Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/30/01


Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/30/01--Canada; Wednesday 7/31/01--USA

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Jennifer: Oh, come on, Colin. Why can't I get you out of my mind?

Colin: There's a reason I wanted you to meet me way out here, Uncle Shawn.

Shawn: What are -- you're not in any kind of trouble, are you, Colin?

Colin: No, no. Not at all. I just wanted to spend a few days out at the lake.

Shawn: Well, why won't you come back to the pub with me? I mean, Caroline, she'd -- she would love to see you.

Colin: I can't. The truth is, there's a secret I need to share with you.

Marlena: Ironic, isn't it? I tell my patients that they must not rely on others for emotional stability, that they're to find that within themselves, and I myself am in constant need of reassurance.

John: It's understandable.

Marlena: Why? Why should your situation with Hope be a threat to me?

John: You know, I thought... Doc, you agreed that I should tell Hope everything she needs to know.

Marlena: Oh, no, I know I did. I-I'm not going to renege on that. What would be the purpose of that? Hope will never give up trying to solve the mystery of her past.

Hope: Oh, let's sit over here.

Greta: Okay, great.

Man: Cobb salad for the lady and coq au vin for Mr.. Black.

Brady: Thank you.

Chloe: You've certainly got them all well trained, don't you?

Brady: Mm-hmm, just like my dad. I thought you were hungry.

Chloe: I thought I was, too.

Brady: Well, this was a mistake.

[Students cheering]

Belle: Thank you.

Belle: All right, now is about the time to make some crack about how heavy my luggage is, how over packed I am.

Shawn-D: No, no, no. Actually, I was just going to say I'm glad that we both made it.

Cynthia: How cute.

Georgia: Well, check out Philip. Looks like he could use some cheering up.

[Students talking]

Paul: Look at them. What a bunch of clowns. Everybody happy-happy. But not for long. Mnh-mnh. They're going to be sorry they ever went on this trip.

John: Tell you what -- let's put the subject of Hope to rest for tonight. What do you say?

Marlena: Oh, honey, I'm with you.

Greta: Thank you for agreeing to leave The Blue Note. It was a relief to get out of there.

Hope: And to get away from Nicole Walker, of course.

Greta: I try not to let her bother me, but...

Hope: But sometimes that just isn't possible, is it? Some people just know how to push our buttons, don't they?

Greta: Too true. But it was a help being there with you. I felt -- I felt protected somehow. I guess for obvious reasons.

Hope: Because I remind you of your mother.

Greta: Hope, for such a long time, you haven't wanted to... Go there, as they say. You haven't wanted to talk about your connection to my past, but... Well, lately, you keep bringing it up. Why? Why are you suddenly so interested?

Hope: I don't know if I'd call it sudden. Greta, for so long, a part of my brain honestly believed that I was your mother, that I was Princess Gina. I think it's only natural that I would want to know more about her. I want to know how she thought, how I felt, how I acted, how... I want to know about her and John.

Brady: Whatever possessed me?

Chloe: To what -- order the chicken?

Brady: No, the chicken's fine. I'm talking about taking a lovesick teenager out to dinner with me.

Chloe: I am not lovesick, not in the least. Actually, I was just thinking about what happened on the plane, and if you find that so intolerable, I'll just leave you right now to enjoy your dinner alone.

Brady: No, Chloe... Sit down. I just... It's hard for me to sit here with you while you're pining away for Philip. It's tough on the old ego, you know?

Chloe: Gee, I'm so sorry I didn't focus all my attention on you. How selfish of me.

Brady: All right, chill. Just stay a while, all right?

Chloe: Don't you understand how rattled I am right now? Everything has changed for me. This is not how I expected to spend my summer.

Brady: Yeah, what were you going to do?

Chloe: Well, in case you didn't notice, I was on a plane headed for Puerto Rico, and then I got off of that plane and got into your car.

Brady: Yes, yes, I know you were on the trip. But you also mentioned a while back that you had some other secret plans, which led your ex-boyfriend to believe that you were operagirl.Net.

Chloe: Fine, I guess I can tell you now that nothing happened. I was hoping to get a job singing in Nashville.

Brady: Country music?

Chloe: Backup vocals, some leads. But I didn't get the gig, so you can go ahead and say it.

Brady: Say what?

Chloe: That I'm a terrible singer and that I never stood a chance of getting the job in the first place.

[Students talking]

Man: Here we go again.

Man #2: Just like last year. And you wish to be on the same floor with these children, seÑor?

Paul: I promised the parents of a couple of them I'd keep --

Hawk: Sorry. Sorry, man.

Paul: No problem.

Hawk: Buenos tardos, hombre. Est* usted contenté mucho.

Jason: Your Spanish sucks, man.

Hawk: Well, let's hear you say something besides "enchilada."

Jason: I know two words in Spanish -- "taco" and "bell." Thank you.

Hawk: Ha ha.

Jan: Hey, mi portafolio est* lleno de queso.

Georgia: Your suitcase is full of cheese? Are you serious?

Jason: Ha ha. Okay.

Mimi: I don't feel so well. Hope I'm okay to go on that boat tomorrow.

Cynthia: Hey, chum. Why so glum? Here we are in paradise, right?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, it's great. Beautiful.

Mia: She is so hot for Philip.

Boy: Hey! Oh, hey, hey!

Susan: Cut it out, you guys.

Penelope: Where are Ms. Perez and Mr.. Woods?

Susan: They're dealing with the baggage, I guess.

Kevin: What you see before you is the chaos theory in action.

Shawn-D: Why don't we get out of the middle of this?

Belle: Sounds good.

Shawn-D: You want to grab my bag, and I'll grab yours? Oh! Why did I...

Belle: That's enough. Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Shawn-D: Belle, you just had to bring your weight set to Puerto Rico, all right?

Belle: Shawn, just put it down. Stop complaining. You're such a baby.

Shawn-D: Oh, okay. You know, I keep waiting for my parents to show up and remind me to put on my sun block.

Belle: I know. Every trip we've been on together, they've been there. Now it's just us.

Mr. Woods: Hold it! Everybody freeze! Hey, I said chill!

Ms. Perez: [Blows whistle]

Mr.. Woods: Let's try to show a little more respect for the hotel, shall we, people?

Ms. Perez: This reminds me of when I used to teach kindergarten. Hey!

Mr. Woods: This means you, Jason. [Students laugh]

Shawn-D: Why don't we take another look at this map, huh? Yeah.

Colin: Are you warm enough?

Jennifer: Yes. Yeah, I'm okay. You said you were going to turn in, and you're still here. Why is that?

Colin: A gentleman usually waits until the lady is safely tucked in bed.

Jennifer: Oh, now why would a gentleman worry about little ol' me? I thought it was I who was to protect the gentleman.

Colin: True. Feisty as you are, even the lions wouldn't mess with you. Yes, you are quite the independent one, aren't you?

Jennifer: I just learned how to take care of myself, since I can't count on Jack.

Colin: You don't seem to be the type to depend on any man.

Jennifer: Well, maybe "trust" is the operative word. I need a man that I can trust... And someone who will sweep me off my feet and tell me that they love me and only me.

Colin: And Jack is not that man, I take it. Never could be?

Jennifer: Never. He is incapable of loving a woman that way -- completely, with his whole heart. And I don't know if there are many men who are capable of that, and if there are some out there, they're hiding from me.

Colin: Who knows, Jennifer? The man you seek may be closer than you think.

Jennifer: Oh, really? And where would he be?

Colin: Maybe the cold of a desert night. I wouldn't rule out anything.

Jennifer: I guess he wasn't talking about himself. Why did I think that he was so interested in me? It was all a game to him, that's all it was -- just a big game. But you know what? It doesn't matter, because I am home now, and Abby and I are living with Jack, and Abby is happy, and that's the most important thing -- Abby's happiness.

Colin: So would it be all right if I headed to the cabin now?

Shawn: Oh, you've still got to come to the pub to get the key, you know, and I mean, since you can only get there by boat, I'll have to take you over in mine.

Colin: Oh. That does change the plan a bit, but, uh, it should be fine.

Shawn: Wait a minute. What are your plans, anyway, lad, huh?

Colin: Actually, I'm on a break for a while.

Shawn: From your job as a doctor?

Colin: Yes. I've done that for some time now -- traveling around with other doctors, taking care of patients in third world countries. And don't get me wrong, it's been great. I love it, but, uh... Actually, now that Stefano's gone, I wanted to come to the States, and, uh... Well, actually, coming to the States wasn't exactly my idea.

Shawn: You're not being clear, lad. I mean, what are you talking about?

Colin: Maybe I'd best show you.

Shawn: Show me?

Colin: The secret I spoke of earlier. Come.

[Students talking]

Susan: All this noise is driving me crazy.

Penelope: They are kind of out of control, especially Hawk and Jason. Who knows what they'll do?

Kevin: Relax. It's just a chemical reaction to being penned up in various modes of transportation for five hours.

Susan: I'm so glad you're with us on this trip, Kevin. How else would we understand what's going on?

Mr. Woods: Okay, I got the room assignments. There will be two kids per room.

Ms. Perez: Right, Malcolm. Are we going to distribute the keys?

Mr. Woods: Good idea.

Ms. Perez: Yeah.

Mr. Woods: Yeah.

Shawn-D: All right, let's just look at this later.

Belle: Okay.

Paul: Amigo, una Cuba libre.

Man: Sí, seÑor.

Paul: I'm not about to let that kid out of my sight.

Susan: While I'm hesitant about spending so much time with my peers, I am looking forward to certain parts of this trip, like learning more about the archeological aspects of the history of the island and, of course, you know, the ecological problems and patterns.

Kevin: That's why I wanted you to come along, Susan. Yeah, I needed someone I could speak with intelligently about all this.

Susan: Right. I knew that was the reason.

Kevin: Something you need, Penelope?

Penelope: No, I was just hanging out with Susan.

Jan: What is your problem?

Mimi: Would you just leave me alone?

Jan: Look, we got our revenge against Chloe, and we don't even have to see her the rest of this trip. Her relationship with Philip is over, and so is her life.

Mimi: So? What good does that do us?

Jan: Mimi, you're not getting the picture here. If Philip's free...

Mimi: What? Oh, don't tell me you're saying I should make a play for him.

Jan: Duh. Look, Shawn's gone. Belle already has her claws way too far into him. But with Philip, I mean... If he went for Chloe, he'll go for anybody, maybe even you. Come on. Quick, now's your chance. Go. Go on.

Jason: What are you talking to the loser about?

Jan: I conned her into making a play for Philip.

Jason: You're kidding.

Jan: Nope. She does whatever I tell her. Talk about clueless.

Jan: Go for it, dummy.

Mr. Woods: Listen up, people. When I call your name, come up and get your key from

Ms. Perez, then go up and unpack. Shawn Brady.

Shawn-D: Okay, I'm going to go unpack real fast. I'll be back, and we can look at the map in peace.

Belle: Sounds good.

Shawn-D: All right. I'll see you.

Belle: Okay.

Philip: Thanks.

Mr. Woods: Look, Philip, no one forced you to come on this trip, so I suggest you perk up and start acting like you actually want to be here.

Chloe: Go ahead and say it. You don't think I could cut it in Nashville, do you?

Brady: Chloe, country music is all about pain and loss, and you've got to connect with that in your music, which is why I don't think you're ready yet.

Chloe: Well, they must have agreed with you, because I didn't get the job.

Brady: Don't get discouraged. I told you -- I'm going to help you.

Hope: Greta, you mentioned that your mother was very, very close to Father John.

Greta: Yeah. I always knew when he was coming to visit. I would see my mom coming back from the garden with her arms full of flowers, and she would fill all the vases in the house. And then she would -- she would spend hours getting ready. She would put her makeup on, and then she would try on one dress after another. And she would always make sure that I dressed up, too. She said that we both had to look very beautiful for Father John. And then when he got there, we would, um... Well, they would sit, and they would have drinks for a long time.

Hope: Ah, Gina loved champagne.

Greta: Yeah, but not just any champagne. It had to be the finest vintage.

Hope: Did John drink champagne?

Greta: I-I guess. No, that's funny. I just -- I remember hearing ice cubes clicking in his glass.

Hope: Whiskey.

Greta: No, you know what? I-I think it was scotch. I remember my mom telling me that he would only drink scotch that was at least 25 years old. You're smiling as if you have some memory of that. Do you?

Hope: For some reason, it -- it feels familiar. Not a clear memory, more like I can imagine what it was like for your mother and Father John, how they must have felt sharing a drink.

Greta: Why do you think that feeling is familiar to you?

Hope: I think it's because I know what it's like to feel that close to someone.

Greta: Mm. It's funny. I, uh... I used to think that Father John and my mother were just friends.

Hope: Oh, that's because you were just a child then, but, I mean, now that you're a woman, you must have realized that your mother wouldn't have done all those things just for a friend, and that she and John were... You know, more than just friends -- that he was her lover. Greta, you had mentioned that before your mother died, she told you who your father was.

Greta: Oh, my God.

Hope: That's him, isn't it? Am I right?

Man: Peace at last.

Paul: That was intense, amigo.

Man: Every year, it's the same thing. Can I get you another?

Paul: No, I'm cool.

Philip: Are you following me around, Mimi?

Mimi: Uh... I just wanted to...

Philip: What?

Mimi: I have something to tell you, Philip.

Philip: Well, go on.

Mimi: Uh... I just want to say how bad I feel that Chloe cut out on you. I feel especially terrible because it's really my fault, and I know nothing I say or do will make up for it, but I was hoping maybe... Do you think you could ever forgive me for screwing everything up for you? I know it's asking a lot -- probably too much -- but I want so badly for us to, you know, find a way to be friends again, and, also, maybe, you know, since you and Chloe aren't together...

Philip: Okay, enough, okay? I'm moving on with my life. I suggest you do the same, okay?

Shawn-D: What's up? You okay?

Mimi: Yeah. Fine.

Shawn-D: Well, here, I want to show you some stuff.

Mimi: What's in the folder?

Shawn-D: Maps and other things concerning the treasure hunt.

Mimi: Ooh, pretty exciting stuff.

Belle: What's exciting?

Mimi: The treasure hunt.

Shawn-D: Shh!

Belle: Okay, so, where do we start?

Shawn-D: I was looking through some of this stuff, and I found this note. I'm going to read it to you guys. "I didn't make it easy for you, desi. You're going to have to work at it to find the treasure. You know how much I love riddles, and I know how much you hate them. Well, have fun."

Mimi: Weird.

Belle: Yeah, I'll say. What does it mean?

Paul: [Thinking] Damn you, Buddy.

Shawn-D: Well it means that we're going to have to be clever and figure out these clues so we can find my great-grandmother's ruby.

Paul: [Thinking] Correction -- that's my ruby, and no one's getting it but me.

Greta: If only someone like John were my father.

Hope: Are you saying he's not?

Jennifer: Hey, cuz.

Hope: Hey! Hi, cuz. How are you, sweetie?

Jennifer: Good. Greta, hi. How are you?

Greta: I'm fine, thanks.

Hope: What are you doing here? Are you meeting someone?

Jennifer: No, you know, I ordered some food. I'm just going to take it out.

Hope: Why don't you hang out with us for a little while?

Marlena: Would you excuse me for a moment?

John: Sure.

Chloe: So how can you help me? [Cellular phone rings]

Chloe: I wonder who that could be. Maybe my mom found out I didn't go on the trip.


Chloe: Hello?

Philip: Um, hi. It's me. Hey, but don't hang up, 'cause I really need to talk to you.

Shawn: Hey, what I don't understand is -- I mean, you say you're in the States because Stefano is gone, but then you say that ain't the reason, you know? I mean, that you're here because of something else entirely, but you won't tell me what that something else is. Why won't you come with me and see Caroline at the pub?

Colin: I'm not doing this at all well, am I? Perhaps I'd better introduce you.

Shawn: Introduce me? To who, for pity's sake?

Colin: Uncle Shawn, I'd like you to meet my fiancée Elizabeth.

Hope: So you're waiting for takeout?

Jennifer: Uh, yeah, yeah. I didn't want to interrupt.

Greta: No, no, no. It's fine, really.

Jennifer: Hope --

Hope: Are you kidding? Absolutely not. It's no problem.

Hope: Would you excuse me for just a sec? I'll be right back.

Greta: You know, I'm actually really glad that you came in tonight because I've been wanting to make plans with you.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, right. We never really did get to have our talk, did we?

Greta: No, so maybe we could go to dinner or to a movie or anything, really. I just think it's about time the two of us get to know each other.

Philip: Are you still there, Chloe?

Chloe: Yes.

Philip: I just wanted you to know that I realize I made yet another huge mistake -- coming on this trip when I said I wouldn't, but it wasn't to upset you. I just thought that maybe we could -- anyway, I thought wrong. Seems to be a pattern with me. Did you get my video?

Chloe: Yeah.

Philip: Well, I meant every word, and -- wait, do I hear music in the background? And people talking? Where are you?

Belle: So we still don't know where this treasure is, do we?

Shawn-D: No, these instructions are really complicated.

Belle: Whoever wrote this sure loves riddles.

Shawn-D: "Arrive on the island and sneak a peak, but don't be fooled, 'cause you're a sneak. You know where the sun sets. For those who bury the treasure, it's always the best. 10 paces up, 10 paces back, if you're in the same place when you started, it's brains that you lack."

Paul: [Thinking] Damn it. I'll never remember Allis. So, did you get parole?

Buddy: Am I smiling? Do I look like I made parole?

Paul: Damn, man. That stinks. I'm really sorry.

Buddy: If I have to serve my full term --

Paul: Look, man, you know, it could happen to me, too. Who knows?

Buddy: Well, if you do get out first, you'll have to wait for me, desi, 'cause that can we buried near your house -- well, you'll need my help to get to it, to get to that treasure.

Paul: [Thinking] Damn you, Buddy. You and your schemes. You knew I couldn't read worth a damn, that I could never figure out this mumbo jumbo. Amigo, another drink. Can I use that phone?

Bartender: Sí.

Shawn-D: "Sneak a peak." What would you be peeking at?

Belle: Well, "peak" is spelled p-e-a-k, as in the top of a mountain. We have to be careful about this stuff, Shawn. It can be really tricky. And look, okay, the sun sets in the West, so this here could be a clue about going West.

Shawn-D: You've dove. And with my experience as a sailor, I think we've got the skills to find this treasure.

Mimi: What can I do? Hey, I know. I could be a tagalong. That's what I do best, right?

Paul: This is William Burroughs, Federal Agent down in the Keys. Yeah, we're trying to crack a smuggling case, and I need to talk to one of your prisoners, find out what he knows. Can you hook me up with him? It's very urgent.

Hope: I'm trying to piece together the broken parts of my life.

Marlena: You want to learn all the of your lovemaking to my husband.

Hope: That is not at all what I'm interested in.

Marlena: Oh, come on, at least be honest about it. You want John to recreate the lurid details of your encounter on the submarine so that you can relive it.

Hope: And why would I want to do that, do you think? Because it would turn me on, or is it because I live such a boring life that I need a little stimulation?

Marlena: I don't know. Why don't you tell me?

Hope: Marlena, I want to know as much about my past as possible. Sorry to disappoint you. I know you want it to be sordid and evil, but it's not.

Marlena: All right, fine. Do all your research into the past -- all that you want, but remember this -- everything you discuss with my husband, he comes home and discusses with me, because we don't have secrets in this marriage, Hope.

John: My steak was great. What did you have, Brady?

Philip: Brady? You're there with Brady? Where?

Chloe: Tuscany. So what?

Philip: Well, you sure didn't wait too long to move on, did you? Or have you been seeing Brady on the side the whole time?

Belle: Mimi, you are not a tagalong, so stop acting all sad and mopey. We have everything we need to find this treasure, including you.

Shawn-D: But we can't tell anybody about this map, all right?

Mimi: Why not?

Shawn-D: Didn't you learn that lesson from Jan? If she and Jason find out about this, they're going to try and rip us off, and then we'll never get my grandmother's ruby back. That's why no one can find out about these instructions.

Mimi: Well, we don't know what we might run into. It could be really dangerous.

Shawn-D: Don't worry about it. I'll deal with it. No problem.

Mimi: Maybe we should get some adult help.

Belle: No, it'll be fine. I totally trust Shawn.

Paul: Hey, buddy, it's me.

Buddy: Hey, homes. So you got out before me. What's up?

Paul: What the hell did you do to me with this stupid game? You're supposed to hide the treasure -- end of story.

Buddy: So you know about that, eh? That must mean you dug up the can and opened the locker without me. Look, dude, I know you're an illiterate sumbitch, so I made it tough for you.

Paul: Look, I'm not going to jump through a bunch of hoops if this is just some wild-goose chase, okay? How do I know this jibber-jabber really leads to the treasure?

Buddy: Hey, man, I promise you I'm not scamming. It's there. You just got to play the game, you want to find it. I'm sure I'll be out by the time you suss what's up.

Paul: I swear, if you're trying to pull a fast one on me, I know where you are, and I will get to you, even in prison.

Buddy: Look, I don't want to die. That's why I'm telling you the truth. The treasure's there, right there where I left it.

Paul: Maybe I should just kill you for running this game on me.

Buddy: Well, if you do that, and the treasure isn't there, you'll never find it, will you?

Mr. Woods: Can I speak to you a moment?

John: Did I just interrupt your call? I'm sorry.

Chloe: No, no, it's okay.

John: Enjoy your dinner. I'll catch you later.

Brady: See you, dad. What happened? Chloe, what happened?

Chloe: This past year was pretty amazing. I was someone's girlfriend, and Philip -- he was good to me, and he cared about me. He loved me, and I never told anyone else but sugar -- my mom's dog -- that I loved him, too.

Brady: Okay, now that you've admitted it, maybe you can use this pain in your music. Maybe you can use it to help you get in touch with your soul, for once. And in time, as your career takes off, you can remember Philip as the catalyst that helped make that happen there will be other loves in your life, Chloe.

Marlena: I'm ready to go home now.

John: Oh, really? I thought we'd have a nightcap.

Marlena: I thought we'd have it in bed.

John: I like the sound of that. Come on.

Marlena: Tell you what -- let's go out the back way. It's closer to the car.

John: I like the way you think.

Greta: Why do I sense from you that something's wrong, like you don't want to be friends? Is it because of my friendship with Jack?

Jennifer: Or maybe it's more than friendship that the two of you have going.

Greta: Oh, gosh, no, no, no, no. I mean, for one thing, Jack isn't even my type.

Jennifer: Oh, well, then we do have something in common, 'cause Jack's not my type, either.

Greta: Yeah, but you married him, and you had a baby with him.

Jennifer: Yeah, I did, and you were on the living room floor of my house, lying on top of him, roaring with laughter, and another time at the mall pulling food out of his mouth --

Greta: Oh, gosh, I mean, both times you're describing we were just fooling around. I mean, it was just us having fun.

Jennifer: You know, Greta, that's fine. It's great. I'm not jealous. I-I was just wondering.

Greta: I'm kind of wondering, too -- are you still in love with Jack?

Hope: I'm happy to see you two chatting.

Bartender: Your order is ready, Ms. Horton.

Jennifer: Great. Thank you.

Hope: That was fast.

Jennifer: Bye, cuz. See you later. I love you.

Hope: Drive safely. I love you, too. Bye.

Greta: Is something wrong, Hope? Did you and Marlena have an argument?

Elizabeth: Colin, I thought you were going to keep me cooped up in there the entire night.

Shawn: Congratulations, Colin. And to you, too, my dear. Yes, you know, I mean, seeing as you're both very lucky, you know, and you're a lovely couple, too.

Elizabeth: Well, that's a rather hasty assessment, don't you think? You've only met me 10 seconds ago. Your nephew and I could be thoroughly incompatible for all you know -- a miserable couple, totally unsuited for one another. Oh, I'm famished. When are we going to eat?

Jason: Phil, what's up, man? You down for a little midnight swim?

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, count me in.

Jason: Cool. Hey, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Philip: Yeah let me get my trunks on, bro.

Jason: Cool.

Mr. Woods: We were supposed to meet up with the Captain of the boat that we rented for tomorrow's expedition, but he hasn't shown. The desk clerk said he saw you talking to him before.

Paul: Captain. Nice to meet you.

Paul: Captain Eduardo -- the guy who was supposed to take you out -- he got sick, so I'll bring the boat in the morning and take the kids out to the island.

Mr. Woods: Sounds good. You guys turn in early. We're getting started at the crack of dawn.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn-D: All right.

Paul: So you all set for tomorrow's trip?

Shawn-D: Yeah, um... Do you know these islands really well?

Paul: Sure do.

Shawn-D: Can you get us to this point right here?

Paul: Yeah, sure can. Now why would you be wanting to go to this point right here?

Mimi: A bird -- a rare bird lives there.

Belle: We're into bird watching -- basic tropical Puerto Rican birds.

Mimi: Got your parrot --

Shawn-D: Yeah, I wanted to -- right -- take the girls to see the birds. It's important to them, so we wanted to rent a boat and go to the island.

Paul: I see. Well, we'll see what we can do, okay? I'll have to talk to your counselor first. Catch up with you later.

Belle: Great. Thank you.

Mimi: Thanks.

Shawn-D: Birds? Birds?

Belle: Is it cool if he talks to Mr.. Woods about this?

Shawn-D: We have to do whatever it takes so I can get my great-grandmother's ruby back.

Paul: Those kids think they're conning me. They want the treasure all to themselves. Greedy little bastards. They're going to pay for that. I'll drown them like rats if I have to. 

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