Hope: Could I talk to you for a minute?

John: Absolutely.

Hope: Lex, would you excuse us for a second?

Lexie: Um, yeah, of course.

Hope: We'll be right back.

Lexie: Okay.

Hope: John?

John: Thank you, Lexie.

Lexie: Mm-hmm. [Thinking] I hope you know what you're doing.

Isaac: Dada!

Lexie: Dada. Ha ha. He's talking already. Hi, you two. Hi, darling.

Caroline: I was going to ask if you would mind if I took the boys upstairs. We got a lot of toys up there I think they'd like.

Lexie: Ooh, I think they'd love it. Isaac, come on, sweetie.

Caroline: Okay, come on, honeybunch. Oh, thank you. He's heavy. There you go.

Jennifer: There you go.

Caroline: Oh! Boy, oh, boy.

Lexie: Jennifer, come join me. How have you been these days?

Jennifer: Uh, you know, I've been great. Everyone seems to be asking me that. I think they feel sorry because I'm stuck living with jack.

Lexie: Oh, no. I think everyone just wants it to work out.

John: So, what's this about? J.T.?

Hope: No, not exactly. I just thought you should know that I learned another way to find out about my past.

John: And how's that?

Hope: I was with Greta last night. Didn't Marlena tell you?

John: No.

Hope: Oh. Well, I am sorry to tell you that she and I had words, and clearly, she doesn't want me asking you about our past.

John: Didn't say a word about it.

Hope: Greta told me an awful lot about your past with Gina, when you were pretending to be Father John.

John: You know, Hope, you really got to get over this.

Hope: No, I will not get over it. John, I have a right to know and not you, not Marlena, not Greta, not even Bo is going to stop me. Do you understand?

Chloe: Why don't you go put your shirt on?

Brady: It's hot. Why don't you answer my question?

Chloe: Because I don't like talking to show-offs.

Brady: Wow, you're in a terrific mood today, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm in a horrible mood.

Brady: Thinking about Philip, no doubt.

Chloe: About him, yes. About my friends and how they're all out of town.

Brady: Not all of them. You're stuck with me, or should I say I'm stuck with you?

Paul: I'll be staying with you on the island just to make sure you don't break any rules like the last group did.

Mr. Woods: That's not necessary. Ms. Perez and I will have everything under control.

Paul: Sorry. Those are my orders.

Mr. Woods: You know what? I don't like all these last-minute changes. I find it unacceptable that I wasn't informed of these changes in location or policy.

Paul: Sorry, but -- what are you doing?

Mr. Woods: I'm calling the main office and registering a complaint.

Hope: I'm sorry that Marlena's angry. I'm sorry that you don't approve, but I have to know.

John: Mm-hmm. You're driven to know, right? Does it ever occur to you to ask yourself where does that drive come from, that maybe it's a part of you that you don't quite understand, therefore you are underestimating?

Lexie: And so Abe agreed to move into my father's house, and I know it was hard for him, but --

Jennifer: Lexie, do you ever feel like you're missing something?

Shawn: Okay, now, you go get your provisions, and then I'll meet you out at the boat, and I'll take you back to the island, eh? All right?

Elizabeth: Provisions. How homespun. Will I be required to rustle up grub?

Colin: You know what? Let's go back inside. We'll get some of Aunt Caroline's chowder, take it back to the cabin.

Belle: Well, what if we can't figure out the riddles? What if it's a booby trap like in "Indiana Jones"?

Shawn-D: Don't worry. We will figure it out together.

Paul: Now, look, I'm asking you, please, don't call the office, all right? They're going to blame me.

Mr. Woods: It's not your fault.

Paul: Well, I know, but they can still fire me. They're going to say that I didn't explain it to you properly. Look, you said you've been to the island before. You know it'll work just as well as the other island.

Mr. Woods: Yes, but that's not the --

Paul: And I can tell that people don't want me around, so I will make myself scarce. I promise, huh?

Ms. Perez: Come here for a second. Do you think maybe we could just give him a break? I mean, he's just trying to do his job. What will calling his boss change at this point?

Mr. Woods: Okay.

Paul: Oh, hey, thanks, man. I owe you one.

Mr. Woods: I'm still going to keep my eye on this guy. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something about him I don't trust.

John: So if you don't know where this drive is coming from, perhaps it's in your best interest just to let it go.

Hope: I'll risk it.

John: Oh, really? What about J.T.? I mean, obviously, you know you're risking his happiness also.

Lexie: Jennifer, we're all human. I'm sure some time or other we all feel like we're missing something.

Jennifer: Maybe. [Rustling]

Jennifer: Oh, Colin, hi.

Colin: I didn't mean to startle you, Jennifer. It's a cold night. You need more than that fire to keep you warm.

Jennifer: But whatever it is, I mean, it just feels like it's right around the corner just out of my sight.

Elizabeth: No, Colin, I hate chowder. I can't even stand the smell of it. Can we please just get out of here?

Colin: No. It can't be.

Chloe: You are not stuck with me at all. I'm the one who tried to walk away and not bother you, right?

Brady: All right, let's see. How do I phrase this? Lighten up! Man, divas.

Chloe: I am not a diva...Yet.

Brady: [Laughs] All right, what do you say we go over to .Com? I'll buy you an iced cappuccino.

Chloe: If I wanted an iced cappuccino, I could buy my own.

Brady: Remember that big settlement I have from the police department? Let me splurge for once.

Brady: So, you prefer to be in a bad mood all by yourself, when you can be in a bad mood with me, popping for java?

Chloe: All right, but I won't cheer up.

Brady: Oh, don't. You're so beautiful when you scowl.

Hope: I do think about J.T.

John: Mm-hmm.

Hope: John, what if he grows up and he finds out I did something terrible as Princess Gina? What if Stefano tells him something? 'Cause you know what? From where I'm standing, Stefano is even more powerful because I have no knowledge.

Caroline: Well, Isaac is asleep, but J.T. wants his mom.

Hope: Hey, sweetie. It's okay, bunny. Oh, sweetheart. It's okay. Boo-da-boo-da-boo. Hey. Hey.

John: Hey, buddy.

J.T.: [Wailing]

John: I know, I know, I know, I know. I want to protect him, too. I want to protect him, too. Yeah.

Hope: I need the truth.

Elizabeth: What are you looking at?

Colin: I thought I saw someone I knew.

Elizabeth: Grand, we can meet another fascinating salemite.

Colin: And just what exactly is your problem? I don't appreciate this attitude. I don't like the way you talk to my uncle, and if this is how you plan on treating my family, then maybe we shouldn't be together.

Elizabeth: No, don't go flying off the handle at me. We're both tired and in a strange place. Wait till we get back to that cabin I guarantee I can improve your mood.

Lexie: Jennifer? You want to talk about what's really bothering you?

Jennifer: No. You know what, Lex? I'm just -- I'm in a mood. Don't pay any attention to me. I need to go outside and get some fresh air. Excuse me.

Lexie: Okay.

Shawn-D: I still think that we found this can so it would lead us to the treasure. I mean, Gran is going to flip when we come back with that ruby.

Paul: And that old lady, whoever she is, will never see her ruby again.

Kevin: Look! Everybody, look! Land ho!

All: [Cheering]  

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