Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/27/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Canada--Friday 7/27/01; U.S.--Monday 7/30/01

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John: Well its up to you Doc if you say no, I won't tell her.

Marlena: Tell her everything she wants to know, with one exception.

John: I don't think I can just tell her part of it.

Marlena: I don't mind you telling her the who, what and where of it. It's just the romantic part of it. Out of deference to our marriage, can you leave out the details of your lovemaking.

Marlena: I don't want to sound too controlling here, but I do think that the more in depth you go into that with Hope, it just might trigger memories and feelings that would give us more problems than we have right now.

John: I think you are one amazing woman, and I think you have a deal.

Marlena: Well, I think you're one amazing lover and I don't want to share you.

John: You're never going to have to.

John: Now...

John: To us.

Marlena: To us.

Chloe: Oh, no.

Brady: What? What is it? What's wrong?

Chloe: I forgot my suitcase on the plane.

Brady: Well, you had an I.D. tag on it, right?

Chloe: Yeah.

Brady: All right, good. Well, here. Call the airline, tell them what's up, and they'll send your bag back from Puerto Rico.

Chloe: Right.

Brady: You're having regrets, aren't you?

Paul: Well I chose this hotel. Very cool.

Man: Do not worry. Your room will be on a different floor.

Paul: Well, actually, I want to be on the same floor they are.

All: [Laughing]

Hawk: Hit me with a pass, dude.

Jason: All right, go deep. I'm talking past the emergency exit.

All: [Cheering]

Mr.. Woods: Everybody, sit down!

Jason: Yes, Chief

Mr.. Woods: Put a sock in it, Jason. All right, people, listen up. Jan, pass out those notebooks. This is some info on the Puerto Rican Island chain that we will camp out on and explore. Keep a journal of your experiences. Tonight we will stay in a hotel near a small, little fishing village. Then after some sightseeing tomorrow, we will take a chartered boat to the islands. Shawn, you want to fill Mr. Kiriakis in on that?

Shawn-D: Yeah, sure, no problem.

Philip: Hey, Chloe.

Chloe: Philip.

Philip: Happy last day of school.

Chloe: That is so sweet.

Philip: Well, we have a lot to celebrate -- the start of summer vacation, big dance. It's going to be a great night.

Jan: Make sure lover boy gets one of those when he comes out of his coma.

Shawn-D: Just surprise me sometime and say something nice.

Jan: Mm. I just might do that one day if you're a good boy.

Shawn-D: You know, I don't get you, Jan. After all you've pulled, you still have an attitude.

Jan: Just because I'm not like your Little Miss Muffet girlfriend back there doesn't mean you have to come down on me.

Mimi: Can't believe you actually sat down next to me. Thought you were never going to talk to me again.

Mimi: By the way you're looking at me, I'm getting the feeling that you're still mad at me. Just go ahead and say it. You definitely don't ever want to be friends with me again.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

John: Now, I want you to trust me. Everything's going to be cool with Hope. I think she's together enough to know about her past as Gina.

Marlena: I really hope so.

John: Good. Enough about that. On to the future, right?

Marlena: Be a novel change for us.

John: You didn't ask me how my meeting went, you know.

Marlena: Oh, Basic Black. I'm sorry. How was it?

John: I am about to dive into the world of high fashion and publishing.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. That's great. Belle and I will be your greatest cheerleaders.

John: Yeah. I wonder how she's doing. I'd have to say she's probably 35,000 feet over Miami and having the time of her life.

Marlena: And so is her mother.

John: Do you want to dance with me?

Marlena: I thought you'd never ask.

Brady: It's a simple question, Chloe. Do you wish you were on that trip?

Chloe: I don't want to talk about the trip. Just take me home.

Brady: Home? Come on, Chloe. You want to give teenagers a bad name?

Chloe: What do you mean?

Brady: You have two weeks to be completely off the leash here. Your parents think you're going to be on some deserted island with no way to call them.

Chloe: So you're saying I could do whatever I want?

Brady: Could. Should.

Chloe: No, just take me home.

Brady: [Sighs] Fine. Have it your way. But you know, your decision mirrors your singing -- no soul, no sense of adventure.

Chloe: Okay, big shot, what would you do?

Brady: Well, first, I'd grab a bite to eat. I'm starving. What about you?

Chloe: A little.

Brady: Or I could just take you home and you could have some cold chicken salad with Nancy and Craig.

Chloe: All right, all right, you talked me into it, and I'm probably going to regret it. I'm going to have to sit there and listen to you tell me that I'm a terrible singer and how my life is going to be better without Philip.

Brady: Or we could find something else to talk about besides you.

Chloe: How about your favorite subject -- you? So where is all this egomania going to take place, .Com?

Brady: All right, listen to me, Chloe. I know you ran the show with Philip. When you're with me, I call the shots, and I know just the place to take you out to dinner.

Ms. Perez: Susan, Kevin, if Jason or Hawk get out of line, you tell me, okay?

Kevin: Thanks, Ms. Perez, but I can deal with them.

Ms. Perez: Okay.

Belle: Has anyone seen Mimi?

Susan: She's in the back row.

Belle: Thanks.

Mimi: I can take it, Belle, so don't start feeling all sorry for me, okay?

Belle: I'm not. I just want to know how this whole web site mess started.

Mimi: You already know most of it. Jan wanted to get revenge on Chloe, and I let her talk me into helping her.

Belle: And Kevin was involved with what happened to Chloe in the Chem. Lab?

Mimi: The plan was he was supposed to get Chloe's hair all smelly in exchange for a kiss.

Belle: For that, he was willing to ruin Chloe's life?

Mimi: He didn't know it was all about forcing Chloe to shower so we could get naked pictures of her.

Belle: Mimi, why did you get involved with this?

Mimi: Um, a little thing called the glue-do from hell?

Belle: Hello! You and Jan put a rat in Chloe's locker.

Mimi: It wasn't me who did that. It was Jan. I mean, I was kind of in on it.

Mimi: Okay, I was totally in on it, and it was wrong, too.

Belle: But you did it anyway because Jan told you to.

Mimi: You know, I guess it just all boils down to me thinking you like Chloe more than me, and Jan keeps saying that, too.

Belle: Did you ever wonder why Jan kept telling you all this stuff? Mimi, how could you believe one word that girl tells you about anything?

Mimi: It was just the way things were shaking down at school. Chloe was becoming Miss Popularity and hanging with you all the time. Meanwhile, I didn't have any friends at all.

Belle: Yes, you did.

Mimi: Right, "did." Past tense. It's all over now, though. I'm an outcast, a pariah, and you know, it might be catching, so you better get away from me.

Mimi: Go on. You're off the hook. You don't have to be friends with me anymore. I wouldn't want to be friends with me, either.

Jan: You and Pollyanna, I can see it now -- a house in the burb and five little brats running all around.

Shawn-D: Yeah, you get a kick out of being mean, don't you, Jan?

Jan: Hey, do unto others before they do unto you.

Shawn-D: You know, one time we were at .Com, and you were telling me how things weren't so great for you at home. Is that where all this attitude is coming from?

Jan: Actually, Dr. Freud, you happen to be way off base. My parents are totally cool.

Shawn-D: Is that why they weren't in court for you the other day?

Jan: Whatever.

Shawn-D: Yeah, whatever.

Philip: Oh, I guess I was out for a while.

Shawn-D: Yeah, you were.

Philip: We almost there?

Shawn-D: No, we're losing ground 'cause of headwinds.

Philip: Oh.

Shawn-D: You okay?

Philip: I don't know. All I do know is I got to get myself together out of this -- whatever it is. I guess depression's the only word for it. It's just, you know, maybe if Chloe left me because she didn't have feelings for me anymore, if she met someone else, I guess I could accept that eventually, but this -- I did it to myself, Shawn. Everything was going so well, and then I just blew it by being a jerk, by being an awful person.

Shawn-D: You're not an awful person, Philip. You made a mistake. We all do. You know, now it's over. You just got to try and have a good time on this trip, you know? At least a little. She'll be there for you when you get back.

Philip: You think so? You think maybe she'll be waiting for me?

Shawn-D: If you guys are meant to be together, yeah. But if you're not, then you just -- you can't waste your whole life worrying about it.

Philip: You know, you're right. I have to turn things around and get back on track and make this a productive summer and then get into a good school and make my dad proud of me.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, here you go, man. Hey. All right, hey, I'm going to go talk to Mr.. Woods about the island, all right?

Philip: All right.

Susan: Hi, Penelope.

Penelope: Notice anything?

Susan: You're wearing lipstick.

Penelope: I borrowed it from Mia. It's pretty close to the color you're wearing, isn't it?

Susan: Yeah, it is, and, you know, it looks great on you, and you're all happy about it, too. I can tell.

Penelope: Shows you how shallow I am, right?

Susan: No, not at all. You know, that's why I love makeup. It's how it makes you feel -- more sure of yourself. I mean, we all know it's what's on the inside of a person that matters, but, still, if you feel that you look good, you're -- you're more confident to be a better person. Does that make any sense?

Penelope: I guess.

Susan: Well, anyway, that's why I’ve always been interested in cosmetology. Well, that, and maybe because I’ve always been interested in making the best of what you have. You know, like I don't have a perfect model's body, but people always tell me I have a nice face, so... What? What are you thinking?

Penelope: Nothing. I just -- I think you do have a nice face. I mean, more than just nice. You're really pretty.

Susan: And you're wondering why I don't lose weight.

Penelope: No, I...

Susan: Admit it, Penelope -- you think that if I drank water and ate cottage cheese for about a year, I'd be perfect -- a real babe.

Mr. Woods: Archeologists who were digging on one of the islands found artifacts dating back to the 15th century.

Shawn-D: Indians or conquistadors?

Ms. Perez: Both.

Benicio: So who knows what we'll find? Maybe some buried treasure. Maybe a chest of gold, right?

Mr. Woods: Let's not count on that. I think the real treasure will be in what we learn.

Kevin: And how about developing our survival skills?

Benicio: I know we're going to be roughing it, but how rough is rough?

Mr. Woods: Well, the boat is fully equipped with supplies, including a generator, but I'm the only one that has this.

Jason: What are you going to do when the battery dies?

Mr. Woods: Put in my backup.

Jason: Don't let the pirates steal it.

Benicio: Or the convicts that are still there.

Jason: Convicts? Jan and Mimi will feel right at home.

Ms. Perez: Hey, that isn't funny, Jason.

Jason: I thought it was kind of funny.

Shawn-D: So, Mr.. Woods, have you been to all these islands?

Mr. Woods: No, not all. Some of them are off-limits.

Kevin: Really? Why?

Man: Meet captain Eduardo, señor. He will be taking the students out to the island.

Paul: ¿Qué pasa, Capitano?

Eduardo: Mucho gusto.

Paul: Take my bag up to my suite, will you? Here you go. Take a load off, Captain. Have a seat.

Eduardo: Thank you. So my friend -- he tells me that you wanted to talk to me.

Paul: Oh, yeah. See, I used to run a twin diesel P.T. boat from the Florida Keys to Bimini, so I know it can get pretty rough out there at times.

Eduardo: You are worried about the safety of the children.

Paul: I'm not worried. Concerned, that's all. Protective, comprende?

Eduardo: Seguro que sí.

Paul: Can I buy you a drink while we talk? So what bubbles your mud? A rum and cola.

Paul: Hang tight a sec. Rum and cola for the Captain. Make it a triple.

Woman: And what would you like, señor?

Paul: We'll talk about that later.

Eduardo: I see that you have a way with our people.

Paul: And you must have a way with boats. Obviously, you're the man when it comes to charter trips. I'll bet you know every island within 100 miles of here, don't you?

Eduardo: Even some that are not on the maps.

Paul: Well, we are going to be spending a couple of weeks on...

Eduardo: We do not get many charters out that way. It's mostly archeologists, but sometimes people running from the law.

Paul: Oh. Hey, see no evil, right?

Eduardo: [Chuckles]

Woman: For you, señor.

Eduardo: Gracias.

Woman: Compliments of the house.

Paul: Boy, I came upon some beautiful women everywhere.

Eduardo: Sí, sí, sí. It's a true beauty.

Paul: A rare find, like a good Captain. To you... And to smooth sailing.

Maggie: Brady. Chloe. Hello.

Brady: Hi, Maggie. Table for two, please.

Maggie: I'm sorry, but I can't seat you dressed like that.

Brady: Who's going to stop me?

Maggie: Look, I don't want any trouble.

Brady: Maggie, I know for a fact you have some dinner jackets available to those who are casually dressed. What, I don't get that service? Why, 'cause I'm John Black's son?

Maggie: Could you get the young man a jacket from behind the bar, Dave, please?

Brady: It's Mr. Black. At least that's what it says on my credit card.

Marlena: Maybe you should go see what's happening.

John: Mm, no. Let's see how he does on his own.

Brady: A table off to the side will be just fine, Maggie.

Maggie: Dave, table 24 for this couple.

John: Well, I have to say you handled that well. And you're walking like a pro.

Marlena: Chloe, I-I thought you were going on the -- on the school trip.

Chloe: I decided at the last minute not to go.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, and now you're having dinner with Brady.

John: Ahem.

Marlena: Oh, I'm sorry. Mind my own business.

Brady: Yes, well, we'll, uh, see you later.

John: You, too.

Marlena: Have fun, honey.

Brady: Mm-hmm. Catch you later, dad.

Marlena: All righty. She didn't go on the school trip, and now she's dining with Brady, so what is that about?

Belle: Mimi, I've got to tell you, what you did to Chloe -- it surprised me. I mean, it was so mean and horrible.

Mimi: You're right, but since we're not friends anymore, I don't see why we have to rehash the whole thing.

Belle: You're being really selfish.

Mimi: I know. I wanted to get back at Chloe, and I didn't think of anyone else.

Belle: That's not what I mean. You're being really selfish right now.

Mimi: How?

Belle: You're depriving me of a friendship I have had almost all of my life. You're sitting here telling me that I don't have to be your friend anymore, you'll understand, it's fine. It's not fine with me.

Mimi: What are you saying? That you still want to try and work things out? Do you still want to be my friend after what I did?

Jason and Jan: [Laughing]

Philip: Hey, Jason, did you know about this? Did you know what your charming girlfriend was doing to Chloe?

Jason: No, no, I didn't, but if I did, I wouldn't have told you.

Philip: You both are going to pay for this. You both are going to pay for this. When I get through with you, you're going to wish you never even met Chloe Lane.

Jan: I already wish that. I mean, our whole town would be better off if she had just stayed in that orphanage, especially you. I mean, don't you realize what Chloe's done to you? Don't you realize how much you've changed since you started going out with that freak?

Philip: Changed? What do you mean? I haven't changed.

Jan: Oh, yeah, you have, Philip -- big time. The whole school knows it. It's a sad thing to see.

Paul: Here you go. There's a group of islands here are they all deserted?

Eduardo: Sí, señor, all of them.

Paul: So -- but how do we get out there to these other islands?

Eduardo: Very carefully. You must have precise latitudes and longitudes for each island. There are some reefs along this little chain of diamonds right here that have claimed many, many boats.

Paul: So it's tricky.

Eduardo: Claro que sí.

Paul: Hmm. Well, maybe... Do you think you can... Teach me how to navigate out there?

Eduardo: Absolutamente. I will draw for you now on the map.

Penelope: I wasn't thinking that you need a diet, Susan. I honestly wasn't. I mean, I think you look fine.

Susan: Well, you're in a real small minority, Penelope, a conversation with ends up telling me how great I'd look if only I weren't so large. And the magazines -- I especially love when they push that "accept yourself for who you are" stuff, and then on the next page, there's an article about how to attract men by having a perfect, thin body, preferably with large, perky boobs.

Penelope: Talk about mixed messages, right?

Kevin: Hi, ladies. Anyone like a soda?

Susan: No, thanks, Kevin.

Penelope: Not right now.

Kevin: Okay. Maybe later.

Shawn-D: I don't get it, Mr.. Woods. Why are some of the islands off-limits?

Mr. Woods: Because they're ecological preservations of one kind or another, so they're protected by law.

Shawn-D: Meaning if someone were to get caught on one of them, they would be arrested?

Ms. Perez: That's right.

Shawn-D: What's the chances of that?

Mr. Woods: Depends on how much manpower the various agencies have available to patrol.

Ms. Perez: But there's a better reason to stay away from those islands.

Shawn-D: What reason? Come on, what -- what's up? What reason?

Ms. Perez: Let's just say some people who defied the law have never been, um... Seen or heard from again.

Brady: I told you we wouldn't have any problem getting in here or any problem feeling at home, either.

Chloe: Not for you, maybe, but, look, you got a nice jacket. I am such a mess. Look at my hair. Aah!

Brady: Will you relax? You look fine.

Chloe: No, I do not look fine. Look, I'm just going to go try to fix my hair a little bit, so excuse me.

Marlena: Mm. Pardon me. Ladies' room.

John: Oh. Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Thank you, dear.

John: Mm-hmm.

John: Everything okay here?

Brady: Just fine.

John: What's going on with Chloe?

Brady: Philip was on the plane. She didn't want to be around him, so she got off.

John: And she's here with you.

Brady: I gave her a ride to the airport with Belle and Shawn, and I was still there when she got off the plane, so we decided to get a bite to eat. No big deal. That's it. End of


John: I think there's a few more chapters to be written here.

Brady: Go back to your table, dad.

John: Yeah.

Chloe: Everyone told me that Philip wasn't going on the trip. Actually, he promised that he wasn't going, but then there he was on the plane, so I got off. Please, Dr. Evans, don't look at me like that. You don't know the details.

Marlena: I didn't say a word.

Chloe: No, but I can tell that you disapprove, that you thought I should have just toughed it out and gone to Puerto Rico. You know, that's just something that I can't deal with right now. I can't deal with anyone's disapproval or even their curiosity -- I shouldn't have come here tonight.

Marlena: Let me help you with that.

Marlena: Oh, there it is.

Chloe: It's kind of strange having someone else brush my hair.

Marlena: Nobody's brushed your hair before?

Chloe: Yes, but it was a very long time ago. She's dead now. She used to brush my hair. She told me it was lucky that I had good hair, because it was the only pretty thing about me.

Marlena: Oh, Chloe, that's not true. You're a beautiful girl.

Chloe: I wouldn't say that, but I guess the point was that I wasn't supposed to think that I was smart or pretty or talented because that would be immodest or conceited.

Marlena: I hope you allow yourself to believe otherwise now, because you are smart and beautiful and talented, from what I hear.

Chloe: From what you hear? Oh, well, your stepson thinks I'm a big fraud, that I sing with absolutely no heart.

Marlena: Oh. Well, I hear my stepson and you don't exactly get along.

Chloe: No, we don't, but Brady was feeling kind of lonely, and I guess he just wanted to have dinner with someone. Thank you so much for helping me with my hair.

Marlena: You bet.

Philip: Wait a second. What do you mean I’ve changed?

Jason: As soon as you saw Chloe at the dance last year in that little red dress, you totally lost it, man.

Jan: You followed her around like a little puppy.

Jason: Dissed your friends that dared to criticize her.

Jan: You didn't want anyone to know.

Jason: Until you thought she was the one that pulled off the web site -- with the naked pictures? That was your one moment of sanity about her.

Jan: And you want to know why you thought Chloe would actually sell her bod on the internet?

Jason: 'Cause you thought she was actually strange enough to do it. You're not the only one that bought into it, Philip. Everybody did.

Jan: So anyway, the point is, I am not the reason she dumped you.

Mimi: You really willing to be my friend again?

Belle: Look, Mimi, I think what you did to Chloe -- never mind. I already told you, and I think you feel guilty enough already. I also think that you've learned your lesson, and you are never going to do something like this ever again. My point is, we have been friends for a long time, and there are certain things I could only talk to you about. That means a lot to me.

Mimi: You don't talk to Chloe about certain things?

Belle: It's not the same, Meems. There's some stuff I would never tell Chloe. Anyway, we're talking about you and me and the way I feel about you. You're a very important person to me.

Mimi: You're very important to me, too, Belle, but I have learned from this, from the terrible thing I did. I'm never going to hurt anyone again -- not deliberately, anyway. I'm never going to hurt anyone again for the rest of my life.

Belle: I believe you.

Mimi: Belle.

Belle: We just have to promise each other, Meems, that we're going to be friends forever.

Mimi: Always. Forever.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey. Rough seas, huh?

Eduardo: You know, that reminds me of the time that I ran the Yucatan channel in the middle of Hurricane Ida.

Paul: Running China White from Mex, huh?

Eduardo: You made some runs yourself, I see.

Paul: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hey, come on. I could use some fresh air. How about you, okay? I'll walk you back to your boat, all right? All right. Here you go. Come on. You'll be all right. Whoa.

Eduardo: Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!

Penelope: So you and Kevin -- you're good friends, right?

Susan: Yeah, I've gotten to know him pretty well lately. Why?

Penelope: No reason. Just curious.

Susan: Or maybe you have a thing for him?

Penelope: A thing? No.

Susan: Come on, be honest.

Penelope: I am. I mean, I think he's cute, yes, and really nice, like he'd be easy to talk to, so I guess I wouldn't mind being his friend. Would you have a problem with that? If I tried to be his friend, too?

Susan: You can be whatever you want to Kevin. It doesn't bother me. But what does bother me is if you use me to get to him.

Jason: Philip, we used to be in the same crew. Now it's like we don't even know you anymore.

Jan: We all used to have good times, remember?

Jason: Till Chloe came along and screwed everything up.

Jan: Remember when she accused you of rape?

Jason: Yeah, didn't that blow your mind?

Philip: Yeah, it did.

Jan: I mean, like you would actually rape her. You could get any girl you want I mean, she was just trying to get you sent to jail and ruin your rep.

Jason: And now she wouldn't come on the same plane with you. How messed up is that?

Jan: Think about it.

Jason: Philip, I really wish you'd come out of this Chloe coma so you can hang out with us again.

Jan: Totally. You really thought you knew her, didn't you?

Philip: Yeah, I did.

Jan: You just didn't know her as well as we all did. I mean, ask anybody. They'll tell you where she's coming from. Come on.

Mr. Woods: Let's not focus on the rumors about the island. Better we get more into the history.

Kevin: Actually, history is nothing but a rumor, a rumor everyone agrees on. Do you agree?

Ms. Perez: You know you have your hands full here, don't you?

Shawn-D: Have people really disappeared on those islands?

Ms. Perez: Well, it's true that some of the islands were used by escaped criminals on the lam from the law.

Mr. Woods: And a lot of them were never seen or heard from again.

Shawn-D: But maybe that's because they didn't want to be seen or heard from again, right?

Ms. Perez: Well, maybe that's the reason. Maybe not.

John: So did Chloe tell you why she didn't go on the trip?

Marlena: She felt tricked. I guess Philip wasn't supposed to be going, and then there he was.

John: Mm-hmm. I wonder how Chloe's parents are going to feel about that.

Marlena: I don't know. I think Brady's pretty happy about it.

John: Mm-hmm. I think he really likes her.

Brady: You okay? I know today was rough for you.

Chloe: I'm fine.

Chloe: Than for rescuing me.

Brady: Anytime.

Mr. Woods: I've done this expedition for the last 10 years, and we've never had a problem.

Ms. Perez: Come on, A little danger keeps them interested.

Mr. Woods: Who thinks Ms. Perez should be teaching drama?

Belle: Okay, now, one thing I have been dying to tell you -- we opened the can.

Mimi: You're kidding. The one with the strange writing on it? The can that wouldn't go away?

Belle: Yeah, and there's a map inside of it, okay? A map of an island near where we're going. If we can find the island, we can also find Alice Horton's stolen ruby.

Mimi: Huh?

Belle: Mimi, don't tell anyone, but we're going to try and follow the map.

Penelope: Susan, can I tell you a secret?

Susan: About Kevin?

Penelope: No, about Shawn and Belle. They have some sort of a treasure map, and I heard them talking about going off on their own and looking for it.

Shawn-D: So, looks like everything is cool between you two again.

Belle: Yes, I'm happy to say.

Mimi: Belle is the best -- the most forgiving person on earth. And, Shawn, I want you to know, too, that from now on I'm going to work to be a better person so I can deserve to be liked. It's not like we can't all work to become better people.

Shawn-D: It's not like we don't all have to work on it, but now that you two are cool again, maybe we should tell Mimi about our mission?

Belle: I'll explain it to Mimi.

Shawn-D: And I'll be right back.

Belle: Okay, here we go.

Shawn-D: Belle and Mimi are talking again.

Philip: Hey, did I change a lot when I was dating Chloe? Did I seem different to you?

Shawn-D: Definitely, but you and I have talked about this. I told you were getting a little obsessed about Chloe sometimes, and you're doing it now. You -- you can't stop thinking about her, can you?

Philip: Maybe she's not the right girl for me.

Shawn-D: Look, I don't know if the two of you are going to make it, okay? But you're 17 years old. It's not the end of the world. You'll know in time if it's right or wrong, but,

Philip, just for now can you try to have a good time?

Jan: We really go

Jan: What do you think? You think I'm not going to pay her back for that? And Mimi, too, with her big mouth.

Mimi: You found a folder with a map of an island?

Belle: Right, and pictures of stolen jewelry.

Mimi: That is so awesome.

Belle: In a locker at the train station.

Mimi: And it all started with that can.

Belle: The one we found when we were building your house.

Mimi: The same one that Shawn threw away and then found again later in the hand of that dead woman in the canal?

Belle: Exactly, and it all somehow connects with some treasure on an island near where we're going.

Mimi: So you and Shawn are actually going to sneak away from the group and go there?

Belle: If we can. Shawn's determined to get that ruby back for his grandmother. Mimi, swear to me you are not going to say a word of this to anyone.

Mimi: I swear, but how are you going to get to the island?

Belle: Shawn's a sailor. If anyone can do it, he can.

Waitress: Buenos días, señor. Your vacation is going well?

Paul: Oh, yeah, especially since I met you. You're not only gorgeous, you make a wicked Cuba Libre.

Waitress: I'm off in a half an hour.

Paul: Hmm. Sounds tempting, but I have something to do first.

Waitress: Good. I'll get you a nightcap -- on the house to seal our date.

Paul: Well, I've got the captain's boat, a charter company I.D. Now the big question is, which island did Buddy bury those jewels on? That ruby is just sitting out there waiting for me. I'll find it. If those kids get in my way, it's too damn bad.

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